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Thread: Can this be real?? 1/?

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    Can this be real?? 1/?

    Can This Be Real?

    Cierra – Author
    Rowena – Friend of Author

    WARNING!! : yaoi! maybe sex *shrugs* dunno

    Chapter 1: Nightmare


    "I'm sorry....I can't love you..." a voice said.
    "No!! Please don't do this!!"
    "I'm sorry," the owner of the voice said as they began to walk away.
    "I'm sorry," it said again before it faded away.

    End of Dream

    Jae Joong sat up, almost close to tears. He put his face in his hands to calm himself. He’s been having that same dream for a while now and he was afraid. He’s been in love with the one man he’s loved since sixth grade. Jae Joong wanted to confess.

    ‘But maybe it’s not such a good idea…’ He thought before getting out of bed.

    Jae Joong walked into his bathroom and undressed to get into the shower. After he showered, he looked at himself in the mirror.

    ‘Mine….he’s all mine…’ Jae Joong thought to himself with an evil glint in his eyes.

    (Fast Forward)

    Jae Joong headed downstairs and grabbed his keys. Checking his appearance, he made sure his uniform looked just right before leaving out the house after saying bye to his dad and step mother. Just as expected, Jung Yunho stood at the corner waiting for him. He smiled and ran towards him.

    “Yunnie!!” Jae Joong cutely yelled. Yunho tilted his head looking his direction and smiled.

    “Hey Jae,” Yunho replied once the boy got to him. He lightly kissed Jae Joong on the forehead before the two began to walk to school. On the way, a voice yelled.

    “Hi!!! Yunho ah and Jae Joong ah!!”

    The girl who shouted ran up to them and kissed them both on the cheek. Yunho and Jae Joong smiled and bowed a greeting.

    “Hello Cierra,” they both greeted her. Cierra giggled and bowed back

    “Have you two seen Jun ah?” she asked bouncing a bit. Jae Joong covered his mouth trying not to giggle. Cierra was his best friend and he loved her adorableness.

    “Sorry we haven’t seen him yet,” Yunho replied. Cierra pouted cutely only for Yunho to kiss her lightly on the forehead.
    “Don’t be sad.”

    “He’ll be here ok?” Jae Joong told her as he held her hand. Cierra nodded. Before she could say something back, she was lifted up in a pair of strong arms.

    “Ahh!!” Cierra screamed only to see it was who she was looking for.
    “Jun ah!!”

    “Hey baby,” Junsu greeted her as he put her back on her feet. He hugged her close and kissed her softly.

    “Jun ah…me been looking for you,” Cierra pouted. Junsu chuckled and kissed her again.

    “I’m sorry…I’m here now ok?” He replied. Cierra nodded and laid her head on his shoulder. Yunho looked at Jae Joong who blushed from the look in Yunho’s eyes. Yunho smiled and looked back at the couple.

    “Shall we head to school?” he suggested. The two nodded and began to walk with them hand in hand.

    “Jae ah?” Cierra whispered. Jae Joong looked at her questionly.
    “Have you told him?”

    “Aish…no,” Jae Joong whispered back sadly. Cierra frowned and let go of Junsu’s hand. Junsu looked at her and saw she needed to talk to Jae Joong. He smiled and walked ahead with Yunho, starting conversation with him.

    “Not ready?” She asked. Jae Joong shook his head. Cierra and Jae Joong were friends since they were seven years old. She was always there when he needed her and same with him. She knew of his feelings for Yunho and she hoped the two would be together. Cierra also knew of how Jae Joong gets when you make him mad. She fears that side of him. Jae Joong doesn’t have control once he gets to the side. Once he attacks, the only people he knows not to harm is Yunho and Cierra.
    “Its ok…you will soon.”

    The four arrived at school and headed to their lockers. Cierra and Jae Joong shared lockers. Junsu’s was a few lockers away from theirs, next to his were Yunho’s. Cierra and Jae Joong got what they needed then went over to Yunho’s and Junsu’s lockers.

    “Well me and Jae ah going to head to our class,” Cierra said with a smile. Junsu grabbed her hand.

    “How about I walk you to class?” Junsu offered. Cierra nodded with a tiny blush. Yunho looked at Jae Joong.

    “Want me to walk you to class?” Yunho whispered to the smaller boy.
    “Not saying you can’t get there yourself…”

    “Sure,” Jae Joong accepted. After walking them to class, Junsu and Yunho went to their on class.

    ~After Class~

    Cierra and Jae Joong left the class, about to go to their next class. On the way, Jae Joong spotted Yunho talking to a blushing girl who held a note in her hand. Cierra looked at Jae Joong then at the direction he was looking in. She bit her lip.

    “Cierra go ahead…I’ll meet up with you,” Jae Joong told her. Cierra nodded and headed to the class.

    “Yunho ah…please accept this…a letter of my feelings,” The blushing girl softly said, holding her note out to him. Yunho smiled softly at her.

    “What may your name be?” He asked. The girl smiled and blushed more.

    “K-Keenya,” She answered. Before Yunho could do anything, a growling voice spoke.

    “What do we have here…?” Jae Joong angrily said, stepping in front of Yunho as to protect him. He snatched the note from her and smelled it.
    “Perfume scented note...”

    The girl gasped and shivered a bit in fear.
    “I-It’s a note for Yunho ah,” she shakily said, stating the oblivious. Yunho looked at the shaking girl and then at Jae Joong.

