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Thread: Dirty Pair Fanfiction

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    Here's Ch 114-Part 3

    An hour later, Donnatella decided to call it a night having already managed to 'kick the warp drive up a notch' by installing a third plasma generator. Now the warp speed could easily and safely climb up to Warp 59.50142 in a matter of nano-seconds! Sure, it could only sustain that intense thrusting speed for a minute or so but it should deliver enough punch to pull the 'Angel' out of peril. If the Boss was gonna do what Donnie thought she was gonna do- fire the 'God Gun' and launch that 'Glave' thing of Ivanhoe's into the infamous rift!- they'd sure as shell need all that added speed! The Boss had told him that she had decided that mounting one of the 'God Guns' on a TARDIS was carrying things a little too far and tempting fate just a little bit too much!

    At 0400 the Royal pain-in-the-ass had a nightmare! He was sure that alien life forms had invaded his castle and they all looked like Ivanhoe! Falco and Rachel calmed him down and (with a little 'Axion 45-A' put him back into Slumberland!

    At 0600 Zoe, Leila, Jamie, Mooney, Rei, Ami, Mina, Mako, Ed, Rin, Shippou and Conan got up, bathed, dressed and then went down to the galley, had their own breakfasts and then started getting things ready for the ship's always hungry breakfast customers.

    At 0700 Mugghi trilled Legato and Rachel (Kome was still abit queasy from painkillers yesterday and anyway she had to operate the teleports later), Mar, Yuri, Han, Rally and the Boss. Day had come for the 'Angel' at last!

    The usual 'Animal House' antics were in progress when Kei and her flight crew arrived for breakfast! After placing her order (and breaking up three fights!) Kei looked at her pilot. "Legato, I want the 'Angel' landed as soon as possible. The 'LZ' is the cliffhead at the Northern spur of the Tyrol River- to be precise it is at grid points RX27 East by TL96 South. Can you and Han handle that OK? Yuri and I gotta make sure that our four new 'guests' accommodations are satisfactory." she said.

    "Sure Boss, no problem. Han, you think we'll have any trouble putting this bird down?" asked the newest soon to be 3WA TC in training.

    "Nai Blue! A 400 kilo headwind, a 210 kilo tailwind, a temperature of minus 278 degrees Kelvin, a plateau only a few hundred kilos wide, a raging blizzard and a gimpy thruster unit? It'll be a piece of cake, Blue Boy!" replied Han sarcastically.

    "Excuse me Captain Solo, sir but Mr Donnatella and I have just repaired that nacelle thruster unit. It should provide fullpower for a good fast braking maneuver, sir." said Conan Edogawa who was holding the trays of breakfast orders while Mina and Mako were unloading them.

    "In fact we even 'kicked it up a notch' for you with an energon booster jetpack relay or two." added the chief engineer and thumped his crapace or turtle shell.

    "Marvelous. That sounds like a splendid solution, master Conan, Mr Donnatella." said Artemis the other sailor scout nekko. Then she purred from her position on Kagome's lap.

    "Excellent work, gentlemen. Thanks ever so much." added Mooney's nekko Luna who was perched on Miroku's lap.

    Kirara the kittenlike white nekko youkai purred sweetly from Sango's lap while Shippou stroked her ears. "Here, little Kirara- have some ramen. Inu Yasha won't mind." said the kitsune and he placed a bowl of ramen (which he had just snatched away from the big hanyou) in front of the youkai kitten.

    "Hey Furball! That's mine, dammit! yelled Inu Yasha and he crashed his fist into Shippou's skull.

    "OW! You already had twelve bowls, you chokyoutai (pig or boar demon)! Kagome! He hit me again!" yelled Shippou.

    "You deserved it, ya little rat!" growled Kouga, his mouth stuffed full of raw and bloody T-bone steaks.

    "Osawaru! Sit Boy!" yelled Kagome sharply.

    "Christ! Not again, wench! OW!" yelled Inu yasha as he crashed forward across the table and scattered dishes every which way!

    "Dammit Kagome! Be careful where you 'sit' him, willya!" cried Kei who had tried to juggle her plates and cup when the huge hanyou had fallen across the table in front of her. Of course she'd lost the juggling act and was covered with oatmeal, eggs, bacon, ramen, raw meat, blood, OJ, cereal, java, pastry and practically verything else on the table!

    Yuri giggled and Kei looked daggers at her. "Sorry Kei but you look so funny with that mess all over yourself!" she squealed.

    "That's OK, kiddo! Do have some. I insist!" replied the redhead and upset a tray of platters (destined for the 'Bebop' table) all over her exec's head! "Here's something to wash it down!" cooed Kei sweetly and she dumped a carafe of OJ all over Yuri's lap! "AW! Not laughin' now, kid? But that's a cute look for you- violet hair streaked with oatmeal and coffe!" chortled the newest vice admiral.

    Han tapped Legato on the arm. "Let's get the Hell outta here before the next war starts!" he whispered. Rachel, Marlene, Kome and Rally had already made a hasty retreat.

    By 0800 Legato and Han had successfully landed the 'Angel' on the bluff overlooking the Tyrol River. "Now oro?" asked Han Solo.

    "Now we wait for Emma to show up, guys." said Kei who'd just walked onto the bridge after a quick change into fresh sweats and sneakers. Yuri arrived moments later wearing a fresh starched 3WA uniform and shiny Cavalier boots.

    "You know- some of us 'act' like tro-cons and dress the part while others just behave like naughty little children and dress like slobs." she sighed.

    "You started it, Yuri." observed Kei sweetly.

    "Nai! You did!" yelled Yuri.

    "I did not, dammit! Kagome did!" retorted Kei.

    "Yeah! She did, din't she! We'll get even with her at luch!" giggled Yuri.

    "If you two schoolgirls are finished playing around, perhaps you should check out the brig?" said Legato.

    "For our new guests?" added Han when all they got were blank looks from the duo.

