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  55. i lov fullmetal alchemist though
  56. What do you think about how FMA ended?
  57. knock knock whos there, Alchemist
  58. Conqueror Of Shamballa
  59. Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood Spoilers!!!
  60. How do you think Ed felt after he saw Wrath had his arm & leg?
  61. What next?
  62. what happened 2 the 7 deadly sin people?
  63. Full Metal Alchemist (the ending =o)
  64. Hawkeye Mystery
  65. rose or winry
  66. who saw the movie?
  67. Whats Left of FMA
  68. Hi!
  69. FMA Movie: Conqueror of Shambala
  70. Full Metal Alchemist is OVER!!