    “Jae?” Yunho softly said trying to get the angry boy’s attention. He knew Jae Joong was mad and the girl was in for it. Jae Joong ignored it and growled. He stepped closer to the girl.

    “Trying to confess love that you suppose to have for him?” Jae Joong growled out. The girl flinched. Jae Joong smirked and torn the letter, throwing it in her face. She gasped in shock.

    “How could you?!” She shouted, using a bit of the courage that she forced herself to use. Jae Joong only growled and step closer, towering over the girl. Yunho then again tried to get Jae Joong attention. When he reached to grab the boy, Jae Joong grabbed the poor girl by the throat and threw her at a locker.

    "Yunho is mine bitch...stay...away from him...” Jae Joong spatted in her face. When Jae Joong moved away from her, students ran over to help poor Keenya.

    "Jae!" Yunho shouted. Jae Joong looked at him with teary eyes and ran into his arms.

    "Please don't be mad at me Yunnie!" Jae Joong cried out. The angry inside of Yunho faded quickly and he wrapped his arms around the crying boy.
    "Please...don't leave me!"

    "I won't...I can’t ever do that," Yunho softly told the boy. He held him tighter and kissed his forehead. It hurts Yunho to see his best friend cry.
    "Remember I promised I wouldn't leave you."

    "Mine...all mine," Jae Joong whispered. Yunho felt strange and got a feeling about Jae Joong's possessiveness. Ignoring it, he kissed the boy's forehead again. Once Jae Joong calmed down, Yunho picked up the boy's books and walked him to class before going to his own.

    "Jung Yunho! You're late!" the English teacher, Mr. Zachman, shouted. Yunho bowed an apology before taking his sit next to Junsu and his other friend, Yoochun.

    "Yo man...why you late?" Yoochun asked once he sat.

    "Nothing. Jae Joong needed me," Yunho softly said. He wasn't angry with the boy for his actions. He knew Jae Joong was only scared.

    "Oh ok then," Yoochun nodded, understanding completely. Junsu looked at Yunho and grinned.

    "Nice to see ya finally got here. You can copy down the notes I got," Junsu offered. Yunho nodded thanks. He looked at Yoochun to see him staring at the girl he been watching for days now.

    "Still didn't get her name did you?" Yunho whispered to him. Yoochun absently shook his head 'No'. Yunho grinned.
    "Well you can ask Cierra. She's her best friend."

    Yoochun looked at him in disbelief. He been to dumb to think to ask Cierra. He forgotten that he seen the two girls hanging out together. Why didn't he think of it before?!

    'I'll ask after class!' He thought to himself.

    "You like my friend huh?" Cierra giggled out. She knew Yoochun liked her best friend because she caught him staring at her a lot.

    "Yes Cierra! Now please tell me her name!" Yoochun pleaded. Cierra giggled again.

    "What? Player Yoochun too shy to ask her himself?" Cierra joked. Yoochun growled.

    "Hey! I am not shy!" Yoochun said through his clenched teeth. Cierra then became serious and looked at him blankly.

    "You are...I bet you can't ask her her name," Cierra challenged. She knew Yoochun couldn't turn down a challenge like such. She wanted him to ask the girl himself because she knew her friend liked him in return.

    "Oh yeah?!" Yoochun challenged back. Cierra smirked.

    "Yeah," she replied.

    "I'll show you!" Yoochun, who cleared his negative thoughts, marched over to Cierra's best friend and put on his charming smile that girls loved.

    The girl looked at him and gasped. She couldn't believe he was talking to her. She looked around her and saw it was only her.
    "Hi," She greeted back with a smile. Yoochun smiled more and gently played with a piece on her hair.

    "I was wondering...have God sent you here for me? Because I know beauty when I see it and you...my angel are the beauty I been praying for," Yoochun whispered against her cheek. The girl giggled a bit, blushing a little more.
    "I been wondering...what is your name and what are you doing this Saturday?"

    "Rowena," she replied with another smile as she flipped her hair over her shoulder.
    "As for this Saturday...I'm apparently on a date with you I presume?"

    "Why yes. Dinner and a movie?" he grinned. Rowena nodded and kissed his cheek.

    "Pick me up at 7:30," she whispered to him as she began to walk to her class with a little sway in her hips. Yoochun stared at her ass as she walked.

    "So got a date huh?" Cierra asked, suddenly standing beside him. Yoochun absently nodded and walked to his class. Cierra shrugged and went to her class where Yunho, Jae Joong, and Junsu were at this hour.
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    Re: Can this be real?? 1/?

    wow this is one great story...i can totally compair to it actually lol...kinda sad that i'm clingy to my boyfriend....
    I wish a life of a love of a life. Send a light to through the darkest of nights. Let a kiss fly from the heart. Love me like you loved me in our past lives. Send this pain back to me these cold lonely nights. Haunt all my fanasties leave all my dreams shadow yourself once again into me....

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    Re: Can this be real?? 1/?

    Thank you! Im too am clingy...sadly must stop because guys like their SPACE
    ♥ (¯'·._.·[GEISHA ゲイシャ]·._.·'¯) ♥

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    Re: Can this be real?? 1/?

    wow. this is a great beginning to a story. its very interesting...i cant wait to read the rest!! Good job. keep it up!!=)


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