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Thread: Dirty Pair Fanfiction

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    Here's Ch 94-Part 2-K&K

    "Attention all hands! Our heating system has been offline but will soon be back up again. In the meantime, I suggest that you all bundle up. You'll find lots of winter gear in Level 2's storage rooms. There is still no word from the 'Angel' or any of her shuttles. Well, they do say that 'no news is good news'. Dinner will be at 1800 hours. See you then. Ann out." Ann finished her announcements and sat down. She really looked worried!

    "You must not vorry, Liebchen (Child), all will be vell. They cannot and vill not break radio silence until at least 2100 hours. That is our normal check -in time and we will attempt to contact them at that hour. Now go on down to dinner, Ladies. I vill take der comm for now." said the Baron in a fatherly tone. He had become like a father to both Emma and Arkton (who were both orphans) and he had now added both Ann and Keisie to his list. Ann, Keisie, Emma, Genie and Vash accepted his offer gratefully and went to dinner. Batman (of course) refused to leave his post but Vash promised to bring up a platter for him.

    When Ann and her retinue arrived at the dining hall, Yuri 2 was already there. If casual dress was the watchword on the 'Angel', 'anything goes' seemed to be the motto on Emma's 'Queen'! Yuri 2 hadn't even bothered to change out of her pajamas and her kimono was draped across the back of her chair!

    If the 'Avenging Angel' (Ann) had been surprised at the 'Angel's' lack of protocol, she was in shock at the laxity afforded by Emma on the 'Emerald Queen'!

    "Yuri!" she whispered, sitting down beside the ebony-haired communications officer and signalling to a waitress. "You should at least have the decency to put some clothes on before coming down to dinner!" she scolded. A dark-haired sixteen year old schoolgirl wearing a skin-tight gold jumpsuit with matching boots jetted over to take Ann's order. "Medium steak, fried onions, mashed potatoes, braised carrots and regular coffe, onegai. Arigato, Alex." she said.

    After Alex had jetted off, Yuri 2 said "Lighten up, Annie! Ain't you noticed that anything goes aboard this ship? The 'Queen' might be uner 3WA 'authority' but it's still Emma's 'domain' so she sets the rules, Sweetie! Ain't that right, Emma?" said Yuri 2 sweetly.

    "Yuri, I know I am a bit lax with the rules around here but don't you think that 'jammies' at the dinner table is carrying things a bit too far? You're on bridge watch tonight and I trust you'll be wearing something a little more appropriate than that when you report up there?" whispered Emma fiercely.

    The tro-con gulped, nodded and slipped back into her kimono. After dessert, both she and Ann excused themselves and left for their quarters. Yuri 2, keisie, Ann and Genie were sharing a suite of cabins. The other two Angels were in one room while Ann and Genie shared the other one.

    "I guess I really did deserve that dressing down I got from Emma, didn't I?" asked Yuri 2 ruefully. She tossed off her kimono and kicked of her slippers. Then she slipped off her pajamas and sat down on her bunk to pull on her socks. Yuri 2 walked over to her wardrobe and quickly dressed in a light aoishi pullover, red chinos and matching scarf and blazer. Then she pulled on her 3WA shoulder holster harness and slipped her Mark III miniblaster into the holster. She slipped her feet into a pair of black loafers and started for the door.

    "Well, I'm off to the salt mines, roomie. have a nice sleep." said Yuri 2 cheerfully.

    "Better take an anorak and gloves along with you, Yuri. The heater's still busted." called Ann from her room. Reluctantly Yuri 2 grabbed a hooded 3WA white anorak and a pair of heavy black gloves from her closet. "Bye, Mother!" she called to Ann before leaving the suite.

    Ann chuckled at her joke and decided to check on Keisie. Ann has disrobed to her unmentionables already and picked up a kimono before she thought better of it. "I'm a fine example, aren't I? Yelling at Yuri for running around half dressed and here I am about to do the same thing!" thought Ann. She quickly changed into a white turtleneck, aoishi jeans, red jacket and white Chukka (Moon) boots. She stuck her Mark V ion cannon into her waistband and zipped up her jacket. Then she ran over to Keisie's room next door and knocked on the door. No answer. Ann peeped in and saw that Keisie was sprawled across her bunk and snoring. Keisie slept 'totally' au natural! Ann quietly closed the door and left.

    "As long as I'm off duty and not really sleepy, maybe I'll go down and see oro's doing in the rec room." thought Ann, wandering to the stairwell. She walked down one flight ot the rec room on Level 2. Unlike the 'Angel 2' the 'Queen's' rec room and dining hall were not next door to each other. Ann strolled to the bar and ordered a 'gin rickey' from the short brunette barmaid.

    "Here ya go, Annie." said 'Derringer' Merrill Strife. "You sure look like ya need this, girl!" she added. "Wanna play some 'Duel monsters', Annie?" asked Merrill.

    "God, no!" replied Ann, almost choking on her gin.

    "Any word from the 'Angel' yet?" asked Merrill, mopping up the spill and replenishing Ann's glass. Ann shook her head.

    "We'll try again at 2100. Oro time is it now? (Merrill glanced at her wristchromo) 1930 eh? I guess they'll just be starting dinner now back there. No word on the shuttles yet either, Merrill." said Ann.

    "Why the Hell don't we just go ahead and board Khan's ship and have it over with? He's hopelessly outnumbered, he's got no firepower left and he can't go anywhere either!" said the feisty brunette barkeep.

    "So oro's the rush then? You said it yourself, kid. He ain't going anywhere, is he?" replied the tall navigator, downing her drink. "well, they'll trill me if there are any new developments. I'm going to bed. 'Night, Merrill." she added.

    "G'night, Annie." replied Merrill, turning to serve a Zinfandel to the 'Green Baron'.

    "Do not vorry, my dear. Just another hour und a half. Then Miss O'Halloran will call us. You'll see." said the Baron, patting Ann on the shoulder.

    "Yeah. Sure. Thanks, Baron." replied Ann while trudging away deep in thought.

    "Miss Hathaway?" called the Baron after her.

    "Hai, Baron? You wanted something?" she asked, snapping out of her reverie.

    "Do not forget that you und I haf der next shift after Miss Yuri und Mr Vash. See you at midnight, my dear." Ann waved to him over her shoulder.

