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Thread: Dirty Pair Fanfiction

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    Thumbs up Re: Dirty Pair Fanfiction-Ch 100

    A short one to round out today- 10 chapters-Here's Ch 100 so enjoy 'em all-K&K

    DISCLAIMER: OK Jan, it's all yours! First, thank you to Mr. T. for the use of the Angels. Thanks to everyone else who is letting us use their creations. How was that, Yuri? Great! Oh yes it was, Kei! Well, we left you up in the air so let's get to Chapter100 without further preamble:-

    Chapter 100

    'Mikos to the Rescue' or 'Nyssa Goes to Sleep'

    Kikyo and kagome rushed forward and while the first miko decked the Trakken girl with a hard right to the tummy Kagome tackled her from behind bringing Nyssa down to the floor- hard! Naraku deftly plucked the rifle from the girl's senseless fingers. Meanwhile Arkton had seized the rogue time lord by his lapels and slammed him against the bulkhead wall. "Care to explain anything, Time Lord?" he yelled.

    "I can." said Goku quietly. The Doctors once told me that 'Gallifreyan' Time Lords can regenerate a total of twelve times but this cad found a way to make it thirteen! He killed Nyssa's father and assumed Tremas's human form. Nyssa was right to be upset but she must remember that now we are all allies to each other." finished Goku softly.

    "Didn't you hear her, Kakkaroth? He killed Nyssa's father so let's kill him! Come on, I haven't killed hardly anyone since we ended up in this sideshow of freaks and idiots!" yelled Vegeeta while preparing to launch a spirit bomb chi energy attack on 'the Master'!

    "Tsk tsk! Oro would your wife say about this, Vegeeta?" said Arkton smugly. Vegeeta abruptly broke off his attack and began to sweat. The time lord smiled at them.

    "The poor child is exaggerating Her father was already ding. I merely saved him from a few more years of pain and suffering. She should have thanked me for doing it." said 'the Master' haughtily.

    "Get him out of my sight! Take his ass back to engineering!" yelled Arkton adding "Don't any of you even think about telling any of this to either of my sisters! The little blabbermouths would tell Bulma and Kei for sure! Everyone go back to your cabins. Naraku, could you onegai give me a hand with Nyssa?" said the Tamaranian, pulling the girl to her feet while Misao quickly pulled Nyssa's pajama bottoms back up. Kagome had almost yanked them off her when she'd tackled the girl. Naraku and Arkton supported the groggy Nyssa to the lift and back to her cabin where Alley used an autohypo to give her 14 ccs of 'Dagerrol 12', a mild sedative.

    "She'll sleep now, gang. She might not be able to remember any of this ashita." explained the tall blonde.

    "Until she sees him again!" warned Naraku. Perhaps we should send her over to the 'Queen' so she won't be around the creep." he suggested.

    "I can't do that, pal. We need her to navigate. I'll confine 'the Master' to engineering and his quarters while Nyssa's aboard." said Arkton.

    While all of this was going on, back aboard the 'Angel' the stage was being set for the last time travelling arrivals before (hopefully) the infamous 'rift' was at long last sealed!

    End of Chapter 100. Chapter 101 'Angels Meet Archangels' or 'Bad Girl vs Firebrand' coming soon. Onegai r/r/s and have a super Father's Day weekend. Kami bless you all-K&K

    Cont in Ch 101-Part 1
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Hooray! I just posted my 100th chapter here. You now have more than half of my ff about my Lovely Angels and company. Hope ya like the story so far. I may post more later this week but Wednesday I got jury duty so I'll have a lot to do tomorrow, man! Have a great day.
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Double hooray for me! I just posted Ch 162 at ff.net for my ff Xmas with the DP. Before Ch 163 begins I will do a revamping of the remaining crews for you. That won't be soon I'm afraid. I got jury duty tomorrow. Please r/r/s away and lemme know your thoughts. See ya soon.

    Sorry but I can't delete the post and I am sorry so I'll just keep adding to this one from time to time. Bear in mind please that there are two posts already and that I am not double posting again! Thanks a lot-K&K

    OK- In order to avoid any more double posting and any more infractions from AO in future all of my chapter info updates will only be posted on my Profile pages. I will also list the remaining Chapters from 100 to 184 and their titles there. Soon I hope to list Chapters 1 to 79 there and their titles as well thus completing the chapter/titles listings. Be advised that on FanFiction.Net - Dirty Pair FanFiction Archive that I will be posting Ch 163 soon. Before the chpater begins I have a revamped listing of all the remaining personnel (displaced and non-displaced) left on either one of the ships, shuttles, planets, asteroids or moons. Be warned there are a lot left still- 135 in all! Enjoy the story and soon I hope to post Ch 101 to 110 here on ANOL. T-T-That's all folks!
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    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    I am back again. Here's Ch 101-Part 1 for ya. Enjoy-K&K

    DISCLAIMER: OK Flay, it's all yours! First, thank you to Mr. T. for the use of the Angels. Thanks to everyone else who is letting us use their creations. How was that, Yuri? Great! Oh yes it was, Kei! Well, we left you up in the air so let's get to Chapter 101 without further preamble:-

    Chapter 101

    'Angels Meet Archangels' or 'Bad Girl vs Firebrand'

    Hundreds of light years away and centuries in the 'Angel' company's past, the last stage of the drama was beginning to unfold itself. Aboard an 'Earth Alliance' starship in Cosmic Era 70 called the 'Archangel', a heated, shall we say, 'discussion' was going on amongst three of the crew members. The ship's exec, Lieutenant Natarle Badgiruel was berating the appearances of two of her ensigns- namely Flay Allster and Cagalli Yula Athna.

