Albert Einstein once said this "Peace can't be kept by force, it can only be achieved through understanding" his words now, i fully understand it.Because many wars in the era of our world is fought by both sides with their own beliefs or cause.History is much tainted with bloodshed and lives was mistakenly took out because of lies and false beliefs.I think Einstein wants peace in the world.He did not theorized that "Theory" to create weapons of mass destruction.Perhaps, he wanted to use it for some other purposes.Look on the brightside people!!! Think that he wants his theory to.. to be used like in applying it's usage for finding alternate source of energy.I want, no we want peace in our life, in our world.

A thought...

This is a basic neccessity for achieving peace and understanding.Speakibg words half-heartedly doesn't make a move on things.Like, saying "I love you" of a boy to a girl though it is only a joke or a consequence of a game would not be good.The person who'll be hearing it specially a girl would be probably irritated and pissed because for one who is not expecting it will most likely be shocked and confused.If the worst possible setup, the person will be definitely hate the one who said it for a very long time - Yes, that's right.When you incited something bad expect to receive a major backlash you never had before in your life!!! A thought is not enough to move things forward.

A sense...

Next, is sense.Naturally because when you speak words only having your thoughts that is not having any sense.It will not be a good turn around.It only worsened it.Senseless words calls for trivial arguements.Yes, yes, trivial arguements brings forth more nonsensical haywire it is! Gossiping here, gossiping over there.It has nothingness all over it! Because of trivial arguements thy life be stained with it forever...

Also, we can see it in our daily lives.By just watching TV programs it is an running runt in many shows.


Without knowing the waving sense of reality is there well enough to be a pity?

(La la la la - Your senses and thoughts is to be in sync in order for you to go on)

You will keep on living - United senses heeds for...

Mutual Understanding...

Then, a gallant gale of verdant rose was arising towards the next future and that is Understanding... Uf you're able to meister completely having sense and thoughts in its highest sync rate.You can move up to the new stage.I heard this awesome quotes from a certain anime series.

"Even Anew and I understand each other"

-Lockon Stratos

"What are your intentions!? Answer me!"

-Setsuna F. Seiei

"We came to understand each other and our desire for peace are the same"

-Marina Ismail & Setsuna F. Seiei

Perhaps, several quotes are intending to let people think that mutual understanding is a key for having peace.I'm an avid fan of a certain anime series and Yes! one them have a good quote about war from the series' protagonist.

"Wars brings nothing but...sorrow!"

-Kira Yamato

He is implying that wars especially bring one to thousands of deathbeds adding more sorrw.But if there's an philanthropist a misanthrope who can make "drives" that surpasses evn our latest technologies in the world!

Those "drives" whom have... chikara ni... to change the world.I'd love to witness that an Einstein-like individual

would make them to let us people realize that understanding gives a thing or two about peace.An angel will descend from the heaven's if one had meister the three aspects of...

Gaining Peace...

Afterwards, peace is attained by learning and practicing all the three aspects - Which gives you about a stae of a cool and calming serenity.Like feeling so lightly that you can't feel your own body anymore.If we have all of this aspects resonating to each other, we have now an state of peace overflowing in our body.Seriously, without a peaceful mindset in hand one would run amok if aggreviated, right?

That's why having peace in mind there is no possibility of peace at all.Minna, if you happen to know

Celestial Being then you also know this paramilitary organization advocates to have peace in their world.So Celestial Being's motto is "A war to end all wars" though it may sound ridicilously but the members of Celestial Being are the by-products of past wars and conflicts meaninglessly fought without a reason, without a thought, without a sense, without understanding each others causes that much ; It'll only opt for more anger and then deaths...

"To guide mankind to the new stage, a great wave is need and we call that wave revolution - Pain and understanding comes together.You should have cocme to that kind of conclusion, no?"

-Regene Regetta to Tieria Erde

As you can see, he wants Tieria to realize that pain and suffering comes as one to let mankind be pushed towards space traveling in their world.But Regene Regetta's explanation has flaws within it It does have well-perfected thought, sense and understanding but it lacks peace.We can reach the future withough much fighting.Embracing a peaceful future is great don't you think everyone?

I love to see its coming in the near future.I believed the aspects of a brighter of our world, everyone.An image of our world many year from now, do you want it or not? Whatever your choice iis .It is upon your own will to decide.

"Having peace abd loving each other is more important rather than having senseless fighting over suc trivial things" and this is my will/wish for a brighter future that is to come!