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Thread: Dirty Pair Fanfiction

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    Here's Ch 108-Part 2-K&K

    "That won't work, Lt! Ion cannons fire beams of energy and not solid projectiles like bullets! That beam forms a line leading from the weapon to the target. Kei'll spot cag in a heartbeat!" trilled Yuri into Nat's ear. Naturle Badgiruel smiled.

    "Cag won't be using an ion cannon- she'll be using this." she replied and hefted her own .25 calibre automatic pistol. "The hole in the target looks the same whether it's put there by a beam or a bullet! Trust me, Yuri- Kei won't tumble to our game." she added. Yuri looked aat her dubiously.

    "OK- but if I give you a signal, call off Cag, got it?" instructed Yuri.

    "Sure thing, kiddo. What's the signal?" asked Nat.

    "I'll twirl the Mark a few times around my finger. Are we clear on that? Because I pity all of our asses if Kei ever figures this one out!" replied a worried Yuri. The PA system chose that particular moment to blare out its latest announcement.

    "Kei to the bridge. Kei to the bridge stat!" The voice was Legato's.

    "I guess I'd better go see oro that's all about. Come along if you'd like, Nat." said Yuri, running for the lift. Nat had to jog to keep up with her protege. "Bridge onegai." said Yuri once she and Nat were aboard the lift car. They ascended rapidly and less than a minute later they entered the bridge complex's main room. Kei arrived a few seconds later with Kagome Higurashi in tow.

    "Legato! Oro's the matter? Report." barked an impatient CO.

    "A call from Emma, Boss. Wait'll you hear this one- it's a lulu! On screen, Kome." commanded the pilot. The screen filled with the face of the rugged buccaneer- eye patch and all and she was hopping mad!

    "Arigato Christ! Kei, we have a frigging disaster on our hands! An hour ago we received a distress call from a region near 'Lyoko'. We soon tracked the signal to a drifting escape pod which we tractored aboard. Inside it was a real weird lokking guy in black robes wearing a Terran jackal's mask. He seemed to be trapped in some sort of time corridor or vortex anomaly according to the Baron anyway. He advised caution and to contact you first but you know your counterpart Keisie! She blasted the containment fields around the unit and--"

    Emma was abruptly cut off by Doctor 2 who was in hysterics! "She let him out! They let that fool redhead release him. He's out! Sutek is loose!" he cried in a voice of fear. Genie and Vash managed to ollar the little fellow finally so Emma could continue.

    "Anyhow he did seem to be genuinely grateful to be rescued so I assigned him to those three 'Valley Girls' from Terra- Alex, Clover and Sam. All they had to do was to deliver him to John Stewart (Green Lantern), Wally (The Flash) and Jonnz Jonnz (The Martian Manhunter). Sutek would be bunking with them for our trip to 'Antares'. But those three baka 'WOOHP' spies or should I say 'whoops!' spies decided that there was no harm in showing him our docking bays. He seemed curious about the airlocks so Clover showed him how they worked! To make a long story short, the gist of it is this, Kei- he overpowered them and hijacked the 'White Diamond', one of my shuttles. He's holding the trio hostage and he demands that we hand over to him the--" Emma was interrupted once again.

    "The 'Eye of Horus'?" finished Doctor 4.

    "Yes, Doctor and if he doesn't get it he will vaporize the entire 'Antares System'!" exclaimed the pirate.

    "Can he really do that, Kei? With a shuttle?" asked Yuri incredulously.

    "With that one he can, Yuri. The 'Diamond' has one of our new sonic cannon 'God Guns' installed on it!" replied a grim-faced Kei.

    "Doctor? Didn't you say that Sutek was trapped in a virtual time freeze?" asked Marlene Angel.

    "And that he couldn't possibly get out of it?" added Kome Sawaguchi.

    "Yes Mar, he was and yes Kome, he couldn't escape- at least not without help!" fumed the Doctor, staring directly at the CO.

    "Oro the Hell? Why are ya lookin' at me, Doc? I didn't let him loose!" yelled Kei hotly.

    "Nai, but your counterpart did!" exploded the time lord. In a softer tone he added "Sorry Kei- I know it isn't really your fault but Keisie is like an ancestor of yours though, isn't she?" he asked.

    "Nai, Doc! I sure as Hell ain't related to her!" shouted Kei while Yuri giggled. "This ain't funny, you baka vacuumhead! It's a Fxxxing disaster! If that psych uses our 'God Gun' he can vaporize this entire system!" said Kei worriedly.

    "What vexes me is how Sutek got to the 23rd Century? I sealed him up in the 19th! Somehow he must have come through that blasted bloody rift!" exclaimed Doctor 4.