    "Ensign Allster, that uniform is unpressed and wrinkled! And aboard this ship, Ensign, we appear fully dressed at all times! That means having your tunic jacket both fastened and belted! If you are not going to wear your uniform correctly then don't wear the damned thing at all! And you, Ensign Athna- if you intend to remain as a part of this crew, you will be in uniform at 'all' times! Is that understood?" barked the svelte brunette first officer of the 'EA' warship 'Archangel'. Both young ensigns nodded. Flay was fifteen while Cagalli was sixteen years old. The exec was twenty-five years old. "Then go back to your cabin and make the necessary adjustments. Report back to me in the captain's ready room in (she glanced at her wristchromo) ten minutes. Dismissed." said the Lieutenant. Both Flay and cagalli saluted and hurried back to the cabin they were sharing to change.

    "Wonder what the Hell's wrong with 'Old Iron Drawers' (The exec's nickname among the crew!) today? She doesn't usually get this damned uptight over our uniforms, Cag." said Flay Allster, playing with her long auburn tresses.

    "I dunno but you 'did' spill coffee on your tunic at lunch, you know." replied Cagalli Yula Athna.

    "Duh! I know that, stupid! Why'd you think my tunic was open? I sure as Hell didn't want it to soak through onto my pullover, did I? Damned bitch! Captain Ramius usually acts as though we were invisible or didn't even exist! And I told you this morning that you were gonna have to stop wearing jeans, a tee shirt and those God awful boots of yours if you expected to stay on this ship! Well, here's our cabin. Home sweet home. Shit! I forgot the code to open the damned door! You know it, Cag, don't you?" pleaded Flay.

    "Cagalli Athna. Veranda. Open." said Cagalli, placing her palm on the reader panel. "Access granted." replied the door's control unit and the door slid open. Cagalli shoved Flay inside and followed her tomo into the cabin. Their 'cabin' was really a suite of rooms consisting of a main living room (where they now were), a small kitchenette and two bedrooms with a shared bath/shower room. Flay entered the left bedroom while Cagalli disappeared into the right one.

    Flay pitched her stained tunic jacket, skirt and pullover into the laundry hamper. She opened her wardrobe, selected a fresh uniform tunic jacket, skirt and pullover and laid them out neatly on her bunk. Then she opened the inner door, entered the bathroom and disappeared!

    Meanwhile Cagalli had tossed her tee shirt, jeans, socks and cap into her laundry hamper. Her boots had been thrown into her closet and then she had pulled out a uniform identical to the one that Flay had been wearing and tossed it on her bunk.

    'EA' uniforms for female junior officers consisted of a short grey skirt, powder aoishi (light blue) pullover and a pink tunic jacket trimmed in black that zipped up the front with a black 'Sam Browne' belt. white over the knee stockings (grey for the higher-ups like the exec) and flat-heeled black oxford shoes or short black boots. White saucer caps were also a part of an 'EA' uniform but only the exec was the only crew member who ever bothered to wear one and sometimes the captain.

    Then Cagalli disappeared into the bathroom- literally!

    Halfway to the bridge, Lt Badgiruel recalled that she'd neglected to inform Cagalli Athna that those desert boots of hers just had to go- or else! So she did an about face and marched back to the girls' cabin and knocked on the door and called out their names. No answer. She tried the door. Locked. She placed her palm on the reader panel. "Natarle Badgiruel. Override code. Telegraph. Open." she said.

    "Access granted." replied door control and the door slid open. Nat entered and again called out. Again no answer. She knew the kids were sharing the suite but she didn't know who was in which room. She tapped on the left bedroom door and entered.

    From all the hunky guys' pictures, this must be Flay Allster's room. "Look Allster, I know I said that if you didn't want to wear your uniform correctly, don't wear it at all but this is ridiculous! (Nat had caught sight of the fresh uniform on thebunk and the soiled one in the hamper) Where are you, Ensign?" said the angry exec.

    She tapped on the other bedroom door and entered. Weapons pictures and schematics everywhere proclaimed this room as Cagalli Yula Athna's turf. "Strange." thought the exec. "Her uniform's here too but where was she?" The young Lieutenant's aizu caught sight of cag's discarded clothing in the hamper. "That's really weird!" she thought. "Athna only just came aboard and we only gave her one uniform to use until we return to base. These are the clothes she was wearing, even those God awful desert boots, there's her only uniform, I know she had no luggage when she joined us so what the Hell is she wearing now?" The exec snapped her fingers. "Bathroom!" she said aloud, opening the middle door and stepping into a brightly lit corridor having rows of doors on either side of it!

    "What the Hell!" she cursed, lokking back the way she'd just come at- nothing at all! Where was the 'Archangel'? Where were Allster and Athna? Where exactly was the Lieutenant herself? Only one way to find out so she threw open a door. A closet. Try another one. Computers. Engines of some sort. Bedroom. Another bedrooom. And another one- with Allster and Athna in it? "Allster? Athna? Is that you?" asked the exec incredulously.

    Sitting side by side on a bunk were her two wayward ensigns! Both girls were wearing brassieres and panties (Flay's were red and Cag's were black) and- nothing else!

    "Oh! Lieutenant, ma'am! Are we ever glad to see you! Where are we and how do we get out of here?" asked cagalli.

    "Yeah! Exactly what part of the ship is this, ma'am?" questioned Flay.

    "I know every single inch of the 'Archangel', kids and trust me- we ain't on it! Where we are? I haven't got the slightest idea! You two wait here while I take a look around. This does appear to be a 'space ship' of some kind or other. I'll come back for you so sit tight." said Nat, drawing out her automatic pistol.

    The first officer soon found the lift and stepped aboard it. "Destination onegai?" asked lift control.

    "Christ!" thought the lieutenant. "Where 'do' I want to go? Command deck's probably encrypted. Ditto for engineering. Mess Hall maybe?" she thought. "Mess Hall, onegai." she told lift control.

    "That does not compute." was the reply. Neither did weapons, arsenol, armoury, bridge or kitchens. Exasperated, she yelled "Then take me to the God Damned rec room!"

