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Thread: Dirty Pair Fanfiction

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    Here's Part 1 of Ch 117-K&K

    DISCLAIMER: OK Kiva, it's all yours! First, thank you to Mr. T. for the use of the Angels. Thanks to everyone else who is letting us use their creations. How was that, Yuri? Great! Oh yes it was, Kei! Well, we left you up in the air so let's get to Chapter 117 without further preamble:-

    Chapter 117

    'Southern Exposure' or 'Company's Coming'

    Kei turned to Han Solo. "First- let me tell you who is crewing the 'Raphael' for this upcoming mission. You are commanding with Legato as your pilot. Emma's co-pilot and Nyssa's the navigator. Rachel will handle communications and Doctor 4 is your engineer. Ivy'll be security chief and his team will be Inu Yasha, Sango, Kenshin, Saitoh, Kouga, Nat, Kagome, Flaysie, Cagalli, Keitarou, Keisie, Jamie, Faye, Robin the witch girl, Arkie, Fritzie the 'Green Baron', Genie and lastly Merrill the thie- er treasure hunter. Vash will lead the fighters and his team will be made up of the four Ninjas, Master Splinter, Casey Jones, April O'Neal, Rebecca, Oddo, Jon, Falco, Kaoru, Yahiko, Sesshomaru, Jaken, Yumi, Odd Ulrich, the four Sai Yukis, the elf hunters, the 'Kucinagi', Feb and her 'Sol Bianca' girls, Jett, the three Spikes and me! Nick Wolfwood will be our weapons guy and his crew will be Richard Moore, Conan Edogawa, Jeremy, Princess Aelita, Derringer Merrill, Stungun Millie, the 'Blonde Bomber', Louie, Melissa, Ila and Yuri's 2140 other half. We'll use the older kids to service the weapons but not the 'God Gun'! Yuri Donovan will command this ship- the 'Angel'. Remember that mum's the word. Any questions? Nai? Then Yuri will be telling you all about our daily shipboard activities. Oh yeah- one more thing. Kiva, Reg? You and the 'Coriander' are our reserve unit. If we have any unforeseen problems, I will send you guys in to mop up any resistance that cannot be contained by us. OK?" said Kei.

    Kiva replied "Right-o, Kei!" and then she and Reg saluted. Kei turned away for a second to answer a trill.

    "Oro? Yeah? Great, Boss! We'll turn the bastard over to the Gallifreyans along with the rest of 'em. Bes sure to isolate him, Anton and you'd better have the vacuumhead hit him with some of that Kickapoo Joy Juice! According to the Docs he is probably even deadlier than Khan himself! Roger. That's an affirmative. We lift off ashita morning just as soon as these storms abate. Negative, Chief! I cannot risk either you or Don on this sortie. Sorry but you two cannot go with either the 'Raph' or the 'Coriander'. Oro? Hey, man! Charlie and Andre's orders- not mine, dammit! Don't forget to post a guard on those four before you leave there. Kei out." trilled the vice-admiral to her superior, Anton Wilhelm Gustav.

    Meanwhile down on Level Five at the brig--

    "Konnichi wa, Commodore Donovan." said Donald Poporo. Yuri nodded to her chief and set down her laptop/pdo/vidcontrol unit. Then she shoved a vidchip into the wall control outlet beside the neutralizing field's generator unit. Next she connected her laptop monstosity in tandem with the generator unit. That done she began to rapidly encode a new sequential program into the 'field'.

    "Oro will that do, Yuri?" asked Don curiously.

    "It'll extend the field to cover all of the brig area and keep anything and/or anyone from penetrating it. That includes the Mugghis and the Nammos. So even if the 'Master' were to breech our security, he still wouldn't be able to utilize his control of Mugghi or Nammo to break through my 'neutralizer fields' and if the baka moron tries it on his own, he'll get knocked flat on his ass for his trouble!" explained Yuri without looking up.

    "You know he still insists that he's an innocent bystander and that he's not a spy? He even demanded that he be given a chance to defend himself when he's tried on 'Alderaan'. That was when Anton told him he'd have his 'day in court' but that it would be before the High Council back on Gallifrey!" said Don.

    "I imagine that he just 'loved' that one!" replied Yuri while charging an autohypo with 130 cc's of a sedative called 'Rygol-91'.

    "Are you kidding, girl? He went totally ballistic! Even with my Kelvinite arm locked around his throat, he still fought us like a Corellian tiger! He damned near killed Ivanhoe until finally Anton used the 'Vulcan neck pinch' on him and we were able to subdue his ass! I sure as Hell hope those field barriers are gonna hold him ,kiddo! You sure that stuff'll work on him?" said Poporo.

    "The Doctors said that 'Ryjol 91' would send him to beddy-bye if I used about ten times the normal dose on him, sir. Well, here goes nothing. Inu Yasha, Kouga- Hold him down tight!" said Yuri.

    "Huh? He's down for the count, wench! He ain't goin' nowhere any time soon!" replied the big hanyou.

    "Hold his ass down anyway, onegai!" said Yuri, swabbing his arm with 'Kolacydyl', a product like Terran alcohol.

    Grumbling, Inu Yasha seized the time lord's left arm while Kouga grabbed his right and both knelt on top of his chest. Yuri set the autohypo against his biceps and the tiny laser split the skin right down to the bone thus allowing the drug to penetrate the blood vessel.

    With a massive heave, the short Gallifreyan shook off both demons at once!

    "Get the Hell outta here! Quick!" yelled Yuri excitedly. "Don, get these two back to the outer hallway stat!" she cried while extracting the autohypo, leaping backwards and somersaulting herself out the door, her outstretched hand hitting the 'field activator' panel along the way.

    "Azarath! Metrion! Zynthos!" she yelled and scooped up her laptop and other junk before retreating into the corridor.

    "All barriers now operational and activated." intoned the brig's computer control voice. Suddenly the inner room was flooded and criss-crossed with beams of multi-coloured light! Then three massive translucent Kelvinite panels crashed into place to secure the brig entrance! Through the panels they could discern the shadow of the rebel time lord as he slowly sank back onto his bunk and lapsed unto unconsciousness at last!

    "One hundred thirty cc's eh! I shoulda used the whole damned friggin' cylinder on him! Christ! Gallifreyans must be built like Klingons! I didn't think he'd ever pass out! Man, he is one strong dude!" complained Yuri.

    "Girl, you got out just in time! By the, er, 'skin of your teeth', shall we say?" chuckled Don Poporo.

    "You mean by the 'seat of her pants', don't you, Don?" chortled Inu Yasha while Kouga smirked and Yuri gave them all blank looks.

    "Have they all gone ga-ga?" she wondered until Sango giggled and whispered to her while Anton did the gentlemanly thing and tossed his jacket to a red-faced Yuri Donovan who tied it around her waist. Then she backed down the corridor towards the lifts with Sango following her. The four guys were having a hard time keeping straight faces! When Yuri had dashed out of the brig just seconds before the final panel had crashed into place, she had left the backside of her chinos behind! Her pink Eiderdowns were showing through what was left of Yuri's slacks!

