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Thread: Baishun Princess (Plot)

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    Baishun Princess (Plot)

    Title: Baishun Princess

    He looked at the dusty picture frame of her on the drawer and silently walked to it. He's hands had gotten sweater trying to reach for it as his eyes grew dim. The creaking floor didn't help the silence but it did help bring his tears to come out. He gently grabbed the picture and glared deeply in to it only causing his hand to grip more tighter. His fingers slid all over the picture frame roughly and slowly touched the lips of hers. Finally he had spoken,
    "Her beauty, her charm, her personality, her well everything ...... it's that why I am so attracted to her again? No. No. It can't be....maybe... no.. she's just another prostitute."

    A boy name Alan Hiroshi fell in love with a girl, Sora Manami, by love at first sight and he's first talking to her as well. He thought of her smile, her voice, and basically everything about her.
    He was naive as you can say. He's pretty handsome, tolerant, generous , and he cares for nothing but his love life.
    Has black hair known as short, green eyes, and work out body.
    As she was known as the innocent one. She was cheerful, a bit kinky, beautiful, lovely, affectionate, achievement, and also looked like an angel from the sky.
    Long black hair that glows with the sea, pure reddish-silver eyes, and skin so delicate like any rose.
    Nothing couldn't make him stop thinking of her. As that same day he met her he found out her secret that she was non other than doing Baishun (Prostitution). She works for two jobs which is being an a geisha and next doing baishun. Seeing her do her job broke nothing but his heart but him knowing cause her finding out.
    She asked him to not to tell anyone because she needed this job to pay her families debt. So he had promised since at the end of it all he just wanted to avoid her thinking he fell in love cause she was a prostitute using dirty tricks on him. But the more he tried to forget her the more she came back talking to him.
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    Re: Baishun Princess (Plot)

    i love it plzz put more in it ,
    i want 2 read more of it

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