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  1. Would you live in the Naruto Universe?
  2. who is the better leader kakashi or yamato ?
  3. What is your favorite music from naruto?
  4. Naruto Shippuden on Disney XD Channel
  5. Naruto series question.
  6. Chibi Naruto ScreenMate for fans...
  7. Sixth Hokage: Sakura or Naruto?
  8. Naruto quests
  9. Naruto Episode(s) 210+ English Dubbed Stream finally available!
  10. Can Tsunade be defeated?
  11. CN & Nartuo
  12. What sharingan u have?
  13. whos keener shikamaru or neji ?
  14. Sauske is cute right?
  15. Do You Think Naruto Will End Up Fighting The 9 Tailed Fox As Did The 4th Hokage.?
  16. You'll get a laugh out of this.
  17. Did anyone Notice this...?
  18. Who had the Worst Past? (Gaara, Sasuke or Naruto?)
  19. What is your favorite naruto
  20. Update on the English Dub of Naruto!
  21. Naruto Off-Shoot
  22. Where did Naruto go?
  23. Naruto Ultimate Ninja 3 Characters
  24. What Do U Think of the character, Pain?
  25. the 6th
  26. Naruto
  27. New vs old
  28. Naruto Shippuden: Season 1 Episode 1
  29. What do you think about Orochimaru & Sasuke?
  30. what i think about naruto
  31. My Confusion
  32. New Art style in naruto shippudden
  33. Free Naruto Shippūden online (legal)
  34. The Lost Story - Naruto
  35. A Naruto Poem
  36. The Funniest moment in one of the Naruto movies
  37. What R+B song would you use for an opening theme on Naruto?
  38. Create your own summoning monster and hand sign you will use to create it!
  39. do you think that the show NARUTO got more cooler when Sasuke left the village??
  40. Think of the WORST ways to hurt The Evil Orochimaru..and other evil ninjas too.
  41. Do you represent NARUTO and BLEACH?
  42. What would you prefer to go to? Ninja Academy,or Regular Real-life school?
  43. If Naruto was infront of you,what would you do and say?
  44. Naruto 100% ???
  45. If Sasuke and Naruto died,and Sakura end up living,WHAT WOULD YOU SAY?!?!
  46. To all Hinata's Fans
  47. Who'd win out of hinata and sakura
  48. Who Do You Think Is More Stupid? Explain why you think so
  49. Who's a Better Artist?: Deidara or Sasori
  50. Who grown the most in Shippuden?(Not "If can", You MUST say why - Mods)
  51. Who is the strongest ninja(girls) in Naruto?
  52. Itachi Uchiha Fans!!
  53. who do u think is the better artist?
  54. sai
  55. Demons of Naruto
  56. What's good in naruto
  57. Create your own jutsu or Naruto character
  58. sakura vs. anati
  59. naruto
  60. Who is hotter, Itachi or Sasuke?
  61. Neji Hyuga view on the world
  62. Tebayo!!!
  63. How many tails can naruto handle
  64. Who is hotter Sakura or Ino {Must say whats hot about them}
  65. rock lee vs guy
  66. sasuke vs orochimaru
  67. Shino and his bugs
  68. Neji vs Sasuke pre-skip(chunnin exam)
  69. Naruto Ripped off Cowboy Bebop and Some Kung Fu Movie
  70. If you were to create a jutsu what would it be.