    "Oh, yeah! C'mon Yuri and bring the pattern enhancers. Let's go." said Kei.

    "Who's on watch down there on five?" asked Yuri.

    "Ivanhoe, Fingal, Naraku and Kikyo." replied Rally from her post by the scanners.

    "Any sign of Emma yet?" asked Kei gruffly.

    "Negative, Boss. It's still early and that storm is really something else!" she answered and Kei nodded. Then she and Yuri took the lift down to Level Five. Yuri waited while Kei keyed open the doors and force beam fields leading to the brig containment area. They quickly placed the 'pattern enhancers' (focus beam posts for teleportation beams) all around the brig area. Yuri stooped to reactivate the field generators.

    "May as well leave 'em off for now, Yuri. Where's that security team of ours gotten to?" growled Kei.

    "Lord Ivanhoe? Naraku? Fingal? Miss Kikyo? Onegai respond. This is Yuri." trilled the co-pilot and she felt a gauntleted hand touch her shoulder. Involuntarily she jumped.

    "I am here, my Lady. Fingal, Lord naraku and the Lady Kikyo are breakfasting in the kitchen room down the hall." said the Dark Knight.

    "How do you 'do' that, Lord Knight? Appear out of nowhere, I mean?" asked Yuri.

    "Duh! He's the friggin' 'Chosen One', ain't he?" replied Kei dryly.

    Yuri's comlink trilled and she answered it. "Hai? Yuri here. Oro? She has? Arigato Han. We're ready here. Onegai send Kome to the transporter controls on eight and you'd better go with her, han. She's still a bit woozy from the painkillers for her shoulder. The transport coordinates? 1769 by 3598, Han. Have Emma transfer Sutek's pod to our receiving room first. Then Kome can send all four containers (Sutek, Slade, Warp and Khan) down here to us in the brig on five. Oro? Nai, our four man security team, Kei and I should be sufficient for their security and housing. Proceed." said Yuri.

    "Get ready to receive, Kei. We are relaying them from Emma's ship to our transport room on eight down to us here." said Yuri.

    Up on Level Eight Kome received the cylinders containing Slade, Warp and Khan. Sutek's pod had arrived previously. "1769 by 3598- transporting now." said the strawberry blonde with a sore shoulder.

    Several levels down on five, the three cylinders and Sutek's pod had materialized within the beam field cast by the pattern enhancers in the brig. "Now Yuri! Activate the field generators." commanded Kei. Yuri wasted no time in complying. Suddenly the huge room was crisscrossed with beams of red, aoishi, green, white, yellow, magenta, gold and violet light.

    Kei keyed the portals shut, locked and sealed them. Then she recoded everything to a new set of code variables. "Lord Ivanhoe- under 'no' circumstances will you four leave this section of this level. The brig's sealed and this corridor will be protected by a force beam barrier. You have a galley, bathrooms and bedrooms down the hall. Feel free to use them. As long as at least one of your team remains on watch, the rest of your team can do whatever they damned well please within those parameters. You and your team will be relieved at 1600 hours, er four this afternoon." explained Kei and the Dark Knight bowed and then left them to set his guard mount for te first shift.

    Meanwhile Kei and Yuri had reached the end of the inner corridor where kei tapped a panel. Instantly a greenish gold beam shot across the hallway about half a metre above the floor. "That's that, Yuri. Let's go and greet our new guests." said Kei. Yuri nodded and fell into step beside the young vice-admiral.

    "Are we leaving for 'Alderaan' now, Boss?" she asked and Kei frowned.

    "Nai. Ashita, I think. I ain't taking up five ships with that solar wind cyclone going on out there! That storm should burn itself out in a few more hours. Besides- one more day's delay won't really matter. Our crews need a good rest. I want to brief the commanders before dinnertime so have 'em in my ready room by 1430, OK?" she instructed. Her exec nodded and the duo rode the lift back up to the command deck.

    Cont in Ch 114-Part 4
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 114-Part 4-K&K

    Han and Kome had already returned to the bridge by the time Kei and Yuri got there. "We leave for 'Alderaan' ashita. Has the 'Coriander' arrived yet?" asked Kei.

    "Another two hours, Boss." replied Kome and the redhead was puzzled.

    "Then where the devil did Warp, Slade and Khan come from?" she demanded.

    "Emma's ship- the 'Emerald Queen'. When Kiva, er, Captain Nerese saw those solar storms of ours, she had those three cylinders beamed back to Emma. We were still too far off from thhem which is why she didn't beam 'em directly to us. Then I relayed them and Sutek's pod down to you on five." explained Kome.

    "OK. Well done, everyone. Command briefing at 1430 in the ready room. Han, I'll want you there as well. Legato, Mar, Kome- you'll sit this one out. Mar- begin plotting us a nice safe course to 'Alderaan'. Get Nyssa to help you because she knows the 'Cardassian' system better than us. Kome- send a signal to Garner: 'Fugitives aboard and under restraint. All ships safe. 'Coriander' arrival imminent. Have delayed departure for 'Alderaan' until ashita at 1000 hours due to solar storm activity in this area.' Understood? (Kome nodded) Legato- better run a full diagnostic on my entire ship. Yuri- you're with me. Han- make sure a fresh team relieves Ivanhoe's security detail at 1600 hours. Legato- the comm is yours." said Kei.

    Yuri followed her CO next door to her ready room. Kei seated herself at her desk and put her feet up on her console. "Osawaru Yuri. Onegai." she said and the exec dropped into a chair, pulled out her PDO vidpad and sighed deeply. It was shaping up to be a damned long day!

