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Thread: Dirty Pair Fanfiction

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    Here's Ch 102-Part 4-K&K

    "Get your ass in here and help me with these trays! It's almost time for the big hoo-haw! Incidentally, when I do fire that thing (the 'God Gun'- oro else!), you'll be coordinating me from that other police box thingy, you know. Are you cool with that? (Yuri had hurried down the hall to assist Kei) Well, partner- are you up to the task?" asked Kei softly and Yuri nodded grimly. Kei nodded curtly to her.

    "I'll take the five with the sandwiches and the croissants. You grab those four with the Danishes and sticky buns. We'll come back for the coffe, tea and sodas." instructed the redhead.

    "Fine, Boss. Only why not just use the replicator in your ready room?" asked Yuri.

    "Because Conan wanted to see how it worked so he took it apart and now he can't put it back together again!" grumbled the young vice-admiral.

    Earlier on Yuri's other compadres had sized up the situation at a glance, decided Kei was definitely not in the mood for company and Ivanhoe had conducted them over to the bridge next door. He had to check out his security teams' locations anyway. Nick had told the crusader knight to be doubly sure to keep Richard Moore as far away from the sonic cannon's firing controls as possible! Ever since the Boss had 'casually' suggested that Richard 'might' get a chance at firing the newest weapon available to the 3WA and 'UG' forces, he had been a big pain in the ass!

    Finally the conference table had been set so that each placesetting had starcharts, maps, copies of logvid notes, a 'PVDCB' (personal video disk clipboard which was a device for taking notes electronically), a plate, cup and sucer, silverware and a strange looking trapezoidal cylinder (Dr Q's latest invention was a tracking device automatically keyed to the wearer's DNA signature and which would be worn by everyone on the mission until further notice).

    Five minutes before the meeting was to start, Kei had Kome put out an APB for everyone attending which was almost the entire ship's company. At long last the groups began to arrive. Kei turned to her exec. "Yuri, send someone to fetch our newest guests- Flay, Cag and Nat, onegai." said the redhead.

    "Sure, Boss. But isn't Kag on the 'Sol Bianca'?" replied Yuri.

    "Not Kagome. I mean the new one- Cagalli." corrected the vice-admiral.Understanding replaced doubt in Yuri's face. "Oh, you mean Lieutenant nat and her two Ensigns! OK, I'll trill them." said the co-pilot.

    "Nai, Yuri. Send someone to bring them. They don't know their way around the ship yet." replied Kei.

    Yuri left the room and returned almost immediately. "Did you get someone to collect 'em?" asked Kei.

    "Yeah. I sent the monk and Sango for them." answered Yuri.

    "I hope they're ready for our amorous monk!" chuckled Kei.

    "Now just remember Miroku- you are to behave yourself and conduct yourself like a gentleman- Understand?" warned Sango.

    "Don't I always?" laughed the Feudal Era monk.

    Fuming, Sango tapped on the door of Faye's'Orphanage' and Brock Harrison answered her knock. "Oh, Lovely Lady, pray tell me your name, fair one, for I am totally smitten by your beauty!" moaned Brock with puppy dog aizu.

    "Kami help us all! Now there's two of 'em!" snapped Sango.

    "And you were worried about me, Sango!" admonished Miroku.

    "I'm Sango and he's Miroku. Yuri sent us for Lieutenant Badgiruel and her two Ensigns Allster and Athna. We have to take them upstairs to a meeting." she said politely.

    "Who?" asked Brock.

    "The new ones- a blonde, a brunette and a redhead?" supplied Miroku helpfully.

    "Oh! You must mean Cag, Nat and Flay. Faye took them and the other kids upstairs to some room. Ash and I overslept." yawned Brock.

    "The ready room?" asked the monk.

    "Yeah, that's the place. Yo, Ash! Wake up and put some pants on! We got company!" yelled Brock. "There's a beautiful young lady here whose name is the loveliest--" praised the wannabe Pokemon breeder.

    "Oh, stuff it willya!" cried Sango disgustedly. She touched her earring. "Yuri? They're with Faye and the kids. They should be up there by now. You need anyone else?" trilled Sango.

    "Nai. Just bring those other two sleepyheads (Brock and Ash) and get up here before Captain Bligh charges you with mutiny! Misty's up here already so don't worry about her." trilled Yuri.

    "On our way, girl." trilled Sango. "Miroku, get 'Lover Boy' and 'Rip Van Winkle'! We gotta split stat!" she yelled to the monk.

    "What's all the racket out here?" A twelve year old boy had just emerged from an inner bedroom rubbing his aizu. All he had on was a pair of BVD's! A small golden animal of some sort was perched on his shoulder. Sango demurely turned her back to him and coughed discreetly.

    "Is, er, that your demon, kid?" she asked.

    "No, Miss. Piccachuu is my Pokemon, my tomo." he yawned. Then Brock noticed Ash Ketchum and shoved him back into the bedroom.

    "Get dressed!" he whispered fiercely, closing the door. "Sango?" said Brock.

    "Yes?" she replied, turning to face him. When she did, her vest flipped back revealing her blaster in its shoulder holster. Brock involuntarily leaped backwards.

    "Christ, Lady! Is- is that a real gun?" he cried.

    "Yeah. The Boss (somehow Kei had picked up Boss for her nickname) insists that most of us be armed. This (she drew and hefted her blaster) is a Mark VI hand blaster. Don't ask me how the darn thing works though. I'm from like 800 years ago in Japan on Earth! This is like AD 2251. I understand that you guys hail from like 200 years ago on yet another world nowhere near here. Sorry, but oro was it that you wanted to know, Brock?" said Sango.

    "Are we really and truly on a starship in outer space?" he asked incredulously.

