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Thread: Dirty Pair Fanfiction

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    Here's Ch 111-Part 1 for ya-K&K

    DISCLAIMER: OK Inu Yasha, it's all yours! First, thank you to Mr. T. for the use of the Angels. Thanks to everyone else who is letting us use their creations. How was that, Yuri? Great! Oh yes it was, Kei! Well, we left you up in the air so let's get to Chapter 111 without further preamble:-

    Chapter 111

    "Flay's Trump Card' or 'Missing Monk'

    "Just beer for us, knight." said Nat.

    "Another pitcher over her, please." called Wesley. "You play quite well, Flay but you are down to only five hundred lifepoints so I'm afraid my next move will finish you." said the scholar from Terran California.

    "Don't be too sure of that, Wes. Lt Badgiruel has been coaching me, you know." replied Flay Allster.

    " 'Celtic Guardian'- attack 'Baby Dragon'." said Wesley.

    "Not so fast, Wes. You've activated my trap card, the 'Time Wizard' which will cause my 'Baby Dragon' to grow to an adult dragon acquiring enough points to with stand your attack. However, your 'Celtic Guardian' will age and wither away while losing almost all of his attack points. Now "Dragon', destroy his 'Celtic Guardian' and wipe out his remaining lifepoints. Ha! My game, I think, Wes." said Flay with satisfaction.

    "DAM! That's a classic! The basic 'Joey Wheeler' maneuver and I didn't think to prepare for it! You win, Flay. Well done. My congratulations to a fine duellist." Wesley glanced at his wristchromo and frowned. "My turn on watch. I'm afraid that I must say goodnight now, Flay. Ivanhoe, a thermos of expresso, please." said Wesley.

    "I anticipated your request, Lord Wesley." said the 'Dark Knight' and handed him a thermos of rich black coffee.

    "But how did you know?" asked a puzzled Wes.

    "Well, I am the 'Chosen One', my Lord." replied Ivanhoe.

    "So you are, Sir Knight. Thanks." Wesley took his expresso and departed.

    "WOWIE! Flaysie beat Wes! He beat me three times in a row!" said Cagalli ruefully.

    "Don't feel too bad about that, Cag. He beat me four times running." replied Nat.

    "He has beaten everyone who has played him, good damsels." said the knight.

    "Except me." said a grinning Legato Bluesummers.

    "Legato gets to play Kei tomorrow night." hispered Yuri and she took a sip of her 'Zinfandel'.

    "Then Wes will challenge the victor, I'm sure." said Nat and drained her flagon.

    Cag and Flaysie were discussing how Flay had just gotten the better of Wesley. Nat stood and stretched.

    "Well, I'm off to bed, gang. G'Night all. Not too late tonight, ensigns. We're on first watch tomorrow morning." said Nat.

    "I'm right behind you, Nat. I got first shift too. Wait up." said Yuri, finishing her wine. Slinging her blazer over her shoulder, Yuri bade everyone good night and hurried to catch up with Nat.

    "You also have this first watch, Lord Legato?" asked Ivanhoe who was rinsing out glasses.

    "Nai, my tomo. I got second watch but since our 'fearless leader' will maybe have another briefing I think I'll call it a night as well. Goodnight to you, my Lord Ivanhoe." said the pilot, draining his fifth shot of 'Jack Daniels'. "Comeon, kiddies! You heard Mommy, didn't you? Morning comes early on the 'Angel' so let's go." called Legato.

    "Coming, Commander." said cagalli. She and Flaysie made their goodnights to the knight who was preparing to close up shop. Flay and cag boarded the lift. "Level Three, please." commanded Cagalli. As the lift started upwards, Flaysie unzipped her skirt and stepped out of it.

    "God! That feels so-o-o good! These woollen 3WA skirts are for the birds!" she said.

    "Flay! At least wait until we get to the cabin before you do that, dammit!" whispered Cag angrily.

    "Oh, relx you old worry wart! Who's gonna know anyway? Everyone's in bed by now except for the flight gang!" replied Flaysie, stepping off the lift and almost walking right into Kei! "Good evening, ma'am." said Flay respectfully.

    "Hi there, Boss." said Cagalli.

    "Hi kids. Flay, could you onegai refrain from playing 'Gypsy Rose Lee' in public? You two got first watch, don't you? (Both ensigns nodded) Then I'll let you get to bed. G'Night." said Kei and she boarded the lift.

    "Aren't you gonna turn in, Boss?" asked Cag.

    "Hai. Just as soon as I check our security details with the big hanyou I will." she replied. Riding up to the command deck, Kei decided that she'd have to 'bone up' on how to operate that 'God Gun' of theirs- that is if they were to ever hope to return things back to status quo she would!

    " 'CC', download the latest sonic ion cannon operations manual to the vid deck in my quarters. Authorization- Kei 1, Angel 2. Asgard. Countersign is Armageddon. Confirm orders." she commanded.

    "Orders confirmed. Download in progress, Admiral." replied 'CC'.

    "Arigato." replied Kei. "Hmnn- If the 'Chosen One' is tending bar then Miroku must be out sowing wild oats again. That would be why Inu Yasha's tonight's security wtch commander." thought the redhead as she wandered onto the bridge.

    "Hi, Boss Lady. Thought you were gonna turn in?" said Spike Steigel.

    "After I check the guard mounts I am. Where's the doggie demon?" she asked.

    "Dunno Boss. Hey Aelita! Where's the freak with the sword?" he yelled.

    "Which one?" yelled back the Lyokan princess who was watching 'Wolf's Rain' on the vidscreen.

    "The one in the red and white pajamas!" he yelled back to her.

    Cont in Ch 111-Part 2
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 111-Part 2-K&K

    "He told me he was gonna check on that baka monk- Miroku. Inu Yasha sent him to- Level Six I think. Yeah, that's it- Level Six. That's where Inu Yasha went, ma'am." replied Aelita who was almost totally engrossed in the old Terran anime about wolves that could look human.

    "Level Six? That's the 'God Gun'!" thought Kei.

    "You're sure that's where he took the monk?" demanded the redhead.

    "Yeah. Why?" asked Aelita.

    "Because there's no acess to that level by lift and none from above on seven either. The only way to get to it is to use the hidden stairs from Level Five. Howver, I don't want anyone up on Level Six! That whole level 'is' the frigging 'God Gun'!" said Kei.

    "I'll call them, ma'am." said Aelita reaching for the PA mike.

    "You can't. Comlinks and the PA mikes won't work on Six. The cannon's walls are just too damned thick. I'll just have to hike down and find 'em myself. The gantryway stairs will be quicker than the lift. See you guys ashita. G'Night." she called. Kei left the bridge and jogged to the rear gantryway stairwell. She ran down four flights to Level Five and hurried to the terminus of the corridor. Keying open the hidden staircase entryway, she ran up the spiral staircase to Level Six. Inu Yasha met her at the top.

    "I can't seem to raise that stupid monk, Kei! I've been up and down this dang hallway five times and it's a damned long one too but he just ain't here! There don't seem to be anything up here except for that box down that end and the window up that end." said the hanyou.

    "You didn't try to open that window, did you?" demanded the svelte CO.

