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Thread: Dirty Pair Fanfiction

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    Here's Ch 125-Part 2-K&K

    Orphen's little hazu (group) had drawn the short straw and were on tonight's bridge watch. With the sorcerer at the helm, Stephanie was co-piloting, Cleo was the comm officer, Magic was scanner operator and Lucky the wolfen cub was playing mascot. Everything seemed to be in good hands and running smoothly so Mugghi was sleeping peacefully in the nav room while Nammo had shut down to recharge his circuitry.

    Kouga the wolf youkai was the security chief and he was bored shitless! He'd already checked in with all of his guards (One for each of the nine surface levels and five sublevels of the ship). All of them had reported the same thing- no problems. Now here he was-- with nothing to do! He couldn't play with Mugghi, Rinnie and the fox kid were asleep, Kirara was with Sango down on Level 5, Ein was with Jett on Level 3, Artemis and Luna were Kami knew where, the Pokemon kids were asleep down in the Orphanarium, the hanyou mutt was below on Level 2, Miroku was down on Level 4, Naraku was on Level 1 and so forth.

    Stephanie was reading a holomag, Orphen and Magic were playing video games, Lucky was asleep and Cleo was trying on outfits in one of the back bedrooms! Having nothing else to do Kouga went back to the galley and brewed some tea for himself. Kagome, Kei, Yuri and Bulma had told them that there would be 'absolutely' no booze allowed on night duty! While he waited for the 'light up magical box' (the microwave oven) to 'explode the yummy bullets in the shiny pouch' (pocorn) he rummaged through the counter drawers. Most of the stuff in them looked like junk to the wolf and he was just about to close the last drawer when his fingers touched something strange- a short cylinder made of some kind of metal. Curious he rolled the thing around on the tabletop until- DING!

    The 'magic box' had made a ringing noise to let him know that the magic had been done to the food. As he got up to pull out the yummy white puffs his hand inadvertently struck the cylinder sending it to the floor. Suddenly there was a blinding green flash!

    The thing now seemed to have a long band of sparkling color shooting out of it! Gingerly he picked it up. It felt strange to him- like his katana in some way but not really. He swung it around a few times and then struck downwards with it- ZAP! The 'toasty thing' (the toaster) was clovenly neatly in half! KA-MI! Just like Louie's stick (magic wand)! He played with it some more gouging the fridge, destroying the juicer, stove, microwave oven, holovid set, PA loudspeaker and half of the bulkhead wall!

    HEY! Maybe Lord Orphen knew oro it was! So Kouga marched back to the bridge with his new toy!

    "Lord Orphen! Oro is this thing for? Do ya know?" asked the youkai sliding the beam through the chair where Cleo would have been sitting if she weren't occupied elsewhere! He cleaved the chair in twain! Orphen dove for cover!

    END of Chapter 125. Chapter 126 soon. Enjoy. Please r/r/s away. Have a nice week gang. Kami bless-K&K

    Cont in Ch 126-Part 1
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 126-part 1-K&K

    DISCLAIMER: OK Cho Hakkai, it's all yours! First, thank you to Mr. T. for the use of the Angels. Thanks to everyone else who is letting us use their creations. How was that, Yuri? Great! Oh yes it was, Kei! Well, we left you up in the air so let's get to Chapter 126 without further preamble:-

    Chapter 126

    'Cleo Cleans Up' or 'Truant Trolls'

    "Holy Christ! Watch it you stupid moron! Shut that damned thing off before you kill somebody!" yelled Orphen from the floor where he had just been able to dive before being cut in two by Kouga's blade light! As it was the console took the blast and exploded in a shower of sparks!

    Thinking fast, Stephanie grabbed Yuri's spare laser sword hilt and activated it. The feisty sorceress was barely able to parry Kouga's next riposte. "You idiot! Turn that thing off! There's a small switch by your thumb- press it!" she yelled. The wolf did so and suddenly the green light was gone! Breathing a sigh of relief, Steph depressed a switch on her own hilt and its red light winked out. She wasted no time in yanking the hilt out of the youkai's grasp.

    "Look at this mess, you jackass! Didn't we tell you not to play with things you didn't understand!" yelled Orphen, leaping to his feet.

    "WOWIE! Who trashed this place?" exclaimed Magic who'd just stepped onto the bridge with Lucky at his heels.

    "Oh, this is nothing! Wait'll you guys see the kitchen!" quipped Cleo who looked quite fetching in one of Yuri's old yellow 3WA hotpants outfits complete with matching high top Cavalier boots and elbow length gloves.

    "WHAT!" howled the sorcerer.

    "Come and see for yourselves." invited Cleo.

    "Do you think that the Commodore 'really' wears that getup outside-- in public?" whispered Stephanie incredulously.

    Steph was of course wearing the very latest 3WA uniform consisting of wine coloured blazer and slacks, black pullover and grey ankle boots. Magic was in an aoishi bodysuit/black jackboots while Orphen while not willing to play 'dress up' had replaced his cloak with a black leather jacket.

    "Oro the Fxxx!" yelled an infuriated sorcerer when he saw the galley.

    Cleo smiled. "Relax. I'll have this fixed up in two shakes of a lamb's tail." she soothed. She was greeted by blank stares which seemed to ask 'Which asylum planetoid did you just escape from?' Ignoring them all Cleo said " 'CC', clean up this mess and the one on the bridge pronto. Be quick about it! That's an order!" she commanded.

    "Lady Cleo- Just who the Hell do you think I am- Mandrake the Magician? You'll have to use the replicators or I could summon Commodore Donovan or even Vice-Admiral--" began 'CC'.

    "NO!! We'll do it ourselves! Thanks anyway, pal." replied Cleo.

    "Do itashimashite (You're welcome). As you wish, Lady Cleo." said 'CC'.

    Twenty minutes later order had replaced chaos. Steph and Kouga were watching 'Force Ten from Navarone' on the holovid in the nav room. Steph had repped up some old Terran movie vid-disks for them. Before that, they had repped up replacements for all the stuff that the wolf had wrecked. Orphen and Magic were alone next door on the main bridge because Cleo had taken Lucky down to the holodecks for some exercise. On another holodeck, Cho Hakkai and Genjo Sanzo (the SaiYuki Genjo party) were playing holographic Shogi or Japanese chess. Meanwhile a ways belowdecks--

    "Chewie? Is that you, pal?" asked a sleepy han Solo. "Oh, it's you, Furball. Oro are ya doing way down here?" he asked. Han was guarding the lower brig on SubLevel 4. "I used to have a 'Wookie' partner and you sorta remind me of him, Mugghi. Oro the oni are ya doing down here at this hour?" grumbled Solo. Mugghi purred and then mimed someone sleeping peacefully but then she shook her head emphatically. "Oh, couldn't sleep, eh?" replied Han sympathetically. "Just think Furball- we're takin' the 'New Republic's' greatest enemy back to 'Alderaan' to stand trial. Ten years ago Emporer Palpatine's so called 'Death Star' completely obliterated the place, killin' off all of Leia's family in the process. Now we're takin' the Emporer's lapdog back to that very same place that he destroyed. Only thing is that now my bride-to-be practically runs the whole place. He'll probably wonder how 'Alderaan' can still exist after Palpatine atomized it!" chuckled the wily ex-smuggler.

