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Thread: Dirty Pair Fanfiction

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    Here's Ch 121-Part 5 -K&K

    "You've, er, heard talk of our newest secret weapon- the sonic beam ion disruptor cannon? Kei's christened it the 'God Gun'? (Kiva nodded) Well-- you're, er, 'standing' in it. That's the dilythium generator at that end of the ship and there's the exit port at the opposite end. A blast from this damned thing at only one twentieth impulse power would eradicate half a galaxy! We intend to fire it into that infamous rift in the continuum to restore the status quo to the universe. (Kiva looked shocked and with good reason- she was!) However, we plan to use it at, er, one quarter impulse power. 'UG' didn't want anyone accidentally wandering into it so the only entrance to this level is via that spiral stairway. The firing controls are up on Level Nine- the Command Deck. It takes four separate code groupings to unlock those controls. Kei has one group, I have one while Kome and Mar have the other two." explained Yuri quietly.

    "WOW! That blamed thing really does pack a wallop, doesn't it! And you guys are gonna fire it into a vortex?? Are you nuts!?!" yelled a very frightened and upset Kiva Nerese!

    END of Chapter 121. 'Kiva's Dilemna' or 'A Quiet Tavern' to follow soon. Enjoy. R/R/S and have a nice weekend. Kami bless and thanks for your interest in my work.-K&K

    Cont in Ch 122-Part 1
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 122-Part 1-K&K

    DISCLAIMER: Getting old now but domo arigato to Haruka-san Takachiho who owns the Lovely Angels’ Kei and Yuri. We own our own creations. Arigato to all the kind authors whose creations from TV and anime we are using for this fanfic. In Chapter 121 as we left our heroes and heroines on the Angel 2, Kiva Nerese was in shock and dismay so without further ado-- Take it away, Number One and away we go--

    Chapter 122

    'Kiva's Dilemna' or 'A Quiet Tavern'

    "Relax, Kiva, will ya! Doctor Q says it'll be OK! Ya see, we'll be firing into a vacuum. It's pretty technical stuff but with a little bit of luck we'll be able to send everybody home at long last!" replied Yuri. However, first we gotta deliver Khan to 'Alderaan' for trial. Two or three days r&r on 'Sontarra' will be most welcome let me tell you!" she added.

    "Two or three? I thought it was four or five, kid?" asked a puzzled Kiva.

    "Kei wanted an overnight stopover but I convinced her that we needed a few days at least, however, we'll be damned lucky if we get two! Kei wants no unnecessary delays in ditching Khan." explained Yuri.

    "Well kid, I really have to go. Thanks for a wonderful meal and a delightful tour. See you later." said Kiva, turning to leave.

    "Wait Kiva! One more thing- You do realize that oro I have just shown you must never leave this room, don't you?" warned Yuri. Kiva nodded, waved a hand over her comm badge and--

    "Beam me back, Ensign Saavik. Bye Yuri." said Kiva just before vanishing.

    "Welcome back, ma'am. Have a nice time?" asked Saavik when Kiva rematerialized in the transporter room back on her own ship in the 'Angel' bays.

    "Thanks Ensign- yeah, I had a nice lunch and Yuri gave me a tour of her 'Angel'. Have Commander Barkley report to me in my ready room as soon as he can." ordered Kiva, stepping aboard her private turbolift.

    "Aye aye, Captain." replied Saavik.

    "Captain's quarters." said Kiva to her lift. She left the lift when it had reached her level and she entered her own quarters. The blonde swiftly changed back into a 'Starfleet' uniform, walked up a concealed spiral stairwell and emerged inside her own ready room across from the bridge.

    Reg was already there. He rose and saluted her. Kiva returned the salute.

    "At ease, Number One. I'll need to address the crew but first I must report to 'Starfleet Command'. However, I do have a bit of a dilemna. (Reg waited politely for her to continue. When she didn't he coughed discreetly.) Sorry, Number One. Here's our situation- Commodore Donovan showed me their ultimate weapon and it is something else, man! I really should tell 'Starfleet' about it but I did swear an oath of secrecy not to tell anyone about it. What do you suggest, Reg?" asked Kiva.

    "Well-- by telling me you've already broken your oath, Cap. However, your duty as well as mine is to 'Starfleet' not the 3WA or even the 'UG'. My advice would be to tell 'Lady K' (Admiral katherine Janeway of 'Starfleet Command') everything you know." advised her exec. Kiva nodded and keyed her vidphone.

    "Get Admiral Janeway for me, Kitty." she said and placed the vidphone in its base (This would enable reg and Kiva both to view and listen to the call when it came) while she waited. A few seconds later--

    "'Lady K' on the screen for you, ma'am." replied Kitty.

    "Good evening, Captain Nerese. I trust that this is important?" said Janeway's stern voice but the vidscreen remained blank!

    "I think it is, mum. Sorry but I only have you on audio. I have no visual of you, mum. Is anything worng?" asked Kiva.

    "If you must know, you have reached me in the bath, Captain! Now state your damned business, Nerese!" snapped Janeway.

    "Yes, mum. I have just seen the 3WA's ultimate top secret weapon and er--" stammered Kiva.

    "You have been accorded an honour and a rare privilege, Captain. 'Starfleet' knew of its existence of course but we have never seen it. If you are bound by oath not to reveal its details to anyone then we at 'Starfleet' will respect that promise. You must not violate the 'UG'/3WA's trust in you, Kiva! Tell me nothing more about that weapon! We do know that it's been christened the 'God Gun' and it is rumoured to be the most powerful and the most dangerous weapon in existence! If you have nothing more to report, let me wish you godspeed and a safe journey to 'Sontarra'. Contact me again as soon as you reach there and are all down and safe. Janeway out." said Lady K.

    "I take it Commodore Donovan showed you that bloody 'God Gun' of theirs?" asked Reg quietly. Kiva nodded.

    "Yeah, it's the Sixth Level, Number One." replied the Captain and Reg Barrkley stared at her.

    "Yu, er, mean that the weapon is 'on' Level Six then, Cap?" he asked finally.

    "No, I mean that that thing 'IS' Level Six, Reg! I've never seen anything as huge as that 'God Gun' ever!" answered Kiva with a shudder.

    "So- it's as deadly as we thought it was, Kiva?" asked her exec.