    "Yeah, kid. You are on the 'Lovely Angel 2' and we are currently cruising somewhere near Mars or I have been told. I know it's hard to believe but it is true. It took me a whole week before it finally sunk in!" explained Sango.

    "Ash Ketchum, ma'am. Pleased to meet you. This is Piccachuu. Say 'hi' to the nice lady, Piccachuu." said the 'Rip Van Winkle' boy who had just arrived- fully clad this time!

    "Picca!" said the small golden animal on the boy's shoulder.

    "Konnichi wa, Ash, Piccachuu. My name is Sango and that's Miroku. If you're ready we'd better get going- we're late. Onegai follow us." said Sango, reholstering her blaster and zipping her vest closed. Miroku opened the door, allowed Sango, Brock and Ash to pass through first and then followed them out, securing the door behind him. Sango led the way to the lift and they had all soon reached the Command Deck and filed into Kei's ready room where the place was in utter chaos!

    END Ch 102. Chapter 103 soon. Enjoy and r/r/s. Have a nice day and Kami bless you all-K&K

    Cont in Ch 103-Part 1
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 103-part 1-K&K

    DISCLAIMER: OK Sensei, it's all yours! First, thank you to Mr. T. for the use of the Angels. Thanks to everyone else who is letting us use their creations. How was that, Yuri? Great! Oh yes it was, Kei! Well, we left you up in the air so let's get to Chapter 103 without further preamble:-

    Chapter 103

    'Rowdies in the Ready Room' or 'Pirates on Parole'

    Chaos reigned supreme in the ready room this day! Inu Yasha and Kouga had started a food fight with Sess, Shippou and Rin while Ivanhoe was busily pledging his fealty to every female in sight! Team Rocket was playing with the replicator which Yuri had just finished fixing after Conan had taken it apart! Fingal and Mordor were 'dueling' against Wesley and Charles Gunn only the wizards had brought the cards to life. Aelita was having a ball playing with the room's computer banks! Angel, Cowboy Spike, Spike Miroku, the Moore Detective Agency, Nick, Fred, Donnatella and Leila were reading the vidlog disks. Legato, Yuri Donovan, Marlene, Kome, Faye and Robin Senna were having an old-fashioned 'coffee klatch' (gossiping) and were arguing about 'quantum physics' (which none of them understood) and fashions (which they alll knew about with gusto). Serena, Ed and the scouts were quietly engrossed in their new coloring vidbooks which Robin had repped up to shut up their whining.

    While all this was going on around her, the newest 3WA/'UG' vice-admiral was quietly getting loaded at the head of the huge conference table. Nat Badgiruel was studying a Mark XIII ion cannon that Mar had loaned to her. Although the 'EA' Lieutenant was still wearing her own uniform complete with that ridiculous looking white saucer cap, her two Ensigns (Flay and Cagalli) had been provided with the very latest in 3WA tro-con uniforms. Their Lieutenant had 'put the kibosh' on allowing either of them to wear the 'battle bikinis' from AD 2140 generously offered by the 'Angel' counterparts! They were both viewing holovids of old Terran movies. Sango grimaced and then grabbed a cup of expresso off one of the trays and forced the burning beverage down Kei's throat.

    "Come on, Boss. Wake up. Time to call the meeting to order. Everyone's waiting for you." said the demon slayer girl. "Miroku! Shut them all up somehow, willya!" added Sango.

    "Sure, Sango." said the monk, picking up a disruptor pistol and firing it a few times into the ceiling, silencing the entire assembly! "They're all yours, Lovely Ladies." he said quietly.

    "OK. Let's all siddown and be quiet. Inu Yasha, Kouga- stop the food fights! Now pay attention and listen up, gang! Here's our commander." said Sango.

    "Gomen. I must apologize for my behavior of late. Now that that's outta the way- First, let me introduce you to our newest guests. They are Natarle Badgiruel, Flay Allster and Cagalli Yula Athna. Onegai stand up, guys. (The trio stood up) Nat is a Lieutenant and Flay and Cag are her two Ensigns. They are officers on the 'Archangel', an 'Earth Alliance' starship from Cosmic Era 70 on Terra. The ensigns arrived aboard under, er, somewhat embarrassing circumstances before Nat came looking for 'em and wound up trapped here as well. I have made nat our new assistant weapons officer since on her ship she's not only the exec but also the weapons officer. Flay and Cag are going to be our new messengers. They'll carry messages and stuff between us and our other starcraft and shuttlecraft." said Kei. The two ensigns glowered back at her but remained silent.

    "Sorry to interrupt you, ma'am but just how many starships and shuttlecraft do you have?" asked her new assistant weapons officer.

    "Four starships and fourteen shuttles, nat." answered the vice-admiral and Cagalli finally exploded while Flay began to cry.

    "Messengers!" she yelled. "I'm a damned good pilot and a great gunner! Flay's learning to be a gunner on the 'Archangel'! We're fighters- not frigging messengers, dammit!" she cried loudly. Nat had told Kei already that Cagalli was a fighter jet pilot and that Flay was a gunner's mate trainee.

    "Can either of you pilot a starship or a shuttle? Do either of you know how to use quad guns, blasters, disruptors, photon torpedoes, plasma cannons? Maybe you two are hot shit at home but this ain't the 'ARCH

    angel'- it's the 'LOVELY Angel' and I don't need any more pilots or gunners. So it's messengers, janitors, yeomen or cooks- nai, belay that. You two can't replicate so all that leaves are messengers, yeomen or janitors. Wanna be secretaries? (Both teens shook their heads 'no') Then it's messengers or janitors- choose!" yelled Kei.

    "Messengers then, I guess." they agreed ruefully and Legato roared with laughter.

    "They believed you, Kei! They actually fell for it! OK, you win. I'll duel you tonight." he chuckled. The joke was lost on Flay, Cag and Nat who looked as confused as Hell! Marlene Angel came to their rescue.