    END of Chapter 114. Ch 115 'Angelic Preparations' or 'Donnie's Surprise' to follow soon. Have a great day and enjoy. R/R/S away and Kami bless-K&K

    Cont in Ch 115-Part 1
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 115-Part 1

    DISCLAIMER: OK Mako, it's all yours! First, thank you to Mr. T. for the use of the Angels. Thanks to everyone else who is letting us use their creations. How was that, Yuri? Great! Oh yes it was, Kei! Well, we left you up in the air so let's get to Chapter 115 without further preamble:-

    Chapter 115

    'Angelic Preparations' or 'Donnie's Surprise'

    Kei looked over to Yuri and noted that she had her vidpad out. "Ready?" she asked and Yuri nodded.

    "I want Han, you, Emma, Arkie, the two Doctors, Sango, Kagome, April O'Neal, Nyssa and Donnatella in here at 1430 sharp for that briefing- got it? OK- alert them on the QT (privately) by comlink. This is gonna be a sensitive 'need to know' meeting which is why the guest list is so short. Better add Kiva Nerese and her exec, Reg barkley to that list. This 'trek' to 'Alderaan' will take us a few weeks so except for certain key personnel everyone will be free to do as they please. I want you to find a spare room somewhere on one of our decks and convert it to a playroom for the kids. We'll all take our turn at babysitting. As of now the style of dress will be casual and the carrying of arms will be optional except for on duty sessions. For this upcoming voyage I want the 'Queen', the 'Sol', the 'Starcrusher', the 'Hammerhead', the 'Flying Falcon', our four shuttles as well as the 'Sol's', the 'Queen's' and the 'Starcrusher's' shuttles all berthed in our docking bays below. Confirm with Kiva that the 'Coriander' will arrive here in time for my briefing at 1430. If she has shuttles, I want them left either aboard her ship or ours. The 'Coriander' will be our sole flanking support craft. Any more would draw undue interest to the 'Angel' and we most definitely do not want that! Make doubly sure that we have all the supplies we'll need for this trip, say for a month or so. Not that I don't trust them but I don't want Nat, Flay or Cagalli to know of our destination until we are well underway. Don, Anton, Mugghi and I are gonna overhaul our weapons systems. Better have Kome or Rachel advise us when Kiva arrives. That should do it for now. Guess we won't see each other until lunchtime. Any questions?" asked Kei who was busily pulling on coveralls over her sweats.

    "The 'Hammerhead', 'Donnie', 'Mikey', 'Raph' and 'Leo' are already docked below. Should I have Emma, Arkie and Han dock their ships down there before Kiva gets here?" asked Yuri.

    "Yeah- you might as well, kid." replied Kei, slipping her feet into workboots and shoving her beloved Mark XIII into the pocket of her coveralls.

    "If that's all you need, I gotta run. Don and Anton are waiting for me. See you later, kiddo." said Kei and she trilled Mugghi. "Mugghi? You and Nammo meet me in Weapons on Level Four stat." Then the redhead dashed for the lift.

    Yuri sighed, frowned at her huge 'to do' list and began to trill the 'board room members' via comlink. Then she asked Miroku and Shippou to find Sesshomaru, Jaken and Rinnie. That quintet was to get together a list of necessary supplies and post it to Han Solo and Jett Black who were to do the shopping on Mars. After that she called Emma, Arkie and han to inform them of Kei's orders to dock their ships aboard the 'Angel'. She warned Han to expect Miroku and company's list and asked that he tell Jett to dock the 'Hammerhead' below after they returned from their 'grocery shopping trip' on Mars. Yuri repped up some java for herself and pursed her lips in thought.

    "Let's see now- on Level Three there's a big old storage room which should do nicely as a playroom." she thought. "Misao? Yumi? Nat? Great. This is Yuri. Onegai join me for lunch in the dining hall at noon. Bring Cagalli and Flaysie along too. I want to discuss your next assignments. See you then. Bye for now." she trilled.

    "Now Faye and Robin can take a breather. After all, Kei did say that we were 'all' gonna take turns babysitting, didn't she?" thought the exec to herself.

    After last evening's laundry room 'accident' (which Conan, Rinnie, Ed and Mooney had all denied knowing anything about) Yuri had decided to appoint a laundry crew detail. She decided on Ash, Misty, Brock, Jessie, James and Meowth. The 'Pokemon gang' and the 'Team Rocket' trio. Tokopi and Piccachuu were inseparable from Misty and Ash so they'd be part of the crew as well.

    She had toyed with the idea of appointing a 'dining hall monitor' to cut down on the food fights but she had decided against it- after all, oro's a few food fights between tomos anyway?

    Finally Yuri had Kome relay a signal to Kiva Nerese who assured them that the 'Coriander' would be making planetfall on 'Antares' in about ten minutes or so. Yuri had Kome ask that Kiva and her exec Reg Barkley attend the Boss's briefing at 1430. Kiva accepted the offer and thanked the exec for inviting them to it.

    Then Yuri trilled her Mugghi and her Nammo. "Run a scan of our computer systems and make darn sure they're functional. Report your findings back to me. Thanks. Yuri out." she trilled.

    Kome called at 1030 hours to report Kiva's arrival with the 'Coriander'. Yuri thanked her and asked her to invite Kiva and Reg to lunch with them aboard the 'Angel' at 1230 hours.

    "Kome, I don't think that I can actually order two 'Starfleet' officers to leave their weapons behind, however, since I am not really too keen on having two armed 'Starfleet' officers aboard-- Wait! I know-- Kome, tell 'em that Kei's dress code for the 'Angel' is casual and maybe they'll take the hint. If they dont though, I want anything they're carrying confiscated before they leave the bays- got it?" said Yuri and the strawberry blonde replied in the affirmative.

    "OK, that's good. I'm meeting Misao, Yumi, Nat, Flaysie and Cagalli at noon so you, Legato and Mar better stagger your lunch breaks so that the bridge isn't left unmanned. The Boss is with Mr Poporo and Mr Gustav. They're checking our weapons' systems for 'bugs'. Hold on a sec, Kome. Hai? No glitches, Mugghi? Great. Have Nammo go offline to recharge his energy cells and you go find Jamie and get yourself something to eat. Sorry about that, kiddo. Find Ash, Misty, Brock, Jessie, James and Meowth. Have 'em meet me at 1215 hours for lunch. See you later." trilled Yuri.