    "Those two baka baboons will spread this all over the ship, you know!" said Sango.

    "Oh, I'm quite sure we can trust them both. I've known the chiefs a long time, Sango. They won't tell anyone." replied Yuri.

    "Maybe they won't but Inu Yasha and Kouga sure the Hell will! If that damned hanyou opens his big mouth, I swear that I'll have Kagome 'sit' him quite a few times and I'll personally skin that wolf alive!" fumed Sango.

    "I'm really damned lucky that the rear end of my pants was all that I did lose! It could have been far worse! Those blasted panels are lethal!" said Yuri.

    "Tell the Boss that I'll be right up." said the exec, her hand on her quarters' door panel release.

    "Want me to wait for you?" asked Sango.

    "Nai. You'd better see if we missed out on anything important after we left the meeting. I'll be up in a few minutes. Thanks again." replied Yuri.

    "Anytime. See ya later." said Sango as she strolled off with her hands stuck in her pockets.

    Yuri decided on a pair of yellow chinos this time. She tossed the ruined pair into the recyling tube, pulled on the yellow pair and slipped a small Mark III into her jacket's side pocket as an afterthought. Then she returned to Kei's ready room but she needn't have bothered. The Boss was no longer there. Rachel was updating the ship's vidlogs and Conan was doing the filing.

    "Where's the Boss, Rachel?" asked Yuri.

    "Down on the holodecks with Leo and Kenshin getting some katana lessons. Mugghi's got the comm and Nammo's monitoring the scanners. Most of the rest of us are off duty and that includes you, Yuri. Dam! I almost forgot! Conan, go down and tell Rinnie it's bathtime. She's playing 'Duel Monsters' with Shippou in the rec room." said his 'cousin' Rachel.

    Yuri turned to leave. "Don't bother, Conan. I'm on my way down there. I'll tell Rinnie. Could you please give this back to Mr Anton when you seehim, kid?" said Yuri and she handed the boy Anton's jacket.

    "Sure thing, Miss Donovan. Just as soon as I see him." replied Conan Edogawa.

    "See you two later. I'll get Rinnie for you." said Yuri.

    "Thanks a lot, Yuri. I'm swamped with work up here! Doesn't Kei know how to keep a logbook? This thing's a friggin' mess!" complained Rachel Moore.

    "You have to ask? Well, I'm off. Toodles. Oh wait-- where's Faye and Robin the witch girl and Yumi the Lyokan kid fighter?" replied Yuri.

    "Pool down on Holodeck 3." answered Rachel without looking up. Once again Yuri thought of something she'd forgotten to mention.

    "Sango and Kagome may show up here looking for me, rachel. Just tell 'em I'm in the rec room." said Yuri and departed.

    Cont in Ch 117-Part 2
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Part 2 of Ch 117-K&K

    "Sure thing, kid. Bye." replied Rachel, making yet another entry in the vidlogs.

    Meanwhile downstairs in the rec room-- "... and so my 'Celtic Warrior' wipes out your 'Swamp Thing'! POW! You lose another 300 life points, Rinnie! You're going down, girl! I'll finish you off on my next turn!" said an exuberant Shippou.

    "Oh yeah? Well, now it's my turn, Fox Boy! Ah Ha! I'll place one card face down and I play my 'Mystical Elf' in attack mode! Go and attack his 'Metal Dragon', Mysty!" yelled Rinnie.

    "Oboy! You sucker! You've just activated my trap card, 'Elf Hunters' so that means that any attack by a magical creature is thrown right back at the attacker- you! So your 'Mysty' is eliminated and so are the rest of your life points! I win!" crowed Shippou delightedly.

    "Not so fast, Foxy! My magic card counters your defense!" cried Rin happily.

    "Sorry, Rin honey but that card can only be used if your elf card is in defense mode so Shippou wins." said Helena.

    'Hawkgirl' of 'Justice League' had been stuck with babysitting Rinnie, Shippou, Ed and the scouts today. Rin started to cry while Helena did her best to soothe the child. Sesshomaru came over to see why his little ward was so upset.

    "Now oro's wrong?" demanded the demon lord.

    "Rinnie just doesn't about 'KaiJudo' games yet, Sess." explained Helena. Soon Rinnie stopped sobbing and began to play with Helena's wings.

    "Have you seen Dog Boy around anywhere, Hawk?" asked Sesshomaru.

    "He's on guard duty with that mangy wolf thing. John, Clark, Wally, Bruce and J'onnz J'onnz ('Green Lantern', 'Superman', 'Flash', 'Batman' and 'Martian Manhunter' of 'Justice League') are up there too. I dunno who the Hell this 'Master' guy is but O'Halloran sure isn't taking any chances with him. Hello there, Donovan. How's your patient?" replied Helena, her last comments being directed at Yuri who had just arrived.

    "Hi, Hawk. He's OK but it was a real barnburner and that ain't no lie! He almost got Inu yasha and Kouga before we finally got him sedated! Oh, before I forget- Rachel said it's Rinnie's bathtime." said Yuri.

    "Right and then it's naptime for her and Shippou-chan." agreed Helena.

    "Aww! Do we gotta?" whined the kitsune.

    "Yeah ya gotta! Now come on! Sess, get Rinnie while I grab Shippou." said Helena. Yuri held the door for them.

    "The knight's crew up there on five as well?" asked Sess and Yuri nodded.

    "Leave our Kei alone and she'd have half the darn ship up there!" said Yuri.

    After they'd gone, Sango and Kagome came in and sat down. Yuri ordered from Merrill and the trio had iced tea.

    "I, er, heard about your little accidental 'Southern Exposure', Yuri." giggled Kagome Higurashi and Yuri looked daggers at Sango!

    "What? It was so funny that I just couldn't help myself! Anyway, Kag won't blab!" replied the dark-maned slayer.

    "Oh, oro the Hell! It 'was' funny, wasn't it?' laughed the 'Angel' exec.

    "What was funny, ma'am?" asked Jeremy politely. The 'Code Lyoko' gang had just dropped in for milkshakes.

    "Grown up stuff, kids. Oro can I get you?" said Merrill coming to Yuri's rescue. The kids ordered their shakes and wandered over to the 'video arcade' corner of the rec room.

    "When's lift off, Miss Donovan?" asked Merrill. She was the only 'real' bartender that they had aboard although Spike Miroku had tended bar before getting into mall security. Merrill had barmaided and waited on tables in between treasure hunting jaunts back in Oaklynn.

    "Ashita whenever these damned solar winds decide to subside. We can't take off into sixteen hundred kilos an hour tornadoes! Probably 1100 or thereabouts." replied Yuri.

    "Hey Yumi! Who's got babysitting duty ashita?" asked Sango. Yumi thought that over a minute or two.

    "I think it's Vash, Nick, Millie and Merrill. Not you- the other one. (The barmaid gave a sigh of relief. She hated kids!) Sango's loons have it next day. Then comes the Elf Hunters and Team Rocket. Those four Sai Yuki morons and then the Ninja freaks are the next two days and then- I forget. Check with Faye or witchgirl." replied Yumi and she went back to playing her 'Crash Bandicoot' chase game. For once Yumi was not in black! Instead her outfit was a yellow tank top over Kelly green sweatpants.

