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Thread: Dirty Pair Fanfiction

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    Here's Ch 133-Part 2-K&K

    "Gomen my tomo but it looks like you're my pilot until 0700 or whenever the jigoku Gene wakes up." she apologized.

    "No biggie, Boss Lady. I'm used to filling in for Gene. By the way- who went with Molly on the 'Star'?" replied Jim Hawking.

    Kei began ticking off names on her fingers. "Villa, Donnatella's brothers, Sensie Splinter, Casey and April, Alex, Sammy and Clover. Robin Senna and Faye Valentine went along as did all the kids and animals except for Kirara who's still here with Sango." said Kei.

    "And our two 'guests'? Goat and Jamie?" asked Jim.

    "Below in the galley. They begged me to let 'em stay here with you and Gene. I figured that at least down there they couldn't do any real damage to the ship." answered the 'Red Admiral'.

    "Arigatou, Boss. Coop, Galaxea and Kiva are real good tomos and we wouldn't want to misplace their good tomos even if both of 'em are real big pains in the asses!" he chortled.

    "Don- Warp 12 now." he added.

    "You got it, Tomo Jimmy. Warp twelve it is." replied the Chief Engineer.

    "Arigatou, Tomo Donnie. How long can you keep her at twelve?" asked the acting pilot.

    "Say-- 24 to 36 hours. That do you?" replied Don.

    "Yeah. I'll trillya if we spot a singularity and gotta go hyper fast. Hawking out." trilled Jim.

    Kei had arisen from her chair and now she was busily pulling on coveralls.

    "Where are 'you' going, Reds?" asked Jim curiously.

    "To check out the 'God Gun' one last time and stop calling me 'Reds'." growled the admiral.

    She left the bridge and rode the lift down to Level Five. Then she keyed open the concealed passageway and ascended the spriral staircase to Level Six. She crossed to the port end of the corridor and checked the ion beam generator. After double checking the ion frequencies Kei sealed the beam unit and crossed to the other end of the superlong corridor. Remember that the "God Gun" runs the entire length of the starship! The targeting module was still perfectly aligned to the declination of the 'Van Allen Radiation Belt'. As far as the redhead could tell anyway.

    When they reached Terran space, that anomaly would be used to target the rift into which Kei would have to fire the sonic beam ion cannon to once more restore the universe's status quo.

    "Zoe- try and open the shutters for the cannon down here, onegai." trilled Kei.

    "You got it, Boss. Here we go." trilled Zoe from the bridge. "Kome, where are the 'God Gun' controls up here?" she asked.

    "Back there behind the cloaking controls but you can't fire it without Yuri's and Kei's codes as well as Mar's and mine." replied Kome.

    "I don't want to fire the damned thing. Kei just wants me to test the gunport shutter controls for her." said Zoe.

    "Oh- is that all? Big red knob just above your head. Pull on it." said Kome.

    Zoe yanked back on it- hard.

    "OK, that's great. Now all we gotta do is wait. Don, will we be able to have Warp forty when we really need it?" she trilled.

    "Yeah Boss but we can only hold it for about seven maybe eight minutes- tops. Hope that's long enough." trilled Donnatella.

    "It'll bloody shimatta well have to be! Be ready to go on my mark. Kei out." she trilled.

    Meanwhile back in AD 2140 at "Kronos'-- Dr Q was definitely 'not' a happy camper!

    "Oro the Fxxx is wrong withat baka nitwit anyway! "Kronos' is operational now so why the Hell hasn't she fired that 'God Gun' of hers into the singularity rift yet? We can't control the time/location destinies of her 'Arkonauts' until that blasted rift is sealed! Dr. Von Bork! Wolf!" cried thew 3WA's chief time vortex scientist.

    "Ja Herr Doktor? Was ist los?" (In English- "Yes Doctor? What's the matter?") answered Dr Q's assistant.

    "Speak universal, dammit! Contact that fool who allowed those two morons to wreck my 'Kronos' project and have him call the 'G Twins'. (He meant of course the 2140 Angels' sector chief Andre Francis Gooley. The 'G Twins' were his 2251 counterpart and TSC Charles Augustus Garner). Find out why the Hell O'Halloran hasn't fired that shimatta cannon yet! Trill me when you find out, Wolf. I'll be in my study. Q out." replied the frenzied researcher.

    "Kei! It's the 'G Twins' and they're hopping mad! They're really freaking out this time, Boss!" trilled Kome Sawaguchi.

    "Oro the jigoku's wrong with 'em now?" trilled the redhead.

    "They demand to know why we ahven't fired that Kami-forsaken pea shooter yet! Oro should I tell 'em, Admiral?" replied Kome.

    "Find out how much longer until we reach Terran space, Kome. I'm on my way up. Kei out." trilled the youngest vice-admiral in the 3WA.

    Kome trilled her back almost immediately. "Kei! The 'Birdman' (Jim Hawking) just remembered an old spacial 'vortex tunnel' which could get us to Terra in an hour! However, there's a teensy little problem. You see, er--" stammered Kome.

    "It's the 'Kryton Rim Singularity', Kei. We call it the 'Clashing Rocks Wormhole'. You see--" began Jim when suddenly--

    "Holy Christ, 'Reds'! You can't use that thing! We'll never fit! Kiva gave Coop holy Hell when 'Megas' damned near wrecked the thing while getting us through it! And 'Megas' was nowhere near as big as this floating junkyard!" yelled Jamie Wilson who'd been eavesdropping on their transmissions.

    "Jamie, would you like to get out and walk? If you don't, shut the Hell up and stopo bad-mouthing my ship!" growled Kei.

    "He does raise a valid point though, Boss. This ship could quite easily collapse that tunnel. Kami knows how that would affect the universe!" said Donnatella.

    "So we can't use it after all?" complained Kome.

    "The Hell we can't! Thre's gotta be some way to use it safely!" grumbled Kei.

    "There is, my children. Don, can you give us a sustained thrust of Warp forty for say-- ninety seconds?" asked Gene Starwind who'd just now awakened and heard their discussions over his comlink.

    "Sure, Cap. Why?" replied the Ninja.

    "Because if we really punch it and don't dawdle, we should be able to shoot right through the 'Kryton Rim' and come out at the edge of the 'Lister-Holly Quasar' if we're really quick." answered Gene.

    "Why is it called the 'Clashing Rocks', Captain?" asked Kome innocently.

    "Because it's chock full of asteroid fragments which bombard whatever uses the anomaly." replied Hawking quietly. "Gene, I can't pilot this monster through there. You'll have to do it. Can you?" asked Jimbo.

    "Do we really have a choice? We've gotta risk it, Jimbo. I'll just give it my best shot. Oro do you say, 'Reds'? Do we go or not? The ball's in your court now." said Gene.

