The hairs stood up on the back of her neck as she got
closer and saw the legs just hanging there freshly cut
meat was still hanging there with muscle still attached
to the legs the torso was gone and there was no dragging
marks on the floor where there should be since the body was
gone it was as if something bit the body in half leaving on the
legs this terrified her as she backed away slowly from the chair
and legs.

Her back hit the wall in the den as she looked around and saw
nothing out of place no torn curtains , no ripped rug or even
blood splatter from where the body was ripped from its legs
apparently , there was just blood around the legs and no where
else and the room looked normal accept for that fact , her
thought process started working again as she wonder about the
family and where they were.

She remembered talking to the lady when the phone messed
up but she didn't seem scared or even sound like she was
in danger she sounded normal and she didn't mention anything
that would lead to what she was seeing now , the room now a bit
warmer she started breathing normal as she took a step from the wall
and looked around more.

the den had a doorway leading to the family room she slowly walked
towards the room now as she held the flash light so tight you
might think she would break it , she walks past the legs to get
to the door way as she slips on some blood and almost falls ,she steadies
herself as she walks on towards the doorway now and it feels cool again
and a whisper touches her ear lightly as she gets goosebumps on the back of
her neck but she dosnt look around because something told her it would be a
bad idea.

at the doorway now she put her hand on the knob and something
walking over her grave and she froze where she stood , something whispered her name Julia!!!!!!!!!!!!! then it stopped and the room was quiet again she started crying at this point but fought back the tears as she turned the door knob opening the door , as she open the door a thick black substance clinging to the door as it dropped slowly and oozly from the door and door frame making a rainbow arch look to it.

as she walked into the room she saw a torso with no arms or a head ,blood pouring from each place a body part had been but the blood was only in the the area of the torso and nowhere else in the room , she examined the room closer from where she was standing as she shined the flash light all over the room and stop paused the flashlight as she saw a child's foot in a shoe but nothing else just a child's foot in a shoe with blood on it she gasped and almost screamed as she saw this it was veronica the 10 year old , she could
tell by the shoe it was one shoe to a pair of chucks.

she walked into the room and immediately felt anger and sadness as she
wanted to kill for some reason the feeling left just as quickly as it had came
and she stood there wondering what it was that made her feel this way , the room got bone chilling cold as she looked around more and saw another foot but it was that of 8 year old josh and his head but no eyes just dark sockets where the eyes should be she was really scared now not knowing what was going on.

she heard giggling now as she looked to the corner of the room and saw a small shadow it looked like a child she was rocking back and forth in the corner the shadow said in a child's voice they didn't want to play with me , and she vanished leaving nothing but a burn mark where she was sitting , the room filled with the odor of rotting flesh and really old perfume that goes bad after not being used for a while.

Julia thought about the phone call again and the static and thought it was a bit weird and the news bulletin and radio announcement she missed and tried to find some kind of news source so she could try and see what was so important because the noises could be just the wind and the shadow could have been flickering moonlight , but what would account for the body parts of a family that was kind and would never harm anyone?

she heard another thud upstairs now right above her but nothing else as she continued through the room trying not to look at the body parts , she now reentered the kitchen from walking around the other side of the house and saw the door was now closed and the window was shut as well , blood was dripping from the table now with a bloody butcher knife on the table like somone was cutting something up but she didn't hear anything.

suddenly she had to use the bathroom because she hadn't been for a while now looking through the down stairs like she had so she went down the hall from the kitchen where the basement was and went to that bathroom where the shadow was , as she entered the bathroom and closed the door and locked it she looked around with the flash light and saw a shower with the curtains now closed , it was open she thought and a window with white laced curtains.

she saw the sink and it was dirty like it hadn't been used in a long while
theere was a brown rust like stain on the drain and the faucets looked cracked as well , she turned to the toilet now and saw stains on the base of it like it had never been clean before , she thought about it and figured if she didn't go she would pee on her self so she went , and as she was using the bathroom , the shower curtain moved but there was no breeze going through bathroom , after using the bathroom and feeling better she cleaned her self at the sink and walked slowly to the curtain and it stopped moving .

As she stood there she heard what sounded like sloshing sounds coming from behind the shower curtain and maybe buzzing sounds she started shaking as her hand touched the curtain now and she put 2 fingers on the curtain and pulled it back quickly now as she stood there her face froze in contorted horror for on the wall she saw skin tacked to the wall and saw that a bone was just barely hanging from the skin as it dangled from the missing arm of the torso in the family room , blood was pouring down the wall slowly
as it went into the water filled tub and in a child's hand writing wrote in blood were the words *PLAY WTH ME NOW HE HE* flies were all over the skin and bone as the arm just dangled there freshly cut it seemed.

The other arm was floating in the tub of water with a finger missing she jumped back in horror as she hit the sink hurting her back a bit but not to much , she quickly open the door running from the bathroom she turned around and saw a a child's shadow standing there and it giggled saying *He He they played hide and seek with me and i found them all He He* and it vanished again.

First they they didn't want to play with her then they did? it made since sort of her being a child or what ever she thought them running was them not wanting to play and then hiding made her think they did want to play , but everything so far was just to horrific to think about , she heard another thud upstairs now as she walked to the den again passing the stairs and stopped looking up the dark stair case , she saw something hanging over the top of the stairwell still frightened she shuttered as she walked up the stairs in hopes of finding someone alive .