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Thread: Cadet (Star Wars story)

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    Cadet (Star Wars story)

    heres a story i wrote for star wars when i was still playing Star Wars Galaxies Mmorpg. Crimson Order was my guild. we're Imps, we're the good guys...Enjoy!

    part 1 of 3


    “ Copper 6, this is Blue leader watch your spacing. It’s getting kind of thick back here. ” Said the speaker as Cadet Hanes adjusted his X-wing’s flight path, hands covered in cold sweat.

    He was still in training, his first real mission against Imperial forces. In his own X-wing with his buddies and fellow pilots, he would strike fear into the Tie fighter pilots. First he had to get himself under control, nervous, he was surprised that his whole ship wasn’t shaking.

    ”Blue lead this is Copper leader sorry about that, I’ll try and keep a tighter leash on my herd, but most of them are green as grass” came back an instant replay.

    Then the squad channel lit his board as his squad commander gave him a loud dressing down.”…And for goodness sake six keep your formation, if I hear anyone call out your name, so help me. I will make you clean all our X-wings with your toothbrush… ”

    Standard holler fest from Capt. Bollard, Hanes was getting used to his tirades, and this one was mild compared to his last screw up. He must be nervous too I guess.

    Breathing a sigh of relief, he looked around his ship, Copper 6. One ship in a small fleet of fighters and bombers, Cadet Hanes had just finished an accelerated fighter school. His class was split up to form Copper and Diamond fighter wings. He could just barely make out Diamond twos ship against the black of space, closer up he had no problems seeing Blue leaders B-wing. That was the ship Hanes wanted to pilot, but they only allow veteran pilots fly those beasts.

    Behind the heavy fighters were the taskforces heavy hitters, three squads of Y-wings. All laden down with munitions, and ready to take the fight to the Empire. He was excited and scared all at the same time. This was his very first real life mission. They were scheduled to graduate in another standard month, but this mission was urgent. Scuttlebutt said that we intercepted a transmission, and an Important Imperial commander was coming through the system with a light escort. We were going to ambush them as they came around the systems 3rd moon…

    “prepare for Hyper space jump” the computer chirped, reminding the cadet that he was still flying for real and in a few moments he would finally earn his wings.

    As the stars once again became pin points instead of streaks, the Imperial Decimator returned once again to normal space. Its light escort of TIE fighters still clung close in, to the ship.

    “ Lord Vader grants you and your Crimson order too much leniency. ” Admiral Venka said, coldly as he looked over a data stream.

    From a shadowy corner of his state room a chilled voice replied “ Are you arguing a direct command from Lord Vader. Admiral? ”

    “Commander Corf lets not be hasty and mix words. It’s just that this mission is highly unconventional, I would never have permitted it” the admiral said carefully

    “Well if that’s how you would have called it, I see why you still don’t have command of your own ship. ” Corf replied curtly. “We get things done for the greater good of the Empire. We provide Lord Vader with results not excuses, Admiral. ”

    “How will we know if this crazy scheme of yours will even work? ” said a now deflated Admiral Venka

    “Well honestly, I can’t take credit for this one. It was actually conceived by some of my support staff, a crafter to be exact. He had heard about this nearby rebel training facility from various dealings and brought it to my attention. ” Corf said letting a smirk cross his face “it’s a cute plan really. ”

    “A WHAT!? ” shouted the Admiral, now flushed a bright red.

    “Incompetence! This is a dereliction of command and common sense. Are you insane? You’re risking our lives, my life, over a plan that came from someone who doesn’t even know which way a blaster should point! ” Standing at his desk, Venka was looking rather distraught about the new reality of his situation.

    Corf could hardly contain his laughter at the look of this ruffled Admiral that the fleet and stuck him with for this operation. “Calm down Admiral, have faith in our Imperial pilots, I have some of my best marksmen manning the turrets of this ship. They know which way to point a blaster, and so do the pilots of the ships I have called upon to spring this little trap. I’m going to find a good seat to watch this show with, you should join me. ” Before the admiral could reply commander Corf turned sharply around and exited the room.

    “You know you don’t have to be here Jep” said Corf as he walked to the front of the ship where Jep’ray was already waiting.

    “It’s my plan sir, and I have to make sure it goes off correctly sir. ” He said nervously. “You are risking a lot on my information, and my friends are out there on the sharp end. It’s the least I could do sir. ”

    Checking over his equipment, a weak signal came in just as he planed.

