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Thread: Desert of Tears

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    Desert of Tears

    • This Fanfic is made by me, of course! Well, most of the characters here are from various anime which I really do find liking! Miyako is owned by me… hehe … of course*
    • Also, this is the very first fanfic I ever do made~!
    ************************************************** ********
    Chapter 1: Childhood Memories : hide and seek

    “How can you make yourself at peace with the environment filled with beings who doesn’t want you to be a part of their lives?”

    “Who in the heck are you?!?”
    “I’m… I’m… you… Miyako Minasawa”
    “This can’t be happening… there can be only one real Miyako… and that is ME!!!”
    “You are not going to escape this reality Miyako… remember that… I’ll always be with you…”
    “Go away… go away… Go away!!!”

    “Miyako wake up!!! Miya!!!” *shakes Miyako hard enough to wake her up*

    “Uhmmm… mom… *sobs*”

    “What happened? I was worried sick hearing you scream… I thought you already experiencing acute pancreatitis and will not be able to wake up…”

    “Mom, I apologize that I made you worried. But this past few days… this terrible dream haunts me again and again… it seems so real… *sobs*”

    “I think this dream you are having is due to your addiction to RPG games!”

    “(This dream has nothing to do with that…)”

    “So, I have to remind you again to stop playing those ridiculous games! There is no moral behind that!!! The summer vacation is near, and that means you have no classes again. So, Instead of wasting your precious time over that dummy thing, why don’t you just find yourself a summer job in order to earn extra income…? Understand?”

    “… I’ll try mom…”
    ************************************************** *******
    Another balmy day has come… Looking outside her window, 18 year old Miyako sets her violet misty eyes on of the same old trees, the same old vehicles in the same old road, the same old townsfolk… “Every day is the same, I merely suppose…” she sighed.

    Then she draws near to her favourite mirror “Same… old… me… same old Miyako… sorry mirror I have nothing else to show you…”

    “Miyako, breakfast is ready!!! Hurry up will ‘ya!”

    “Coming mom!”

    At their small rounded dining table, Miyako is given cold chocolate porridge by her mom

    “Wow mom, thanks for the chocolate porridge! It’s my favourite! yumyum…!” (Porridge again… well this is better than nothing and mom prepared this porridge for me. I should eat this without second thoughts ).

    As Miyako starts to feed herself with the cold chocolate porridge, memories of the past suddenly occupies her half-awake mind.
    ************************************************** *****
    (5 year old Miyako plays with the children in the playground)

    “Hey!!! It’s so unexciting playing the same games…” said the biggest kid.

    “Hmmm… why can’t we play BANGSAK (hide and seek)?”


    So they started playing BANGSAK, with the biggest kid as “it”. The biggest kid started to count from 1 to 10 with his hands covering his face. Every kid had a place to hide. One kid found his place in a garbage bin, others hid under the slide and some were hiding up in the trees.

    Worrying about her hiding place, Miyako wondered “Oh no, these kids are so fast in finding their places… hmmm… Where could I hide? I don’t want to be the first one to be found dumb-folded! Aha! Why don’t I hide beyond the tall grasses? Hmm… maybe it’s a bit too far… but I guess that big bully would eventually find me… it’s now or never!!!”

    Miyako ran towards the tall grasses and made her self somewhat unnoticeable. She didn’t mind the heat of the sun burning her skin, and also the grass making her skin itch… “I must endure and got to be patient… I don’t want to be caught… heheh”

    “BWAHAHAHA! Here I come! Where those are those hiding? I’ll find you, just wait and see!!! BWAHAHAHAHA!” the biggest kid exclaimed.

    He made himself so scary, that three of his playmates ran away making it easy for him to find them. “Poor little weaklings… you made it so easy for me to catch you… BWAHAHAH!