    "Nai I didn't, Boss lady." he replied.

    "Good because this ain't really a hallway and that's no box and that sure as Hell ain't no window! We are inside the barrel of the sonic beam ion cannon- in other words boyo- the 'God Gun'. That window up there is the gunport in our hull that the gun's beam is fired through and that box thing down that end is the gun's ionic beam generator. When this thing is fired, that generator produces an intense sonic ion beam of pure energy which travels at more than 110,000 times the speed of light! This entire level of the ship 'is' the 'God Gun' itself, boyo. Anyway- who you got on guard duty tonight?" she asked the big dog demon.

    "My brother's on Level One, Spike Miroku has Two, Jessie's on Three, James has Four, Richard's on Five, I gave the monk this level, Kouga's on Seven, Meowth- that 'Pokey-thing' is up on Eight, Nick's got Nine and Angel's covering all the sublevels. Ain't nobody gettin' past him, man! He gives me the creeps! June's got my job next watch. Anything else?" he said. Kei shook her head.

    "Nai. Just make sure they've all reported to their posts. Better do that now. Shimatta! You can't do that from up here! Go back downstairs to Five and call 'em. I'll have one more look around up here and then we'll go find that wayward monk!" replied the redhead. The half demon hustled down to Five and placed his call.

    "This is Inu Yasha. All units report." he said, using a relay mike.

    "Level One- all secure her, bro." said Sesshomaru.

    Level Two's as quiet as the grave, Inny." said Spike Miroku.

    "Level Three is A-OK." reported Jessie of 'Team Rocket'.

    "No problems on Level Four either." said James of 'Team Rocket'.

    "Level Five here. Quiet as a bloody tomb." complained Richard Moore.

    "Boring as Hell up her on Seven." grumbled Kouga the wolf youkai.

    "Level Eight and all's well." reported Meowth who was one of 'Team Rocket's' pokemons.

    "Level Nine was quiet until the Boss showed up." chuckled Nick Wolfwood.

    "All sublevels are secure and safe." said the vampire from Terran Los Angeles- Angel.

    "Arigato, guys. Miroku! Report!" said an impatient Inu Yasha.

    "Miroku here, big guy. I couldn't figure out how to get up to Six or down to it for that matter either so I came down here to the bar for a quick one. Good thing I did too! Lord Ivy was asleep on his feet. I'm closing up shop for him now. Oro are your orders? Where do you want me?" reported the monk.

    "The Boss Lady says she don't want nobody up on Level Six so I guess I really don't need you tonight, pal. Why don't you try and grab soem shuteye. See you tomorrow, monk." said the hanyou.

    "Found him, Boss Lady so you can turn in. My watches have all reported in. Miroku's in the bar closing up for Ivy. I told him to hit the sack." said Inu Yasha.

    "Thanks, boyo. Think I will hit the sack." replied Kei.

    "Oro's next on our agenda ashita, Boss?" asked Inu Yasha.

    "Nothing until Emma shows up with the 'Queen' and the 'Sol', kid. After that we start a boring three week trek to 'Alderaan' to deliver Khan to 'Starfleet Command'. Then, er, look tomo mine, can you keep a secret- a really big one?" asked the redhead who was suddenly serious.

    "Sure, Boss Lady. I swear on my Tessaiga that I will not tell anyone your secrets" replied the big hanyou with a grin.

    "OK then I'll trust you. Not even Yuri knows this but after we exit 'Alderaan' we have a new mission. Repairing 'Kronos' didn't seal that rift so the higher-ups wanna try another tactic. We are to fire an ionic sonic beam into it from our 'God Gun' sonic cannon. You see- some artifact called the 'Glave of Krull' was being used to stabilize the 'feng shui' of the universe but now it's gone! Disappeared apparently a few weeks ago! If our 'God Gun' blast fails then we gotta find that shimatta glave thing and fire it into the rift too! That should restore the status quo at least it will according to Doctor Q and the 'G-Twins'! Understand?" explained the CO to the hanyou.

    "Sure I do. It's well like Kagome would say a 'piece of cake', Boss Lady. I didn't even know there was folks living on other planets besides Earth, er Terra as you guys call it, until I wound up here! Oh- yeah! That 'Glave' thingy? Does it look like an oversized silver shurikin?" he asked.

    Kei took out her PDO and tapped keys until an image appeared on its screen. Then she showed it to Inu Yasha. "It looks like this but why do you ask? Have you seen this thing?" asked Kei hopefully. She sure as jigoku did 'not' want to go on another scavenger treasure hunt if she didn't have to! Inu Yasha slowly nodded his head.

    "Yeah, that's the thing! Ivy's got it. Kome picked it up for him a couple of weeks ago. Ivy said it would help him to free Richard or something. Only thing is I just saw Richard and he sure didn't look like he was in trouble unless you count oro Rachel does to him when he gets a snootful! That wench can really hit--" Kei cut off the doggie in mid thought.

    "Ivanhoe's got the 'Glave'? You're sure?" she demanded, grabbing him by the shoulders and shaking him.

    "Yeah, Boss Lady but the 'Chosen One' sure a sHell ain't gonna give it back- at least not until he uses it! He's taking it back home to Earth, er, Terra with him." said Inu Yasha.

    "The Hell he is! If that thing ain't returned to where it came from, he will never get back to Terra! Look, boyo. Do me a favor, eh? When your watch ends, ask Ivanhoe to meet me in my quarters at 0900 ashita and have him bring that 'Glave' with him, OK?" said Kei.

    "Sure thing, Boss Lady. It's getting late. You'd better get some sleep while you can. G'Night, Boss." replied the hanyou from the Sendoku Jidai Era of Feudal Terran Japan.

    She nodded, said goodnight and left for her own cabin.

    It was almost midnight and six levels up on the command deck (Nine) Spike Steigel had tired of his video games and he was watching an antique Terran anime about Samurai bounty hunters called 'Samurai Champloo' on his vidscreen instead. Just as he was about to go on break at 0200 to get his coffee and a snack from the galley/breakroom down the rear hall, Aelita trilled him.

    "Gomen, er, excuse me, Mr Steigel. Sorry to bother you, sir." she trilled.

    "Yeah, princess? Oro is it?" he tilled back.

    "I'm receiving a signal from a ship called the 'USS Coriander', a 'Starfleet' battle cruiser. They claim that they've been ordered to accompany us to 'Alderaan' and provide us with protection against attack. Their commander wishes to beam aboard to discuss strategies with the vice-admiral. Should I awaken her, sir?" trilled Aelita.

    "Definitely not! The poor kid looked absolutely whacked! I don't think the Boss Lady has slept in days, man! Patch that signal into my vidscreen and I'll speak with him, princess." said 'Cowboy' Spike. Aelita patched him in and Spike keyed his relay mike.

    "Please identify yourself. This is the 'Lovely Angel 2' and I'm Spike Steigel, the acting exec. " said Spike. The screen displayed the image of a tall officer of the line wearing the latest in 'Starfleet' uniforms. However, the figure's back was turned to him.

    "Greetings, Mr Steigel. I am Captain Kiva Nerese of 'Starfleet', commanding officer of the 'USS Coriander'. May I come aboard? We have teleport beaming capability."

