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Thread: Dirty Pair Fanfiction

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    Here's Ch 119-Part 2-K&K

    "That shimatta baka card game of the kids! No way in Hell, Reds! See you later. G'Night." replied Han, heading for his rooms in the 'Royal' suite. Now Kei was left alone in the rec room. Gathering up her deck, she drained the last dregs of her ale and departed.

    "Light out, 'CC' and good night my tomo." she called and the room went pitch black!

    "Good night, Katie, me darlin'. Sleep tight and don't let the--" replied 'CC' before Kei yelled "Don't say it!" and flashed her forearm flashlamp in front of her down the hallways until it winked out.

    "Great! My spare power packs are all upstairs! Wait- I know." she thought and activated her laser sword before continuing on her way to her quarters. The lift brought her to Level Three and her own rooms. As these halls were illuminated, Kei deactivated her sword and slipped it back into her pocket. She entered her rooms and sat on the sofa. She tapped a few keys and her vidscreen came to life. There were several holomessages awaiting her attention. and she had soon dealt with all of them. Then she drafted her daily signal for the 'G- Twins'. In it she reported their capture of Vader and his goons, her own defeat of Musashi, her decision to use him and his men as guards, her intention to lift off ashita just as soon as the solar winds dropped below 400 kilos and she finished by asking permission to let everyone take a few weeks' r and r except for the routine duty personnel such as the cooks and their staffs, guards, scanners, flight crews, security teams, etc. She also told them about the Master's betrayal and her incarceration of the rebel time lord. Kei thanked the 'G- Twins', 'Starfleet' and 'UG' for Kiva, Reg and the 'Coriander' but with the 'Angel's' new 'chameleon' cloaking abilities, she'd decided on having all hands stay aboard the 'Angel' and berth all ships and shuttles in her docking bays. She asked about the 'Kronos' status yet again. She also aked that no one aboard be required to be in uniform or under arms unless in her opinion it was deemed necessary. Kei likened her vessel to a pleasure cruise ship on old Terra. She signed off as 'O'Halloran/Vice Admiral/Sr TC/3WA/UG/Commanding' and ordered 'CC' to transmit the signal stat. Then Kei replaced the power packs in her forearm flash lamps, laser sword and ion cannons.

    After a quick shower, she hopped into her bunk which was when she remembered promising Yuri that she'd wear at least underthings to bed the reason being that Ed had taught Rin, Shippou and the rest of the kids aboard how to spy on the living quarters through the ventilating air ducts. Shippou had blurted out to Yuri and Kagome that he'd seen Kei asleep in her bunk and that she was 'furless'! Since Kei usually slept 'au natural', both girls knew oro that meant! Rather than having to argue with the vacuumhead, Kei slipped into a tank top and bikini briefs. Then she flopped back onto her bunk again.

    "Oro's the damned big deal anyway? So the kitsune had seen me naked- so oro?" thought the redhead. "Sometimes Yuri just don't make no sense!" she added aloud. "Brr! 'CC'- increase room temperature to 55 degrees Kelvin. Arigato." she said and instantly her room was warm and toasty. At last the Boss dropped off into a fitful sleep.

    "Oddo! Where did you get those things?" demanded Rebecca who was standing in the doorway of the 'Royal' suite's living room. 'Crybaby' John had dubbed their quarters the 'Royal Palace' and to keep peace in the family, 'Ivy' and his roomies had allowed it. She finished pulling on her kimono and looked pointedly at the dwarf.

    "I, er, 'found' them, Love." replied Oddo sheepishly.

    "Found them?" questioned the redheaded maiden.

    "Well- sort of anyway." he replied sulkily. Han (who was bunking with them since Jett had taken to snoring of late) and Ivanhoe padded in to see oro all the commotion was about. "They're just toys, Love- see?" said the dwarf with nimble fingers. Han Solo immediately lost all of his colour again!

    "They ain't toys, you baka! They're plasma bombs, Oddo! Put 'em down very gently and don't shake 'em! They're a hundred times more sensitive than nitroglycerine! Where the Hell did you 'find' them? I'm sure that Kei keeps 'em all locked up tight!" said Solo worriedly.

    "Why? Are they very dangerous?" asked Oddo.

    "Just one of those 'toys' of yours could wipe out half a deck! 'Ivy'- put 'em in that safe for the night. We'll take 'em back ashita. Be very careful with 'em!" said Han.

    "Oddo! Give those things to me!" said Ivanhoe sternly. Oddo placed six small red globules into the knight's hand. Ivanhoe placed them in the safe and gently closed the door before spinning the dial to lock it. "First thing tomorrow, we take 'em back to where you 'found' them- right Oddo?" roared the 'Chosen One'.

    "Absolutely, Lord Ivanhoe! I swear I'll never steal another thing as long as I live, so help me God!" replied the dwarf with his hand on his heart.

    "How many times have we heard that one before?" said Rebecca.

    "Never mind. It's all over now so let's all get some sleep. G'Night." said Han with a yawn.

    Back in her own quarters Yuri was checking the latest weather reports. At 0603 hours the solar winds around them would drop to 356.7 kilos an hour. She gently trilled the bridge. "Mugghi? Call me at 0530 tomorrow-OK? It's Yuri. G'Night." she trilled and Mugghi growled out a reply that she would. Yuri stretched, changed into pajamas and climbed into her bunk. Within seconds she was asleep.

    "Aww! Auntie Yuri's in her pajamas already, Ed!" whispered Rinnie.

    "Yeah and Auntie Kei was wearing undies this time!" replied Ed.

    "Let's try Auntie Rally!" whispered Rinnie. Both kids were in the airducts looking down through the vent high up in the wall above Yuri's room. As quietly as they could they scurried over to the room where Rally Vincent was bunking.

    "Shush! Be quiet, Ed!" cautioned Rinnie as the two kids peered down at the sleeping form of the 20th Century biunty hunter. However, Rally was not quite asleep!

    "Look Rinnie! She's all covered up so we can't tell if she's sleeping in the raw or not!" complained Ed.

    "If two certain little tomboys aren't back in their bunks in five minutes, I'm going to call their Auntie Faye on my comlink." said Rally very softly but very clearly. Ed and Rinnie were in shock!

    The two miscreants beat a hasty retreat back to their own rooms, dropped down through the vents and jumped into their bunks.

    "We're going to have a nice long talk about this ashita, Ed. Go to sleep." said Faye who was awaiting her when the 'cowgirl' dropped from the airduct!

    "Hello, Rin. Have a nice visit with Ed? Take a quick shower, get into your PJs and get to bed. We will speak about this in the morning. I am very disappointed in you, young lady!" said Sess who had been awaiting his ward's arrival in her room.

    "I am so sorry, my lord! I won't do it again!" apologized Rinnie.

    "I know you won't because you'll be confined to your room all day tomorrow. That's enough time for a shower. Turn off the water and get in here!" said the inu youkai.

    "I can't! I left my pajamas in my room and I don't want you to see me in my underpants, Dad!" sobbed Rinnie.

    "Oh for Kami's sake Rin! I've seen you in your underthings before, haven't I?" replied Sess.

    "That was when I was a little girl! I'm a big girl now, my Lord" whined Rinnie.

    "OK OK! Christ! Here are your jammies. Put 'em on and get out here stat!" yelled Sess opening the bathroom door a crack and tossing them through to the kid. "Because you have misbehaved tonight, no cocoa and no bedtime story! Now get to bed and I do not want to hear another peep out of you the rest of the night or- or-- you'll get a damned good spanking! G'Night!" he fumed.

    "Lord Sesshomaru! Please lower your voice! Some of us are trying to sleep!" grumbled an annoyed toad youkai who was rubbing his aizu.

    "Jaken! I thought I told you to keep an aizu on Rinnie!" said Sess.

    "I did, my Lord! She took her bath and then I tucked her into bed at half past eight like I always do." replied Jaken.

    "Well she just dropped from the ceiling air vent a few minutes ago! Do you call that keeping an aizu on her?" demanded Sess angrily.

    "But my Lord! Oro else can I do? It would be improper for me to remain in her bedroom all night!" stated the indignant toad thing.

    "Oh bother! I'm gonna watch some tv and then go to bed myself. Goodnight, my dear Jaken." Sess stormed off to the suite's living room.

    "Goodnight my Lord." replied Master Jaken before returning to his own bunk.