    "That's mean, guys! (She turned to the trio) You three couldn't have possibly known this but on another planet in this system, a world called 'Halcyon' we have several starships awaiting our arrival and that'll be as soon as we fix this 'quantum fluctuation'. (Blank stares all around greeted this news!) The 'time loop' mess? (Expressions of understanding replaced the blank looks) We're just waiting for our other three shuttles to return to us here. Then we just have to redo everything we did before except for the last part where Zorgon, the Klingon commander, fires his cannons into the anomaly or space hole in the universe that he originally came through. Anyway once we reach 'Halcyon', there'll be no need for any 'messengers' because we all use these 'comlinks' (earrings and pens) to 'trill' back and forth." explained the pert blonde navigator, grasping her own earring.

    "Even if we didn't have 'em we 'still' wouldn't need messengers because all of our spacecraft have vidcom communications on 'em." added Kome Sawaguchi.

    "How the devil do you know that, kid?" asked Nat.

    "DUH! I'm the frigging communications officer- that's how!" she replied.

    "That's great! Just what jobs are we going to get?" asked Cagalli.

    "Nat tells us that you're both gunner's mate trainees so we'll put Flay on the disruptor blasters and you on the plasma cannons- OK? (Both girls nodded happily) You'll take your orders from Lt Badgiruel or Lt Commander Wolfwood- kapish? And for Kami's sake- we're informal around here so it's just going to be Nat and Nick. Any questions?" said Kei.

    "Yeah, I got one. Who the Hell is the 'real' commanding officer of this ship?" demanded Flay Allster with a smirk on her face. The redhead was incensed with fury. Curbing her temper, she spoke sharply. "Would one of you onegai tell Ensign Allster who 'really' is in command of the 'Angel'?" she ordered between gritted teeth.

    "Hell, Boss. Everyone knows that you're the Kami shimatta CO on your own frigging starship, Kei!" replied the inu hanyou (dog demon- Inu Yasha). Flay and Cag both looked as if they'd just been hit by a disruptor blast! Nat's mouth was shaped like an 'o' but she said nothing.

    Cont in Ch 103-Part 2
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 103-Part 2-K&K

    "But, er, we- we thought that 'he' was the leader!" stammered Flay while pointing out Legato Bluesummers with a shaky forefinger. Legato roared with mirth for the second time that day.

    "Me? You actually thought that I was the CO? Honey, officially, I am under arrest! Unofficially, I've been helping these 3WA ladies to capture some really dangerous characters! Hopefully, at the conclusion of this mission, the cap-- er gomen (sorry)- the vice-admiral will intercede on my behalf with her superiors and I'll get a lighter sentence. Nai, my dear Ensign, there is our leader- right over there." he said, pointing out Kei O'Halloran. Yuri glanced at Kei who smiled and nodded her head.

    "Legato- we have just had word from our superiors. Grand Admiral Galadriel himself has not only granted you, Emma, the 'Green Baron and Arkton as well as all of Emma's and Feb's crews amnesty and full pardons, you have been accepted by our 3WA Academy too. You will begin your tro-con training just as soon as we get back home. Except for Khan, 'Black Ghost', John Berringer and a few others which includes Viscious, all charges have been dropped against everyone else formerly in Berringer's employ." said Yuri excitedly.

    "A full pardon! And from old Vittorio himself! And I'm gonna be a 'tro-con' just like you guys! Wow! Domo arigato- I really do appreciate it!" replied Legato, kissing Yuri, Marlene and Kome. He started to grab Kei too but chickened out! He settled for wringing her hand instead.

    "Who the Hell's Galadriel anyway? Some big shot at the 'ISSP'?" asked Kome. Marlene spun her around and whispered fiercely.

    "Don't you ever read anything besides gun vidmags, you baka moron? Grand Admiral Vittorio Galadriel is our supreme commander-in-chief! He runs the 3WA and he's got a frigging Helluva lotta 'clout' with 'UG', 'Starfleet Command', 'GC' and even the 'ISSP' so he's a damned Helluva lot more than just a 'big shot', kiddo! He was a hero of the 'Clone Wars' back in AD 2196 and he's got a ton of medals! He's even got the 'Federation Republic Galactic Starship Cross' for Kami's sake! In other words, dummy, he signs your credit vidchits each week! Wait a minute! Didn't Kei already explain this stuff to you the other day? The day you decided to do a little striptease act for all the big wigs on 'Alderaan 5'?" fumed Marlene and Kome blushed a bright crimson vermillion color.

    "OK! OK! I forgot! Alright?" she whispered back angrily. Kei had just finished the same explanation to the rest of the group as Mar had just given to Kome.

    "Does that answer your question, Kome?" asked Yuri.

    "Yeah. Thanks a lot." replied the strawberry blonde.

    "Well! Now that we have the 3WA's 'chain of command' all sorted out, let's get down to business. First of all- anyone who was not aboard the 'Angel' or one of the ships or shuttles involved in the 'Zorkon' incident, during our 'time loop' fiasco, onegai move to the rear of the room now. (Several persons did so) OK. Great. When we begin our loop restoration process, please either remain in your cabins or someplace other than the bridge, command deck, engineering or weapons decks. The rest of you will kindly go to wherever you were at the time of the incident. If you cannot recall your location at that time, report to Spike Miroku in the rec room who will have a copy of the vidlogs for that time period. Just follow his instructions and everything will be cool. That really is all for now except to inform you that Dr Cueball is now testing the 'Kronos' equipment for any glitches preparatory to reactivating the project base. So be certain that you report any strange happenings to eith Yuri, Kome, Mar, Legato or me at once. I mean like if folks start to disappear from the ships because that'll mean that the Doc's repairs have been successful. For the present all we can do is to await the arrival of the 'Mikey', the Leo' and the 'Donnie' so we can get this show on the road. You're all dismissed until then so just have yourselves a blast!" finished Kei.

