Chapter 1


Endless it seemed. Just endless of lush blue, knee high ocean.
“Would you”?
“I don’t know”.
“Will you give up”?
I looked up, seeing the blackness come forth, the only light was the moon, but not normal, it was red.
“Would You”?
“Will you take her in your arms and crush her”?
I looked back down just to notice that there is only forest, green eyes looking at me.
“Then how will you maintain not holding her, letting her become one with you”?
“I don’t know” .
“Will you let her be alone in the corner and you standing there, looking at her”?
“Or is it you who is alone in the corner watching her with others, becoming one with them”?
There was nothing only black, but something was taking shape, like a arm, an arm reaching for something.

“Would you”?

Sweat was running down my face, when I finally realized I was awake. I turned my head to notice it was 1 o’clock in the afternoon. The only noise I heard was my fan, going back and forth. I got up and headed to the shower. I just let the icy cold water run over me for what seemed like forever. Thinking “that same dream”. Remembering the green eyes looking at me, completely motionless, frozen in time.

I was sitting on the couch drinking green tea. Just looking at my tv that wasn’t even on. Minutes there was a knock on the door. I got up reaching for the door handle. Door opened. Long dark blue hair, dark brown eyes. With a voice only imagined in a fairy tell, speaking to me. “Hello”.