    "I'll be there, Your Grace. Ja Mata." said the pert navigator, shoving her hands into her pockets. Ann rode the lift back up to the room she was sharing with the red-headed swordswoman/treasurehunter. Genie was gone when she got there, of course. She'd probably already left to do her rounds of the ship. After all, she was the 'Queen's' chief of security.

    "Let's see now." thought Ann. "Ari and Junpei are at opposite ends of the Command Deck (Level 5); Millie Thompson is guarding this deck (Level 3); that white-headed baka vampire from Terra (Spike 3) has the deck above here (Level 4); Magic, the kid sorcerer wannabe, was down one level below on Level 2 (if he needed backup he could trill Merrill Strife at the bar) and the big guy, Superman, was wandering the lowest decck (Level 1) and keeping an aizu on the docking bays and the engine rooms. Thank Christ that Terran blonde kid bomb expert (Minnie Mae Hopkins of the 'Gunsmith Cats') was asleep in the room down the hall that she shared with the sorceress (Stephanie) and the sorcerer's apprentice (Ila). The other room of their suite was occupied by those two trolls (Dorton and Voltron). With Vash, Batman and the little Doctor on duty as well, I really feel safer." Ann thought as she prepared for bed. The heating units were functioning again so Ann decided to forego pajamas and slept in her black tank top and red briefs. She was deep in a dream where she was being rescued from a 'Galidorian Graffagher' (a monster that was part tiger and part bird) by the hunk downstairs in the aoishi tights and red cape with the 'S' emblazoned on his chest. He had just asked Ann out on a date, when---

    Cont in Ch 94-Part 3
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 94-Part 3-K&K

    "Miss Hathaway! Annie! Wake up, dammit! Ann!" said a gruff voice. Ann felt a hand roughly shaking her by the shoulder. She sat up and rubbed the sleep out of her aizu. "Her. Cover yourself, girl!" said the voice, handing her a kimono to her.

    "Oro the Hell! Oro do you want?" she demanded, slipping her feet into sandals.

    "It's 2100 hours and we have a communique from the 'Angel'. Yuri sent me to get you. We cannot find Emma anywhere!" explained Batman.

    "She's on our second shuttle trying to fix the comm relays. Where's the pompous twit (The Baron, of course)? He's next in command." said Ann while tying her obi around her waist.

    "He's visiting Arkton on the 'Sol Bianca' so you're in command now. Follow me, Miss Hathaway." he said, dragging the blonde to the door. Ann suddenly realized oro she had on under her kimono!

    "Batman, grab me a flightsuit and boots outta that closet, onegai. It's cold upstairs." she grumbled. He yanked out Ann's flightsuit, snatched up some boots and thrust them at her along with her gunsash, holster and blaster.

    "Here. Come on, girl!" He punched the call button for the lift repeatedly without result. "I don't have time for this! Ann! Wrap your arms around me and hold on tight!" he said and fired a strange looking device upwards where it lodged in the topmost part of Level 5's ceiling.

    "Oro the Hell are you doing, you crazy baka?" yelled Ann.

    "Trust me and don't let go, Ann." he replied gruffly. Pressing a control on his belt, Ann suddenly felt them both being rocketed upwards at an incredible rate of speed! Whoosh! Batman swung them across the balcony and onto the bridge's rear hallway. Unwrapping herself from the grey figure, Ann bolted into a restroom. Seconds later, she was back only now she was booted and flightsuited. She finished buckling on her gunsash and led the way to the bridge.

    "OK Yuri- Oro's the problem?" she demanded. Yuri 2 hit the 'replay message signal' key and a guy's ruggedly handsome face appeared on the vidscreen.

    "Legato Bluesummers here. Emma, you are hereby authorized by 'UG' and the 3WA to board the 'Botany Bay' by force to apprehend Khan and his cronies. Authority- Kei 1; Code- Nightmare. Onegai submit the authentication code. Over." said the temporary pilot of the 'Angel'.

    "Well, oro are ya waiting for, Yuri? Give him the shimatta authentication code. Oro is it?" said Ann.

    "How the oni would I know it, Annie?" replied Yuri 2 almost in tears!

    END of Chapter 94. Chapter 95 'Saiyaan Sortie' or 'Attack Plans' to come soon. Enjoy and onegai r/r/s away! Have a nice day and may Kami bless you-K&K

    Cont in Ch 95
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's a short one again-Ch 95-K&K

    DISCLAIMER: OK Goku, it's all yours! First, thank you to Mr. T. for the use of the Angels. Thanks to everyone else who is letting us use their creations. How was that, Yuri? Great! Oh yes it was, Kei! Well, we left you up in the air so let's get to Chapter 95 without further preamble:-

    Chapter 95

    'Saiyaan Sortie' or 'Attack Plans'

    "Where the Hell does Emma keep her code books, Yuri?" yelled Ann Hathaway. Yuri 2 shook her head and shrugged her shoulders. "Well, find 'em! Kami shimatta ni jigoku! Look for them, dammit!" cried Ann, shoving her towards Emma's ready room.

    "Can I help?" asked a new voice from the doorway where a red-headed Valkyrie in a black flightsuit stood in front of them, cradling a plasma rifle.

    "Genie! Emma's code books- I need 'em now! Where are they?" yelled Ann while she continued to paw madly through the vidchip file boxes. Genie smiled and reached under Emma's desk. She fished an aoishi notebook out of the pirate's wastebasket and tossed it down in front of Ann. Flipping through the pages like mad, Ann raced back to the bridge. Hitting the 'trnsmit' key she said "I authenticate 'Asgard'. Authority-Emma 1. Code- Wagner."

    "Finally!" replied Legato. "Where is everybody anyway?" he asked.

    "Most of 'em are asleep, Legato. It's been a long day over here. Oro's the big rush?" demanded Ann.

    "Good to see you again too, Annie. The big rush is that that authorization to nab Khan is only good until midnight tonight! So get a detail together, send a shuttle over to his ship and arrest his Kami shimatta Fxxxing ass stat! Now move it!" commanded Legato.

    "OK, I'll get Emma--Shit! I cannot contact our shuttles or the 'Starcrusher'! Comm's out! Wait! (Ann keyed another relay line) 'Queen' calling 'Sol'. Come in, Arkton. Over." said Ann. Several minutes passed before a sleepy voice answered her hails.