    "Then won't he simply return to there when the rift closes, Doc?" asked Legato logically.

    "Of course he will, Bluesummers, but in the meantime he could easily destroy the universe!" replied the tall man from Gallifrey.

    "Emma, is that shuttle on your viewers? Our scans aren't picking it up." said Yuri.

    As if on cue Kome trilled Yuri. "Hai, Kome? Oro? Patch that transmission through to my station." trilled Yuri.

    "Now it's in the 'Forest' region of 'Lyoko' but we can't attack it, Yuri. Not so long as he's got those three spies for hostages." replied Emma.

    "Kome! I sure as the devil hope you can hear me! This is Sam calling from that pirate lady's shuttle. Clover, Alex and I are OK. The nutcase who swiped this shuttle, Sutek I think his name is, he grabbed us for hostages and man, he doesn't even look human! I have managed to hack into the ship's control system and I'm patching in a video feed link so you should be able to see us now. You guys can see us? Good. Can you see the wires in this control box? OK. Now you know that this idiot will fire this 'God Gun' thing unless he gets something called the 'Eye of Horus', whatever the Hell that thing is! Whether he gets it or not, he's gonna nuke this star system! Doctors, we have absolutely no intention of taking him on whatsoever! Just show me how to sabotage the gun so he can't use it. Then 'Long Jean Silver' (Emma) can tractor us back to the 'Queen'. OK, I'll stand by but hurry up, Kome!" said Sammy.

    Yuri glanced at her CO and frowned. "Kei, I can't tell Sammy how to shut that crazy thing down because I just don't know how!" she whined.

    "I know you don't. I dunno how to either, kid so just calm down for a minute." growled Kei, keying her mike to Emma's signal. "Emma, get me Anton, er, Chief Gustav and quick! (Anton came forward with Don Poporo beside him) Chief! Arigato Kami! Can you see the vidscreen that Sammy's patched in from the 'White Diamond'? OK then, tell Sammy how to disable the 'God Gun', our sonic cannon so Sutek can't use it! Emma, stand by on the tractor beams. The instant Sammy shuts down that shimatta gun, beam the 'Diamond' back to the 'Queen'. Doctor 4 said that your Doctor 2 know how to retrap Sutek in his time corridor prison cell so get him down to the docks. Send his time chamber, that thing you guys thought was an escape pod, to the docks for the Doctor to use. It'll have to be really fast- before Sutek can mount an attack. Boss, we're all counting on you for this one! Kei out." said Kei, dropping the mike and trilling to Sammy.

    "Sorry Kei but Sammy's working with Mr Gustav on those control circuits or something. It's Alex. Hi, Captain. I don't think we've met before, Captain, er Admiral, sir, ma'am!" chattered Alex.

    "Nice to meet you, Alex. We'll have to have lunch sometime. Tell me exactly where Sutek is on that shuttle if you know." trilled Kei.

    "Where he always is, ma'am- the map room." answered the pert brunette teenager from Terran California.

    "It's just Kei, Alex. You mean he ain't on the bridge, kid?" trilled Kei.

    "Nai, er, no, Kei. He's in the map room trying to figure out the charts or something!" replied Alex.

    "He's frigging lost! He can't find Terra!" trilled Kei.

    "Terra?" wondered Alex.

    "Where you're from, Alex. You know- Earth!" trilled Kei. "Where's the other one of you- the blonde?" asked Kei. Alex hesitated.

    "Well-- she's in one of the cabins and she's, er, trying on clothes and stuff." trilled Alex.

    "She's oro! Get her ass out here now!" trilled Kei angrily. Alex trembled, nodded and then vanished from view for a few seconds. "Imagine! That nutcase is preparing to destroy a star system and she's playing fashion model!" fumed Kei.

    Alex returned dragging a taller blonde teenager who was wearing one of Starfire's violet outfits. "Here she is, Kei." announced Alex.

    "Hi there, ma'am. Did you want me?" asked the blonde.

    Cont in Ch 108-Part 3
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    Here's Ch 108-Part 4-K&K

