I was wondering if anyone would be interested in this Anime if it was to appear on TV. So put your Anime visuals on and try to work with me please.

エピソオド 1:BREATHE

Footsteps echoed throughout the brightly lit corridor. They were soft yet menacing footsteps. Footsteps of an intimidating man that seemed to have a little care for what he did. The white walls and eye blinding lights made the white on his Kimono seem so heavenly. It glowed as if he had fallen from the heavens itself. His long black hair curled its way down almost reaching the floor, and his brown skin contrasted with his bright white kimono. A black dragon swirled around his kimono in an intricate fashion and executed any other clothing competition. Behind him were two black suited men, looking like local Yakuza in Kabuki-Cho. They held katana in their hands loosely and cut their eyes towards any noise they heard in the simple hallway. This man was Yamamoto Yuki, the savior of the world from his demented father. He was all grown up now, was no longer a small boy. He looked so much more mature but he still had that effeminacy look to him. He hadn’t cut his hair since he was captured and tested on, but that was in the past now, the future was more important. He now ran the Fantasy Corporation and this time it was ran like it was meant to be. He now controlled the genetics lab and the yakuza; with this power he was going to make Japan a much safer place.

Yuki came to a steel sliding door that required ID verification. He pulled out his ID card from his sleeve and swiped it on the side of the door, releasing the lock and opening the gate like doors. Yuki walked into the room that was dimly lit and a large, glass round table sat in the middle of the room. Around the table were men who looked to be Yakuza, and not any of the kind you would want to look at. The men sat in black leather chairs that were quite small for them due to these men being big in stature. They wore dark colored suits, showing how professional they were.

“Good morning gentlemen, I hope my absence hasn’t kept you from choosing the options I had given you!” Yuki said in quick Japanese. The men looked at each other in silent hatred. Yuki could feel how they felt about him. He didn’t care; he was more powerful than any of the men in this room.
“Now let’s get this meeting over with!” Yuki smirked. He pulled the black seat away from the table, allowing himself to sit down. The table showed much more elegance as you grew closer to it. In the middle of the table, under the glass, woodcuts of geisha and red-crowned cranes were ornately arranged to tell a story. Yuki didn’t bother with looking at the woodcuts, he wanted to finish this meeting the best way he could.

A man who looked to be in his early 40’s, with a bald head and violet suit and black shirt, stood up putting his hands on the table aggressively. His eyes showed the frustration his soul was feeling and his mind was telling him to react irrationally.

“I’ve already paid my dues to your clan. I’m not giving you anymore!” He confronted him back in Japanese.

Yuki looked in the eyes of this man, not knowing where this sudden arrogance had come from. He was being disrespectful, so Yuki thought. This mere boy, Yuki, thought this older man, who he should have respected, was way out of line.

“You will watch how you speak to me Kazuko; I’m not in the mood for your child like actions.” Yuki looked at him with his lifeless black eyes that had turned to astonishing neon green.

“I don’t care if you think you own us just because your father lost his place in the Yakuza. He was a lot fairer than you. Probably even better than you!” He scoffed.

“What…?” Yuki asked in English thinking how he had the audacity to say these things.
“I don’t think you know who you are talking to Kazuko. I’m the one that stopped him from destroying all of Japan. I kept your family, and all your families as well, alive. You should be grateful I’m the new owner of Fantasy Inc and the head of the Kamishiro clan.”

Yuki stood up leering into Kazuko’s soul, piercing his eyes like he had thrown knives into them. Yuki’s eyes began to pulsate and the green seemed to be like a sea of chemical waste. It was unnatural how green they were. Kazuko began to grab his neck, feeling like something was filling his throat. Kazuko tried to speak but his words couldn’t escape his throat. Yuki smirked and his eyes quickly turned back to the black they always were. Kazuko could breathe again; he coughed strenuously and breathed like he had run a mile in mere seconds.

“Next time, you’ll watch what you say. And that goes for all of you. Speak out of turn and I’ll make sure I don’t stop what I start.” Yuki sat down in his seat like a king, not caring what his servants thought of him. He knew he was in total control of this room and the people in it.
“Now…back to business!” He demanded with a smile.