    The lift doors snapped shut. "Comply." replied lift control. Nat stepped out of the lift opposite a portal marked 'Rec Room' which she shoved open and then entered the room. The place was deserted and dark. The shadows of several tables, chairs, benches, a sofa or two, pool tables, gaming tables with cards scattered all over them, a bar, two aoishi telephone kiosk boxes- circa 20th Century Earth and a door on either side of the bar. Nat tripped over a stool and howled "Shit! I wish there was some light!" Suddenly the room was flooded with illumination! Now Nat could see that those 'phone booths' were really old 20th Century earth English 'police boxes'! "Antiques, I guess." she mused aloud. Then she shoved open the door to the left of the bar went into the next room.

    This room was over twice the size of the 'rec room' and was apparently the 'mess hall'. Tables, chairs, benches but no kitchens, galleys, stoves, ovens, fridges- no food! Then she noticed a phalanx of what looked like old-fashioned copy machines at the far end of the room. "Christ! I really need a drink! I could sure use a cold beer right now!" she said aloud and inadvertently tapped one of the 'copy machines' with her fingers. The 'machine' nearest to her suddenly came to life! But where the copy was supposed to come out, there was a shimmering glow and then- POOF! A frosted bottle of 'Foster's' was there and a frosty glass! Gingerly, she felt the bottle. Cold to her touch! She lifted the bottle and warily tasted the liquid within it.

    "WOW! This is the real stuff! Sure beats the Hell out of that 'Synthenol' crap we get!" she said aloud. Meanwhileone level above her on Level Three--

    "Yeah, Mugghi? Why the oni did you wake me up? It's (Kei checked her wristchromo) 0330 hours in the frigging morning! I gotta be up at 0500, you know! Oro? Oro did you just say? The lights in the rec room and the dining hall are all on? And you've detected three new DNA signatures aboard? One's in the dining hall and two are in Yumi's old room on Level Five? OK, I'll check out the dining hall. You seal the door to Yumi's old room. That should hold the other two awhile. Keep this link open, Mugghi. I dunno oro's going on either!" trilled Kei, hopping out of bed and shivering. She pulled on sweats, socks and a gunsash before she slipped her feet into slippers and reached under her pillow for her trusty Mark XIII which she held in her hand.

    Cont in Ch 101- Part 2
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 101-Part 2 for ya-K&K

    Since the dining hall was just one level below her, Kei went down the spiral gantryway stairs and came through the small door concealed behind the podium and into the dining hall. Standing in Leila's galley was a tallish brunette in some sort of idiotic white and pink uniform and a ridiculous looking white saucer cap! She was drinking a beer and had a wicked looking pistol in her other fist!

    "Gozaimasu (Kei took a good guess), Lieutenant! Welcome to the 'Angel 2'. Want another beer? Just ask for it and the 'replicator' does the rest. Who are you and how'd you get aboard my starship? Oh hai- onegai put your pistol down on the floor." ordered the youngest vice-admiral of the 'UG' and the 3WA, training her Mark XIII ion cannon on the startled first officer of the 'Archangel'. The lieutenant started to cock her weapon, saw the steely emerald aizu of Kei and decided that discretion was the better part of valor. She raised the arm holding the beer, knelt down and placed her automatic on the floor. Then she stood back up and raised her other arm as well.

    "I'm Lieutenant natarle Badgiruel, First Officer of the 'Earth Alliance' starship, the 'Archangel'. Believe it or not, I got here purely by accident while looking for my two ensigns, ma'am." said the newcomer.

    "Then I take it those two up on our Level Five are yours then, Lieutenant?" asked the redhead. The brunette bobbed her head. "Take off your jacket and turn around slowly, onegai." said Kei quietly.

    "What! I will do no such thing-- (Kei fired a blast of energy into the wall beside her head) OK OK! You win! (She pulled off her tunic jacket and turned around slowly. She did not appear to be armed.) Satisfied ma'am?" she demanded.

    "Are you carrying any other weapons, Lieutenant?" asked Kei.

    "Just a small derringer underneath my skirt." she replied and Kei motioned her to get rid of it. Then she thought better of that idea.

    "We're both girls so jsut drop the frigging skirt." said Kei dryly. Fuming, Nat did so, revealing a small but deadly pepperbox derringer strapped to her right thigh. "Remove it and toss it over to me. Kick the pistol over to me too. (The lieutenant complied and remained standing, her skirt around her ankles) OK, lower your hands and get dressed again, kid." said Kei. The brunette yanked her skirt back up, pulled on her jacket, zipped it up and buckled the 'Sam Browne' belt around her waist. Then she coolly picked up her beer and drained it.

    "Gomen about that but if I told you oro's been going on around here, you'd think that I was baka!" said Kei, holstering the Mark XIII. She stooped, picked up Nat's weapons, stuck the automatic into her waistband and pocketed the derringer. "Back to the lift, Lieutenant. We're gonna check on your two pals. (Kei shoved her out the door and into the lift) Level Five. North Corridor. Stat." said Kei.

    "Comply." replied lift control. Whoosh! The lift swept upwards and stopped. Kei took her new tomo by the arm and escorted her to the door of Yumi's old room where Flay and Cagalli were awaiting Nat's return.

    "OK, Mugghi. Unseal the door, onegai. Better trill Yumi and get her up here too." trilled the redhead. She pushed the door open and motioned the lieutenant to precede her inside and then followed her in.

    Two teenage girls in red and black underthings were seated on the room's only bunk. "Mugghi, have Yumi bring up a couple of her own outfits and a couple pair of boots with her." trilled Kei. The auburn-haired girl in red had begun to cry. The blonde in black, however, took in the situation at a glance.

    "Konnichi wa, ma'am. Ensign Cagalli Yula Athna at your service and that's Ensign Flay Allster. Stop blubbering, Flay! This nice lady has just asked someone to bring some clothes for us. Believe it or not, Lady, we both stepped into our own bathroom on the 'Archangel'- that's our starship- and stepped out into that hallway ou there! Then we opened doors until we found this one- the other rooms were closets and had computers and some other weird junk in 'em- but there's nothing in here except this cot we're sitting on. Lt Badgiruel must have come into our place to look for us and- POOF! Anyway, she told us to stay in here while she went for help. And that's all there is to that, ma'am." explained Cagalli to Kei.

