As she goes up the stairs she feels a heaviness on chest as she see's the hallway clear of anything odd or creepy she reaches the top now as she look around and see's the hallway 3 doors on the left and 4 on the right the extra bedroom is for guest's who stay the night there as she stood there she heard a low voice say Get out now!!!! as she heard the door down stairs open hard braking off the hinges and falling to the floor heavily this startled her but she didn't move from sheer fright.

she turned now to see what it was that was hanging from up there on the
starwell and saw a child's headless body and another child's body with no foot there flesh was gone and all that could be seen was muscle hanging on bone and blood dripping from there naked bodies the cloths were torn and just barley clinging to the bloody muscle's poor veronica & josh they died in agony from the expressions on there face , she suddenly got sick and threw up as she bent over the banister .

after being sick she turned around back to face the hall way and saw that
child like shadow the shadow spoke once more but this time she had a face
maggots were crawiling in and out of her eye sockets worms were falling from here mouth her hair was falling out revealing her skull though her mouth did not move she spoke saying * Want to play a game?* then she vanished as the lightning flashed outside.

this lightning reminded her of that news bulletin she was going to find out about she took her first steps into the 2and floor now as she headed for the first door on the left the door shook a bit as she approached it it reminded her of the time there was a bad storm at her house and the winds shook the door violently , as she touched the door knob it stopped shaking , as she opened the door the bed started moving and the blanket were flapping like a wind had caught them and were blowing them upwards.

The little girl is standing in the middle of the room now as she open the
door fully now and looked to the bed and then the little girl which is
what that shadow has decided to be and the child smiled and in a soft whisper she said *MOMMY HE HE* as she says this she see's blood drop from the ceiling now and there pinned to the ceiling with knives is the mother she looks to her cold dead eyes as the knives pull from her dead body and the mother drops to the bed bouncing off if it and falling to the floor with a sickening thud , the bed sheets stop moving with the wind as it gets silent and the knives come towards her.

she closes the door quickly as the blades stick through the door and she hears a child laugh as she backs away from the door slowly *aw i guess you didn't get the point of that game HE HE* the next door down opens as the child like voice is heard again so she walks to the open door and feels uneasy
as she nears the entrance on the desk in this room she see's the head of
off the body down stairs and the missing finger off that hand in the tub as well.

the finger was in the heads nose a voice then said *digging for gold
will be the death of some people he he he* she was grossed out by this
and back out of the door as the child appeared and said * whats wrong
don't you want to play?* Julis then said no i don't and why have you killed everyone here? the child was silent and said did you hear about the man who cant be destroyed? he was burned , buried alive , hung , and even tortured he just kept comming.

Julia stood there and was frightened beyond belief as the child said this,
this became more than just a mere child game and a night of baby sitting
it was more sinister than that now the child's sick game , she now looked normal with the exception to the eyes they were black as night , there was a deep sigh and a moan and something being broken down stairs , the child sopped smiling and said*it wasn't me* and she backed away from the entrance of the door way and Julia and let out a cat like hiss and vanished again.

Julia was unnerved by this because what could frighten an evil entity that killed a family for fun? well she wasn't going to stick around and find out she headed towards the stairs and a black mist started comming up the stairs she quickly back away now as she looked to the 3rd door still closed on the left and quickly ran in there and shut it and put blankets under the door so the mist couldnt get in.