    "Yeah? Allison here. Ann- that you? Over." to which Ann replied

    "Yeah, Al. It's me. Oro's up? I got no video feed from you." said Ann.

    "Hang on a sec, Annie. (Allison hit the 'video feed' switch) How's that?" asked Allison. The screen became a scene of Allison's bedroom on the 'Sol Bianca'.

    "Great feed, Al! Do you always sleep in the buff?" giggled the blonde.

    "Not always, Annie but sometimes-- Christ! You mean I'm on 'Candid Camera'? Just hold it a minute, kid! (Allison blanked the screen and pulled on a white tank top, black bikini briefs, grey sweats, socks and sneakers. When she hit 'video feed' again, Allison Kurtz was presentable once more.) Sorry about that but we're all beat over here! We put the 'Sol' on 'George' and we all turned in early! Why'd you call us anyway?" demanded Allison crossly.

    "Get Arkie up, Alley! We've only got the authority to arrest Khan for like two more hours! At midnight, it expires! We can't raise Emma or the shuttles or 'Starcrusher'! Comm's down to them so it's up to you guys to get him! I'm giving the orders now so listen up! Get crews on your shuttles, get over to the 'Bay' and arrest that nutcase and his crew! Send back a shuttle with Khan in it over to us and we'll keep him here since the 'Sol' has no brig. Once you get his crew, restrain 'em and contact the 3WA base on 'Seto Kaiba' for a pickup! Put a skeleton crew on the 'Bay' and stand by for further orders, got it?" yelled Ann.

    "OK! OK! We'll do it, Annie! Anything else?" asked Allison.

    "Dress warm! It's minus 25 Kelvin out there! Ann out." said Ann, tossing Yuri the relay mike. "Keep on trying to raise Emma, the Baron, Han, anybody! Come on, Yuri! Get the lead out and that's an order!" she said testily.

    "Legato? Ann got through to the 'Sol' and Alley's getting Arkie on this thing so chill out. Gotta go now, big guy. Ann wants me to try and get Emma, the Baron or Han. See you around, Mr B. Yuri out." Then she started calling but to no avail since a short range jamming beacon was being broadcast by Khan's starship!

    Meanwhile, Allison had pulled on a heavy hooded parka, a furry hat, heated boots and was stuffing heavy fur gloves into her pockets. She buckled on her gunsash and holsters, stuffed several extra power packs into her ammo pouches, slid two Mark XII blasters into her side holsters and slung a plasma rifle across her shoulders. Then she grabbed her backpack and bolted down the hallway to Arkton's cabin, trilling him frantically all the while but for some reason, he wasn't responding to her urgent hails! Soon she was pounding on the door of her commander's cabin.

    "Commander Arkton, sir! Arkton! Get up, sir! We've got an emergency! Code Red Alert! Code Red, sir! Shimatta, Arkie- Wake up! It's Allison Kurtz, dammit! Answer me, man!" she yelled.

    "Hai, Alley. I hear you. Just a minute, onegai," Arkton threw open his door only to confront a wild-aizued 'Harpie from Hell' face to face who looked like she was expecting World War 309!

    "Alley? Oro the Fxxx! Oro's the emergency and why the Code Red?" he demanded, tying his kimono's sash.

    "Annie called, sir! 'UG' and the 3WA just authorized the raid on Khan's ship but their offer expires in less than two hours!" Allison was champing at the bit like a thoroughbred stallion at the starting post.

    "Why'd Annie call us? Emma's two shuttles and the 'Queen' should be enough to handle it without a problem. We're only the backup reserve unit and you know that, Alley." said Arkton crossly.

    "Annie said that they've lost contact with Don, Anton, Han and Emma so it's up to us to get his ass!" Allison's patience was quickly wearing thin!

    "Of course they can't get through to anyone else! Khan's probably jammin' the the short range signals! We're the farthest away from the 'Bay' so we ain't affected by the jam!" Both commander and navigator turned to see the short svelte blonde who was the 'Sol's' communications officer, Mai, who was standing out in the hallway, flightsuited and ready for action, space helmet under her arm.

    "Well! Oro the jigoku are you waitin' for- a written invitation? Let's go kick some ass, man! I've already scrambled Vegeeta and Goku!" Each Saiyaan was in command of a shuttle. Misao, Naraku, Kikyo and Kagome were Vegeeta's crew while Odd, Ulrich, April O'Neal and the 'master' were Goku's crew. "They're waitin' for us down in the bays, sir. We're just awaitin' your orders to go, Commander!" said Mai, snapping him a salute which Arkton returned.

    "Very well, Ensign. Deploy the 'Daedalus' (Shuttle #1- commanded by Vegeeta) to attack the 'Bay' and knock out Khan's weapons and propulsions systems. Deploy the 'Icarus' (Shuttle #2- commanded by Goku) to stand by holding themselves in readiness to transport those pirates and Khan back to the 'Queen'. Contact the 3WA at 'Seto' and have 'em send a pickup transport for Khan and his men directly to the 'Queen'. After transferring the prisoners to the 'Icarus', have Feb, April, June and July take over the 'bay' and fly it to 'Seto'. Mai, you'll pilot the'Phoebus' (Shuttle #3) and ferry Feb and her crew to the 'Bay'. You'll ride to 'Seto' with them and ferry them back here after they deliver the 'Bay' to 'Seto'. Alley, you'll stand by on the bridge and as soon as our prisoners have been picked up, land the 'Sol' on 'Tekla'. Mai, tell Vegeeta that I damned well need him to shut off that blasted jamming signal stat! As soon as it's down, we'll signal the 'Queen', her shuttles and 'Starcrusher' to rendezvous on 'Antares' where we'll meet them as soon as our three shuttles are back aboard. You guys get all that?" said Arkton.

    Allison nodded and left for the bridge while Mai saluted and began to pound on the door of the cabin across the hallway from Arkton's room. A bleary-aizued brunette opened the door a crack and peeped out.

    "Whazzit?" she asked, yawning.

    "Feb! Get your ass in gear! You, April, June and July are to meet me at the 'Phoebus' in Bay 6 stat! You're gonna be the 'Botany Bay's' skeleton crew and fly it to 'Seto Kaiba'. I'll fly you guys back here afterwards. Let's go! We ain't got much time left since our authority over Khan ends at midnight! It's minus 30 Kelvin out there so dress warm and bring your flightsuits with you! (Mai glanced at her wristchromo and frowned.) It''s gonna be damned close! See you in three minutes, Feb!" said Mai, racing for the lift and trilling to Shuttle #3 at the same time.

