Chapter One: Death of a World

"Hurry! Hurry! Come on, get inside! We've got to get out of here," Paul shouted. Paul Richard, Ken Laurence, Mark Heartson, Christine Primes, Mary Crenshaw, and Katie Hensen were running from what was flaming craters from the dark area behind them.
"Watch out!" Paul cried right as an attack landed 50 feet from the building they were going into taking out another building. Debris and dust engulfed them right before entering their what is their temporary hideout.
Quick thinking and teamwork from this group of friends is what got them this far from almost certain death. Running from screams of horror of block after block. Blood and bodies everywhere. Cries of help, ones that you never want to hear again. Ones that you never thought that you could ever hear. Then, hiding from attacks that they never saw before. Figures that look like people but don't have personalities like them.
Panting, everyone was out of energy and almost out of hope. "Guys, you think we'll make it out? What about our families? What about our town?" Christine asks hopelessly.
Mark replies, "I...I don't know. The army hasn't done anything, none of any of the special forces can do anything. From the last building when the television was on, I heard that the whole military from every country was wiped out. No trace of them left. We're sitting on asses, crawling back to the wall. We're done. There's practically no more hope."
"Damnit! Damnit there's something we can do," Ken shouts, "There's got to be something...Something...Someone..." Ken's eyes begin to water.
After those statements, Mary and Katie huddle together as a last sign of comfort. Sounds of loud thunder like noises crashing around them; Screams of death heard from the people stranded on the streets; Laughter of the people lurking in the shadows of their attacks. Mark looks out the window with Christine clinging on to him as a sign of safety trying to not be seen but enough out to see what the environment is. All there is is dust, smoke, blood stained walls, and half taken down buildings. Some left standing but hardly as a sign of mercy of the shadow lurkers. Bodies laid out like they were just ragdolls thrown around by little kids. Mark spots a couple of the shadow people stepping on the dead bodies wiping their feet and spitting on them.
Mark comments silently, "This is unbelievable. I can't believe this is happening. What has happened to our world?"
Paul replied, "This isn't our world anymore. This is another. Our world as we once knew it...has died."

Chapter Two: Backtrack

*Three months earlier*

Summer, May of 2009. Paul, just graduated high school. He's not looking for a collage, just a job to keep his family afloat in life. He could easily get to collage by his knowledge, wisdom, and his ability to work with others. Same goes for a job, yet collage would be a great boost for him. After a couple of weeks, he finds himself a job at a bar not too far from his home working as a bartender, not the ideal job but it'll do. About a week and a half into it, Paul finds a person that just keeps coming in not looking in the mood a lot. He gets concerned as he likes to talk to his customers. But this customer will start something, something he never saw coming.
About the same time Mary and Katie just finished their first year in collage. They've been friends since the first day they met each other in freshman year of high school. Their friendship with each other is everything but unbreakable. They always do things together, and they wouldn't want it any other way. They've been through thick and thin, stopping at no obstacle that they couldn't accomplish.
Mary and Katie love to go out on the town as you can guess. They also love to flirt with boys at bars and clubs but never give themselves up, you should know what I mean. They find this one boy at a bar and he seems to be friendly back to them. Yet, this guy is different than all the other boys the girls have ever met.
Mark is preparing for collage about this time, summer of '08. He did well in school and he excelled in the sports he's played. He was great in learning history and loved the battles and wars. He never gave up on what he did, most of the time. Though once he's down, it's hard for him to get his stance again. He was friends with many but most of them did drugs that were just out of his league. Though there was this one female friend that he really liked, but didn't think he would get her. She was way out of his way. He tried getting with her many times but just couldn't get close to her. This is one thing that keeps him down a lot.
Mark was a drinker though, not a drug user like some of his friends. All he would do is just drink here and there, but be safe about it since he cared about his sports life. But some days he would go all out at this bar he liked. Great drinks, good customers, good bartenders. Especially this one bartender.
Ken is working at a small developing designing company for animation. He loves to work puzzles out and even make them. Also, he's very friendly and kind to many people. Though he may seem like a workaholic, he actually gets things done remarkably fast and has time to himself and his friend, Paul. As you should know, Paul has a little family trouble with money and things like that. Ken tries to give some support but it just doesn't seem to work out. Ken and Paul both are the same age and met up in high school. They became friends not long after they met. Ken caught a lucky break as the company caught his work in a submission he sent somewhere. Paul was glad for him since he's not so much of the jealous type. But Ken felt bad since he wished that Paul could've got something like this. Though Paul got his bar tending job, Ken was happy for him since it would do some work. Every night Ken goes to his bar just to chill there and talk to some people while he's at it.
Last person is Christine. She is also just getting ready for collage. She worked well in her academics and participated in many programs. One of the clubs she worked in had to do with the sports in her school. She got to see many of the games of the sports and she kept seeing this guy that always eyed her, in a good way. This guy talked to her a lot but just can't seem to get the right words out to catch her. No, he's not like one of those who gets tongue tied, it's just that he just can't find the words that she wants. They're friends though, nonetheless. Every now and then she would also go to a bar. Just to have a break from all the work she's doing and to hang out every once in a while. While she was going to this bar, she felt someone was following her. She kept looking over her shoulder but didn't see anyone. Right when she was about to open the door, she had then no doubt that someone was following her.

Writer's Notes: Here's the first two chapters of my story. I'm not so much of a story writer so yeah. But I'm trying. Comments and/or criticism is welcom.