    "So they are the fools who are holding Khan and our tomos from the 'Sol Bianca', eh?" observed Gene Starwind, Captain of the 'Outlaw Star'. Starwind was a renegade, a merc(enary), a fighter for hire to the highest bidder!

    End of Chapter 119. Chapter 120 'Rescue Mission' or 'Vacationing Vagabonds' to come soon. Enjoy and Kami bless you all-K&K

    Cont in Ch 120-Part 1
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Part 1 of Ch 120-K&K

    DISCLAIMER: OK Gene, it's all yours! First, thank you to Mr. T. for the use of the Angels. Thanks to everyone else who is letting us use their creations. How was that, Yuri? Great! Oh yes it was, Kei! Well, we left you up in the air so let's get to Chapter 120 without further preamble:-

    Chapter 120

    'Rescue Mission' or 'Vacationing Vagabonds'

    "Oro do we know about this ship- the 'Lovely Angel 2', Gene?" asked the 'Star's' first officer, Jim Hawking.

    "All that I was told by Khan's lieutenant, MacReedy was that Khan, Feb and her crew of Jan, April, Mai, June and July had been kidnapped and were being held against their wills so our task is to get 'em out and back to the safety of 'Ragnorak' (Re-mor-ah) as soon as possible. For that we are to be paid a hefty fee of a billion credits- too rich a prize to ignore!" replied Gene.

    "I dunno, Gene. Sounds sorta fishy to me and it's sure to be dangerous, ain't it? I say we forget about it." said Jamie Wilson.

    "Look Jamie, we only signed you on because Galaxea and Kiva said you were a pretty good fighter but you don't get a vote in any of the decisions we make! This ain't a democratic ship- it's my ship and my decision's the only one that counts! On the 'Star' my word is LAW! You do understand that, I trust?" demanded Starwind.

    "Yeah and if I didn't need a break from 'Reds' (Kiva the MEGAS robot pilot), 'Coop' and that oversized giant leviathan (MEGAS itself which was a giant robot from AD 3000 Terra currently trapped in 21st Century Terra in Jersey City, New Jersey, USA) that we tool around in, I wouldn't even be here!" retorted Jamie.

    "You could always just get out and walk, son." suggested Jim Hawking with a grin.

    "YO! Pipe down, you guys! I'm trying to sleep! What the Hell's all the ruckus about anyway?" complained Goat Smith (Jamie Wilson's buddy from Jersey).

    "If the crew doesn't get a vote and guests don't either, stowaways sure as the Hell don't get one! If you must know we've finally reached our objective." said Gene.

    "Yeah? No fooling? Any hot babes on it, man? That's why I tagged along with you guys!" yelled Goat while he was peering into the scanners. "It's like all fuzzy! Is this the focusing knob?" he asked and started fiddling with a knob marked 'Disruptor Beam Firing Control'!

    "Don't play with that! You'll disintegrate something, you moron!" yelled the exec.

    "But it's too dark outside to see anything through the windows and the picture's fuzzy on the TV set here! Where's the horizontal hold on this stupid thing, man?" asked Goat.

    "That's cloud cover, dude! We're still above the stratosphere and at 0100 in the morning, it usually is dark outside. Now either sit down and shut up or go back to bed!" roared the Captain. "Villa! Target their weapons and propulsions systems only. Take 'em out with a plasma blast. Be careful not to damage their life support systems though. You may fire when ready, Villa." commanded Gene.

    Villa was one of the original crew members of the 'Liberty', a starship used by the 'Blake's 7' crowd but he had soon tired of fighting the Federation forces and so he'd signed on with Gene Starwind as the gunner on the 'Outlaw Star'.

    "Molly, how many souls are aboard her?" asked the Captain offhandedly.

    "About 200, sir- give or take." she replied.

    Molly had been Iris's 'Lovely Angel' partner in the 3WA, however, in their final mission trouble had struck costing Iris an arm and Molly her memory. We know that Iris became a hired killer and changed her name to 'Lady Flair'. She had believed that the 3WA had abandoned her and Molly but in the end she discovered that Chief Garner had tried to reach them but Iris had angrily smashed the comlink which Garner had been using to track them. Iris died as an 'Angel' defending Yuri, Kei and Garner against a madman named Waldess. Waldess did kill Iris and then Kei iced him. Of course Iris had been certain that Molly had been killed in that last mission where Iris had lost an arm, however, unknown to her Molly had survived her fall from the catwalk. A med tech of Waldess's had found her and treated her wounds. All she could recall was a name- 'Molly'- so the tech gave her his last name 'Callahan'- and she became Molly Callahan. The tech, 'Dirty' Harry Callahan being a good tomo of Gene Starwind's had suggested to him that Molly (who seemed to know everything about logistics, navigation and computers) might make a good addition to Gene's crew. Gene had initially signed her on as a 'cabin girl/gopher' but she had soon worked her way up to communications, then gunner and finally navigator. As such, Molly was third in command of the 'Star'. Molly loved scanning and navigation ans she really excelled in those fields. Her amnesia didn't seem to hinder her abilities in any way whatsoever and she was a valued and esteemed member of Gene's crew.

    Molly became suddenly aware that Gene, Jim and Jamie were staring dumbfounded at her. "Did you say two hundred, Molly?" asked Gene Starwind.

    "Yes sir. You can check the scanners for yourself, Captain. Er, one other thing, sir?" she replied.

    "Go on Callahan. Oro?" coaxed Gene.

    "The name of that ship is somehow quite familiar to me, gentlemen. Perhaps it'll come to me later, sir." answered Molly.

    "Good God, Starwind! They're powering up weapons! I'm activating our shields, Gene. Dammit! I just fired at them and the bloody ship vanished! The blighters must have some sort of cloaking ability, man! Oro do we do now?" asked a worried Villa.

    "Now I remember, sir. Kami shimatta ni jigoku! 'Lovely Angel 2'! I used to be a 'Lovely Angel' a long time ago, I think!" shouted Molly.

    "Holy Christ! Coop, Kiva, Goat and me tangled with them aboard MEGAS-XLR! They're real bad news, man!" cried Jamie. He and Goat looked at each other as realization finally dawned on them both at the same time.

    "The frigging 'Dirty Pair'!" they yelled.

    "That's 'Lovely Angels', dammit!" screeched Molly, slamming a fist into each man's jaw. Gene and Jim still stared at them with blank looks on their faces.

    "They're 3WA, man! Some kinda psycho intergalactic cops! They call 'em the 'Dirty Pair' because they wreck every Goddamned thing in sight! And, er, Gene? Out here- they're the LAW! So if Khan and those 'Bianca' babes are being held by THEM chances are pretty good that it ain't no kidnapping! Let's get the Fxxx outta here while we've still got a chance, Starwind!" yelled Jamie, his finger poised over the 'Lift Off' panel.

    "We'rebeing hailed, sir." said Molly.

    "Onscreen, Lt Callahan." commanded Gene Starwind grimly.

    The vidscreen now showed a huge bridge dominated by a gigantic fierce looking catlike creature at least seven and a half feet tall! "Move over Mugghi!" The huge nekko was shoved aside by a slightly built violet-maned beauty in a yellow kimono. "Who are you and how dare you fire on a 3WA/'UG' starship? Identify yourself at once or I'll return fire!" yelled the vixen.

    "You're bluffing, man! You gotta de-cloak to fire and--" began Gene.

    ZAP! POW! An energy bolt zanged off the 'Star's' shields! "Shields down to fifteen percent strength, sir." advised Molly.

    "From a single blast! That's impossible!" yelled Starwind.

    "Still think I have to de-cloak to fire, sir? Now who the Hell are you?" demanded Yuri Donovan angrily.

    Defiant to the last "You first, Sweetie." replied Gene Starwind.

    Yuri fumed but kept her composure and replied "Commodore Yuri Donovan, 3WA/'United Galactica', Executive officer of the patrol starship 'Lovely Angel 2'. Your turn, Sweetheart!" she countered.

    "Captain Gene Starwind, commanding the 'Outlaw Star', a trading vessel, at your service, ma'am. We thought that you guys were holding hostages against their wills. My apologies, ma'am." answered Gene.

    "We hold many prisoners. Which ones were you referring to, sir?" asked Yuri politely.

    "Khorenghis Khan as well as the entire crew of the vessel 'Sol Bianca', ma'am." replied Gene innocently.

    "Khan! We're holding him for 'Starfleet Command'! He's a murderer, a pirate, a brigand and a savage! Just oro the oni do you want with him, Captain?" demanded Yuri hotly.