    Spike was about to complain about the lateness of the hour until Captain Kiva Nerese turned around and faced him!

    END of Chapter 111. Chapter 112 'Spike Makes A Date' or 'Of Cowboys and XANA' to follow soon. Please r/r/s as always and have a cool weekend. Kami bles you all-K&K

    Cont in Ch 112
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 112 complete in one-K&K

    DISCLAIMER: OK Shippou, it's all yours! First, thank you to Mr. T. for the use of the Angels. Thanks to everyone else who is letting us use their creations. How was that, Yuri? Great! Oh yes it was, Kei! Well, we left you up in the air so let's get to Chapter 112 without further preamble:-

    Chapter 112

    'Spike Makes A Date' or 'Of Cowboys and XANA'

    A raven-haired beauty now faced the Bebop cowboy. "I apologize, Mr Steigel. I did not realize the lateness of the hour. I will confer with the vice-admiral ashita. Shall we say- 1000 hours?" said Kiva Nerese.

    "Come on over a little earlier and you can have breakfast with me, ma'am. Shall we say- 0800 hours?" countered Spike.

    Kiva smiled. "I'd like that, Mr Ste- er, may I call you Spike? You can call me Kiva. See you then, Spike. G'Night. Nerese out." she said.

    Jett Black stared at his partner. "Did I just hear you make a date with a 'Starfleet' captain? You are one amazing fellow, Spike! Even out here in the middle of nowhere you manage to find a gorgeous babe!" observed Jett.

    "Well, some of us got it and some of us ain't, pal!" replied a grinning Spike.

    "Sorry to break up this boys 'n babes session, guys but we've got a message coming in. It's from the 'Emerald Queen', sir." said Aelita.

    "Then put it on screen, princess." replied Spike. Aelita tapped the 'TRANSFER' key and sent the signal to Spike's vidscreen on the bridge next door. The screen in front of pilot and exec popped into life showing the redheaded renegade captain of the 'Queen'.

    "Good evening, Mr Black, Mr Steigel, I mean- Jett, Spike. Where's the CO or her exec- Kei or Yuri?" demanded Emma.

    "It's almost 0300, Emma! Where the Hell do you think they are? They're both in dreamland, kid! Oro do you want with them anyway?" asked Spike.

    "To warn them that the Coriander is headed your way." replied Emma.

    "We already know about both it and the luscious Captain Kiva babe! They're here and they are boarding us ashita. So oro?" asked Spike.

    "Did you also know that she's got orders to assume command of both the 'Angel' and the mission?" asked Emma dryly.

    "Oro the Hell! Kei'll have a frigging fit!" yelled Jett Black.

    "Don't I know it!" said Emma hotly.

    Spike grinned. "You yahoos are forgetting something- ain't you?" he said.

    "Oro's that?" yelled Emma and Jett together.

    "First- 'UG' and the 3WA are giving the orders, not 'Starfleet'. Second- During a joint mission, the 'UG'/3WA's most superior officer has command of the damned mission. Third- A vice-admiral outranks a captain. Hell, even Yuri as an Acting Commodore outranks Lady Kiva! And last but certainly not least- do you really think that 'our' Kei will hand over command of either her ship or her mission to anyone from 'Starfleet'?" answered Spike.

    "Oro the Hell do you mean by that?" asked a suspicious Jett.

    "Wasn't it 'Starfleet' that was transporting 'Black Ghost' from Cybytron to Mars after we caught him? And wasn't it 'Starfleet' that let him escape again so that the Boss had to track him down and recapture his ass at Gysymeo? Do you really think that the firebrand has forgotten that? Now ask yourself this- if you were Kiva Nerese, would you want to tangle with our Keirran O'Halloran?" answered Spike and lit up a cigarette. "How's about some more coffee, princess?" he asked.

    "Sure, Mr S. Coming right up, sir." replied Aelita. She deftly poured out two coffees, placed the cups on a tray, added cream, sugar, a few Danishes, napkins and spoons to it and finally the big carafe of steaming java. Picking up the tray, she said 'Open' to door control and strolled to the bridge control room with it.

    The pert strawberry blonde looked quite fetching in her borrowed 3WA uniform even if she was in her stocking feet. She placed the tray on the console and handed each one of the cowboys a cup of java.

    "Arigato, princess." said Spike with a wink.

    "Yeah, arigato, Miss Aelita." said Jett. "Miss Aelita, where the Hell are your boots or shoes?" he asked.

    "Those darned old boots are too hard on my feet so I took 'em off. So oro?" she replied.

    "Don't worry, kiddo. We won't tell but just make sure you get 'em back on before the Boss Lady catches you." said Spike. Aelita turned to go. "Stay in here with us and keep us company for a bit, princess. Fred'll be OK next door." added Spike. "Yeah, take a load off, kiddo. Siddown." invited Jett.

    "Mind if I take off my blazer? It's hot up here." she asked.

    "Nai, but you'd better keep your skirt on though." replied Spike.

    The girl from Lyoko blushed crimson! "I had no intention of removing it, I assure you, Mr Steigel." she said icily.

    "Don't mind him, princess. He's got a hot date in the morning." said Jett.

    "Hey! Did you guys forget that I was still here? You will be sure to give the Boss those messages- right?" asked a worried Emma.

    "Of course we will, Emma. We'd tell her now only this is the first fairly decent night's rest that she's had in weeks! That's one reason why our shift's been so peaceful tonight." explained Jett and he lit up a cheroot.

    "OK then I'll see you good folks in another four days or so. Night Jett. Emma out." said the pirate captain.

    "Nighty night, Reds." replied Jett.

    Aelita sat down on the console between the two cowboys and sipped her coffee slowly. Jett asked the Lyokan princess what it was like to spend most of her time on a virtual world back home. She told him and Spike about XANA's constant attacks on Lyoko and Terra at the kids' school in France and at the old factory that was the pipeline to Lyoko.

    "So to stop old XANA all you gotta do is deactivate the tower he's activated on Lyoko, eh?" asked Jett.

    "Yeah but it's not as simple as you think it is, Mr Black." she replied.

    "How so, princess? You just run from one tower to the other and shut it off- right?" asked Spike.

    "That's right, Mr s except that the activated tower is always guarded by XANA's monsters. That's why Jeremy and his team of tomos are so important to me. They battle and destroy the monsters so I can get to the toewer to deactivate it." explained the Lyokan girl.

    "Most of the time that XANA activates a tower, he also does something sinister and nasty back on Earth too. So after I've deactivated the Lyokan tower, Jeremy (she sighed deeply. She loved Jeremy a lot.) returns the Kadic Academy, the old factory and the rest of the town back to the past. That way it's sorta like none of this ever happened- see?" she finished.

    "You get any of that drift, Jett?" asked a bewildered Spike.

    "Nope." replied an equally perplexed Jett. Aelita adroitly changed the subject by asking them what bounty hunting was like. The two cowboys took turns extolling their acheivements, each one vying to outdo the other in derring-do!

