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Thread: Crimson Rain

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    Crimson Rain

    This is only the first part of Book 1 to give you a taste of the idea behind some of the story some characters remain a mystry and i promise you you will be confused at times but its still in the drafting part. Here it is the opening to the Crimson Rain story

    Sun beaming down on the four cloaked figures walking across a seemingly endless desert with only leather cloths a few bottles of water strapped to strings a strewn over their shoulders. They walk in a line faces covered water swaying to their movements and to the harsh winds that whip sand around as if it was the wind dancing with joy at the fact that it found earth it could shift with a breeze. In the distance a small town with a large white chapel sitting in the middle of it over looking the entire area the four stop and look around.

    They look from side to side at the ruined town as if the harsh winds had beat down on the town for more than a century with no outside interactions, yet in the center stands a brilliant white chapel that looks as if a scratch has yet to be made on its walls.

    One of the figures moves to the ledge his cloak covered in symbols that resemble tribal and some demonic art. He leans down on the ledge and peers down at the entrance to town. A small old man sits on a stool drinking down a bottle of water and silently humming to himself with a smile on his face.

    The figure stands up and looks back at the others...

    This must be the town, he said as he pushed his water string back to the top of his shoulder.

    Ok then lets get going said another of the figures as he began to walk toward the ledge.

    He jumps off the ledge and falls straight down and lands on the ground with a thud kicking sand and dust up, the old man sitting on his stool startles and falls off. The three others land behind the first one who has a upside down cross on his cloak.

    They walk towards the old man who has stood up but is holding his back.

    The man up front walks up to him and in a friendly gesture, I'm sorry sir i didn't mean to startle you, he said as he picked up the mans water bottle.

    Its quite all right the man said as he brushed himself off.

    He looks up at the one offering the water bottle back.

    And who might you strangers be? he asked as he took the bottle and began to dust it off as well.

    Im Leon, the man up front says as he pushes his hood down and reviles his black hair with a long tie holding his hair in the back he smiles and offers a hand.

    The man shakes it and looks back at the other three.

    What about them? he asks

    Well the shorter one is named Jodah and the other two don't really have names, he says as the other three begin walking towards them.

    The short one stops and lowers his hood as well to revel a boy not much older than 18 with blond hair and a robotic eye he offers his hand as well. The other two walk right past the old man.

    So what brings you to Leeto not many visitors here anymore. the man says as he sits back on his stool.

    Well we are looking for something and we got a tip that it might be here Leon says as he looks at the town gates that have worn down to the constant harsh conditions of the area.

    Ah well good luck with that, not much hear other than sand.

    Well i was wondering about that church in the middle of town. Leon says as he motions his hand around it.

    Ah yes! the old man states with enthusiasm. The high chapel sent a priest here in order to help us rebuild.

    Rebuild from what? Jodah asks as he opens a bottle of water.

    Well believe it or not this town used to be very popular with the darker crowed. Used to be filled with Gambling, drugs and gangs, even the demons when they showed up found this place to be a place to come to. All that eventually cause the town to go to ruins. the old man says his story with a frown.

    And then the temple sends a priest? Leon says with a look at the church. Can i speak with him?

    Oh sure his sermon should be ending soon he will be outside of the church for a wile and you can catch him there.

    OK Thank you. Leon says with a bow and they all begin walking into town.

    I know this was long and its still only like a short part of a story me and a friend are making into a manga but soon we should have issue one up and ill post the thread i hope you enjoyed a look into the story of crimson rain.
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