    Miyako, kept a closer eye of what’s currently happening. “hmnp! That proud, good-for-nothing bully making faces to scare us? Hmp! Well I’m not scared of him!!! (Because he is not as twice as scary as my mom…). Got to keep in focus…”

    One by one, the big kid found his playmates, even the kid hiding in the garbage bin. “Oh… Get away from me, you, stinky Skunk!!! Eeeeeeewwwww!!!”

    It was almost sunset and Miyako was not yet found. “I guess she already went home!!! Maybe her pants were already soaking wet!!! I really don’t care about that little chicken!!! She really doesn’t belong here, she must be sent off to somewhere else maybe in a pile of stinking garbage!!! (Majority of the children nodded in agreement) BWAHAHAHA! (Stomach grumbles). Let’s all go home!!! I’m hungry… let us call it a day.”

    By at that time, Miyako was still in her place… and now mosquitoes were sucking blood from her skin… “What’s into him? Why can’t he find me… it’s been hours since I sat here… maybe it is the bully’s idea to make me impatient… so he’ll catch me easily like the others… hmp! He can’t possibly make me appear that easily!!! I’ll stay here even longer…”

    It was already sunset… the crickets were already chirping… the birds were settling t0 their nests… and a bunch of mosquitoes were starting to fill themselves with Miyako’s blood. “hmmmp! This has been too long! I wonder where they are. It’s getting dark and I have to go home. Mom might get upset by now. Ok, I’ll just surrender. At least I’m not the first one caught.”

    Miyako, wanted to shout at the top of her lungs. Unfortunately her mouth was dry marked by cracking of her lips. She tried to keep her mouth moist by trying to accumulate saliva in… but it helped only a little.

    As she stood from her hiding place, she felt a slight numbing sensation from her legs due to the long moments of sitting. After a while, Miyako starts to feel uneasy. “Hmmm… It feels so creepy and no one can be seen… where are they? Oh, I think they ARE STILL PLAYING GAMES WITH ME… hmm… (she starts to call her playmates) Sally! Saaaally! Jerry! Mike! Cindy! Tristan! Maggie! Goofy? WHERE IN THE WORLD ARE YOU???”

    Then she looked and looked, still no trace of any of her playmates could be seen… “(*sobs*) It’s getting to my nerves… (*sobs*) they left me… how could they…” Miyako, heads home, and cried like a lost dog…

    As Miyako walked on her way home, she began to think of the possible reasons for getting late to her family. “Hmmm… What would I tell them…? I don’t want to narrate to them the twist of events that happened to me. They might get enraged to my playmates or worse, to their parents. I don’t want that to happen… What shall I do?”

    author's notes: Thanks for reading. you can put comments or critiques on this fanfic.

    Thank you very much,Reese for this wonderful signature ^_^

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    Re: Desert of Tears

    Chapter 2: Childhood memories: Swing

    >>>>>…step… step… step… step… step… step…>>>>>>>>>
    Miyako heard some steps that she felt was coming from someone else’s. (“I’ve got to be brave… there is no one else but me… *gulps*… I’ll just continue walking… I don’t wanna stop…”)

    She did what she thought was right, that was to continue walking as if she doesn’t suspect someone following her. There were times she fastened her pace in walking… but she also observed that someone else’s steps were still following her.

    “Oh… I’ve got to think of a way to get rid of this… what a headache! hmmm… aha! As I walk… I should pick a moment to stop… so that I could identify whether the steps are imaginary or not… well, I’ve got to try…”

    >>>>>>>step… step… step… step… step… step… step… step…>>>>>>>>

    (*Then Miyako suddenly stopped walking…*)

    (*Turned herself back*)

    “WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!” (Miyako screamed*)

    She saw someone at her back who was taller than her. It was a kid with a red her, without eyebrows and with a mark on his forehead. The kid was holding a teddy bear next to his chest.

    “WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!” (*the person screamed*)

    Then, Miyako ran away from the said kid!!!

    “Wait!!! Wait for me, I am not going to hurt you!!!” the kid screamed.

