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  45. Naruto Timeline
  46. Naruto Families
  47. Sexist!!
  48. could you kill sasuke?
  49. Saskue After Ep 141
  50. love in naruto?
  51. 1st naruto moments
  52. Connection or just coincidence
  53. *spoiler* in naruto must die
  54. naruto's father
  55. Naruto chapter 450 discussion.
  56. Farther in the Manga
  57. What will hinata do now?
  58. It's finally stated!!!
  59. The power of the fox, Hinata confessions, and the butt kicking from out of this world
  60. Deaths in Naruto Shippuden
  61. Itachi vs. Sasuke- Who Wins in the End?
  62. Naruto at a all New Level
  63. Naruto - Natural Instincts or Untapped Inteligence? (possible spoilers)
  64. The low point is upon us.
  65. Who is the STRONGEST HOKAGE??
  66. What's to come Sasuke Uchiha?
  67. Obito...
  68. Do u think Sasuke's emo?
  69. the last part of the latest naruto filler...
  70. eagle