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  1. So I leave for like a few months and I come back with about a million notifcations.
  2. Just because you love explosions doesn't mean you're tasteless in film
  3. Chewbacca versus H.I.M.
  4. My poor excuse for a blog.
  5. Sailor Moon Character Profile 1: Sailor Neptune
  6. Transformaaaaahhhhhhhhssss!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. I'm Not Rascist!
  8. Sailor Moon fans!
  9. Saddest Songs ever- Help me make the play list!
  10. Just some deep dark thoughts..
  11. I loove moovies
  12. Crushes? (What?! You have them too!)
  13. Username?
  14. The Tragic History of Dr. Faustus? 0.o?
  15. I Hate Texas!
  16. Guess these characters and get a prize!
  17. "I just gotta say.." thread.
  18. Who wants to adopt me?
  19. Nostalgia...
  20. The Thread where we communicate through random images.=]
  21. Quotes game
  22. This or That game
  23. I got a journal!