    "Look kids- your partner is about to remove the stabilizing core from the 'God Gun' sonic cannon. When she does that, Sutek will know it because a small amber light will flash on the control console so Sammy will need him distracted for a few seconds. That's where you two come in. I don't really care how you do it but in exactly five minutes you must cause some disturbance to keep Sutek from noticing Sammy's sabotage. Then Emma will teleport you three and that core back to the 'Queen'. So after you distract Sutek, get your asses to the rear of the shuttle with Sammy stat! Emma will only have one shot at picking you off the shuttle so you three gotta be together to transport. Understood?" trilled the redhead urgently. "Yeah, totally no problem, Kei." replied Alex. "Sure. We're real good at causing trouble, ma'am." added Clover. "You'll have real trouble if Star catches you in that getup!" chortled Kei. "Clover! Go and get changed. I'll handle the diversion." said Alex. "What's a sonic cannon?" Clover wanted to know. "That damned 'God Gun', stupid! Now hurry up!" replied an angry Alex. Clover went back inside the cabin and Alex opened all the other cabin doors. Then she opened the bridge and chartroom dooors too. Alex ran back to her cabin and turned up the holodisk which was sorta like a CD player until its volume was set at 'MAX'. Taking a deep breath, she placed a stack of holodisks inside the changer and hit the 'PLAY' panel. Instantly the entire ship was filled with music- really LOUD music! Clover came racing into the hallway with both hands over her ears. She'd taken off Starfire's clothing but she hadn't put on anything to take its place yet! "Alex! What the HELL is going on, girl?" she yelled. "Clover! Where the Hell are your clothes, you dumbass? Grab something and let's go! Sutek will be here any second!" screamed Alex. When the blonde just stood there, Alex raced back into the cabin, grabbed Clover's 3WA uniform and raced back out. Shoving the garments at Clover, she grabbed the blonde and together they bolted back to the rear deck where an impatient Sammy was waiting with what looked like an old-fashioned Terran propeller cowling from a Boeing 707 jet airplane! Alex wrapped both arms around Sammy and Clover and yelled "Emma! Transport us now! Quick!" The trio shimmered just as Sutek bounded into the rear hallway, firing his disruptor pistol at them!

    Cont in Ch 108-Part 5
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 108-Part 5-K&K