    “Sir, I have confirmation that a wing of fighters and bombers are heading to the ambush site Echo. Looks like they took the bait sir” Jep said again, now more excited than scared

    Commander Corf came forward, looking over Jep’s shoulder. The custom communicator he was operating showed all transmissions in graphic lines to show origin and destination.
    “So you transmitted the fact that we were going to be here on some silly surprise inspection tour and just happen to send it in a way that it practically fell onto rebel ears. ” Questioned the commander

    “Well it’s a little more complicated than that sir but basically, yes, that’s all I did. The rumors have been building for months among some frieghter pilots and recently more strongly among a few of the shadier shipping firms. Money was just streaming from a planet in this system for no apparent reason. What makes it worse is that they were not buying from me, so I had some of my contacts look into it for me.” Flipping a few more switches, Jep was satisfied that he was ready. “So those people talked to other people, all very loyal Imperial citizens that wanted to help of course sir” help for the right price or a gun to the head, it made no difference. “The thing that set this all off was when a Star destroyer intercepted a transport and confiscated a cargo bay full of X-wing parts” the screen was scrolling information as Jep continued “they didn’t even doctor the data. Some where out there is a Rebel officer with way too much moxie, more than enough for me to let him hang himself with it sir. ” The console beeped at him.

    “Sir, ETA is 20mins to mark Echo. Shall I signal the Crimson squad to mobilize in 21minutes? ”

    Corf stood up and activated the ships intercom. ” Admiral you may order battle stations please. ” Corf ordered calmly “We are about to be attacked by some Rebel pups” sitting back down to watch the show.

    Klaxons started to wail as the six escort fighters took up defensive formation. A short jump away, a squadron of the Crimson Orders finest pilots, outfitted in a mix of TIE Interceptor/c, TIE Avengers and even a few rare but heavily armed TIE Oppressors. They were waiting for the signal to pounce on the unsuspecting target, and they didn’t wait long. As Jep’s information was duplicated and sent directly to the squardon commander’s ship, he had the information right after Jep got it. As his unit beeped at him, showing the position of the ambush, he also got the coded confermation signal. “Acknowledged, lets show them how CO flies. Crimson flight move out! and with that command and they started their attack runs.

    Copper 6 came out of hyper space right on target, along with his fighter group. Hiding in the dark side of the moon, they readied their systems. The squadron commander, Blue Top, ordered the Red squadron ahead, as two A-wings raced off into the black.

    May the force be with them, he thought to himself. Hanes would never even want to sit in one of those unarmored rockets. Armor and weapons helped him sleep at night and the X-wings had all that, the A-wings didn’t. Any ways you needed super fast reflexes to even think about flying one near its top speed, no the X-wings were more his style, or one of those B-wings.

    He waited for what seemed to be hours in the quiet of space, but only five minutes had passed. They got the all clear signal from the advancing fighters, Top gave his go ahead order shortly after. At once twelve X-wings, five B-wings and eight Y-wings lit there engines to full power and raced off to catch up with the lead A-wings and intercept an Imperial Admiral.

    “Sir! Long range scanners show 2 ships approaching fast, looks like a couple of A-wings” Came a strained voice from the ships bridge.

    “Send two fighters to intercept” the Admiral said, as he slammed close the blast door to the command deck.

    “I don’t think the admiral likes us very much sir. ” Jep’ray blurted as the two forward Tie/in boosted ahead “ETA is now 6minutes, sir. They are just leaving the dark side of that planets moon now”

    “Game, set and match I think, don’t you Jep? ” Corf remarked quietly as he watched the scanner feed from the bridge, and then Jep’s data pad.

    “Yes sir! They took the bait, all of it. This will be like tossing gnorts into a Sarlak pit sir. ” Jep replied enthusiastically

    The two A-wings started to peel away drawing the following TIE’s in their wake. Just as they started to exit the screen a couple dozen dots appeared on the scope. 2 flanking squads, some heavy’s on point and looked like slower bombers trailing the formation.

    part 1 of 3
    Don't Panic

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    Re: Cadet (Star Wars story)

    Part 2 of 3

    “ETA 2minutes till the ambush is set sir. targeting computer calls them as X, Y and B wings. I wasn’t expecting B-wings at a training center, those will be trouble sir. ” Jep announced as more data came in

    “It’s only dangerous if we lose our balance when we toss those gnorts into the pit Jep. ”
    The commander replied after a pause, he patted Jep on the shoulder “Good job Jep, it’s out of our hands now. Let’s just watch the show”

    The last four defending TIE fighters boosted to intercept the closing threat.