    The captain shook her head. "No! It's a Helluva lot worse than that, Reg! It could wipe out a dozen galaxies and that's just by using it at one twentieth of its total power!" cried Kiva.

    "Well- Que sera sera (What will be will be) I suppose. We have another matter to discusss. In ten days' time we will reach 'Sontarra'. (Reg went glassy-aizued) Yes, Number One- I know. They hate 'UG', 'GC', the 'ISSP' and they absolutely 'loathe' the 3WA in general and the infamous 'Dirty Pair' in particular! I already told Yuri not to allow her people to wear uniforms on that moon. Their ship will resemble a luxury spaceliner on the outside and it'll be called the 'Galaxy Express 999' hailing from 'Shimougou'." explained Kiva.

    "But they know the Angels by sight and rep, don't they? They'll recognize their names, Kiva!" objected Reg.

    "They know O'Halloran but not Donovan so while we're there the Admiral will be known as Captain Kathleen Donovan and Yuri will have to use a different name than O'Halloran." replied Kiva.

    "A damned shame that Yuri can't play captain. She's got more tact and patience than the Hellcat." chortled Reg.

    "Well that's right out! The firebrand won't play second fiddle to the vacuumhead!" replied Kiva.

    "Well, we're 'Starfleet' so we should be OK. They,er, still recognize Federation law ('United Federation of Planets'- 'Starfleet's' boss just like 'UG' is the 3WA's superior), don't they?" asked Reg, pouring coffee for both of them.

    "Yeah they do, Reg but 'Starfleet' has no legit reason for being anywhere near that moon so it might look a tad suspicious if a whole bunch of 'Starfleet' personnel suddenly showed up on their doorstep! So the 'no uniforms' policy will apply to any of our personnel who set foot on 'Sontarra', got it, Number One?" demanded Kiva.

    "I'll see that the word gets around, Cap. Anything else?" asked Reg, preparing to leave.

    "No weapons either, Reg- no exceptions!" replied Kiva. Reg nodded. "That's all, Number One. Dinner's at 1700. Dismissed." said Kiva and reg nodded again and departed.

    A knock came on her ready room's door a half hour later while Kiva was making a vidlog entry. "Come." she replied and her navigator entered. "Tigress? What is it? Anything wrong?" asked Kiva anxiously.

    "Cool your jets, Cap. Everything's fine. How'd your meeting with Donovan go? Did you see Louie? Give me all the juicy details, girl, er, I mean, ma'am." demanded Tigress.

    "I had a nice lunch with the commodore and she showed me around their ship. I 'saw' Louie but I didn't 'see' him, if you get my drift, kid! Now clear out- I've got work to do! Dinner's at 1700. Go!" answered Kiva.

    "What if there's like an emergency?" asked Tigress.

    "We're docked on the sublevel of a giant starship, Tigress! What emergency could we possibly have? Now go- these logs won't write themselves!" said Kiva Nerese.

    Tigress grinned at her, hummed a few bars from the 'Wedding March' and took her leave.

    Meanwhile back on the 'Angel' Yuri was having the 'Riot Act' read to her by guess who!

    "You showed her-- ORO!?!" screamed Keirran Dierdre Marie O'Shaughnessy O'Halloran.

    "The 'God Gun' on Six. Chill out, Kei! Oro's the big deal anyway? 'Starfleet' knows about it, don't they?" yelled Yuri Maureen Bridget Donovan.

    "Oh yeah- they 'know'! They know it's called the 'God Gun' and it's deadly! That's all they know and that's all that 'UG' wants them to know too!" exploded Kei with fury. "Kiva will tell that bigmouth Lady K and soon the whole shimatta quadrant will know exactly oro our secret weapon is and exactly how it works! All thanks to your being unable to keep your big Kami shimatta trap shut, Yuri!" screamed the enraged redhead.

    "Kiva promised me not to tell anyone about it and I believe her, Kei!" cried Yuri angrily. "You- you- you're not goig to tell the 'G Twins' that I told--" she stammered worriedly.

    "Relx, kiddo. Oro's done is done. We ain't even supposed to know that thing's true potential, Yuri. Nai, I ain't telling Garner or Gooley that Nerese has seen the 'God Gun' or that she even knows of its existence." replied Kei in a softer tone.

    Cont in Ch 122-Part 2
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 122-Part 2-K&K

    Meanwhile six levels down in the gymnasium on three, Lt naturle badgiruel was putting her two ensigns, Flay and Cagalli, through their paces in an unarmed combat training session and the place was packed with onlookers. Chief Poporo commented to Chief Gustav that the gym hadn't seen this much action since the now infamous Kome vs Kei matches! Of course Spike Steigel, Gene Starwind, Goat Smith, jamie Wilson and the other Jamie (MacCrimmon) were there as well. Also watching the action was Spike Miroku, Legato, Vash, the demons, the elf hunters, the treasure seekers, the Ninjas, the Samurai, the Saiyaans, the scouts, the time lords, Zoe, Leila, Molly, Kiva, Reg, Tigress, Kitty and most of the 'Coriander' crew. The Titans, the Justice League, the 'Sol Bianca' calendar girls, Emma, Arkton, the Green Baron-- in short, almost the entire ship's company-- had decided to stop by and watch!

    Leaving the comm in Marlene's hands with Kome and Rally to cover the bridge along with Mugghi and Nammo, Kei and Yuri had gone down to the bar for some refreshments. The rec room, however, was practically deserted! The 'Lyoko' and 'Pokemon' kids were there playing video games. Rin, Shippou and Ed were riding a flying Kirara around the huge room while Kagome Higurashi and Robin Senna were chatting with Bulma Brief and Nyssa at one of the tables. The sole occupant at the bar was Jim Hawking, the 'Outlaw Star' exec officer. Melissa was tending to the BOD duties today. Yuri asked Kei to get her an 'Arbor Mist' and joined the 'coffee klatch' group. Kei sat down at the end of the bar where Melissa was busily drying glasses.

    "Hi Boss. Oro can I get you?" asked the preistess.

    "A 'Jameson's'-- straight up, no ice. Three fingers onegai." replied the redhead.

    "Coming right up. How about your tomo?" asked the tall blonde.

    "An 'Arbor Mist'- I'll take it over to her." answered Kei.

    "Relax. (Melissa raised her voice) Aelita? Onegai take this over to Miss Donovan for me. Arigato." she said.

    "Sure thing, ma'am." replied the Lyokan princess and did as she was asked.