    Cont in Ch 126-Part 2
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 126-part 2-K&K

    "Yes General Solo. I was wondering about that too. So tell me- how can you return us to a place that no longer exists?" said a very deep and menacing voice which Han Solo knew only too well.

    "We rebuilt it with an experimental project called 'Genesis' which was generously provided by 'Starfleet Command' free of charge. Did you just wake up, Vader?" drawled Han, hand on his blaster.

    "Calm yourself, my friend. I mean you and your friends no harm. Where exactly are we and what's become of my storm troopers?" asked Darth Vader, High Dark Lord of the Sith in turn.

    "No harm in telling you that I suppose. You're aboard a 3WA patrol starship and your boys are in the brigs next to this one. Understand this Vader and understand it well. Out here the 3WA are the law and basically they do whatever the Hell they damned well please! So if you try anything funny, I can't guarantee your safety this time, old pal- got it?" said Han.

    "Where is my ship, General?" demanded Vader.

    "I have no idea ta all, my friend. You just 'appeared' on board this ship- you and your troopers. You more than likely came through that hole in the spacey timey thingy. That's how most of our other 'guests' got here." explained Solo.

    "I demand to see the commander of this vessel immediately!" cried Darth Vader.

    "Well you can't. She's asleep right now. Sorry pal." replied Han.

    "She?? A 'woman' ? A 'fe-male' is in command of this craft? I do not believe you, General!" roared vader.

    "Tough! Tht's just the way I felt when I first found out who the CO was, Vader. You'll get to meet her in the morning. Now go back to sleep or I'll have your ass sedated again!Goodnight!" barked Solo angrily.

    "Goodnight General Solo." replied Vader in a quieter tone. Han returned to his lonely vigil after sending Mugghi back up to bed.

    Meanwhile up on the command deck-- "Where the Hell's that furry thing gotten to?" asked Orphen and Magic shook his head. "Yo Steph! Mugghi in there with you and Kouga?" trilled Orphen.

    "Nai, she's not in here. Maybe she went for a walk or something." replied Stephanie. Just then the rear bridge portals opened, Mugghi ambled in and stretched out on the floor.

    "It's OK now Steph. She just came back in here." trilled the sorcerer leader. There were no further incidents and by mutual consent, nothing was mentioned or logged about Kouga's misfortunes. At 0600 the day shift was awakened and the night crew went down to breakfast. Mugghi and nammo remained on duty with the day watch.

    'Animal House II' was in full swing when Orphen and his team arrived with Kouga. Miroku the mischievious monk had just launched a sticky piece of French toast at Inu Yasha when Kouga sat down beside him at the table. SPLAT! The hanyou ducked and the gooey mess struck the wolf youkai squarely in the puss!

    Rinny and Shippou were bouncing up and down on their chairs and squealing 'He did it! He did it!' and pointing at the monk.

    "You-- you-- Mi-ro-ku! Wait'll I get my Kami shimatta claws on you! I'll--" roared an angry Kouga.

    "Sorry Kouga but I did not mean to hit you. I was aiming for the dog! Inu Yasha! It's your fault!" yelled Miroku.

    "My fault! Just how the Hell do you figure it's my fault, monk?" demanded the huge hanyou.

    "If you had not have ducked I would not have hit Kouga so it is your fault, Inu Yasha!" explained Miroku.

    "If you hadn't of thrown it in the first damned place, nobody would have gotten hit with it!" yelled Sango, kicking the monk in the shins- hard. Finally Kouga grinned.

    "Oh well- accidents will happen, won't they? Let's just forget it, eh?" said the wolf, hoping Cleo wouldn't let slip about last night's laser sword mess! He did, however, permit both Sango and Kagome to wipe off his face. Yuri arrived and took the chair beside Naraku.

    "Good morning all." she greeted.

    "Hi Yuri. Watch out for the flying French toast today." chuckled Naraku. Yuri spotted Marlene and Kome and waved to them and then turned back to the table.

    "Where's the Boss? Anybody know?" she asked.

    "She was down earlier, had breakfast and went back to the ready room. I think she said something about making up a duty roster, Yuri." replied Sango, beckoning for Mina to come over to take Yuri's order.

    "Duty roster? Since when do we need a shimatta duty roster?" wondered the violet-coiffed vixen.

    "Since we got over a hundred souls aboard the 'Angel', I guess." said Faye, picking up the banana peel that Ed had just tossed in front on Mina's foot. Mina took down Yuri's and Faye's orders and jetted off. Cleo stopped to chat a bit. She began walking off but quickly returned.

    "Have any of ya seen the trolls?" she asked. Nobody had apparently seen them since the evening before.

    "Why? Oro the Hell have they done this time?" demanded Faye.

    "Orphen wants Stephie and me to keep 'em outta mischief." replied Cleo.

    "Why don't ya ask 'CC' to find 'em for ya?" suggested Kome.

    "Oh yeah- right- I forgot about him. 'CC', please locate Dorton and Voltron for me." said Cleo.

    "They are both in the ready room, Miss Cleo." replied "CC' immediately.

    "Where's Kei, 'CC'?" asked Yuri.

    "She is in her quarters on Level Three, Yuri." he answered.

    "Oro's in the ready room, Yuri?" asked Cleo.

    "Certainly nothing that would interest them, I'm sure. Files, vid disks, vidlogbooks, power packs and some old spare blasters and ion cannons!" she yelled and took off at adead run for the lift.

    "How the oni did they ever get past our security codes to get in there, I wonder?" she mused aloud.

    "Anyone seen Ed?" asked Faye worriedly.

    "That answers that question." said Yuri. "C'mon Cleo. Follow me." she added.

    "Stephanie! They're both upstairs in the office! Shake a leg!" yelled Cleo.

    A few seconds after that Faye joined the trio and all of them piled aboard the lift. "Bridge- stat!" yelled Yuri. A few minutes later they entered the bridge and followed Yuri through the rear exit and down the hallway to the ready room. Naturally it was locked and of course Ed had changed the codes.

    "Open this door, young lady- or lese!" fumed Faye Valentine, pounding out a heavy tatoo on the portal. The door opened and Faye put Ed into a 'chicken wing' hold. After forcing the kid to change the codes back to their original settings, Faye stiff marched Ed downstairs to their quarters.

    Dorton was seated at Kei's desk quietly engrossed in perusing the Angel's vidlog books. The other pest, Voltron, having picked the lock on the safe was busily trying to force open the housing of an ion cannon's power pack! Forcing open a power pack would, of course, cause it to discharge its latent ionic energy. A power pack's ionic energy is usually equivalent to the tenth part of an old Terran atomic bomb! Both Cleo and Stephanie stood there transfixed!

    Yuri launched herself across the table and deftly yanked the power pack out of the greedy troll's grasp.

    "Relax Lady! It's just something I took outta that toy gun here! It ain't dangerous or nothing!" said Voltran. Yuri Donovan calmly picked up the 'toy gun' and reinserted the power pack into it. Setting the weapon to its very lowest range of destruction she aimed it at an ashtray and fired. The ashtray first glowed bright cherry red and then exploded!