    The lieutenant had handed Flay a tissue and the sobbing girl took it and blotted her aizu where her mascara had started to run down her face."OK. I've heard enough. You can have these back, Lieutenant. Here." said Kei, handing her back the pistol and the derringer. Nat shoved the automatic into her holster and dropped the derringer into her jacket pocket.

    "Thank you, ma'am." she replied.

    "It's Vice-Admiral O'Halloran of the 3WA and 'United Galactica Federation of Galaxies' to be precise but you can just call me Kei." said the grinning redhead.

    "Vice-Admiral? Just how old are you, er, Kei- if you don't mind my asking?" inquired the curious lieutenant.

    "Twenty last New Year's that is AD 2251. I'm the youngest one in both 'UG' and the 3WA too! My promotion only came through two days ago." boasted Kei proudly.

    "You're the frigging commanding officer? For real?" demanded Cagalli incredulously. "You're only four years older than I am and I'm only an Ensign!" she added.

    "She's five yeears younger than I am and I'm just a Lieutenant!" said the shocked brunette.

    Kei tried to explain the 'UG', 3WA, 'GC', 'Starfleet Command' and the 'ISSP' to them and was still rattling on when Faye and Yumi arrived and handed each teen a pair of pajamas, a pair of mules and a kimono. Faye handed nat a pair of her own pajamas, a pair of slippers and a kimono. "It's really late. We'll sort this out in the morning. Come along with us and we'll get you guys settled in for the night. Ashita, we'll get you all kitted out." said the short twenty-something brunette cowgirl who'd just showed up with the fourteen year old brunette in tow.

    "But we can't stay here! We gotta get back to the 'Archangel' at once before we're missed!" said the Lieutenant.

    "It's a devil of a long story, kids, but you're stuck her with us for awhile yet. Trust me on this and we'll tell you all about it ashita." replied Faye Valentine. "We're two levels down. You guys ready to go yet?" asked Yumi Ishiyama.

    Flay had finally stopped bawling and had put on the pajamas, mules and kimono as had Cagalli while their superior had merely pulled the kimono on over her uniform and tucked the pajamas and slippers under her arm.

    "OK, I guess we're stuck here for tonight at least. Come along, Allster, Athna." said Nat Badgiruel. Faye and Yumi took charge of the trio and conducted them back down to their suite which seemed to have more kids in it than an orphanage in old 19th Century Terran Britain- hence its nickname of the 'Orphanarium'! Faye took the lieutenant into her own bedroom for the night while Flay shared Rei and Ami's room and cagalli was sharing with Mina and mako.

    "It's almost four now and we usually get up at six but you can crash until eight if you want, guys. Goodnight." whispered Faye.

    "Goodnight, Miss and thank you." said Flay.

    "Yeah likewise and thanks a lot, ma'am." said Cagalli.

    "It's just Faye." she whispered. When she got back to her own room, her newest 'roomie' had already undressed and crawled into her bunk. Faye said 'Goodnight." and ordered 'CC' to extinguish the lights. Yumi had gone back to the room she was sharing with Kagome, Sango and a few others, most of whom were on other ships right now. She yawned, slipped off her kimono and kicked off her slippers before she hopped back into her bunk.

    Kei went back to her own room, peeled off her sweats, kicked off her boots, slid the Mark XIII back underneath her pillow and keyed up her PDO vidpad. "Note to self- call Charlie about three 'newbies' and send signal ashita." She tossed the PDO onto her bedside table and crashed onto her bunk.

    By 0400 hours, all was as quiet aboard the 'Angel 2' as the Western Front during Terran World War I. An hour later the newly promoted Vice-Admiral became aware of a second presence in her bedroom! Another visitor? At this hour? Who could it be?

    END Chapter 101. Onegai r/r/s and have a nice day. Ch 102 'Righting the Loop' or 'Gathering the Troops' soon. Kami bless you all-K&K

    Cont in Ch 102-Part 1
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 102-Part 1

    DISCLAIMER: OK Flay, it's all yours! First, thank you to Mr. T. for the use of the Angels. Thanks to everyone else who is letting us use their creations. How was that, Yuri? Great! Oh yes it was, Kei! Well, we left you up in the air so let's get to Chapter 102 without further preamble:-

    Chapter 102

    'Righting the Loop' or 'Gathering the Troops'

    Kei O'Halloran opened her deep emerald green aizu only to encounter the bearded visage and piercing orbs of the disembodied head of Lord Rathelon of Gallifrey!

    "Christ! You scared the shit out of me! You remind me of one of those 'Utron' thingies that Donnatella told us about! Oro the Hell do you want anyway?" demanded Kei, reaching for her kimono. "Do you mind or do you get a kick out of sneaking into ladies' boudoirs when they're practically au natural, Rath?" she fumed.

    "Oh! I do beg your pardon, my dear!" apologized the Founder of the Time Lords of Gallifrey, turning to face away from her bunk. "I merely came to inform you that we have arrived at the proper coordinates and we can begin the 'time loop' restoration sequence whenever you like, Miss O'Halloran." he explained.

    The redhead trilled Mugghi. "Any sign of the 'Leo', Donnie' or 'Mikey' yet, Furball? We've apparently reached our final destination, Mugghi. Nothing yet? OK, keep me informed and trill me just as soon as you have news. Arigato, Furball.." she trilled.

    "Trouble, Captain?" asked Rathelon.

    "It's er Vice-Admiral now, Rathie. We're still waiting on our other three shuttles. Why don't you go upstairs to the bridge and play with Mugghi and I'll meet you up there after breakfast." she replied.

    "Very well, Admiral and congratulations on your promotion." said the old time lord.