    "Please resume whatever you were doing. Thank you so much for coming." said Yuri.

    "What about us?" asked Nat badgiruel.

    "Sango. Miroku. Onegai stay." said Yuri.

    End of Chapter 103. Chapter 104 'In Awe of an Angel' or 'Miroku Strikes Again' coming soon. Please r/r/s and have a nice weekend. Kami bless you all-K&K

    Cont in Ch 104-Part 1
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 104-Part 1-K&K

    DISCLAIMER: OK Nat, it's all yours! First, thank you to Mr. T. for the use of the Angels. Thanks to everyone else who is letting us use their creations. How was that, Yuri? Great! Oh yes it was, Kei! Well, we left you up in the air so let's get to Chapter 104 without further preamble:-

    Chapter 104

    'In Awe of an Angel' or 'Miroku Strikes Again'

    I'd like you two to show our visitors around the ship if you don't mind." said Yuri.

    "Great! Just oro we need- another frigging tour!" whispered the monk to Sango who calmly stepped on his instep.

    "No problemo, Yuri as Mikey might say. (She turned to Nat and the two teens) Let's meet downstairs in the rec room on Level 2 in shall we say- ten minutes? That should give you all time to get changed." said Sango.

    "What do you mean 'changed', Sango?" asked Cagalli. "We came on board almost the same way we came into the world- Flay and me, that is. And the Lieutenant only has got her uniform to wear!" added Cag.

    "Although temporarily you guys are under our command, you are not required to be in uniform at all if you don't want to be. You've 'seen' how informal we are around here, haven't you? Look kids- when you go on shore leave, what do you wear?" asked the smiling exec officer.

    "Civvies, of course just like everybody else does but didn't exactly have a chance to pack our suitcases, now did we?" said Flay sarcastically.

    Kei grinned at them. "I've got a few calls to make so I'll just leave them with you, Miroku and Sango, Yuri. I'll trill you when the others get back. Ja Ne for now." she said, heading for the lift.

    "Thanks a lot, Boss!" said a flustered Yuri. "OK- have you guys ever heard of a replicator? (Three negative replies) Follow me if you please." added Yuri and led the way to her express lift. Cag, Flay, Nat and Sango followed her with Miroku bringing up the rear until they got to the lift. "Whoa there, Miroku. We'll meet you in the rec room if you don't mind." said Yuri politely.

    "Yeah, monk! It's 'girls only' this time so buzz off!" added Sango.

    "Fine. I can take a hint. I'll meet you down there." said the amorous monk, lingering until Flay, who was the last to board the lift car, was getting on. He tapped her shoulder. Flay turned.

    "Yes, sir?" she asked. Miroku cupped his hand around her ear and whispered to her. Flay blushed beet red and shook her head emphatically. Then she dashed over to join the others.

    "What did he want, Flay?" asked Cagalli.

    "None of your frigging darn business!" answered Flay, reddening even more. Sango smiled and Yuri looked exasperated. Both of 'em knew oro the monk had just asked Flay! Normally, Sango would've been angry with him but Miss Flay frigging Allster had been acting like a stuck-up bitch of the highest order ever since she'd come aboard and she was a crybaby to boot so Sango was glad that someone had taken her down a notch even if it was Miroku who'd done the deed! Yuri had long ago resigned herself to the fact that Miroku was going to ask every female who came aboard the same question but she didn't relish the fact that he had two more to go! The lift quickly descended six levels to her own digs on Lvel 3.

    "Last stop- everybody out! Welcome to my pad, guys." said Yuri, stepping off the lift and into her living room. Although Kei's express lift only exited through her closet wall, Yuri's had the option of exiting through the closet wall or directly into her living room. She led her little group into one of the spare bedrooms and shut the door. She touched a wall panel and a huge flat table arose out of the floor! It was bare of anything except for a strange looking thing resembling an old Terran copy machine!

    "Sango, onegai take their measurements for me." said Yuri, tossing off her blazer. Sango removed her vest as well. Then she strolled over to Flay and smiled.

    "Get undressed, Flay." she said, picking up a vidmeasure tape. The trio did a double take!

    "No frigging way, Lady!" cried a defiant Flay on the verge of tears.

    "That goes for me too, girl!" added Cagalli. Nat nodded her head and frowned at the demon slayer teenager.

    "Just your outer clothing- not your undies! It's so I can get your measurements for your new stuff!" explained Yuri without looking up from her PDO. Flay relaxed and disrobed. Sango touched the wand of her vidmeasure to Flay's body and ran it across her breasts, waist, hips, arms, legs, feet, neck and head. Each time the device announced the result and at the same time that measurement appeared on Yuri's PDO screen. Did we all remember that a 'PDO' is a 'personal data organizer'?

    "You're next, Cag," said Sango. The blonde complied immediately and Sango repeated the process with her. "Take a seat, Cag. It's Nat's turn now." added Sango.

    "It's been so long since I've worn anything except a uniform, Sango." said the Lieutenant.

    "If you'd prefer not to change, that's quite alright, Nat." said Yuri soothingly.

    "Yeah, it's OK with us if you're too chicken, Lieutenat!" teased Cagalli. Nat was infuriated.

    "The Hell with that! I'm not too chicken, Ensign! I'll show you all!" she yelled and tossed off her saucer cap. Her tunic jacket, turtleneck, skirt, shoes, leggings and slip soon followed the cap. Her beauthy rivalled both of the Yuris! "Well, get on with it, girl! I ain't got all day!" she snarled. Sango quickly took her measurements. Finally Yuri had finished too.