    " 'Phoebus'! This is Mai. Begin pre-flight procedures and start your engines. We're lifting off in five minutes. Go!" she trilled while Feb routed out her crew and got into her own winter gear. By the time she'd reached Bay 6, the other three members of her skeleton crew were already aboard the 'Phoebus' with Mai at the helm and waiting impatiently for Feb's arrival! The 'Sol's' ramp was still closing when Mai rocketed into space following in the wakes of 'Daedalus' and 'Icarus' which had left earlier. The latter was hovering above the 'Botany Bay' and Mai hovered the 'Phoebus' right beside it. The 'Daedalus' had already moved into position on the opposite side of Khan's starship.

    "Naraku! Blow him out of the sky!" commanded Vegeeta menacingly.

    END of Chapter 95. Chapter 96 'Naraku's Gallantry' or 'Nyssa's Nightmare' to follow soon. Please r/r/s away and have have a great weekend. Kami bless you all-K&K

    Cont in Ch 96
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 96-Part 1-K&K

    DISCLAIMER: OK Fred, it's all yours! First, thank you to Mr. T. for the use of the Angels. Thanks to everyone else who is letting us use their creations. How was that, Yuri? Great! Oh yes it was, Kei! Well, we left you up in the air so let's get to Chapter 96 without further preamble:-

    Chapter 96

    'Naraku's Gallantry' or 'Nyssa's Nightmare'

    "Wai, Vegeeta! Target their propulsions and weapons systems first. Then give Khan a chance to surrender to us. If he refuses, take out his warp drive and shield generators. Then knock out the jammer." Said Misao who was standing beside the tall Saiyaan prince. Vegeeta snarled and hailed the 'Botany Bay'.

    Attention Khan! You are surrounded! I give you thirty seconds to surrender or I'll open fire on you! Ypu'll only get one chance so think carefully! Fifteen seconds, Khan! Your answer?" roared Vegeeta.

    "The Hell with you, fool! Do oro you must!" replied Khan.

    "Naraku! Target his propulsions, comm., shields and weapons systems!" commanded the silvery-haired Saiyaan angrily.

    "Targeting completed, sir." Replied the evil hanyou.

    'Ready to fire, sir." Announced Kagome, his gunner. For once the schoolgirl who practically 'lived' in the Sengoku Jidai era of Feudal Japan on Terra was not wearing her traditional green and white getup. Instead she and the rest of the shuttle crews were clad in flightsuits, parkas, gloves, boots and helmets. Each one of them had a blaster or ion cannon of some sort strapped to his or her thigh. Kag had opted for a Mark II. Smaller than the usual ion cannon it was still larger than a Glock 7 like Faye Valentine habitually carried. Leaning against the firing console was her plasma rifle.

    "Fire, Kagome, fire!" yelled Vegeeta.

    "Aye, sir!" cried Kagome, hitting the 'fire' panel on the console and treading on the pedal controls for the photons. Laser fire seered the surface of the 'Botany Bay' causing it to shimmer. Then the four photon bombs launched at Khan's key systems detonated into white hot phosphorescence.

    "Report!" commanded the tall Saiyaan.

    "Shields are down. Warp core is offline. Impulse engines and all weapons systems are out. Communications are down too, sir. She is 'dead in the water'!" reported Naraku after scanning the enemy vessel.

    "And those bloody jamming screens?" demanded Vegeeta.

    "Inactive, sir." Replied Misao who was the shuttle's communications officer.

    "Excellent work, crew! Misao! Get out a signal to the 'Icarus' and tell Kakkaroth that we are boarding the 'Bay' in two minutes. He is to follow us two minutes later. We will take the bridge. He must take out Engineering. Then send Mai a signal on the 'Phoebus'. Tell her to tell Feb that we will fire two plasma bursts when the 'Bay' has been secured. That will be her signal to board with their skeleton crew. Next, raise Hann, Emma, Don and Anton. Inform them to rendezvous stat on 'Halcyon'. They will become our reserve units. If all goes well, we'll not have need of their services. Finally, send a signal to the 'Angel' and inform them of our situation here. Ask that flame-haired 'Harpie from Hell' where we'll meet up after we've dispatched our prisoners to 'Seto Kaiba'. Understood, girl?" commanded the Saiyaan prince.

    "One question, sir- who the oni is 'Kakkaroth'?" asked the Oniwabanshuu teenager.

    "He means the other Saiyaan whom we all know as 'Goku'. He commands the 'Icarus'." Answered Naraku.

    "His real Saiyaan name IS Kakkaroth! 'Goku' is the name his grandfather 'Gohan' gave to him when he adopted the Saiyaan whelp!" explained Vegeeta., holstering two Mark VI disruptor pistols and selecting a heavy Mark XX ion rocket launcher cannon and a plasma rifle to add to his arsenol.

    "Kikyo! Are your focusing coordinates set? (The miko nodded) Then transport us over to the bridge. You will transport immediately thereafter." Commanded Vegeeta, joining Kagome, Naraku and Misao who were on the transporter pads already.

    "Here we go, my Lord. A pleasant trip to you." Kikyo pulled down on the transporter levers and her four crewmates vanished. She reset the controls, set the timer to thirty seconds and hit 'delay' before grabbing her own gear and jumping onto the pads. There was a blinding flash and Kikyo vanished only to rematerialize on the bridge of the 'Bay' almost immediately. The battle, if it could even be called such, was soon over! Vegeeta had picked up the first Khan henchman in sight and had casually tossed him through a wall! Naraku and Kikyo had simply 'touched' four of the other outlaws and their shoulders had begun to glow, smoke and hurt like Hell! They'd surrendered and been forcebeam cuffed by Misao who had quite literally 'nailed' the pilot to the nav room door with her tante (throwing dagger) after dispatching another assassin with shurikins (deadly throwing stars) and killing him in the process! Kagome had kicked the back of the co-pilot's chair hard which had caromed him headfirst into the console, rendering him senseless. Then she'd kicked open the nav room door and fired her plasma rifle directly at Khan's navigator, a seventeen year old girl named Nyssa!