    "Your drink, Boss. Anything else?" asked Melissa.

    "Arigato. Nai, nothing else for me, Mel. (Kei glanced around the enormous room) Where the oni (devil) is everyone? This place is like a tomb!" complained the firebrand. Melissa frowned.

    "Upstairs in your gym room probably. Lt Badgiruel is giving her ensigns unarmed combat lessons and the place is packed! The kids are playing 'Goblin City' over there (She pointed to Aelita's group) for hours. Kagome and Robbie came in with 'em and then Bulma and Nyssie wandered in. Rinnie, Fox-Boy and Ed asked me if they could ride Kirara around the place and I said OK- at least it keeps 'em quiet. Sango, Dog-Boy and Wolfie are up in the gym too. Hey- I'm not complaining. I love it when it's quiet like this." said Melissa while she refilled Kei's glass.

    "So do I, Melissa. After a week of Gene, Molly, Goat, Jamie and Villa, I really need some quiet time. Another 'aoishi ale' onegai, Mel, me darling if you don't mind." said Jim Hawking.

    Kei looked a mite confused. "Aoishi Ale?" she asked with raised aizu-brows.

    "This dang stuff." answered Melissa holding up a bottle of Romulan Ale.

    "That crap is stronger than 'Poteen', man! (A 200 proof Gaelic 'White Lightning' moonshine liquor) It's got twice the kick of this stuff I drink, guys! Go easy on it, Jimbo. It sneaks up on you like vodka." warned Kei.

    "Chill out, Boss Lady! This is only my second one. I'm not a real big drinker as a rule but I never ever tasted anything quite like this stuff before!" replied Hawking.

    "Maybe I'll just wander over to the gym and see how things are going." said Kei.

    "And maybe you just won't either! I'm sick of playing doctor on this tub! Remember oro happened the last time you were over there?" piped up Yuri from her table across the room.

    "OK. Then maybe I'll play a little pool." suggested the redhead. Jim walked over to join her.

    "Gomen me for butting in Boss but how's about a game of strategy instead? Ever heard of 'Duel Monsters'? I just happen to have an extra deck of cards with me." invited the tall exec officer of the 'Star'.

    END of Chapter 122. Chapter 123 'WWF 2' or 'Dueling Dreadnaughts' to follow soon. Happy Turkey Day and kami bless you all. Please r/r/s away and see you all soon-K&K

    Cont in Ch 123
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 123-Part 1-K&K

    DISCLAIMER: OK Jim, it's all yours! First, thank you to Mr. T. for the use of the Angels. Thanks to everyone else who is letting us use their creations. How was that, Yuri? Great! Oh yes it was, Kei! Well, we left you up in the air so let's get to Chapter 123 without further preamble:-

    Chapter 123

    'WWF 2' or'Dueling Dreadnaughts'

    "Hey Yuri! My deck's still in your fanny pack, ain't it?" called Kei. Yuri fished around in her pack and pulled out a deck of banded 'Dueling' cards.

    "Hai, Kei. Want 'em?" called back Yuri.

    "Hai! Toss 'em over here." replied Kei. Yuri threw the deck towards Kei who caught it deftly in her left hand. "You're on Jimbo! But I gotta warn you-- I've been gettin' some expert counseling in this game, boyo!" responded the feisty redhead.

    "I ain't no slouch either, Lady! I won the 'Duelmasters' Ace Award' on 'Tatooine' two years running!" boasted Hawking proudly. "Tell you what Boss-- you can go first- how's that grab you?" he added, his aizu twinkling merrily.

    They each had their drink refreshed by Melissa. "Now let's find us a table and duel!" said Jim. He chose one in a secluded corner of the room. "We'll each draw out four cards. Then the first move is yours." he said and drew his top four cards and held them ready in his hand. Kei did likewise and laid 'Swamp Warrior' on the table face up.

    "I play 'Swamp Warrior' in attack mode. I'll place this card face down and end my turn, boyo." said the redhead smugly.

    "A sound beginning gambit." said Jim. "I'll start out with my 'Celtic Warrior' in defense mode. I will also lay one card face down and end my turn too." he added. Kei was confused! Why had he begun with a defense move? Jeremy had said that only raw novice rookies started duels that way and Jim Hawking was certain no rookie! Now we will leave the duellers for a bit an go one level up from the rec room where Nat was holding court in the gymnasium. Flay Allster had just got through picking herself up from the mats after being thrown down there by Nat!

    Flay had rushed Nat and put her right arm and wrist into a painful hammerlock when-- Nat had swiftly reversed the hold and flipped an amazed Flay to the mats.

    Meanwhile across the hall from the gym in the warp core room, a skeleton crew under the direction of Ensign Saavik was hard at work. "Check the heat differential variable on that core, Mr Falco." ordered Saavik.

    "It, er, says 159.863 degrees Kelvin, Milady." replied the knight from Prince John's court.

    "That sounds pretty damned high, man! I'd better get Donnatella back over here to check it out. Yahiko! Onegai go over to the gymnasium and find Donnie for me. Better grab Cyborg too. Arigato." she said.

    "Hai, Ensign, ma'am. Be right back." replied the 'bokka' (wooden sword) fighter from the door. He padded silently past sick bay on his way to the gym. The place seemed to be jammed with people- elbow to elbow! It looked just like one of those 'rock concerts' That Kome and Kagome had told him about that they had back home on 'Terra'.! "Gomen onegai. Pardon me, sir, madam." he said poilitely to Chief Gustav and Keisie. "Have you seen Donnatella and Cyborg, sir?" Yahiko asked Chief Poporo who poited to the mats which had been set up in the middle of the huge room.

    Donnatella was 'bo staving' with Flay Allster while Cyborg was engaged in hand-to-hand combat with Kouga!

    With a quick fake thrust followed by a leg sweep with his 'bo staff', Donnatella easily knocked Flay flat on her fannie! Cyborg swung a hard right at the wolf guy who expertly dodged it and caught the big metal dude with a double spinning drop kick to the solar plexus. This caused Cyborg to stagger before he crashed onto the mats. Nat sprang forward and held up Don and Kouga's arms in victory.

    "Our winners, folks! Great matches, guys. Now- who wants to be next?" said the lieutenant.

