"We are in Hongkong!" the lady shouted. "Ah, calm down your like Sakura." Naruto said. The two of them land at the shore. The woman rush toward the telephone booth which is near at the store cause they are on a beach; the woman dialed on the number and call "Hello... Yes it's me.... Yes will you please fetch me at this address?...... I will tell the stroy later.... No he's gone.... yes..... yes right now..... I have an escort... I think they will be good friends.... yes.... okay.....good bye." Naruto was really amaze of what he see, people with cellular phone cause it is his first to go at that place. After a few hours, the woman called her "Naruto, our car is here lets to go to my house so we can relax and take rest." Naruto eyes grow wider on what he see a very long vehicle (It is a limousine) that can carry people inside of it. At firts Naruto is afraid but he still continue to go. After a few hour they arrive at the woman's house. It is very big and much look like a palace but it is not. Mean while a strange man wearing a sakkat appeard at the town, his clothes is much look like a kimono of a Japanese priest except it has a color of blue. Back to the story, Naruto get down at the car with the woman. Then a boy that is at the age of 11 came running toward his mother and speak. "Mother, I am so worried about you when I found out that your helicopter has been destroyed." the mother replied "Don't worry my dear, I am already here, I came here safe because of that young man." Pointing Naruto who's looking at the fish pond. The boy walks toward Naruto and said "Thank, you very much for saving my mother's life. My name is Syaoran Li and I am his son." Naruto speaks again "Nice to meet you Syaoran, my name is Naruto Uzumaki and I am a ninja." With those words, the boy who's name is Syouran has been amaze; he want to ask Naratu more about Ninja's which he only see's and heard at the books and folktales. The two of them talks for almost three hours, Naruto tells the story of his adventure and fight with Orochimaru, Sasuke and other shinobis who do evil deed. At night Naruto sleep at Syaoran's room since Syaoran suggest it but at excatly 2:00am, when the moon is full. A strong wind came that wakes the two, the mysterious man appeard at the window with an eye that is full of greed. "Ah, Syoaran Li, a distant relative of Clow Reed; although you fail to inheritate Clow Reed's power your chi is still strong enough to fight the powers of Clow Cards.Hahahahaha." Syaoran answered "Who are you? What do you want?" " the mysterious man replied "I am Hasuriki but magicians called "the leech" I come for your Chi, to still it and use it to combine with my Chi to leech the power of the Cardcaptor." After that word, a strong wind came that put a big crack at the every wall of the room. "Syaoran, lets go outside!" Naruto said. The two of them go outside and run but the mysterious man has the power to fly so he block Naruto and Syaoran's way. "Now, give me your chi!!!." Then a light from sky appeard and with the help of the myterious man's wand, the light came directly at Syouran "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!." Syaoran scream for pain. "Stop it you freak!!!!." Naaruto said as he gonna punch Hasuriki's face but Hasuriki said an enchanted words "Two clouds will produce when friction is cast, the energy that all of the people need, a roar that is terrifying, heed my called powerful element and do what I please, strike with your full force this weak wimp!" then an lightning strike Naruto. He collapse at the ground. "Now channel your energy to me!" But Naruto got his consciousness immideatly and kick Hasuriki's back. He fall to the ground and the light disappear. "You stupid fool, you will pay for what you've done!" the he point his finger to the sky then a lightning appeard and point it toward Naruto, as the lightning gonna strike Nartuo, it form the shape of a dog and striek Naruto. "Hahahahahaha!" Hasuriki said but when the smoke fade away only a trunk of tree is in there. "What is th meaning of this!?" Hasuriki shouted, then Naruto appeard from the ground and said "That is the wrong with you, you didn't know the ability of a ninja!" then he punch Hasuriki's face. Hasurki fell on the ground, Naruto to Syaoran "Syaoran, are you okay?" Syaoran open his eyes gently and said "I think so." But then the ground has been tremble and Naruto lose his balance "You weak ninja, you will face my wrath!" Hasuriki said. Syaoran run to his room, but Naruto remain outside then Hasuriki came to him and said "Punishment for the living give them, sorrow to their brehten let it be, cause I command to............" then a voice said "God of wind hear my call!" then a strong wind came and blow Hasuriki away. "Naruto I only get my item at my closet now, lets teach this doll a lesson." Naruto replied "Alright" Hasuriki get up "Ahhhh! I didn't know his power is that strong!" then Naruto appeard again do his move "Uzumaki Naruto Combo!" and Hasuriki has been buried deep into the ground. Then Syaoran raise his sword and do an enchantment "Lightning of sky help me, pnush this man at my command.. Now!" then a thunder came from and strike Hasuriki. But Hasuriki levitate and said "Nowe fools I will eat all of your chi, Naruto replied "In your dreams!" then he use his technique "Kagibunshin No Jutsu" then he multiply hisself. "He multiply!" Syaoran said then he use his Rasengan and strike Hasuriki abdomen but Hasuriki endure the pressure "Is that all you can?" then Naruto blown away by an invisible power. "Heavens mercy hear my words, shoot this man with your holy bolt." Syaoran said then many bold of light strike Hasurki but a barrier appeard. "You were too young to battle me!" Syaoran replied "Not at all" Syaoran get one of his seal and saidd "Water help me!" then a big flood came striking Hasuriki. But Hasuriki survive "Is that all (he said it while he is coughing)" I am not done yet, he pierce the ground with his sword then a great bolt of electricity came from ground striking Hasuriki. "That's it now you will die!" Hasuriki said then he get his wand which is wet and said "The forbidden wind of north come here, follow my word as I speak, sealed the body of this boy but not his head, use your power to avenge your fate!" then a wind came and freeze Syaoran's body. "I can't move!" Syaoran said, "Now I will suck all of your chi!" then he get his wand and the wand glow under a violet light. Naruto regain his conscious and see that Syaoran is in trouble so he rush to the scene and push Syaouran that break the ice. But the light strike Naruto and Naruto shout. Hasuriki is disappointed but he must escape casue he has not enough energy to suck Syaoran's chi so he fly and said "I will come back but with the power of the cardcaptor!Hahahahahahaha" Syaoran immedietly go to Naruto but he is surprise of what he see. Naruto return to his 12 years old figure. When Naruto wake Syaoran said all things and Naruto's face turn pale "What should I do!" Syaoran said "I think we can regain your original apperance if we defeat Hasuriki and get your energy from him, you didn't die cause you didn't have any chi in your body but the consiquence is you return to your childhood apperance; I think he will go to Japan cause the Cardcaptor is in there,Sakura Kinomoto" Naruto's face is still look like a dead cause he is sitll at the shick mode.