Can This Be Real?

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Yunho – DBSK
Yoochun - DBSK
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Changmin – DBSK

Cierra – Author
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Chapter 2: Don't Turn Me Away


"Please daddy! Stop!" a young 6 year old cried. His drunken father ignored his plead and hit him again.

"Shut up stupid bastard! Because of you! My wife is dead!" The drunken man accused, kicking the boy in the back.

"Daddy please! I didn't mean to!" The boy wimpered.

"If you weren't born, she would be here today!" The man growled out.
"If you weren't born, Jae Joong, I would be happy!"

The man left the abused, crying child on the floor and went to his room. Jae Joong continued to cry.
"I'm sorry daddy..."

End of Flashback

Jae Joong walked with Yunho, Cierra, and Junsu to lunch. Yunho, who cared for him and his well being, went and got him a lunch. Junsu and Cierra got in line with Yunho while Jae Joong sat at their table waiting. As he sat, he got another flashback.


"Hey are you ok?" Little 7 year old Cierra asked Jae Joong. He was sitting on the swing by himself crying. Jae Joong shook his head.
"What's wrong?"

"I can't say...daddy will be mad," the crying boy replied. When Cierra was about to speak, two boys came over and pushed Jae Joong.

"Little cry baby!! Little freak!" the boys yelled as they howled in laugher.

"Hey leave him alone!!" Cierra yelled at the laughing boys. The boys pushed her down too. Cierra wimpered in pain.

"Shut up stupid!" They yelled at her before runnig off. Cierra looked at Jae Joong to see he was shaking and crying more. She crawled over to him and saw bruises on his back because of his shirt being up a little. She gasped and pulled him into a hug.

"Daddy hits me too," Cierra whispered into his hair. Jae Joong looked up at the teary eyed girl.

"H-He do?" asked the sad, curious boy. Cierra nodded and smiled softly at him.

"I won't tell no one. Friends?" she replied holding out her pinky finger. Jae Joong wiped his tears and smiled back.

"Friends forever," Jae Joong promised locking his pinky friend around Cierra's.

End of Flashback

"Jae..are you ok?" Jae Joong shook his head and looked up to see a concerned Yunho looking at him. Jae Joong smiled and nodded. Yunho sat next to him and carassed his hand.
"Are you sure?"

"Yes Yunnie. I'm fine," Jae Joong replied. Yunho smile and nodded.

"Well I got you noodles and vegetables. I knew you would want that instead of the other choices," Yunho told him, pointing out his lunch. Jae Joong nodded and pouted, making Yunho chuckle.
"Ok ok. I know."

Jae Joong smiled and opened his mouth for Yunho to feed him. Yunho, like he sometimes did, fed the boy with no problem. Cierra and Junsu then joined them at the table with their lunches. Cierra "aww"-ed at the sight Yunho feeding Jae Joong who blushed a little.

"Hey Cierra!" a girl shouted as she waved. Cierra looked up to see it was Rowena. She waved back.

"Hey Rowena!" she shouted back at the girl that was coming over to their table with Yoochun walking with her. Cierra grinned.
"Well well well...hello Yoochun."

"Yo," Yoochun replied taking a sit next to Rowena who sat down. Rowena and Cierra started talking while the boys began talk. They were all enjoying themselves until a girl walked over to Junsu.