    Yahiko stepped forward followed by Oddo the Dwarf. Slowly Yahiko shook his head. "Nai. I'm here on orders from Ensign Saavik in Engineering, ma'am. Mr Cy and Mr Don are wanted at once. The wrap cores are acting up again." said Yahiko.

    "Let's go, son." drawled the Ninja Chief Engineer after he'd helped Flay back to her feet. Kouga had yanked Cyborg upright as well.

    "Need an extra hand?" asked the wolf youkai.

    "Sure. C'mon along Wolfie." said Cyborg with a grin.

    "I will come as well. perhaps I can help you too." said Sesshomaru. The four of them then followed Yahiko out.

    "Good afternoon, Ensign. I came as soon as yahiko gave me your message. Oro's the problem?" asked the six and a half foot tall Ninja turtle. Silently Saavik pointed to the differential variable gauge beside Falco. Now it was reading a temperature of 161.006 degrees Kelvin.

    "Bleed off those nacelles, Yahiko. Kouga- you and Sess check the coolants levels over there. Cy- push those core rods in another quarter of a meter. Ensign- tell the bridge to reduce speed to Warp 3 immediately. If that thing explodes, we'll lose this whole deck and then some!" yelled the chief engineer who was desperately trying to get the warp cores back online.

    "Coolant's OK, Don." called Sesshomaru.

    "Nacelles are all back to normal, Mr Don, sir." reported Yahiko.

    "Core rods are stabilized, Don." cried Cyborg over the drone of the engines.

    "Bridge is reporting Warp speed at Warp 3, sir. The differential temperature reading is at 140.862 degrees Kelvin. We're back down to safe tolerance levels." reported Saavik.

    Donnatella breathed a sigh of relief. "Thanks gang. That was a close call. Oro's the time, Yahiko?" he asked. The kid checked his wristchromo and- "Almost five o'clock, er, I mean, 1700 hours, sir." he replied trying to sound important.

    "I dunno about you guys but I'm famished!" said Kouga.

    "You were born 'goku' (starving), Wolfie Boy." joked Sess.

    "You guys go down to dinner. I'll be OK now." said Saavik.

    "Thanks, we owe ya one. I'll send up a platter for ya." said Donnatella.

    As usual the dining hall was a cacaphony of sheer chaos! Something new had been added though- Zoe and Leila were now providing menus which were stacked on small tables near the entryways. They each took a menu and sat down as far away from the Inu Yasha table as possible of course. Rei jetted across to take their orders while Rin and Shippou filled the glasses with water and the cups with coffee for them. Kagome and Sango had forbidden anyone from allowing any of the demons to consume any type of alcohol! Cagalli, Flay, Nat and Bulma were seated across from them. They were soon joined by the two Saiyaans who told Rei to bring every single thing on the menu timeds six!

    Cont in Ch 123-Part 2
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 123-Part 2-K&K

    "Six? You usually want ten!" she cried.

    "We're on diets now courtesy of my old lady!" explained Vegeeta.

    "Bulma says I gotta cut down too or else we'll run outta food again." said Goku with a rueful expression on his face..

    "Who's an old lady!" yelled Bulma Brief smacking her hubby across the back of the skull. Suddenly she paled as a thought struck her. "I sure hope that Trunks is OK without us! He's so young!" worried the aoishi-haired Terran firecracker.

    "He's almost fourteen now for kami's sake, Bulma! Ain't that the same age the Boss and the Airhead were they became those 'trokey' things (tro-cons)? Stop your worrying, Mother Hen!" said Vegeeta.

    "Yeah- sure they were! I just hope that Pan and Goten are OK what with your Bulla (Bra) babyitting them all this time." observed Goku Son.

    ""Oro the Fxxx is wrong with my daughter as a babysitter for your precious little brats? She's my kid, you know, Kakkaroth!" exploded Vegeeta.

    "That's oro has me worried, pal! She's 'too' much like you!" replied Goku.

    "Shut the Hell up- the pair of you! You two bicker more than an Andalusian and a Ferrengi!" said Emma while allowing the Green Baron to hold out a chair for her. Arkton was glancing all around the huge room.

    "Lose something, kid?" called Gene Starwind from the opposite end of the long trencher table.

    "My sisters, Gene- Starfire and Blackfire were supposed to meet us here along with Yuri and the Boss.Have you seen them maybe?" asked Arkton.

    "Your sisters and Yuri are over in the rec room playing video games. The Boss is dueling Jimbo at 'Duel Monsters' over there." replied the 'Outlaw Star' captain.

    "Don't they know oro time it is?" said Arkton crossly and he got to his feet.

    "Trill 'em, Mr A." said Rei, staggering under the weight of an overladen antigrav trolley. Emma stared open-mouthed at the trolley and then at the Saiyaan duo.

    "You two are nothing but pigs!" she yelled down the long hall. Goku and Vegeeta merely waved to her and Bulma shrugged her shoulders.

    "Boss! Yuri! It's almost 1730! Did you guys forget about dinner? You asked Emma, the Baron and me to meet you in the dining hall at 1700! We are waiting, ladies!" trilled Arkie. "And if you see them, bring my sisters along with you." he added.

    Meanwhile the battle twixt Kei and Jim had been going fast and furious for about an hour. They seemed to be quite evenly matched. They had been wiping out each other's monsters right and left. Having begun play with 4,000 life points apiece, they were now down to a dead heat with each one having only fifty lifepoints remaining to them. Finally, the last of Kei's defenses had been crushed. Jim used his 'Alligator Sword' monster to eliminate Kei's last fifty lifepoints and claim victory.

    Kei scowled and then grinned like a Cheshire cat. "A good match. I congratulate you on your win, Jim." she said and gave him the galactic salute.

    "Thanks, Boss. You're quite a duelist yourself. You'll probably beat me next time." he replied and returned the redhead's salute. "Allow me to escort you ladies to dinner." said Jim Hawking.

    "Let's go kids! Time for dinner. That's enough 'Goblin City' for now." called Robin Senna to her charges who grumbled a bit but raced to the doors. Rin, Ed and Shippou had left awhile ago for their kitchen details and had taken the huge white nekko youkai Kirara along with them.

    Jeremy, Odd, Ulrich, Yumi, Starfire and Blackfire reluctantly left their video games and joined Robin, Nyssa, Kagome, Yuri and Kei. Jim held the door open to allow them all to precede him next door to the dining hall. Jamie Wilson entered through the other door behind the bar.