    Just then Donnatella pushed open the door and entered. "Sorry, Miss Yuri but I did knock first. Look at oro the Doctors just gave to us! It's called a 'chameleon circuit'! Not only can we 'cloak' but with these gadgets, we can actually change our crafts' outward looking appearances! The 'Angel' can keep a low profile and look both innocent and inconspicuous! Isn't that great?" crowed the ecstatic Ninja warrior.

    Yuri smiled ruefully at him. "Great Don but how exactly do we make ourselves look inconspicuous with a 'Starfleet' escort ship?" she asked.

    "By having Kiva Nerese dock the 'Coriander' belowdecks and travel aboard the 'Angel' with the rest of us, that's how." remarked Kei from the doorway.

    Cont in Ch 115-Part 2
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    -Here's Ch 115-Part 2-K&K

    "I thought you'd already left, Boss." said Yuri.

    "I forgot my PDO vidpad, kids. Don, are you sure you can make those things work?" demanded the redhead.

    "Sure, Boss. I just came up here to get permission to install them on our ships and shuttles." replied the Chief Engineer.

    "Go ahead." said Kei waving him away. Don looked poinedly at Yuri.

    "Do it, Don. Kei's the Boss, not me." she said.

    "Oro do you want the 'Angel' to resemble on the outside?" he asked.

    "Use your imagination, pal. Go wild, Don." replied Kei who had recovered her PDO and was already halfway out the door.

    "Thanks a lot guys. You won't regret it. I promise. I think I'll make us look like 'Gammera'. He's a huge turtle god hero that protects Japan and the Earth er Terra in ancient mythology. I'll make the 'Angel' look like old 'Gammera', that I will!" he chortled.

    "You've been hanging around Kenny Himura, haven't you?" laughed Yuri Donovan.

    "Sorry about that, Miss Yuri. We'll get right to work installing this circuit below. See you at lunch?" said Donnatella.

    "Probably." replied Yuri who was double-checking her task schedule.

    "Oh Don, on second thought you'd better make us resemble a ship rather than a giant turtle god if we don't want to draw undue attention." chuckled Kei O'Halloran. The turtle Ninja shrugged and left the room. The exec took one last look at her list:

    1- Meeting at 1430. Tell group. Check.

    2- Draft memo to ship's company that except for key personnel everyone was on r&r and could do as they damned well pleased. HGotta do that after the briefing.

    3- Draft memo to ship's company that style of dress is casual for voyage to 'Alderaan'. Later.

    4- Dock all ships, shuttles and other crafts aboard the 'Angel'. Check.

    5- Have Donnie inform everyone oro the 'Angel' and other crafts resemble on the outside after he uses that 'chameleon circuit'. Later.

    6- Lay in about a month or two of supplies. Call Miroku, Shippou, Sess, Jaken, Rin, Han and Jett to get supplies from Mars. Check.

    7- Call Misao, Yumi, nat, Cagalli, Flaysie, Robin the witch and Faye to set up a playroom on Level Three. Check.

    8- Call Ash, Misty, Brock, Jessie, James and Meowth and tell them they have laundry detail. Check.

    9- Have computers' systems' diagnostics run by Mugghi and Nammo. Check.

    At 1130 hours, Yuri walked next door to the bed/bath suite used by Kei whenever she wanted to be close to the bridge and/or the ready room. Since Yuri used it in a pinch as well, the closets and wardrobes were well stocked with her stuff as well as Kei's. Yuri slipped off her blazer, shoulder rig with blaster, skirt, turtleneck, tank top, socks and boots and lastly her brassiere and underbriefs. She grabbed a fawn kimono and went into the bathroom for a quick shower. She stood in the drying alcove a few moments before yanking on her kimono and padding into the bedroom.

    "A quick nap before lunch." she thought. Lying on the bunk she trilled Mugghi. "Mugghi? Be sure to wake me in ten minutes so I don't miss my luncheon appointments, onegai. Arigato pal." she trilled the giant nekko lifeform. Yuri awakened to a slight trilling from her comlink ten minutes later. ""OK, Mugghi. I'm up. Thanks a lot." she trilled.

    She decided that a kimono over absolutely nothing at all was just a little bit 'too' casual! She just was not like Kei! She rose and hung up her kimono. Then she pulled on fresh underthings, a short sleeved black polo shirt, yellow chinos, socks and trainers and she was ready to go. She needed no jacket since she was unarmed.

    Merrill the thief, er gomen, the treasure hunter was barmaiding when Yuri reached the rec room. She got a small Zinfandel (white wine) and carried it next door to the dining hall. Every one of Yuri's luncheon guests had already arrived on the scene.

    First she went over to the 'Pokemon Troupe'/'Team Rocket' table and informed them that they were to run the ship's laundry services. "Conan, Rinnie, Ed and Mooney will show you where the laundry room is located." she added. "And no whining, darn it! Everyone aboard has a job to do and this is yours. Now if you'll please excuse me." said the exec turning to Misao and company who were shing the adjacent table.

    "Faye and Robin have been run ragged with all of the dang babysitting so by the Boss's order- everyone will take a turn at babysitting the little ones. I want you guys to set up a playroom on Level Three. Use Storage Room No. M-17 for it. And now if you'll pardon me I have yet another luncheon appointment." she said and gulped down the rest of her Zinfandel. Finally she approached the dreaded 'Delta House' table!

    "Nai Miroku- I will not bear your children, thank you very much. I want you, Shippou, Sess, Jaken and Rinnie to check out our supply situation, get together a list of oro we'll need for the next couple of months and give it to Han and Jett stat. They will pick up our necessaries from Mars." she said and turned to one of Mooney's sailor scouts. "Ami Honey- Please ask Auntie Merrill to send me over a refill. Zinfandel, dear, White wine? Arigato." said Yuri and handed the kid her empty wine glass.