    "OK gang- get over here tell the replicator oro you want. It's got your measurments keyed in so just state your full name and tell it oro you want. It'll do the rest. Like this- Yuri Donovan. Outfit, schoolgirl, Terra, circa AD 2000. Color, white with green piping. Tie, red. skirt, pleated. Color, grey. Blazer, green. Socks, ankle, white. Shoes, Oxford, black. Replicate. Now watch." said Yuri and instantly the requested items magically materialized in what should have been the copy tray of the printer if it had infact been one!

    "Please state next request." said the machine.

    Cagalli came forward. "I'm next! Cagalli Yula Athna. Tee shirt, yellow. Chinos, grey. Jacket, Light aoishi. Socks, patent, black. Sneaker, high top, white. Headband, red. Replicate." she ordered and in less than half a minute Cagalli grabbed her new apparrel and began dressing in it.

    The replicator asked for the next request and Flay bounced over to it. Yuri saw that all was going smoothly so she rose to go. "Meet Miroku in the rec room when they're finished changing. Give 'em the 'Cook's Tour' but keep 'em off the bridge. When you hear the announcement that we're ready to start our reenactment, send these guys to their quarters and report to me on the bridge, Sango. OK?" whispered Yuri and Sango nodded. Yuri departed for the bridge.

    "Hey! This stuff all fits!" yelled Cag, cavorting around the room in her new attire.

    "Of course they fit, stupid! The replicator has all your measurements on afile in its memory storage banks now." laughed Sango. Flay went next and chose a schoolgirl oufit like Yuri's except she asked for a green skirt instead of a grey one. Flay wasted no time in getting dressed. Finally, it was Nat's turn. Her request was for a black leather jacket and matching skin-tight slacks, a black turtleneck, a black tee shirt, black socks and black cycle boots topped off by a black bandana which she bound around her brunette tresses like a headband. "Ka-Mi! You look just like the Boss did last month, Nat! The resemblance is uncanny! It's amazing!" said Sango.

    "Yeah, Nat! That's a really cool outfit you got there!" agreed Cagalli.

    "You look very nice, Nat. Really kawaii." said Flay.

    "So do you, Ensigns." replied Nat. "Look, I know that the 'Angel' gang is quite informal around here but we are from the 'ARCH Angel' and we're still 'EA' officers so I'll be Lieutenant Nat and you'll be Ensign Flay and Ensign Cag. OK?" siad Nat. "Of course now, Ensign is oro I'll call you but you can call each other by your first names if you like. And I'll be just 'Nat' when we're off duty, whenever the Hell that is. Sango, we're ready. Let's go." said Nat.

    Sango came forward. "I have gifts for all of you. (She handed each girl a pair of earrings) They're comlinks. Just talk and they activate. Anyone with them on can hear you." said Sango.

    "How about the guys?" asked Flay.

    "They've got pens that work the same way." she explained. "And these." said sango, handing each one of them a Mark VI blaster identical to her own. She handed out shoulder holster rigs to both Cag and Nat. "I'll give you a choice, Flay because of your outfit. Shoulder rig, side holster or this." siad sango, producing a yellow backpack. Flay chose the backpack and stuffed her borrowed 3WA uniform into it while Cag added her own and Nat gave her her 'EA' officer's uniform she'd worn since her arrival. All of the items fit comfortably into Flay's new backpack.

    Cont in Ch 104-Part 2
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 104-Part 2-K&K

    "Do we really need those things?" asked Flay, pointing to the blasters that Cag and Nat were sliding into their holsters.

    "Sorry, kiddo. Boss's orders. Quote: 'All personnel over the age of twelve will be armed at all times. No exceptions.' Unquote. You should've heard the time lords howl when she made them carry arms! Apparently they despise all weapons!" giggled Sango. "Let's go if you're ready." she added. Flay hefted her backpack and groaned at the sheer weight of it now that it was filled up!

    "Sango? Can I onegai have a side holstered gunsash instead of this thing?" asked Flay. Sango buckled the sash around her waist and Flay removed the blaster from her pack and dropped it into the holster. Sango picked up the discarded backpack and said "We'll just dump this thing off at your place on the way, kid. You ready to go now?" asked Sango, leading the way back to their own quarters at 'Faye's Orhanage Suite'. Sango tossed the pack into the bedroom that Nat was sharing with Faye and then they all headed for the lift.

    "Rec room, onegai, 'CC'." said Sango to which 'CC' replied "Comply."

    "Pardon me for asking, Sango, but in this 'Sengoku Jidai' era of yours- oro do you actually do there?" asked nat Badgiruel and Sango smiled.

    END of Chapter 104. Chapter 105 'Miroku Meets His Match' or ' Entertaining the Ensign' to follow soon. Thanks and r/r/s away. Have nice and safe 4th of July holiday and Kami bless you all-K&K

    Cont in Ch 105-Part 1
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 105-Part 1-K&K

    DISCLAIMER: OK James, it's all yours! First, thank you to Mr. T. for the use of the Angels. Thanks to everyone else who is letting us use their creations. How was that, Yuri? Great! Oh yes it was, Kei! Well, we left you up in the air so let's get to Chapter 105 without further preamble:-

    Chapter 105

    'Miroku Meets His Match' or 'Entertaining the Ensigns'

    "That's OK, Nat. I travel around with Inu Yasha- the guy with the doggie ears, Kagome- a cool girl your age, Flay. She visits us from her present time which is the 21st Century on Earth in Japan. Miroku- the monk and Shippou- the kitsune or fox-boy demon travel with us as well. But you asked about my job, didn't you? Well, I'm a demon slayer. I wear a really cool black outfit with red armor on it and I've got a katana- a sword thing, a mask for filtering out 'miasma', that's demonic gas, my 'hiraikotsuu' or big bone boomerang and of course, my 'Kirara'- a white nekko youkai demon which can change its size from kitten to huge. Inu Yasha's a hanyou or a half dog demon/half human thing. He used to wannabe a full youkai demon but now he doesn't and he helps us to slay badass demons. Shippouu's powers are fox magic or illusions. Miroku's a monk- believe it or not! Kag's a miko or a reincarnated high preistess. Kouga's a wolf youkai demon but he's agood gy. Kikyo is the miko that Kagome is reincarnated from- she's sorta like Kag's ancestor or something. Now, Naraku's one of those badass demons we're after but right now we've got a truce with him and we all gotta be on our best behavior or the Boss'll kick our asses but good! Ah, here we are at last. Level two- the rec room. After you, ladies." said Sango.

