Hi! I'm new here! I'am looking for the entire series of Soukyuu no Fafner: Dead Aggressor or fafner. I want the series in english dubbed if possible or fansubbed.

Also Ah! My goddess entire series in english dubbed please!

I have the following series for trade:
Love Hina: entire series episodes 1-24 and 2 movies spring and christmas special
on 3 dvd's and in dual audio accept the 2nd movie.

Orphen Season 2: The Revenge episodes 1-26 dual audio entire series 3 dvd's
yes there are subtitles. on or off too

neon genesis evangelion: entire series episodes 1-26 and both movies! Death and Rebirth! 4 dvd's yes there are subtitles too! on or off.

If you have this series, I will send the one's for trade and the shipping and handling will be done by me.

Email me at [email protected]