    Hanes blood was beating its rhythm into his head as his squad leader called out over the comm. “Lock S-foils in attack position”

    Checking his panel for the hundredth time, he locked his S-foils and followed the squad onward toward the small speck that was the target.

    “Blue Top to all units, TIE fighters are coming, only four escort fighters are here. Diamond will intercept, Copper cover the Y-wings, Blue will work on the mark, and may the force be with you” the wing commander announced

    Diamond and Blue wings boosted towards the target as Copper slowed to let the bomber group catch up, the void started to light up with heavy blaster fire. The battle was now joined.

    The transports hull rang like a bell as the heavy turret mounts fired at the incoming fighters, a constant drumming as they tracked the agile fighters. The TIE/In fighters dove into the swarm of X-wings a fury of light marked their passing. Very briefly a ball of fire marked the collision of two craft. The groups instantly started circling each other, X-Wing and TIE/In fighters trying to out maneuver the other and kill. Out from that ball of fury came the hard charging B-wings.

    The Turrets started to take their toll as one of the heavy fighter bombers took multiple hits in a span of seconds, shield turned to vapor and the ship was torn in half by the barrage. Now they were in range of the transport, and now they could fight back.

    Voices filled the comms like a waterfall fills a lake. Cadet Hanes could do no more than sit back, with his squad and listen as his friends started to die…
    “Diamond 4 look out…Lead my port engines are out an…Blue lead we just lost three…I can’t shake him, someone get that TIE off my*explosion*AHh…Blue Top we just lost Diamond leader and diamond four and five. Two is now lead…Blue four, I just took a hit in the engines, she not responding…*static*”

    Hanes watched in silence as the battle unfolded. Blue 3 just melted under the barrage of fire from the enemy transport. Diamond 5 collided with one of the attacking TIE’s, a flash and cloud of debris was all that marked their end. Two TIE’s got the jump on Diamond leader and quickly dispatched him, they would soon meet the same fate as the last few diamond fighters turned the tables and won their first small battle. The B-wings of blue group continued to advance on the transport, straight into the withering fire it was putting out. Suddenly Blue 4 took a quick barrage of shots, and one to the engine. Dropping out of formation, the ship was soon also ravaged by fire…

    In less than 40 seconds the two lead squads had taken massive casualties, but for Diamonds efforts the four remaining TIE fighters were now just a collection of flotsam. The remaining Blue fighters started their attack run on the transport, the wounded Diamond fighters close behind, and eager for blood.

    “, ETA is, 10sec’s sir! ” Jep said as he watched the approaching B-wings

    Cadet Hanes was watching the battle, waiting for his turn to avenge his fallen class mates when a flash lit his cockpit. Out of nowhere far above his fighter a cloud of Imperial fighters suddenly appeared. They slashed straight down thru the Y-wing formation and completely took them all by surprise.

    “Crimson Order flight, this is Top. Take them all! For Crimson Order! For the Empire! ” a battle cry came from all the ships in the mixed company of fighters as they came out of hyper space above the targets.

    It was a gnort hunt, the bombers, lazy with such heavy loads could not maneuver and none survived the barrage from the Orders elite squadron. As the formation split up the Oppressors boosted to help take on the B-wings a few Avengers also tagged along. The Crimson Interceptors turned on the X-wings, at once they pounced and destroyed one. The X-wings maneuvered slowly as they were almost all piloted by new and painfully green pilots. The flight ignored the rest and went after the only fighter to put up a real fight, Copper lead was a marked man.

    “Blue Top” Came the frantic voice of Copper leader “it’s a trap, they were waiting for us, Y-wings are gone, save what you can. I got 3 fighters on my tail, I can’t shake them, I Bzzz*static*”

    A silently expanding ball of gas was all that marked the passing of Copper lead. His squadron was now flying for their lives.

    Jep flinched as the remaining three B-wings fired on the ship, the turrets answering in return. The screens flickered as the ship took a glancing blow from an Ion cannon. “Emperors mercy I hate those damn ships! ” He said as they raced over head.