    "Hi Melissa. Leila sent me over to relieve you for dinner. Why don't you just tag along with them?" said the newest member of the 'Outlaw Star' crew. Melissa thanked him and he helped her on with her blazer. Mel hurried to ctch up with the others.

    Jamie's first customer was Gene Starwind.

    "That place is a bloody madhouse! Foodfights, arguements, gossip sessions, coffe klatches and the really super-intelligent ones do not come with subtitles! Gimme a 'Johnny Walker Red' on the rocks, Jamie.

    Faye Valentine was next to storm into the rec room and up to the bar.

    "Skotch. Four fingers, Jamie. Straight up." she demanded, downed her drink in one pull and nodded for a refill.

    "Wht's Ed done this time?" asked Gene amusedly.

    "Oh- nothing really! She, Rinnie and Fox-Boy decided that Kirara would look cuter if she was green instead of white, that's all! So they dyed the poor thing! Christ! Wait until Sango sees her. She'll be livid and guess who'll get blamed for it? Gimme another one, Jamie!" said the cowgirl who had just inhaled her second Skotch.

    As if on cue the door crashed open! An enraged demon slayer dashed across the room to the bar, grabbed Faye's arm and spun the cowgirl around to face her.

    "YOU! Do you know oro that little brat of yours did to my poor little Kirara? Painted her green! Last week she dumped mashed potatoes on my poor nekko! The week before that she covered her in tomato bisque! And don't forget 'Kurisumasu Ibu' (Christmas Eve) when she got thrown into the punchbowl! She's your shimatta kid so I expect you to get that crappy green gunk cleaned off of my poor little Kirara- or else!" yelled Sango.

    Faye stared back at her cooly and then she carefully lifted Sango's hand off her arm.

    "First of all- she is NOT my kid! Second- Rinnie and Shippou were in on it too so go yell at Sess and Kagome! Third- that baka nekko is YOUR pet so why don't you keep the damned thing on a leash! Fourth- I don't give a good flying Fxxx oro color they painted that feline freak of yours! And fifth- I'm way too drunk to give a good Kami shimatta one way or the other! So Fxxx off before you get hurt, Honey 'cause I ain't in no mood to play tonight! Another one, Jamie and just keep 'em coming!" screeched a half-intoxicated Faye Valentine.

    While Jamie Wilson was pouring Faye's third drink, the dining hall door opened again and Inu Yasha strolled in with Rinnie under one arm and Shippou under the other one!

    "Sango! There you are! Rinnie and Shippou have something to tell you." said the hanyou, setting down the terrified duo.

    "Well?" demanded the still angry demon slayer.

    "We're sorry, Auntie Sango!" sobbed Rinnie.

    "For oro we helped Ed do to little Kirara she means." whispered the kitsune.

    "But, don't worry! Ed's getting that gloppy green goo off of her." said Inu Yasha.

    "How? Is she giving her a bath?" asked Sango in a quieter voice.

    "Sort of. She's putting her in that washing machine thingy upstairs that Ash, Brock and Misty use." answered Inu Yasha, his mouth full of cashews from the bar.

    "She's doing ORO!?!" yelled Kagome Higurashi from the doorway.

    END Chapter 123. Chapter 124 'How to Clean a Nekko' or 'Tales of Adventure' to follow soon. Please r/rs away and have a nice day. Kami bless you all-K&K

    Cont in Ch 124-Part 1
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 124-Part 1-K&K

    DISCLAIMER: OK James, it's all yours! First, thank you to Mr. T. for the use of the Angels. Thanks to everyone else who is letting us use their creations. How was that, Yuri? Great! Oh yes it was, Kei! Well, we left you up in the air so let's get to Chapter 124 without further preamble:-

    Chapter 124

    'How to Clean A Nekko' or 'Tales of Adventure'

    Kagome had followed everyone's favorite inu hanyou over to try and calm down Sango.

    "Oro the Hell! It works on clothes so why not on a cruddy nekko too?" asked the puzzled halfling.

    "Because you cannot put living things through washing machines, you stupid baka! C'mon- let's find the laundry room- and fast!" cried Kagome, racing for the lift.

    "We know the way!" said Shippou, pulling Rinnie behind him and following the schoolgirl while Inu Yasha, Sango and Gene brought up the rear. In minutes the lift deposited them on the laundry room's level. Rinnie and Fox-Boy ran down the corridor and burst through the laundry room's door. Kagome and Sango came right on their heels followed closely by the big hanyou and Gene.

    "Ed! NO!! Put Kirara down!" yelled Kagome.

    Ed was trying to shove a struggling nekko youkai into the open drum of a gigantic washing machine! Startled, Ed dropped Kirara who raced away past them all and down the hallway leaving a green trail in her wake!

    "Shit! She just took off like a bat outta Hell!" yelled Starwind.

    "We'd better catch her!" cried Inu Yasha and he bounded off after her. Sango and Kagome weren't far behind him. Gene scooped up Rinnie and Shippou and hastened after the rest of them.

    "At least her trail's easy enough to follow!" he observed as he ran.

    Inu Yasha finally cornered the terrified nekko and caught her with a superb flying tackle worthy of the old Terran 'Steel Curtain Defense' of the now defunct 'Pittsburgh Steelers' team.

    "Are you OK, Kirara?" said Sango, hugging the once white youkai.

    "Yuck! How the oni are we gonna get that stuff off of her?" wondered Kagome.

    "Auntie Yuri! Call Auntie Yuri!" suggested Rinnie.

    "Why not? It's a Helluva lot better than calling Auntie Kei, I suppose." agreed Inu Yasha who still had a headlock on Kirara so the schoolgirl trilled Yuri Donovan.

    "Hai? Yuri here. Oro?? OK, I'll be right there. At the end of the hall you're in is a maintenance room with a big sink. I'll meet you guys there. Oro? Starboard, er, right end of the hallway. Nai, don't do anything. Just wait for me. Yuri out."

    Yuri excused herself from the table and hustled back up to her rooms. Yanking off her jacket, she quickly pulled on a pair of coveralls. "Oro the Hell will take green dye off of a nekko, 'CC'?" she demanded.

    "Carbolic soap, Yuri." replied 'CC' and Yuri thanked him. Then she spoke into her replicator.