    The blast struck the bulkhead and passed right through where the spies had been standing a scant second before! In the next instant, Sutek shimmered as he was teleported back to his time corridor prison pod. "Welcome back, my friend." said a grim-faced Doctor 2. Sutek glared at him and struggled to move. "No Sutek, not this time. I've re-initialized the time variable lock. You will be handed over to my fourth regenerated self who will see to it that you reach 'Gallifrey' where your fate will be decided by the High Council. Farewell, my friend." The short timelord closed and sealed the lifepod. "Lock that 'thing' in the hold under triple around the clock security. Get a tractor beam on it and get my shuttle back here stat." commanded Emma. Jonzz Jonzz (Martian Manhunter) and Johnny Stewart (Green Lantern), two of the 'Justice Leaguers' picked up the pod and carried it to the lift. The 2140 Yuri activated the tractor beam and soon the stolen shuttle was back inside the docking bays. Meanwhile one deck up- Alex, Sammy and Clover had materialized on the transporter pads. Vash the Stampede relieved Sammy of the stabilizing core while Wally (Flash) helped Alex down to the deck. Fritz von Dekker (Green Baron) stepped forward and gallantly wrapped his cloak around a grateful Clover. "Welcome aboard, Liebchens (children). We are pleased that you are all unharmed." he said with a broad smile. He turned to Emma, snapped his heels together, placed his gloved right fist across his left chest in a galactic salute and said "Mission accomplished, Mum. The young frauleins (young ladies) have been safely recovered, our shuttle is once again secure and Herr Sutek is once more in our custody." Emma returned his salute. "Well done- all of you. (She turned to the spies) You three have had quite an adventure. Genie! (A tall redheaded Amazon came forward) See that they get back to their cabin. Debriefing in my ready room in thirty minutes sharp. Clover, I trust that you will not be attending like that. Yuri, onegai tell Kei that we have neutralized the shuttle's 'God Gun', that Sutek is secure, our shuttle's been recovered, the hostages are safe and that we will have a debriefing in thirty minutes. If she likes, she can observe it on her vidscreen No. 6 at that time. Let's look sharp, people! I want everything taken care of by dinnertime. Ann, lay in a new course for 'Antares'. Baron, you have the comm. I'll be in my ready room. Vash, let's get this trinket safely secured in the safe. See you in thirty minutes. Ja mata." So saying the redheaded pirate departed with the red-coated gunslinger. Within the next half hour, all of Emma's orders had been carried out to the letter and the stage was set for the debriefing. When the three 'WOOHP' spies arrived at Emma's ready room all of the trio were clad in 3WA uniforms. The place was almost packed with folks jammed in like sardines! Emma was there as were the Baron, Vash, Keisie, her pal Yuri, Genie, Doctor 2, Batman (Bruce Wayne), John Stewart, Jonzz Jonzz and Ann Hathaway. Sammy, Clover and Alex had of course attended dozens of 'WOOHP' debriefings hosted by their boss, Jerry Lewis but they had 'never' seen one quite like this! Emma stood and welcomed them, then she bade them to be seated. She pointed to the Green Baron and barked "Report." The German told of the rescue, retrieval of the 'White Diamond' shuttle, recovery of the hostages and the stabilizing core, the apprehension of Sutek and his reincarceration. She next chose Vash who reported that the core was safely stowed away in the safe. Ann reported that three more days would see them all safely on 'Antares'. Genie reported that the security watches on the prisoner was Wally (Flash), Beast Boy (a 'Teen Titan') and Diana (WonderWoman, a 'Justice Leaguer') until midnight. Then the Elf Hunters' Ari and Junpei and Orphen's Magic would replace them until 0800 when the team would be Gunsmoke's 'Derringer' Merrill Strife and 'Stungun' Millie Thompson ably assisted by the 'Justice Leaguer', Superman. Batman reported all of his fighter teams ready and rarin' to go. Doctor 2 reported that the 'Emerald Queen's' engines were in tip-top shape. Finally it was Sammy's turn and she told of her removal of the core. Then Alex and Clover gave their own reports. They told of Alex's clever musical diversion and it seemed that poor Clover had just finished showering and had not yet dressed when the poor blonde had been dragged off the shuttle in her state of undress! Chiefs Anton Gustav and Donald Poporo had been reporting to the vice-admiral via vidphones while the debriefing had been taking place. At long last or so it seemed to Alex, Clover and Sammy who were used to five minute debriefings at 'WOOHP' HQ, Emma declared the session over. Kei had observed the whole thing on her vidscreen while she had been receiving the Chiefs' reports on another one. She thanked Anton, Don and Emma, wished them all 'Kami' or 'God' speed and dismissed them all. The chromo now stood at 2015 hours or a quarter past eight in the evening. Naturle Badgiruel had been observing this debriefing on the bridge'a vidscreens with Yuri Donovan and she was quite impressed by the efficiency and expertise in the decisions which had been made by both 'Long Jean' Emma and by the Boss herself! Yuri tapped lightly on Kei's ready room door. "Enter." replied Kei gruffly and the door slid open to admit Nat and Yuri. "That was really something else, ma'am! Not only did the put that darn 'God Gun' outta commission they even got Sutek back into the bargain!" yelled an excited Lt Badgiruel. "No too bad for a bunch of 'kids', eh?" chuckled Kei. "We're three days out from 'Antares' and should spot the markers ashita. When we arrive we'll have another full day to wait for Emma to show up before we can pull out for the trip to 'Alderaan' so except for certain 'key' personnel, everyone is 'off duty' from now until Emma arrives with her new playmates. 'Key' personnel will include the pilot and co-pilot; the navigations and communications officers; weapons, scanning, security and engineering officers. The kids will be under the supervision of at least two older children or adults at all times and I want around the clock tabs kept on both Ed and Conan. Make that to include Rin and Serena too. Yuri, it's after 2000 hours. Who's on the bridge now?" asked the 'Angel' commanding officer. "Jett's the pilot, 'Cowboy' Spike's the co-pilot, Aelita is our communications girl, Fred (Angel's gang) is our navigator, Sango's on weapons, Kouga's on security and Richard and rachel Moore are in engineering. Yumi and Fingal drew the short straw and they're tonight's babysitters. Cagalli, Flay, Rally and Rebecca are our roaming deck security guards. Kei, it's like almost 2100 er nine o'clock PM. Do you wanna postpone our--" Kei cut Yuri off in midsentence. "Nai (Not) on your life, airhead! I'm gonna kick the living crap outta you, kiddo!" replied Kei with malicious satisfaction in her voice. Nat grabbed the PA mike and keyed it. "Attention all hands- this is Lt Nat and we are just five minutes from the Fight of the Millenium, folks! Yuri vs Kei at 2100 hours on Deck 8, Holodeck 3 or just watch the match on any vidscreen. Come one, come all! Hurry, hurry, hurry! Get your bets down! Bulma Brief and April O'Neal are handling all of the wagering. Yuri's current odds are 105 to 1 while Kei's are 6 to 5! Do you feel lucky, guys?" she announced. "Enough alreaady! Let's go!" yelled Kei and she, Nat and Yuri rode the lift down to the holodecks. Kei peeled off her black WWII bomber jacket and tossed it to Nat. Yuri did likewise with her blazer. The lift dumped them off one level down on eight and Kei keyed open Holodeck 3. They all entered a barren gridroom. "Run Program Kei 1- Frontier." she said. "Arch, onegai." she added when the facade of a Terran old Wild West ghost town had materialized. "Combat or Stationary Targets?" asked program control. "Up to you, kid." said Kei, glancing over at her opponent. "Combat, onegai." replied a bold Yuri Donovan."Oh well- in for a woolong, in for a credit!" thought Yuri ruefully. "In 'Combat' mode you will be exposed to a variety of targets. You must eliminate the threatening ones while ignoring the safe ones. Is tat clear?" asked program control. "Yeah!" yelled Kei while Yuri looked lost! "Just shoot the bad guys and don't shoot the good guys?" suggested Kei. "Understood." said Yuri defiantly. "Nat, flip a coin, onegai. Yuri, you call it." said Kei and Nat flipped a woolong. "Tails." said Yuri hopefully. "Tails it is." said Nat happily. She was pulling for Yuri. "Looks like you're up first, kid. Good luck." said Kei. "And you." replied Yuri. "Combat mode." commanded Kei and the targets began to appear as if by magic. "You will each have a total of ten 'legal' targets. These are targets that you are authorized to hit. Mixed in with them, however, will be between five and seven 'illegal' targets. These are targets tahat you are 'not' authorized to and must not hit. For each legal target struck, you will receive ten points. For each illegal target struck, you will lose twenty points. Are these rules fully understood? Onegai indicate your understanding by standing on a white square.

