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Thread: Dirty Pair Fanfiction

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    Ch 138-Pt 3-K&K

    She had started for the gantryway when Acting Lt. Saavik coughed discreetly and whispered something to the fiery redhead. Kei clamly strode to a locker and pulled out a set of coveralls and a pair of flight boots. Then she entered the lift and said "Bridge" to 'CC'. By the time she reached the Command Deck, Kei was once again more or less presentable to mixed company.

    The blonde was frantically pawing through star charts and vidmap chips when Kei walked into her nav room.

    "I honestly do not have a single clue as to where the Hell we are, Katie!" cried Marlene.

    Rally pulled off her headset. "There's no response to any of our hails, Boss! I'm really worried!" said the Terran bounty hunter from Chicago.

    Kei turned to the pilot. "Any idea where we are, Gene? Jim?" she asked and both shook their heads.

    "You got me there, Darlin'!" said Gene.

    "No idea, Boss." agreed Jimbo.

    By this time Cy, Robin, Saavik, Goat and Jamie had joined them on the bridge. One by one everyone agreed that they were well and truly lost! Then--

    "Hey Jamie, don't that there star cluster thing look sorta familiar?" asked Goat Smith and Jamie Wilson nodded his head.

    "Sure as Hell does, Goat! Now I got it! That's where Coop accidentally sold Kiva (the Terran pilot not the 'Starfleet' captain) to that pirate dude- the Graf Vin-da-kay! This here planet (Jamie poked the star vidmap on the screen) must be 'Korascada'- yeah, that's it!" yelled the Terran excitedly.

    " 'Korascada'? Are you two sure of that?" asked Jimbo Hawking suspiciously.

    "Yeah, it so happens we are! So what?" replied Goat belligerently.

    "Oh good Christ in Heaven! That's all we need!" cried Gene.

    "How's about letting all of us in on the joke too if you don't mind?" said Kei who was clearly pissed off.

    "They're pirates and smugglers, they really hate cops and they don't recognize any laws but their own! And er- they love selling women into slavery especially kawaii ones and we just happen to have hachi (eight) of 'em on board!Now do ya get the drift?" explained Jimbo.

    Kei pointed to Cy, Saavie and Robin. "Go turn on our impulse engines and cloak us! As soon as ya get the warp core warmed up, we'll split! (She turned back to Gene and Jimbo) Since you know where we are, can I assume that you know how to get us back the Fxxx home?" asked the redhead sarcastically.

    "Yeah, sure. No problemo except er--" began Gene until Kei glared at him. "We're a 'tad' off course is all." he continued.

    "Define a 'tad', onegai." said Lt. Natalie Badgiruel.

    "Er, half a million lightyears or so." supplied Jimbo.

    "Oh, is that all?" snapped Flay Allster angrily.

    "Any shortcuts?" Cagalli Athna wanted to know.

    Their pilot looked thoughtful. "Maybe. Didn't Solo find one around her somewhere- once upon a time, Jimbo?" asked Gene Starwind and the co-pilot nodded.

    "Yeah. The 'Mimoto Passageway' and it's got an exit right near the 'Tunnel of Darius'. From the other end of 'Darius', it'll only be a few hundred thousand kilos to Mars." said Hawking.

    "Well, Reds? Do we use 'em or not?" asked Gene.

    "Hell yeah we use 'em! Give Mar the coordinates for this 'Mimoto' thingy and let's get the Fxxx outta here pronto!" answered Keisie with a vengeance.

    Gene turned to the Red Admiral and raised his aizu brows. "Boss?" he inquired.

    "Go for it, boyo." she replied. gene touched several keys on his console.

    "Hey Blondie! Lay in a course per these coordinates I'm feeding you stat! Boss's orders!" trilled Gene.

    "You got it, me boyo! Roger willco." trilled Marlene Angel.

    "Cy, how are things going down there? You got that core back online yet?" trilled Starwind.

    "Yeah. We're OK but the nacelles are still malfunctioning. For now the best warp speed I can give you is ten. Sorry." trilled Cyborg.

    "It'll just have to do, my tomo. Mar, oro's our ETA for 'Mimoto Passageway'?" trilled Gene.

    "An hour or so- say around high noon? (It was now 11 AM on 9 January AD 2251) Well, give or take an hour. How long's it gonna take us to traverse it?" trilled Mar.

    "Another solar hour or two. Then another two to clear 'Darius' and another one to get to Mars. All told- shi er four hours to reach Mars. That means we'll get there around 1600 hours." explained Gene.

    "And we can't contact any of our people until we get closer to Mars, eh?" observed Kei dryly.

    "Maybe they've er already began to lose passengers, Reds." replied Gene.

    "I sure as Hell hope so!" put in Marlene.