    "Mugghi, get Solo quick!" she whispered to the huge nekko thing and it loped off the bridge.

    "You are aware Captain, are you not, that this is a 3WA vessel and that we are tro-cons or officers of galactic law and by firing on us, you are committing a felony as well as an act of piracy? You do understand that, I trust, sir?" explained Yuri, her aoishi aizu aflame with anger.

    "We did not realize who you were, Commodore, ma'am. Of course, we would never knowingly fire on a 'UG'/3WA ship ever!" replied Starwind. Gene turned and whispered to his exec. "Get this bucket of bolts ready to warp into hyperspace quick! Looks like we'll have to make a run for it, Jim!" commanded Starwind.

    "If you should attempt to leave without my permission, sir, I can qyuite easily 'tractor' you back here, you know." said Yuri quietly.

    "We wouldn't dream of leaving without the 3WA's OK, ma'am." replied Gene.

    "Your ship is still targeting us, Captain! Either stand down at once or we will fire on you, sir!" cried Yuri.

    "And the little hellcat means it too, Gene. If I were you, I'd do just what she tells you to do, old buddy." said Han Solo who had just come into view behind Yuri. "Have you called the Boss yet?" he whispered to her.

    "That baka! Are you nuts! I don't want to see this guy blown outta the sky! We can handle this ourselves, can't we?" begged Yuri hopefully. Han nodded. "You know this guy, Han?" she whispered and agin he nodded.

    Cont in Ch 120-Part 2
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Part 2 of Ch 120-K&K

    "Gene? How many in your crew? I know that you already know that you're far outnumbered! You've already scanned us, pal! So who's on board with you, tomo?" demanded Solo.

    "OK Han, you win. Me, my exec, my nav, my gunner and two, er, guests. Just six of us, old buddy." replied Gene.

    "They've stopped targeting us, Han. Can we let them go?" asked Yuri.

    Han shook his head slowly. "Nai, kid. I don't trust 'em! Somebody hired Starwind and I wanna know who it was!" said Han. "Gene, I want you to bring the 'Star' into our docking bays below. We need to talk face to face. Any objections?" said Han idly, a veiled threat in his voice.

    "Nai, old pal. We'll dock on the 'Angel'." agreed Gene resignedly.

    "De-cloak the ship, Yuri. I'll go down and let him in." said Solo.

    "OK. Han, he's not a trader either, is he?" asked Yuri.

    "A trader? Nai, he's a cowboy, Duchess!" he replied and left for the bays.

    "Holy sweet Mother of Christ! Where the Hell did that thing come from? She's huge! She's got nine surface decks and at least five sub-surface levels!" exclaimed Villa who was clearly in awe of the 'Angel'!

    "I've just opened Airlock 2-B on the port side for you, Gene. Yuri, illuminate the exterior port side of the ship." ordered Han.

    Starwind slewed around and yawed port (left) easily gliding the 'Outlaw Star' into the docking bays of the 'Angel'.

    "Over there, pal. Parking Space 27-B." said Han pointing. Gene parked, opened his side doors and lowered the gangway ramp to the floor. Gene emerged followed by Jamie, his exec Jim Hawking, his gunner Villa, Goat and finally his navigator Molly Callahan.

    "Han, it's been awhile, hasn't it? Good to see you, old buddy. My exec, Jim Hawking, my new gunner Villa, our passengers Jamie Wilson and Goat Smith and my navigator Molly Callahan." said Gene.

    "So they got you to break Khan outta stir, eh? How much? A hundred mill? Who hired you?" demanded Solo.

    "A billion Han, a billion credits! A Scot named MacReedy hired us. He claimed that Khan as well as Feb and her 'Sol Bianca' crew had all been like kidnapped, man! Nobody said nothing about 'Starfleet', the 'ISSP', the 'GC', the 'UG' or the 3WA being involved, pal! You know I'm both a rogue and a liar, Solo but I ain't no baka jackass,man! And I draw the line at treason too! I'd never try to buck the 'UG' or the 3WA especially the 'deadly deuce' combo! You gotta believe me, old buddy!" pleaded Starwind desperately.

    Han whistled. "WOW! A billion credits! Someone mustt really want Khan bad but MacReedy's gotta be just a go-between! He's way too stupid to come up with this idea all on his lonesome and he sure as Hell ain't got that kind of swag at his command! You had to realize that, didn't you, Gene?" demanded Solo.

    "Yeah sure but how often do a billion credit deals come my way, Solo?" defended Starwind.

    "Follow me, pal. Yuri's gonna meet us at the bar. Nice to meet the rest of you folks." said Han and he turned to Gene again. "Where the Fxxx did you ever pick up those two 'yahoo yoyos'?" he whispered and nodded towards Jamie Wilson and Goat Smith.

    "Galaxea and a babe named Kiva and a dude named Coop with a giant robot named MEGAS XLR recommended Jamie as a good fighter so I took him on since he wanted a bit of a vacation from Earth. Man, what a crybaby he's been though! Goat just stowed away on the 'Star'. He wants to pick up hot space chicks! Villa used to be with Blake on the 'Liberty', you already know Jim Hawking and Molly's got amnesia although she does claim to be an ex-Angel from the 3WA. She's a great pilot and navigator as well as a whiz with computers so I figured why not and signed her on." explained Gene.

    "Could she possibly be Iris's old partner? The 3WA thinks she died years ago! Pretty quiet for an Angel though." chuckled Han. Suddenly Molly Callahan stiffened.

    "Did you say Han? Han Solo? Not the same han Solo who is engaged to Princess Leia Organa, the Federation Republic senator from 'Alderaan'?" she queried.

    "You know Leia? Well now, this really is a pretty small universe, ain't it?" replied Han Solo.

    "I met the senator during a trading run to 'Alderaan'. Her father had just been slain and it was a tragic time for her. Her dad had been slain by the Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Vader. She was feeling really low and needed a sympathetic shoulder. I was that shoulder, Mr Solo." explained Molly Callahan.

    "Please call me Han, Molly. The poor guy that Vader killed that day was her foster father. Leia's real daddy was Darth himself and we've got him locked up below." said Han.

    "Sorry old mate but Vader was killed years ago during the Great Rebellion so how can you possibly have hime here now?" demanded Jim hawking.

    "It's a long story and I'll tell you all about it after we've decided what to do with you guys. Rec Room. Level 2, 'CC'. Yuri's waiting upstairs for us." said Han.

    WHOOSH! 'CC' dropped them off on Level 2 and Han led his party across the rec room to the bar wher Yuri was waiting to greet them and she was not alone! Inu Yasha, Kouga, Sango and Faldo flanked the cute exec. The security team was armed with plasma rifles while Han wore an ion cannon and Yuri had a small Mark III within easy reach on the bartop. Deciding that it just would not do too receive visitors in her pajamas, Yuri had changed into a black turtleneck, red slacks and matching 3WA blazer. On her feet were short black 'Chukka' or 'Moon' boots. Naraku, armed with a larger Mark VI disruptor blaster was tending bar.

    "Welcome aboard the 'Lovely Angel 2', gentlemen, ma'am. Commodore and Tro-Con Yuri Donovan, first officer at your service." she said. Han performed the introductions. "Captain Starwind, I don't think that Vice-Admiral O'Halloran, our CO, will take too kindly to your trying to break Khan out of her brig. Incidentally, Feb and her crew have decided to join us for this mission. Their 'Sol Bianca' is docked belowdecks. To continue- I think the Admiral can be persuaded not to arrest you for piracy. After all, it was an honest mistake and Han can vouch for you. However, we do not want you following us and trying it again so you guys will be our guests until we reach 'Alderaan'. As soon as Khan's in 'Starfleet' custody you'll be released. But like I said- Admiral O'Halloran is not going to take too kindly to your firing on a 3WA/'UG' starship." said the exec.

    "You got that right, kiddo! By rights I oughta toss you six bakas into my brig and hand you over to 'Starfleet Command'. There's only three reasons why I ain't. One- I'm running outta room in my brigs. Two- I don't especially like taking orders from 'Starfleet' and three- Han says you guys are OK and I trust his judgment. Now that that's settled, let's all have a drink!"

    Six shocked faces greeted this new speaker.

    "A tall redhead and a firebrand from the look of those jade aizu!" thought the guys.

    Molly looked from Kei to Yuri and back again.