    "That looks good on you, Yumi." complimented Kagome.

    "Thanks Kag. Mar gave it to me." said the feisty Lyokan fan fighter. "How 'is' 'Her Royal Highness'?" she added sarcastically.

    "Kei's OK. Why?" replied a puzzled Yuri.

    "Not the Boss! I meant the 'Kucinada' and that fawning winged freak ('Kucinagi') of hers!" corrected Yumi Ishiiyama.

    "Momiji's on laundry detail and Nagi's probably up there with them too. Well, I got sme stuff to get done before dinner. See ya later." replied Yuri. Draping her blazer over her arm she headed for the lifts.

    "Hey Sango! Wanna go for a dip in the hot springs as long as the guys are otherwise engaged? Up on the holodecks I mean." asked Kagome.

    "Where's that baka monk? We don't need him sneaking in for a free peek!" replied a suspicious Sango.

    "Relax. He's cleaning weapons with the 'Great Detective' downstairs. (The 'Great Detective' was Rachel's dad- Richard Moore.) Besides if we code the Arch, he can't get in anyway. So- are you game, girl?" asked Kagome.

    "Sure but let's see if Nat, Flaysie and Cagalli wanna tag along. Faye and witchgirl too." replied the slayer.

    "Wanna just make an announcement over the PA to the whole frigging ship instead?" asked Kagome with a smirk.

    "Ha ha. Very funny." replied Sango. "OK then we'll just ask those five and no more. And no kids either!" she added. A little while later (Cagalli, Nat, Flaysie, Robin and Faye had agreed to meet them on the holodecks in ten minutes) Kag and Sango got to Holodeck 7-A on Level Eight and Kagome keyed open the door panels.

    "Ryokouche Ryuu." she intoned. "Run Program Kagome 4-A and send the Arch, please." she added.

    The doors opened and the Arch appeared. Preceding Sango, Kagome entered.

    "Wow Sango! I still can't get over this place! We can get anything we want and lokk at this place! A lake with hot springs just like in your time- the Feudal Era! And a bath house, Sango. Arch- disappear and allow no further visitors to enter except for Faye, Robin Senna, Cagalli, Flaysie and Lt Nat. Authority-Kagome. Sengoku Jidai 6." said Kagome and the Arch vanished.

    The two girls were standing in the midst of a peaceful sylvan setting. Serenity reigned here. Leaving their junk in the bath house both schoolgirl and slayer had soon stripped to the skin and slid into the warm refreshing waters. The Arch soon reappeared and they heard faint voices.

    "Where is everyone?" asked Nat who was leading the quntet.

    "Over here, Nat. C'mon in- the water's great! Don't forget to close the Arch!" called Sango.

    "We ran into those two loud-mouthed Tamaranians ('Starfire' and 'Blackfire') on the way up here but I think we gave 'em the slip!" replied Nat.

    "The bath house is over that way and the deck's coded so we won't be bothered by you know who!" said the demon slayer. In a few minutes all seven girls were basking in the warm spring waters and the remainder of that day passed pleasantly away.

    Meanwhile back on the bridge-- Yuri Donovan, Marlene, Zoe and Nyssa were all trying to plot a course to 'Alderaan's' moon of 'Kalufrax'. The major sticking point was where exactly to change course and their subsequent route once 'Alderaanian' space was reached.

    "Since we have to end up on a Southwesterly heading, I say that West and then South is the most logical choice." suggested Yuri.

    "Nai, Yuri. That's no good. I say it should be East and then North and finally Southwest to reach 'Kalufrax'." said Marlene.

    "No offense guys but Nyssa and I are the only trained navigators aboard. I say we gotta go North then East and then Southwest." countered Zoe.

    "Maybe the two of us are the only 'real' navigators around here, Zoe but you don't know 'Alderaan'! I do and I say we go South, East, Southwest to reach our destination." put in Nyssa.

    They began to argue however they all agreed where to break off their from their original heading. They just couldn't decide on the course switchings.

    "Why don't you just blindfold O'Halloran and let her use the star charts for a dartboard?" added a new voice. Heads turned to stare at Han Solo who had just arrived with Legato Bluesummers.

    "Oro the Hell do 'you' know about it? Have you ever even been to 'Alderaan'?" demanded Nyssa.

    "I live there, Sweetie! Have you forgotten that I'm engaged to one of their senators- Leia Skywalker Organa?" he replied dryly.

    "Oro route would you suggest, Han?" asked Zoe politely.

    "The old 'Smugglers' Run', eh Legato?" replied Han. Legato nodded and traced a route line across the chart with a vidwand.

    "Start about here and then your course will zigzag like so- Northwest, West, East, South, Southeast, East again and finally Southwest. You can land here on the deserted side of 'Kalufrax' and just teleport your prisoners from there." said Legato.

    Yuri slowly shook here head. "Nai guys. Kei won't go for teleporting. It could be traced back to us. We will take your other suggestions under advisement though. However, transport will be by cloaked shuttle to 'Coruscant', the capitol of 'Alderaan'.replied the exec.

    Cont in Ch 117-Part 3
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Part 3 of Ch 117-K&K

    "Look kid. Our way has been used undetected for the past 500 years so if you 'do' decide to use it, make damned sure that the 'UG', the 3WA, 'Starfleet', 'GC' or the 'ISSP' don't find out about it! Got that?" said han Solo grimly.

    "OK. I promise that we won't tell the 'G- Twins' about it." replied Yuri.

    Zoe looked around the mapping table. "Then I take it that we are all ready for a vote? (Everyone nodded) All in favor of using Han's route onegai say 'aye'. (Everyone said 'aye' to it.) Opposed? (No one spoke.)" said Zoe.

    "Carried unanimously!" crowed Yuri. "Nyssa, you're in charge of the final navigational approach to 'Kalufrax' with Zoe as an advisor. Until then Mar is-OK? (Nyssa and Zoe both nodded) OK then- I'll let the Boss know oro we've decided on." said Yuri.

    Kei had finished her katana lessons with both Leonardo and Kenshin. They had both been quite impressed by the redhead's improvements. "Gotta work on my thrusts though. Leo promised to ask Sensei Splinter to give me some ninjitsu lessons in unarmed Ninja combat in the next few coming weeks." thought Kei while she was practicing some of the flashier moves that Kenny had just shown to her.

    "Hi, Kei. Thought you'd like to know-- Jiminy Christmas! Watch it, you crazy baka! That darn thing's really sharp! OW! I already lost my pants today! I sure as the oni don't wanna lose my head too!" howled Yuri who had just walked into the Boss's quarters and been almost skewered by Kei's katana blade!

    "Yeah. I, er, heard all about that already. You OK?" replied Kei, sheathing the katana.

    "Christ! Is there 'anybody' that Sango didn't tell about that!" yelled an enraged Yuri.

    "Calm down, kiddo! You can't expect to keep secrets on a ship this big, can you?" said Kei and Yuri grudgingly agreed.