    Kei stared at nothing for a moment. "Jim, let me know when we reach 'Kryton'. Don, be ready to punch us up to Warp forty on my mark. Let's do it!" trilled the redhead. Five minutes passed. Then-

    "Kei, we're about to enter 'Kryton'. Go ahead and go to Warp forty, Don." trilled Jim.

    "Admiral?" queried Donnatella.

    "You heard the man, Donnie. Make it so." she trilled.

    Suddenly they were all slammed violently backwards as a 'G' force of 1,500 hit them! Gene deftly and adroitly steered them through the deadly asteroid field of 'Clashing Rocks' within the Rim. A minute and a half later they were at the edge of the 'Lister-Holly Quasar'.

    "Resume your former speed, Donnie." instructed Gene Starwind and their speed swiftly dropped to Warp twelve once more. "Another hour or so and we'll be home free." observed Gene.

    "Get 'Ivy' up here stat and tell him to bring his new toy (The Glave) with him. Kome, tell the 'G Twins' we need the rift's coordinates so I can fire the 'God Gun' into it. Have Zoe or Nyssa open the starboard gun portals on Six. Tell Gene that when we aim this thing the ship's gotta be facing the anomaly. Kome, send that signal to my ready room when you reach Garner and Gooley. Kei out." trilled the 'Red Admiral'.

    Kei quickly made a beeline for the ready room. Just as she got the door closed behind her--

    "Kei, 'G Twins' on line 2." trilled Kome. Kei punched up '2' and activated her vidscreen.

    "So- Katie. At long last were on the verge of ending this nighmare." said Gooley.

    "Spacial coordinates are LXX498.7 by YZA576.9 and Kieran- they must be exact because you cannot see the rift itself. Good luck, sweetheart. Garner out." said Charlie.

    The 'Dark Knight' entered, knelt down and reverently handed Kei the 'Glave of Krull'.

    "Must we really throw this into that Hellhole, milady? I could do so much good with it back on Earth, milady, really I could. (Kei shook here head.) Where will it go, Lady Kei?" asked Ivanhoe quietly. Kei gazed steadfastly at him for a moment or so before replying.

    "Sorry my good tomo but the needs of the many must outweigh the needs of the few. I honestly and truly do not know exactly where and/or when the 'Glave' will eventually end up but hopefully it'll restore the universe's status quo so all of you can at last go home. Arigatou, tomo watashi." said Kei quietly, gently prying the 'Glave' loose from Ivy's grip.

    "Zoe? Punch in thse coordinates- LXX498.7 by YZA576.9 and make them exact. Then have Gene aim the 'Angel' in that direction. I'll be right back up." she trilled.

    So saying, she headed down to Level Five, climbed the spiral starcase to Six and placed the 'Glave' inside the ion beam generator's firing tray.

    "I sure as Hell hope to Kami that this works!" she thought to herself while she was returning to the bridge.

    "Kome? I need Yuri and Mar onscreen stat and I'll need you in here too." trilled Kei. Nat stepped aside to allow her full access to the firing controls. Kome came in from the nav room and punched up a vidscreen. The images of Yuri Donovan and Marlene Angel magically appeared on a split screen- side by side.

    Cont in Ch 133-Part 3
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 133-Part 3-K&K

    "We have to unlock the gun's firing controls. Kome, you start." said Kei and the strawberry blonde teen hit the first firing lock control.

    "Release Firing Lock 1. Authority- Angel 4, Kome 2. Code Bifrost, Countersign Asgard." said Kome Sawaguchi. Marlene was next.

    "Release Firing Lock 2. Authority- Angel 3, Marlene 1. Code Freya. Countersign Loki." said Marlene Angel. Then it was Yuri's turn.

    "Release Firing Lock 3. Authority- Angel 2, Yuri 2. Code Sif, Countersign Odin." said Yuri Donovan. Finally Kei was up.

    "Release Firing Lock 4. Authority- Angel 1, Kei 1. Code Thor, Countersign Valhalla. I command you to release control of this weapon to me, Kierran Deirdre Maureen O'Shaughnessy O'Halloran, Vice Admiral, 3WA, commanding the 'Lovely Angel 2'. Special authorization phrase is 'To Infinity and Beyond'. Do you copy, 'CC'?" said Kei O'Halloran.

    "Control of this Sonic Beam Ionic Cannon is yours, Kei. Fire at will." replied 'CC'. Kei aimed the 'God Gun' directly at the anomaly, took a firm grip on the safety handle with her left hand while poising her right forefinger over the 'FIRE' panel and her right foot over the foot trigger of the gun. Then she breathed a small prayer and trilled Donnatella.

    "Stand by to get our asses the Hell outta here in ffteen seconds, Donnie." she trilled.

    Finally she fired! A beam of pure white light at least one half of a kilo in width encasing the 'Glave' blasted forth from the 'Angel' and penetrated the rift.

    "Bull's aizu (Bull's Eye)! Donnie, get us the Fxxx outta here stat! We've got maybe fifteen minutes to outrun that shockwave! Strap in and hold on everybody!" Kei cried and suiting action to her words, she sat down in a gunner's seat and strapped in just as the 'Hand of Kami' shook the 'Angel' to its very foundations!

    "Sixty thousand kilos, 70, 80, 100,000; two hundred thousand kilos, 500, 600, 700, 800, 900, one million, two, three, four, five million kilos! Hot dam it to Hell! We're clear, Kei honey! We did it! By shell, we did it! Hip- hip hooray!" yelled Donnatella excitedly.

    Kei grabbed the PA mike. "Good job, guys! All units report in." she commanded.

    Down in Engineering, Donnie took one step towards the door and-- SPLAT! He slipped on the suddenly mucky surface of the floor and fell flat on his keester!

    End Chapter 133. Ch 134 soon. Have a nice day and please r/r/s away. Toodles and Sayonara for now-K&K

    Cont in Ch 134
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 134-Pt 1-K&K

    DISCLAIMER: OK Arkie, it's all yours! First, thank you to Mr. T. for the use of the Angels. Thanks to everyone else who is letting us use their creations. How was that, Yuri? Great! Oh yes it was, Kei! Well, we left you up in the air so let's get to Chapter 134 without further preamble:-

    Chapter 134

    'Going Home at Last' or 'Strange Travels Indeed!'

    Leo, Mikey and Raph howled with laughter while Master Splinter helped him to his feet.

    "Are you OK Don?" asked April O'Neal.

    "Good thing ya didn't hit your noggin, Don. 'Course that wouldn't hurt Mikey none." said Casey Jones with a smirk.

    Then Donnatella noticed his surroundings for the first time!

    'East 54th Street and Bleek Street Junction- New York City Sanitation System.' read the plaque at Don's feet.

    "We're home guys!" cried Leonardo.

    "Thanks be to the Almighty and may the rest of our friends return home safely as well." observed Splinter.