    "So! These two are the latest 'Angels'? They're just kids! Yet one's a Commodore and the other's a Vice-Admiral! Oro the Hell old are they? Nineteen, Twenty? Boy, the 3WA must be really desperate!" she thought to herself. Molly glanced at the duo once more. "Yuri- Wearing a proper uniform with the situation well in hand, everything by the book and sipping a Zinfandel. Kei- Wearing a loud Kelly green kimono over at least (hopefully) underwear! A 'devil may care' 'MY WAY' or else attitude (obviously the 'dirty' half of this 'dirty pair'!), belting down Irish whiskey! As different as ban (night) and yobi (day)! Not unlike me and--shimatta! oro was her damned name? Of only I could remember it! Oh well, the doctors did say not to rush it, that my amnesia would fade in time. Patience is a virtue, Molly. Someone told me that once but who? My father? Nai, not Daddy but someone like Daddy--" thought Molly who was rudely jolted out of her reveries by a shout.

    "Hey Molly! What are you drinking, girl?" yelled Jamie from the bar.

    "Sorry Jamie. A 'Rob Roy', please, Mr Naraku. Arigato." replied Molly.

    "A 'Rob Roy', eh? Charlie Garner told me that was all one of his first 'Lovely Angels', Molly, ever drank. Are you perhaps 'that' Molly, Lt Callahan?" asked Anton Gustav who had come down for some warm milk. Don Poporo had tagged along for a quick nightcap.

    "Molly's still got amnesia, man but she did tell us that she used to be a 'Lovely Angel' or so she thought." replied Gene.

    "Sorry to break up the party, folks but we're due to lift off in less than five hours. Inu Yasha? Onegai show Gene and his boys to their quarters. The gents will bunk in with you guys. Sango, Molly will be in with you. Since the flight crew's gotta be up at 0530, Kei and I will say good night. Naraku, onegai close up the rec room for us. See you all ashita." said Yuri with a yawn.

    Cont in Ch 120-Part 3
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Part 3 of Ch 120-K&K

    "Likewise." said Kei, waving to everyone as she too returned to her rooms and slumberland. "Hey Mugghi!" trilled Kei while she and Yuri were riding the lift up to their quarters. "Any damages from Starwind's attacks on us? Shields lost 3 of their strength but Nammo's got 'em back up to a hundred again? OK, that's great. Re-cloak the 'Angel'. See you ashita. Trill us both at 0500. G'Night, Furball." trilled Kei.

    Meanwhile the big hanyou took Gene and his men back to his own rooms. Kicking open the door to one of the bedrooms, he pointed to three double decker bunks. "Take your pick and go to sleep. G'Night." he growled, yawning and returning to his own bunk.

    Sango had led Molly back to the quarters she was sharing with Kagome. "We'll lend you some pajamas for tonight, Molly and we'll get some stuff repped up for you ashita." said the demon slayer girl. The door to one of the other bedrooms popped open and Miroku stuck his head out. He greeted Sango and her new tomo.

    "Miroku, this is Molly. Molly, this is Miroku." said Sango and immediately regretted introducing her to the monk!

    "Kawaii Lady, would you do me the supreme honour of bearing my children?" asked the amorous monk on bended knee.

    "I, er, appreciate your offer, sir but I've been told that I've got amnesia so I might already have a beau or indeed even a husband somewhere. Nice to meet you, Brother Miroku. G'Night." replied Molly with a smile.

    Sango glared icy cold daggers at him but said nothing. "Take that bunk, Molly. For now you can borrow some of Kagome's stuff- pajamas, slippers and kimono." whispered Sango, tossing the items to the ex-Angel. "That's the bathroom. Please try not to wake anyone up and please don't step on Kirara." she said, pointing to a small white kitten-sized nekko on the floor. "Good Night, Molly." she added softly while she prepared for bed.

    Earlier in the evening Louie the Rune Soldier magician had discovered Romulan Ale which was aoishi in colour and about ten times stronger than the Malmsey Ale which he usually guzzled! He had then introduced Inu Yasha, Kouga, Naraku, Lord Ivanhoe, Faldo, Oddo, Kagome, Merrill the treasure babe, Melissa, Genie and Miroku to it! The 'Crybaby' Prince John had drunk two flagons of the heady brew as well. His Royal Highness had then promptly proposed to sango and kissed the astonished and enraged demon slayer girl! Sango had (of course) swung a hard right at him but the blow never landed!

    END of Chapter 120. Chapter 121 (untitled as of yet) to follow soon. Have a nice day and Kami bless-K&K

    Cont in Ch 121-Part 1
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 121-part 1-A long one again-K&K

    DISCLAIMER: OK Goat, it's all yours! First, thank you to Mr. T. for the use of the Angels. Thanks to everyone else who is letting us use their creations. How was that, Yuri? Great! Oh yes it was, Kei! Well, we left you up in the air so let's get to Chapter 121 without further preamble:-

    Chapter 121

    'Sontarran Sojourn' or 'Cruising with the Angels'

    Kikyo had used her arm to block Sango's fist before it had reached the 'Crybaby'!

    "Louie gave him some of this crappy stuff, Sango! It's called 'Romulan Ale', I think. Captain Nerese said that one of ts side effects is that it makes one overly amorous as well as overly affectionate! Oro'd he do to you- propose? Big Deal! He proposed to me too and to every other female he's met tonight apparently to judge by all those bruises on his face! If anyone's to blame, it's Louie!" said the preistess.

    Sango smiled as she recalled the incidents from earlier in the evening. Then she finished pulling on her pajamas and went to bed. Kikyo was finally sleeping soundly while Kagome was snoring away like a grampus! Molly had also drifted off to sleep and at last so did Sango. Inu Yasha's gang had also fallen asleep. Yuri and Kei had both dropped off almost as soon as their heads had hit their pillows.

    At the same time Jamie, Goat, Gene, Jim and Villa were busy weighing their options. "I say we sneak out while they're all asleep, man! By morning, we'll be well clear of this nuthouse!" suggested Jamie.

    Goat agreed with him as did Villa, however, Gene and his exec did not! "We were told to stay put, Jamie. The 'UG' and the 3WA ain't like the 'ISSP' or your 'New Jersey State Police' guys either! Their authority is really and truly absolute, old son! And just because they're girls, don't go thinking they're gonna be softies. They're not called the 'Dirty Pair' just for the Hell of it, boys! Don't forget that they both became tro-cons when they were still only fourteen! That means they're at least five year veterans of the force. Besides Solo said he'd vouch for 'em and so that's good enough for me, man!" said Jim Hawking.

    "It's good enough for me too. Now shut up and go to bed! Ooh! My poor head! I shouldn't have had that last aoishi raspberry cooler Louie gave me! It seems to have gone straight to my head, man!" groaned Gene Starwind.

    "That 'cooler' you had was 'Romulan Ale' and it really packs a wallop, old son! That wimpy prince had some and proposed to the babe in the black and red PJs!" replied his exec, chuckling away.

    "Anyway, the 'Star' stays put, Jamie! Goodnight." said Gene.

    Jett, Spike Steigel and Faye had declined Louie's offer at the bar. They all knew what 'Romulan Ale' was and exactly what it could do to you! There were no other incidents for the remainder of the night and then--

    "MEOW! It's 0500 Yuri and time to get up, sleepyhead! Those solar winds have dropped to 397.678 kilos per hour. We really should liftoff now. Should I awaken the others, Yuri?" trilled Mugghi.

    "That's an affirmative, Mugghi. Wake up Kei and the rest of the flight crew. Better get Han up too. We're lifting off at once! Those winds won't stay that calm for long! Tell everyone to shake a leg, Mugghi!" trilled Yuri as she was running her shower.

    "Oro the Hell? You sure, Furball? OK, we'll lift off before 0530 then. Get evryone up stat!" trilled Kei.

    By o505, Kei, Yuri, Kome, Marlene, Legato, Nyssa, Zoe, Han, Rally, Nick, Vash, Donnatella and the two Doctors were up and at their posts. The rest of the passengers and crew were still asleep. The bridge was a bustle of activity and by 0515 all of the pre-flight tests had been completed. Donnatella and the two timelords confirmed that impulse engines, warp core drive engines, thrusters and nacelles were all fully functional and ready to go. They also assured the flight deck that Warp zero to 9.89 velocity for hyperthrusting could easily be achieved in less than eight seconds.

    "Stand by for liftoff on my mark, Legato." said Kei from her position at the centre of the helm console. "Short countdown today folks. We gotta go while the winds are below 400 kilos. So from go (5)- ready? Go (5), shi (4), san (3), ni (2), ichi (1), rei (zero), liftoff." commanded the redhead.