    The X-wings came next, one was damaged and started to waver when one of the heavy guns hit it right across the front of the cockpit. The nose of the ship was blown off and they both watched as the pilot was thrown out the gaping hole. His flailing body hit the port hull, a crystallized crimson smear was all that marked his passing into the void and the long sleep.

    Two remaining fighters punished the forward shields with blaster fire. Passing over the hull the fighters left themselves open to attack as they tried to boost away from the turrets. The trailing fighter took a barrel load up its starboard exhaust and basically blew off the whole of the rear of that craft. The S-foils collapsing in on the void that used to hold the engines, the pilot of Diamond six was screaming as his nose section spun wildly off into deep space. With the power gone, no one heard him…

    “Systems 85%, front shields 65%, side and rear 85%” the computer coldly spat out the facts as the bridge added its own break down “Turret two is starting to over heat, it took a secondary hit, boosting front shields” the speaker said.

    As they prepared for another attack the familiar sight of TIE Oppressors and Avengers raced off passed the transport.

    Hanes was ready to cry, this is not what he signed up for! As he pulled desperately on his control stick, and boosted to try and escape his attackers. They were all dead! In a matter of seconds his friends were gone. The Vids had always said how weak this Empire was, and how victorious the Rebels were, it was a lie. How could anyone want to fight these devils, Banking around at the last minute, his upper port S-foil took a hit, the blaster now disable, threaten to break into his other wing. Hanes could hear the screams and deathly quiet static of the dead comm-link. Now all he wanted to do was go home and forget about the stupid rebels, he did not want to die in the black void of space.

    “Copper lead, four and five are gone, this is Copper two assuming comman….Static…” as another link blinked off his screen, Copper three was now singled out by the swarm of Crimson Interceptors. Hanes took his chance and tried to Boost away from the carnage that had enveloped his whole squadron.


    Blue Top and the surviving Blue and remaining Diamond fighter turned to press the attack only to find heavy fighters closing in fast. A fury of shots filled the gap between the two attacking craft. One of the blue took a shot straight through his cockpit canopy, he never had a chance. As they raced closer, the now pilot less ship of the blue top started to veer off course and collided violently with his wingman. Suddenly, the two B-wings exploded sheading parts as they slid across each other. The once tight formation of rebel craft started to break up at that moment.

    Fragmenting as they crossed paths, the Imperial fighters did not escape unscathed in this exchange, one of the avengers took direct hits from the B-wings Ion cannon and drifted off with all his systems dead. His wingman followed close to recover the pilot. One of the oppressors lost a radiator panel but was still in the fight. The hulls of the agile Imperial fighters recived a few more burn spots on their hulls. It was a optimal trade. They flipped and boosted to chase down the remaining rebel craft.

    Two Rebel fighters remained as they overloaded their engines to increase the gap between them and the new imperial fighters. Suddenly, the space around them erupted in blazing death as the transport once again rained down a withering storm of fire. The shots raked what was left of the formation probing for weakness and finding them as the last X-wing from Diamond squad exploded, the last battered B-wing pressed his attack on the transport.

    Cadet Hanes watched in horror as the last X-wing blossomed into death. He was now the last remaining X-wing fighter, that didn’t escaped the notice of the red Interceptors as they started to turn on his ship. Now drenched in a cold sweat, he started to fly eraticly to avoid death as the blows started landing around him. He watched with dread as his damaged S-foil fell off his ship, and the shields were almost critical in a span of seconds. As he continued the gyrating motion, his Astro Droid took a direct hit. His dash started to spit sparks at him. Hanes watched in slow motion as systems one by one started to over heat and shutdown or were more simply blown off his ship. Port #1 engine destroyed, weapon systems down to 25%, his #2 engine was badly over heating and the other two were close to collapse as well. A primal scream came out of his speakers as a smoking A-wing slashed through the chasing Interceptors and scattered its chasers.

    Part 2 of 3
    Don't Panic

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    Re: Cadet (Star Wars story)

    Part 3 of 3

    How long had that thing been boosting for? Hanes wondered, as little bits of its maxed out engines started plinking off his battered X-wing. The A-wing had his engines in overload as he came screaming across space and directly towards the transport.