    Cont in Ch 108-Part 6
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 108-Part 6 at lat-K&K

    (Both Yuri and Kei did so) Excellent. Now since Yuri is the first one up she will onegai stand on the red square marked 'START'. (Yuri did so.) Assume your shooting stance and indicate that you are ready to go by saying 'BEGIN'. Do so now." said control. Yuri took a deep breath and moved to the 'START' tile. She assumed the fighting stance like Nat had shown her and nodded her head to Kei's wave of encouragement. "Begin." she said and began to walk cautiously down the centre of the street, her tiny Mark III held upright in both fists. Suddenly a target leaped out in front of her--- END of Chapter 108. Chapter 109 'Millenium Battle Match' or 'Gunfight at the Angel Corral' to come soon. Onegai r/r/s away and Kami bless you all for your loyalty and belief in me-K&K

    Cont in Ch 109-Part 1
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 109-Part 1-K&K

    DISCLAIMER: OK Ed, it's all yours! First, thank you to Mr. T. for the use of the Angels. Thanks to everyone else who is letting us use their creations. How was that, Yuri? Great! Oh yes it was, Kei! Well, we left you up in the air so let's get to Chapter 109 without further preamble:-

    Chapter 109

    'Millenium Battle Match' or 'Gunfight at the Angel Corral'

    It was the figure of a small child- a toddler so Yuri held her fire. A few more steps and- another one- a thug. POW! A clean hit. "Ten points, Yuri." said program control.

    A few more steps and then- Waldess- the creep! POW! Another hit. "That makes twenty points, Yuri." announced control.

    Yuri turned the corner by the bank and dropped prone. Another target- an assassin with a machine gun disruptor blaster. POW! Another one went down to Yuri's Mark III. "You are now up to thirty points, Yuri." said control.

    She rolled to her feet and- another target. Maxie Berringer hit cleanly! "Forty points. Good hit, Yuri." said the same voice as before.

    She turned the next corner by the general store and- "Scary Sandra Gooch! You shimatta bitch!" she yelled. POW! POW! Another strike. "Fifty points. Two hits. Very good shooting, Yuri." stated control.

    She whirled quickly and- POW! A mercenary bit the dust at her feet. "Sixty points. You should have fired twice that time. Watch it, Yuri." warned control.

    Kei had been following her opponent's every move and she was really quite impressed by Yuri's improvement. The last time they'd dueled, poor Yuri had made ten points total!

    Suddenly Yuri whirled and fired across the alleyway. POW! A crrok with a hostage in tow. POW! "Minus twenty points- net of forty points, Yuri. You just wasted the hostage. You must be more careful, Miss Donovan." warned control.

    "Dam! This sure is tricky!" wailed Yuri aloud.

    "Take it easy, Yuri and remember to think before you fire." called Nat encouragingly.

    "No coaching please, Miss Badgiruel." admonished control.

    "Three more legals out there somewhere and at least three more illegals." thought Yuri. She ran to the next alleyway and spun back quickly, firing as she did so and- POW! POW! POW! POW!- Two more bank robbers went down in the same hailstorm of energy blasts.

    "Sixty points net. Most impressive, Yuri. Be cautious now. There is but one legal target remaining." said control.

    Yuri drew a deep breath and ran to the end of the alleyway where an older lady jumped out at her from the shadows! A spinning kick to the head and her target went down- and came right back up! POW! POW! This time the bomber lady went down and stayed down!

    "Good, Miss Donovan. A tricky one that was. You must have seen the grenade in her hand, however, that kick was ill advised. Had that grenade's pin been pulled, you would both be dead. Seventy points net in total. Good shooting, Yuri. Please unload your weapon and stand to the side. Your turn, Kei." stated control.