    "Yuri- fire main thrusters. Mar- fire alternate thrusters. Lifting off. Donnie- full impulse power. Docs- fire up the warp core drives. Take her up to Warp 7.4 and hold it. Nyssa- set hyperthrust coordinates to bearing 840 NNW. Mar, Zoe- stand by for hyperthrust jump in hachi (8) seconds. Hachi, nana, roko, go, shi, san, ni, ichi, rei (8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1, zero)! Punch it! Zoe- fire port nacelle thrusters. Mar- fire starboard nacelle thrusters. Han- decrease impulse velocity to subwarp 3. Steady as she goes, guys. OK, that's great. Yuri, put her on 'George'. Donnie- activate chameleon circuit and make us look like a trading vessel from a neutral world- 'Iolanthe' will be OK. I'll leave it to your discretion oro the ship will resemble when we drop outta warp. Use your imagination but nix on that giant turtle god thing though!" said Kei.

    "Nyssa- how long before we drop out of hyper?" asked Legato Bluesummers.

    "Thirteen solar days and nine solar hours, sir." replied the Trakkenite girl. Legato thanked her and resumed his calculations.

    "Great job gang. In about a fortnight, we'll change course again. Let's get some breakfast." said Legato.

    "Good job Legato and a hearty well done to everyone. From here on in we will keep just two people up here on the bridge besides Mugghi and Nammo. Any volunteers for the first shift?" asked Kei.

    "I'll stay." said Rally.

    "Me too, ma'am." said Nyssa.

    "OK then- Rally and Nyssa it is. Rally- you have the comm. I'll have you both relieved at 1000 hour and Yuri- don't forget to have the guards on both brigs relieved at 0900. Five at each brig should be more than enough security. I want a guard posted on each one of the remaining surface and sub levels. Rachel and Robin Senna will be posting assignments for kitchen duty, laundry detail, BOD duty, cleaning and maintenance duties, clerical duty, babysitting, entertainment and morale duties and like that. If and only if your name is not on any of those lists are you to consider yourself as 'off duty'. Except for guard and security details, no one is required to be armed. None of you at all are required to be in uniform and that includes the flight crews. Kome- you'll make these announcements at 1100 hours over the squawkbox. Rachel and Robin must be certain to download those announcements into everyone's databases and PDO's stat. Yuri will be compling a map of the ship with all of the 'off limits' areas clearly marked on it. This map will be downloaded into all databases and PDO's as well as having a copy hung in the rec room and on each of the level's hallways. This will be accomplised as soon as possible. Any violation of these 'off limits' areas will not be tolerated. The penalty will be the loss of all privileges and confinement to quarters for all 'off duty' times for the duration of this voyage. Finally- last but not least- we have six new guests and they are Gene Starwind, Captain of the 'Outlaw Star'; Jim hawking, his exec; Molly Callahan his navigator; Villa Randolh, his gunner and Jamie Wilson and Goat Smith, Gene's tomos from New Jersey on Terra. We welcome all of them aboard the 'SAngel'. Rally and Nyssa- your breakfasts will be sent up for you. The rest of you are dismissed." said Kei.

    She was wearing sweats and sneakers and she was sporting a Mark XIII on her right hip. Being out of 'uniform' was one thing but Kei O'Halloran being 'unarmed' was just unthinkable!

    "Well Yuri? How's it feel? Two weeks of R & R and Ka-Mi! Do we ever need it!" said Kei.

    Yuri glanced over at her CO and smiled. "R & R and an ion cannon to boot! Typical of you, Kei. Why don't you just relax for once and leave that thing in your sock drawer for a change?" asked her exec.

    Kei laid her right hand along the cannon's grip and allowed her fingers to caress the cold metal. "This? I'd as soon laser off my right arm! My Mark has become like a part of me. I'm just so used to its being there that I'd feel like I was undressed without it, kiddo. Arigato ni nai arigato (Thanks but no thanks)! Besides- being as I'm the CO, I gotta be armed- says so in our 3WA rule book, Yuri." explained the redhead.

    "Well, I'm not gonna lug mine around with me if I don't have to, Kei! And right after breakfast, this uniform is going back into my closet." replied Yuri.

    The breakfast wars were in full swing at 0700 in the dining hall when Kei arrived along with her flight and engineering crews.

    "I am NOT bringing you bakas any more ramen if all you're gonna do is throw it at each other!" said a defiant Ami.

    "We said we want more ramen, wench! Go and get it! NOW!" yelled Inu Yasha belligerently.

    Ami turned to jet off and away from them, however, Kouga's claws were wrapped around her waistband. Whirling away from the wolf, Ami applied full power to her repulsor lift jet skates and the huge hanyou grabbed the other side of her waistband.

    "Osawaru (Sit) Boy!" yelled Kagome and three things happened simultaneously. The hanyou crashed face down on the table. The fabric of Ami's jeans gave way leaving Kouga and Inu Yasha each holding half of their remnants! Ami's afterburners kicked in and she shot across the room like a rocket! Ami's face went beet red and she retreated into the galley.

    "Ed?" asked Zoe when she noticed Ami tying her jacket around her waist. Ami shook her head fighting back angry tears.

    "Nai! That darn wolf thing and 'Doggie Boy' did it this time!" she cried and Zoe quietly handed her a fresh pair of jeans and steered Ami into the powder room to change.

    "Hurry up, Ami! The Saiyaans are gonna start howling next!" called Leila.

    Cont in Ch 121-Part 2
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Part 2 of Ch 121-K&K

    "We're in for a few fun filled weeks, guys." observed the Boss as she and Yuri strolled into the galley.

    "You can sure as Hell say that again, Boss!" replied Zoe. "Here you go, Ami. I put the Saiyaans' food trays and a big urn of java for each of them on the repulsor lift trolley. Just steer it with the remote. It's got a joystick just like those video games you guys play, OK? Remember that the stuff on the lower shelf is for Bulma." said Zoe. Ami nodded and steered the trolley back into the dining hall.

    "You wanted something, Boss?" Zoe asked Kei.

    "Send up two platters to the comm deck for Rally and Nyssa. At 1100 you will spell Nyssa as navigator while Leila takes over the scanners from Rally." said the redhead.

    "Fine with us but oro about lunch, Boss?" asked Leila.

    "I'll get 'Derringer' Merrill (Strife) and 'Stun Gun' Millie (Thompson) to do it. Mireille (Bouquet) and Kira (the other NOIR assassin) can help out too. Give the scouts a break for once and have Odd, Ulrich, Yumi and Aelita bus tables and handle the orders." replied Kei.

    "Leo, Mikey and Raph could bus tables too." suggested Zoe.

    "That's not such a good idea, man. Mikey and dishes don't mix. Raph and manners don't go together either. Leo is a great leader and a good fighter but a waiter or a bus boy he ain't, guys." said Donnatella. "April's OK but Casey's a real klutz. I'd help out if I could but those engines won't run themselves, ladies." he added.

    "Oro are you doing down here anyway, Don?" asked Yuri.

    "Oh- yeah- could you have some coffee and a few doughnuts sent up to us in Engineering, please? Cyborg's coffee is like- mud!" replied the Ninja turtle.

    Leila smiled at him. "Sure thing, Don. I'll have some sent up right away." she answered.

    Raphael, Leonardo and Michangelo had followed their brother into the galley with April O'Neal and Casey Jones bringing up the rear.

    "Excuse me, Boss Lady but is it true that we're gonna be travelling on this piece of junk for three more weeks?" asked Raph and Master Splinter frowned but said nothing. Kei nodded.

    "No stopovers? That sucks, man!" interjected Mikey.

    "Michaelangelo! Watch your language, young man! Apologize to the Lady at once!" said his sensei who had followed April and Casey in.

    "I'm er like sorry, ma'am. Please forgive me but is it like really true that there ain't like no rest stops before we get to this 'Aldersnot' place?" demanded Mikey.

    "It's 'Alderaan' not 'Aldersnot', Mikey." corrected Donnatella. Kei stared at him.

    "Oro the Hell do you think this is? A tour? In case you've all forgotten, we've got more than twenty prisoners aboard this ship! The sooner we reach 'Alderaan' the sooner we can get rid of 'em and get home to 'Shimougou' where hopefully we'll get you all back home to your own woelds and times safely." answered the redhead.