    But still Miyako continued running… as if she hadn’t heard a thing that the person had said… until Miyako lost her balance and she fell with her face on the ground…

    “Ouuuuuuuuucccccccchhhhhhhhhh!” (*Miyako starts to cry*)

    Then the kid behind Miyako ran near her…

    “Oh no!!! Please don’t cry… I’m very sorry… let me help you… oh no! Your forehead is bleeding… (*grabs his handkerchief from his pocket*)”

    “(*sobs*)This is my entire fault… clumsy legs… (*sobs*)” Miyako cried.

    (*the kid wetted the handkerchief with water from his bottle*)

    “Again… I’m so sorry… (*wipes blood from Miyako’s forehead with the wetted handkerchief*) Did I scare you?”

    “(*sobs*) Isn’t it obvious? … what in the world would I feel with someone I don’t know is following me…” Miyako answered.

    “I apologize… well… it isn’t my intention to scare you…”

    “Then why are you following me, you freak!!!” Miyako shouted.

    “Honestly, little miss, while I was playing alone in the playground…in the swing. I saw you and your couple of friends playing… am… I wanted to join you… but my shyness conquered me…” the person explained.

    “Do you think, I will just believe in what you say?”

    “Am… I do understand what you are feeling right now… but please allow me to explain furthermore… (*assists Miyako in standing up*) I was still playing in the swing, then as you folks started hiding I saw you hide on the tall grasses… I was bit amazed by your idea of hiding there… I was also thinking that you are the one who will surrender first…well…”

    “Well?” Miyako interrupted.

    “Then, I decided to watch until the last person is found… so one by one … the “it” had found your playmates except you. Honestly, he did not even tried to find you because he thought you wetted your pants! He is a brute I must say!!! Saying those kind of words are not right… because it is not proven… and much more it is embarrassing…”

    “That brute!!! He will pay for this… he’ll see… I’ll kick his @#@!!!”

    “HAhaahaha!!! You are a brave kind of little miss! Then after knowing that they had left you, I thought you might be thirsty and so I went to the Cied Store to buy a bottle of water. Then when I came back, you were still there in the tall grasses… I could not approach you for you might kick me instead…”

    “wahehehehehehe! That is the funniest thing I’ve ever heard today!”

    “hahah! Well, I am glad to hear you laugh, you were so serious. Then the time did come that you already surrendered… so as I walked my way towards you… but you stood and walked away not even noticing me…”

    “So you eventually… followed me?”

    “Yes… then as you were walking away I followed you. It seemed so fun to follow but I did not even consider you suspecting me and worse scaring you… sorry… all I want is to have someone to play with me… sorry again…”

    “Hmmmm… is that your story… hmmmmm… (*looking straight to the person’s eyes*)… then I do believe you… Hmmm….?"

    “What is it?”

    “Do you still have the bottle of water…?”

    “Yes, but I used some of it to wet my handkerchief… Here”

    (the person handed Miyako the bottle of water)

    “Gee… thanks… (*gulp…gulp…gulp…*)”

    “Your welcome… by the way… I’ll introduce myself… I’m Gaara… we had just moved in this village… may I know you name? If it is ok?

    “My name is Miyako... nice to meet you…”

    “Well it is a pleasure to meet you…”

    “I kinda noticed, you are so refined, wahehehe! But it does not really matter…”

    “Haha! … can… we be………??

    “Gaara, we can be friends… well as long as I could remember... You are the one kid in this village… who took pity on a village girl like me… well.. thanks again…”

    “Your words… are like music in my heart and mind, Ms. Miyako…”

    “Hihihi! You are so formal… hmmm… am not used to that you know? You can call me Miyako and not miss Miyako…”

    “Ok!!! OH Miaa………..!!!” (*someone snatched Gaara by the hand*)

    “Oh no!!! Time runs so fast, it is past dinner!!! Waaaaa!!! I have to go… thanks again (*Gaara was nowhere to be found*) Where did he go? hmm… I really want to play with him sometime… so the both of us will not be lonely anymore. well I guess it’s time to get moving. (*saw Gaara’s teddy bear on the ground*) ”Why, he left this!?! This seemed important to him. I will take this with me until we see each other again ^^.”

