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Thread: Add on to this story

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    Add on to this story

    Well I was talking with my brother a few days ago when I remember me and him would do this at night when we were bored.
    One of us would start off a story and we would take turns adding on to the story.
    I decided to see if I could start this going here...

    First part

    "We are on the scene at Bakersfield, California were today a horrible accident took place"
    I grabbed the remote from the table and changed the channel.
    "Hey, I was watching that!", she screamed at me.
    I looked at her, "You are too young to be watching movies like that."
    She glared at me, "That was not a movie I watching the news."
    I looked at her,"Yeah right"
    I turned it back to the station she was watching and saw that it was indeed a special news report by CNN.
    "I told you", I told her to shut up so I could hear what they were saying.
    They said
    "...two young man in thier late twenties were flying in separate private planes when they both crashed to the ground at the same time. The US goverment has sealed off these areas and has told us that they have no comment at the moment. Also there are reports that this is almost the exact same thing that happened in other countries...wait a second... We have breaking news from our news corresponder in London, Jilll...Jill...We seem to be having some technical difficulties... so I will send you over are news corresponder in Otaru,Japan...We seem to be having some technical difficulties there as well...Whats going on?... Can we get any body..."

    Okay that is where I am stopping. It is suppose to be a zombie story but you can change the monsters into anything as long as they can change people into things like them.
    Mr. Fangs

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    Re: Add on to this story

    Grumble Grumble Grumble

    Interactive story telling belongs in the RPG Forum, and needs to be much better organized. If you want to run a interactive story, please read the rules in the RPG Forum and submit a RPG story idea for approval...

    FAVOURITE THREADS EXPLAIN why, or risk an infraction.
    Rantings of a Grouchy Old Anime Otaku

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