    Across the globe in L.A.-- three 'totally' Valley babes were unceremoniously dumped on their asses in an arroyo below the 'Beverly Hills Mall' in the centre of town. The 'Spies' trio (Sammy, Alex and Clover) climbed up out of the arroyo and into bright sunlight in front of the Mall.

    "Awesome! Sunshine! Totally rad, man!" cried Clover.

    "Clover! Where did you ever get that cool scarlet wraparound? It totally matches your blue eyes and blonde hair- or is that just a bathrobe, you bimbo!" chortled an old familiar voice.

    "Mandy? You mean we're back home- finally? Alex! Sammy! We're back home again!" yelled Clover.

    "Yeah man, we're home again guys but we're in our jammies too!" complained Sammy.

    "EEK!! In our jammies in the middle of the 'LA Mall"! I gotta go home! I feel so totally humiliated, man!" cried Alex. Sammy and Clover couldn't agree more!

    "Sanzo! Where are we?" yelled Son Goku.

    "On our way to the West, Monkey. Cho, can't Hakki go any faster?" replied Genjo Sanzo.

    Gyojo rubbed his bleary aizu and lit up a cigarette. "Man, I just had the weirdest dream!" said Sho Gyojo.

    "It was certainly no dream, tomo. All things happen at the will of Kami." replied Sanzo quietly while he smoked the cheroot given to him by Faye Valentine just before the group had vanished from the shuttle!

    "Amen to that, guys." agreed Cho Hakkai and tramped down on Hakki's accellerator for more speed.

    "Ooh! My aching head!" yelped Louie loudly.

    "Serves you right, you baka idiot! You had six bottles of Romulan Ale last night!" replied Ila.

    "Yo Melissa! If you could only see yourself! Man oh man! Is that skirt short! And Genie and Ila are wearing the same piece of crap too!" chuckled Merrill.

    The treasure hunters were once again back home in Oaklynn.

    "Merrill! You should talk- why are you in your pajamas and where'd you get that aoishi bathrobe? I dreamed that we were back on a---" began Louie the Rune Soldier/Magician.

    "Starship, Louie." finished Melissa for him. "And we did indeed travel throughout the heavens but Me-Lee (May-Lee) protected us from harm. It was definitely not a dream, my gallant champion." she added.

    "Merrill! Millie! Vash! Are you guys OK?" asked Nick Wolfwood. The four of them were sitting on the ground on the outskirts of 'Jenora Rock' back on 'Gunsmoke'.

    "I'm fine, Nick. Ladies, are you hurt?" replied Vash the Stampede.

    "We're both OK but where the Hell's Legato?" queried 'Derringer' Merrill Stryfe.

    Just then the loudspeaker above them blasted into existence!

    "Folks! A vote for me is a vote for democracy! Vote to re-elect me! Legato Bluesummers for Lord President of 'Gunsmoke'! You sure as Hell will not regret it! Paid for by the Committee to re-elect Lord President Legato Bluesummers." blared out the klaxon loudspeakers all over town.

    The four tomos stared at one another before Nick observed "Nah, it couldn't be. We just fell asleep and imagined all of it. Right?" said the tall preacher/gunfighter.

    "Did we imagine these uniforms too?" wondered Merrill, her head still spinning.

    "You're those offworlder elf hunting freaks, ain't ya?" asked a tall elf maiden clad in Lincoln green tunic and breeches. Her right fist was clenched on the pommel of the hilt of a broadsword and she was preparing to draw it!

    Ari nodded and she relaxed her grip. Ari, Junpei and Ryosko along with Celsia and Peachy were laying beside Mi-Ke (Mee-Kay) their tank. Celsia was the small panda and Peachy was the Koala bear.

    "That we are, Missy! So just tell me- do you have any spell fragments on you or not?" asked Junpei.

    She shrugged, sighed and unzipped her outfit, kicked off her boots and stepped out of her clothing leaving her au natural for all to see. Ryosko covered Peachy's aizu.

    "You tell me." she said and turned completely around. The trio of adventurers and the panda were shocked to say the least. Most elf maids either became belligerent and outright refused to strip or were way too modest to do so without a fight!

    "Now it's the law, guys. Any elf maid or lady who won't strip for you guys can be imprisoned for a whole year! (She grinned impisly) So- do I have any spells on me? Please remember that Erin O'Hagel cooperated with you fully." said the dark-haired elf.

    Junnpei shook his head and then gently retrieved her cloak and wrapped it around the girl's shoulders.

    "We have decided to hunt down the rest of the fragments for the sole purpose of restoring Celsia to her human form. All of us intend to remain here in Elfland and not return to Japan on Terra." explained Ari while she tossed Erin her tunic and breeches. Ryosko stood beside her holding out Erin's boots and sword.

    "Those words will come as a relief to elves everywhere, my good dear friends." replied Erin, giving Junpei a peck on the cheek.

    Mi-Ke meowed loudly and Peachy crapped out another roll of toilet paper!

    Back in medieval Terran England--

    "Lord Ivanhoe! Look what I just found and I swear to God I didn't steal it either!" said Oddo while holding up the 'Glave of Krull' for the 'Dark Knight' to see. Ivanhoe seized the star-shaped weapon from the dwarf.

    "Are you injured, my liege?" asked Falco, helping Prince 'Crybaby' John to his feet.

    "I don't think so, Falco. Where's the redhead and those other three buffoons gotten to?" he demanded.

    "That is a mystery to us, sire. We seem to be back home in jolly old England once again, my liege." answered a puzzled Falco.

    "That item must be returned to the heavens posthaste, Lord Ivanhoe! The sooner- the better, sir!" cried a floating head hovering above the knight.

    "Lord Rathelon? But I must use this to save Richard's throne from John's evil clutches, sir. Then I shall most gladly return it to you, my Lord Rathelon." replied Ivanhoe.

    "Calm your fears, my dear friend. Leopold has indeed released Richard from captivity upon payment of his ransom demands. The true king has returned from Austria to reclaim his kingdom and the throne from his evil brother. Here comes your father. Ask him if don't believe me." said the founder of the Gallifeyan Time Lords.

    "Ivanhoe! My dear son! Thank God you're back! Have you heard the news? Richard is free! He sits in Nottingham Castle awaiting his coronation, however, he refuses to be crowned until your arrival! John is to be banished from England for plotting high treason and all the rest of John's followers are to be pardoned, my son. Rebecca, Fingal, Oddo, Mordour, Falco! We must band together and serve Richard! Follow me." said Cedric of Rotherwood beaming.

    "Fingal, give this to Rathelon for me, please. It has served us well." said Ivanhoe, handing the 'Glave' to the White Druid.

    "Kenshin, are you OK? Kenshin! Wake up!" yelled Kaoru, the concern evident in her voice.

    The ex-battousai sat up and muttered: "Miss Kaoru? Yahiko? Miss Misao? Saitoh? Zanza? Shishio? Where are we? Did we dream all of it?" asked the young Samurai.