    "Carbolic soap (Remember good old Fels Naptha in the yellow bar?). Stat." she ordered and then grabbed the bar of foul smelling yellow soap when it materialized and jammed it into her pocket before racing for the lift. She was pulling on rubber gloves as she ran for the maintenance room. Taking one look at the poor little green and white monstrosity, she asked 'Ed?' and everyone nodded.

    "Put her in the sink and fill it with warm water. Inu Yaha, Gene- You'll have to hold onto her. Sango- try and keep her calm. This stuff won't feel very nice to her. Kag- go find us lots of towels and a drying unit or two." Yuri soaped up the nekko and worked it into a foamy lather. Kagome dumped a huge armload of bath towels on the floor and then dragged in three drying units.

    "Arigato, Kagome. There should be a sponge and a scrub brush in that closet. Get 'em." Kagome obediently handed both items to Yuri. Robin Senna and Bulma Brief rushed in having followed Yuri upstairs.

    "Glad you're here. Bulma- grab that hose. Robin- get Rinnie and Fox-Boy outta here!"

    Yuri began to alternately sponge and scrub Kirara who fought like a Harconian panther but was at last white once more.

    "OK. Rinse her off good, Bulma. Watch it gang- she'll shake off that water! Kagome- towels! Turn on those drying units and let's get her dried off. There. How's she look now, Sango?" said Yuri, stripping off her dripping gloves.

    "Great! She's as good as new! Arigato everybody." said the demon slayer maid.

    Meanwhile Robin had finished getting Rinny and Shippou bathed, put into pajamas and tucked into bed for the night. "You are being punished for being mean to Kirara so there will be no video games for a whole week- understand?" said the witch hunter sternly. Girl and kitsune nodded as they climbed into their bunks.

    Back upstairs Gene was asking "Should we be leaving Ed in the laundry room all by herself?" Bulma was already halfway down the long hallway with Kagome hustling after the aoishi-haired vixen.

    "Yuck! She is just filthy, Kag! Where the Hell's Faye?" asked Bulma.

    "Probably passed out by now! She was pretty much wasted when I left!" replied the long dark-haired schoolgirl from Terra. Between her and Bulma, Ed was soon bathed, put into pajamas and tucked into her bunk for the night.

    "Somebody oughta stay with the kid." said Bulma.

    "I'll stay." offered Kagome. "Go find Rebecca for me, will ya?" she added. After Bulma had gone, Kag noticed oily green splotches spattered all over her white jeans, jacket and sweatshirt. She ran a shower and grabbed one of Faye's red pantsuits and a yellow halter top out of the closet. "I sure hope the 'cowgirl' doesn't mind if I borrow some of her stuff." she thought while she was changing. Her own clothes went down the laundry chute.

    A tap came on the door while Kagome was sipping her herbal tea, a habit she'd picked up from Raven of the Titans. "Come on in, it's open." she called and Rebecca entered the room.

    "Thanks a bunch for taking care of Ed, Kaggy. I'll take over now and you can go back to whatever you were doing. Man, am I beat! I just got off my security shift so I'm gonna jump into a hot shower and go right to bed!" said rebecca, unbuckling her gunsash and tossing it on the table.

    "OK, I'd better check on Faye. She was pretty well smashed when I saw her earlier. G'Night, Becky." said Kagome.

    "G'Night Kaggy. Thanks again." replied Rebecca.

    Kagome went downstairs to the bar only to discover that Jamie Wilson had Faye lying on one of the sofas and covered with an afghan. She was sleeping peacefully so Kagome went in search of Inu Yasha.

    She soon found him, Kouga, Miroku, Sango, Kikyo and Naraku in the living room of the suite they were sharing with Louie, Kenshin, Saitoh, Yahiko, Zanza, Ash, Brock and James Rocket. Sango and Kikyo were stroking Kirara who had reduced down to kitten size. Tigress, Molly, Kitty and Kiva were watching a local program from 'Kagura' on the holovid's huge vidscreen while Inu Yasha was sprawled out on the floor. He was playing with Luna and Artemis. Empty beer cans were strewn all over the place and most of the party were holding cans in their hands. Kagome quickly glanced around the room.

    "Where are the Saiyaans? It's not like them to miss out on a party." she observed. Sango tossed her a beer.

    "Bulma came over and took them home awhile ago. You borrow that outfit from our 'cowgirl'?" giggled Sango and Kagome nodded ruefully.

    "I had to, Sango. My stuff had that green gunk all over it!" Kagome glanced at the hanyou and the wolf youkai. "Have those two had anything besides beer?" she demanded.

    "Nai, Kag. I had the new monk lock up the rest of the booze and I've got the key." replied Kiva and she held up a key attached to her necklace.

    "Quiet, wench!" yelled Inu Yasha. "James is tellin' us about a guy that killed a real dragon!" he added.

    Cont in Ch 124-Part 2
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 124-Part 2-K&K

    "And he was a knight just like Ivy!" put in Kouga.

    "And there was even a kawaii damsel in distress he had to rescue and she was a whole lot like Kikyo too!" ventured Naraku.

    Kikyo snorted. "Damsel in distress indeed! That'll be the day when a miko needs help from a man!" said the feudal preistess vehemently.

    "Speak for yourself, girl!" replied Kagome.

    "From time to time they do have their uses." agreed Sango.

    "Ssh!! We're trying to hear oro Tom is saying to Mary!" yelled Kitty crossly.

    She, Molly, Tigress and Kiva were watching 'Babes in Toyland' on the holovid. Miroku glanced at the screen.

    "I'd ask that Annette (Funicello) wench to bear my children in a heartbeat!" he crooned.

    "You ask every wench you meet to have your shimatta kids!" retorted Kouga.

    "And that Tommy (Sands)- he's really something else, man!" squealed Tigress.

    "Yeah, he sure is dreamy." agreed Kitty. Kiva sighed.

    "Too bad there aren't any really gallant gentlemen like him around here." she lamented.

    Zanza stood up and pulled Kenshin to his feet. "Oro about us, ladies? Don't we qualify?" he demanded and Zanny flexed his muscles.

    "You!?" chorused Kitty, Tigress, Sango, Kiva and Kagome.

    "Oh, I dunno. I think Zanny's sorta cute." said Molly.

    "You sure your memory is ALL that you lost, Molly?" asked a smirking Tigress.

    "You guys better leave Kenny alone if ya know oro's good for ya. He belongs to Miss Kaoru ya know." whispered Kagome.