    "Arigato. You are too kind." replied Kei, waving him away. The head vanished. "Mugghi, Rath's on his way up. Don't let him spook you. Listen up. Trill Legato, Yuri D, Marlene, Kome, Nick, Ivy, Inu Yasha, Kouga, Donnie, Sess, Spike M, Angel, Sango, Wesley, Jett, Cowboy Spike, Faye, Robin Senna, Richard and Rachel Moore and Conan, Team Rocket, Ash, Misty, Brock, Aelita, Fingal, Mordor, Leila, Serena and Nat Badgiruel, that Lieutenant we just acquired. Better have her bring her two Ensigns along with her. I want a pow-wow in my ready room at 0730 hours. Got it? Oro? So Faye said they could sleep in- so oro? People in jigoku want ice cubes too! They're all in some kinda Army, ain't they? So they should be used to not getting their own way. They probably get up early all the time anyway! Don't argue with me! Just make it so, Furball!" trilled the CO of the 'Lovely Angel 2'.

    She next keyed the ship's intercom mike and set it to 'Private Hail'. "Rachel? Rachel? Miss Moore! Pick up, onegai. Dammit Rachel, you there?" hailed Kei.

    "Will you 'please' answer that infernal contraption, Madam!" wailed Mordor.

    "Yes, my dear. Please do so at once! Some of us are trying to sleep!" grumbled Fingal.

    "Like I'm not- huh?" moaned Conan's 'cousin'- Rachel Moore fumbling for the mike on her bedside table. "Hullo. Hih? Yeah, this is he. Whaddya want? Oro? It's five o'clock in the Fxxxing morning, you baka!" yelled Rachel.

    "Language, my child!" admonished the 'White Druid'.

    "Yes. Do watch that mouth of yours, young woman or I shall turn you into a starling!" fumed the dark necromancer of 'Crybaby' Prince John's court.

    "I said bring the ship's vidlogs for the last few weeks with you when you come to my meeting at 0730. You took the vidlogs back to your place to collate them. Remember? Just don't forget them when you come. Who else is coming? Oh, just most of the crew including your 'roomies'! My ready room in two and a half hours. Bring 'Daddy' along too. Faye's bringing Conan. Don't be late, Rache. Ja ne for now." said Kei, tossing down the mike.

    " she trilled. "Did you trill everyone that I told you to about my pow-wow? Well, do it now, dammit!" she yelled.

    "Up and at 'em, guys! Her Supreme Royal Admiralness wants all of us in her ready room at seven thirty sharp! Fingal, what did you guys do with those books we were putting in order last night? I have to bring the ones for the past few weeks when we got to Kei's shindig." said rachel while pulling on her kimono and slippers.

    "You seem to have no qualms, my dear, that the red-headed wench put us all in the same room together. Why is that?" asked Mordor.

    "Duh! This is modern times, guys! It's called 'co-ed' and people have been doing it for decades! Centuries now, I guess! Besides, we always change in the bathroom, don't we?" she replied, her fuku draped across her arm. "Dibs on the bathroom, guys!" she added, disappearing into the right hand bathroom where she had soon showered, used the drying alcove and dressed quickly.

    In the meantime the two wizards (who had no idea what a bathroom even was!) simply changed into fresh jogging suits (courtesy of Leila who had repped up several for them) and put on their new jogging shoes (a present from Zoe).

    A few minutes later, Rachel returned wearing a black and white pullover, a red skirt and blazer, a multi-colored scarf (a gift from Yuri), socks and high topped red boots (a gift from Kei). Underneath her blazer and despite her strenuous objections, the seventeen year old wore a Mark XII blaster in a shoulder holster.

    Fingal and Mordor had flat out refused to carry any hand weapons. Their arguement was that as they had magical and necromantical powers, they most certainly did not need ordinary guns!

    "Suit yourselves. I'm too shimatta tired to fight with you." had been Kei's comeback. When Rachel wanted to skip carrying weapons as well Kei had said "And can you defend yourself with magical powers too?" Rachel had admitted that she couldn't but that she did know karate, in fact she was a black belt holder.

    "So? I'm an expert martial artist as well but I still carry firearms, don't I?" had been Kei's response and of course Rachel had lost that arguement!

    For once, Rachel's dad Richard had been up and about early! After all, he was a gunner now, wasn't he? The redheaded babe had so, hadn't she? Richard loved his life aboard the 'Angel' and Rachel wondered oro would happen when the joyride finally came to an end and they all went back home once again. Anton had politely bu firmly told him that he could not volunteer for 3WA duty! Thank God for that at least! He was enough of a pest trying to be a darn private detective back home!

    "Is this the log you need, Miss Moore?" asked the old Druid.

    "Yeah. Thanks, that's the last one we need. Let's get some breakfast first, guys. I'm starving! Anyone see Dad this nrning?" asked the brunette teen.

    "He did say something about looking at a 'sonic gun'." replied Mordor.

    "Then he'll be up on Deck Six. Need a guide?" asked Nick Wolfwood, the new weapons officer.

    "Maybe later, Mr Wolfwood. I'll just trill him to come to breakfast for now. Excuse me for a moment, sirs. Dad, this is Rachel. You copy?" she trilled.

    "Hi, kid! You really oughta see this thing! It's longer than a Minuteman Missile and the Cap said I might even get to fire it!" trilled Richard Moore excitedly.

    "Christ, he's like a kid let loose in a candy store!" thought his daughter. "Well, you meet us down at the dining hall on Level Two for breakfast and dad, Kei's an Admiral now, not a Captain." trilled Rachel.

    "Actually, she's only a Vice-Admiral, Rachel." said a voice beside her or so it seemed!

    "Miss Donovan? Commo- er Yuri? Where the oni are you?" asked Rachel after looking around for the ship's exec in vain.

    "Waiting here in the dining hall for you guys, of course. Get your tails down here stat! We've got a meeting at 0730, you know." trilled Yuri Donovan.

    "We'll be right there. Grab my Dad if you see him, Yuri and save us a couple of seats." trilled rachel.

    "Will do, Rache. See you." trilled Yuri before returning to her perusal of the new menu that Leila had made up to try and cut down on some of the screwier requests they got at mealtimes. A movement caught her aizu and she reached out to snag Richard Moore who was wandering helplessly around the huge room.

