Nov 28, 2009 - Prologue

"...Oh, sh*t..."

31/40. Passing, yes, but really, I expected better of myself. This was English, easily my best! Though I was average in my other classes, scores like 47/50, 96/100, and even occasional perfect scores in English were normal for me - I read Shakespeare when I was nine. I quickly crumpled the detestable test paper and shoved it into the knapsack at my feet, to be disposed of when I got home. I slouched back onto the desk to contemplate my failure, but then -


Cheering followed the simultaneously liberating and irritating sound of the bell.

Dismissal time... whoopee. We stood up as a class and prayed before going our separate ways. Some went to the cafeteria to grab a bite; others got out their mobiles and iPods and began fiddling with them. The insomniacs among us merely slumped forward on their desks, hoping to nap for a while before going home.

Me? Well...

I'm losing it lately. I haven't even introduced myself, have I? I'm Sirius Regulus Quirailles, Sirius for short.. 14 years old. I'm just an average joe, I love screwing around, TV, computers... no, wait. I'm not average - to put it mildly, my life's a mess. No, I'm not invisible in the classroom; I'm the center of attention, but not the kind you'd like. I'm basically the resident doormat of our class, the one everybody loves to torment. Not that they regularly mess me up, but I'd rather be flayed alive than endure this psychological abuse day by day by day.

"If it's any lower than a B, half pay for you."

The sharp voice snapped me out of my brooding. I looked up; it was Adam, the class sn - I mean, socialite. He shoved his notebook under my nose. You see, I'm paid to do his English homework; at the very least, my talent isn't being overlooked. And he DOES pay me well for it, 250 pesos, 300-500 if 'his' work gets good results, so I deal with him. Still, though, I'd rather be broke than put up with this crap.

I looked down at his list:
HW - English, 09/28/09

1) Write a 5-paragraph essay about the three Shakespeare plays taken up so far (Julius Caesar, Macbeth, Hamlet) comparing and contrasting the recurring themes and happenings of each one.

2) Write a reflection on any soliloquy from any of the said plays - what is it about and why did it strike you the most?

3) Exam tomorrow.
I read it twice to make sure. The first two were easy; as I said, I grew up on Shakespeare. Getting him through the exam, though, was a tad trickier. I'd have to tutor him, and I already knew he didn't take well to tutoring. But to hell with it; I'll worry about him later. My computer's waiting for me at home. My characters are waiting for me at home.

I forgot to say, my one of my RO character's about to hit 99 - no mean feat considering I only made her two weeks ago. I gotta say, if you know where to go, and what to learn, nothing's impossible. Hard, maybe, but who ever said worthwhile things were easy?

Besides, it helps me to forget what I am, even if only for a while.