    "C'mon guys!" said Miroku. "Let's leave the girls watch their moving picture box while we go down to the bar. James can finish regaling us with 'St George and the Dragon' down there." All the guys trooped out behind the monk. Zanza (Sanosuke Sagahara) hung back and gazed at Molly.

    "You really think I'm cute?" he asked and Molly's face turned bright vermillion!

    "Let us go Romeo. You children can see each other later, that you can." said Kenny steering Zanny out the door in the others' wake.

    Down at the bar the SaiYuki preist Genjo Sanzo was BOD this evening. 'Derringer' Merrill and 'Stun Gun' Millie were delivering drinks and taking down orders. But let us return momentarily to the demons' suite--

    Kagome suddenly realized where all the guys were going! "Christ Sango! Does Genjo know not to serve any hard stuff to that bunch of rowdies?" she cried. Sango slowly shook her head.

    "I doubt it, Kaggie." answered the demonslayer girl. Kagome trilled Genjo who replied immediately.

    "Hai? This is Genjo here. Oro? Ah- Lady Kagome-San. How are you doing this fine evening? Oro? You may rest assured, dear lady. They will be served only beer or wine and no spirits. Hai- I'll send them back if they get too rowdy. Oro's that? I am to close up shop at 2300 hours. Orders from Admiral O'Halloran, my child. Hai- I will make certain that InuYash and his group leave here at that time. Good night to you, my dear." trilled the preist. Genjo called his two barmaids over and explained the situation to them. Suddenly--

    "Hey Shorty! Get your ass over here and bring us something to drink now!" yelled Louie the Rune Soldier magician. 'Derringer' Merrill bristled and bit her tongue.

    "You will each get either two beers or 2 glasses of wine. No hard stuff. You can have all the coffeee, tea, juice or soda that you want and if you call me 'Shorty' just one more time, I'll deck your ass, pal! Now- oro the Hell do you want?" she demanded hotly.

    After the orders had been taken and the drinks distributed, James Rocket began his narration of 'St George and the Dragon' tale anew. Soon all of the pool players, video gamers, 'Duel Monster' gamers and practically everyone else in the entire rec room had stopped and drawn near to listen to the saga being told by James. Even Genjo, Merrill and Millie were enraptured by the Terran story as old as time itself.

    The sailor scouts drifted in a bit later followed closely by the Bebop gang and Molly's crewmates from the 'Star'. Some of Kiva's crew dropped by after they'd finished their shipboard duties.

    "So this is where all of my crew's gotten to, eh?" chuckled Kei when she finally got down to the bar along with Jim Hawking, the 'Teen Titans' and the 'Justice League'.

    "Ssh!! I remember Sensei telling us this part, dudes!" whispered Mikey. He and his three brothers were sitting on the floor beside the scouts, the 'WOOHP' spybabes and the elf hunter quartet. Master Splinter was seated at a table with the two timelords and Naraku. Kikyo, Nat, Cagalli, Flay, Jesse Rocket, Misty, Rally Vincent and Minnie Mae Hopkins were sprawled out on the floor and lying on cushions cadged from the sofas. All of them were listening in wonderment to this most unusual narrative being told.

    Kei tapped Donnatella's shoulder. "Who's in Engineering now?" she whispered to him.

    "Saavik, Jeremy and Miss Helena (Hawkgirl of the 'JL'). If they need me, I'm only a trilling away, Boss." replied Donnie abstractedly.

    "Will you two shut the Hell up! This is the really good part,man!" whispered Anton Wilhelm Gustav. He and Don Poporo who was sober for once (Will wonders never cease?) were sitting at another table with InuYasha and Kouga. Piccachuu and Tokapi (Ash and Misty's pokemons) were perched on Anton and Don's shoulders respectively.

    "Can I onegai get a damned drink?" asked the feisty redhead.

    "Uh huh. Ask Millie, Boss." replied 'Derringer' Merrill.

    "Millie! A double of Jameson's without ice, please?" asked Kei.

    "Sure thing, ma'am. Just a minute." answered 'Stun Gun' Millie before she sat down again.

    "Genjo! Some service onegai! The usual!" whispered Kei hotly.

    "Sorry, Lady Kei-san! Coming right up." replied the blonde BOD.

    He set a glass and a fifth of Jameson's Irish Whiskey in front of the redhead.

    "Here. Serve yourself, Boss Lady." he said, totally engrossed as he and everyone else was in 'St George'!

    Kei poured herself out a double and tossed it down quickly. Then she refilled her glass and tossed dowqn another and another until slowly even she became enchanted by that ancient medieval fairy tale as she listened dremily to James's soft and lilting voice.

    END Chapter 124. Chapter 125 (untitled as of yet) to follow soon. Enjoy and r/r/s away. Have a cool weekend and Kami bless you all-K&K
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 125-Part 1-K&K

    DISCLAIMER: OK, Gyojo, it's all yours! First, thank you to Mr. T. for the use of the Angels. Thanks to everyone else who is letting us use their creations. How was that, Yuri? Great! Oh yes it was, Kei! Well, we left you up in the air so let's get to Chapter 125 without further preamble:-

    Chapter 125

    'Merrill's Mistake' or 'Kouga in Trouble'

    "Having at last slain the foul beast, brave Sir George released the princess from her chains and carried her back to her father's palace. As a reward for his unselfish act of true heroism, the king granted the knight his daughter's hand in marriage and gave them half of his kingdom for a wedding present. And they both lived happily ever after. The End."

    James Rocket finally finished telling his story and yawned. The room exploded with applause. James bowed his head and smiled at his appreciative audience. Then he finished his hot cocoa and cookies. "This storytelling is really quite tiresome. Whose turn is it now?" asked James.

    Ari of the elf hunters told the old Terran folktale of the poor little matchgirl. As it ended sadly, both the hanyou and the wolf youkai of course screamed to high Heaven! "For Christ's sake, Ari-- If you're gonna tell us a story at least give it a happy ending! Whose next?" they chorused.

    The Ninja Turtles' old sensei Master Splinter told all of them the story of how he had found the four turtle brothers when they were still quite young and had rescued them from a sewer in old Terra's New York City place. Then he recounted how they had all been drenched in a strange oozy green substance causing all five of them to both mutate and become much larger! He next told of rigorously training Michaelangelo, Donnatella, Leonardo and Raphael in the ancient arts of Ninjitsu just like his old sensei had once trained him. "We had many adventures together but they are stories for another time, my children." He glanced at the wall chromo. "Perhaps we do have time for one more tale. Who will tell it?" he asked and lokked around the room.