    "Guess not! Anyway we've decided on the final route to 'Kalufrax'. We're gonna use--" began Yuri before Kei interrupted her in midthought.

    "The old 'Smugglers' Run', eh? Good choice, kiddo." interjected Kei.

    "Yeah but how did you-- Oh, never mind. Oro time do you figure on lifting off" asked her exec officer.

    "Mar says the winds are gonna die down around 1100 so say 1130? That'll give a whole half hour's flight time before lunch, OK?" answered the vice-admiral.

    "Yeah, that sounds OK. Oh, I've put Nyssa on nav duty for the run with Han and Zoe to help her out. Both Zoe and Mar are good but Nyssa knows that region better and Han knows the route since he's used it before and he is engaged to Senator Leia Skywalker, you know." stated Yuri.

    "She calls herself Senator Or- something or other. That's because it's better for her career if nobody finds out she's really related to the Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Vader even if he is her daddy." corrected Kei.

    Zoe was fuming inwardly as she raced to the lift stations. "That damned meeting of the Boss's took long enough! Look at the time! It's already 1600 and the Boss wants dinner served by 1700 so I gotta dash or Leila's gonna kill me for sure! I was supposed to help her start dinner at 1530." she said and she raced for the lift.

    "Yumi! Sorry I'm late but that meeting ran a bit longer than usual. Get the kitchen detail down to the galley stat!" trilled Zoe.

    "OK Zoe, you got it!" trilled Yumi Ishiyamma. "OK guys! Wind up the videogames and stuff! We've got kitchen duty and Zoe really sounds pissed! Aelita- go find the scouts, Ed, Rinnie, Fox-Boy, the 'Kucinada' and Nagi. Conan too if you can find him. Jeremy, Ulrich, Odd! Let's go!" said Yumi.

    Aelita had reached Sess's rooms and pressed the klaxon buzzer. "Yeah?" said Sesshomaru.

    "Er, it's Aelita, Uncle Sess. Yumi needs Rinnie and Shippou for kitchen duty." said the Lyokan girl.

    "OK Princess- they'll be down." replied Sess.

    "Thanks a lot, Uncle Sess. See ya later." said Aelita. A short walk soon brought her to the 'Orphanarium'- Faye and Robin's domain. She hit the buzzer and waited. Faye had just returned from the pool and was drying her hair.

    "Just a second." said Faye and she glanced at the hallway vidscreen viewer to see who it was. Seeing it was Aelita, she opened the door to her. "C'mon in, kid. Pardon my appearance. I jsut got outta the shower." said Faye as she finished wrapping herself in a huge bath towel.

    "Yumi sent me to get Ed, Conan, Momiji, Nagi, Mooney and the scouts for kitchen duty." explained Aelita.

    "Ed! Mooney! Ami! Rei! Mina! Mako! Momiji! Hawkboy! Front and centre! Get your asses down to the kitchens stat! Conan's upstairs in the ready room with Rachel. He's filing. Brock! Get down to the galley on two and help out Zoe and Leila! Move it, kid!" yelled Faye. "Anything else I can do for you, Hon?" she asked.

    "Nai Auntie Faye. See ya at dinner. Bye." replied Aelita as Ed, Mooney and her scouts, Momiji and Nagi trooped in followed by Brock. They followed Aelita out the door and over to the lift.

    When they arrived at the galley, Leila handed out the assignments. Shippou and Rinnie were already there and were setting tables. Ed was sent over to help them. Mooney and the scouts picked up their order vidpads and went to take down dinner orders. Momiji and her bodyguard began replicating food. Brock carried out the urns, pitchers of water and milk and the sodas to the main room. Zoe and Leila (as usual) had their crews working like a well-oiled machine.

    "Where's Sango, Kagome, Flaysie and Cagalli? We could sure use 'em now." asked Leila.

    "I dunno. I haven't seen 'em all afternoon." answered Zoe who was folding napkins. Brock put down the last case of 'Grape Knee High' sodas and commented.

    "We could use Ash, Misy, Jessie, James and Meowth." suggested Brock.

    "OK, sounds good to me. Trill 'em, Brock." said Leila, repping up fifty more bowls of ramen. Zoe began to draft the drinks' order list preparatory to sending it next door for Merrill to fill. Brock trilled Ash Ketchum and within a few minutes the 'Pokemon Gang' and 'Team Rocket' had arrived along with Tokapi, Meowth and Piccachuu. Ash and Misty were put to work folding napkins. Tokopi could only sit and watch while Piccachuu was using his electrical powers to warm some plates and Meowth took the drinks' list next door to Merrill at the bar.

    When he returned with the drinks, he and K-9 distributed them. At 1700 hours, Jeremy announced dinner over the PA system. Odd and Ulrich helped Jamie MacCrimmon to feed the 'beasties' and then Leila called the kids into the galley for their own dinners. Mooney and the scouts (wearing their repulsor jet footwear) jetted around the hall taking orders.

    Yuri arrived with her flight crew at 1730 and marvelled at Zoe and Leila's efficiency. "Now if you could only run the 'Angel' itself this efficiently, Kei." teased Yuri. Kei smiled at her sweetly (Hoist the storm warnings, folks!) and picked up a steaming bowl of ramen from Mina's tray.

    "Oro are ya gonna do with that?" demanded a suddenly worried Yuri Donovan.

    Kei grinned. "Give ya three guesses, kiddo!" she replied.

    "Nai, Kei! NO! You said no food fights- remember? C'mon, Boss! I apologize for teasing you! No! Not my hair, Kei! Onegai!" wailed Yuri.

    "OK. You win, Yuri. Not your hair." said Kei as she upended the bowl of sticky ramen all over Yuri's lap! Fresh back from their dip in the hot springs, Faye, Robin, Flay, Cagalli, Nat, Sango and Kagome came in and sat down with Keisie and the 2140 Yuri who were sitting at the dreaded Inu Yasha table. Sitting with them were Miroku, Kikyo, Naraku, Sesshomaru and Keitarou. Inu Yasha and Kouga got there just in time to see Yuri dump a bowl of mashed potatoes all over Kei's crimson tresses!

    "Food fight!" they chorused and grabbed two bowls of 'suki yaki' or beef stew and hurled them at their two favorite targets- Kagome and Sango.

    Sango was drinking her juice when Kagome noticed Dog-Boy and Wolfie. "Duck!" she yelled and pulled the demon slayer under the table with her. "Osawaru! Sit, Boy!" yelled Kagome which caused Inu Yasha to bump Kouga's arm. As the hanyou and youkai duo fell to the floor, the bowl of suki yaki sailed across the room and struck Keisie and her Yuri who were wearing immaculate white pantsuits, splattering both girls with the sticky mess!

    Cont in Ch 117-Part 4
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Part 4 of Ch 117-K&K

    Keitarou and Sess roared with laughter. Incensed, the 2140 tro-cons heaved their bowls of miso soup at the 'Avenging Angel' TC and his youkai companion. Naraku thought all of this just too damned hilarious for words and howled with uncontrolled mirth!