    "So- Kei- you decided to tag along with us after all, eh? Nai- not Kei but who? Ah, of course- Miss badgiruel, it's you, isn't it? Still, the resemblance- it's jsut uncanny!" said Miroku, politely rising from his seat when Sango, Flay, Cagalli and nat came into the room. "A drink, ladies?" he added courteously.

    "The ensigns and I will have iced tea, please." answered Nat.

    "Same goes for me, monk and thanks." said Sango. As he served them with the requested refreshments, Miroku leaned across the bar and whispered into Cagalli's ear.

    "How DARE you, sir!" exclaimed the blonde, jumping up so abruptly so as to titlt the table behind her. Only Nat's lighning fast reflexes saved the drinks from spilling all over them. CRACK! Cagalli's slap left an angry weal across the amorous monk's cheek!

    "Ah but it was well worth the pain." said the subdued monk.

    "Two down and still one to go." said Sango to herself.

    "Ensign Athna! That was not the conduct of an 'Earth Alliance' officer! Apologize at once! That's an order, Ensign!" said Natarle Badgiruel sharply.

    "I apologize for my conduct to you, sir. However, I do so under protest, ma'am!" said Cagalli coldly.

    "Understood and so noted, Ensign." replied Nat.

    When they had finished their drinks, Sango led the way back to the lift. Flay and Cagalli followed her but Nat hung back a bit to admire the posh decor of the dining hall they had just passed through. Suddenly she felt a hand on her derriere! Acting with lightning speed, she grabbed the offending hand and twisted it up into the monk's back- hard!

    "That is called a 'hammer lock', Mr Miroku! If I increase the pressure ever so slightly, your wrist will snap! Do me a favor and kindly keep your hands to yourself, sir! Do I make myself clear, sir?" said Nat while still keeping the pressure on the monk's arm.

    "Hai but might I ask you a question, Lieutenant?" he wheezed.

    "Go ahead." she said and relxed her grip.

    "Would you do me the great honour of bearing my children, Madam?" he asked.

    Nat cut loose with a giggle and then a fit of laughter. "Is that oro you asked Flay and Cagalli? (The monk nodded his head.) No wonder one was on the verge of tears and the other one belted you across the chops! Nai, kind sir but arigato for the offer anyway! C'mon, let's hurry and catch up to the others." replied Nat.

    "No hurry, nat. I've given oro seems like dozens of tours of this ship with Sango before. First, she'll take them to the docking bays at the very bottom of the 'Angel'. That's where we keep the shuttles, aircars, skysleds, surfacecraft, skycycles, boats, subs, flying platforms and all of the other junk that the 3WA use on their away missions. Then it'll be on to the engine rooms, computer rooms, storage rooms, arsenols, armouries, sick bay, the holodecks, communications relay control rooms, transporter room, the living quarters and finally- unless Kei said no to it- the command deck. Do you really want to wander around this frigging starship for a few hours?" asked Miroku amusedly.

    "Nai but oro's the alternative?" asked Nat ruefully.

    "Shogi, Duel Monsters, video games, pool, poker- you name it and we got it! Perhaps the holodecks are more your style. If so, I can--" suggested the monk of the Terran's Feudal Era.

    Nat's face brightened at once. "Oro? What! You guys have Duel Monsters here? Wow! I've just been dying for a duel! I tried to teach Murray and Muley. Er, Captain Murrue ramius and Mu LaFlaga, our chief skygrasper attack jet pilot, that is- but they're too dense for it! I've only gotten as far as the 'Joey Wheeler-Phase 3' starter deck myself, however, I always carry my deck with me." she said, producing a deck of fifty DM cards from her ammo pouch.

    "Well, we do have several experts aboard, however, I'm only at the 'Tea Gardner-Phase 2C' level myself. We do have a 'Duel program' set up on the holodecks if you'd like some realism with your dueling." explained Miroku.

    "Sure. Why not?" agreed nat, beginning to like this strangeest of holy men.

    Miroku glanced down at his wristchromo and frowned. "Whoops! Sango will be just furious if I leave her saddled with those two girls of yours for much longer! How's about we play tonight right after dinner? I'll get Wes to reset the parameters of the program for novice players instead of experts. Would that be OK with you, Nat?" asked Miroku.

    "Yeah! That'll be cool, Mr Miroku or do you prefer 'Father'?" she asked.

    "Just Miroku will be fine, Nat." replied the monk who was already trilling Sango.

    "Where the oni have you been, you lecher? We've toured the docks, the holds, some of the arsenols and armouries and now we're on our way to sick bay! Get your ass up here stat!" yelled Sango through her comlink.

    "I have been entertaining Lt nat, I'll have you know!" he replied indignantly.

    "Well, hustle her ass up here to sick bay on the double! I'll stall until you get up here." trilled Sango.

    "Roger willco, Sango. See you soon." trilled Miroku. "Why don't you take off that jacket, nat? You must be roasting in it!" he added.

    "It is rather warm in here for one but I'm wearing a gun underneath it and if we run into any kids, I sure don't want to scare them!" replied Nat.

    Cont in Ch 105-Part 2
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 105-Part 2-K&K

    "Here. Wear this instead. It's much lighter and I'm sure Kagome won't mind your borrowing it for awhile." said Miroku, tossing her a tan vest which Kagome always kept behind the bar.