    Thank you very much,Reese for this wonderful signature ^_^

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    Re: Desert of Tears

    Chapter 3: Childhood Memories: The sandbox

    “Miyako, what do you think are you doing?!? Why are you staring at the porridge, and it seems you have no plan eating it!”

    (*startled*) “Mom… I was just thinking of something… sorry if I upset you…
    (*starts eating porridge*)”
    (*Why am I so susceptible in daydreaming…*)
    (*it’s been years, I’m still hoping to see him again…*)

    “Mom I’m done with the meal… (*walks timidly into their front door*). I’ll be going to school now… bye mom…”
    *closes the door behind her*
    * walks herself for school*

    Miyako walks out of their humble home, with sadness that somewhat conquers her mind and heart. *Why mom does seem cold to me? *sigh* I can’t remember the last time she hugged or touched me. What is in me that she doesn’t find liking? How would I know, … I just don’t have the courage to ask her.*

    Miyako’s mind is filled with worries and queries. After a couple of moments, Miyako finds herself passing by the playground where she used to play.

    Miyako walks straight into the swing and sits. “Memories with a playmate… True, those were happy times… ”

    *At the playground, Miyako at 5 years old. There were no other people at that time*

    *on the swing*

    “It’s been days since I last saw Gaara. He is different from the others whom I play with everyday. I’m hoping to play with him… *hugs Gaara’s teddy bear* and to return this teddy bear. *sigh* Maybe he des not want to play with me… because I’m weird and all…”

    Then Miyako felt that the swing swung without her knowing that made her fell down on the ground.

    “My…………… ouch!!!” Miyako cried.

    “Oh! My apologies little miss!” a person said

    “Apologies are no….. *looks at the person behind her*”

    “Apologies are not accepted?”, the person said while smiling.


    * Gaara assisted Miyako in standing up*

    “Sorry if I swung the swing… too hard… this is all my fault” *wipes Miyako’s eyes with his handkerchief * *hands Miyako a lollipop*

    * Miyako snatches Gaara’s handkerchief and faced away from him*

    “Your treating me like a little girl, Gaara.”

    “That’s the way you should be treated! I’m sor………ry……….”

    “I’m not a little girl!!!! I don’t want to be treated like that!”


    Gaara went suddenly silent and faced way from Miyako. He was still holding the lollipop that he was giving to Miyako. It took several moments that none of them were talking, then Miyako initiated.

    “Sorry, Gaara… I really don’t mean to shout at you… common cheer up!”

    *smiles and snatches the candy from Gaara’s right hand*

    *Gaara faced Miyako*

    “I just came here to……..”

    “To get your teddy bear???”

    “No! It is not about my teddy bear… I came here to play with you! Is it a sin for me to play with you? I guess you don’t want to play with me… … I understand. I’m different and I know that, I’m weird and all… I will just go…”

    *Gaara walks away*

    *Then Miyako grasped Gaara’s hand*

    “Common, don’t pity yourself. It seems you also misunderstood me... but… I waited here at this playground not just to return this teddy bear to its rightful owner. The reason is I want to see my friend and play with him”

    “Is that true? Miss Miyako”

    “It’s true and no doubt! Wait… I think you are forgetting something!”

    “What is it?”

    “You called me Miss Miyako!!! waheheh!”

    “Oh… hihi”

    “I’ve got an idea! Why don’t we play sand castle building??? Come on!”

    “Sand… castle! Wow! That’ll be great!”

    Miyako pulled Gaara towards the sandbox with happiness that she only knew.

    Thank you very much,Reese for this wonderful signature ^_^

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