    "However Kei, he does raise a valid point. We're all gonna go stir crazy if we're stuck on this tub that long! Why can't we stop for a rest at one of the 'Alderaanian' moons? Just for a few days? Onegai? Pretty onegai?" pleaded Yuri.

    "OK! You win! How about 'Sontarra'? We can get there in a week and a half or so. We'll stay for three days- OK?" replied Kei.

    "Cowabonga dude! Thank you so much, Captain Babe!" squeled Mikey.

    "Michaelangelo!" admonished his sensei.

    "It's OK, Sensei. He's just a little excited and er Mikey- now it's Admiral Babe not Captain Babe." giggled Yuri. Kei had turned to face Donnatella.

    "Don, can you make the 'Angel' look like a luxury spaceliner on the outside? Call her the 'Galaxy Express 999'." asked Kei. Donnatella nodded.

    "Sure thing, Boss. I can make it look like anything you desire, man." he replied.

    "That's great! Now listen up! No one must know just who we really are and oro we are really transporting! No visitors onboard, keep a low profile and no fighting with the locals! 'Sontarra' recognizes 'UG', the 'ISSP', 'GC' and 'Starfleet' authorities but not the 3WA so be real careful! Beam weapons are illegal as are laser swords. We'll give you a full briefing when we get there. Zoe- have our prisoners been fed yet?" said Kei.

    "Zoe nodded. "The Elf Hunters have that assignment, Boss." she replied.

    "They just took their brreakfast trays down for them." added Leila. Kei nodded curtly and turned to leave.

    "If I were you, I'd have Don disguise this ship now because 'Sontarra' won't allow a 3WA vessel anywhere near their world and they have ultra sensitive long range scanner beams." warned Zoe.

    "You heard the lady, Don. Make it so." commanded Kei.

    "Your wish is my command, Boss." replied Donnatella.

    Yuri's comlink trilled and she answered it. "Hai? Yuri here. Oro? Kei- Nyssa reports that we are now on course for 'Alderaan' and Rally reports nothing but normal traffic on the scanners. Should I have the contact 'Sontarra' so they'll be expecting us? (Kei shook her head 'no') Nai Nyssa- we'll handle that little detail later. Anything else? Nai? OK, you'll be relieved at 1100 by Zoe and Leila. Lunch is at 1300 today. Yuri out." she trilled.

    "So 'Sontarra' does recognize 'UG' and 'Starfleet' authorities, eh, Zoe?" asked Kei and Zoe nodded.

    "Hai but they resent the 3WA having its headquarters on 'Alderaan 5', Boss." she answered. Kei pursed her lips in though before replying.

    "Then we'll have Kiva make that call for us. After all, she 'is' a 'Starfleet' captain. Yuri- have Kiva put in that call from the 'Coriander' just as soon as Don says he's camouflaged us to resemble a luxury spaceliner. Our vessel is the 'Galaxy Express 999' and she would like us to receive VIP treatment while we are on 'Sontarra'. Tell her to use Kirk's and Pike's names. We'll arrive in ten days and we'll be staying for a few days. We'll contact their tower at that time. By then Don and Cy should have our comm signal's signature disguised. Inform all of our flight crews that luxury spaceliners cannot cloak! Come up to my ready room after you've dealt with Kiva, Yuri." instructed Kei who was heading for the lift. Yuri headed for the dining hall to relay Kei's 'request' to Captain Kiva Nerese.

    Kiva readily agreed to Yuri's request and asked the exec if she'd like to tour the 'Coriander' while Kiva made the call to 'Sontarra'. Yuri thanked her but asked for a raincheck on the tour. "Kei ordered me to report back to her just as soon as I had relayed her request to you. Then I have the duty rosters to do and the work assignments to delegate. Howvever, allow me to invite you and your crew to make use of the 'Angel's' numerous diverse entertainments. I am so sorry that we can't provide living accommodations for you and your people but our space is almost all used up." apologized Yuri.

    "Don't give it another thought, Yuri. We've got plenty of room on the 'Coriander'. Join me for breakfast?" invited Kiva.

    "Thanks but no. I've already eaten this moning. I've been up since 0500. Kiva- you 'do' know that we are now in flight and no longer on 'Antares', don't you?" said Yuri. Kiva's comm badge buzzed.

    "Excuse me, Yuri. Yes? Nerese here. Yes, Number One- I just found that out. There's no cause for alarm. I'll be down in a half hour or so. Nerese out." she trilled. "Now we know we are no longer on 'Antares'. Reg just called to tell me that we appear to be moving at an astonishing speed. How fast can this ship go, Yuri?" asked Kiva.

    "Oh, we are currently doing about Warp 7, I think. Our maximum speed is of course classified so I really cannot give you an exact answer, however, we do consider Warp 7 to be rather slow." replied the 'Angel' exec with a grin.

    "Slow! Although our maximum is classified as well, I assure you that 7 is pretty darn close to our limit!" said Kiva. Yuri glanced at her wristchromo and frowned.

    "I really gotta go, Kiva. You won't forget to make that call, will you? Let's meet back here for lunch. Shall we say- 1330?" asked Yuri.

    "That'll be great. See you then, kid. Ja Ne." replied Kiva Nerese. Mina jetted over to take Kiva's order and Yuri left for the comm deck. Kiva finished her meal and returned to her own ship.

    "Sandra- open a signal link to a moon called 'Sontarra' at once. I want to speak to their control tower." said Kiva, seating herself in the commander's chair.

    "I never even heard of 'Sontarra', Captain." said a frowning Reg Barkley.

    "One of the 'Alderaanian' moons we'll be passing in another week or so if we stay on this course." replied Anastasia Torres, the navigator.

    "OK Tigress- how do I get hold of them? What frequency they on?" said Sandra Sandoval, the communications officer.

    "Try LXT417.008, Kitty. I think that's it. Don't mention the 3WA or the 'Angel' though. They don't recognize the 3WA's authority there." replied Tigress who was standing behind her. With the 'Coriander' docked on the 'Angel', there was really no need for a navigator. In fact, half of Kiva's crew had temporarily been rendered unnecessary. Kiva made a mental note to ask Yuri about maybe finding some ways to utilize her crew or at least find them some diversions for the long trip ahead.

    "We're staying on this course, Tigress and we'll be doing more than just passing that moon. We'll be visiting there for a few days. Any contact yet, Kitty?" asked Kiva.

    "Yes, ma'am. I've got an Ensign Gorton on the line. Shall I put him onscreen?" replied Kitty.

    "Yes, Lieutenant. Do it now." ordered the Captain. Kitty activated the main vidscreen and the face of a smiling teenager filled the screen.

    "Ensign John Gorton, 'Sontarran' control. How may I assist you?" he asked.

    Cont in Ch 121-Part 3
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Part 3 of Ch 121-K&K

    "Captain Nerese, 'Starfleet'. I command the 'USS Coriander'. I am to advise you that in ten days' time a 'Shimougouan' luxury pleasure spacecruise liner will arrive in 'Sontarran' space. Grand Admiral Kirk and Lord of the Admiralty Pike would take it as a personal favour if you could afford that ship VIP treatment when it arrives there. (The two named officers were the two highest ranking officers in 'Starfleet Command'. Pike was the Supreme Commander and Kirk was his adjutant.) They plan on a three to five days' stay. The liner is the 'Galaxy Express 999' and is under the command of Captain Kathleen Donovan. She's a bit of a hellfire, son so watch out. Can you handle these details for 'Starfleet Command'? What I mean is- do you have the authority to give me your word that all of these requests will be honoured, Ensign?" demanded Kiva in a harsh and stern sounding voice which of course scared the Hell out of young Ensign Gorton!

    The kid rose to his feet and saluted Kiva. "We at 'Sontarran' are honoured to be able to grant these requests. Please convey our assurances to Grand Admiral Kirk and Lord Admiral Pike. You have the solemn oath of Ensign John Gorton commanding the 'Sontarran Control Centre'. Will there be anything else, ma'am?" said Gorton.

    "No, that will do us nicely, John. Have a nice day, son. Nerese out." said Kiva in a softer tone. The kid smiled and saluted her again.

    As the screen went dark Reg observed "Nice one, Cap. He'll yak about that one to his pals for weeks! It is very unusual for a 'Starfleet' flag captain to to address a subordinate officer by his Christian name, however, a good tactic, ma'am." said her Number One.