    "So you think that's funny, do you? Then do have some, Naraku- I insist!" said Kikyo and she dumped a bowl of 'yaka soba' or fried beef and noodles all over the demon's head!

    Rei and Ami were in stitches watching the antics of these so-called 'adults' (from a safe distance of course). "Ka-Mi! Will they never grow up?" observed Mina. Mako was crying as usual.

    "Ahh- Let 'em play, Mina!" said Mooney. Rinnie and Luna were riding atop Kirara's back while Shippou was playing 'around the world' with poor Artemis and Ed was seated astride K-9.

    "I do believe that Miss Mina's cause of concern is the er, mess itself. Who do you think will be stuck with cleaning up all this garbage later on tonight?" wondered K-9.

    "I'll give you three guesses." replied Artemis who had escaped from Shippou.

    "Us- that's who!" wailed Mako. The two time lords came in, took one look and immediately assumed command.

    "Break it up children!" roared out Doctor 2 although his roar was more of a squeak. Everyone froze in their tracks.

    "That's right. Take a good long look at yourselves.! Is this any kind of example to set for the children? You're supposed to behave like civilized young ladies and gentlemen, aren't you? And you two! (Doctor 4 was looking at the Co and her exec) Some commanders you are!" Doctor 2 was quite indignant.

    "Get off my dog, Ed! Rin! Shippou! Kirara! Off that table at once! Now who started it this time?" Doctor 4 could scarcely control his temper. "Well?" he demanded.

    "She did!" yelled Inu Yasha and Kouga, pointing at Yuri. "No I didn't" cried Yuri. "Kei did it!" she yelled. "I might have known!" said Doctor 2. "When I told you to stop kicking people, I didn't mean for you to start throwing things at them!> he chided. Kei was livid! "We were just blowing off some steam- that's all! We've all been under some severe strain and--" Kei broke off in midsentence. "You two left your posts! Why?" (Doctor 2 was chief of security while Doctor 4 had been assigned to brig guard duty) Well?" she demanded angrily. "Well- there's some baka idiot up on Deck Seven who claims he's the 'Dark Lord of the Sith' and he's positively hideous!" explained Doctor 2. "The greatest Terran Samurai of all time, Musashi, is fighting Ivanhoe up on Level Five near the brig. He's convinced that Sutek is one of his boys!" said Doctor 4. Han Solo leaped to his feet. "Vader? Here? Now? Impossible! He's been dead for years!" yelled Han and he took off at a dead run drawing his blasters. "Need I remind you all oro will happen to the universe if Sutek gets loose?" said Doctor 2 quietly. END of Chapter 117. Chapter 118 'The Dark Lord Cometh' or 'Dragon vs Angel' soon. Have a great weekend and Kami bless-K&K

    Cont in Ch 118-Part 1
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Part 1 of Ch 118-K&K

    DISCLAIMER: OK Gene, it's all yours! First, thank you to Mr. T. for the use of the Angels. Thanks to everyone else who is letting us use their creations. How was that, Yuri? Great! Oh yes it was, Kei! Well, we left you up in the air so let's get to Chapter 118 without further preamble:-

    Chapter 118

    'The Dark Lord Cometh' or 'Dragon vs Angel'

    Kei shook her crimson locks, scattering mashed potatoes every which way. "OK! Inu Yasha, Kouga, Nat, Flaysie and Cagalli- you guys go with Han. Kaoru, Saitoh, Miroku, Yahiko and Kenshin- you're with me. We've gotta corrall Musashi before he gets to Sutek! Kome! Contact Kiva. We'll need backup and plenty of it! C'mon Docs! Time's a wastin'!" she yelled and yanked out her cannons. "Yuri! You have the comm. Check our scanners stat. Trill me with the results. The rest of you- this is a 'Code Red' alert! Battle stations stat!" yelled the redhead.

    Kei reached the lift with Kenshin and company in tow. "Level Five stat." she ordered. Sess whispered to Jaken. He and Jaken had tagged along with Kei's group since Inu Yasha had gone with Han's team. Jaken handed Kei a katana.

    "Lord Sesshomaru thinks that 'Tokijin' may help you to subdue a Samurai warrior better than your weapons, Lady Kei." said the small toad youkai and Kei looked over to Sesshomaru. She knew that Sess's remaining katana 'Tenseiga' could only restore life and could not inflict injury nor cause death.

    "But Sess- you'll be unarmed and defenseless!" she said and Sess laughed.

    "A demon, Madam, is never truly unarmed! I need no weapons other than my fangs and claws for mere humans!" he said loftily.

    "We must capture, not kill Musashi- remember that, Sess!" she instructed the dog youkai. She spoke into her comlink. "Han! Do not kill your adversary up there! Just subdue him! Understand?" trilled Kei.

    "Yes, Kei. I do." trilled Han Solo.

    When Kei's team reached the brig on Five, they were greeted by Leo, Raph, Don and Mikey along with their sensei, Master Splinter, April O'Neal and Casey Jones. "Now would be a good time to put those lessons in ninjitsu ken (Ninja sword fighting) to work, Boss!" said Donnatella who was staving off a huge eight foot tall Samurai warrior! The hallway was literally infested with Samurai!

    "I thought you said 'one', Doc?" yelled Kei, smashing a fist into a warriors jaw.

    "Some of his pals showed up after you left, Doc!" yelled Raphael, kicking another one in the solar plexus. Sess swung his claw at another one and tore right through his armour!

    "If his tomos showed up here don't you think that that 'Sith' guy's cronies might be up there with Solo?" cried the dog youkai to Kei. Kei swore and trilled Yuri.

    "Yuri! Send Han some backup stat and get me some help here at the brig on five too! Musashi brought along his playmates and Vader probably did too!" trilled Kei as she backhanded another warrior.

    "Roger that, Kei. That guy Zenigata who showed up with the Moores- four of his tomos just dropped onto the bridge up here so I'm sending 'em over to you. Their names are Arsene Lupin III, Jigen, Goemon and a girl named Fujiko Mine. Vash, Wolfwood, 'Derringer' Merrill and 'Stun Gun' Millie just left for Deck Seven. The 'Cats' (Rally and Mae), Genie, Louie, Merrill the Treasure girl and Melissa are on their way to you as well. I thought that garner said that damned rift was getting smaller, not bigger!" trilled Yuri angrily.

    "At least starships can't get through it anymore, kiddo. Look- I'm kinda busy at the moment so just keep trying to raise the 'G Twins'. And er Yuri? I ain' takin' off ashita if we still got this lot on the loose so get us as much help as you can find and quick! Put out an SOS to the 'UG', the 3WA, the 'GC', 'Starfleet', the 'ISSP', the 'Argonian Calvalry' and whoever the Hell else you can think of! Kei out." she trilled, ducking a parry and thrusting sideways with 'Tokijin' while firing a Mark XIII lefthanded at yet another warrior! The bolt of energy sizzled through the hauberk of his chain mail and he howled in agony. Kei's left footed kick to his chest sent him spinning and crashing into the bulkhead wall.

    "Scotland forever!" bellowed Jamie MacCrimmon and he slashed fiercely with his Claymore's blade as he cut a swath through the ancient warriors.