    Meanwhile next door in the nav room- Fred was bored! Bored out of her gourd! The course to 'Antares' had already been laid in so all she had to do was to monitor the 'Angel's' progress by watching a blip of light pulsating its way across the lonely and desolate region of space on the star charts. With nothing else to do, she surfed the ship's websites until she discovered the ops manual for the new sonic cannon. The rest of her shift passed quickly as she read the technical jargon and studied the schematics for the 'God Gun'.

    At 0600, Mugghi trilled the flight crew for the morning shift. At 0800 Mar and Yuri arrived along with the Boss. At 0815 Kome finally dragged herself on to the brdige to begin her shift. Spike, Jett, Aelita and Fred headed for their beds and rest. Forgotten were both Emma's messages and Spike's 'date' with Captain Kiva Nerese! Blissfully unaware of of the 'USS Coriander', Kei and Yuri began flight diagnostic scans as per usual!

    END of Ch 112 Ch 113 (no title yet) soon. Kami bless and have a nice weekend-K&K

    Cont in Ch 113-Part 1
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 113-Part 1-K&K

    DISCLAIMER: OK Ivy, it's all yours! First, thank you to Mr. T. for the use of the Angels. Thanks to everyone else who is letting us use their creations. How was that, Yuri? Great! Oh yes it was, Kei! Well, we left you up in the air so let's get to Chapter 113 without further preamble:-

    Chapter 113

    'Kei on the Warpath' or 'Kiva Drops A Bombshell'

    Legato Bluesummers arrived a few minutes after Kome did, mumbled an apology for being late and took his seat at the pilot controls. He made a few minor flight adjustments and opened his coffee. "Don't let your java get cold, guys." he said while handing a cup of steaming joe to Kei and Yuri. They thanked him, made a couple of adjustments of their own and settled down to begin their shift.

    Marlene had reported them still on course for 'Antares'. Kome was sending the 'G-Twins' their daily report when she suddenly felt a white hot twinge of pain in her left shoulder!

    "OW! Shit! That hurts like Hell! I must've pulled a shimatta muscle in my workout with Raph last night!" she complained. A second wince caused her to cry out in agony which brought Marlene running. Mar hit the 'PAUSE' panel on Kome's console and looked at her tomo with concern.

    "Kome! Honey, are you sure you're OK enough to be up here? (Kome winced again and bit her lip so Mar arose and locked the door to the bridge. Then she returned to her tomo's side.) Let's have a look at that shoulder, kid." she said.

    Obediently but in obvious pain, Kome managed to shuck off her flight jacket. Mar helped her to pull off her sweatshirt and tank top. An angry red welt showed on Kome's left shoulder- a souvenir of Raphael's spinning terrapin kick to her scapula last evening!

    "Kome, that looks bad. I'd better treat it for you. I'll give you some antibiotics and something to ease the pain. Sit there for a minute." So saying mar began to rep up the necessary medications for Kome.

    "WOW! I had heard that you guys had gone quite casual but this is just plain ridiculous! Anyway, I'm on my way over there now so please open your airlocks for me. You guys were supposed to teleport us at 0800! When we got no responses to our hails, I decided to come over via shuttle. See you in five minutes. I hope you'll be ready to receive visitors by then! Nerese out."

    The vidscreen blanked as quickly as it had activated itself. "Who the Fxxx was that?" wondered Kome aloud.

    "I dunno but you shouldn't be sitting in front of the vidscreens like that! Hold still, Kome. This may sting a bit. Relax! It's not 'Axion 30' this time!" Marlene injected two autohypos into the girl's arm (antibiotics and a painkiller) then she swathed the shoulder in a heated gelwrap. "There you go. All done. Does it still hurt?" she asked. Kome winced and nodded, fighting back tears.

    "Kei? This is Mar. I'm sending Kome back to bed. She's got a badly inflamed shoulder and she can't function with the pain. I'll get Rachel to fill in for her temporarily, OK?" trilled Marlene Angel.

    "Yeah Mar, that's OK. Any messages come in for us?" trilled Kei O'Halloran.

    "Just that a Captain Nerese is on her way over here by shuttle." trilled Marlene.

    "Who the Fxxx--!" trilled Kei. "Never mind! Take Kome back to her room and get rachel to take her place. Send someone down to meet that shuttle and then get back up here and we'll try to figure out this mess!" trilled the redhead.

    "Right, Kei. Roger willco." trilled the blonde.

    Mar draped a kimono across Kome's shoulders and helped her to the express lift.

    Downstairs in the exec's quarters, Sango answered Mar's hail. "Hai Mar? Oro?" she trilled back.

    "Hate to wake you up, hon. Could you please go down to the bays and release Airlock 3-A so a Captain Nerese can land her shuttle. Put her in Bay A-17 and then escort her up to the bridge. She's 'Starfleet' and they're really tight-assed bastards so you'd better go in uniform and take along a blaster or an ion cannon. Sango- she's a captain so don't forget to salute her and call her 'ma'am'. You're an ensign if she asks and you're also a 3WA tro-con trainee, got it?" said Mar.

    "I understand, Mar and I promise to be a good little girl." replied Sango.

    "Great! Thanks a lot, Sango and you'd better hurry up. She'll be here in about five minutes or so. By the way, where does Rachel bunk?" asked Marlene.

    "In with Ivanhoe's kooks, I think." answered Sango from the bathroom. Mar thanked her and then took off at adead run. She arrived at the suite door marked 'These rooms are the domain of His Royal Highness Prince John- Reagent Protectorate of Britain, Wales, Scotland and Ireland'.

    "Cute!" thought Marlene. "If Kei sees that she'll have a royal fit! Her old Terran homeland ruled over by the 'Crybaby'! Jamie won't like it much either!" she thought while she rapped on the portals with the lion's head door knocker. A panel slid open to reveal a pair of sleepy aizu.

    "What do you mean by disturbing His Royal Highness at this hour, wench?" demanded Falco.

    "I, sir, am no wench! It's Ensign Angel, Mr Falco! I need to speak with Rachel, er, Miss Moore. May I come in, sir?" said Marlene.

    "Very well, Miss Angel. You may enter but please be quiet. The Prince is still asleep." replied Falco.

    "Asleep? Still!" said Mar, checking her wristchromo. "He has a briefing upstairs at 1000 hours and then he's got a training session with Leo and so do you! Where's Miss Moore's room?" she demanded and Falco cocked a thumb at a short hallway behind her.

    "Last door on the right. She's in with Rebecca." answered Falco. Marlene tapped lightly on rachel's door.

    "Whazzit?" asked a sleepy voice.

    "Sorry Rachel but it's time to get up. We need you to fill in for Kome today. She's got a badly inflamed shoulder. May I come in?" said Marlene.

    "Sure, Mar. Door's open." replied Rachel and Mar pushed the door open and entered to find Rachel up and sitting on her bunk in her underwear.

    "We've got company coming over from 'Starfleet', kid so we're promoting you to ensign. Here. Put these on." said Mar, handing the teenager a 3WA blazer, skirt and tank top. These were followed by kneehighs and a pair of Cavalier boots. Then she tossed a gunsash, holster and a Mark IV blaster onto her bunk. "That bitchy captain from the 'Coriander' is paying us a visit. Please get up to the bridge and sort out the message signals until I get there. Shit! I left Kome on the lift with enough stuff in her to fell a bull elephant! Hurry up, Rachel. I gotta go now. See you later." said Mar racing out of the suite and back to the lift.