    "Nai my tomo. We didn't dream any of it. We did indeed travel to the stars and beyond. Now we are back home. A truce, my friend, however, when next we meet, I will defeat you, Battousai-San, that I will. Until then- Sayonara." said Shishio, sheathing his katana.

    "One moment, sir. As a duly sworn officer of the New Republic of Japan, I hereby arrest you, Lord Shishio, in th name of the law. I must ask that you surrender your weapon to me, sir." said Saitoh quietly.

    "Oh, please resist arrest! Please?" added Zanza, cracking his knuckles.

    Resignedly Shishio slowly raised his hands and when Saitoh stepped forwards-- POOF! Shishio was gone!

    "Don't worry, my tomos. We will capture him someday, that we will. I swear it, that I do!" said a grim-faced Kenshin Himura.

    "OW! God damned you, wench! Oro the Hell did you 'sit' me for this time?" yelled a certain white maned hanyou angrily.

    "I did not s-- er you know, that word, you, Inu Yasha! Where are we anyway?" asked a puzzled Kagome Higurashi.

    "Kagome? Where's all your stuff? And my 'hirakatsou' and my katana are gone too! Kirara? Where are you? Oro are we doing in this strange attire?" asked a bewildered Sango.

    The huge white nekko youkai bounded up the steps to the shrine with Shippou and Rinnie riding on her back.

    "Where's Miroku, Kikyo, Myoga, Naraku, Master Jaken and Dadd- er Uncle Lord Sesshomaru?" demanded Rinnie. A voice filtered down from the top of the shrine steps--

    "Would you consider doing me the honour of bearing my children, kawaii lady?" asked the mischievous monk.

    "Well I never! Of all the God damned nerve! I've got half a mind to call a cop, you pervert!" screeched an enraged yet strangely familiar female voice from the top of the hill by the shrine's temple.

    Cont in Ch 134-Part 2
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 134-Pt 2-K&K

    "Mom? Mom, is that you?" cried Kagome, rushing up the hill to the big house.

    "Kagome? Kagome Higurashi! Where are your clothes, young lady? You'll catch pneumonia ('I wonder if I told the school she had that one yet?') running around outdoors in a bathrobe like that!" yelled an elderly gentleman from the porch.

    "Gomen! Where are my manners this day? You must be Kag's mom. You have already met my dear brother, Inu Yasha. I am Sesshomaru and this is Jaken, my servant. That child is my ward, Rin and that's Shippou. Over there are Sango, Kikyo, Myoga, Naraku, Kirara and that perverted preist is Miroku." said Sess, bowing and kissing Mrs. Higurashi's hand. Then he shook hands with Kagome's grandfather.

    "Man, I'm starving! Got any raw meat, Lady?" yelled the wolf youkai.

    "And that mangy fleabag is Kouga." said Inu Yasha. "I want ramen!" he yelled, pushing his way past his brother. Both he and Kouga tried to squeeze through the door at the same time.

    "Osawaru (Sit) Boy!" yelled a frustrated Kagome. WHAMM-O!

    "OW!! Shimatta, Kagome! I'm hungry, dammit!" roared the hanyou and Miroku covered Mrs. Higurashi's ears.

    "I have dinner inside on the table. Grandpa, please put more plates on the table and silverware. Sota! Your sister is home so put away those video games and run a bath for her." said Kagome's mother.

    Naraku unexpectedly kissed Kikyo causing the poor preistess to blush. "I think I'm gonna like this place- a lot! The Hell with the Shikon no Tama! Here love, you take them." he said, tossing the practically completed 'Jewel of the Four Souls' to Kikyo.

    "How dare you proposition Mrs. 'H'! Didn't you know that she was Kagome's mother?" whispered Sango fiercely.

    "Gomen Sango and nai, I did not know that- truly I didn't. I was just doing oro comes naturally to me." replied the wily monk while stroking Sango's derriere. WHOPP-O!

    "Pervert! Will you never learn?" yelled the demon slayer, slapping him in the face.

    "Well maybe things will be back to normal around here now!" observed Grandfather Higurashi, lighting his pipe.

    And so it went-- on and on and on as each of Kei's 'Arkites' was whisked back home to their own time and place until finally the remainder of them returned via ships and shuttles to the 'Angel' once more.

    "Aunties! Why haven't Annie and me returned to 2268 Furool City?" demanded a worried Keitarou Riff!

    End Chapter 134. Ch 135 soon. Have a nice day and please r/r/s away. Toodles and Sayonara for now-K&K

    Cont in Ch 135
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 135-Pt 1-K&K

    DISCLAIMER: OK Yumi, it's all yours! First, thank you to Mr. T. for the use of the Angels. Thanks to everyone else who is letting us use their creations. How was that, Yuri? Great! Oh yes it was, Kei! Well, we left you up in the air so let's get to Chapter 135 without further preamble:-

    Chapter 135

    'Explaining their Losses' or 'Ghosts on the 'Angel'

    Keitarou Riff was one upset 'Avenging Angel' after he and Ann Hathaway did not wind up back in 2268 Furool City on Shimougou. The time lord laddies interceded for Kei.

    "You came on my TARDIS as did Miss Tsukino (Sailor Moon) and her kitty (Luna), Miss Mizuno (Sailor Mercury)and Miss Hina (Sailor Mars) so I must take both they and you as well as Miss Hathaway home the same way, Mr. Riff." explained Doctor 4.

    "The same goes for the 2140 'Dirty P-' er I mean the 2140 'Lovely Angels', Miss Kino (Sailor Jupiter), Miss Aino (Sailor Venus) and that damned grey cat of hers (Artemis) who came with us on my TARDIS." said Doctor 2.

    "OK then let's get a head count as soon as possible, shall we? After dinner, lunch or oro ever the Hell the next meal is called, all of you will onegai assemble in the rec room- no exceptions. Kei out." said the Red Admiral.

    "The 'Glave of Krull' has done its job on Earth in medieval Britain. Richard again sits on the throne of England. I have broken the 'Glave' into five pieces and scattered them across the galaxy. Perhaps this time the damned thing will 'stay' lost!" grumbled the disembodied head of Rathelon.

    "Unless Kome finds it again." chuckled the redhead.

    "Farewell Miss, er Captain er I mean of course- Admiral O'Halloran and good luck to you. Sayonara to you too- Commodore Donovan." he said.

    "It's just Vice-Admiral and Yuri's only an 'Acting' Commodore, Rathie." corrected Kei.

    "Wait and see, my children. TTFN (Ta ta for now)." said Lord Rathelon before vanishing.

    "Kei! The 'G Twins' are on the horn." trilled Kome.

    "On screen, kiddo." ordered Kei.