    "Don''t kill them, Jamie! They must be taken alive!" yelled Doctor 4 and he used his six foot muffler to trip up two more attackers. By now Kei had reached their leader- Mushashi, the greatest Terran Samurai of all time!

    "Sir! If you are truly an honourable warrior, you will accept my challenge- me against you- winner take all. If you accept these terms, tell your men to stand down and I will tell my men to do the same. Do you accept my challenge, Lord Musashi?" asked the fiery-haired Amazon, holstering her Marks.

    "I do. Toshogowa Clan warriors- Lay down your weapons. I will meet this lady one on one in single combat. I have given her my word to abide by the rules of combat." he said and sheathed his own katana.

    "Holster your weapons, guys! This is between me and Lord Musashi and I have given my word to him as well." said Kei, resheathing 'Tokijin' just like Leo and Kenshin had taught her yesterday.

    Doctor 4 stepped between the duo and raised his arm. "In my hand is a coin. When I drop it and it strikes the floor- begin. Good luck and may the best fighter be victorious." he said and dropped the coin. He quickly stepped back to stand beside the monk.

    Opting for Saitoh Hajime's 'Gasatsuu' style of swordplay, which was a straight ahead thrust and used only by very skilled kenjitsuu experts, Kei attacked savagely. Kenshin put a hand to his forehead and moaned. Musashi easily sidestepped her attack and parried 'Tokijin's' blade. With a heavy 'Sho Sungo' swing, his katana passed centimetres in front of Kei, cutting through the thick fabric of her sweatshirt and lighter tank top and slashing across her exposed stomach!

    "OW! Dammit! Ka-Mi! That hurt, you bastard! First blood to you, Sensei-San! En garde!" said Kei, grimacing in pain. She raced forward, diving under Musashi's swinging arc, her katana raised high!

    "No, Boss!" yelled Leo.

    "You're leaving yourself wide open to his attack, stupid!" yelled Raphael.

    "I can't watch!" wailed Mikey.

    WHAM! Kei's right fist which was gripping the hilt of 'Tokijin', made a heavy impact when it connected with the Samurai's exposed chin! Totally unprepared for such an unorthodox maneuver, Musashi was rocked backwards. Putting all of her weight on her right foot, Kei pivotted while lashing out with her left in a powerful spinning windmill tornado kick to his solar plexus which propelled him into the wall. A quick karate chop across the nape of his neck sent him to Dreamland which allowed Kei to power force beam manacle the swordsman. The watching warriors were aghast!

    "She's only had three kenjitsu (swordfighting techniques) lessons! Yet she's just defeated the greatest Samurai in Terran's history using merely four moves!" cried Leonardo.

    "All hail our new master! Hail our new sensei-Lady Kei-San!" intoned the Samurais of the Toshogowa clan.

    "You are the victor, Lady Kei-San. I shall withdraw immediately however your Samurai will remain with you. I am unworthy to be their sensei. You are their new leader." said the warrior chieftain.

    "Withdraw? To where, my tomo? This is a frigging starship! Way up above the clouds in the sky- understand? You can't go anywhere! We will see that you all get back to the Feudal Era/Warring States Period of Japan on Terra, er Earth just as soon as we can. For now, you and your men are our guests. As long as you cause me no problems, you'll have the freedom to roam over most of my ship. Otherwise, I will have no choice except to to confine you and your warriors to my brig, er, jail, prison- whatever the Hell you guys called loss of freedom back then. While you remain aboard the 'Angel', my ship, there will be no killing and no sepppukuu (A Samurai ritual suicide something like hari kiri)-OK?" said the fiery-headed commander.

    Musashi drew his katana and raised it high. "I swear on my honour as a Samurai that I pledge to serve you, Lady Kei-San in all things." he replied.

    "And your followers?" asked Sesshomaru quietly.

    "They follow their new sensei- Lady Kei-San now. As a defeated sensei, I cannot lead them, my Lord." answered the greatest of all Samurai warriors. He bowed to the redhead as did all of kei's new 'retinue'.

    "I accept your pledge and welcome you all aboard the 'Lovely Angel 2', Musashi-San. I hereby appoint you as my second-in-command." replied Kei, bowing to him and her men in turn. "Hopefully when the leave us they won't remember any of this stuff, Sess. He wins some big battle at someplace called 'Askhaban' in Kyoto, Japan back on Terra." murmurred Kei to the inu youkai who nodded back. Kei resheathed 'Tokijin' and stuck it back in her belt before she trilled Han.

    "Kei here, Han. Brig's secure. How are you guys holding up?" she trilled.

    "Good job, kid. Were you really serious about us not killing anyone, sweetheart?" trilled Han Solo.

    Cont in Ch 118-Part 2
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 118-Part 2-K&K

    "Hai, you're damned right I was! You might kill somebody important who's destined to have a kid that's important or something! We can't go Fxxxing around with history and time, Han! Look man, I just defeated the greatest Samurai in Terran history! If I can do that then you sure as Hell oughta be able to defeat whoever the Hell you're fighting! Challenge their leader to a duel or something- winner takes all! That's oro I did with musashi!" trilled Kei.

    "That is not really a good idea, katie. Knowing Captain Solo's temper, he might just as easily kill Vader and Lord Darth Vader is really Anakin Skywalker-the late Anakin Skywalker now. Since he was the father of both Princess Leia Organa and Luke Skywalker, Captain Solo would be killing his own future father-in-law before he could father either Leia or Luke! The results would be catastrophic if not disastrous! For instance- 'Alderaan' would disappear!" explained 'CC' to the Boss. Only 'CC' and Chief Gooley could 'ever' get away with using the nickname of 'Katie' when speaking to Kei O'Halloran! Kei was in shock!

    "Is that who the oni he's fighting with up there?" she asked.

    "Hai, Katie. His late future father-in-law." replied 'CC'.

    "Then we just ran outta choices. Who's up there with Solo, 'CC'?" demanded Kei.

    "The 'Dark Lord of the Sith' (Vader), twenty of his galactic imperial storm troopers, Vash, Nick, 'Derringer' Merrill, 'Stungun' Millie, Faye and the scouts, Yumi, Odd, Ulrich, Aelita and Jeremy, Katie. Why do you ask and oro do you mean by out of choices?" asked 'CC'.

    "Just that, tomo. Flood Deck Seven with 'Tetrogene' (a harmless knockout gas), then I'll send up a security team to take our unwelcome visitors into custody. We'll keep 'em on Doctor 2's TARDIS in a stasis room until we get to 'Alderaan'. Then it'll be up to the big bosses." commanded the redhead.

    "But Katie- oro about Vash, Nick, Miss Merrill, Miss- " began 'CC'.

    "Just do it! That's a Kami shimatta order, dammit!" snapped Kei angrily. "It's just a harmless knockout gas. It won't kill anyone, 'CC' so flood that deck with it now!" she added.

    "Your wish is my command, Katie me darlin'. Activating 'Tetrogene' release on Deck Seven only. Onegai give it fifteen minutes to dissipate before sending anyone into that level, Katie." instructed 'CC'.