    NO! Kagome! Don't fire!" yelled Naraku, knocking off her aim at the last second. This caused the burst to deflect off Nyssa's belt, causing her flight suit to disintegrate before the blast struck the nav controls on the console which exploded in a shower of sparks! Nyssa, who was now wearing only her high top boots and underthings, raised her hands and cried out "Please don't shoot! I surrender!" Taking in the situation at a glance Naraku doffed his parka and draped it across the frightened girl's trmbling shoulders who accepted it gratefully.

    Kagome was still standing in the doorway, her plasma rifle gripped tightly in both fists and the young miko was in shock! Kagome had never even fired a gun before, let alone a high-powered plasma rifle!

    "I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm so soryy!" she sobbed and Kikyo laid a gloved hand on the girl's shoulder.

    "Don't sweat it, kid. Nyssa is unharmed and there are plenty of fuku (clothing) back on the 'Sol' for her to use." soothed Kikyo.

    "We- we- aren't going to turn her in?" sniffed Kagome.

    "Nai, honey. She told Vegeeta and naraku that when Khan commandeered her uncle's vessel, the 'Botany Bay', and murdered him, he forced Nyssa to become his navigator. Now the prro little lamb has nowhere to go. Khan has destroyed her home world and all of her loved ones as well! Vegeeta is going to ask her to live with him on Terra. He's married to Bulma, you know. They already have two kawaii children- a boy, Trunks and a girl, Bra. He's sure that Bulma won't mind having a third child so don't cry." soothed Kikyo.

    "I had no idea of the power--" sobbed Kagome. "I simply must apologize to that poor kid. Gomen me, lady Kikyo and arigato." added Kagome.

    "She's in the ready room." called Kikyo and kagome hurried to the ready room. Seated at the huge conference table and nursing a mug of steaming hot cocoa was Nyssa. She still wore Naraku's fur parka but it was tightly belted. Kagome sat down beside her and patted Nyssa's hands.

    I'm so sorry, Nyssa. I shouln't have fired at you." she whimpered.

    Nyssa smiled "It's OK, Kagome. I was really more embarrassed than frightened anyway until that kind gentleman wrapped his coat around me. (Kagome frowned at that. She could tell her stories about her so-called 'gentleman'!) Your photons completely wiped out our living quarters and totally wasted my wardrobe!" said Nysssa ruefully.

    At the other end of the command deck, Vegeeta had easily subdued Khan. Khan had fired a disruptor beam at the Saiyaan point blank and it had merely bounced off his chest! So Vegeeta had simply head-butted the pirate. Misao had run a quick tricorder scan on the criminal and patched him up with Kikyo's assistance.

    Cont in Ch 96-Part 2
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 96-Part 2-K&K

    Watching the miko's tender ministrations to the fugitive caused Naraku's human side to recall how she had once performed the same selfless acts on Onigumo. Naraku, now a hanyou or half demon was once totally human as the evil bandit, Onigumo and that part of his being still cared deeply for the kawaii preistess. Hai, she had once upon a time long, long ago nursed the old bandit back to health.

    "Naraku! Kakkaroth has secured engineering. The 'Bay' is ours so contact mai to land the 'Phoebus' in Bay 4 downstairs. Naraku!" Vegeeta's harsh voice yanked Naraku/Onigumo out of his reminiscenses.

    "Hai, Commander! I'll trill the wench. 'Team Daedalus' calling 'Team Phoebus'. Come in, Mai. This is Naraku. Over." he trilled.

    "Roger that, sir. Mai here. Oro?" trilled back Mai.

    "We have secured the bridge and 'Team Icarus' has taken engineering. You are ordered to bring 'Team Phoebus' in immediately. Dock in Bay 4. Do you copy? Over." trilled Naraku.

    "Already, sir? Roger willco. Mai out." trilled the pirate lass.

    Three minutes later and Naraku was being trilled. "Hai, Naraku here. Oro? Over." he trilled.

    "Acting Ensign O'Neal here, sir. The 'Phoebus' just docked down here. Captain Goku has ordered us to take our prisoners to the 'Icarus'. We'll deliver 'em to the 'Queen's' brig and then return. We'll meet you back on the 'Sol', sir. Acting Ensign O'Neal out." said April.

    "Roger that, O'Neal. Understood. Smooth flying to you. Naraku out." trilled Acting Lt-Commander Naraku. "Acting Ensign O'Neal?" he thought, "Ah, hai, of course! She must be that svelte redheaded babe that had come aboard back in the ice caverns of 'Gysymeo' with those Ninja turtle freaks! They came from Kag's time but not from Terran Japan. Donnie had said their home was New York City in some Terran country called America! Oh well, at least she was more efficient than that Oniwabanshuu chick (Misao) they'd been saddled with! Mikey had told him that in New York kawaii young ladies were called 'chicks' or 'babes'. Naraku had thought it to be a term of affection yet when he had called Miss Yumi a 'hot babe' she had slapped his face- hard! Women! Like Donnie's sensei had told him- 'we shall never understand them, my son.' Enough of this already! We have prisoners to transport!" Naraku ended his musings and supervised the transfer of his bridge and security prisoners to the 'Daedalus'. Goku's shuttle had already collected its passengers and blasted off for the 'Queen'.

    Misao came back onto the bridge as pale as a ghost. "Oro is wrong, my child?" inquired naraku kindly.

    "Hai, Ensign! Answer him!" commanded Vegeeta gruffly.

    "Kei's just trilled me, sir. Shje said to make doubly damned sure that our #1 prisoner (Khan) is bound, gagged, force beam cuffed, shackled, straitjacketed, restrained by force beam fields and put into Emma's brig tout sweet! She then went on to say that if he escapes like 'Black Ghost' did, it'll be our asses in a sling, sir!" reported Misao worriedly.

    She is probably just joking with you, Ensign." replied Naraku assuredly.

    "Keirran Deirdre O'Shaughnessy O'Halloran definitely does NOT joke, Commander." said the Saiyaan prince with a frown on his face.

