Myth in Dragon Ball Z
Dragon Ball Z is a Japanese cartoon that is very popular in many countries because of its intriguing story about, “Good versus Evil.” The whole plot of the story is a great example of myth because it illustrates the fact that good always finds away to overcome the odds and fulfill there responsibilities to mother Earth.
The beginning of this story starts off with a race of human beings called Saiyans. This race of people from another world has extraordinary powers and are said to be some of the most skilled warriors in the universe. After their planet is taken over by a grueling monster called Frieza, the planet is destroyed and only few of the Saiyan race survive. The hero of the story, Goku, is one of the lucky ones to survive the attacks from the monster, Frieza, and his evil forces. As a baby he finds himself traveling on a space ship away from Frieza’s destruction, which later lands on planet Earth. Goku grows up thinking Earth as his real home. As a kid he knew that he was different from other kids in his town. His strength was incredible, his speed was inconceivable, and his powers were increasing as he got older. As he grew up on Earth he used his powers against evil defending his family from villains and others who wanted to take over Earth.
Growing up he faced many obstacles including saving the world numerous times. As an adult he had a child by the name of Gohan. Gohan was only half-Saiyan but his power was even greater than his dads. Gohan had hidden powers and only unleashed them when he saw pain in innocent people. As Gohan grew up and time passed he got stronger, but so did the enemies that came with the goal of destroying Earth.
On one encounter with a villain called Cell, the Earth strongest fighters unite including Goku and Gohan to try to stop him from annihilating Earth. Day by day Goku and Gohan trained till exhaustion to ready themselves for Cell. There was something mysterious about Gohan; unthinkable power that was inside of him ready to explode. Fighter after fighter fell to the unbelievable power of this monster only using a fraction of his strength. After defeating most of Earth’s fighters the fait of the Earth rest upon Gohan, a teenager at that time. Fighting with Cell, Gohan was giving him a great fight, but was still no match for the relentless monster. Cell wanted to fight Gohan at his full potential so decided to finish off some of Gohan’s friends to make the ticking bomb inside of Gohan explode. His hidden powers were unleashed after the killings of his friends. His anger took over him and he transformed into Super Saiyan 2; a never before seen transformation and the strongest level ever at that time. What came with this transformation was blonde spiky hair and strength that was so enhanced that it took a toll on the surrounding environment. Everybody was impressed by such power this kid unleashed, even Cell. The fight was on and with both at full power it was all about who had the most heart. Energy from both fighters was gathering in the middle of both fighters until the memories of the destruction Cell caused crossed Gohan’s mind. All the energy that was left in him exploded out of him with great force dismantling Cell into a million pieces, and saving Earth from its horrific ending.
The way that myth is present in this story is very clear, “Good versus Evil.” Earth is in the hands of skilled fighters that will do anything to stop the end of mankind. As the story goes on the obstacles the Earth faces become more and more dangerous, but in the long run, good always finds a way to overcome the evil and let the sun rise one more time.