    A few moments later Louie the Magician from Oaklynn plunked a full glass down in front of her. "Christ! You'll really need this if you're having lunch with that bloody Kiva bitch! I asked her quite nicely and like a gentleman the way Ivy taught me to-- Anyway I asked her to have dinner with me sometime and she told me that 'Starfleet' officers do NOT date uncouth barbarians!" yelled the tall magician.

    Yuri quietly polished off her second glass of 'Dutch courage' and padded over to the far corner of the huge room to meet with Reg Barkley and Kiva Nerese.

    "Greetings to you, Commander Donovan. Captain Kiva Nerese of 'Starfleet Command' at your service. We have acceeded to your wishes and we have come unarmed. Permit me to presenmt my executive officer, Lt Commander Reginald Barkley." said Kiva.

    "Charmed I'm sure, Commander and please- call me Reg." replied Barkley.

    "And I'm just Yuri. Look- I'll make this quick so we can have a nice meal and then relax a bit before the Boss's 1430 briefing upstairs. First- The 'Angel' can now change its outward looking appearance so we would like for you to berth the 'Coriander' belowdecks and travel onboard here with us. We'd like for you to voluntarily agree to this, Captain, but if we must, we will pull rank on you. A vice-admiral and an acting commodore outrank a captain and a lieutenant commander, ma'am." said Yuri, hinting at the veiled threat.

    "Cool it, Yuri and call off your dogs. Of course I agree and it's just Kiva. Thanks for allowing us to share your starship but can you accommodate my entire crew? I do have over forty, you know." replied Kiva.

    "No problemo, Kiva. The 'Angel' holds well over two hundred souls. Now that that's all settled, might I recommend the Chateaubriand?" said the 'Angel' exec. They all ordered and enjoyed their meals over light conversation.

    Lunch over, Kiva, Reg and Yuri adjourned to the rec room where Reg and his new tomo Legato had soon begun a game of 'Duel Monsters' while Inu yasha and Kouga were trying to shoot pool. Kagome, Sango and Spike Steigel were playing 'Prince of Persia' videogames in the arcade section of the room. Kiva and Yuri were sitting at a small table drinking lattes and chatting merrily away.

    "Fascinating! I was twenty-four before I got promoted to lieutenant, twenty-seven before I got my lieutenant commander's bars and now at twenty-eight, I am one of 'Starfleet's' youngest captains. You're only nineteen and already a commander and an acting commodore! WOW! Kei's only a year older than you and she's already a vice-admiral! Something else! The 'UG' and the 3WA must really believe in their kids, er, I mean officers!" corrected Kiva Nerese.

    Yuri bristled a mite. "Kei is only two months older than I am, Kiva but let me ask you this- How old were you when you joined 'Starfleet'?" asked Yuri Donovan.

    "When I was just twenty-two I graduated from the Academy as an ensign. Why?" replied Kiva.

    "Kei and I were only fourteen when we were graduated from the 'UG'/3WA Academy as junior trouble consultants- tro cons. We served as juniors until we turned seventeen. Then we became full tro cons and given the code name 'Lovely Angels'. Because we are considered the best TCs in the whole 3WA, we are now senior tro cons and we got 'that name' (Kiva figured she meant 'Dirty Pair' but she said nothing) owing to Kei's penchant of causing mass destruction on all of our assigned missions! On this mission, however, I am Kei's subordinate. But back home on Shimougou, I command my own starship. Kei's newest partner is Marlene Angel while mine is Kome Sawaguchi. They are our navigator and comm officer on this mission. The 'UG' and the 3WA did not 'give' us anything, Kiva! We damned well earned it!" said Yuri hotly.

    END of Chapter 115. Ch 116 'Starfleet Meets Earth Alliance' or 'Scaring Kiva/Old Tomos Well Met' soon. Have a cool weekend and Kami bless-K&K

    Cont in Ch 116-Part 1
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 116-Part 1

    DISCLAIMER: OK Mina, it's all yours! First, thank you to Mr. T. for the use of the Angels. Thanks to everyone else who is letting us use their creations. How was that, Yuri? Great! Oh yes it was, Kei! Well, we left you up in the air so let's get to Chapter 116 without further preamble:-

    Chapter 116

    'Starfleet Meets Earth Alliance' or 'Scaring Kiva/Old Tomos Well Met'

    Kei's glowing now with her vice-admiralty promotion but if that comes attached to a desk job, believe you me, she'll drop back down to capatain in a heartbeat! Ah- here comes Nat. Noat a word about our 1430 briefing, Kiva. Nat does not know about the meeting and Kei wants it kept that way." said Yuri.

    "Hi there Nat. May I introduce Kiva Nerese, a 'Starfleet' captain and her exec, Lt Commander Reg Barkley. Kiv's the CO of the 'Coriander' which will be escorting us to 'Alderaan' albeit they will be travelling onboard with us. Her ship will be berthed belowdecks. Kiva, Reg- this is 'Earth Alliance' Lt Naturle Badgiruel. Nat's one of our weapons officers now but in her own era, she is exec and weapons officer of the 'Archangel', an 'EA' warship." explained Yuri and they all exchanged greetings.

    "Nat? Oro's become of Cagalli and Flaysie? Kiva, they are Nat's two ensigns from the 'Archangel'. We are using both of 'em for gunner's mates." said Yuri.

    "They're pulling guard duty up on the command deck just now but they should be coming down for lunch pretty soon, Yuri." said Nat.

    Miroku wandered over and of course shocked Kiva with his stock question! Her answer? 'Starfleet' offficers have morals, Mister! Yuri giggled and shook her head.

    "Will you ever grow up, monk?" she said to Miroku who merely shrugged his shoulders.