    "Kids just love it when we call them by their first names at home so I figured this kid was no different, Reg. OK, I'm meeting Commodore Donovan for lunch at 1330 and I'll ask her if we can maybe help out on the 'Angel' and ask her just what the Hell they do around here for fun! Ooh! I gotta tell her that Kei's new name is Kathleen Donovan and that luxury spaceliner captains don't carry arms! The Boss'll have to make damned sure not to mention the 3WA or even wear that 3WA sweats get-up she usually runs around in while we're there. Well, it's time for me to check the log entries. Number One, you have the comm. Lunch is at 1300 today. Kitty, call me at 1315 for my lunch date with Yuri. Thanks. See you guys later." said Kiva and Reg assumed her seat.

    "Just carry on with whatever you were doing." said Reg.

    "Now would be a good time to overhaul those nacelles, sir." suggested Gowan, their Chief Engineer. Gowan was a 'triceraton' which meant he looked like a throwback to a 'tyrannosaurus rex' or a 'raptor'- OK, he looked like a slightly smaller version of 'Godzilla'!

    "Good idea, 'Dynamo'. Make it so. How long will it take?" said the exec.

    "Thnk you, sire. I believe that I can finish up by dinnertime, my Lord." replied Gowan.

    "Don't work too hard now, 'Dynamo'." joked Reg Barkley. Because he worked like a well-oiled machine, Gowan had been given the nickname of 'Dynamo'.

    "I'm bored outta my skull, man!" complained Tigress.

    "Why don't you plot out an alternate route to 'Alderaan' just in case we need it, Tigress?" suggested Reg.

    "OK. At least it'll be something to do, sir. I'd better work in the 'StarLab'. Permission to leave the bridge, sir?" asked the navigator and Reg nodded to her.

    "Granted but don't forget about lunch, girl! 1300- OK?" replied Number One. Tigress nodded to him on her way out.

    Meanwhile Yuri had returned to Kei's ready room and was taking dictation on her PDO vidpad. "I want a pliot, a co-pilot, a navigator, a communications officer and a scanner on the bridge at all times and I want two security people on each deck and subdeck of the ship. Don't forget laundry, kitchen, maintenance, cleaning, clerical and the rest of our daily routines when you make up the rosters. You seeing Kiva at lunch? Make sure she makes that call for us. Guess that'll do it for now. Ashita we'll start getting our entertainment protocol in order. Maybe I'll see you at dinner tonight. Have 'Derringer Merrill' (Strife) send up some lunch for me, onegai. See ya later, kiddo." said Kei.

    Yuri headed for her own reday room/office- a converted supply room on Level Eight. "She forgot about the guards on our prisoners. OK- 3, 2, 1 and-- (Yuri's comlink trilled) Yes, Kei? I wondered when you'd remember about that. Yes, I'll make up a guard roster for the brigs as well. Bye, Boss." trilled Yuri. "Ah! Donnatella's put the sign up at last! Well, time to get to work!" she said to herself when she got to her converted office. 'Y. DONOVAN, ACTING COMMODORE, PRIVATE' read the sign on her door. Yuri hit the 'OPEN' panel, the door flashed open and she entered. The door closed shut behind her. She removed her jacket and draped it across the back of her desk chair. Then she kicked off her boots. "Tea. Earl Grey. Hot. With Lemon and Sugar and Danish, Cherry, onegai." she said to the replicator. Taking her goodies over to her desk, Yuri sat down and keyed up her vidsystem. By 1100, she'd finished the last roster.

    "Zoe? Time for you and Leila to spell Nyssa and Rally. Merrill, Millie, Mireille, Kira, Odd, Ulrich, Yumi, Aelita, Rin, Shippou, April O'Neal and Conan- please report to 'Derringer Merrill' Strife for kitchen duty assignments. Batman, Superman, Flash, Green Lantern and J'onnzz J'onnzz- please report to the brig on Sublevel Four for guard duty. Robin, Starfire, BeastBoy and Raven- please report to the brig on Surface Level Five for guard duty. Yuri out." she trilled. Then she keyed up the PA mike.

    "Attention onegai. This is Yuri. I am downloading the duty rosters into the vidsystems. One will also be posted in the rec room. Onegai check them for your assignments. If your name is not on any of those lists, you are 'off duty' and may do as you wish. We left 'Antares' behind us early this morning and we're now enroute to 'Alderaan'. The trip will take three to four weeks, however, we'll be making a brief stopover at 'Sontarra', the third moon of 'Alderaan' in the 'Cardassian System'. There we will remain for at least four days for some much needed r & r. (Kei did say only three but we need four so the oni with her! thought Yuri). Now this is very important, guys. 'Sontarra' does not recognize 3WA authority so for this gambit the 'Angel' will be known as the 'Galaxy Express 999', a luxury spaceliner. Since we're all supposed to be plain tourists, no uniforms will be worn and no weapons will be carried. They do accept 'Starfleet' so Captain Nerese and her crew will be permitted to wear 'Starfleet' uniforms, however, only Kiva's officers will be armed. In ten days, we arrive there. Until then, you'll have to make do with the amusements aboard the 'Angel'. In addition to our rec room/bar on Level Two, we have several gaming rooms, holodecks, fully stocked vid disk libraries, a nine holf mini golf course, driving ranges, shooting ranges, a gymnasium, 'Duel Monsters' gaming fields, holonovels, holomags, holonewspapes and just about anything else you can think of. The vidsystem contains a holomap of the entire ship with all 'off limits' areas clearly marked. These holocharts are displayed throughout the ship too. Our turbolifts are voice controlled/voice activated so just tell them where to take you and they will. Don't worry if you accidentally tell it to take you to an 'off limits' area. Without the proper codes, it cannot take you there anyway. As I said before- dress is casual and no uniforms need be worn. Lunch is at 1300 today. Dinner's at 1800 and breakfast will be at 0700 ashita. These times may vary so check the announcements pages on the vidsystem. That's all folks. Have fun and domo arigato for lying the friendly skies of the 3WA Spacelines. Yuri out."

    She hung up the mike and stretched. She finished her remaining paperwork at 1245 and stood up. Yuri decided there was someone she had to talk to before she met Kiva for lunch in another 45 minutes. She slid into her boots and pulled on her jacket. Then she strolled towards the lifts, thought better of it and turned back to the gantryway stairs instead. Yuri needed the exercise.

    Merrill (the thief, er, treasure hunter) was BOD for this shift at the bar. Yuri asked for a small Arbor Mist and casually asked Merrill how she was settling in on the 'Angel'. "Cool, Yuri-San! Everyone's been so darned nice to us that we'll really be sad when we gotta go back home to Oaklynn! Even Kei-San, er, the Boss, has been ever so kind to me after our little misunderstanding. Er, I'm really sorry I hit you with that gun thing after the drinking contest, Yuri-San. You know- the one between Louie the Dork (the result of hanging around April O'Neal, Casey Jones and the Ninja Turtles) and the Boss. When Jamie (the Scot-MacCrimmon) tried to get that cannon off of me! Anyway, I'm really sorry for whacking you in the head with it! Do you forgive me, Yuri-San?" pleaded Merrill.

    "Of course I forgive you Honey. No harm done. I've had worse than that! Afetr all, I am a 3WA tro-con and we do tangle with some really heavy dudes!" replied Yuri.

    "Thanks, Yuri-San. Excuse me for a moment. (She got Leo, Raph, Mikey and Donnatella milkshakes and returned) Where was I? Oh yeah- Raphael wants to show me some cool tricks with those 'sai' he uses! I use a 'tante' but the technique's the same. Cowboy Spike's been showing me some really cool moves with that water judo technique called 'Jeet Kun Do', man! Donnatella's nice and so's Cyborg but you need a Ph.D. to follow what they're saying!" said Merrill.

    Cont in Ch 121-Part 4
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 121-Part 4-K&K

    "I hear you, girl! I'm like a computer geek and it's all Greek to me too! CRAP! I gotta see 'Derringer' girl before Kiva gets here. When Captain Nerese shows up, please send her to the dining hall- Table 6. Nice chatting with you, Merrill. See ya later, girl." said Yuri, finishing her drink and strolling over to the galley.

    "Hi there, Yuri. Oro brings you over here?" asked 'Derringer' Merrill Strife.

    "Hello again, Miss Yuri. So nice to see you." said 'Stun Gun' Millie Thompson.

    "Millie! Get Mirieille to help you with those dishes! You've already broken six dozen plates! Miri! Help Millie with the dishes before it's too late! Kira! Take those glasses over to Merrill at the bar! Yumi! You're waitressing so get in there and start taking down orders! Rin! Shippou! Napkins! Odd! Ulrich! Bus those six tables down by the Saiyaan kooks! Faye! Where the Hell's Ed gotten to?" yelled 'Derringer' girl.