    END Chapter 96. Chapter 97 'Beauties on the Bay' or 'Nyssa the Navigator' soon. Enjoy and please r/r/s away. Kami bless-K&K

    Cont in Ch 97
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Another shortie-Ch 97-K&K

    DISCLAIMER: OK Nammo, it's all yours! First, thank you to Mr. T. for the use of the Angels. Thanks to everyone else who is letting us use their creations. How was that, Yuri? Great! Oh yes it was, Kei! Well, we left you up in the air so let's get to Chapter 97 without further preamble:-

    Chapter 97

    'Beauties on the Bay' or 'Nyssa the Navigator'

    Seeing that Misao was still standing tere, Vegeeta barked "You have your orders, Ensign! Make it so! Get Khan aboard 'Daedalus' and secured first. Then load the other prisoners and let me know just as soon as you're ready to lift off, Ensign. Dismissed!" roared Vegeeta.

    "Hai, sir!" Misao snapped off a salute and returned to the nav room. The bridge portals swished open and Fen walked in closely followed by April, Mai, June and July. Feb saluted Vegeeta who merely waved his hand in greeting.

    "Skeleton crew reporting as ordered, sir." she said.

    "We will be on our way just as soon as our prisoners have been secured, Lieutenant." said the Saiyaan. Feb addressed her team.

    "I'll pilot. April, you're the engineer. Mai is navigator and communications officer. June, you'll be my co-pilot and uly, you're on weapons. OK, get to your posts." ordered Feb and the other four scattered. Feb seated herself at the pilot's station and June took the seat beside her while mai was already charting a course to 'Seto Kaiba' at the map table. July was checking the weapons systems and April had left for the engine room.

    Mai was the first one to report in. "Communications are down but I'll have 'em up and running in twenty minutes, Feb." she reported.

    "You've got five, Mai." replied Feb.

    Propulsion and impulse power are both out, Lt." reported June.

    "Did you hear that, April?" asked Feb via her comlink.

    Yeah! But that ain't all by a long shot, Cap! Impulse engines are cold and the warp core's offline too! An hour, Feb! Maybe!" complained April.

    "You got five minutes to fix'em or you're fired, Ensign." replied Feb.

    "No Kami shimatta weapons at all, Feb! Disruptors, blasters, stingers, photons, ion cannons, sonics, lasers, plasma bombs, nothing! We got shit, Feb!" yelled July.

    "Well, fix the Fxxxing things! You got five minutes, July! All we'll need are the lasers for now so get a move on, kid!" cried Feb.

    "Stupid bakas! Did you Fxxxing Saiyaans have to fry everything! Feb, warp core's online but for now all you got is impulse power! That means subwarp speeds only for awhile, Cap!" yelled April.

    "OK, we got lasers and photons now, Feb." reported July with satisfaction.

    Yay! We got impilse and propulsion again, kids!" crowed June.

    "We got communications, Feb and our course has been laid in whenever you're ready, ma'am." said Mai.

    "This is 'Daedalus' requesting permission to depart, Captain." trilled Misao.

    "Permission granted, Ensign and it's just Lieutenant now, not Captain. Smooth flight to you. Feb out." trilled the pirate leader.

    "Roger willco. Same to you, Lieutenant. Ensign Misao out." she trilled.

    "Kagome- on weapons. Nyssa- plot a course for the 'Queen', onegai. Misao, Kikyo- give her a hand. Naraku- get us outta here!" commanded Vegeeta. The Saiyaan prince was holding his hand over Khan's inert body, ready to launch a blast of 'chi' energy at the slightest provocation. Despite the furry parka she was wearing, Nyssa was starting to shiver. "Kikyo- get her into a shimatta flightsuit stat!" growled Vegeeta impatiently. Kikyo grabbed a flightsuit, a heavy turtleneck sweater, heavy gloves and a pair of heated boots out of a locker and thrust them into Nyssa's arms. Then she shoved the shivering girl into the restroom to change. Five minutes later she returned.

    "Thank you very much for the use of your parka, Mr naraku." she said, handing the garment back to him.

    "Nat at all, Nyssa and it's just Naraku. Sure you don't mind navigating for us? Kikyo, Kagome, Misao and I had never even seen a real spaceship before last month, let alone 'piloted' one of the shimatta things! Kag had at least heard of 'em before. So, you are doing us a great service, my dear." said naraku.

    "It's the 'least' I can do for you! If you guys hadn't of shown up when you did, Kami knows when I'd have gotten free of that despotic madman!" she sobbed. Misao, Kikyo and Kagome looked at the girl with concern. "I'm OK 'now', guys! Fifteen degrees yaw to starboard, Naraku. Correct your bearing to a 550 NNE heading and we should reach the 'Queen' in two hours." assured Nyssa.

    "Thanks, kid." growled Vegeeta. "The sooner we get him and his pals into a brig, the better!" grumbled the Saiyaan. Meanwhile the 'Icarus' being a faster shuttle owing to the fact that she carried only lasers for weapons, had already docked aboard the 'Queen' and handed their prisoners over to Fritz, the 'Green Baron' who had placed triple security teams around the brig.

    Emma ordered Yuri 2 to contact the 3WA/'UG' base on 'Seto Kaiba' to send an 'ISSP' transport ship for their prisoners. She also told Yuri 2 to warn them that the 'Botany Bay' was being flown to them by Feb and her team. If she hadn't of told them that little gem, the 'Bay' would have been 'incinerated' before it got anywhere near to 'Seto Kaiba'!

    After dropping off their 'cargo', the 'Icarus' had returned to the 'Sol' in time for breakfast. The 'Daedalus' arrived an hour later, handed over their brood and warned Emma oro Kei would do to them if Khan 'somehow' managed to escape. Then they returned to the 'Sol' just in time for lunch. Three hours later (it took an hour alone to repair the 'Botany Bay' well enough to make it flightworthy! Remember that the 'Daedalus' and the 'Icarus' had done quite a number on it!) after delivering Khan's ship to the 'ISSP', the 3WA and the 'UG" on 'Set Kaiba', Feb and her crew were ferried (via the 'Phoebus' piloted by Mai) back to the 'Sol'. They did not make it back until almost dinnertime.