    "Old habits, my dear." he replied and unwittingly uncovered his right hand thus exposing the 'air void' or 'wind tunnel' (a hole in the palm of his right hand which connected to a vortex in another dimension). It was a curse on his family line that would eventually consume the young monk as it had already done to the rest of his family and would do the same to his own offspring (if he ever had any).

    "My God!" screamed Kiva, upsetting the drinks. She quickly yanked a bar towel from Louie's belt and wrapped it around the monk's hand. Then she started to apply direct pressure to what she believed to be a very deep wound or cut in Miroku's right palm! "Medic! Stat!" she screamed at the top of her lungs.

    Miroku swiftly pulled his hand away and recovered it before Kiva could be sucked into his 'wind tunnel's' vortex!

    " I sure as Hell wish you'd keep that shimatta thing covered up, you crazy baka! You scared poor Kiva half to death, stupid!" yelled an angry Sango who had just entered the rec room with Nat's two young ensignsCagalli Yula Athna and Flay Allster. The deomon slayer explained to Kiva that the monk's 'wind tunnel' would draw in anything and everything which Miroku's hand was aimed at!

    "I-I- thought he'd had an accident or something!" sobbed the distraught 'Starfleet' captain. ("So she ain't that tough after all!" thought Yuri to herself)

    Louie brought over fresh drinks and took the three newcomers' bar requests. Beer for Sango and grape knee-highs sodas for cagalli and Flaysie. Miroku had knelt down in front of Kiva and was looking at her with concern.

    "Forgive me, my dear Lady. I completely forgot all about that damned 'wind tunnel'! A curse my family must bear throughout all eternity!" he said earnestly.

    Kiva finally managed a grin. "You look quite ridiculous down there on the floor, Miroku! Please get up. I accept your apology. I have seen a Helluva lot of weird stuff while I've been with 'Starfleet' but I have never ever seen anything like that hole in your hand, monk!" she replied.

    "Yeah. He uses it to scare the Hrell outta people!" said Sango and kicked Miroku in the shins. Suddenly the doors to Doctor 2's TARDIS opened and a thin and reedy high-pitched squeal was heard throughout the hall followed by more yelling!

    "Kucinagi! Kucinagi! Where the Hell are you, you idiot! You damned baka moron! Where are we? Where the Hell have you taken us to now?" A moment later a short red-headed schoolgirl about Kagome's age hove into view. She wore a plum colored jacket and a very short pleated black skirt. On her head was a red/white 'Philadelphia Phillies' baseball cap. This proclaimed her planet of origin- Terra!

    "You're supposed to be protecting me, God dammit! I am the friggin' Kucinada, ain't I?" she yelled and then noticed that she was not alone!

    "Jiminy Christmas! Where the Hell am I? Does anyone here speak Eng-lish? My name is Mo-mi-ji. Please tell me where I am!" she cried, almost in tears.

    Yuri and Kiva strolled across the room to her followed by Flaysie, Nat and Cagalli with Miroku and Sango bringing up the rear. Only Yuri and Kiva had not drawn weapons.

    Cont in Ch 116-Part 2
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 116-Part 2-K&K

    "Calm down, Honey. You're among friends here, Momiji. My name is Yuri, Yuri Donovan. Prepare yourself for a shock, kid. This thing you're on is a starship. From your style of clothing, you're from old Terra or Earth as you guys used to call it- 20th or 21st Century, I'd say. This is AD 2251 in the 23rd Century and we are on the planet 'Antares' in the 'Aquarian' Galactic System. Nowhere near Terra, I'm afraid. Now compose yourself and then tell us the last thing that you remember, dear. (Yuri turned to face Sango and the others) Put away those Kami shimatta blasters and ions! She's harmless! Christ, I think you've all been hanging around Kei too long!" admonished the co-pilot who had begun to trill the Boss when the redhead trilled her!

    "Kei? Glad you called. We have a lost young lady down here and she's scared half to death." trilled Yuri.

    "Well, if she's looking for a freak with wings, you guys can call off the search. He's up here! Better bring the kid up to my ready room. Kei out." trilled the newest vice-admiral in 'UG' and the 3WA.

    "Typical! You can't get a word in edgewise with that baka idiot! Kiva, Sango. You're with me. The rest of you guys go back to your lunches. Onegai come with us, Momiji dear." said Yuri and she gently put her arm around the trembling girl's shoulders. Meekly the 'Kucinada' allowed the 'older' women to lead her out of the rec room and down the hall to the lifts. Sango reholstered her blaster before she and Kiva followed the duo.

    "Ready room onegai." said Yuri to lift control and then Whoosh! The quartet stepped out onto the rear corridor behind the bridge. Yuri keyed the ready room's door controls and then quietly spoke the activation codes needed to open the panel. Yuri followed the others into the room where Kei was sitting on the table waiting for them. Seated beside her was a swarthy dark-haired boy of about Sango's age and height and he had a magnificent pair of dark wings growing out of his shoulders!

    "He claims he's the 'Kucinagi'." explained Kei. "She must be the 'Kucinada' he's been running around looking for." she added, pointing a finger at Momiji.

    "Kucinagi! Are you OK?" cried the girl, racing into his arms.

    "Princess! Are you unharmed? If anyone has laid a finger on you they will feel my wrath! I swear by all the gods of the pantheon! I'll--" yelled the boy angrily.

    "Oh, put a sock in it, pal- willya!" yelled Sango, her hand caressing the butt of her blaster.

    "Calm down! All of you and that's an order, dammit!" said Yuri sternly. The two newbies both blurted out their stories at the same time.

