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Thread: Bird's Meeting (short story)

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    Bird's Meeting (short story)

    One evening, all the birds were asked to attend a meeting. When every birds had arrived, the owl (Harry Potter’s owl) began to speak, “Fellow birds, I hate to tell you all this, but I learned today that the people believe that we birds, have been stealing grain from the granary!”
    A great deal of ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ followed after the owl had made the announcement. The owl spoke again, “I wish to find the truth. If any of you are guilty, do not hesitate to admit about it now.”
    None of the birds spoke.
    “The people are threatening to kill us, the birds. So, we must attempt to find the thief as quickly as possible. Since no one dares to give up, we must think of another solution.” Said the representative of the hawks, Hawkgirl (from Justice League).
    The crow (from Naruto) raised its wing and spoke, “I propose to catch the thief by posting guards near the granaries.”
    A pigeon (from Shrek 2) supported the proposal and all the birds agreed to follow the crow’s plan. So, the council members were assigned to watch a granary each. The meeting was then adjourned and each bird flew off to its post, and they do their best to catch the thief.
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