    Finally the 'Sol Bianca' was able to report to the 'Angel' that all was well and that they were on course to 'Halcyon' at last. The 'Queen' and the 'Starcrusher' were already there and awaiting their arrival. While all this was going on, the 'Leo', the 'Donnie' and the 'Mikey' all arrived at their given coordinates to wait for the 'Angel' to arrive with the two Doctors and their mentor, Lord rathelon. Soon the 'flux anomaly' or 'time loop' would at long last be broken! Now all they had to do was to convince War Commodore Zorkon of the 'Imperial Klingon Empire' 'not' to fire a disruptor blast through the rift that Keisie had 'accidentally' opened in the space/time continuum. Then they had to go all the way back to 'Antares', rendezvous with the 'USS Coriander' from 'Starfleet', pick up Khan from the 'ISSP' at 'Seto Kaiba', transport the pirate all the way back to 'Alderaan' and then drag whoever was left over back home to 'Furool City' on 'Shimougou'! But was that all? Hell no! If the Doctors failed to return the stragglers home, the 3WA/'UG' (Kei O'Halloran) was stuck with them and had to find them homes! But hey- promotions all around! Even at twenty- the youngest vice-admiral ever!

    All this and more was churning through that same young vice-admiral's head as the 'Angel' drew ever closer to the waiting shuttles and its date with destiny!

    END Chapter 97. Chapter 98 'Dueling Saiyaans' or 'Vegeeta's Vengeance' soon. Enjoy and r/r/s away. Have a cool day and Kami bless you all-K&K

    Cont in Ch 98
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Wowie! Two shorties in a row-Ch 98-K&K

    DISCLAIMER: OK Rally, it's all yours! First, thank you to Mr. T. for the use of the Angels. Thanks to everyone else who is letting us use their creations. How was that, Yuri? Great! Oh yes it was, Kei! Well, we left you up in the air so let's get to Chapter 98 without further preamble:-

    Chapter 98

    'Dueling Saiyaans' or 'Nyssa the Navigator'

    Emma had just informed Kei of the successful recovery of the 'Bay', Khan and his rowdies. One of them had apparently been Khan's hostage- a girl named Nyssa. Nyssa? Why the Hell was that name familiar to her? According to Naraku, she had told them that her world had been vaporized by Khan's flotilla of mercs. Apparently Khan spared her life, not out of pity (Perish the thought!) but because of her navigational skills. Now she had it- Goku had mentioned the name Nyssa to her once! As the 'Angel' was yet a few hours away from its rendezvous point, Kei had kept Ivanhoe, Inu Yasha and Wolfwood on watch. They all had special persons travelling on those other ships and were naturally worried about them.

    Rebecca was security chief of 'Starcrusher'; Millie was on Genie's security team on the 'Queen' and Kagome was a gunner on the 'Sol'.

    The 'Sol'! That was where Nyssa was. Kei had dismissed the rest of her crew for the night and had retired herself. Now the redhead couln't sleep! Dam Emma for mentioning Nyssa!

    Meanwhile on the 'Sol', the two Saiyaans were playing that new 'Duel Monsters' game that Jeremy, Odd, Ulrich and April O'Neal had just introduced to them. "Kakkaroth! This game is boring! I have an idea! Let's go to those 'holodecks' and program the floor to activate the cards as we play them." suggested Vegeeta.

    "Yeah! You're right, pal! Let's go!" agreed Goku. They gathered up their decks and walked to the lift.

    "Take us to the holodeck, you stupid piece of worthless junk!" commanded the Prince of Saiyaans.

    "Vegeeta! Don't say things like that! You'll hurt his feelings. Now apologize." said Goku.

    "The Hell I will! Kakkaroth, it's just a baka machine! It certainly does not have feelings! Come. We have arrived." replied Vegeeta, beginning to program the deck room to his specifications. "Arch. Come." he ordered and an opening materialized. The Saiyaan duo stepped through it and onto a surface of green grass, hills, pink trees and orange mountains. Goku was amazed!

    "It sorta reminds me of 'Namek'!" he exclaimed. 'Namek' was the home planet of 'Terra's' guardians like Kami and Dende.

    "It's supposed to, you stupid baka! Why do you think that I designed it this way?" replied Vegeeta testily. "You sit over there and I'll sit over here." he added, indicating two thrones, one at either end of the playing field. It is too complicated for us to use field bonuses and all that other crap until we have learned this game's finer points so we'll just play the cards and use the field to activate them- do you understand that, Kakkaroth?" asked vegeeta.

    "Yeah! Let's just play so I can get some sleep. I'm tired and hungry." answered Goku.

    "Oro! Again! You have just eaten two hundred cheeseburgers, one hundred and fifty pounds of French fires, three hundred and fifty apple crumbles and drank almost two hundred and fifty gallons of that swill they call cream soda! Very well. Holodeck computer- Two hundred cheesesteaks, eighty pounds of French fries, two hundred apple crumbles and two hundred gallons of root beer and one medium iced mocha latte. Will that hold you until breakfast tomorrow, Kakkaroth?" demanded an exasperated Vegeeta.

    The food appeared instantly. "Yeah and thanks a lot, ole buddy!" said Goku, wolfing down everything in sight while the amused Saiyaan prince slowly sipped his iced drink.

    "I'll lead off with 'Baby Dragon' in attack mode, place one card on the field face down and end my turn." said Vegeeta.

    Goku almost upchucked his 'snacks'! As soon as the first card had struck the floor, a two meter tall lovable pink dragon had appeared there! "Your turn, stupid!" yelled Vegeeta.

    " 'Feral Imp' in attack mode combined with 'Swamp Battleguard' in defense mode." said Goku, guzzling down his root beer.

    "You cannot combine attack and defense modes together, you moron and you cannot combine a 'warrior' card with a 'fiend' card! Didn't you listen last week when those brats were explaining the rules to us? You can either leave them both 'as is' but separate and not combined or you can take one of them off the field!" yelled Vegeeta.

    "OK, I'll make 'em both attack mode and I'll put a card face down too." said Goku with a belch.

    "I'll put the 'Dark Magician' on the field in attack mode and use him to attack your 'Swamp Battleguard' so say sayonara to that vile creature, Kakkaroth! That takes your life points down to 500." gloated Vegeeta.

    "Nai, I don't think so, pal! You activated my trap card 'Swords of Revealing Light'. Bulma said that freezes your opponent and keeps him from attacking you for three whole turns! Sorry, tomo watashi!" crowed Goku, dumping five pounds of fries into his mouth.

    "You cannot do that! When the Hell did you talk to my wife, Kakkaroth?" screamed an enraged Vegeeta. "I'll get you for this, you baka idiot!" he roared, firing a 'spirit bomb' right at Goku who used his 'instant transference' to to dodge it, causing the energy blast to strike the wall behind the Saiyaan! There was a huge explosion which left a six meters wide by three meters long gaping hole in the interior bulkhead wall of the 'Sol Bianca'!