    Kei stood on the white square marked 'START'. "Are you ready, Kei?" asked the voice.

    "Increase target velocity and speed by fifty percent, control." commanded the redhead, taking a split stance by bracing her feet with the left slightly ahead of the right foot, flexing her knees and placing her feet shoulder width apart. The Mark III was held lightly but firmly in both of her fists.

    "Begin." she said and ran down the main street. Kei dropped to one knee and fired off three quick bursts of aoishi/white energy. POW! POW! POW! An assassin, a sniper and a knifethrower all went down!

    "Thirty points, Kei. An impressive start." said control.

    She rolled to one side and- POW! POW!- an android went down.

    "Forty points- no misses." announced control.

    A quick sprint up the next alleyway and she hit the deck , covering both sides of the alleyway. POW! A clean hit to the hostage taker, however, the hostage was unharmed.

    "A dangerous shot, Miss O'Halloran but a good one. Fifty points." said control.

    Kei reached the alleyway's terminus and cautiously peeked around the corner and right into the aizu of an escaped prisoner! She yanked him towards her, shoved the Mark III into his solar plexus and-- POW! POW!- he dropped!

    "Sixty points." yawned control. This was getting so boring to him.

    A sprint to the right, then left, then right again and- Kei had almost fired on a KP (Furool City Patrol) cop!

    "Good decision- no deductions- still sixty points, Kei." advised control.

    "Four more to go!" thought Kei, diving for cover as a fusillade of bolts crashed into the wall of the building behind her! POW! POW! POW!

    "Take that, Bill Jones and that! Killing over 700 people just to cover up one murder and then trying to ice a kid! You dirty bastard!" yelled Kei and she slapped in a fresh power pack.

    "Seventy points. Take it easy, Kei." warned control.

    "We're tied, Nat!" whispered Yuri. "Isn't it exciting?" she breathed.

    "Told you that you could do it." whispered Nat and patted Yuri's shoulder.

    Kei had dashed into the cover of a doorway and fired twice. POW! POW! Two bank robbers were down and no longer moving.

    "Ninety points. Be careful, Kei. Only one more target remains." advised control.

    Kei nodded, licked her lips and burst into the next building, firing wildly up the stairwell. POW! POW! POW! POW! POW! The sniper dropped- but so did- Charles Augustus Garner!

    "That is one hundred points minus twenty points for an illegal strike for a net total of eighty points. You did get the perpetrator but you killed Chief Garner as well. Very careless shooting and a poor decision, Miss O'Halloran. However, you are still the victor by ten points. Congratulations, Kei." announced control.

    "Some Fxxxing victor I am! I iced Charlie Garner! Dammit!" cried Kei, jettisoning the power pack and then throwing it and her Mark at the wall. Then she smashed a gloved right fist into the same wall!

    "Miss O'Halloran! Had that wall been solid instead of merely holographic, you would now have a broken right hand! For shame. Control your temper, young lady!" admonished program control.

    Yuri draped Kei's jacket across her tomo's shoulders.

    "Good match, Boss! You've really helped me out quite a lot! Imagine! Me- with seventy points! Who would thunk that, eh?" said Yuri, trying her hardest to cheer up her tomo but to no avail.

    "If that had've been a real mission, then poor Charlie Garner would be dead- and- by my own hand! Kami shimatta ni jigoku! Don't you understand that, you baka?" yelled a distraught redheaded firebrand.

    "Chill out, man! It's just a goddamned shooting game, Kei, for Christ's sake!" said Nat and Kei managed a slight grin and a wan smile.

    "Yeah. It is, ain't it? Sorry you didn't win, kid. Better luck next time, eh?" she said.

    "You're awesome, Kei! I'm overjoyed to have seventy points instead of ten or zilch like I usually get! But I came darn close this time, didn't I?" replied Yuri.

    "Yeah, you sure did! I'm really proud of you, partner! Control, end program. Arch, onegai." commanded Kei.

    The gridroom was back and klxons were braying like jackasses all over the ship as they stepped into the hallway!

    "Oro the Hell! Jett! Oro the oni is going on? Are we under attack?" trilled the redheaded CO.

    "We've drifted into an asteroid field, Boss- and it's just loaded with mines! Fred's trying her damnedest to find us a way through it but she can't locate this place on any of your starcharts! Sango to blast our way through it but if we do that and a blast hits one of the mines, the concussion could knock us into another one and cause a chain reaction so I'm trying to steer us through it but the 'Angel' is one Helluva lot bigger than my 'Bebop', Kei!" trilled Jett Black.