    "Rachel said to grab you when I saw you so osawaru (sit down) Richard, onegai." invited Yuri.

    "Certainly, Miss Donovan er Commander er Commodore I mean ma'am--" he stammered, searching for the correct title.

    "Just call me Yuri, OK? We're all tomos around her, Richard. Remember?" supplied the exec while patting him on the arm.

    "I recommend the fritatta which Nick Wolfwood showed us how to prepare." said Richard, pointing it out on the menu.

    "Good enough for me, tomo watashi. Rei? We're ready to order, dear." Rei jetted across to take down their requests.

    "Be back in a jiffy. Call me when the others show up, Miss D." said rei with a smile.

    "Where is our hostess, Yuri?" asked Richard, helping himself to coffee.

    "Probably working out on the holodecks if I know Katie O'Halloran." replied Yuri absently, checking her PDO to see oro her schedule was like for the day.

    "Katie?" asked a puzzled Richard Moore.

    "Ka-Mi! Puh-Lease don't you ever call her that if you know oro's good for you! Only Andy Gooley can call her that and get away with it! The rest of us just call her Kei!" said an anxious Yuri. Sick Bay was empty now that Aelita's cast had come off and Yuri wanted to keep it that way! Yuri had reluctantly permitted the Lyokan Princess to return to the daily routine which had been assigned to her. She and nammo were the 'Angel's' programmer technicians.

    "How do I look, Yuri, Mr Moore?" asked Aelita who had just come in.

    "Richard, please. You're making me sound like a doddering old man, Aelita! You look different today somehow." he said.

    "Quite the kawaii young lady, Aelita." said Rei, dropping off their orders. She glanced at the newcomer quizzically.

    Cont in Ch 102-Part 2
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 102-Part 2-K&K

    "Same thing they're having please, Rei." said the strawberry blonde princess. Tiring of her own oufit and those horrible 3WA sweats, she'd borrowed one of Yumi's black outfits. However, she still had to get used to wearing shoes rather than felt slippers. On her feet were a pair of Yumi's socks and she was carrying a pair of her short black boots.

    "Put those on before you catch cold." admonished Yuri.

    "Where's the Captain today?" asked Aelita, sliding her feet into the boots and seating herself beside Richard.

    "Kei's a vice-admiral now, Aelita. She's probably upstairs training again. She'll eat after the meeting, I think. Are you coming to it?" asked Yuri.

    "The big white kitty cat called me on that communicator thing and told me seven thiry in the ready room place. Might I not tag along with you and Mr-- I mean, Richard?" asked the Lyokan girl.

    "Sure. Why not." replied the exec. Rei delivered Aelita's meal and jetted off to serve the Inu Yasha mob before Armageddon broke out!

    "I want ramen, you dumb kid!", Would you like to bear my children?", Leave the kid alone, Monk- she's only twelve for crying out loud!", Oro do ya mean- raw meat and fresh blood ain't on the damned menu?", "OW! I sure wish Kagome were here!" and similar phrases soon drifted across the room.

    "They're quite bothersome, aren't they?" asked Aelita, over her teacup.

    "That's because Kagome's not here. While the cat's away, the mive will play." answered Yuri without looking up.

    "Where is lady Kagome, Milady?" asked the 'Dark Knight'.

    "She's a gunner on the 'Sol Bianca', Lord Ivy." replied Yuri, trying in vain to juggle her already overloaded work schedule for the day.

    Meanwhile up on the holodecks, the newest vice-admiral and the 'Angel's' new Chief Engineer were busily training each other. At the moment, Donnatella was showing Kei the finer points of quarterstaving with 'bo' staffs. "No. no. no, Miss Kei! Lead with the staff then leap and lunge at the same time. Follow that up with a spinning tornado kick to the solar plexus." instructed the Ninja warrior.

    "You mean like this?" said Kei, executing a pivotal spin and kicking him in the designated area.

    "OOF! OW! Yes, that was perfect, captain. That was excellent staving. Have my brothers shown you any of their moves yet? Or Sensei?" replied Donnie.

    "This afternoon Leo gives me a katana lesson. Tonight Raph goes over his 'sai' fighting and ashita Mikey demonstarates the 'numchakas' to me. Now it is time for your training. Here, catch." said Kei, tossing him one of her Mark XIII ion cannons. "Run 'O'Halloran Combat Attack Pattern Alpha Centauri', computer." she commanded.

    The sylvan woodland scene changed to a city street scene. Kei gripped her weapon in both fists, assumed a split foot fighting stance with her right foot leading her left. Suddenly a hoodlum popped out of an alley levelling a machine gun at her. ZAP! POW! Kei's bolt of white/aoishi energy seered right through his chest. Spinning quickly to the right, the redhead blasted a bank robber through the throat despite his warning that he 'had a hostage'. Three blasts later a bomber, a mobster and an 'iceman' had all bit the dust. Kei had avoided firing on a small child, an elderly woman and a 'KP' patrol officer (a cop) during the run. Finally a lone figure levelled a sonic blaster directly at the tall redheaded fireball. She fired without a second's hesitation, decapitating the would be assassin! Kei fired two more bolts into him before holstering her weapon . "End program and save. Rewind, computer." she ordered.

    To say that Donnatella was impressed would have been an understatement! "WOW! Honey, how'd you do that? Where the Hell did you 'ever' learn to shoot like that, Cap?" he asked, admiration evident in his voice.

    "The 3WA Academy. Yuri and I were classmates there since we were ten. We both graduated four years later and we've been partners ever since! Until now, that is." explained Kei.

    "But the exec and you are still together." observed Donnatella.

    "Yeah but just for this mission. My new partner's marlene and hers is Kome. By the way, kid- Yuri's a commander and acting commodore now and I'm a vice-admiral but we're still the same guys, Donnie. Your turn now. Computer, repeat program last used. Level of difficulty- One Bravo." she commanded.