    "A toy huh? And that was on its lowest setting- wanna see oro the highest can do?" she asked, aiming the weapon at Voltron.

    "No way, Lady! You win!" screeched the troll, backing away from her.

    "Oro are you two pests doing up here? Didn't Orphen tell you that this deck was off limits?" demanded Cleo, clouting Voltron across the skull. Voltron stumbled and dropped his rucksack backpack which fell to the floor with a clunk.

    "Oro's in the bag, boys?" asked Stephanie.

    "Nothing ma'am." replied Voltron, scooping it back up off the floor. Steph easily yanked it out of his hands and then upended it onto the table. A shining cascade of silvery stones glowed with a fiery brilliance from the tabletop where they had fallen.

    "You call those things nothing! Where'd you get'em from? Or rather- who'd you steal 'em from?" demanded Cleo sternly.

    "Now we're gonna get it." muttered Dorton.

    "Well?" demanded Stephanie.

    "There's a whole big room full of 'em down below! We didn't figger they'd miss a few of 'em!" explained Voltron.

    "Oro are these things anyway?" asked Cleo curiously.

    "They're oro the Hell we use to power the ship. They're called dilythium crystals- sorta like industrial diamonds back on old Terra except these ain't worth anywhere near as much. A few credits a kilo or so is all." answered Yuri.

    "Security team to the reday room- stat!" ordered a new and menacing voice. Suddenly everyone began to sweat! Kei O'Halloran had just entered the room!

    "Now now Kei, nor harm done. They're sorry and it is just fuel after all, isn't it?" soothed Yuri.

    "I told them (the Orphen gang) that if they didn't keep those two brats in line that I would have to take sterner measures and Yuri, you can cut the act. I already know that he almost managed to discharge a power pack! Crap! Did you 'have' to frag my favorite ashtray? I got that thing on 'Dantoonine'. Oro's this one doing with a vidlog book? Oro the Hell else have they stolen? Where the oni's that shimatta security team?" ranted Kei.

    Cont in Ch 126-Part 3
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 126-Part 3-K&K

    Cleo collared Dorton while Stephanie put Voltron in a chicken wing. "OK you two- empty your pockets- now!" commanded the sorceress. Dorton of course complied immediately. His brother refused until Stephanie threatened to break off his arm if he didn't. Then Voltron grudgingly emptied his pockets as well. "Dorton's clean, Boss." announced Cleo.

    "OK. Dorton, sit down over there and be quiet." said Kei, pointing to the swivel chair beside her desk. Voltron had not been idle today it seemed. His loot included a gold cigarette case with matching lighter, six wallets, four wristchromos, a silver liquor flask, two bracelets, seven rings, five necklaces comlete with lockets, a silver dog whistle and a short compact grey cylinder (a laser sword's hilt)!

    Yuri was sorting through the treasure trove. "Faye's cigarette case and lighter, the chiefs' wallets as well as Kome's, Mar's, mine and yours, Kei, Melissa's, Ila's, Genie's and Merrill's wristchromos, Jamie's flask, our counterparts' bracelets, the scouts' travelling stone rings and their translator chokers. Prince Crybaby's signet ring, Green lantern's power ring, the Doctor's dog whistle (to call K-9) and one of our laser sword hilts too. Quite a haul for just one or two days aboard!" said Yuri.

    "Security team as ordered, milady." reported Ivanhoe, saluting Kei. The Dark Knight had finally stopped bowing and kneeling to everyone.

    "Your orders, ma'am?" asked Nick Wolfwood.

    "Yeah. Oro's up, Boss?" added Vash the Stampede. This trio was the security team Kei had ordered up to her ready room. Kei pointed at the cringing troll still held in Stephanie's chickenwing.

    "Take that thing next door and search him- thoroughly!" ordered the vice-admiral. Nick picked up Voltron by his collar and carried him to the adjoining bedroom. Several moments passed before the door reopened and the trio emerged escorting the troll. Vash handed Yuri a small pepperbox derringer pistol, a copy of an instruction booklet for the 'God Gun', a vidpad, three vid disks, another bracelet, a small pair of folded bats' wings with a long wire attached to them, a golden lariat or lasso of some sort, three 'shurikin' throwing stars, a strange looking three-pronged blunt tool of some kind and a petite Mark III miniblaster.

    "One of Merrill (Strife)'s derringers, a 'How to Shoot the 'God Gun' guide, Keitarou's PDO, three old Terran movie vid disks, my morphing bracelet, Batman's bat-a-rang, Wonder Woman's 'truth' lasso, Misao's shurikins, one of Raph's sais and (Yuri thrust her right hand inside her left inside breast pocket of her blazer and blanched white) and how the Hell did he swipe my Mark III outta my inside blazer pocket without my knowing it?!" said Yuri.

    "Put his ass in one of the brigs on Level Five! Leave the other one here for now. Get him outta here!" yelled Kei, fuming with barely controlled rage. "Is there anything he 'doesn't' steal?" she added while pacing up and down the long room. "It's just fuel- isn't it, Kei? Give him a break, Kei. He's really sorry, Kei. He'll be a good troll, Kei. Christ Yuri! It's a shimatta good thing that I came in when I did or he'd have probably stolen the skivvies right off your ass! I was gonna make 'em both stewards for Decks One to Three but now-- OK, sorry I flew off the handle, kiddo. Dorton, you're gonna be our cabin boy. Yuri's gonna show ya where our nav room is- that's where you'll stay until one of us needs something. Then you get it for them and go back to the nav room, got it?" explained Kei. Dorton nodded.

    "Yes ma'am. Thank you very much ma'am. I'm a good worker ma'am. Just ask Orphen, ma'am and he'll tell you, ma'am. I promise to--" he replied before the Boss cut him off abruptly.

    "Whoa there, kid! I believe ya! Just stop callin' me ma'am. It makes me sound like I'm somebody's grandmother! My name's Kei. Call me the Boss or Auntie Kei if ya wanna. No more ma'am. Have ya had breakfast yet?" asked the redhead.

    "No, ma-- er I mean Auntie Kei. Voltron wanted to see what was in here so got that redheaded tomboy kid to pick the lock for him. I'm really sorry that my brother is causing you so much trouble. May I get breakfast now, please?" asked the troll. Kei smiled at him.

    "Sure thing. Lemme get someone to take you downstairs. (She touched her comlink) Mikey? This is Kei. Do you read me?" said Kei, trilling the ninja.

    "Loud and clear. Oro's ya need, Boss Lady?" trilled Michaelangelo.

    "Please come up here to my ready room, Mikey." trilled Kei.

    "On my way, Boss." trilled Mikey. When he arrived, Kei asked him to escort Dorton to the dining hall and the duo left.

    "Oro the Hell are we gonna do about all this stuff?" asked Yuri, indicating Voltron's pile of loot.