    "Understood. Hold the fort. Help is on the way." trilled Kei.

    "We're in a mine field, guys. Grab your coat and follow me, Yuri. You too, Nat." said the redhead, leaping up the catwalk of Deck Eight. "You two take the lift to the bridge. Get Han and mar up there stat!Jett can't handle a ship this big and Fred ain't really a navigator either. Go!" she yelled.

    "And where the dickens are you off to, Kei?" yelled Yuri.

    "I'm taking a shortcut. See you upstairs, guys." called Kei. "Hope this toy of Robin's works!" she thought while she activated a 'batarang' lifeline given to her by the 'Teen Titans' leader. She aimed and fired it at the roof of the atrium above the Command Deck on Level Nine above her. When she felt the jolt of contact at the other end, Kei pressed the trigger and she was yanked upwards by the batarang line- fast! At the command deck, she dropped the line and launched herself sideways and over the catwalk's railing. She landed in a feline-like crouch in the rear hallway which led to the bridge. She raced through the brdige doors and bounded into the room.

    "Am I ever glad to see you, Boss!" yelled Jett, vacating his seat at the controls. Kei dropped into the vacated seat, grabbed the joystick and yawed heavily to port, narrowly missing a mine!

    "Where the Fxxx are we anyway, 'CC'?" she yelled. "There ain't no asteroid fields on the route to 'Antares' or are there?" demanded the feisty redhead.

    "That is quite correct, Kei, however, we are no longer enroute to 'Antares'. We are currently less than four parsecs from 'Minerva' which means that we are half a million kilometres off our course." stated 'CC' matter-of-factly.

    "How the Hell'd we get so far offcourse?" yelled Kei.

    "I, er, think I sorta, er, set the wrong bearings, Boss. We're, er, still on a heading of 560.894 but I believe it should be NNE and, er, I sorta set it to SSW by accident." said a visibly shaken Fred.

    END of Chapter 109. Chapter 110 'Asteroids Anyone?' or 'Fred's Fiasco' coming soon. Please r/r/s away and Kami bless you all-K&K

    Cont in Ch 110
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Thumbs up Re: Dirty Pair Fanfiction-Ch 110

    Sorry but Ch 109 was a one shot not a two parter. Neither is Ch 110-K&K

    DISCLAIMER: OK Genie, it's all yours! First, thank you to Mr. T. for the use of the Angels. Thanks to everyone else who is letting us use their creations. How was that, Yuri? Great! Oh yes it was, Kei! Well, we left you up in the air so let's get to Chapter 110 without further preamble:-

    Chapter 110

    'Asteroids Anyone?' or 'Fred's Fiasco'

    Kei pitched lightly around another asteroid and yawed heavily between two more. Yuri and Nat ran onto the bridge followed closely by cagalli Yula Athna.

    "Kei was following the action too damned close, Lieutenant. I didn't dare use the .25 automatic but hey! Yuri sure as Hell didn't need any of my help!" whispered the blonde 'Archangel' ensign.

    "Yuri! Where the Fxxx are Solo and Angel?" yelled an angry Kei.

    Han chose that moment to come onto the bridge. He sized up the situation at a glance, seized Kei roughly by the shoulders and yanked her out of the pilot's seat. Han dropped into her place. Yawing heavily to starboard, the ex-smuggler saw an opening in the field and dove into it.

    "Watch out for a huge triangular asteroid, Spike- violet in colour. Tell me when you spot it because it marks this field's boundary." said han Solo to the co-pilot. "Hey Blondie! Stand by on those plasma cannon blasters! Move your frigging ass!" he yelled.

    Finally Cagalli realized that he meant her and ran to the left gunner's station where she stood, hands poised over the plasma cannons' blast controls.

    At last Marlene Angel ran to her station in the nav room. "Anybody says anything- anything at all- I'll deck 'em!" she said quietly. The usually well-clad ensign was wearing a grey tank top, fiery red bikini briefs and sneakers! Fred surrendered the nav seat to Mar and moved over to the scanning seat.

    "Pull up the 'Minerva' charts, Fred. Key in M-117 to M-119 and hurry up." said Marlene, turning the bearings' marker controls to NNE instead of SSW. "There! At least now we're back on course for 'Antares' but now I think we're three days out instead of just two. We'll probably reach there about the same time Emma does so it's like a 'serendipity' (a happy accident) and not a disaster after all. We should clear this field in about five more minutes." said Mar with a yawn.

    "You and Solo can go back to bed just as soon as we clear this field, Mar." trilled Kei.

    "Yo! Han baby! Is that the asteroid you wanted?" asked Spike Steigel, pointing out a huge violet planetoid directly in front of them.