    Two decks below them, Arkton was violently thrown out of his bunk and hit the floor- hard! Just as the Tamaranian got back to his feet and was shaking his head to clear away the cobwebs, someone began to pound out a tattoo on his door with a vengeance!

    END of Chapter 98. Chapter 99 'Arkton's Anger' or 'A Trakken's Revenge' soon. Please r/r/s and enjoy. Kami bless all-K&K

    Cont in Ch 99
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Three in a row?- Ch 99-K&K

    DISCLAIMER: OK July, it's all yours! First, thank you to Mr. T. for the use of the Angels. Thanks to everyone else who is letting us use their creations. How was that, Yuri? Great! Oh yes it was, Kei! Well, we left you up in the air so let's get to Chapter 99 without further preamble:-

    Chapter 99

    'Arkton's Anger' or 'A Trakken's Revenge'

    "Arkton! Oro the Fxxx was that explosion? Do we have a shimatta hull breach somewhere?" yelled Feb angrily. Arkton opened the door and was greeted by the pleasant sight of hachi (eight) kawaii damsels in varying states of undress! Feb, Alley, April O'Neal and Nyssa were in kimonos. The other April and Mai were in their pajamas while June was wrapped in a towel, having just come from the shower room. Prim and proper Ensign July was dressed in the height of undergarment fashion in a mauve tank top and shocking pink underbriefs! Her shapely legs were encased in thigh top boots.

    "I dunno, Ladies but it sure sounded like it came from somewhere above us. Shall we investigate?" he said, slipping a Mark XII into his kimono pocket. All of the others were armed as well with the exception of June (for obvious reasons) and Nyssa (who had been forbidden a weapon). The nine of them trooped onto the lift and Arkton said "Take us to the last level you were ordered to go, computer." The lift rose two levels and stopped. They were opposite the holodecks of which the 'Sol' had six. H-Deck 3 had a flashing white light above its entrance while the remaining five were unlit.

    "Arch!" demanded Feb.

    "Access denied." replied the holodeck programming computer.

    "Override. Authority- Arkton. Code- Black Ghost. I authenticate- Time warp." commanded Arkton and and the 'arch' obediently materialized in front of him. They all piled through the doorway helter skelter, June almost losing her towel in the process.

    "Which one of you baka idiots did 'that' to my ship!" yelled Feb, pointing to the gaping hole in the far wall which wa still smoking.

    "I thought I told you Saiyaan idiots no spirit bombs, Kamehameha waves or any of your other Saiyaan parlor tricks inside this ship!" fumed an irate Arkton.

    "He did it! He did it!" yelled Goku almost joyfully.

    "Tattletale!" cried Vegeeta angrily. "I apologize for my small outburst of temper, Miss Feb, Commander Arkton. It will not happen again." he added.

    "Damned right it wont! I'm tossing you in the brig, pal and I'm calling your wife too!" yelled Feb.

    "Belay that order, Lieutenant. First, we don't have a brig. Second, I doubt if it would hold a Saiyaan for long anyway. Third, I will call Bulma unless you two do exactly oro I tell you to do." warned Arkton. The Prince of Saiyaans nodded as did Goku.

    "Ashita you'll fix that wall and you'll both do double duty shifts until we rendezvous with the 'Angel'. And the holodecks are now considered 'off limits' to both of you, got it?" demanded their commander.

    "Hai, sir. The wall and double shifts. Domo arigato, Commander." replied Vegeeta.

    "Why am I being punished? Oro did I do?" sulked a sullen Goku.

    "You're a tattletale! Now shut up or I'll tell the flame-haired Harpie from Hell on you!" yelled Feb. "And then I'll call Bulma!" she added.

    "Don't do that, ma'am! They'll kill us both!" cried Goku.

    "I'm curious, Vegeeta." said Mai. "Why 'did' you blast that hole in our ship?" she asked.

    "We were playing 'Duel Monsters' and I put 'Feral Imp' in attack mode combined with 'Swamp Battleguard' in defense mode. Then I put 'Swords of Revealing Light' face down after he told me I couldn't--" began Goku.

    "You dunce! You can't combine attack and defense modes and you sure as Hell can't combine a 'warrior card' with a 'fiend card'! In fact, you can't combine anything without a 'Polymerization' type card A good trap card, though, with the 'Swords'. That freezes his ass and keeps him from attacking you for three turns!" explained Mai.

    She studied the floor carefully. "Clever the way the cards activate when they hit the floor." observed April the pirate lass. June suddenly became aware of her and July's appearances.

    "Come on, girl! We ain't presentable like this, that we ain't!" she whispered, pushing July to the exit and hustling through it after the weapons officer. They bolted down the gantryway stairs to their cabins two levels below.

    Arkton had decided that it was time for everyone to call it a night. "Let's get back to our cabins, Ladies. Come along, you two (the Saiyaans). April, Mai- that includes anata (you) too. You can play games ashita. End program. Override. Authority, Arkton. Code, Black Ghost. I authenticate Time Warp." he said, stepping aside to allow them all to exit the now barren grid room.

    Vegeeta tapped Nyssa's shoulder. "Hai, Commander?" she asked, turning to face him.

    "Your pardon, Miss Nyssa but oro was the name of your home world?" he asked.

    " 'Trakken'. Why?" she replied.

    "Was your father named 'Tremas'?" Goku wanted to know.

    "Yes, he was, sir. Oro's this all about?" she demanded worriedly.

    Before the Saiyaans could reply, the lift doors opened. Misao, Naraku, Kikyo, Kagome, Jeremy, Odd, Ulrich and 'the Master' rushed out of it. "We met Ensigns June and July on our way up here and they told us oro had happened. Is everyone OK?" asked Naraku.

    "Anata! You! You bastard! You murdered my father on 'Trakken'! I'll kill you!" screamed Nyssa hysterically, yanking the plasma rifle out of Naraku's grasp and levelling the weapon at 'the Master' menacingly!

    END of Chapter 99. Chapter 100 'Mikos to the Rescue' or 'Nyssa Goes to Sleep' soon. Enjoy and have a nice day. Kami bless-K&K

    Cont in Ch 100
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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