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  29. Rebuild of Evangelion game for ds
  30. Neon Genesis Evangelion art books
  31. Pic
  32. What should I do.
  33. have any see the new movies out?
  34. Shinji (NGE) breaks down Asuka unmove wall of
  35. Favorite NGE Character!
  36. Angel Perspective
  37. Evangelion Vs. Gundam (or any mecha for that matter)
  38. Evangelion Vs Gundam
  39. the Groundwork of Evangelion The Movie 1
  40. Between Rei, Asuka, and Shinji who is has the worse life?
  41. NGE: Battle Orchestra
  42. Favorite angel
  43. Rebuild of Evangelion 1.0 Movie Trailer
  44. Hmmm... rei an angel?
  45. is it worth watching the movies?
  46. Godzilla vs Angel
  47. I've never seen all of NGE
  48. How many volumes in the manga?
  49. Differences between the anime and manga?
  50. NGE sndtk Question
  51. Whats your Favorite NGE Char{Must say Why}
  52. Whats your Favorite NGE Char{Must say Why}
  53. Too many....(Hentai offshoots)
  54. How long...And How many...???
  55. Rei or Asuka?
  56. Which ending?
  57. Do you like this Anime? (GIVE THE REASON)
  58. Main characters seem to have problems - Misato Katsuragi rocks!
  59. Eva being the first anime really stood out
  60. Official Neon Genesis Evangelion Anime
  61. Evangelion Needed
  62. New Evangelion Movies in the works
  63. neon-genisis evangelion (have u ever seen it)
  64. Adult Swim and Neon Genesis Evangelion
  65. EVANGELION THE MOVIE! Casting '1 ---