    "Baka! My security team is equipped with gas masks! If I give that crap fifteen minutes to clear, Vader and his metal morons will wake up! Then we'll be right back where we started, tomo." replied Kei. She trilled Ivanhoe on her comlink next.

    "Kei here Ivy. Take your security team plus five more guards and get up to Level Seven with them. Use gas masks because we flooded the deck with knockout gas. Take the Dark Lord and his storm trooper pals into custody. Take 'em over to Doctor 2's TARDIS- no! Take 'em down to our second brig. It's on Sublevel Four. The lifts only go as far as Sublevel Three so I'm afraid you'll have to carry your prisoners down the last flight of steps. You'll find fifty cells down there. That means they each get their own room. The troopers you just need to lock up in the cells. Vader is to be bound and shackled as well as locked up. When you're done, activate the force beam containment field. Just say 'CC', activate force beam fields on Sublevel Four. Authority- Kei 1. Code- Valhalla. Countercode- Asgard. Katie will authenticate. Post a guard of at least a half dozen. Unless Solo and his team are conscious, just ignore them. They'll be OK when the gas wears off. I'm sending in a medical team to check on them later. Report to me on the bridge after you complete those assignments. Kei out." she trilled.

    "It shall be done, Lady Kei but who is this 'Katie' person?" trilled the Chosen One.

    "Never mind that. Just do it, Ivy." trilled Kei. "Yuri- be ready to put Vader to beddy-bye if we have to." she trilled. "Musashi- I am making you my exec, er, second-in-command of the Toshogowa clan. Take 'em down to Sublevel Four and guard the prisoners down there and absolutely no killing! I have your word as a Samurai on that? (The Samurai warrior nodded to her and bowed.) Sango will show you the way downstairs. I'll have you and your men relieved in twelve hours. Arigato, my good tomo." said kei, clapping her hand on his shoulder.

    "You are a fine warrior, my lady, even though you are a female. It was indeed an honour and a privilege to battle against you. I will lead your warriors with pride if Lady Sango will be good enough to take us to this Sublevel Four place. Sayonara for now, Lady Sensei-San." So saying, Musashi signalled his warriors to follow he and sango.

    "Remember Sango- the lifts stop at Sublevel Three. From there you walk." warned Kei.

    "Follow me troops!" said Sango as she led them to the lifts. They soon reached their destination where they rendezvoused with Ivanhoe and his security team.

    "Greetings, Lady Sango. The metal men (Vader's galactic storm troopers) and their King (Vader) have been locked in the dungeon cells." said the Dark Knight.

    "You have the gratitude of our commander, sir. This gentleman (Musashi) and his Samurai are to mount guard here. Your men are relieved and you are to report to the vice admiral on the bridge. Have these men relieved in twelve hours. May I onegai accompany you to the command deck, Sir Knight?" Sango, who had no idea oro the medieval courtesy manners were, saluted him in the style used by most of the officers and crewmen aboard by placing her right fist across her left chest, the galactic salute. Ivanhoe touched his hand to his sword hilt and bobbed his head to her.

    "You are most welcome to accompany me, my Lady. One moment, please." he replied. "Lord Sess, we have been relieved. I place you in charge. Dismiss the troops and report to me in the alehouse upstairs (the rec room on Level Two) afterwards. Watch Oddo very carefully- he steals things." said Ivanhoe.

    "Jaken, watch the dwarf for us. The rest of you guys are dismissed. Get some rest because you may be recalled for duty in another half day. That is all." said Sesshomaru.

    Sango who was still getting the hang of carrying around a hand blaster (she was used to chain knives, sleeve blades, tante daggers, her hiraikotsu bone boomerang and a katana) dropped her cannon on the floor when she tried holstering it. Ivanhoe immediately stooped, retrieved the weapon and slid it into Sango's side holster.

    "Thank you, Sir Knight. If you're ready, we'll go now." she said.

    "Lead on, my Lady." replied the 'Chosen One'.

    Meanwhile Kei had returned to the bridge some time ago and was seated in the pilot's seat when 'Ivy' and sango arrived. Yuri stood with her back to the console.

    "Well, my Lord? How is our number one prisoner- Lord Vader? Will it be necessary for me to put him to sleep?" asked the violet-maned exec. The knight shook his head.

    "No, Lady Yuri. He is bound and shackled. He seems to know what the colored lines in the hallways mean even though I do not! He has given us no trouble whatsoever, my Lady. Lord Musashi and his knights (Samurai) now guard King Vader and his knights (galactic storm troopers)." replied 'Ivy'.

    "You are dismissed, sir. Unless the vice admiral has something else for you to do?" said Yuri.

    "Good job, 'Ivy'. Now go and get some rest. You too Sango. We lift off early ashita. The solar winds will drop down to 325 kilos at 0600 and I wanna be off this planet and on our way to 'Alderaan' by 0630. (She checked the chromo) It's 2100 now. I want the guards on Sub Four and Level Five relieved at 0900 ashita. Yuri, how are Vash and his tomos doing? You did send a med-tech team down to check on 'em, didn't you?" said Kei.

    "Of course I did and they're just fine! A little 'Amyl Nitrite' (smelling salts) was all they needed, Kei." replied Yuri.

    "Well, it's after 2100 kid so let's go down to the rec room for awhile. The 'Angel's' on 'George' and we could all do with some r and r. Kome, Mar- you're both dismissed until 0530 ashita. Get some sleep. Mugghi- you got the comm. Nammo- shut down for the night and recharge yourself. C'mon guys! First round's on me! last one to the lifts is a Tamaranian 'glorg'!" yelled Kei, racing down the hallway.

    "Christ! Now she sounds like Louie! And she must be listening to Starfire again! C'mon girls- I know a shortcut!" yelled Yuri, running to the back hallway express lift. "Rec room- stat!" cried the exec after the three of them had all piled into the lift car. As soon as the lift stopped, the doors parted and the trio sprinted to the rec room arriving mere seconds before Kei did!

    "Ha! We beat ya, Boss!" crowed Kome.

    "You cheated!" complained the redhead.

    "Oh- like you don't?" chortled Yuri, plopping onto a barstool.

    "Next time, airhead! We'll just see who wins then!" joked Kei.

    Cont in Ch 118-Part 3
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 118-Part 3-K&K

    "Name yer poison!" said the BOD, Spike Miroku.

    "Short straw, huh?" laughed Yuri.

    "I volunteered, Madam. I used to be a bartender before I got into security. I forgot how much fun it was. Anyway, 'Ivy' has Sess making up the guard roster so he couldn't very well do it. Now, oro can I get for you lovely ladies?" he asked. Yuri wanted Zinfandel white wine while Mar and Kome opted for beer and Kei merely raised her eyebrows. "Nai, Boss- not yet. Jett'll be back by 2200, I hope! How about some nice Romulan Ale? Tastes like whiskey even if it is colored aoishi (blue)." offered Spike.

    "OK. I'll have that, Spike. Send the drinks over to our table, onegai. I still have to set up my deck for tomorrow night's 'Duel Monsters' duel with Legato and I need all the help I can get! Where the Hell's Conan? Rachel said he's a real whiz at this stuff!" said the redhead.

