This is a story I wrote at like... 3am? It's a Saiyuki fanfic, written in the POV of Cho Hakkai. Hope you enjoy~

I was dying.

I was dying the day I met him. Lying cold and broken on the ground; I had just lost everything that I had held close to my heart. So, what was the point in living any longer?

I was near the point of death when I felt a cool, calloused hand tapping against my blood stained cheek. It took all of my strength just to lift my eyelids enough to peer up at the stranger daring to drag me from my blissful oblivion. The sight that awaited me was truly one to behold.

Although my vision was blurred, due to the extreme bouts of pain shooting through my body, I could vaguely make out the features of the one kneeling beside me.

The figure was male, obviously, judging by the broad shoulders and chest. Long, lush crimson locks fell down around those perfectly sculpted shoulders. Orbs of a matching color seemed to pierce through my very soul with just one simple look. My own heavy gaze slipped down to peer at the twin scars that graced his left cheek.

Oh, how I suddenly wanted to reach my hand up and brush my fingers against those scars. But, alas, I couldn't even move a muscle. Hell, I could hardly blink.

I was soon snapped out of my trance when I heard the smooth, deep drawl of the man's voice piercing through my ears. His words, though simple as they were, left a mark on my heart that I knew would be there for all eternity.

"Hey, are you alright?" I heard him ask. The thick tone of his voice gave away the worry he refused to let show in his crimson gaze. I wanted to answer, but when I opened my mouth to speak, the only thing surfacing being a pain filled groan. A few lines of worry soon creased the man's forehead as I felt my eyes slowly closing again. My body just wasn't strong enough for this.

Within moments, however, my eyes snapped open. The pain that had finally numbed into a constant throb, suddenly escalated to a near unbearable shockwave of agony. Lifting my body off the ground was the man who had just moments ago walked up upon me. I was confused. No one beside Kanan had ever cared about me. When the redhead began carrying me away, I forced myself to find my voice; though it was raw and harsh sounding.


The crimson haired man simply lowered his gaze to meet mine. A slightly crooked smile crept onto his face before he answered.

"Simple. You need me."

The words stung like a bullet through the heart, leaving a singed pattern on my soul. Suddenly, I didn't care where I was being taken. I didn't care who this man was, or why he was being so nice to someone so undeserving of such an action.
My eyes fell closed then, unconsciousness finally taking over my pain wracked body, and I was lost to the world.

That was the day I met him. The crimson eyed angel who not only saved my life, but my soul as well.