    "Katie! Arigatou Kami you're OK! Doctor 'Q' says that almost everyone has now returned home. Oh yeah and er Charlie has something to tell you. Congratulations Ladies." said Gooley.

    "This signal just came through, Keiterran! You've just been promoted to a full admiralship and Yuri is now an honest to goodness full-fledged Commodore! Congratulations on a job well done, Ladies." said Garner.

    Red-headed firebrand and violet-maned vixen stared at each other in awe and shock!

    "How the Fxxx did he know! 'CC' only just now told the 'G Boys'! How--?" stammered Kei. Yuri was bawling her aizu out of course.

    "Hei is the founder of the 'Time Lords of Gallifrey', you know. As such, he knows all things- past, present and most importantly future." said Doctor 4 quietly.

    "Congratulations Mistress Kei, Mistress Yuri. Can we return home now, Master?" said K-9 matter-of-factly.

    "But, but you said he (Rathelon) was 'roshi' (dead), didn't you?" sniffed Yuri.

    "So? What difference can that possibly make?" demanded a nettled Doctor 2. Doctor 4 gently explained about time lords to the young admiral and even younger commodore. About then Marlene Angel strolled in.

    "Anyone missing any valuables?" she asked.

    "Should we be?" asked Legato Bluesummers. The one on 'Gunsmoke' who is Lord President is from a different time corridor like the 'other' Molly Callahan. It's a bit technical.

    "Not if Voltron has departed with Orphen, Cleo, Magic, Lucky, Stephanie and Dorton." she replied quietly.

    "Where is my sister? Anyone seen her? Miss O, Miss D- have you seen Blackfire?" asked Starfire worriedly.

    " 'CC', locate the Tamaranian Blackfire immediately onegai." said Legato.

    "Miss Blackfire is no longer aboard this ship, Captain Bluesummers, sir." replied 'CC'.

    "I'm having a powwow after we've eaten kiddies. We gotta count heads so make damned sure you're in the rec room by then. Kapish?" said the tall redhead.

    By questioning 'CC', it soon became apparent that the Lyokan kids were amongst the missing as were the Orphen group, the Sai Yukis, the InuYasha crowd, Kenshin and Ivy's gangs, the Noir duo, the Justice League, the Musashi Samurais, Darth Vader's stormtroopers, the elf hunters, the treasure seekers, the 'Gunsmoke' gang and a myriad of others.

    "Ah well- we'll soon find out who's left." thought Kei.

    Dinner or lunch or breakfast was pretty tame this time around with the InuYasha gang gone along with most of the other ruffians. There was Ed so the Bebops were still here. Han was sitting with Yuri, Kome and Mar. There's Goku, Bulma and Vegeeta so we're still stuck with the Saiyaans. The scouts were all there waiting on tables and there were both the Jamies (Wilson and MacCrimmon). Goat, Gene, Jim, Molly (the other one had left for Mars last week), Villa and the Moore Detective Agency were at the next table. Zoe, Leila and Nyssa were at another one and the 'Titans' were sitting with the 2140 Angels, Ann Hathaway, Allison Kurtz and her godson, Keitarou Riff. The three time lords (Doctors 2 and 4 and the Master) were sharing a table with the Angel Investigations Agency. K-9 was sitting on the floor at their feet beside Ein, Artemis and Luna. Kirara must be with Sango even if the demon slayer's katana and hirakatsou were still in her room! Emma, Arkton and the Green Baron were at the next table over from them. Rally Vincent and Minnie Mae Hopkins were across from Emma and were just placing their orders with Mako.

    The Mugghis and the Nammos were sitting with Reg and Kiva. The rest of their 'Coriander' crewmen were either on guard duty or clen up detail. Twenty-five of 'em were 'swabbing the decks' of the infamous 'God Gun'! At Kiva's table were Zenigata (Pops), Jigen, Fujiko (Fujicakes), Goemon and Arsene Lupin, III. Strange that Rally and the 'Blonde Bomber' (Mae Hopkins) were still with them even though Vash, Nick, Derringer Merrill and Stun Gun Millie had departed for home! All of them had arrived together and yet they sure as Hell had not left together! The later signals from 'Alderaan' and 'Seto kaiba' were to inform them that prisoners had also been vanishing right and left! Khan had been duly handed over to Kirk and Pike by Captain Toro Zulu personally when he had reached 'Starfleet Command' HQ. Warp and Slade were to be transferred with the Master and Sutek to 'Gallifrey' where the High Council of Time Lords would decide their fates. Barusa was acting lord president there. Vader had been safely in the grasp of an Alderaanian Patrol officer when he'd mysteriously disappeared in a puff of aoishi-coloured smoke and so had all of his storm troopers!

    Faye Valentine waved to Kei and sat down. Spike Steigel and Yumi Ishiyama followed her in. HUH? Yumi was still here and yet Jeremy, Aelita, Odd and Ulrich had gone back home! Yumi's room furnishings consisting of a bed, an armoire, a bureau, a desk, some chairs, her clothing and a few other odds and ends had vanished from her old stateroom on 'Starcrusher' earlier that week.

    Yumi smiled and waved to the redhead. "Where's Jett?" asked the Boss after sitting down across from Faye.

    "Tending bar next door. Did ya hear that both the 'Sol' and the 'Bay' disappeared from 'Set K', Boss?" said the cowgirl, firing up a cheroot and offering one to Kei who accepted it. Spike lit up Kei and faye's cheroots and then his own cigarette. Faye raised her drink and toasted the table.

    "Here's to a blessed kid-free voyage back to civilization. Present company excepted of course, Yumi." she said.

    "Don's gone, Boss so who the devil's running the ship?" asked Spike.

    "Saavik and Cyborg." she replied. "Gomen me for a minute, guys." she added and strolled over to the 'Gunsmith Cats' table.

    "Hey Rally! Hey Mae! How's it going?" asked the new admiral.

    "OK, Boss and oh--yeah--congratulations on your promotion, man! Full admiral! Like WOW!" said Rally.

    "Me too. You guys are like something else, man! Miss D's a real commodore too, ain't she?" agreed Mae and Kei nodded.

    "Oro can we do for you, Boss?" asked Rally, giggling.

    "You two don't mind continuing on as my scanning officers, do ya? Zoe and Nyssa will be glad to help you out." asked Kei.

    "No problemo, dude- like Mikey used to say. So many of our tomos are gone now and we'll more than likely never ever see them again." replied Rally Vincent, her voice trembling just a bit.

    "It really is so sad, Boss." piped up the 'Blonde Bomber' a little tearfully. Kei turned to leave.

    "Anyway- arigatou. By the way- any signs of any of Berringer's holdouts?" queried the redhead.

    Rally shook her head. "Nai, man. Maybe they all just gave up and went back home, eh?" she suggested.

    "How are we gonna get back home, Boss?" Mae wanted to know.