    Kome had passed out and was slumped against the wall of the car. Mar hoisted the girl to her feet and dragged her into Yuri's suite wher Sango had left the doors propped open with an incense burner in the door track. Mar hauled Kome inside and shut the doors. She pulled off Kome's kimono, slid off her boots and socks, finished undressing her and gently eased the girl onto her bunk. Then she covered up the teenager and left for the bridge.

    Sango had met the 'Starfleet' captain and conducted her up to the bridge. Kiva Nerese had been introduced to everyone up there including Kei. All was going along quite well until Kiva announced that she was assuming command of both the 3WA's ship and the mission!

    "Nai, you aint! The last time I checked a captain didn't outrank an admiral, Kiva- not even a vice-admiral! You will provide escort for our voyage to 'Alderaan' with Khan and that is all that you will do! I am in command and I intend to stay in command of both the 'Angel' and this mission! If you have a problemn with that, Captain, take it up with my Commander-in-Chief, Vittorio Galadriel! My orders come directly from him! Now I suggest that you take your shuttle and return to your ship. Rendezvous with us on 'Antares' in two days' time. When the 'Emerald Queen' gets to there Khan will be transferred to my custody. While he's my headache, I ain't lettin' him outta my sight so he'll make the trip in my brig, Kiva and not yours. Any questions? Nai? OK, you are dismissed, Captain." said Kei and she threw Kiva a snappy salute which the chastised 'Starfleet' officer shakily returned. Kiva was seething with anger!

    "Ensign Sango will escort you to your shuttle, Captain." said Yuri. Kiva strode to the door and exited the bridge with Sango bringing up the rear. Twenty minutes later Captain Kiva Nerese stepped onto her own starship's bridge and sat down in her command chair.

    "Take us to 'Antares', Reg. Warp three." she commanded.

    Her first officer and exec was Lt/Cmdr Reginald 'Reg' Barklley who had served under Captain Jean Luc Picard on the 'Enterprise' before being promoted and transferred to the 'Coriander' as Kiva's exec. Reg hastened to comply with her orders. "Yes, ma'am. You heard the captain, Mr Bishop. Energize." said reg and he strolled to the forward vidscreens and stared out into empty space. "Why are we going to 'Antares', Cap?" he asked Kiva.

    Cont in Ch 113-Part 2
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 113-part 2-K&K

    "Because that redheaded moron is now a vice-admiral, that's why! The 'UG' and the 3WA have command of this mission and the 'Angel'- not 'Starfleet'! We are not doing anything except escort service duty either! We are accompanying the 'Lovely Angel 2' to 'Alderaan' and Kei O'Halloran is keeping Khan in her brig, Reg! Why the Hell we're even here is beyond me, Number One!" replied Kiva hotly.

    Back aboard the 'Angel' the flight crew was having the 'riot act raed to them' by guess who? "Why the Fxxxing Hell was I the last one to find out about that Kami shimatta bitch's frigging visit? She says she called us last night to let us know that she was coming over here this morning! Who the Hell was on last night's graveyard shift anyway?" exploded the redheaded vice-admiral with a snarl.

    "Jett, Spike, Fred and Aelita." replied Yuri.

    "Get Aelita and Fred up here stat! Those two cowboys too!" yelled Kei.

    "OK, call them, Rachel." said Marlene.

    "Oh, right! I'm comm officer today, aren't I?" replied Rachel. She keyed the PA mike and announced "Your attention please! The following personnel are required on the bridge immediately. Jett Black, Spike Steigel, Winifred Scott and Lyokan Princess Aelita. That is all. Thank you." Rachel replaced the mike and went back to reviewing the other signals that had come in since yesterday.

    Yuri tapped Kei's shoulder. "Don't we need a liaison officer on the 'Coriander', Boss?" asked the exec.

    "Yeah. Who do you suggest, kid?" replied Kei cautiously.

    "How's about our Spike?" suggested jett who'd just arrived. "He had a gate set up with that Kiva babe but he overslept!" joked the 'Bebop' leader.

    "Fine. Spike Steigel is hereby assigned to the 'Coriander' as soon as we meet up with them on 'Antares'. Note that in the vidlog." said Kei to Yuri.

    "Rachel, you're the yeoman. Key that into our vidlogs, onegai." said Yuri and Rachel did so. Spike, Fred and Aelita wandered in, still rubbing the sleep out of their aizu.

    "What the Hell is it now?" grumbled a cranky Spike.

    "You missed your date, sleepyhead!" teased Jett.

    "You're assigned to Kiva's ship when she gets to 'Antares', Spike." said Yuri.

    "But why are we up here?" asked a yawning Fred Scott.

    "Because none of you thought to tell me that scatter-brained blonde bimbo from 'Starfleet' was coming aboard today! That's why- dammit!" roared Kei. "Anything else that I should know about?" she demanded.

    "Nai, I think that about covers it, Boss." said Spike and the other three readily agreed.

    "OK, the next time a signal comes into this ship, I damned well wanna know about it no matter where the Hell I am, got it?" she said and they all nodded. "OK- you're dismissed! Get the Hell outta here!" she added.

    The four of them beat a hasty retreat. Fred and Aelita went back to bed while the cowboys headed for the bar.

    "Weren't you a little bit hard on them, Boss? After all, they just wanted to let you have a good night's sleep for once. You know you've been running nonstop for days now!" said Legato quietly.

    "I'll sleep for a week once this shimatta mission's over. OK?" replied Kei hotly. "Maybe I was a tad rough on them but it's gonna be a damned long three weeks' trek to 'Alderaan' with Khan and we've still got two more days to get to 'Antares' to pick him up! Have you ever tangled with that fruitcake before?" she added in a softer tone.

    "Nai but my grandfather did, Admiral!" Kei spun around to see who had spoken and Kiva Nerese's image was filling the vidscreens.

    "Oro? Explain, captain." demanded Kei.

    "My grandmother was Captain, er, Grand Admiral Kirk's exec on the 'Enterprise' during the 'Genesis' incident. Her name was Saavik and she was a Vulcan. Indeed, another of her descendants is in my engineering section and her name is Saavik as well. My grandmother's daughter who was my mother married a Bjorn citizen. I was named after my aunt- Kira Nerese- who was a Bjorn major on the station 'Deep Space 9'. However, there was a clerical error on my birth record which recorded a 'V' instead of an 'R' so I became 'Kiva' Nerese rather than 'Kira' Nerese." explained Kiva.

    "I ain't got time for 'Peyton Place', Captain! Oro can you tell us about this Khan character?" demanded Kei impatiently.

    "He's ruthless, ma'am and he'll kill anone who gets in his way! Don't trust him ever! He hates 'Starfleet' for marooning him and his crew of cutthroats on 'Ceti Alpha V'. He's sworn vengeance on that 'Enterprise' crew as well as all of their descendants! That of course makes me one of his sworn enemies but you people are in even more danger than me, ma'am." replied Kiva.

    "How the Hell can we be in more danger than you, captain? None of my people are 'Starfleet' descendants!" said the vice-admiral.