    END of Chapter 126. 'Coriander Crusaders' or 'Touring with the Wrecking Crew' (Ch 127) coming soon. Enjoy and r/r/s away. Sorry for the long delay twixt postings. Busy at work and stuff. More soon I promise. Kami bless and arigato for the interest in my work. Toodles-K&K

    Cont in Ch 127-Part 1
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 127-Part 1-K&K

    DISCLAIMER: OK Dorton, it's all yours! First, thank you to Mr. T. for the use of the Angels. Thanks to everyone else who is letting us use their creations. How was that, Yuri? Great! Oh yes it was, Kei! Well, we left you up in the air so let's get to Chapter 96 without further preamble:-

    Chapter 127

    'Coriander Crusaders' or 'Touring with the Wrecking Crew'

    Kei stared long and hard at her tomo before replying. "Get that shimatta dilythium downstairs to the fuel rooms. Take the rest of this junk down to your 'office' on Level Eight and sort it all out. Then quietly and I mean 'very' quietly call the owners up to pick up their stuff- no questions asked. Just have'em report to you on some pretext- one at a time, Yuri. The last thing we need is rumours of yet another thief aboard the ship!" said Kei, reaching for her vidpad.

    Yuri frowned and then brightened up again. "Donnatella? Could you onegai send someone up here to the ready room? Ensign Saavik? Sure. She'll do me quite nicely. Arigato, Don." trilled Yuri. Then- "Reg? This is Yuri Donovan. Could I perhaps borrow three of your crewmen for a little while? I can? Good. Nai, just send 'em up to the ready room on the Command Deck er Level Nine. Arigato. I owe you one, Reg." trilled Yuri.

    Kei glanced up from her vidpad and grinned. "Tell me, Yuri- exactly how did that troll kid manage to lift your Mark III without your knowing it? C'mon now- ain't that something we'd expect a rookie junior tro-con let happen to 'em?" teased Kei.

    Yuri smiled sweetly. "I dunno. By the way, Kei- where's your laser sword?" she asked.

    Kei stuck her hand into her jacket pocket. "Right here in my pock-- Shit! He got me too! Touche Yuri. Sorry for teasing you, kiddo." replied Kei sheepishly.

    Yuri slipped the Mark III back into its holster and tossed Kei's laser sword hilt back to her. Kei caught it and thrust it into her front pants pocket. There was a rap on the door. "Enter." said Kei gruffly.

    "Ensign Saavik reporting as ordered, ma'am." said the new assistant engineer who saluted them. Yuri returned her salute and tossed the Vulcan Voltron's empty rucksack.

    "These dilythium crystals somehow got up here by accident. Onegai see that they get back to the fuel rooms on Level One. Arigato, Ensign- that will be all. You're dismissed." replied the violet maned vixen.

    "Yes, ma'am." replied Saavik and she began loading the shiny crystals into the rucksack. When she finished, she snapped down the flap and picked it up. Then she saluted Yuri and left.

    "You really like all this military crap, don't you?" asked Kei disgustedly.

    "Yeah. It's really cool, isn't it, Kei?" answered Yuri.

    "Nai. It's a stupid waste of time, you baka." replied her superior. Another knock came at the door and Yuri said "Come in. It's open." Two guys and a young girl in 'Starfleet' uniforms came in.

    "Lance Corporal Armstrong reporting as ordered, ma'am. These are Sappers Wilkins and Knox." said the taller of the two guys with a salute.

    Yuri returned his salute. "At ease, guys. I'm Yuri and she's Kei. Reg, er, Commander Barclay sent you?" asked Yuri.

    "That's right, ma- er Yuri. How can we help you folks out?" asked Armstrong.

    "Get a box from one of the back rooms. Load up all this junk and take it down to my office on Level Eight. It says 'Y. Donovan/Private' on the door. You're all, er, armed, I take it?" she said.

    "At all times, Yuri. Orders of some old Admiral named O'Hara." replied Armstrong.

    "It's O'Halloran- not O'Hara, kid." said Kei without looking up from her PDO.

    "Well- he's still some stuffy, stuck-up old stick-in-the-mud, isn't he?" giggled the girl from 'Starfleet'.

    "That will do, Knox! Don't forget that he is still a superior officer, Sapper!" said Armstrong sternly.

    "Sorry, Mr. Armstrong." she replied. Now Yuri was giggling too.

    "Yuri? Oro's the joke?" asked the Lance Corporal. Kei answered for her exec.

    "The joke is that she's a Commodore and I'm that stuffy old Vice-Admiral you're all talking about! Now- get this shimatta junk outta my ready room stat!" ordered the Boss.

    "Knox- find a box back there. Wilkins- watch this stuff for her. I'll get the doors." commanded Armstrong.

    Knox stared dumbfounded- first at Kei, then at Yuri and then back at Kei once more. "You two are the highest ranking officers aboard this tub, er I mean ship? Really?" she asked.

    "Yeah! We are! So?" demanded Kei gruffly.

    "Well, I'd better go and find us a box." replied Treanna, dashing down the back hallway. At the same time Armstrong and Wilkins had both drawn devices from their belts that resembled old Terran TV remote controls.

    "Phasers, ladies." said Wilkins in response to Yuri's curious look.

    "I know they're frigging phasers. I am a frigging weapons expert, guys!" said Kei.

    "Oro are your first names?" asked Yuri.

    "He's Andrew and I'm George. Knox's first name is Treanna. Why? answered Armstrong.

    "Because I prefer informality- that's why. Please tell the rest of your crwmen back on the 'Coriander' that aboard the 'Angel' we all use our first names only and no titles. OK?" explained Kei.

    'Sapper' Treanna Knox returned with a small cardboardlike box. "Please put it on the table, Treanna. Arigato." said Yurii. Andrew quickly whispered something to the startled girl who smiled. Treanna put down the box and began to load it up with Voltron's stash of loot. When she finished, Andrew picked up the box, Treanna drew out her own phaser and she and George flanked Andrew on their way to the lift. Yuri followed them out.

    "Don't forget that you're in charge of our new cabin boy, Dorton. Show him where the nav room is. That's where he'll stay until one of us needs something so get your ass back up here after you finish doing you know oro." called Kei.

    "OK, Mommy. I will." teased Yuri.

    After they'd gone, Kei trilled Michaelangelo. "Mikey? Bring Dorton back up here after he's eaten but no rush- OK?" she trilled.

    "Sure thing, Boss Lady. Er, can I- like- ask you something, Boss?" trilled Mikey.

    "Sure, kid. Anything. Fire away." trilled Kei.

    "Do you guys, like- have any DVDs of old er Earth movies we can watch?" he trilled hopefully.

    "Sure. I'll have Stephie rep some up for you unless you wanna do 'em yourself? You know how to use a replicator yet, Mikey? ('No' was Mikey's reply) OK. Then just make up a list of oro you want for Stephie to rep up for you and give it to her. By the way- we call 'em vidscreen disks now not DVDs." trilled Kei.

    "Cowabonga, dude! That'd be like super! I'll trill that Stephie babe after I make my list! Man, I hope we never gotta go back home! This place is something else, baby! See ya, Boss Lady!" trilled the Terran Ninja brother.