    "Emma said we could join her crew if we wanna and Mr. Black (Jett) said we were more than welcome on his 'Bebop' if we couldn't get back to Chicago." put in Rally.

    The blonde started crying and Yuri Donovan hurried across to her with Kome and Marlene in tow.

    "Nice going, bimbo! Oro the Hell'd ya sy to her anyway? There, there, Honey. Oroever the problem is Auntie Yuri will fix it for you." she said, hugging the sobbing teenager.

    "Just for the record, airhead- I didn't do a shimatta thing to her. She wants to know how they're gonna get back home, you vacuumhead!" bristled an angry Kei O'Halloran.

    "We'll take the two wee lassies home with us on the TARDIS. I'm sure the Doctor will nae mind. Dry yer eyes, Lass.You dinna have naething to be after worryin' aboot now." said Jamie the Scotsman.

    Just then Ami brought over the 'Cats' meals for them. She tapped Kei's arm.

    Cont in Ch 135-Part 2
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 135-Pt 2-K&K

    "Auntie Kei? We just tried to use our 'travelling stones' to go back home and they won't activate! They don't even glow anymore, ma'am. Well, I guess this 'Shimougou' place of yours won't be too uncool a place to live in. I really like this era a lot. But, er, still--" sniffled Ami, fighting back tears of homesickness.

    "Let's have no more talk of your staying on here in 2251 permanently, young lady! All of yo and the other scouts belong on Terra er I mean Earth in your own era and that is where you are all going! Either the grinning fool (Doctor 4) or myself will take you there!" said Doctor 2.

    "Doctor, I promised Miss Hopkins and Miss Vincent that we'd be after takin' them home if ye dinna mind?" asked the Scot hopefully and the tall Doctor beamed.

    "Of course it's all right with me, Jamie. We time lords are responsible for completing the task that the admiral has just begun." replied the shorter Doctor.

    Kei decided to put in a quick call to Uncle Charlie (Garner) before beginning her head count. So picking up her coffee and dessert she headed for her ready room.

    Since four of the Teen Titans and Arkie were on bridge watch, she decided to put the relay to 'Furool City' through herself. Garner, Fiona MacCrimmon and three year old Annie Hathaway had temporarily relocated to 'FC' on 'Shimougou' while Uncle Andy (Andre Francis Gooley) had remained behind on 'Alderaan' with his newest aide-de-camp, Ella Hathaway (Ann's mom). Ella was replacing Allison Kurtz until Alley returned with the others in a few more weeks.

    Kei sat down at her desk and put her feet up on her console. She lit up a cigarette and swallowed some of her java.

    " 'CC', get Garner on the horn for me, will ya? He's back in 'FC' again. Trill me when ya get him. OK?" trilled the Red Admiral.

    "You got it, babe! I'll be sure and buzz yer ass when I get Chuckie Boy and I'll keep this on the QT for ya, sweetheart!" replied 'CC'. Kei was flabbergasted.

    "Mikey and his gang went home and so did the Spies from LA- so who's teaching you Terran slang now, boyo?" demanded Kei.

    "Goat and Jamie, man! They both said that you are one hot space chicky babe, Katie, me darlin'!" answered a jovial 'CC'. Kei bristled with barely concealed rage and anger.

    "Gooley in the only guy who is ever allowed to call me by 'that' name and get away with it! So knock off the brogue (Irish accent), 'CC' and I mean now, man!" she exploded.

    "I apologize, Kei. It won't happen again. I swear it." replied 'CC'.

    Since the chromos now registered the time as 2000 hours and the date as 7 January AD 2251, Kei decided they had just finished dinner and not lunch. Since all of them seemed quite tired, the newly crowned admiral decided to forego her 'powwow' until ashita (tomorrow).

    " 'CC'? Set up a meeting for everyone left aboard this ship for ten hundred hours tomorrow morning in the rec room. Kapish?" she instructed.

    "That's a big old 10-4, good buddy. Rodger dodger. Over and out. See ya, Honey. I'm gone! Bye bye." responded 'CC'. Kei blinked.

    "Courtesy of Jigen, Kei. He the Druid-y looking guy with Mr. Lupin's group." explained YuYu (the 2140 Yuri) who had just entered Kei's office.

    "I'm on my way down to the holodecks to practice shooting. I just now realized that when we get back home Mr. G(ooley) will probably make me take my annual marksmanship qualification exams all over again! Wanna practice with me for awhile, Boss?" she asked mischievously.

    Kei shook her head. "Nai but arigatou for asking. I think I'll turn in early tonight. Firing that Kami shimatta 'God Gun' was quite an experience. Just think, kiddo- we've lost so many passengers- folks I was bloody proud to have as comrades and now we'll more than likely never see 'em ever again. And oro happens if we're unable to get all the stragglers back home to their own eras? Can you imagine having to begin your life all over again- not only in a strange place but in a different time era as well! It just boggles the mind, that it does, tomo watashi! Ka-Mi!! I must be missing that 'battousai' already, man! Well- good luck on the shooting. Just remember to 'picture' the target in yer mind and then squeeze the firing stud when yer ready. You've got all the time in the world to make that shot so don't rush it! G'night, YuYu." yawned the redhead from her express lift across the hall from the lift YuYu was using.

    "Arigatou for the advice, Boss. I'll be sure to remember it. G'night. See ya ashita." replied Yuri 2.

    "Now for some rest and a blissful night's sleep with no more visitors to disturb us at long last!" said Kei aloud. She kicked off her sneakers, pulled off her socks, ditched her sweatsuit and tank top, slid her Mark XIII under her piloow and swallowed a 'Zaloron' sleep capsule. Then she crashed onto her bunk and immediately passed into a deep 'Zaloron'- induced slumber.

    However the night held one more surprise for the remaining 'Angel' inhabitants.

    The chromo stood at 0200 on the 8th day of January AD 2251 when the Kucinagi, Lupin III, Zenigata, Goemon and Jigen were all awakened simultaneously by footsteps in the hallway outside of their suite. All of them were ensconced in the former 'Royal Castle' quarters used by Ivanhoe's medieval mob' before they had vanished the previous day!

    The 'Moore Detective Agency' had moved into the former 'Battousai Lounge' while 'Angel Investigations' had taken over the old 'InuYasha Gang' digs. The 'Gunsmith Cats' had moved into bedrooms on the Command Deck so as to be nearer to the Bridge scanners. Nyssa and Zoe likewise were using bedrooms up there.

    "Ssh! Ya hear that noise, man? There it goes again! Sounds like footsteps in the corridor." whispered Jigen.

    "Hai. I heard them quite clearly as well." replied Goemon.

    "Maybe it's Lupin hijacking the 'Angel 2', gentlemen! He'll steal anything as you well know, Jigen!" whispered 'Pops' Zenigata, the Terran Interpol detective.

