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Thread: Character Alliance: Chapter 1 a strange mission

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    Character Alliance: Chapter 1 a strange mission

    This is only a fiction so I apologize if I did something wrong with the story. Thank you.
    __________________________________________________ _______________
    "Naruto wait for me!" Sakura shouted; Naruto, Sakura and Kakashi were training at the forest. "Ha! You so slow, it shows that you didn't improve after our last battle.." Naruto replied. Those word pissed Sakura, he found a big rock and throw it to Naruto, Naruto's head has been hit. He feel to the the ground. "Thats what will you get when you tease Sakura." Kakashi said. Naruto regain his concsious, he saw at the sky a smoke coming from nearby. "What is happenin?" Sakura asked; "Let see, it is only near here." Naruto replied. "We must be alert, it may be a trap for us." Kakashi said' the three of them went to te smoke, then they saw a strange mobile with elisies in its top. "Whaaaaa... What is that thing? It may be a monster!" Naruto said. Kakashi and Sakura pull out their Kunai, when they are coming they hear a voice "Help me", Sakura saw a wounded woman. "Sensei, there is a woman there!" she said. "We didn't know but we should help her." Kakashi said. Sakura lift up the mobile and throw it away. She carry the woman on her back, "We should see, granny Tsunade." Naruto said, they went back at Konoha.

    Tsuanade immidietly, heal the woman; she walk out of the emergency room. "Does she okey?" Naruto ask, "Yes, and after a few hour she will gain his conscious", "Thanke heaven she's alright" Naruto said. "But I wonder where she from" Sakura said which sit beside Kakashi whos reading his book. After a few hour, the woman wake; the Nurse said it to the team Kakashi; "Let see her" Kakashi said. The woman sit and eat the fruits that Sakura brought to her, Naruto ask her "Were are you from?", the woman replied "I came from Hongkong." The three seem surprise. "Ah, excuse me but where is that?" Sakura ask. "Didn't you know that? It is located at China's south coast.". Naruto ask her again "What is China?", the woman surprise cause they didn't know what those countries is. Tsunade enter the room, "Do you mean you came from those mythological places?"; "Sensei Tsunade, what is those places?" Sakura ask. Tsunade take a deep breath and reply "I had read at the ancient books that there is more other country than we know, the First shinobis escape those countries and build a nation at this places. According to the books, we are at the location of what so called the Pacific ocean, and we remain hidden cause there wer seals at the every corner of our country and if some people from outside world enter; they would just pass through." Naruto answers back "Do you mean this lady is from the outside world?" Tsunade reply "I afraid so, and we need to send her right away to her country." The whole room remain silent for 2 minutes and after that Naruto speaks again , "Okay I will do it". Tsunade and Sakura have been surprise but Tsunade finally agree. "Okay Naruto, you will escort her in her country ALONE!" "Whaaaaat! I didn't know what kind ninjas or people living on her country!" The woman laugh and speak "My country is peaceful; Me, my husband my buttler and my son are the only people who live in our house. You can play with my son if you like." Naruto seem upset but finally he agree. "Tommorow morning you will sail using a ship and the two of you are the only people who is on that shap okay. Naruto take care of her." Tsunade said. On the next day before the sun rise at the east, Naruto and the woman ride on the ship "Madam, we were going to an unknown place, only this map is our guide." The woman just smile. After a few days they saw a lighthouse, the woman shout "I am home, finaly we were in Hongkong!".

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    Re: Character Alliance: Chapter 1 a strange mission

    Can you write more? This story is kind of short!
    I suggest you to put more adventorous moves like kicking butts or .........whatever!
    NaruHina, the cutest couple ever!

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    Re: Character Alliance: Chapter 1 a strange mission

    YEs i agree as well, this is a bit shirt cant wait for more, i like naruto! and action would be a great upper!
    I tryed to see things from your point of view but i cant seem to get my head that far up my ass!
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