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Thread: Aelus Drevam

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    Aelus Drevam

    To the reader (from now on called "you" why? because I'm adressing you, and i always hated the semantics of english class...)
    You may enjoy this story you might not. I don't care it's just a rough idea right now and it'll be refined. You can feel free to help.
    Things you can do.
    - tell me politely but not flowery any ideas or suggestions you have realizing that this isn't my story, I'm merely the teller of someone's epic tale that I've had the fortune of witnessing.
    - don't like it... leave instead of wasting my time and your life. (trust me it gets short quick)
    - don't quote me then post on a certain problem ... pm me for issues on my maintenance of my waining sanity long enough for me to actually finish a story.

    Warning: This is YOUR only and final warning.. if you don't like of reading you will not like this. Also if your parents dont like you to be exposed to swearing check out something else (I'm not saying that I plan on swearing alot but sometimes there's nothing better then those words used in their proper contexts)

    Humans here in this period of existance have always recorded their lives in comparison to major events that hapened to effect their worlds. A great many things however, took place long before your ancestors even existed. Among these things was an epic tale. Of rejection, redemption, and salvation. A tale long forgotten.

    However, like all living things, Destiny herself is a slave to rhythm. Now her master asks her to repeat her final verse once more. Damnably humanity must repeat the mistakes of their forrunners. In blind obedience to a purpose greater then their own yet entertaining to me. I am Time and have heard many tales. The one which I wish to share with your generation is a tale of rejection, redemtion, and salvation. A tale long forgotten by all except me.
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    ... and join my rebellion against time.

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    Re: Aelus Drevam

    K moved to fanfic section...

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