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Thread: The AFFAIR-BOOK 2

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    The struggle for LOVE

    LUcy had been screaming in Leiny's head. The sound was so loud that it nearly didn't make her smile as LEiny and Lance walked along the promenade to the fair. "Leiny he is mine! I told you you will get us both killed if you break our bond.And he can never be yours, he promised me that day i died that his heart is mine."

    Lance had been wondering why she was quiet all of a sudden and she was now becoming pale. " Hey you okay? do you want to rest? We can sit down if we need to." He said putting his arm around her shoulders.

    She put her head on his shoulders as they walked talking about things and her trying to hint that this may end soon. All her emotions were showing now as her heart skipped each thud and beat, emphasizing that she had fallen inlove with a man her sister was crazy about.

    Tears were near and it felt like something was stuck in her throat. How she loved this man. She felt so protected when they were like this. She found herself surprised shen he stopped in front of her. It felt like she was seeing one of those visions that her mother told her about, where you were observing and not really part of what was happening. He saw him kneel infront and as he looked around he was grinning with those dimples showing. He was reaching for something and he grinned like there was a secret he wasn't telling.
    I know this is odd that we stopped here but this was were I first saw you playing your flute. Not in the boothe. I loved you from the first time i saw you playing that flute and making it sing that sad and lonely song.......Will you do me the honor of becoming my bride?

    Her heart stopped and tears came to her eyes and LUcy was screaming. It was her that he loved not LUcy, she was the one playing that flute three years ago not Lucy. She looked at him and smiled.

    "You tricked me Leiny!!! You took the only thing that i thought was mine." Lucy's voice was dangerously low now and this had upset Leiny a bit since she had gotten used to Lucy screaming every time she wanted something. "You made me the mistress and why will he choose you over me I am the prettier one."Lucy continued to rant in a dangerously low voice.

    As they were walking Lance had noticed that Leiny had gone pale all of a sudden. It was like there was something she was thinking about and that she wasn't aying attention to him for a few minutes now. Leiny was different somehow. " You don't look well. Why don't we try to sit down."He guided her to a bench nearest them.

    You will regret this Leiny. I always win, he is mine. Lucy had said threateningly this time and her threat had turned into a whisper that made Leiny begin to shake, she knew the whispered words were to break the bond between them but if the one who has no body breraks the bond it may risk the both of them more rather than going to the elders for assistance.

    *** author's note: continuation to be posted this week.
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