    "That's it, Spike, old son! We're home free, folks!" yelled Han Solo, yawing and pitching until they'd crossed out of the field and had returned to deep space. "OK, Kei. We are clear so I'm going back to bed." said Han, tapping on the nav room's connecting door. "Coming, Countessa?" he asked Marlene Angel.

    "Might as well. G'Night all." she replied and preceded him out the bridge doors.

    "I left the ship on 'George' so we shouldn't have any more little surprises." added Han.

    "I'm bushed. Think I'll turn in as well." said Kei with a yawn. "Try not to wreck my ship again- OK- Jett, Spike?" she chuckled.

    "You got it, Boss." replied Spike who was playing video games on the vidscreens with Aelita.

    "You two turning in?" asked Kei, turning to her exec and asst weapons officer.

    "Nai, I think I'll celebrate in the bar. Coming Nat?" asked Yuri.

    "You bet I am! Come on, Cagalli." answered Nat.

    "Lieutenant?" wondered the puzzled blonde ensign.

    "Chill out, kiddo! We're off duty so now it's just Nat." said the Lieutenant.

    "Wonder where Flaysie is?" asked cagalli.

    "I saw her in the rec room earlier." answered Sango. "She was playing 'Duel Monsters' with Mr Wesley. Guess she's still at it." added the demon slayer, pouring more coffee for herself and Fred.

    "Wes rules at that game I'm afraid." laughed Fred. Yuri, Nat and Cag left and headed for the lift. Kei followed them out. The co-pilot, gunner and assistant weapons officer boarded the lift.

    "Kei?" questioned Yuri.

    "Go ahead. I'll walk down. See you ashita. G'Night." replied a brooding redhead.

    "Leave her alone, Yuri. She took that last targeting mistake of hers pretty damned hard." said Nat.

    "That last 'mistake' as you call it was our boss, Mr Territorial Sector Chief Charles Augustus Garner! A good tomo and a man who was like a father to us both!" explained Yuri and she ordered the lift to descend to Level Two where a further surprise awaited them in the rec room.

    Ivanhoe was tending bar! "Are you three ladies old enough to consume alcoholic beverages?" asked the 'Chosen One' after Yuri had ordered her customary 'Zinfandel' (white wine).

    "I'm nineteen, Nat is twenty-five and Cagalli is either fifteen or sixteen so just serve, Lord Ivy." said the kawaii exec officer.

    "And the ensign and myself do not drink anything stronger than iced tea, sir." added Nat Badgiruel.

    "The monk said that you had vodka the other night, my Lady Nat." said Ivanhoe.

    "What?" yelled an enraged Nat. "Did I do anything improper?" she asked in a lower voice.

    "Not unless you count your strip tease act, Darling!" chortled Legato Bluesummers from the opposite end of the bar.

    "Wait'll I get my hands on that damned monk! That little--" yelled Nat angrily.

    "Calm down, Nat. You were being real bitchy and uptight that night. You had really pissed me off so I told Miroku to put something in your iced tea to relax you. I'm sorry, Nat." explained Cagalli Athna.

    Nat whirled on the young ensign with fire in her aizu. "Oh, you did, did you! Ensign Athna, you will confine yourself to your quarters until further notice! Stand to attention, Ensign! You are being addressed by a superior officer, Missy!" yelled Nat.

    "Yes, ma'am! Sorry, ma'am!" replied Cagalli, snapping to attention and saluting. Nat howled with laughter. "Really had you going there, Cag, didn't I?" she giggled and then lowered her voice to a serious sounding tone. "If you ever even 'think' of telling anyone else about that day, you'll wish that 'confinement to quarters' was all that I do to you! Understood, Ensign?" whispered Nat menacingly. Cag gulped, then nodded curtly to her and resumed her seat.

    END of Chapter 110. Chapter 111 'Flay's Trump Card' or 'Missing Monk' coming soon. Enjoy and r/r/s away. Kami bless you all and have a cool weekend-K&K

    Cont in Ch 111
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Re: Dirty Pair Fanfiction

    YEah i am on chapter 20 ohh really good, i wont give a review till ia m done, or i untill i think that there is something that you need to fix! but keep it up! Glad you do this! some one who writes more than i do! lol
    I tryed to see things from your point of view but i cant seem to get my head that far up my ass!
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    Quote Originally Posted by highteckdudu View Post
    YEah i am on chapter 20 ohh really good, i wont give a review till ia m done, or i untill i think that there is something that you need to fix! but keep it up! Glad you do this! some one who writes more than i do! lol
    You have only just begun tomo mine. I have up to 110 posted now. The Profile page has all 184 chapters/titles listed at long last. Thanks for your interest. More soon.
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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