    "I'm afraid that one is, ma'am. Your godson, Keitarou Riff is a direct descendant of David Cooper, the illegitimate son of Khan's most hated and despised enemy- Grand Admiral of the Fleet James Tiberius Kirk!" said Kiva Nerese.

    Kei was thunderstruck! "Maybe we should send Keitarou back home to Mr Garner until this Khan has been safely transported to 'Alderaan' and turned over to 'Starfleet', Kei." advised Yuri gently, patting Kei's shoulder.

    "He may be our godson, Yuri but Keitarou is still a 3WA operative, a tro-con. He has a mission and it is every tro-con's duty to complete every mission to which h's been assigned. He's the commander of the 'Donnatella' and dammit- that's the assignment he'll keep! Khan may have bested 'Starfleet' but Kami shimatta- he'll not best the 3WA and the 'Angels', at least nit if I can help it!" yelled Kei, crashing her fist down on the console.

    "Khan will really have his work cut out for him if he tries tangling with the 'Dirty Pair'!" yelled Legato triumphantly.

    WHAM-O! Three gloved fists decked him hard!

    "That's 'Lovely Angels', dammit!" Yelled Yuri, Kei and Marlene in unison.

    "Kiva- thanks for the warning but the 'UG' and the 3WA don't run away from trouble. Besides which- Khan will be in the brig for three weeks and sedated most of the time anyway. Oro harm can he do?" pointed out Kei.

    "Khan! Honey, it isn't Khan you should be worrying about! It's that crew of his that you told Emma to release when your 3WA pals grabbed his ship! They'll sure as Hell try to rescue him and they're relentless! Well OK, just watch your back, ma'am. See you on 'Antares' in a couple of days. Nerese out." Kiva saluted and signed off. Kei grabbed a relay mike and keyed it.

    "Donnie! I need full warp power stat! We're gonna hyperjump to 'Antares' so call me when we reach our maximum warp!" ordered the redhead. Yuri blanched a sickly pallor of white.

    "Kei! You idiot! Mr Garner told us not to exceed Warp 10, dammit! We'll breach the hull at maximum warp! Oro's the big rush anyhow?" demanded Yuri Donovan.

    "Excuse us a second, guys." said Kei, yanking her exec out into the hallway. "Yuri! Emma' ship has got no real brig! Remember! If khan takes over the 'Queen', he'll have the Fxxxing 'God Gun'! With it he could quite easily destroy the entire universe!" yelled Kei, suddenly looking very frightened indeed.

    "Baka! Stupid! Emma's got him and the other two, Slade and Warp, in suspended animation so you're worrying about nothing!" cried Yuri, shaking her CO by the shoulders.

    Cont in Ch 113-Part 3
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 113-Part 3-K&K

    "I wish I could count the number of times that 'Plasmus' escaped from suspended animation back on Earth, Yuri." said 'Teen Titan' Robin very quietly. "The Boss is right to worry about Khan. When I was a kid the nuns at the 'Seventh Bell Orphanage' used Khan's tales of atrocity and madness to force us to behave much like other parents use the 'Bogeyman'!" added the 'Teen Titans' leader. The mike in Kei's fist pinged and she rekeyed it.

    "Hai Donnie?" she asked.

    "Warp thrust is at a maximum of thirty but I can only hold it for about forty seconds after we jump! Any longer will blow the core and breach our hull!" said Donnatella, shouting to be heard over the howling whine of the dilythium-fueled engines.

    "Legato! On my signal go to hyperjump and hold it as long as you can! We need at least thirty seconds but no more than forty!" yelled Kei. "OK Donnie, we'll jump in sixty seconds." she yelled into the mike. "Not yet, Legato. Not yet. Hold it." said Kei, watching her wristchromo. "Go, shi, san, ni, ichi, rei- now Legato! Punch it and hold it! Counting- ten seconds, twenty, twenty-five, thirty, thirty-five, forty- OK, kill the warp drive! Impulse engines only!" said Kei.

    "Coming out of hyperthrust, Boss. Shall I land her on 'Antares'?" asked Legato.

    "Nai. Negative, Legato. Continue to orbit." she replied.

    "Rachel, contact the 'Coriander'. I wanna talk to Nerese." said Kei.

    "Roger that, Boss. She is answering our hail." replied Rachel Moore.

    "Put her on screen, Rachel." ordered Kei. Rachel did as she was told and the blonde Bjorn's face filled the screens.

    "Well, Admiral? Didn't really expect to hear from you this soon. Decide to let 'Starfleet' run the show finally? Really the only decision you could make. Here are my orders--" began Kiva.

    "Cut the crap, Nerese! How long until you reach 'Antares'?" asked Kei impatiently.

    "Twelve hours, ma'am. Give or take- why?" replied the captain.

    "We're landing on 'Antares' in a few minutes. I intend to teleport Khan, Warp and Slade over here to my brig as soon as the 'Coriander' is in transporter range. (Emma had trnsmatted her prisoners over to Kiva's ship a few hours previously) I know they're all in suspended animation but that doesn't make 'em any the less dangerous! At the start of our original mission, we'd captured a criminal named 'Black Ghost' on Cybytron and we turned him over to their authorities. While they were moving him to Mars, he commandeered their ship and escaped! We had to track him down again, grab his ass and deliver him to Mars ourselves! I don't want a repeat performance of that fiasco with Khan! That's why I want your three prisoners made ready for transport. If you refuse, I'll have no choice but to relieve you of your command and seize the 'Coriander'. A 3WA crew will take command and pilot your ship to 'Alderaan'. Your choice, Captain! The easy way or the hard way?" demanded Kei hotly.

    "OK, ma'am. You win. We will be in transporter range in six more hours. We'll contact you at that time and we can do the transfers. Nerese out." replied the Bjorn.

    "Arigato, Captain. O'Halloran out." said Kei.

    Of course Kiva had been fully briefed by Garner and Gooley so she knew all about the 'Black Ghost' fiasco! She turned to her own exec. "Number One, let me know as soon as we are in transporter range of the 'Angel' on 'Antares'. At that time you will send a signal to Admiral O'Halloran on the 'Lovely Angel 2'." ordered Captain Nerese.

    "Aye, ma'am. It will be done." replied her exec with a salute.

    "Thanks Reg. I'll be in my quarters if you need me. You have the comm." she said and exited the bridge.

    Kei suddenly recalled that she and Legato had a 'Duel Monsters' duel the next evening so she sat down in one of the gunner's seats behind Rachel and pulled out her deck. Kei began to study the cards, trying to recall what Nat, Flaysie and cagalli had told her about how to use them in a duel. Rachel glanced back at her CO every so often and smiled at her efforts.

    "You know anything about this Kami shimatta game?" demanded a sulky Kei.

    "A little, Boss but if you really need some pointers from an expert duellist, ask Conan. He 'rules' at that gam, man!" replied Rachel.

    "Maybe I will. Where is he?" asked the redhead. Rachel thought a moment or so.

    "Oh yeah- Ed, Rinnie and Mooney were gonna show him your computer system's control room. Kei? Oro is it? Are you OK? Oro's wrong?" asked a concerned Rachel Moore. Kei had gone quite white!

    "Did you say that they went to the 'Angel's' computers' control room? And Ed's with them?" she yelled.