    A wave of homesickness suddenly washed over the redhead. Would they ever see Furool City again? Would the demon tribe and kagome ever see Feudal Japan again? Would Kenshin evr see his homeland again? Would any of them or were they all destined to wander the stars like in that old Terran TV series "Voyager" that April and Casey had been watching last week? Kei missed the flat that she shared with Mar and Mugghi. Yuri's digs were just across the esplanade from them back in Furool City. Yuri shared her place with Kome, her Mugghi and Naruda, that cute little stray kitten thing that the airhead had adopted. This last memory really saddened Kei. Yuri had begged and begged her superior to allow them to bring little Naruda along with 'em on this mission but she (Kei) had been adamant- "No animals on the 'Lovely Angel 2', Yuri and that's final!" had been Kei's exact words! Now maybe they'd never see little Naruda again- ever! Poor Yuri. No animals, eh? And oro did they have now? A space going zoo? A frigging Noah's Ark? The 'Ark in Space' as the Doctors had dubbed the 'Angel'? Oro trouble would one small nekko have been? Now how many did they have? Artemis, Luna, Kirara, the two Mugghis- how many was that- 5? Yeah, five! And two dogs, a wolf, a wolfen, a fox, a toad, K-9, Ein, oroever the jigoku Naraku was and Kami knew oro else!

    Cont in Ch 127-Part 2
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 127-Part 2-K&K

    "Stop that right now this instant!" she told herself sternly. "We're going to get back home- all of us!Shimatta!" she thought. "First though- we gotta complete our blasted mission and deliver our prisoners to 'Alderaan' so cheer up, old girl! 'Sontarra' is now less than a week's voyage away. A couple of days' shoreleave for everybody, then on to 'Alderaan' and finally- at long last- home sweet home! Fxxx Charlie garner and Andy Gooley! After 'Sontarra' they were gonna get to 'Alderaan' by the quickest route our navigators can find! The Hell with a three or four week jaunt- even a week's wait for R&R was intolerable!" thought Kei angrily.

    Her wrist chromo reminded the redhead that it was now 1130 hours- another half hour to lunchtime.

    Kei keyed up her PA mike. "Attention! Attention all hands! This is Kei. All navigators and pilots are to report to my ready room at 1400 hours for a very important briefing. For this meeting, Kiva Nerese will assume bridge command. Kitty, Molly, Kome, Allison and Rally will be her bridge crew. All six of you will report to me in the ready room at 1345 hours for instructions. One last news flash-- We have a new cabin boy for the command deck and he'll also be running errands for the bridge crews. His name's Dorton and I expect evryone to make him feel welcome aboard this vessel. That's all for now, folks. Kei out." The redhead finished her announcements and tossed down the mike.

    Picking up her coffee mug, Kei almost dropped it! A loud and heavy pounding had begun on her portals. "OK! OK! C'mon in, dammit! The door ain't locked!" she called loudly. The door shot back to admit Michaelangelo with Dorton in tow.

    "Here's your new cabin boy, Boss Lady! Where do you want him?" asked Mikey.

    "Dorton- sit down over there. Arigato for bringing him up, Mikey. I appreciate it. You can go back to oroever you were doing, kiddo. You're dismissed." said Kei.

    "OK, Boss Lady. See ya later. Bye for now, Little Dude. Cowabonga!" said the Ninja warrior.

    "Oh yeah- Mikey- one other thing. Onegai, I mean- please ask Donnatella to join my briefing up here at 1400 hours, er, two o'clock this afternoon. Arigato, pal." said the redhead.

    "You got it, 'Reds'! I'll tell him. Chou!" replied Mikey. BAM!! Again Mikey had tried to push the door shut evidently forgetting that all ships' doors closed automatically. Kei laid down her PDO and came over to where Dorton was waiting quietly for her.

    Meanwhile-- Yuri had commandeered the use of a storeroom next to her 'office' on Level Eight. The artfully done sign that she'd affixed to its door read 'LA2- Lost 'n Found Dept' and she had installed Kiva's borrowed trio (Treanna, George and Andrew) to run it. All of Voltron's loot had been neatly arranged on a long table in the centre of the room. George and Andrew were seated behind the table while Treanna had been given a desk in the corner. She and Yuri had compiled a list of the 'found' items on the table. "Now Treanna- do you understand how this thing'll work?" asked Yuri.

    "Sure Yuri. You'll announce our new department over the squawkbox. When someone comes in, they have to identify their property. They do not ask how we came by it except that it was turned in to us as a 'found item'. They sign for the item or items on this list. How am I doing so far, Boss?" asked Treanna Knox.

    "You got it, Treanna but I am not the 'Boss'- that's Kei. OK, I'm putting George in charge here. I'll have Kei speak to Captain Nerese about having you three assigned to us for the duration of the voyage to 'Alderaan'. I really have to go before the redhead starts bellowing again. Good luck and ja mata. Bye." replied Yuri while dashing out the door.

    "Sorry I'm late, Kei. I just have to make an announcement before I take Dorton to his duties." apologized Yuri when she reached the ready room and picked up the PA mike. "Attention! Attention onegai! This is Yuri Donovan with a special announcement. We just opened a new department on Level Eight. In the storeroom next to my office you'll find our new 'Lost and Found' department.All 'found' items can be turned in there to George, Treanna or Andrew. They are on loan to us from the 'Coriander' courtesy of Kiva. If you have misplaced anything, please feel free to drop in anytime. Any items claimed must be identified and signed for. Our policy will be 'no questions asked'. That is all. Yuri out." She finished and replaced the mike in its trolley.

    "Hi there Dorton. I'm Yuri. So you're gonna be our new cabin boy, huh? C'mon and I'll show you around the 'Angel', kid." she said, leading him to the door.

    "You can rep up some other jazz for him later, Yuri. I gave him some of Shippou's stuff for now. Have somebody else show him the rest of the ship, Yuri. Mikey maybe? I'll need you here for our briefing session at 1400 sharp. Kapish?" called Kei. Yuri glanced at her wristchromo.

    "OK then. I'll show him the bridge and then take him down to lunch. Mikey can give him the 'Grand Tour' after lunch. If I miss you at lunch then I'll see you up here at 2 on the dot. Chou." replied Yuri. She led the little troll over to the bridge where he soon became the darling of the flight crew. Mar and Kome had set aside a corner for him in the nav room. Since it was still a half hour until noon, Yuri decided to teach Dorton how to use the replicators. He was a quick study and had soon mastered the art of repping. Yuri presented him with his very own replicator and placed it on the table in his corner of the nav room. "We'd best get down to lunch." she said and on their way down in the lift Dorton asked if he could visit his brother. Yuri thought that one over a bit. Then--

    "Take us to Level Five, 'CC', please." she said. "Please don't tell the Boss that I did this, kid. OK? She's given very strict orders regarding your brother- 'no visitors' and she'll kill me if she ever finds out." said Yuri.

    "I won't tell anyone and thanks Auntie Yuri." replied Dorton.

    "Halt! Who goes there? Oh- it's you, Duchess. Hi, Sport. You kids come to see someone?" said a jovial Han Solo, rolling his aizu at Yuri.

    "Mr Solo! Did yoou forget that you're already engaged? This is Voltron's brother- Dorton. He wants to see Voltron. I know that the Boss said 'no visitors' but couldn't you onegai make an exception? Just this once?" pleaded Yuri. Han frowned and then grinned.

    "OK, Duchess. Just five minutes and then you leave- right?" replied Han.

    "Hai, Han. Agreed. Arigato, tomo watashi." answered Yuri and Han led them to Voltron's cell.

