A combination of Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet, Takahashi-san's Urusei Yatsura & the anime movie Ai Yori Aoshi, Crede & Allesei is about two families fighting over each other for nothing, but to the families, it's something. Crede's parents, Kimiko & Rumiko Kenshin, tell him not to go near Allesei and her family, while Allesei's parents, Naoko & Tetsuo Fujinami, tell her not to go near Crede and his family. Crede (pronounced cree-dee) & Allesei are in love with each other, however. They go a multitude of ways to get to each other, but every way fails until they eventually get to know each other and finally, get engaged for two years, and get married. The Kenshin & Fujinami parents are irate, and they want to rid of their kids of the enemy forever. But since they don't know they love each other, they're just assuming they hate each other like everybody else.