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Thread: The Affair

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    Re: The Affair

    hey Phoenix great story sorry im sorry i was late responding to it my internet is down at my home so im using my computer at work okay.i didnt see much mistakes but when the person is speaking try to use quotation marks but hey whatever works for you. i hope you make another one . at first i dont read the forums much but ever since you started to make these cool stories i just started to read it now

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    Re: The Affair

    The Affair> The heart and mind

    Leiny was surprised she liked the way he was treating her and like the way she was sitting across him as they ate. She saw him smiling as he saw her staring at her.

    "What are you staring at? " Leiny couldn't help blurt out. She was feeling conscious now and didn't know what to do.

    " What i didn't say anything awful now did I? " He was enjoying every minute of teasing her. " Hey I was planning of bringing you to the carnival today before i brought you home." He was still hoping that she remembered.

    When Leiny heard carnival she felt weak. She wanted to hide since carnivals made her think of the accident. That it was her fault that Lucy was caught in the accident and not her. She felt the words her father had said that she was the most irresponsible person in he whole world. This kept breaking her heart and over and over again her mind kept telling her it was not true but her heart kept on breaking at her father's words.

    Lance knew something was wrong as he said carnival she turned all pale and tense not the teasing funny girl that she was these past hour. There was something wrong he knew it but Lance was never the type to ask. He will have to talk to her later as they walk. His heart was racing this time as his mind was wondering how could someone who was funny become so serious and so nervous about everything that came her way.

    Both of them were feeling and thinking but their hearts clashing with what their mind was telling them. Their hearts were racing so fast that they could only try to smile and finish up.

    As much as Lance looked forward to going with her to the carnival. Leiny was frightened and scared as hell.
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