    "Yeah, that's much better, monk. Here." said Nat, handing him the leather jacket which he stuck behind the bar. The duo left and had soon rejoined the tour group. When they got to Level Five, Miroku excused himself and went to see Wesley about changing the holodeck parameters. Wes agreed to 'tone down' the playing field program for the Miroku vs Nat duel that evening. Miroku rejoined them just in time to see Nat's aizu light up brightly when she saw the vast array of 3WA weaponry in the arsenol and armoury rooms. Cagalli was particularly drawn to an old (for the 'Angels' anyway!) Mark II-A plasma bolt launcher.

    "Wowie! Kei's got some real antiques on this ship, doesn't she?" Cag was so startled that she almost dropped the heavy piece of ordnance on Nat's foot! "Sorry about that, kid! Jett says that I must have some Ninja blood in me or something. Guess that's why I move so quietly!" said Faye Valentine who'd just arrived.

    "Antiques! You mean that these aren't state of the arts weaponry?" cried Cagalli.

    "That's pretty damned hard to believe! Those things are eons ahead of our 'Godfrey' cannons even!" exclaimed Nat.

    "Sorry but this stuff is at least a century old! It's just junk and I really can't understand why O'Halloran's keeping it around!" added Faye while tapping out a cheroot. Just before she lit it, Nat grabbed the cowgirl's arm.

    "Are you nuts! This is a frigging arsenol! No smoking, stupid!" she snarled.

    "OK! OK! Chill out, Nat! I forgot!" said Faye, replacing the cheroot in her cigar case.

    "By the way, Faye- where are the two sets of 'Bobbsey' twins?" asked Sango.

    "Ed and Serena are over on the holodecks with Rin and Shippou. The scouts are with them as well." answered Faye.

    "Alone?" asked Miroku worriedly.

    "Of course not, monk! Robin (Senna) and Yumi are over there with 'em!" replied the brunette cowgirl.

    "You two get stuck with tour detail again?" whispered Faye to Sango who nodded and made a wry face.

    "It ain't all bad- they are all really quite kawaii, are they not?" whispered Miroku.

    "Yeah! Especially the tall one! Your arm still hurting, monk?" asked Sango maliciously. Miroku had told her about his encounter with Nat and Sango was just a teensy bit nervous.

    The monk nodded. "Ah, but it was well worth the pain, my dear!" grinned Miroku. Sango had just shown them the auxilliary bridge when Nat casually asked--

    "Sango, oro's on Level Six?" Sango hesitated until Faye intervened by whispering--

    "Kei did say to show them 'everything', didn't she? (Sango nodded) So she must have meant 'it' as well, Sango." whispered the cowgirl to the demon slayer.

    "OK. Follow me, guys." she said resignedly and led the party to a concealed spiral stairwell.

    "No lift?" asked Flay and Sango shook her head.

    "Level Six can only be reached brom below via this staircase on Level Five. There is no access from Level Seven. (Surprise showed on the faces of the ensigns and the lieutenant) There is quite a good reason for these precautions as you shall see soon. Follow me." said Sango, unsealing the stairwell's entry port.

    A short but dizzying climb brought them up to Level Six. "This is the sonic beam disruptor blast ion cannon railgun. Affectionately known as the 'God Gun', it is the very newest and most guarded secret weapon of the 3WA and the 'UG'. Not even 'Starfleet Command' knows of its actual existence! According to the Boss, er, Kei, this is the prototype, explained Sango and leaned against the metallic bulkhead wall.

    "Well, where is it then, Sango?" asked Flay, glancing around. The cowgirl grinned at her.

    "You're standing inside the shimatta thing, kiddo." explained Faye Valentine. "This entire level IS the 'God Gun' itself! The workings for it are installed on Level One and the controls for it are up on the bridge. This weapon cannot be fired from the auxilliary bridge which we just showed you." she added.

    Surprise quickly changed to shock! "This whole deck IS the gun itself?" asked Cagalli and Miroku nodded.

    "Good God! Then that means this thing is over a thousand meters long? That is just so incredible!" exclaimed Nat.

    " 1,217.8 meters to be exact." said Faye.

    "Where are the shells- the ammo for it?" asked Cagalli Yula Athna.

    "There aren't any, Cag." Sango rummaged in her satchel and produced a pair of powerful vidscreen opticals or state of the arts electronic binoculars. She passed them to Cagalli and pointed to the far 'port' or left hand end of the tunnel they were standing in which was, in reality, the gun's bore! "Look down there, Cag. See that thing that looks like a small moon? (Cagalli nodded) That is 14,000 dilythium power crystal shards fused with Boromite cystal shards, an explosive catalyst, of Power Level Alpha VI. Boromite ignites at 1,600 degrees Kelvin and then explodes or implodes at 2,400 degrees Kelvin. Dr Q has figured out how to concentrat that exor implosion and the resulting blast of pure energy into some kind of super atomic sonic wave which will send its beam up to a hundred million kilos across space in less than 4.6 seconds! It will, of course, vaporize anything and everything in its path and that path is as wide if not wider than this corridor which is 115.6 meters across! That is why it will only be fired in the most dire of emergencies!" said a grim-faced Sango.

    "Has it ever been test fired?" Nat wanted to know.

    "Mr Gustav told me it was tested at 'Laramie 10' about six months ago. The result was that 'Larmie 10', which is so called because the planet is surrounded by ten moons, will henceforth have to be referred to as 'Laramie 9'!" said the monk sadly.

    "Can we please get the Hell outta here? All of a sudden I'm feeling sick and it's like freezing in here!" whined Flay Allster.

    "You shoulda worn pants like Nat and me- not a skirt, Flay!" whispered Cag.