    "Yeah, I did. Why?" asked a puzzled Rachel.

    END of Chapter 113. Chapter 114 'Antares at last' or 'Playful Angels' coming soon. Please well you know the spiel by now. Enjoy and may Kami bless-K&K

    Cont in Ch 114-Part 1
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 114-Part 1

    DISCLAIMER: OK Ami, it's all yours! First, thank you to Mr. T. for the use of the Angels. Thanks to everyone else who is letting us use their creations. How was that, Yuri? Great! Oh yes it was, Kei! Well, we left you up in the air so let's get to Chapter 114 without further preamble:-

    Chapter 114

    'Antares at Last' or 'Playful Angels'

    "Why? Because that tomboy was told to stay the Hell outta my ship's control systems, that's why! She almost fouled up my systems the last time and that control room's got the 'God Gun' emergency override controls in it!" cried Kei, racing for the lift.

    Meanwhile at the dreaded control room Ed had just finished bypassing the door security codes. Ed spoke the new codes that she had just changed the door's security systems to and the door flashed open. The four kids trooped in and Conan immediately donned a set of Yuri's coveralls that she used whenever she had to run a diagnostic check on the computers. Ed, Rin and Serena chose to just stay in their sweatshirts, jeans and sneakers and not cover them up with anything. Ed and Mooney were pointing out to Rinnie and Conan all of the different stuff there was to fool around with in the systems. Rinnie was crawling all over the place. The result was that the three girls were soon covered in grease while Conan's coveralls became quite filthy even though he didn't.

    "I told you guys to wear coveralls like I did but you wouldn't! Now look at yourselves!" admonished Conan Edogawa.

    "Now oro can we do? If Auntie Faye or Auntie Robin sees us like this we'll all be in big trouble!" wailed Rinnie. Mooney and Ed began to look worried. Conan thought about it for a minute or two.

    "Ed, do you know where the laundry room's located? (She nodded) Is it on this level? (Ed nodded again) OK, I've got it. Each of you grab a set of coveralls. Ed, lead the way to the laundry room. C'mon and hurry up, gang." he said.

    This time the three girls didn't argue with him. They each grabbed some coveralls and Ed led them down the hall quickly to a room having a door marked 'Ship's Laundry'/'Authorised Personnel Only' and she speedily breached the door's security code. Once they had all entered, Ed keyed the door shut and locked it.

    "OK- sweatshirts, jeans, sneakers and socks- get 'em off and put on the coveralls." instructed Conan. Ed had already stripped down and donned her coveralls. Rinnie did the same.

    "Don't look, Conan!" squealed Mooney as she too began stripping down.

    "Hurry up, dammit!" yelled Conan who was stuffing Ed and Rin's clothing into a washer and running the water into it.

    "There." said Mooney, stuffing her own garments into the washer and tossing in a detergent tablet. Then Ed and Rinnie each put a tablet into the washer too. Conan turned around, added his coveralls and threw in a detergent tablet as well. Then he set the washer for the shortest cycle.

    "Now what?" asked Mooney.

    "Now we wait, Mooney. Ten minutes to wash, five more to rinse and then ten more to dry everything in the dryer. Relax! It's still early and nobody's gonna miss us until 2100, er nine o'clock, girls. Don't worry. We've got it covered." said the young detective.

    "Thanks. Conan, our clothes will be nice and clean but how's about ourselves? Ed, any showers up here?" asked Mooney.

    "Yeah. Third door down on the other side of the hall, Mooney." replied Ed. Mooney grabbed Ed and Rin.

    "You wait here, Conan. We'll be right back." said Mooney and hustled the two girls down the hall to the shower room where they shucked off their coveralls and left them in the changing area. After carefully hanging their underthings in the drying alcove, they all hit the showers.

    Meanwhile Sango had just finished a grueling workout in the gymnasium and taken a quick shower. She then decided to walk down the gantryways to her own room rather than use the lift for some added exercise. Sango had just reached Level Four when- she had a call of nature!

    "Dam! No restrooms on this level! Hey wait a minute- there's a shower room up on Level Five and that's gotta have a toilet in it!" she thought so Sango dashed back upstairs to Level Five. She got there just in time! Although she was unaware of their presence there, the three kids were still in the showers when Sango had finished. On her way out the svelte kawaii demonslayer noticed an untidy pile of coveralls on the floor of the changing area. "Oro the oni are these doing in here? Hmmn- the look like they're dirty. Well, I'll just drop 'em down the nearest laundry chute." she thought so Sango grabbed the coveralls and left. Five metres own the hallway she dumped them down a laundry chute before continuing on her way back down to Level Three.

    Ed, Rinnie and Mooney finished showering and stood in the drying alcove after which they once again donned their underwear. They stepped around the corner to the changing area and-- no coveralls!

    "Our throw on thingys, Mooney! Whre are they?" said a sobbing Rinnie.

    "Damned if I know! Oh, stop blubbering, crybaby!" said Serena.

    "Now oro'll we do?" wailed a whining Rinnie. Mooney peeked out the door and peered up and down the long hallway. Deserted. So far so good.

    Cont in Ch 114-part 2
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 114-Part 2-K&K

    "OK- grab a towel and we'll make a run for it." she said. Reluctantly Rin nodded and they both jogged to keep up with Ed who was already back at the laundry room carrying her towel. The trio opened the door and walked into- a roomful of suds!

    "Oro the Hell happened, Conan?" cried Mooney trying to stay upright on the slippery floor. Conan was standing on top of a washer.

    "I dunno, Mooney! I put the water in, set the cycle, added the soap--" he said and was ticking off the items on his fingers.

    "Nai Conan, I put the soap in." corrected Mooney.

    "Nai. Unh unh! I put the soapy thingy in the washer!" yelled Rinnie.

    "Nope! You all wrong there, guys! Ed did!" said the tomboy and pointed to herself.

    Understanding slowly dawned on Conan. "Christ! We all put in the soap!" he cried. "I guess we'd better just go back to our rooms." he added.

    "How? Like this? Don't you think that Auntie Faye and Auntie Robin will be a teeny bit suspicious of us coming home in our underwear? (Conan turned) NO! Conan, don't look at us!" yelled Mooney.

    "Well then- you have two options. Either we call Auntie Faye or we call Auntie Kei for help so pick one." said Conan quietly.

    "OK. Point taken. Got any ideas?" asked Mooney.

    "Ed? Any replicators on this level?" asked Conan and Ed shook her head.

    "Then we'll have to use the back gantryway stairs to get back downstairs to Three. Ed, put that towel around yourself! Then we'll sneak you guys back into your rooms and hopefully we can do it without the dragon ladies getting wise to us. You guys follow me and hurry up. If we meet anyone, we're coming from the pool after a late swim, got it?" he instructed his charges and the trio nodded in agreement.

    They got to the 'Orphanage' suite on Level Three without incident. Conan picked the door code key lock and shoved the girls inside. "You guys are on your own now! Good luck!" he whispered and then hotfooted it back down the corridor to his own room at the 'Castle' suite.

    Ed, Rinnie and Mooney had just breathed a sigh of relief when suddenly--

    "And just where the Hell have you three been all this time?" demanded a fuming Robin Senna. This time she really looked like what she was- a witch!

