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  1. Friendships
  2. MM ever get that ouchies and nerves...
  3. The Almost Bride
  4. And the bells ring...
  5. Curtain
  6. Aftermath of .......
  7. Back after a long vacation from AO!
  8. Hello here is another session ...hehehehehe!!!!
  9. Happy time!!
  10. Just ain't my week
  11. Ever felt like screaming........
  12. Liar Liar!!!!
  13. Closure and getting back my friend
  14. I am missing someone.........i Know he misses me
  15. Valentine's day ....always sooo special for me.
  16. Big girls don't cry
  17. 3 months more to my anniv on AO!!!!
  18. Starting over.....
  19. The tears won't stop.......
  20. Birthday Blues
  21. My Skater guy ....( not so near the song but my own)
  22. Auld Lang syne
  23. I am back from the hosp !!! BITE ME!!!
  24. Happy Holidays and may your Christmas be everyday!!!
  25. Reflection on a few things***Excited with Christmas**Me I want a hoola hoop*** lols
  26. My take on a few things
  27. Would you and Will you.....
  28. Mad, bad and dangerous to know
  29. Ever feel like ********
  30. Meeting all types of people
  31. Intro to my journal