bizarre, weird, frightening. There was no word that could
describe it. The dream had again happened.
A young man-well, the back of his head-was pulling me towards
him. his dark hair was shining and hid every move hypnotized me. I
walked towards him, unable to turn away.
I would always wake up as I approached him, his head slowly
turning, my eyes popping open at the exact same time nightly.
The strangest feeling came over me when I awoke, thought. It was
like I was trying to get away, trying to wake up, like this dream was
against my will and unnatural.
It was scary at times. I had a feeling like I might not be able to wake
up and something had would happen. I would see his face.
I had remembered reading the newspaper that day. Something I
normally wouldn't do.
It was just sitting there, so I decided to see what the headlines were.
On the front page was the heading:SCREAMING SLEEPERS DON'T AWAKE. it sounded like something interesting, so I read it:
"Ten people were found dead in their beds yesterday morning. All of
them were different residences, none knew each other. Spouses say
that their loved ones were crying out in the night. 'Blue eyes," they
would sream continuously, unable to be awaken. They sreamed for
hours, and then in the morning, they were found dead. Cause of death
is unknowwn."
I could do nothing but stare, dumbfounded.
Why were these poeple dying and why did no one know the reason
for their deaths? Certainly they would find something in an autopsy.
There had to be a reason.
Deep down, I had the feeling that an explanation would not be
found. Logic. Reality. All seemed to disappear from my mind. No
solution could come to me.
But why did I feel worrie?
Certainly this was some medical issue. I
was heathy.
At that momment, an image crossed my mind. An image of the man,
walking slowly, in a way where I felt powerless. Did a silly dream scare
me? Was this what worried me?
That night, I could't sleep. I would not let myself. I would just
simply stay awake. I tried. I honestly did, but a power came over me, a
power that I could not control.
I began to close my eyes , prying them open once I realized what was
happening. But my eyes closed. I slept.
The man was there again. I was pulling towards him by the strange
He turned, ever so silently. I slowly began to see the face of the
person who had haunted my dreams. He had no face. Only blue eyes.

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