    "Sorry Duchess but the force beams stay activated. Remember now- just five minutes and I never saw you." warned Solo. Yuri nodded. She and Dorton visited with Voltron until Han called time. Yuri promised that she would try to persuade Kei to release Voltron from the brig. Dorton assured her that he'd make darn sure that his brother stayed out of trouble if 'Auntie Kei' agreed to release Voltron. Yuri and Dorton resumed their lift journey to Level Two and went to lunch.

    The dining hall as usual was sheer chaos! Yuri found Mikey and his brothers lunching with their sensei, Master Splinter as well as with Casey Jones and April O'Neal. The Sai Yuki quartet and the Elf Hunters were also using their table.

    Mikey of course was eagerly awaiting the chance to show Dorton around the ship. "You'd better have a shell of a good insurance policy on this old tub if you're gonna turn our Mikey loose on it by himself, Yuri." advised Raphael.

    "I'll have to agree with Raph on that one, Miss D. Mikey does tend to get into trouble when left on his own." agreed Donnie.

    "Perhaps Mr Jones could accompany young Master Dorton and my son." suggested Master Splinter.

    "That would be like King Kong babysitting Godzilla!" chuckled April.

    "Ah! My mistake, Miss O'Neal. You shall accompany them." replied the wise old sensei.

    "Me and my big mouth! OK, I'll tag along with them. If I don't, the Boss won't have a starship left to command!" said April.

    "That sure sounds like fun! Can we come along too?" asked Kagome Higurashi.

    "Sure. Why not? The more the merrier." replied Casey. It was finally decided that Dorton's escorts would be Mikey, April, Casey, Kagome, Sango, Kouga, InuYasha, Sesshamarou, Rinnie and Shippou.

    "He has already seen the bridge and ready room so there's no need to go up to Level Nine- the Command Deck." said Yuri. She didn't add that Kei had given strict orders to 'keep that numchaka twirling disaster (Mikey) and that big dumb baka klutz (Casey) off of my command deck!' April was placed in charge of the 'tour group' and decided to begin by showing Dorton the holodecks up on Level Eight. Afterwards the tour went quite routinely until they'd reached the sublevels where the docking bays were located. Mikey and Casey insisted on giving the little guy 'spins' on the skysleds, skycycles, aircars and hovercrafts.

    "Hey Kagome! Oro's an airlock for?" asked Shippou.

    "Well, it's sorta like a door, I guess." replied Kagome.

    "This sign says 'Airlock Release', dudes! Wonder what it does?" said Mikey innocently.

    "Push it and see." suggested Casey.

    "OK, here goes." replied Mikey.

    "No! Don't do it!" yelled Kagome, Sango and April in unison. Too late! Mikey had already pushed the control.

    "Warning! Warning! Breach in Docking Bay North. Airlock 6-B is open." warned 'CC'. Klaxons blared and lights flashed as the airlock portals opened!

    End of Ch 127. Ch 128 'coming soon. Please r/r/s away. Thanks for your interest. Sayonara and kami bless you all-K&K

    Cont in Ch 128-Part 1
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 128-Part 1-K&K

    DISCLAIMER: OK Treanna, it's all yours! First, thank you to Mr. T. for the use of the Angels. Thanks to everyone else who is letting us use their creations. How was that, Yuri? Great! Oh yes it was, Kei! Well, we left you up in the air so let's get to Chapter 128 without further preamble:-

    Chapter 128

    'A Trip Through the Smugglers' Ravine' or 'Casey and Mikey Don't Mix'

    "Hang onto anything you can grab! And close that damned airlock, Mikey!" yelled April O'Neal. Meanwhile up on the bridge--

    Kome and Marlene were frantically trying to figure out why the hull breach alarms had activated themselves! "Shut off that frigging klaxon!" yelled Yuri Donovan, holding her hands over her ears.

    "Oro the Hell do you think we're trying to do, stupid!" yelled Kome. "Oro's going on anyway?" she added.

    "According to this readout, there's a hull breach in the docking bays. Airlock 6-B is open!" said an astounded Marlene Angel.

    The rear doors crashed open. "Shut that Fxxxing thing the Hell off! Oro the Hell's going on, Yuri?" cried Kei O'Halloran.

    "Hull breach, Boss. Docking Bay North. Airlock 6-B. We can't seem to close it." replied Marlene.

    "Kami shimatta ni jigoku! Just hit the damned override! Who's on duty down in the bays?" demanded Kei.

    Yuri punched up the roster. "Goku and Ivanhoe." she yelled.

    "Goku? Ivy? You guys there? This is Kei. Answer me dammit!" she trilled.

    "Sorry Kei. Couldn't hear you over those darned alarm bells. Are we having a fire drill?" trilled Goku the Saiyaan.

    "Nai, you baka! Get yer ass over to the North Bay and find out oro the Hell's going on over there! Get moving!" trilled the fiery redhead.

    "You got it 'Reds' baby! We're on our way!" trilled Goku.

    "Yuri! You override that system yet?" called Kei.

    "Hai!Finally! Initiating a lockdown of all airlocks now. That should kill those darn alarm klaxons too. There- all secure again." reported the violet-coiffed vixen. The alarms had stopped at last. Down in the bays Goku and the 'Dark Knight' had just reached the North Bay when the klaxons stopped howling and the lights stopped flashing.

    They found the entire 'tour party' waiting in the corridor outside of the bays. "You gus OK?" asked the Saiyaan.

    "Yeah! We're just fine!" replied April sarcastically.

    "Now you're gonna get it, Mikey!" said Casey Jones.

    "Me! You're the one that told me to open the damned door, dude! It's your fault!" retorted the Ninja.

    "Shut the Hell up- the pair of ya! It's really MY fault for bringing you two idiots down here in the first place!" yelled April.

    "Hey! I'm innocent! How about that, Kagome?" demanded a pleased InuYasha.

    "There's a first time for everything, I guess." admitted the Terran schoolgirl. Then Goku trilled his comlink.

    "Kei? Goku. There's a tourist group down here and they're showing some new kid around. They, er, accidentally opened some door. Anyway, everyone down here is A-OK and the bay's back to normal." trilled the big Saiyaan.

    "Great job, Goku. Bring all of the 'tourists' up to my ready room stat. I want to talk to them. Leave Ivy down there on guard while you accompany the rest up here. Kei out." trilled the redheaded firebrand through barely controlled anger.

    "Lord Ivanhoe? You will remain here on guard while I take these guys up to see the Boss. I'll be right back." said Goku.

    "Of course, my tomo watashi." replied Ivanhoe. Goku husted them all into a lift, commanded lift control to take them to the ready room and then escorted the party into Kei's presence where 'She who must be obeyed' was seated at her desk, her feet up on the table. Yuri was standing by the filing cabinets. Casey pulled out a chair and began to sit down.

    "I don't remember asking anyone to sit down." growled Kei quietly and Casey shoved the chair back under the table. "I have a very simple question to ask you. Which one of you two morons opened the airlock door- Mikey or casey?" demanded the vice-admiral. Both of them began chattering at the same time.

    "He did it!" accused Casey.

    "But he told me to do it!" countered Mikey.

    "It's April's fault for taking us down there, Boss! She said so herself!" said Casey.