    "Upstairs in the play room with the scouts. Robin the witch and Sango are with 'em. So's Kagome and Cagalli so don't worry." called 'Cowgirl' Faye Valentine.

    "Sorry about that, Yuri. You were saying?" apologized 'Derringer' Merrill.

    "Kei wants a platter sent up to her ready room. Better send one up for Leila and Zoe too. At 1330 Kiva will be here to have lunch with me. Please send over one of your best kids to take our orders. We'll be at Table 6." said Yuri.

    "Sure thing, Yuri. Rin! Shippou! Fill up the sugar bowls and salt shakers and don't get them mixed up again! Conan! We need ketchup and mustard on each table. Boys! Set Tables 1 through 12. Millie!! Those plates are hot! Use the damned gloves!" yelled Merrill Strife.

    Yuri left Merrill barking orders to her staff like a Terran marines' drill sergeant.

    "Captain on the bridge, sir! Atten-Hut!" yelled Kitty.

    "Cap?" said Reg Barkley, rising to his feet and saluting Kiva.

    "At ease. I have a luncheon date and Yuri said it was informal so I changed. What do you think?" she asked. Kiva was wearing a Kelly green tea dress with a matching jacket, taupe stockings, matching green spiked high-heeled pumps and she carried a small red purse.

    "Very attractive, ma'am." said Kitty, suppressing a giggle.

    "You look real nice, Captain." approved Number One. "However, 'Starfleet' regulations clearly state that officers must be armed at all times, ma'am." he added. Kiva smiled and then produced a small phaser from her purse.

    "You'll knock 'em all dead, girl, er, ma'am!" said Tigress who had just arrived from 'StarLab'.

    "Reg, you're in command. I'll be back by 1500. See you later, Number One." said Kiva, stepping onto the transporter pads. "Put me down on Level Two in the hallway outside of the rec room. I sure as Hell don't want to alarm those guards! That blonde spiky-haired freak (Vash the Stampede) looks real trigger-happy, man!" said Kiva.

    "Ma'am? Your, er, comm badge? Where is it?" asked Ensign Elda Saavik, the Vulcan transporter operator. Tigress detached her own comm badge and pinned it to Kiva's jacket.

    "Thanks, Tigress." said Kiva.

    "Don't mention it, ma'am. Say 'Hi' to Louie (the Rune Soldier/Magician) for me when you see him." replied the navigator, her aizu twinkling merrily.

    "Why Tigress, whatever do you mean? I am having lunch with the Commodore. I, er, hardly even know that big dork!" stammered Kiva.

    "You can't fool me!" whispered Tigress. "I saw the way you looked at him and he looked at you so go for it, girl! Good luck!" she added.

    "Energize." ordered Kiva and then the 'Starfleet' captain's body coalesced into random sparks of shimmering light. She rematerialized in the hallway outside of the rec room. "Nerese to Barkley. Down and safe. Nerese out." she said into her comm badge. Kiva pushed the door open, walked into the rec room and sat down at the bar. Miroku (the monk) sidled over to her and sat in the adjacent seat.

    "Kawaii Lady, would you do me the honour of bearing my children?" he asked.

    "I told you 'no' once aready, Monk." she replied with a grin.

    "Miss Kiva? Oh- I do beg your pardon!" apologized Miroku.

    "Virgin Mary, please." said Kiva to Merrill.

    "Huh? Oro's that, man?" asked the BOD lass.

    "Bloody Mary- no vodka." answered Kiva Nerese. "Seen Commodore Donovan, er, Yuri around anywhere, kid?" she added.

    "Next door at Table Six, ma'am. Through that door and to your right." said Merrill, handing Kiva her 'Virgin Mary'. Someone whistled suddenly behind her.

    "Hey! Who's the new babe, man?" yelled Keitarou Riff. Legato, Han and Arkton raised their glasses to Kiva and drank. Faye Valentine turned to Keitarou.

    "Watch it kid! She's 'Starfleet' and I don't think she's interested in you, KR. Look over there." whispered the Bebop 'cowgirl'. Keitarou glanced over that way and saw that Louie was frozen to his seat!

    "Hi Louie. How ya been?" asked Kiva, blowing him a kiss. She continued to the dining hall, located table Six and plopped down opposite Yuri.

    "Konnichi wa, Kiva. man, you're gorgeous, girl! Has Louie seen you yet?" said Yuri.

    "Yeah,. He's smitten, man! Hey! How'd you know?" demanded Kiva.

    "Oh puh-lease! Everyone knows! You can't keep secrets on a ship- even on a big one like this! Besides- from the moment you two saw each other it was 'ai' (love) at first sight! He feels the same way baout you too. At least, that's oro he told Jett, Spike and Faye." said Yuri with a devilishly impish grin. Yumi jetted over, took their roders and left.

    "OK. Enough small talk. You call 'Sontarra' yet?" asked Yuri.

    "Sure did and here's the dope- Your ship's the 'Galaxy Express 999' and you arrive in ten days. You are staying for three to five days. You are a luxury pleasure space cruise liner out of 'Shimougou' and your captain is Kathleen Donovan. Remember- no uniforms, no arms and no mention of either the 3WA or the 'Lovely Angels' or you'll all get booted off 'Sontarra' posthaste! The kid that runs their tower is an ensign- John Gorton. He's just like putty in my hands but he's no baka, kiddo so be real careful. Ah- here comes Yumi with our meals. No more shop talk! Hey Yumi! Have Merrill make me a whiskey sour, willya? Want some tomato juice or something, Yuri?" asked Kiva but Yuri shook her head 'no'.

    "Kathleen Donovan?? She'll kill us both, Kiva! Anything else?" inquired Yuri in a whisper. This time Kiva shook her head 'no'.

    "My compliments to your chef! This is excellent steak! Sorry Yuri. No, that's all I can tell you right now. I guess we should just kick back and enjoy the ride, man. Yumi! Coffee for two, please and I'll have a big slab of Boston Cream Pie for dessert too. Yuri? (Again Yuri declined the offer.) That's all for now, Yumi. Arigato." said Kiva. After Yumi had jetted off, Yuri asked the captain about her life in 'Starfleet'. Kiva explained about her rise through the ranks to the captaincy of the 'Coriander' and in return the Commodore told Kiva all about being a tro-con in the 3WA. After lunch, Yuri suggested a tour of the 'Angel'.

    "I gotta be back by 1500, Yuri. What's the time now?" replied Kiva.

    " 'CC', oro's the time?" asked Yuri.

    "1405 hours, Yuri." answered 'CC'.

    "Arigato." replied Yuri.

    "Don't mention it." responded 'CC' who always had to have the last word.

    "See? You've got almost a whole hour so how about it, Kiva?" asked Yuri.

    "OK. Why the Hell not! Let's go, kid!" replied Kiva.

    "I don't really mind being called a 'kid', Kiva but please remember not to call Kei one! Let's start in Engineering on Level Three. Donnatella and Cyborg have worked wonders with our engines!" said Yuri, escorting Kiva to the lifts. By 1450 they had toured most of the ship and were sitting in Yuri's 'office' on Level Eight. Kiva was quite impressed with the size of the 'Angel' and the cool efficiency of her ragtag makeshift crew!

    "This place is really something else! I may just put in for a transfer to the 3WA, Yuri!" joked the blonde 'Starfleet' captain.

    "You would make an excellent tro-con, Captain, I'm sure." replied Yuri who then glanced at her wristchromo and frowned. "Almost time for you to go back home to Number One, Kiva. Before you go I would like to show you one more thing so please follow me if you will." said Yuri and led the way to the lifts. "Level Five. Stat." she commanded and WHOOSH!

    They both exited the lift and the exec led Kiva to a small door at the end of a short alcove. Placing her ungloved palm on the access panel beside the door Yuri spoke in a monotone. "Stairway Access. Yuri 2. Asgard. Authority- Io. I authenticate as Olympus." The door slid open quietly revealing a hidden spiral staircase not unlike the one in the old Terran film 'Haunting of Hill House'. "Come on. We're almost there." she called encouragingly over her shoulder to Kiva. Kiva followed her hostess up the twisting gantryway to the top. Now they were standing at the entrance of a long hallway running the length of the ship!

    Cont in Ch 121-Part 5
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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