    “Corf, not to panic or anything but that thing is coming right at us! ” Jep shouted. Shoving Corf out of his seat, he took over the data console. Jep pulled wires out from under his data pad and quickly pried off an access panel and plugged in. Not sure what the crafter was up to, Corf knew him well enough that he ran over and locked the blast door to the command deck. Satisfied that what ever that sly merchant was doing, it was for there own good health.

    The screen changed from green to red as a new screen popped up. Jep smashed the new override button. Ships stats and navigation controls popped up on the screen. He quickly sent them to the edges of the screen and pulled up master gunnery control. A holographic sight appeared on his view screen, punching even more buttons, he shouted into the ships intercom.

    “ Turret gunners evacuate the guns. ” they might not survive this trick he muttered under his breath” You have ten seconds! Lock down the blast doors to the guns too. ” As the yellow bars below each gun position changed to orange, and then an angry red. Jep carefully kept a steady hand over the targeting pip, centering it over the fast approaching speck of the A-wing.

    Corf was quickly transferring all avalible power into the front shields from the rear data control. The Admiral now was pounding on the locked hatch, most likely wondering why he suddenly lost control of his ship.

    Jep watched the speck grow in his sites he was about to fire when the transport took some direct hits to its starboard shields. They held for a few seconds and promptly failed as the last B-wing crossed overhead, unharassed.

    The sight jumped about wildly as the ships heavy hull took the hits. Jep knowing that he only had one chance at it, stayed calm. Trying to control his breathing he waited for the right time. The A-wing finally dropped into the dot in the center of his sights as Jep let out a breath and triggered the guns. The heavy mounts were overcharged to ensure that it stopped the terminal charge of the fighter, unloaded its fury on the lone A-wing. Gun two couldn’t keep up the high energy rate and failed, it exploded causing some minor secondary damage. Nothing worth mention, but it would require some dock time to fix. The remaining turret also stopped working, the barrels now melted slag the safety systems locked it out of the power grid.

    The front few meters of the speeding ship simply vanished under that terrible power, the explostion after the fact went almost unnoticed. The engine cores tumbled on toward the transport. Much slower than when they were on, the motors harmlessly bounced off the boosted shields.

    The last B-wing, was in full retreat as the crimson swarm chased him to ground.

    Hanes heart sank as the last hope for revenge was immolated by that Imperial transport, his crippled X-wing was never going to make it back to base. What was left of Blue squad was running away into deep space, a gaggle of TIE fighters in tow. He finally decided to try and copy the A-wings last stand and ram the transport with his failing ship, turning slowly he boosted his remaining engines.

    “ Mission accomplished admiral” Corf said with a slight glee, as he unlocked the door and pushing past the admiral he walked to the ships main comm console. Picking up the mic he started shooting out orders to the ships.

    Everything that could blink red was blinking a furious red at him as more systems started to overload under the strain and fail. He was closing in on the transport, eyes locked trance like onto the prize that proved so elusive that he did not see the Interceptors forming up behind his ship. Red devils came calling, but not with unrelenting fire but low powered knifes. They were targeting his engines and there was nothing he could do. Screaming in frustration of his complete failure he now waited to die. A hard impact knocked him hard into his cockpit canopy and blackness was all he knew…

    Cadet Hanes awoke slowly, his eyes blinking under the harsh glow of ceiling lights, he wasn’t in his X-wing anymore…more over, he wasn’t dead. Still blinded by the light he found that he was strapped down to a chair. Rather painfully strapped down, he was finally able to see his surrounding as the fog lifted. It was a grey metal room, single door, and no other furniture or equipment for that matter. He wondered where he was when the door beeped open.

    A small round hovering black droid entered the room, and then he heard it. A constant breathing, like a machine would sound like in the medicos back on his planet, a Black caped figure followed. It was him. Darth Vader! As the imposing figure entered the room, chills ran through Hanes body as the Sith lord finally spoke.

    Hanes, he was Cadet Hanes number A6-52100B, rebel training facility Silar IV from Copper squad…that’s all he knew...he was just a Cadet…but that wasn’t enough, it would never be enough. The door closed in the security ward on the nearly completed Death Star. All Hanes knew how to do after that, was how to scream…

    The End

    Part 3 of 3
    Don't Panic

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    Re: Cadet (Star Wars story)

    I like it! Do more! You can't end it! I WANT MORE! Or do another story, the sequal or something! Mew mew NYA! Heh, sorry about my freak out . . . . I'm a little hyper . . . .

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