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  1. What is your favorite fruit?
  2. do u think death note is too demonic ??
  3. Your favorite Shinigami and why!
  4. Do u think it's mean of light to use misa misa?
  5. How many episodes does Death Note have
  6. Do you have to be in the mood for Death Note
  7. O.K!! Who do you think REALLY WON?!?
  8. Which Death Note Character are You?
  9. Death Note banned in some schools!
  10. Death Note: Yay or Nay?
  11. L or Beyond Birthday?
  12. Nightmare... What song do u like by this band?
  13. O.k! Who do u think is smarter.. L or Near?
  14. Has any one heard about a sequel to death note?
  15. American Death Note Movie???
  16. What if Kira was real?
  17. Whos better Ryuzaki(L) or Near(N)?
  18. do u think that light is "evil"
  19. Death Note movie coming to the US
  20. Death Note-The weirdest thing about it?
  21. Death Note Sides.....
  22. Who belongs in the crazy house more L or Light
  23. anybody understand it at all
  24. Who here has seen the Death Note Movies?
  25. Light or L who's smarter?
  26. L Lovers!!
  27. Don't you think Death Notes a bit emo or dark and creepy I mean cmon
  28. Death Note Is Coming To Adult Swim
  29. OFFICIAL Death Note Anime
  30. Why death note is my favourite of all anime / manga
  31. Deathnote- last volume?
  32. The movie / anime is better than the manga
  33. Great read BUT are there way too many words?
  34. FAVOURITE Death Note character - MUST SAY WHY
  35. Death note movies???
  36. Who the heck is Near's seiyuu?
  37. Where can I read Death Note online?
  38. English dub for Death Note
  39. Battles between Light and L
  40. Death Note - overall impressions
  41. Death Note Manga
  42. Death note's don't
  43. Death Note. is it good? Should I buy it?
  44. Death Note now out!
  45. death note manga last vol.
  46. Where is a subbed version of Death Note Movie?
  47. The best horror manga around
  48. Deathnote - the early days discussion