    "What the Hell would I want with a frigging starship, 'Pops'? It's probably just somebody going to the bathroom, man." said Arsene Lupin, III. with a yawn.

    "The 'Kucinada', my Momiji may be in danger! I must protect her!" yelled 'Kucinagi'.

    "If you don't shut the Hell up, kid, you'll be the one needing protection!" growled a grumpy Han Solo who'd just been awakened by 'Kucinagi's' cry.

    Then-- they all heard the footsteps outside quite distinctly!

    Cautiously Jigen eased the door open and they all saw-- nothing at all! The hallway was completely empty!

    "Spooks!" breathed 'Pops'.

    "Ghosts!" said Jigen and Lupin.

    "YuYu (Ghosts)." agreed Goemon.

    "An invisible Arigami has come to kidnap Princess Momiji, my poor 'Kucinada'!" howled 'Kucinagi', blasting the corridor with flame.

    "OW! Something just burned my goddamned ass, Major!" yelled a masculine voice from the empty hallway.

    "Keep your voice down, Batou! I don't think this warehouse is totally devoid of life, partner." replied a husky but definitely feminine voice.

    "Tachikoma! Where are you? Find anything? Tachikoma?" asked the first voice in a quieter tone.

    "Major? This wall behind us feels like metal! Isn't this warehouse made of wood? Oro the Fxxx is going on around here? Well, Major Kucinagi? Oro gives? Makoto?" demanded the first voice angrily.

    The second voice although gruff and husky was clearly that of a female and she seemed to be the leader.

    "How the Hell should I know, Batou! I just tried to call Chief Aramaki and there's no response! It's like we're someplace else entirely. I'm having a hard time holding this 'cloak' and my 'ghost' is telling me that we are no longer on Earth even! This is weird, Batou. Let's drop our 'cloaks'- OK?" suggested the second voice.

    "Yeah, let's. Only this time will milady onegai remember to put her pants back on before she 'materializes'? I'm picking up five lifeforces nearby and they are all definitely male!" answered the first voice.

    Before the watching quintet's astonished aizu, two humanlike forms slowly appeared in the deserted corridor! A tall blonde male with weird 'dead' aizu and a slightly shorter brown-haired female. Both wore dark old-fashioned uniforms in the syle of two or three centuries ago. They carried automatic rifles as well as sidearms. Suddenly the newcomers noticed Lupin and his companions.

    Holding up a very old-fashioned and probably out-of-date vid ID card circa early 21st Century Terra, the female spoke in a friendly tone.

    "We er mean none of you guys any harm. My name's Major Makoto Kucinagi and my partner is Captain Batou. We're with Unit Nine and--" she began.

    "Well, oro a coincidence. So am I." replied a quiet voice from behind the astounded duo. Marlene Angel was gripping a Mark IV disruptor pistol in both hands. "OK. Lose that hardware and raise you hands if you don't mind, onegai." she commanded softly.

    "Look here, kid. We're cops!" explained the Major.

    "So are we, sweetheart." said Kome Sawaguchi from behind Batou. "I advise you to do exactly oro Marlene tells you to do, Lady." she added dangerously and cocked the brace of Mark XIII's with which she was covering them.

    At a sign from the Major, Batou dropped his rifle and tossed down a .357 Magnum Python pistol. The Major did likewise. Then both of them raised their hands in surrender.

    "Security team to the 'Royal Suite' on Level Three stat." trilled Marlene.

    A few minutes later Legato, Jett, 'Cowboy' Spike, Jamie Wislon and Goat Smith arrived.

    "Lock these two up in the brig on Five until tomorrow and search them both thoroughly. Kome, you'll go with them to do the honours on the Major here. Legato, report to me in the ready room after they've been secured. OK folks- show's over for tonight. Go on back to bed." said the blonde navigator.

    Cont in Ch 135-Part 3
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 135-Part 3-K&K

    "If any of you guys and gals find a robot, it's mine!" cried Batou.

    "Ours." corrected the Major.

    "Answers to the name 'Tachikoma', ma'am." said the tall blonde dude.

    "We'll get the rest of this crap sorted out ashita morning. Let's go." ordered Legato Bluesummers.

    "You see the way she was looking at me, Jamie? She really digs me, man!" whispered Goat.

    "Like Hell! That kawaii chick digs me, man, not you!" whispered Jamie.

    "No way, guys! It's really me she wants! Chicks dig 'cowboys', man!" argued Spike Steigel. Jett just shook his head.

    "I sure as Hell don't 'dig' any of you losers and if any of you so much as lays a finders on me, I'll break off your frigging arm and shove it up your Fxxxing ass! Got that?" said the Major's voice from inside the three would be Lotharios' heads!

    "Major, you diving again? It's frigging dangerous to do it with totally human subjects, you know." admonished Batou.

    "Those two must've slipped through just before the Boss sealed the rift, Legato." said Jett Black.

    Legato nodded. "Apparently they're both 'cyborgs' from the Terra of two centuries ago, Jett. I wonder oro the admiral will have to say about 'em? Hopefully she will sleep through this whole mess." he said.

    "Yeah. Where the Hell is that dipstick redheaded freakazoid anyway? She usually shows up at these fiascoes, don't she?" wondered Jamie.

    "She took a 'Zaloron' (sleep tablet) to help her sleep if you must know!" said a very sleepy and quite cranky Marlene Angel.

    Sometime in the wee hours before the dawn, 'Witchhunters' Robin Senna and Haruka Sasaki of the 'STN-J' vanished from the ship as did the entire crew of the 'Sol Bianca' pirate vessel.

    Morning came at last and Kei awakened refreshed and energetic. A tap came on her portal and Yuri Donovan entered laden down with a tray of covered dishes.

    "A promise is a promise, Kei. Now that we're more or less back to normal, I'm living up to my part of the deal." she said brightly.

    Kei O'Halloran looked as confused as Hell!

    End of Chapter 135. Chapter 136 soon. Have a good weekend and Kami bless you all. Sayonara for now-K&K

    Cont in Ch 136
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 136-Pt 1-K&K

    DISCLAIMER: OK Tachikoma, it's all yours! First, thank you to Mr. T. for the use of the Angels. Thanks to everyone else who is letting us use their creations. How was that, Yuri? Great! Oh yes it was, Kei! Well, we left you up in the air so let's get to Chapter 136 without further preamble:-

    Chapter 136

    'Unit 9 versus Unit 9' or 'Remaking the Angel'

    "Oro's all this about?" asked the puzzled redhead, sitting up to allow Yuri to place her tray on the antigrav trolley table which hovered over the bunk.