    "Now let's see if I've got this straight. Apparently, on Terra, circa AD 2004 you, the 'Kucinagi' were protecting her, the 'Kucinada' from a monster thingy called an 'Arigami'- right? (The boy nodded fiercely) And you were running away from this 'Arigami' thingy when you fell into an arroyo (sewer ditch) in the middle of Tokyo, hit your head and blacked out- right? (The girl nodded, fighting back tears) So you, 'Kucinagi', flew down into the arroyo after the kid, couldn't find her, walked into another side drainpipe and walked out onto the corridor of our Level Eight. Finding our lifts and stairs sealed off from that rear sector of the Level, you flew up here to my command deck on Nine and wandered into the break room where you bumped into me- right? (Rubbing his jaw the boy nodded ruefully) Then Momiji, the 'Kucinada' woke up on the Doc's TARDIS and played with the controls until you got the door open. Then you strolled into our rec room where you met Yuri, Kiva and the othres who brought you up here- right? (Momiji wiped her aizu and said 'Yes, ma'am.') It's just Kei, kiddo. No formality on this ship, Momiji." said Kei while Yuri gently explained the situation to them and smiled encouragingly at Momiji who grinned back at her.

    "Yuri, is your neutralizing field still in place and activated?" whispered the redhead.

    "Sure it is, Boss. Why?" Yuri whispered back.

    "Because he 'flew' up here- literally- that's why! How the Hell's that even possible with your field in place and working?" demanded the Boss Lady.

    Cont in Ch 116-Part 3
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 116-Part 3-K&K

    "Maybe the wings are part of his DNA- his genetic structure- you know- natural?" said a new voice at the doorway. Marlene Angel stood there with an ion cannon cradled in her fist. Seeing no problems, the pert blonde returned it to her holster.

    "Momiji? How the Fxxx? When did you two get here? Hi there Trouble- remember me?" said Kome Sawaguchi who had followed Mar in to see oro all the ruckus was about. However, she'd snatched up a Mark XX-101 recoilless ion cannon and now stood with the gigantic weapon resting on her right shoulder!

    "You do know that if you fire that damned thing off in here that you'll destroy this whole frigging starship, don't you?" asked Kiva very quietly.

    "Kome! Where the Hell'd you find that old thing? Stick to hand helds from now on, OK?" yelled Marlene.

    "Miss Sawaguchi? Oro are you doing here?" cried Momiji, running to the taller teenager.

    "Oro the oni is this- old home week?" grumbled Kei disgustedly.

    Kome took up the tale and explained. "Back on Earth I was assigned to protect Momiji since she carries the 'Blue Seed' and is Earth's only hope against the 'Arigami'. She is known as the 'Kucinada' and her natural protector from the 'Arigami' is him, the 'Kucinagi'. Before I joined the 3WA and the 'UG' as a TC trainee I was an 'Arigami' fighter and Momiji was my tracker to find the things. We were a team- she found 'em and I killed 'em. When the 'UG'/3WA wanted exchange trainees from Earth I got volunteered by Momiji's foster dad who was my boss. Momiji, the nice lady who brought you up here is my new boss- Yuri Donovan and that's my new CO over there- Kei O'Halloran." she said.

    "Put the 'Kucinagi' in with the Saiyaans and put Momiji in with the 'Treasure Hunters'." said Kei.

    "I must be near the 'Kucinada' at all times!" bellowed the boy with wings.

    "Not on my ship, Slim!" replied Kei.

    "Don't worry, Kucinagi. I'll be just fine." said the girl soothingly.

    "Very well then Princess. I shall stay with these 'Saiyaans'." said the boy.

    "Yuri, get Sango and Kiva to them to their quarters. (Kiva had already been given the 'grand tour' of the 'Angel' of course) I want to talk to you about something before the briefing. Everyone else- out! I'll see the commanders back here in fifteen minutes at 1430. Dismissed." said Kei.

    "Kiva, please take the Kucinagi to Goku's rooms. Sango, please escort Momiji to Melissa's rooms. Then both of you report back here. Hurry now." said Yuri.

    As soon as everyone else had gone, Kei sealed the portals and turned to her comrade. "Yuri, I've changed my mind. I think that Nat should attend our briefing but not her two ensigns. Do you agree?" said the redhead.

    "Absolutely Kei! Nat knows our weapons inside and out- even the 'God Gun'! Want me to tell her?" replied Yuri.

    "Hai but she is 'not' to tell he other two! Got that?" demanded Kei.

    "Fine. OK. I'll tell her already!" replied Yuri.

    1430 hours saw Kei and Yuri, Han Solo, Kiva and Reg, Sango, Nyssa, Emma, Arkton, April O'Neal, the two Doctors, Donnatella and Nat Badgiruel assembled along with the other pilots in the 'Angel's' ready room. Rally entered quietly steering an anti-grav trolley laden with a vast urn of java and a smaller one of tea along with sandwiches, cakes, Danishes and other pastries.

    "Help yourselves, guys. Sorry but the Boss says no hard stuff for this briefing." apologized Rally Vincent. As soon as they'd all served themselves and were once again seated, Kei nodded to Rally who sealed the doors and then sat down at the far end of the conference table.

    Kei leaned forward and tapped the holovidprojector's controls. Instantly a 3-D holographic image of a chart of 'Alderaan' and its surrounding moons appeared in the air. Kei nodded to Rally who stood and used Yuri's laser sword for a pointer. "I've asked Rally to explain our newest problem. As you may or may not know, Rally Vincent is our chief scanner operator onboard this ship. Yesterday she sighted something strange near to our destination. I will now turn the floor over to her so she can clue us in. It's your show, Rally." said Kei and she wheeled her chair around so she could rest her feet on her desk beside the huge table. Rally began her explanation to the group.

    "A few nights ago a phalanx of small vessels showed up around 'Alderaan' but only two or three. Yesterday that number had grown to six and I told the Boss. I had mentioned the first trio to Han earlier and he had informed me that three was the usual number of trading ships to visit the planet, however, when I showed him this vidpic of the six ships He ordered me to tell the Boss at once which I did. According to Han, those six ships could very well be an ambush set up to grab our prisoner, Khan! Han has recommended evasive maneuvers which Legato has been implementing for the past several hours. That's it for me, Boss. That's all I have." said Rally.