    "At the pool having a late swim, Auntie Robin. Sorry but we lost track of the time." said Mooney quite boldly.

    "OK but next time tell one of us where you're going. Better let me dry those mizugis (swim suits) for you guys. Take 'em off." said Robin. The three kids hugged their towels tightly and Rinnie started to sob.

    "We can't take 'em off, Auntie Robin!" she cried.

    "And just why not?" demanded the witch hunting witch.

    "Because we ain't got no mizugis on underneath!" yelled Rin and Robin stared at her.

    She, er means that we aren't wearing any underthings underneath our swim suits, Auntie." explained a quick-thinking Mooney. Robin smiled at them.

    "OK. Get in there and take off those wet suits and chuck 'em down the chute. Then I want you guys to take a bath, put on fresh undies, get into your pajamas and get to bed. It is after nine you know! We won't have to mention any of this to Auntie Faye if you all cooperate with me. Now scoot!" said Robin Senna.

    "Whew! That was a real close one, guys!" said Mooney later on when she was zipping up Rin's pajamas. Meanwhile Conan had reached the 'Castle' suite without incident. As he was preparing for bed, Richard Moore came in.

    "Hi Sport! You seen Rachel anywhere?" he asked.

    "She's filling in for Miss Kome today, sir. I believe her shift ends at midnight." replied Conan.

    Richard of course could have cared less what anybody looked like! He was usually half-loaded anyway!

    Meanwhile upstairs on the bridge Kei glanced at her wristchromo. Almost 2200 hours- too late to bother Conan tonight. "Thanks a lot for the tip, Rachel. I think I'll get Conan to help me with my game ashita. Any messages come in?" asked Kei.

    "Just one, Boss. Emma is requesting permission to complete the prisoner transfers tomorrow on solid ground after she's landed on 'Antares'." replied Rachel Moore and she handed Kei her PDO vidpad. (Apparently their trio of ne'e'er do wells had been zapped back to the 'Queen' from the 'Coriander') Tell her that's OK and set up the exchange for ashita at 1100 hours. You look really beat, kiddo! After you signal Emma, go to bed. I'll cover the comms until your relief comes on at midnight. I ain't really feeling too tired yet." said the redhead.

    "Thanks a lot, Boss. I'm bushed!" replied Rachel. She was busily tapping out a message signal to the 'Queen's' captain. "Message sent. See you ashita, Boss. G'Night." added Rachel. Then she yawned and picked up her jacket. She hit the door release and strode rapidly to the lifts. A short ride brought her to the 'Medieval Castle' suite as 'Crybaby' John had rechristened their temporary home. Rachel keyed in her entry code, spoke the code words and hit the door release controls but the doors remained locked! After a few more futile attempts, she spoke into the comm grille beside the door.

    "Excuse me. It's Rachel and my entry codes have been rejected for some reason. Would someone please open the door?" No answer and Rachel tapped on the door panel. "C'Mon! Open the damned door! I'm tired!" she yelled and the door shot open. Falco let her in, got her a cup of warm milk (he was heating some for the crybaby anyway) and Rachel went to the room she was sharing with rebecca and Kikyo. Her hand on the door controls she decided to check on her 'cousin' Conan. He was down the hall sharing a room with Ivanhoe, Oddo and Fingal. She rapped on his door and Conan said to come on in so she did.

    Conan was sitting at a desk wearing pajamas and a kimono. The lad seemed to be working on some complicated mathematical equation or formula of some kind. "Donnie's worried about the richness ratio of the fuel cells in the thrusters' nacelle assemblies. I figure that a 16.4 corallium factor to a 19.06 dilythium oxide factor will--"

    Rachel stopped him with a hand on her forehead. "Never mind! I've already got a headache, Conan. I came in to ask you for a favor." said Rachel.

    "Sure. Oro is it?" he asked.

    "Kei, er the Boss is duelling Mr Legato tomorrow night. You know that card game that you're so good at? (Conan nodded) Could you please help her to finetune her deck, give her some pointers, that kind of thing? I promised her you would." asked Rachel hopefully.

    "Totally no problemo, Rachel. Glad to assist Miss O'Halloran. Mr Wesley is showing Mr Legato the ropes so it's only fair that she be given the same assistance." said Conan, stifling a yawn.

    "Great. After breakfast in the Level Three conference room OK?" asked Rachel, stifling her own yawn.

    "Hai. At 0900 hours. I can only give her two hours though because Mr Doinnie will need me to help him with the warp drive at 1100. I'll tell her ashita. G'Night rachel." he replied. Conan removed his kimono and climbed into his bunk. Rachel kissed him and tucked him in for the night. She had 'CC' extinguish the lights and returned to her own room.

    Rebecca was practicing archery with Kikyo as she recalled so Rachel changed into her night things and turned in. She was asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow.

    Back upstairs on the bridge Kei was receiving a signal from the 'Queen'. " 'Emerald Queen' calling 'Lovely Angel 2'. Over." said a familiar voice. Kei keyed the relay mike and spoke.

    "Roger, 'Queen'. This is 'Angel 2'. Oro's up, Arkie? Over." she replied.

    "Kei? Is that you? Over." answered Starfire's brother Arkton.

    "Yeah Arkie, it's me. Oro's the matter? Over." said Kei.

    "Stand by for Emma. Over." he replied.

    "Good evening, Admiral. Emma here. We will land at the Northern terminus of the Tyrol River on 'Antares' ashita at 0900 hours. At 1100 we will transfer the cylinders containing Warp, Slade and Khan over to you. Do you also want Sutek sent over there? Don't forget to set up pattern enhancers around your brig prior to this transfer, Boss. Over." said Emma.

    "Roger that, Emma. We'll be landing there at 0800 ashita so land beside us if you will. The enhancers are already in place. I definitely want Sutek over here so send him over too. See you at 1100 ashita, Emma. Kei out." said the redhead.

    "Roger that, Boss. Until 1100 then. Emma out." replied the pirate queen.

    Kei composed a brief message for Yuri and Legato and keyed it into their PDO vidpad relay drives. The message gave them the landing coordinates for the 'LZ' on 'Antares' and instructed them to land the 'Angel 2' at 0800 ashita morning. Kei also warned them to watch for Emma's starship to land beside them at 0900 so leave her enough space to do so. She concluded by confirming that 1100 was their rendezvous time for the prisoner transport and asked that Yuri make certain the pattern enhancers were placed around the brig on Level Five prior to transfer. (Kei had lied to Emma about them earlier!)

    At midnight, Genjo Sanzo and his three 'Sai Yuki' demon hunters arrived for the graveyard shift. They would be on duty until 0800 ashita morning. Kei asked that they tell Yuri and Legato to be sure to read the messages left for them on their PDOs. Then she left for her bunk and some much needed sleep. Her last order had been to inform her immediately if anything out of the ordinary happened and Genjo had sworn that he would.

    Kikyo and Rebecca had finished their archery contest which had ended in a draw (natch!) and toasted each other with ale before stumbling off to bed arm in arm (to hold each other up!). The chromos stood at 0100 hours.

    Cont in Ch 114-Part 3
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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