    "Our shooting match wager- remember? Loser's gotta serve winner breakfast in bed for a whole week? Anyway- you won so here ya go. I got Leila and Zoe to make all your favorites. Bannock toast, real orange marmalade, gooey cheese omelette, oat porridge (YUCK!), bacon, ham, sausages, waffles, coffee and a very small 'cruiskeen lawn' (little full jug in Gaelic) of 'Tullamore Dew'. Now sit up straight so I can position this antigrav table over the bed. By the way Robin and Haru are gone. So are Jan, Feb, April, may, July and June- the 'Sol' sisters. And er--" Yuri hesitated.

    "Go on." replied a suddenly worried commanding officer.

    "And we got two newbies. A Major Makoto Kucinagi and a Captain Batou. They're cyborg cops from 21st Century Terran Japan. She's no relation to our 'Kucinagi' though. Strange thing is that they're both Unit Nine operatives too. Neo Tokyo is their base of operations I believe. Some coincidence, eh? Small world. Who'd a thunk it, Boss?" added the violet-maned vixen mischievously.

    "Probably the last ones to get through before the 'God Gun' sealed up that hole. Where are they now?" asked Kei.

    "Legato stuck 'em in the brig on Five. Mar's orders. Should I have 'em brought to the meeting? I've reactivated the 'neutrality beams' for the ship. Apparently these two bozos can 'cloak' at will as well as being mental telepaths of the highest order." answered Yuri.

    "Hai, bring 'em both. Arigatou, kiddo- for the chow and stuff. (Kei grinned elfishly) But wasn't our bet breakfast in bed for a whole month?" asked the redhead with a devilish smile.

    Yuri smiled impishly back at her. "Nice try, Boss but the bet was definitely for a week not a month. See ya at ten hundred. Ja ne." called Yuri, closing the portal on the way out.

    Kei finished her sumptuous breakfast, dressed in sweats and decided to visit the bridge.

    "When are we leaving for home, Auntie Kei?" asked Starfire the Tamaranian.

    "If ya mean- when do we head for our home 'Furool City' on 'Shimougou'- our home then the answer is sometime later today. If ya mean- when can you get back to Terra- I can only say that we are trying to arrange taht now. You will accompany one of the time lords to 'Gallifrey' along with Sutek, Warp and Slade. Then the 'High Council' will make arrangements to get you back home probably via TARDIS. Robin, I'll have you guys relieved by Kiva and her team in time for our powwow at 1000 hours. It'll be down in the rec room. When Kiva gets here, you can get your breakfasts downstairs. Be sure you get to the meeting by ten. We'll probably lift off around 1300 or so. See ya later. Tell Arkie that too." So saying Kei headed for the dining hall and Yuri.

    Meanwhile, four levels below at the brig on Level Five, Han Solo had just bumped into an old tomo or so he thought.

    "R-2? Is that you? How's Leia? Wait a second- you ain't R-2! Who the Hell are you and oro are ya doing here?" he demanded, hand on his blaster.

    "Mr. Batou? You are not Mr. Batou. Have you seen Mr. Matou or the Major, sir? I am the Tachikoma 5000 but you can call me Tachikoma, Tachi for short, sir." said the talkative oversized Terran Unit 9 robot.

    "Your buddies are in the 'hoosegow', pal. I suppose they'll be relieved to see ya. Follow me, kid." drawled Han and he led the way to the brig, the cumbersome machine following in his wake.

    "Tachikoma? Where in the world have you been all this time? Hey Major! Wake up and look who's here to see us- finally, man!" yelled Batou.

    "Oro the Hell do you want now, Batou? I'm trying to get some frigging sleep, man!" grumbled his commander.

    "So ya found the walking junkyard- so oro? We're still stuck here and 'here' is Kami knows where!" she complained, sitting up in her borrowed pajamas and reaching for a kimono. Yuri had loaned her some of Flay's stuff until some could be repped for the Major.

    "Here is the starship 'Lovely Angel 2' and where is somewhere near Mars and the time is 0815 hours on the 8th day of January AD 2251, ma'am. I am to bring you guys to a special meeting with our 'Boss' downstairs at ten hundred hours. She'll be able to answer all your questions. Kome and Yuri left you guys some stuff to wear. Someone's on their way up here with your chow. Gomen er sorry- my names Solo, Han Solo. Pleased to make your acquaintance." drawled the ex-smuggler.

    "2251 AD? Are you completely baka or something, man! It's 2030 AD and this is a warehouse in Kabuu Kichuu (a Neo Tokyo district in ancient Terran Japan)! Man, this is some 'hack job', ain't it, Major?" chuckled the blonde guy.

    "Nai, Batou. I don't think that this is a 'diving' job at all. Somehow we are on a starship in deep space and it is two hundred years into our own future! Well, at least these guys were smart enought to put a woman in charge! I can't wait to meet their captain!" chortled Major Makoto Kucinagi who'd been pulling on the borrowed 3WA sweats and sneakers while she'd been talking. Another 'no modesty, gents' babe on the 'Angel 2'.

    "You'll get to meet the admiral soon enough, Major, ma'am. Sorry but I cannot release you two just yet. Ah, here comes your grub. Enjoy." said Han, opening the cell door to admit Faye Valentine.

    "Great! An Ad-miral! Some old lady with a penchant for detail and protocol! I can hardly wait to meet the old biddy!" grumbled Batou.

    Faye burst into peals of laughter. "Boy oh boy! Are you two guys in for a shock! Kei O'Halloran an old biddy! That's rich! Here's your breakfasts. By the way- I'm Faye, Faye Valentine, a 'cowgirl' from Terra, er 20th Century Terra but now I live in space near Mars in the 23rd Century. I was in suspended animation for almost 90 years." giggled Faye.

    "A 'cow-girl' eh? Oro the oni's that?" demanded Batou, his mouth full of Belgian waffles.

    "An intergalactic bounty hunter. See you two at ten. Nice meeting you, sir, ma'am." she replied while Han secured the door behind her.

    Kiva Nerese and her bridge crew relieved the Teen Titans and Arkton who left for the dining hall. Kiva and her team would watch Kei's meeting over the vidscreens on the bridge.When Robin, Star, Beast Boy, Raven and Arkie reached the dining hall, Cyborg was already there with Ensign/Acting Lt. Saavik. He was shoveling in food faster than the poor scouts could bring it!

    "Sit down and join us, guys." invited the Vulcan girl. "How can you stand living with this human garbage disposal?" she asked Robin.

    "He's er only 'half' human. The other half is machine. He's a good friend and comrade, Miss Saavik." he replied.

    "Just be sure not to get between him and food." added the demure Raven quietly.

    "Oro can I get you, guys?" asked Ami after jetting over to their table.

    "Bacon, eggs, toast, jam and milk, please." answered Robin.

    "Tofu waffles, whole wheat toast, peanut butter, alfalfa sprouts and soybean milk, babe." ordered Beast Boy and Ami made a wry face.

    "More of everything in the house again, please, ma'am." said Cyborg, grinning.

    "This red beverage is so delicious." said Starfire.

    Cont on Ch 136-Part 2
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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