    "Cold, Honey? We'll find a replicator upstairs on Seven and whip you up some slacks and a jacket." said Faye.

    "Yeah, it sure does feel creepy in here and that ain't no lie, guys." agreed Sango, leading them back down to Level Five and the lift.

    Half of Level Seven was loaded with communications equipment while most of the other half was storage rooms and living quarters. The observation room was on that level as well. Faye soon found an empty suite and repped up a pair of lime green slacks along with a matching jacket, cap and gloves for Flay. With the now unnecessary skirt and blazer safely stowed away in Sango's satchel, the young ensign was soon ready to go again in her new togs. After a brief tour of Level Eight- Computer Mainframe, holodecks and control booths along with Yuri Donovan's 'office' and storage rooms- Miroku and Sango led their three guests and Faye up to the Command Deck on Level Nine. It contained the bridge and navigations room as well as Kei's ready room and adjoining Commander's suite. In addition this level contained eleven more suites- living room, bathroom, bedroom; a small kitchenette/galley room, a library, an archives retrieval room and a rear observation deck complete with balcony. Seven's observation deck was to the fore of the ship rather than the aft end of it like on Eight. Sango, since she'd been forbidden to take them to the bridge or ready room announced "This concludes our tour, Ladies. Onegai join us in the rec room for some refreshments. Whoops, I forgot to show you something on Level Four so we'll make a quick stop on our way downstairs. I don't know about you guys but I just have to use the rest room! You just cannot imagine how long it took me, Miroku, Shippouu, Kouga, Inu Yasha, Rin, Sess, Jaken, Kikyo and naraku to get used to using- shall we say- indoor plumbing! In the era we hail from- the Feudal one- you just went into the woods whenever you got the 'call of nature' and we bathed in either a hot spring, a lake or a river! Well, here we are, guys. Follow me." said Sango and she led them down the hall to a huge alcove on one side of which was a tall glassed in control booth and directly opposite it was a raised dais having twenty small grid pads on its floor with a corresponding number of pads in the ceiling above it.

    Cont in Ch 105-Part 3
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 105-Part 3-SFN-K&K

    "I don't believe it! A teleport system? Oro's its range, Sango?" asked Nat.

    "About 1,500 kilos- give or take." answered Faye, igniting a cheroot after seeing the look of puzzlement on her colleague's face.

    "Second door down there on the left- you can't miss it, Flay." she added, pointing the girl in the direction of the restrooms after noticing Flay getting antsy and hopping up and down on one leg. Cagalli, Nat and Sango excused themselves as well and followed Flay. Refreshed, they soon returned to where Faye and Miroku were waiting for them. The monk had been regaling the cowgirl with tales of the demons which he and the Inu yasha gang had killed or vanquished! Faye was bored shitless and welcomed their return.

    They boarded the lift and at last arrived at the rec room. Saitoh Hajime served them with drinks- iced tea for Nat, Cag, Flay and Sango, sake for the monk and a vodka martini (shaken not stirred) for Faye. They also helped themselves to a light snack.

    "Any word from our shuttles yet?" asked Miroku.

    "Another hour or two- they ran into some damned thing called an 'ion storm'." explained the ex-chief of the third squad of the 'Shinsengumi' troops. In AD 1879, after the civil war in Terran Japan, the 'Shinsengumi' became the police forces for the new japanese republic.

    "Well, I'm on this watch. Guess I should give Robin and Yumi a break. Anyone want to join me in babysitting?" asked Faye, draining her second martini. Sango and Miroku both declined her offer as did Nat and Cag. Surprisingly, Flay accepted and followed Faye out.

    "Either remain here or in your suites please. Do not wander around the ship. Yuri's orders- not mine." said Faye, waving goodbye to them. "Fancy a swim, kid?" she asked Flay.

    "Yeah, why not. But I haven't got a- " answered Flay. Faye produced a red bikini from her bag and tossed it to the girl.

    "Sandals, shades, sunblock. Here, you carry it." said Faye, handing it to Flay. "We'll swing by our place and pick up my junk and yours on the way. If we're lucky we'll get two hours on the holodeck. Then we'll just have time to freshen up and change for dinner." she said as they rode the lift up to Level 3.

    "We usually wear our 'mizugis' (swimsuits) and beach kimonos when we go up to the holodecks." said Faye, keying th door panel controls of her suite. "After you, Flay." she added, allowing the young ensign to precede her into the living room. Flay hefted her backpack and carried both bags into the room that she was sharing with Cagalli, Yumi and Robin Senna. Faye dove into her own room to change. A few minutes later Faye had changed into a very nice one-piece black/white mizugi. Over it she wore a shortie beach kimono- white with an 'FV' embroidered over the left breast. Shades and sandals completed her ensemble and she carried the skin care necesseties in a small drawstring tote bag. A cheroot dangled from a corner of her mouth. She repped up a six pack each of beer and soda, chips, pretzels and sandwiches along with a picnic basket to hold everything. She was busily packing stuff into it when Flay came out of her room.

    The red bikini mizugi fit her form like a skin-tight glove and like Faye she was wearing shades and sandals. Likewise she had a tote bag to carry. Her shortie beach kimono was green and had the motif 'FA' embroidered on the left breast.

    "You look great, kid." approved Faye.

    "So do you." replied Flay and the duo left for the holodecks. It was almost 1400 hours.

    Meanwhile downstairs at the bar- Miroku had replaced Saitoh as bartender. Cagalli and Nat were having hot fudge sundaes when Cag got a scathingly brilliant and devilish idea and called the monk over. "Oh Miroku, could I onegai see you for a second?" she asked. (Wonder oro is coming next?)

    END of Chapter 105. Chapter 106 'An Archangel's Antics' or 'nat Gets A Family' coming soon. Enjoy. R/R/S away and Kami bless you all-K&K

    Cont in Ch 106-Part 1
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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