    "Shut up- both of you! For Kami's sake, do you know that you almost annhilated this entire starship? Luckily you only opened the inner airlock door, thank Christ! Do you have any idea oro would have happened had you also opened the outer airlock doors? You would have depressurized the ship causing a hull breach which would have made us implode! Or- to use a word you two bakas WILL understand- KABOOM! From now on you two will stay outta the bays unless we send you down there. Is that understood, guys?" said Kei. Both Casey and Mikey nodded. "Good. I'm assigning you to kitchen detail for awile. Maybe that'll keep you two outta trouble. Report to the Leila or Zoe in the galley for your instructions. Dismissed." she said.

    At 1345 hours Kiva, Kitty, Molly, Kome, Allison and Rally entered the ready room. Kiva snapped off a salute to Kei who merely waved a hand at her. "Captain Nerese and acting bridge crew reporting as ordered, ma'am." she said.

    "At ease. Kiva, in 15 minutes I'm having a briefing for my pilots and navigators so I'm placing you in command of my bridge. Allison will pilot, Kitty will co-pilot, Molly will be the navigator, Kome's your commo officer and Rally's the scanning officer. The 'Angel's' on 'George' so you shouldn't have any trouble. Do not deviate from the laid in course. Mugghi and Nammo are under your command as well. Questions- nai? Dismissed." said Kei.

    At 1400 hours the pilots and navigators arrived and Kei waited until they were all seated around the huge table before she called them to order. She touched a key on her remote box and a gigantic vidscreen lowered into place. Keying her remote once more the room darkened and a holographic starchart of the Aquarian Galaxy materialized in front of the redhead. Kei activated a laser pointer and indicated a small pinpoint of light with it.

    "This is us. This (Kei indicated a huge M-Class planet at the extreme Eastern extremity of the chart) is our destination- the planet 'Alderaan'. Our boss- Garner- figures that it'll take us 3-4 weeks to traverse this distance. At the midway point on this journey is a small X-Class moon- 'Sontarra'- where we'll stop and rest up for a few days. That is still a ten days' voyage from here. I wanna shorten this trip as much as possible so I want suggestions. Any of ya know of any wormholes, space tunnels, gateways or any other anomalies that will suit our purposes? I think that a speedy trip to 'Alderaan' is more important to us than a 3-4 day layover. So- Let's have a good old-fashioned Terran 'think tank' so that we can reach a decision." finished the 'Workoh' born tro-con.

    The first one to speak was Gene Starwind. "Sorry to burst your bubble, 'Reds' but most of the wormholes in this sector of 'Aquaria' are too unstable for a ship of this size. However-- there is one possibility, eh Solo?" asked Gene with a wink to Han.

    "Not-- 'Smuggler's Ravine'! Nai! You can't possibly mean there, Gene!" replied an astonished Han Solo.

    "Why not, man? Even that floating piece of space junk of yours has made it through the ravine before, hasn't it?" put in Jim Hawking.

    "By that I take it you mean the 'Millenium Falcon'?" asked Nyssa.

    "Oro the Hell else?" joked Gene.

    "I see. Mr Solo- how many decks does the 'Falcon' have?" she asked.

    "Four and one sub-level deck. Why?" asked a puzzled Han.

    Nyssa turned to Kei. "And the 'Angel'?" she asked.

    "Nine surface levels and five subsurface levels. Oro the oni are you getting at, kiddo?" answered the redhead.

    "Well- Mr Starwind has just said that the wormholes around here--" she began.

    "Whoa! Hold it, Little Lady! The 'Ravine' is not a wormhole or any other spacial anomaly." interrupted Jim Hawking.

    "Then oro the jigoku is it, shimatta?" demanded Yuri Donovan.

    Gene pointed out a huge asteroid field just Northeast of their present course and stretching to the Northwestern tip of 'Alderaan'. "This is the 'Bison Fields' asteroid belt and 'Smuggler's Ravine' is a secret route through it and leading all the way to 'Alderaan'." he explained.

    "Is it safe?" asked a dubious Yuri.

    "Pretty much so, Duchess." drawled Han.

    "How much time will it save us?" demanded the 'Boss'.

    "If we hyperjump to here (Jim touched a point on the chart just Northeast of their present position) which will take us about one solar hour, we can easily traverse the belt in roughly 3 or 4 days. Of course, I have no idea of exactly where on 'Alderaan' you'll be landing." said Jim.

    "Gomen. Sorry but that's classified. Only my immediate flight crew knows that site and only Yuri and I know the correct coordinates for our rendezvous. Arigato Mr Hawking, Captain Starwind, Han for the information. Any other suggestions?" asked Kei.

    That sounds like a real tricky bit of maneuvering for the pilot. I don't think that I could handle it." said Legato Bluesummers.

    "I can't either- not this time." said Han Solo with finality.

    Jim Hawking shook his head. "Don't look at me. Keitarou? Feb?" he added. Both pilots declined.

    "Yuri?" asked the redhead hopefully.

    "No way in Hell, Boss! Some of those turns look like 130 degree jackknives!" replied the exec.

    "Coop would try it with 'MEGAS' for sure." chortled Jamie Wilson.

    "I er could give it a try, Admiral but I sure as shell can't guarantee that we'd make it." said Donnatella.

    "Then who will do it?" exploded Anton Gustav and Donald Poporo at the same instant.

    "There's really only one choice, Jim, don't you agree?" asked Han.

    "Yeah. Just one, ole buddy. How's about it, Gene? It was your suggestion after all and you've done the run before. Infact, didn't you even say once that you could do it blindfolded?" said Jim.

    Cont in Ch 128-Part 2
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    "Well Captain Starwind? I believe the ball is now in your court, is it not?" said Doctor 4.

    "I do wish you would refrain from using these archaic Terran colloquialisms, Doctor. It really is most annoying." complained Doctor 2.

    "OK! OK! Call off your dogs, guys! I'll do it." laughed Gene Starwind. "Seriously though- I will need your very latest starcharts, hourly reports on those solar winds across the ravine and around 'Alderaan' and the latest weather conditions too. When do we jump? I suggest jumping at 1600 hours, coming outta hyperspace at 1700 hours and then beginning our traversal at 1800 hours- OK?" asked Gene and Kei nodded her approval.

    "Fine. Mar- can you handle the jump? (Marlene Angel nodded) OK, make it so. I'll need Legato, Yuri, Mar and Kome at 1600 along with Gene, Jim, Nyssa and Han. Yuri, inform Leila and Zoe that we'll be eating dinner at 1700 tonight. See you at 1600. Dismissed." said the vice-admiral. "Legato, Yuri, Mar- please remain." she added.

    As soon as the rest of them had filed out, Legato closed the door.

    "You guys may as well sit down." she said and the trio did so. "You three will relieve Kiva and her temporary bridge crew. I do not want to have our plans relayed to 'Starfleet' so don't tell Kiva, Kitty or the rest of the 'Coriander' crew anything about any of this stuff. I want you to run a thorough systems check on all of our engines before we hyperjump at 1600. Yuri, send in our new cabin boy (Dorton the troll). He can make himself useful by cleaning up in here. I'll see you on the bridge at 1600. Dismissed." said Kei.