    "Hold your cannon in both hands but not too tightly. Feet should be shoulder width apart with the right foot leading the left. Perfect. Just watch for your targets and remember to squeeze the trigger. Watch the kick. It knocked your poor old Sensei on his ass!" instructed Kei, stepping back and off the field.

    The first blast really rocked Don but then he corrected his stance and began squeezing off his shots, taking out the bad guys and remembering not to fire on the good ones. Finally he had dispatched the last assassin.

    "End program and save." ordered Kei, running over to congratulate the Ninja warrior. "Great job, Don. Good shooting." she said. "Something wrong, kid?" she asked.

    "Where are the simulated medics with the doctors, nurses and ambulances to help the survivors?" queried a perplexed Donnatella.

    "There aren't any, tomo." she replied quietly. "Shoot to kill is the name of the game." she added softly. Don looked grim. "Anything else?" she asked.

    "Yes. I couldn't help but notice how savage you were with that last guy. Why was that, Boss?" asked Don curiously.

    "That- that was Max- Max Berringer! John's brother! He tried to waste Don Poporo and Rosa, his kid! I- I- I had to nuke the 3WA building and half of Furool (Foo-Lon) City on Shimougou just to bring him down! That's why John Berringer wants Yuri and me roshii (dead)! He hates us both but he really despises and absolutely loathes me! I offered Max every chance to back down but he just would not stop!" yelled Kei angrily, crashing her fist right through the wall of the holochamber itself!

    "Your actions were truly and totally justified, Boss. No one should blame you for what happened to Max." soothed Donnatella quietly.

    "Try explaining that to John Berringer, Don!" she retorted hotly. "Gomen. I shouldn't have snapped at you like that! You're just trying to help. Besides, if we want any chow, we'd better get a move on! It's almost 0700!" said kei, glancing at her wristchromo.

    "Race you to the lifts?" challenged Don.

    "You're on, kid! Archway, onegai." ordered Kei. A few minutes later they got to the dining hall. Kei had tripped over nammo and Donnatella had won the race.

    "Peaches and cream oatmeal, apple Danish and coffe, onegai." said Kei to Mako.

    "The same thing but add an order of fried eggs and steamed bacon to the order, please, Miss." said Don politely. Mako smiled and jetted off.

    "How's your leg, Princess?" asked Don solicitously.

    "Feels great, Donnatella. Thanks. I thought injuries like mine laid you up for weeks." said Aelita.

    "You broke the shimatta thing in the 'Antares System'. The atmosphere here speeds up healing." answered Kei, sipping her coffee. She ate quickly and excused herself. "My ready room in thirty minutes, guys! Don't be late!" she said, fishing a cigarette out of her black jumpsuit's pocket and firing it up.

    "Guess that's a hint to get going." observed Rachel Moore.

    "Where are those vidlog books that Kei wants, Kitten?" asked her father, Richard Moore.

    "Fingal and Mordor took them up to her ready room already, Dad." she replied. Donnatella pulled out her chair and helped the teenager on with her blazer. "Thanks, Don. You're a real gentleman. " she added.

    Cont in Ch 102-Part 3
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 102-Part 3-K&K

    "Oro did you just say?" yelled Yuri, leaping to her feet and spilling coffee all over the place.

    "Huh? I said that Fingal and Mordor took the vidlogs--" began Rachel. Yuri was already sprinting for the lift, the rest following in her wake.

    "Ready room, stat!" she yelled to lift control as they all piled into the lift car.

    "Complying." replied control.

    "It's like letting a couple of kids loose in a toy shop, Rachel! There'll be big trouble especially if the activate 'Doomsday' by accident! (Blank stares all around greeted that one) Any 'C' Class or higher 'UG' starship has a control on it capable of launching a missile strike against every planet in the 'Aquarian Galaxy'! A sovenir from 'Project SIREN'! There is only one 'failsafe'- one way to prevent those strikes once set in motion. That is 'Doomsday', a self-destruct mechanism. The only way to stop an accidental intergalactic war is for the starship that facilitated it to be totally annihilated! Hit 'Doomsday' and five minutes later- BOOM!- no more starship! 'Doomsday' cannot be reversed! You did say that both Fingal and Mordor were curious souls, didn't you? (Ivanhoe nodded and then added 'Nosy little pests- the pair of 'em!') I only pray that we get up thgere in time, guys!" wailed the acting commodore.

    "Just leave them on the table, you old fool and let's go!" said Mordor crossly.

    "Come and see what "ive just found, you old goat! A control system of some sort! I wonder what this one does." said Fingal, pressing on a panel marked 'SC-3' ('Sprinkler Controls for Level Three') and pulling down the yellow toggle switch below it!

    "Don't touch that, you jackass!" screamed the dark necromancer, lunging over the table after the White Druid.

    "Relax you old fuddy-duddy! See- nothing happened." said the old Druid sarcastically.

    Six levels below them, Kei had just finished a relaxing shower prior to her pow-wow upstairs. She was standing in the drying alcove and allowing the 66 degree Kelvin heat waves to pull the stiffness from her tense muscles when--

    "Oro the Fxxx! Mugghi! Are you guys screwing around with the controls up there? Nai? Then see who's in the shimatta ready room and get 'em the Hell out! And turn off those Kami shimatta sprinklers for Level Three!" she howled as icy cold watercascaded down from the ceiling sprinklers! "Shit! The heat units! 'CC'- Shut down all heat units on Level 3 stat!" she yelled, flying through her dressing room where she snatched up a towel and a kimono and then into her bedroom closet and her concealed express lift.

    "Ready room- stat!" yelled Kei, jumping aboard her private lift.

    "Access denied." replied lift control. Kei fumed inwardly.

    "Priority order. Activate override control. Authority- Angel 2- Kei 1. Code- Valhalla. Countersign- Asgard. I authenticate Bifrost." she ordered lift control.

