When was the drama ever gonna stop, when are people going to stop actin' a fool! Perhaps when Claire Crash stops thinking in third person. It passes the time y'know.

Yes I know.

Then cool off about it.

No, you!

Soo immature..

Claire, get a grip.


"Okay, so imagine this..." Nell said dramatically, leaning down and crunching her body as small as she could. Her eyes twinkled ridiculously in the yellow light of the lamp, man was she ever high. "So alright, every thing is impossibly connected," She jerked to her usual height to emphasize the point. "And whatever you said two days ago was only said so we could talk about it now."

Claire looked appreciatively at the ceiling, thanking whoever sent this weird little Frenchgirl into her world. "That's killer," She said seriously, lowering her eyes so confidently Nell smiled. "It's makin' me doubt myself." She said kind of absently too far into her own head to manage her what was coming out the other girls. Her face was a little fake feeling around her mind. Claire swore she could almost not feel her whole body.

"Don't worry about it," she muttered, curling a lose piece of hair around her finger. "We should go for food."

She grinned. Oh, Nell can you read my mind.


"We should get some burgers..." Nell sighed quietly. I felt her voice rumble up her back, somehow she had become pressed against my backside hugging onto my hips like a baby. We'd been talking about food for two hours or something but the lazy slam dunk of a burnout rocked us bodies to sleep. I kind of felt bad for ignoring her but my thoughts were way to tripp'd right now.

I was at the point of a burnout out where everything felt kind of desaturated and less important. Kind of like living in the 1950's or something. I also saw smears of crazy tye-dye colors. Mostly I was just trippin' balls.

She was laying right on me consciously pressing herself onto my body, on purpose. I'm pretty sure this shit wasn't laced. Big Mack wasn't like that, however no one should be horny. Yet here I was, Nell De Vos tickling my stomach and dry humping my ass, whispering sweet nothings to me.

Some burgers...


Claire's eyes had swirled into an engine oil green with heavy brown specks around the pupil. They felt hot beneath her lids, burning a hole through the flesh with an insistent heat.

A chirpy beeping filled their dim room, taking up more space than the bed. It was the redhead's phone ringing on the computer desk.

"Oh, that's my 420 alarm," She said excitedly. "Happy 420 Claire." she whispered into the brunette's ear.

"Happy 420." Claire replied lowly, preferring not to flex even one muscle. Suddenly sleep seemed wonderful.

Nell settled in deeper on the bed and somehow closer to Claire, stilling her vacant tracing of the brunette's stomach. She tangled herself into her friend sighing openly. Then neither moved and waited, until nothing happened. They were simply laying with one another.

"Mmm, Claire..." Nell whispered innocently, smiling into her dark hair.

Nothing more needed to be said. 420 was Claire's favorite anything, ever.

Other characters, of the same story. I particularly like this one too.

People are always like... uuuuugh, why do you write out the full name-that's stupid. Well, I'm obsessed with names; there you have it, my shameful secrete.

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