    Kiva and Kitty were sent back to the 'Coriander'. Allison was assigned to assist Rachel with the filing. Rally was asked to continue scanning. Molly and Nyssa were put to work plotting their approach to the general area of the secret landing location on 'Alderaan'. Yuri assumed bridge command while Kome continued her comm duties. Mar began calculating her hyperjump algorhythms to find the best 'window' to use as an exit point. Legato assumed piloting duties with Yuri as his co-pilot. Yuri had already sent Dorton over to Kei's ready room. The checks all went off without a hitch and Mugghi and Nammo were detailed to continue monitoring the ship's systems. The final check was finished by 1545 so everyone sat back and relaxed for a few minutes while they awaited the countdown to the hyperjump.

    Meanwhile Dorton had reported to Kei and been assured by the redhead that his brother (Voltron) would be released tomorrow. Then she put him to work clearing the table, emptying ashtrays and wastebaskets, sweeping up and then swabbing the decks in the ready room.

    Rachel and Allison were trying to make some sort of sense out of Yuri's filing system which seemed to be to simply shove vidchips and vidrecords into the first drawer she could find!

    Kei was doing oro she hated and loathed most of all- paperwork! She was preparing the necessary vidforms needed to transfer her prisoners to the proper authorities on 'Alderaan'- Vader, Sutek, Khan and Warp. Soon they'd be off her ship and on their way to various penal colonies.

    Vader was to be handed over to the 'Republic Alliance' while Khan was going to 'Starfleet Command' and Sutek along with Warp was to be sent via heavy security to Gallifrey. A Talaxian spacecruiser was awaiting both of them for the voyage. 'UG' and 'Starfleet' were providing escort vessels. These two were considered the most dangerous of the quartet.

    The 'Master' was being delivered to Gallifrey by the two Doctors personally.

    Slade would be sent back to Terra with the Teen Titans.

    The repair of 'Kronos' would (hopefully) return most if not all of her passengers back to their own times and places. Until all of that was accomplished however she, Yuri, Kome, Mar, Allison, the Chiefs, Legato and Bif Spike Miroku wouldn't be seeing 'Shimougou' and home! CRAP!

    How the oni had a simple search and grab mission to 'Cybytron' (which the 3WA was doing as a favor for 'Starfleet') suddenly become this mess?

    Since then, they'd been chased by killers, hidden out on a gruesome disgusting ice world, encountered historical figures, villains, time travelers, elves, dwarves, mages, wizards, sorcerers, demons, preists, cowboys, gunmen, knights, magicians, Samurai, demon slayers and demon hunters, peacekeepers, superheroes, supervillains, smugglers- and Christ!- She even had a 'Starfleet' battlecruiser and a pirate queen's starship aboard! Oro the Hell's next?

    All of these reminiscences came to a screeching halt when the PA system blared to life.

    "Attention all hands! I advise you to strap yourselves in and hold on tight. We jump in five minutes. Vice-admiral to the bridge onegai. Pilot out."

    The voice had been that of Legato Bluesummers. He would soon be enrolled at the 3WA Academy in Elenore City back home on 'Shimougou'. Imagine that- a gunrunner, killer, saboteur, assassin and Kami knew oro else was going to be a tro-con in the 3WA and in Kei's department (Unit 9) to boot! Will wonders never cease? It was just like that old Terran TV show that Raven and Starfire had told her about- 'Murphy's Law', an old BBC police drama whose star was an ex-killer, ex-saboteur, ex-vagrant, ex-thief and ex-safecracker turned cop working undercover for the London Police Force! I'll bet a Terran police academy was Heaven compared to the rigorous (and deadly) training received by all 3WA/'UG' trainees! Her own two TC trainees (now both ensigns of course) (OK- one of 'em was Yuri's), although technically on loan to them from Terra seemed content to remain with the 3WA on 'Shimougou'. Maybe they could be persuaded to stay on there permanently.

    "Two minutes to jump. Vice-Admiral O'Halloran to the bridge immediately- onegai!" blared Legato's voice from the PA system's speakers.

    Dorton turned to stare at his superior. "You're an admiral, ma'am? But you're just a kid!" said the troll, wonderment in his voice.

    "You can talk! I'm twenty and I sure as Hell ain't no kid, sonny! How old are you anyway?" retorted Kei.

    "Voltron and I are trolls. Voltron's the older one. He's 978 years old. I'm the baby of the family. I'm only 950 years old, ma'am." replied Dorton.

    Kei was almost in shock but her expression did not waver a bit. "I stand corrected. Onegai forgive me. We both sorta had the wrong idea about each other, eh?" said the redhead.

    "Final minute to hyperthrust jump! The vice-admiral is required on the bridge like- stat! "Boss'! Get your shimatta red-headed ass in here now!" Legato was clearly pissed off!

    Kei tossed a plasma rifle to Dorton. "Bring that thing and follow me, kid." she ordered, striding to the bridge next door. Dorton obediently followed her.

    Legato pointed to the bombadier station seats. The troll and the admiral sat down and strapped in.

    "Brace yourselves everyone. Final countdown. Go, shi, san, ni, ichi, rei. Warping to roku (six) and holding. Punch it, Mar!" said Legato.

    "Roger that, LB. Here we go." came Mar's voice from the nav cabin.

    The stars became shimmering lines of white light as the 'Angel' 'jumped' into hyperspace.

    Suddenly all of them were slammed violently backwards! The ship pitched wildly as it was struck by a 'G' force wave of 550!

    "Mar! Oro the Fxxx is happening to my ship? Oro the Hell have ya done to it?" yelled Kei angrily.

    "It's the solar winds, Kei! They've jumped from 375 kilos to over 4,000 megakilos in 1.5 seconds! Apparently they increase in speed and velocity the closer we come to the 'Bison Fields' asteroid belt!" Mar had to scream into the comlink to be heard over the titanic roaring of the solar winds around 'Alderaan'.

    "That's why ya can't hyperjump 'through''Bison', kiddies!" bellowed Han Solo.

    "So it's 'Smugglers' Ravine' or we don't even think of reaching 'Alderaan' for a month or two!" shouted Jim Hawking.

    "Never mind a month or two! Can this ship last another Kami shimatta hour? We're being tossed around like a rag doll!" screeched Yuri.

    "Have a little faith, my tomos. This vessel can take it. I know because I gave it a thorough going over last night and it's structurally sound. We may lose a few outer panels but we'll come through this OK. This Kelvinite alloy stuff is unbelievably strong and dense! Trust me on this. The warp core is taking the pressure better than I thought it could. Sorry but I gotta adjust the dilythium mixture in engine 3. Good luck guys. Chief Engineer out." yelled Donnatella.

    None of them had ever had to endure G pressures of this calibre and magnitude before!

    "We're all going to die! I want to go home! I want my Mommy!!" sobbed the crybaby prince.

    "If his Royal Highness don't shut up his whining and stop being such a pain in the ass I will personally escort him to sick bay!" yelled Raphael while fingering his twin sai weapons.

    "I just cannot believe that an entire country once lived in fear of that jackass! Will ya grow up for Christ's sake and knock off that infernal whining!" screamed April O'Neal.

    "Cowabonga dudes! He's even a bigger crybaby than me!" cried Michaelangelo.

    Cont in Ch 128-Part 3
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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