    "Well, here we go, children." announced their pilot, firing up the thrusters, his speed climbing easily to Warp six. Gene figured on crusing to 'Mimoto' at Warp six, then hyperthrust through the passageway at Warp thirty- hopefully. Then he'd drop back to Warp eight until they reached 'Darius' when he'd increase to Warp thirty-seven to negotiate 'Darius' and then finally drop to Warp eight to reach Mars. Once they got there, they would of course try to contact the fleet which by then should be well on their way to the Angels' home base on 'Shimougou'- 'Furool (Foo-lon) City' to be precise. With a bit of luck some of their misplaced folks would have finally gone back home. Gene was suddenly jerked away from his musings by Marlene's insistent trilling.

    "Yo! Wake the Hell up, Starwind! There's a black hole of some kind dead ahead! Is that thing your 'Mimoto Passageway'?" trilled the navigator.

    "That it is indeed, Little Lady. Hang on, folks. We gotta go inside of that thing." said the pilot.

    He yawed hard to port and then rocketed the 'Angel' into the mouth of the vortex.

    "Cy, gimme Warp thirty or as much speed as you can muster up." trilled Gene.

    "Prepare for hyperthrust. Punch it, Mar." said Jimbo. Marlene hit the hyperthrusters and the ship leaped forwards. Their speed was now registering Warp thirty-six point nine!

    "Yay! Cy really came through for us, gang!" crowed the blonde.

    "Wow! At this rate we'll be through 'Mimoto' in fifteen minutes!" said Gene.

    A quarter of an hour later he cried "We're coming outta thrust. Cy, drop us down to Warp eight for our jaunt to 'Darius'." ordered the pilot.

    "You got it, GS." trilled Cyborg. Gene spun the 'Angel' to starboard and headed for 'Darius'. Soon Rally Vincent's scans revealed a huge hole in the cosmos.

    "Hey Gene! Turn fourteen degrees to starboard. There's your 'Tunnel of Darius', guys. Good luck, GS. Cy, give us all you got, baby!" yelled Marlene. While Gene accellerated and Jimbo prepared for another hyperthrust the Warp meter jumped up to forty-five point one!

    "Hit it, Mar!" cried Jimbo. Mar hit the 'Hyperthrust' panel and the 'Angel' shot like a bullet into the tunnel. Gene steered a steady course and soon Rally announced clear space ahead.

    "Coming out of thrust." intoned Jimbo.

    "Cy, drop us to six. We can cruise easy now. We'll get to Mars at 1430 and that's a whole hour and a half ahead of schedule, folks." said Gene proudly.

    While they cruised Flay and Cagalli assisted Jamie and Goat preparing a simple lunch- burgers, fries and shakes for all hands.

    Mar began charting a course from Mars to home while Kei asked Rally to try and raise Yuri, Legato, Kome or anybody. Rally tried but to no avail. Another half hour and they got their first glimpse of the red planet less than two thousand kilos away- Mars! As if on cue the comm centre went insane! Everybody seemed to be relaying messages at the same time. As Rally summed it all up succintly the upshot was 'almost everyone has finally gone the Hell home!'

    Since their remaining forces were more than halfway to 'Shimougou' by now Kei decided to follow them home at a more leisurely pace and to use Mars for a much needed two day layover for a little R&R for everyone. They all needed a good rest but especially Mar and Gene. Between the pair of them, they'd been virtually running the 'Angel' singlehanedly for the past week!

    As soon as the evening meal was finished, except for Mugghi and nammo who remained on the bridge, they were all assembled in the rec room to hear oro the 'Boss' had to say this time. Kei took a deep breath and picked up the PA mike:

    "Here are the bare facts in a nutshell, gang. Yuri has just informed me that she and our other playmates are more than halfway home so we're gonna take our time following them. We're gonna stay here on Mars for a couple of days so you all get a two day liberty. Then we'll go back to 'Furool City' and rendezvous with our tomos. Afterwards we can sort out who's left and decide how to get 'em all back to their own places and eras. Now- anybody got any questions?" said the Red Admiral.

    "If all of us are going on liberty, who's manning the 'Angel'?" asked Jamie Wilson.

    "I am, Jamie. The last time I was here, I was sorta banned from all the pubs, taverns, bars, restaurants, night clubs, museums, casinos, stores er you get my drift- I ain't really welcome anywhere in 'Moravian City' anymore except for 'ISSP' HQ and they ain't all that keen on me there either so I'll just stay aboard and let the rest of you guys have some fun- you all deserve it. Anything else?" she replied.

    "When do ya figure we'll make it home er I mean to 'Furool City', Reds?" asked Spike Steigel.

    "Another ten days or so. Say- the 19th or the 20th of january." answered the redhead.

    "Anyone else have a question? Nai? Fine. You're all dismissed." she added.