    Kei slowly lowered her feet to the floor and stood up. She leaned both hands on the table she spoke very quietly. "The information which I am about to impart to you now is 'not' to leave this room. I have kept this attendance list short for a very good reason. We very well may and let me stress the word 'may' have another spy aboard this ship. You folks are the only persons aboard that we can absolutely trust. Nat, Kiva and Reg are way too new to this ship to be spies. I am pretty sure that Cagalli and Flaysie are not spies either, however, they both have big mouths which is why they ain't here. Don, that's the same reason why your brothers ain't here. Not that we don't trust 'em- it's just that they can't keep their traps shut. Now before I continue- I want your solemn oaths that what I say next will definitely not leave this room. Do I have it? (They all pledged) Very well, I will accept your words of honour. (Kei lowered her voice again) We are 'not' going to 'Alderaan'. Instead we will remain on our present course towards 'Alderaan' until we reach this point here. (Kei indicated a small star 170 thousand kilos out from 'Alderaan') From there we will veer off to the Northwest which course we shall follow for three more days to throw off any pursuers. Then we'll 'cloak' and double back to the Southwest. In two days' time we'll reach the penultimate moon of 'Alderaan'. It is called 'Kalufrax'. There we'll land, place our prisoners aboard the 'Raphael' and transport them under cloak to 'Alderaan's' 'Dune Province' where we'll be met by a heavily armoured 'UG" force sent by Gooley to whom we'll hand over our prisoners Slade, Warp and Sutek. They will be sent to Gallifrey where the High Council of Time Lords will ensure that they are sent back to their own places and times. Slade will be sent to a prison on Terra while Warp will go to a Gallifreyan penal colony and Sutek will be confined in the Tower of Rathelon on Gallifrey. Khan will be turned over to 'Starfleet Command' for trial. Any of our guests who are anxious to get home at once can hitch a ride with Slade, Warp and Sutek to Gallifrey. Once there the High Council has assured us that they will be able to transmat anyone home in a matter of nano-seconds. Of course, they will have their memories wiped clean of the lasrt few weeks' events which is standard Gallifreyan protocol before they are sent home. Our remaining passengers will be sent home with their memories still intact after 'Kronos' becomes operational. Until then they will be billetted at the 'UG'/3WA's expense on 'Shimougou' and can spend their remaining time with us however they wish. It'll be just like a big old vacaation for them. Is this all understood? (Everyone nodded to show their understanding) Donnatella is here to explain the new gadgets which he's installed in the 'Angel' and most of our other ships and shuttles. Don, the floor is yours." said Kei at long last.

    Cont in Ch 116-Part 4
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 116-Part 4-K&K

    The purple headbanded Ninja placed a new viddisk into the holoviewers and the vidscreens now showed the outline of the 'Angel 2'. "The device that we've attached to the aforementioned ships' cloaking systems is known as a 'chameleon circuit'. This will allow our ships to not only cloak or become invisible; it will allow them to totally change their exterior appearance to anything- like so." said the Ninjan Chief Engineer. He touched a control and the starship's outline became an old fashioned Terran milk truck. Another tap and the form was that of a tall skyscraper. Once more and the ship took on the resemblance of a double decker London bus from old Terra! A final keystroke and it assumed the form of one of the Doctors' Type 40 TARDISes- an aoishi police box from old London on Terra.

    "This should aid us in eluding our pursuers and especially allow both the 'Angel' and the 'Raphael' to penetrate 'Alderaan' space undetected. You have anything to add, Boss?" said Donnatella.

    "Just this- On our return trip home to 'Shimougou' it will be necessary for us to fire the sonic beam ionic cannon, the 'God Gun' and Ivanhoe's 'Glave of Krull' into that blasted rift in order to seal the shimatta thing once and for all, I hope! (Now Kei looked pointedly around the entire assembly before continuing and she again lowered her voice) I cannot and I will not authorize that firing until we have that damned spy of ours identified and contained. If any of you have any suggestions to offer as to who our spy might possibly be, onegai share your thoughts with us all." said the feisty redheaded firebrand.

    "Oh, I do believe that we can tell you your spy's true identity, Miss O'Halloran- can't we, Doctor?" answered Doctor 2 very softly.

    "Oh Hai, the little fellow is quite correct in his assumption. There really is only one person aboard he could be." agreed Doctor 4.

    "Well if you guys know who it is, spill it, Docs!" said Han Solo testily. he was tiring of the two timre lords' constant cat and mouse games!

    "So sorry, Captain Solo. I meant of course the only other chap we've got aboard whose stock-in-trade is the same as ours- time." replied Doctor 2.

    "You mean the 'Master', don't you, Doctor?" said Arkton. Both time lords nodded to him.

    "Not Warp?" yelled Han Solo incredulously.

    "Nai, his powers came from that vortex regulator thing to control time which he stole on 21st Century Terra. He can no more manipulate time by himself than Mugghi or Nyssa could!" said Doctor 4 and his compadre Doctor 2 agreed with him.

    "Then I take it we in total agreement, are we?" asked Kei. Both time lords nodded to her and she trilled Anton Wilhelm Gustav. "OK, Chief, it's a go! Grab the 'master' and confine his ass to the brig! Triple round the clock security and reset those barrier fields around the brig. Yuri's coming down to strengthen the neutralizer fields too. Give me a trill when you've got him, sir. Kei out." trilled Kei.

    By this time Yuri Donovan and Sango had already left the room. Emma and Arkton had followed them out. Solo arose as well but Kei waved him back into his chair. "Not you, Han. I have another task in mind for you." she said grimly.

    END of Chapter 116. Chapter 117 'Southern Exposure' or 'Company's Coming' to follow soon. Enjoy and have a nice holiday weekend. Kami bless-K&K

    Cont in Ch 117-Part 1
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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