    "Complying." responded lift control and shot upwards. Kei had wrapped the huge bath towel around her still soaking form and donned the kimono. Belting it tightly, she slipped her hand into the kimono's side pocket and felt the cold reassurance of a Mark III ion cannon nestled inside.

    "Mugghi, I'm on my way up there. Bring a jumpsuit to the ready room." she ordered. Kei glanced down at her bare feet. "Boots, socks and underthings too." she added.

    "Don't play with anything else, Druid!" yelled Mordor. Fingal's finger was poised above the panel marked 'SD/DD' and froze.

    "Get the Hell away from that console, you baka morons! You've got absolutely no idea oro punching that panel will do, do you? Both of you get away from my console, Kami shimatta ni jigoku! Now!" yelled Kei, firing a searing blast over their heads and scorching the chair behind them. "You moronic idiots have exactly five seconds to get the jigoku outta my sight- or else!" she roared, brandishing the Mark III like a six-shooter on 'Gunsmoke'.

    "Or else what!" yelled the White Druid defiantly. Mordor clapped a hand over Fingal's mouth and dragged him towards the door. "Thank you very kindly, madam. We're just going. He was just playing with the shiny knobs and switches and things, Lady Kei!" said Mordor while still heading for the exit. As they reached the doorway, they bumped into Yuri Donovan's hazu (group). "Pardon us, miladies, milords." he said, heading back towards the lifts.

    "Those bakas! Those- those morons!" yelled Kei to nobody in particular. The redhead was livid with unrepressed anger.

    "I guess we didn't make it in time, Yuri-San, did we?" whispered Aelita.

    "Just a tad too late." agreed Yuri ruefully. "Hi, Kei. Are we too early?" she added sweetly.

    "I got up, did my workout with Donnatella, had breakfast, then I took a nice warm shower--" began Kei angrily.

    "Sounds like a nice start to the day. Oro's the problem?" asked Yuri innocently.

    "I was in the drying alcoves when the sprinklers kicked on! I got soaked and it was Kami shimatta frigging cold too! By the way- if you had anything out down in your rooms, it's drenched by now!" replied the firebrand.

    "Oro the oni do you mean! How could my rooms get wet? The sprinklers in your rooms went on the fritz, so oro? Oro the Hell else would you expect aboard this worthless antiquated piece of junk?" countered Yuri smugly.

    Kei bristled. "Those two morons who just left were up here playing with the control systems! They activated the sprinklers for the whole deck on Level 3- and that includes your rooms, kid! And just where do you get off calling my state of the arts starship a piece of junk! Now that shit-headed hunk of crap of yours is another story entirely!" replied Kei malisciously.

    This time Yuri went on the defensive! "Oro the Hell do you mean, you scatter-brained nitwit! I'll have you know that the 'Lovely Angel 1' is kept in tip top shape at all times and-- Kei, are you hosting a meeting or a sleepover?" giggled Yuri, pointing at her superior's reflection in the mirrored wall.

    "Shit! Mugghi, get that jumpsuit and stuff in here right now!" trilled Kei. The huge white nekko furball hurried in and handed Kei a pile of clothing with a pair of short red boots atop the pile and hurried out again. "Back in a minute, Yuri. Look through those vidlogs and locate the entries pertaining to our encounter with that Klingon vessel- you know- Zorkon's 'bird-of-prey'. We'll have to duplicate everything in there that happened except for the last part when Zorkon fired his disruptor cannons into the rift. Check with Mugghi and Nammo to see if our shuttles are back yet. Then have somebody start scanning for that rift anomaly because I think that I just figured out how to send all of our campers home! Arigato, Yuri." Kei vanished into the restroom to change.

    Yuri keyed up the vidlogs and began to reread the disks. She was only on the third one when Kei made her reappearance. She tossed Yuri the small Mark III she'd found in her kimono pocket. "Here. You must have left this thing at my place." said the redhead, opening the cupboard behind her desk and pulling out a gunsash which she strapped around her waist. Then she yanked open desk drawers until she found one of her spare Mark XIII's. She stuck a powerpack into it, yanked back on the action and released it with a snick before sliding the weapon into her holster. "How you can use that toy is beyond me!" chuckled Kei.

    Yuri checked that the Mark III was loaded, stuffed a couple of spare powerpacks into her pockets and hefted the cannon before she opened her blazer and slid it into her shoulder holster. "How you can use that piece of field artillery is beyond me!" mimiced Yuri, loading the next disk.

    "I'd better rep up some drinks and snacks for the chowhounds. (Kei glanced at her wristchromo) Christ! It's almost 0715 already! They'll be here in less than fifteen minutes! I'd better hurry." she said, heading for the small breakroom down the hall.

    "Kei, you said you'd thought of a way out of this mess. Oro is it?" asked her co-pilot impatiently.

    "Can't wait, eh? OK, I'll tell you. (Kei whispered into her exec's ear) Well? Oro do you think?" said Kei.

    "Oro the Hell! Of all the stupid lame-brained baka ideas-- But, you know, Kei- it just might damned well work!" agreed Yuri.

    "Yeah. I mentioned it to the Doctors and they seemed keen on the idea as well but for it to work, it'll have to be done from oro the Docs called 'N' space, a place located outside of time and space as we know it. 'It' would have to be mounted on the TARDIS for it to work too." said Kei grimly.

    "But who's gonna fire it?" asked the exec.

    "Yours truly- who else!" answered her taller superior with a grin. Kei exited the ready room. Oro a plan! Technically it could work but it was still a huge risk. What Kei had 'not' mentioned to Yuri was would the 'G Twins' approve of the plan? Something told Yuri that Kei wasn't going to ask for their permission this time! After all, hadn't Gooley told her that the final decisions would be Kei's to make? And she was a vice-admiral now to boot! I'm just glad it's not 'my' decision to make! The exec had been musing to herself while she perused the vidlog data and suddenly her aizu lit up brightly.

    "Kei! I found it! Eureka! I found it! All the entries for the 'Zorkon' affair!" crowed the co-pilot delightedly.

    Cont in Ch 102-Part 4
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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