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Thread: The BabySitter

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    The BabySitter

    The day starts to end as clouds start to move
    a bit faster with the night air the wind picks
    up the street empties as it gets darker , there
    is a phone call for someone to baby sit ,as there
    talking on the phone the TV is making a bulletin
    but they turn the TV off so they can hear the other
    person better.

    They talk for about 15 minutes and the phone starts
    crackling where they cant hear each other so they
    eventually hang up , the person gets there stuff
    together getting ready to go to the house to baby sit

    they get in there car now as the moon is now over head
    there playing some odd music maybe something new age
    and the music stops for a breaking news report they change
    the channel wanting music , and find some classical music
    which they sigh out to and listen to.

    They approach the the house in question for baby sitting
    when it starts to rain and thunder a bit , the house looks
    different though it could just be them since they have sat for
    these people lots of times , she walks to the door and as she
    does the wind picks up and leaves blow across the ground .

    she thinks to her self *this is nice i love the fall weather*
    she goes to the door now and knocks and the door opens on
    its own the house is in complete darkness she thinks maybe the news
    was about a bad storm the the power is out, she yells into the
    house ANYONE HOME!!!! everything is quiet then she hears a thud
    and then nothing.

    Her curiosity peeked now she goes into the house and looks to the right
    which is where the living room is a few of the cushion are in the floor,
    and the there are toys all over the place *what a mess" she thought to herself
    she walked through to the kitchen now and saw a window open and the door
    as well the table was a mess like they were ina hurry but not sure why.

    She tried to find a radio and though of the one in the basement
    and went to the closet that was on the side of the hallway that
    led down stairs ,she went down the hall going to the door as she heard
    breathing now coming from above it was like a dry gasping kind of breathing
    she yelled out IS SOMONE THERE!!!!!? she heard another thud and silence .

    she shrugged it off as the storm outside and walked to the door now
    she opened it very slowly now as a cold rush of wind blew her back against
    the wall in the hallway it blew for a minute or 2 making her here frosty white
    from how cold the wind was , she tried to scream but it was drowned out and
    pretty much stopped by the howling wind that seem to yell GET OUT!!!!!!!!! ,
    no sooner than it hit her it went away and she warmed up.

    At this point she was freaked out but determined to go in the basement
    so went to the kitchen and got a broom and a flashlight , what ever it
    was wasn't going to do that again she told her self , she entered the closet now
    and went down the steps to get the radio to see what the announcement was about
    maybe what she felt was a strong wind from a tornado and nothing else.

    This made no sense to her but it was the only thing she could think of
    that it was just a bad storm so she had to close the window that was
    open down there anyway , the first few steps made creaking noises as
    she went into the basement there was no power here either "this sucks
    ass" she thought to her self as she went down there.

    She reached the bottom of the basement and shined
    the flashlight here and there looking for the radio
    she went down there for , she then heard dripping noises
    as she listened to it so she could find it , she shined the flashlight
    everywhere and saw some red paint so she thought dripping from the ceiling
    which was above the den which she never checked , she found the radio and was
    heading back to the steps when she heard a whisper at her ear she turned
    and no one was there then there was a tap on her shoulder she turned quickly
    with the flash light and saw no one .

    She ran up the stair quickly not thinking and dropped the radio as she left the
    closet and closed the door *OH HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!* she yelled out loud and
    left the radio where it was she then remembered the red paint she saw dripping
    from the den above so she walked slowly back to the hall way passing the bathroom
    a flash of lightning cast a shadow with red eyes from the corner of her eye ,
    she turned and nothing was there , sweat was now beading down her face as she
    gripped the flash light tightly as it shook.

    the floor creaked and moaned as she walked on it she started seeing
    her breath as she got closer to the den now and was freezing she
    checked the thermostat that was on the wall beside her now and it read
    65 but it felt like 35 to her but she continued on to the den now as she
    held the flash up to her chest get ab it scared now she walked past the stairs now
    as she entered the den.

    there was a chair knocked over with feet dangling over the top of the knocked
    over chair she covered her mouth as she gasped silently and she began to walk
    slowly to the chair to see who it was , as she approached the chair she noticed
    the pants were ripped and BLOOD OMG BLOOD!!!!!!!! she panicked it wasn paint
    it was blood she stopped where she was and almost got sick from the sight of it
    after calming her self she walked closer to the chair and noticed it was just a
    pair of legs where was the body that went with these legs?
    __________________________________________________ _________
    This is my very first story on AO so it took a while to do this
    i have it in parts since it is to long anyway enjoy and comments and suggestions are welcomed
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