    Merrill the treasure hunter from Oaklynn spoke up. "I remember Kome once telling us a real cool one about some bird-brained bimbo of a tro-con cop who got herself arrested by her own dumb partner a few years ago on some planet called 'Gy-sy-may-o'! You see, this baka, this moron, this nitwit had already quit--" she began when suddenly--

    "Shut the Hell up and tell another story, Merrill! I will NOT have that one told on my ship again- EVER!!" yelled an enraged Kei.

    "But Boss, it's so darn funny! It'll crack you up, man!" replied the treasure seeker girl.

    "You'll shut up now if you know oro's good for you, stupid!" whispered Rally Vincent.

    "Why? Kome said that when Miss D. told it the place broke up!" said Merrill puzzledly.

    "Because, dummy, the Boss was the tro-con who was arrested on 'Gysymeo' and it was Miss D. who did the honours! Now do you get it, kid?" whispered Rally.

    Slowly understanding and realization dawned on the treasure seeker and she nodded dumbly.

    Melissa interrupted to save the peace and told them a story about the treasure seekers' adventures with Louie the magician back in 'Oaklynn'. The conclusion was hailed with applause and cheers.

    "2300 folks. Last call for the bar- order up!" announced Genjo Sanzo.

    Kei finished her third double and said "No more for me. See you guys ashita. Goodnight." and she left for the lifts. After everyone had polished off their nightcaps and said their goodnights, they all drifted off to bed. Donnatella trilled upstairs to Engineering.

    "Anything else you need me and Cy for tonight, Ensign?" he tilled to Saavik.

    "Nai, have a good night's sleep, Chief. See you ashita. We'll turn in when our relief comes on at midnight. Saavik out." she trilled back.

    "I am not really used to these late nights." said Master Splinter.

    "I am not either, that I am not." agreed Kenshin with a yawn. They left for their rooms and soon the only ones left in the rec room were Genjo Sanzo and gene Starwind. The two 'Bernardelli Insurance' girls barmaids had been dismissed at 2330 and had sleepily stumbled off to their rooms. Gene took an appreciative sip of his Romulan ale and observed that it was gonna be a boring three weeks upcoming. Genjo agreed but said that he was looking forward to their 'Sontarran' visit with great anticipation.

    "Yeah but that's still a week and a half away, pal." complained Gene.

    "Well tomo mine-- we should be able to find something to do to while away the time, should we not? After all, we've got the equivalent of a small city on this strange conveyance, is that not so?" asked Genjo while putting away the last bottles and then locking the cupboard. Gene noticed the key and said:

    "The Boss Lady trusts 'you' with that?" he asked incredulously.

    "And why not, Tomo Gene? I am a preist, a Sanzo preist and I do not drink overmuch as is the same case amonst all preists." replied Genjo.

    "The Hell you say! Miroku's a preist and he drinks like a bloody fish and he womanizes like Bill Clinton! (A puzzled glance from Genjo caused Gene to explain.) A President er leader of the United States of America, a country on old Terra er Earth. He ruled from the late 20th to the early 21st Centuries." pointed out Gene.

    "Well! I certainly do not overdrink nor womanize, sir! I take my vows quite seriously indeed!" stormed and incensed Genjo Sanzo with fire in both aizu.

    "Gomen. No offense, tomo. Sorry." replied Gene hastily. "Well, I guess I'll turn in now." he added.

    "I bid you good night, my tomo." said Genjo.

    "G'Night, Padre." answered Gene Starwind with a wave of his hand.

    Soon everyone except the night and bridge watches were settled in for the night. However, Kei was restless. Tossing and turning in her bunk she thought that she was definitely not looking forward to this upcoming three wekk jaunt to 'Alderaan'! Even with their 'Sontarran' stopover it was sure going to be one Hell of a job keeping all of 'em from going stir crazy! And that layover was still over half a fortnight away too! Well then- first thing in the morning she'd have to appoint a cruise director, a morale officer, a gamesmaster and an athletics director. It was just not fair to assign the morale officer duties to Legato and Spike Miroku permanently. But who to replace 'em with? Well, after all, wasn't that the purpose of those shimatta 'think tanks' as they were called back on Terra? At least according to Kagome anyway! So ashita she'd need to put together a 'think tank' and a few committees to help her out with those decisions. Kei envied the others especially Yuri who seemed to have the knack of dropping off to sleep whenever she chose. Even now she was probably next door snoring like a grampus! Kome would likewise be dead to the world by now while Mar was sleeping peacefully in the innermost bedroom of their suite. I gotta remember to tell 'em all to wear 'civvies' and not even mention the 3WA, the 'UG', the 'Lovely Angels' or the 'Dirt--' er that name or anything else that might give away their real identities while they're on 'Sontarra'. It might not be a bad idea to replenish their supplies there too-- hmnn-- make a note to tell Yuri. Yuri!! The nerve of that little brat, Merrill!! Wanting to tell that shimatta 'Gysymeo' story again! Would she ever live that one down? Dammit! It WAS Yuri's fault in the first shimatta place for telling it to everybody on board back on 'Shimougou'! Blast! Oro the jigoku was it now? Two nai now it was three years ago! Three whole years and it still stung her pride to even hear anybody mention 'Gysymeo'! That little son of a bitch had actually arrested her, Kei O'Halloran, her own Kami shimatta partner! Well OK- Technically Kei had quit the 3WA but Chuckie Garner had never really 'accepted' her resignation so 'officially' Kei had never actually left the force! Anyway he had specifically told Yuri not to arrest her partner but she went ahead and did it anyhow! And that was even after I'd saved her Fxxxing ass from Lady Flair and Waldess! Illegal possession of an unauthorized weapon had been the charges! An unauthorized weapon which she had given back to me just so she could slap the irons on me! Ooh!! Well, that's all water under the bridge now, ain't it? Who came out on top though- in the end? Who's the newest and the youngest vice-admiral on the force? Who commands this ship and who's in charge of this whole shimatta mission? Yours truly- tht's who!! Ah Hell Yuri! I forgive you. Now to get me some shuteye!

    And so sleep finally came for the troubled redhead. Meanwhile up on the bridge--

    Cont in Ch 125-Part 2
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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