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Thread: The Demon

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    Re: The Demon


    I loved it Lasura and i loved reading it was very interesting story with a great story line.I started to read it and it kept me wanting more lol.Great work i say you worked really hard on it and it shows i think keep it up.
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    Re: The Demon

    Once again, nice work on your story. You tend to do that alot it seems, writing interesting stories that is. You've got a bit of talent it would strongly appear. Don't be afraid to use it.

    Good luck on any future stories, not that you need it.

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    Re: The Demon

    Thank You all guys, I'm really, really happy to hear you liked it. ^^ And I'm thankfull for all your suport and all the nice comments and the fact that you read it.

    Thank You aeonking and thank you for your support and see? I thought up a mistical creature too, just because you said I could ^^ how is the beast?

    Thank You Kuwi, I'm really glad to see that a girl is reading and enjoying it too!!! ^^ And I'm going to write another story that is, by the way happening in this world, I hope you find it to unique and interesting.

    Thank You Koga, I'm really happy you read it!!!! And I'm really happy you liked it and thank you too for your cheering up... I needed it when writing the last one. ^^

    And Thank You Daniel!!! ^^ I'm sooo happy to hear you liked this story. And thank you for the good luck wish, I'm gonna need it ^^

    And thanks to everyone who maybe has read this but decided not to comment. ^^ or at least tried to read it.

    Sorry for the late answer but I wanted to put a little add-on thingy to this story too. So here it goes.

    Firslty, yes indeed, Ameena knew about the beast guarding the Roukotur and that is really why Ameena led him to Roukotur so easily, she had doubts only after understanding who Gurthwath really was (Darkeness and Memories), because she was afraid that Gurthwath could easily win the beast and her too and then Roukotur would go in the wrong hands.

    Secondly, Roukotur witch means "Power of a demon" (I use Tolkiens elf languages for all the namings) is a weapon that should give unbelievable power, noone really knows what it is and what exactly it does, but you might find it out in the story I'm about to write (might take some time though lol).

    The beast was a beast created specially to guard the Raukotur, it was armored and charmed to be able to destroy anyone who would come for the Raukotur.

    Ok... those are all the greatest things that might confuse, if you have any other questions, please ask. ^^

    My recommended fanfic: "Dreamer" by Scourge

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