    "Duh! It's almost 2200, you baka! He's probably in bed!" replied Yuri.

    "But he's really good at this game!" sulked Kei.

    "Maybe he is but I'm better, Miss O'Halloran, ma'am."

    Kei turned to confront the owner of this strange voice!

    END of Chapter 118. Chapter 119 'Oddo's Trinkets' or 'Lessons from A Master' to follow soon. Have a cool weekend and Kami bless-K&K

    Cont in Ch 119-Part 1
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 119-Part 1-K&K

    DISCLAIMER: OK Musashi, it's all yours! First, thank you to Mr. T. for the use of the Angels. Thanks to everyone else who is letting us use their creations. How was that, Yuri? Great! Oh yes it was, Kei! Well, we left you up in the air so let's get to Chapter 119 without further preamble:-

    Chapter 119

    'Oddo's Trinkets' or 'Lessons From A Master'

    Jeremy was standing there holding an old tin box. "Need some help fine-tuning your deck, Miss O'Hal- er Kei?" he asked in a young/old voice.

    "Why the Hell not, kid? I'll take any help I can get! Spike, a shake for Jeremy onegai." she replied.

    "Make it a black and white please, sir. Now, let's have a look at your deck. Hmmn- a classic 'Joey Wheeler' deck but before Yugi Moto helped him out with it. Too many monsters, not enough trap cards, no magic cards, no binding cards, no special ability cards- what a load of crap!" said the Lyokan guardian while Kei fumed inwardly but said nothing!

    Jeremy opened his box. Ah- the 'Time Wizard', 'Baby Dragon', 'Polymerization'. 'Pot of Greed', 'Swords of Revealing Light', a few 'Scapegoats' and 'Caribes', the 'Red-Eyed Black Dragon', 'Celtic Guardian', 'Mystical Elf', a few 'Trap' cards, some 'Magic' cards and this- the 'Dark Magician'. Now, along with him- 'Magical Hats' and the 'Magician's Box'! That'll do it for a 'novice' player like you! (Kei glared at the kid) Now listen up! First-- (The lesson lasted until well past midnight, however, at 2230, Spike announced the return of Jett's 'Hammerhead' and a fresh supply of booze including Kei's beloved Irish whiskey! She'd finished the ale and decided to save the last of the 'Dew' for a special accasion. Jeremy was on his fourth black/white milkshake when Spike called time at midnight) Now, are you clear on all these strategies, Boss?" asked Jeremy at last.

    Kei was quite impressed! For a teenager- Jeremy was fourteen, six years her junior- he really knew his 'Duel Monsters' inside and out! She asked him to explain 'Magical hats' and 'Time Wizard' once more. He again asked her if there was anything else she was unclear on about her deck. "Hai Jeremy, I understand most of this stuff now and this--" she began when--

    "Time, Ladies and Gentlemen, Time! It's well past midnight and we have a busy day ashita! Drink up onegai. Good Night folks." said Spike Miroku preparing to close up the bar.

    "One more for the road!" bellowed Louie.

    "I think you've had enough, Magic Dude! Jamie. Miroku. Please take him home, willya?" asked Melissa who was already holding up a none too steady Genie who was half plastered as well as Louie! Ila and Merrill the Treasure Girl were struggling to hold onto the big magician and they had to use all their strength just to hold him up!

    "Inu Yasha! Kouga! Goku! Vegeeta! Give us a hand with him!" yelled Miroku the amorous monk.

    "Oh for Kami's sake! I'll take him!" said Vegeeta, grabbing Louie's collar and easily hoisting him to his feet. Then the big Saiyaan prince said his good nights and dragged the drunken sorcerer back to his rooms. Kouga scooped up Rinnie and told 'Dog Boy' to get Shippou for him.

    "C'mon runt- bedtime!" yelled Inu Yasha.

    "I'll be up later, man!" said the kitsune who was playing video games.

    "I said now, squirt!" said the big hanyou. He yanked him off the chair and dragged the fox boy across the floor towards the lifts.

    "OW! OW! My ass hurts! Watch it, Doggie Boy!" howled the kitsune.

    "Watch your language, young man!" said Kagome, boxing his ears for him.

    "Pick him up, Inu Yasha." said Sango.

    "Shaddup, Demonslayer! He's fine!" yelled the hanyou angrily.

    "Kagome!" called Sango and--

    "Osawaru! Sit Boy!" yelled the miko.

    "OW! Dam you wench! This Fxxxing floor ain't exactly soft ya know!" he yelled, crashing to the floor and losing his grip on the kit who tried scampering back to the rec room and ran right into Han Solo who picked him up and handed him to Sango.

    "I think this belongs to you, dear." he said, his aoishi aizu twinkling.

    "Down boy! You're already engaged- remember?" said Kagome and she, Sango and Shippou resumed their trek to bed. Kouga, Rin and Inu Yasha followed them out.

    "Sorry Captain Solo but the bar just closed. However, if you really want a nightcap--" began Spike Miroku but Han waved him off.

    "I just came in to find the admiral." he replied.

    "Me? Oro for?" asked Kei who was still trying to master her deck.

    "Nothing important, Boss. I was just wondering if Vader and Musashi's boys have been corralled yet?" he asked. Kei nodded and apologized to him.

    "Sorry we had to gas you and your team, Han but I just couldn't think of how else to grab vader and his storm troopers without knocking them out first. They're in my other brig under triple guard." explained Kei.

    "What other brig and who the Hell's watchin' 'em?" demanded Solo.

    "My other brig's down on Sublevel Four and I got Musashi and his Samurais watching them for us. (Han went quite white!) It's OK so calm down, me boyo! I defeated him in single combat so he and his guys made me their new sensei. I named Musashi as my second in command exec and they all gave me their words- no killing and no seppukuu either! Sess and his gang relieve 'em at 0900 ashita. You'd better get some sleep 'cause we lift off bright and early at 0600 or whenever the solar winds drop and you're on my flight crew. How are Vash, Nick, Merrill, Millie and the rest of your team? No ill effects, I hope?" asked Kei.

    "Nai, Boss. Everyone's OK. As long as everything seems to be copathetic (running smoothly), I think I'll shoot some pool before I turn in. Care to join me, Ladies?" invited the ex-smuggler/trader.

    "Not tonight, Captain. Morning comes quickly on this old rustbucket! G'Night all." said Kome, grabbing Mar and departing for bed.

    "Yuri?" tried Solo again.

    "No way, man! I'm bushed! The Boss sure keeps us hoppin', Han. I'll see you tomorrow." replied Yuri, tagging along after her two ensigns.

    "That just leaves you, darlin'- how about it, Love?" asked han with a devil may care grin.

    "Nai arigato, Han and stop calling me 'Darling' and 'Love' unless you wanna feel my boot again! Besides I got signals to read tonight." replied the Boss.

    Jeremy had left with Spike Miroku some time ago.

    "Unless you wanna 'duel' me, Han?" asked an impish Kei.

    Cont in Ch 119-Part 2
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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