    Cont in Ch 138-Part 4
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 138-Pt 4-K&K

    Gene proceeded to land the 'Angel' at the 'Gandalf Spacedrome' and all of them piled into aircars, skysleds, skycycles or surface craft for the trip to the city. Meanwhile Kei was carefully considering her next moves. According to Yuri the 'Lupin' gang was gone as was the 'Moore Detective Agency'. 'Angel Investigations' had disappeared along with the 'Aoishi Seed' duo and the 'Nadesico' trio. Vegeeta, Goku and Bulma had likewise vanished. Doing some speedy calculations she determined that not counting her people who were permanent fixtures in this era of AD 2251 like herself, Yuri, Mar and Kome there were only three dozen (give or take) displaced persons left to be dealt with on 'Shimougou', that is assuming they didn't pick up anyone else in the meantime! Kei drew up a very rough list of the stragglers remaining, said list to be relayed to the 'G Twins' once it was drafted into her report by Yuri of course. It ran as follows:-

    'Dispaced Personnel Remaining Aboard the 'Lovely Angel 2' as of 9 January AD 2251 per CO O'Halloran':-

    Rally Vincent and Minnie Mae Hopkins ('Gunsmith Cats')

    Yumi Ishiyama ('Lyokan Leftover')

    Keitarou Riff and Ann Hathaway ('AD 2268 Avenging Angels')

    Major Makoto Kucinagi, Captain Batou and Tachikoma (Cyborgs/Robot from AD 2040)

    Keisie and Yuyu ('AD 2140 Lovely Angels')

    Doctors 2 and 4/The 'Master' (Time Lords)

    K-9/Leila (Doctor 4's companions)

    Jamie MacCrimmon/Zoe (Doctor 2's companions)

    Nyssa (Trakken girl)

    Robin/Starfire/raven/Cyborg/Beast Boy ('Teen Titans')

    Slade/Warp ('TT' enemies)

    Sutek (Time Lords' enemy)

    Serena/Ami/Rei/Mako/Mina (Sailor Moon and her soldier scouts)

    Luna and Artemis (Nekko (cat) companions)

    Natalie badgiruel/Flay Allster/Cagalli Yuna Athna ('Archangel' trio)

    "Christ Almighty!" thought Kei. "I sure as Hell hope at least some of 'em 'fly the coop' before we rendezvous with our fleet!" she mused aloud.

    At almost that exact selfsame moment but several centuries earlier on Terra 'Angel Investigations', the 'Moore Detective Agency' and the 'Lupin III' gang including 'Pops' Zenigata materialized in San Franciso, California-USA, Tokyo, Japan and Paris, France respectively.

    After many explanations, denials and admissions all three groups slowly drifted back into their old lives.

    The 'Kucinada' and her 'Kucinagi' suddenly appeared in Aizu, Japan while the 'Nadesico' trio successfully completed their 'bozun jump' back to their spaceship. Explanations and denials also soon led them back to everyday life as well.

    Halfway across the galaxy Bulma, her hubby and Goku all of a sudden found themselves back aboard Bulma Brief's timeship the 'Lady Foucault'.

    At this same instant aboard the 'Leo', 'Mikey', 'Donnie', 'Raphael', "Queen', 'Star', 'Falcon' etc. they were all taking stock of their current circumstances especially Yuri Donovan who was worried that the continuum might overcompensate by sending some of their passengers to places and/or eras where they did not belong! However, nothing untoward happened and soon their scans were picking up the outer beacons of 'Shimougou'- they were almost home at last- well some of them anyway!

    Onboard the 'Angel' Kei began drafting her report (Yuri could finish it up later) just as 'CC' announced that the last straggler (Marlene) had departed the 'Angel' and Kei smiled. Mar, like herself being an incurable work-a-holic had wanted to stay and help but Kei had been adamant so Mar had reluctantly hopped into a surface craft with Nat, Flay, Cagalli, Spike the cowboy, Jett, Keisie, Goat and Jamie and with Gene at the controls they had rocketed off bound for the 'Moravian City Palace Casino' for some fun.

    Faye Valentine had already commandeered a skycycle and left for the racetracks. Rally and Robin the Titan leader were heading for the museum district on a skysled while Cyborg and Saavik were off to a spaceport expo featuring the newest warp drive systems for starships.

    "Almost like having our kids going off to summer camp, isn't it, Katie?" asked a voice Kei thought she recognized.

    "Yeah, it sure is, ain't it?" she replied dreamily at first. Then-

    "You baka moron! We don't have any kids! 'CC', did you hear me?" yelled the redheaded firebrand.

    "I did not say a word, Admiral." responded 'CC' in a peeved tone.

    "Nai but I did!" piped up the first voice!

    END of Chapter 138. Chapter 139 'They're Going Fast!' or 'Mars' Sojourn' coming soon to a website near you (always wanted to say that!). Have a great day and SFN. Arigatou a lot for all of your help and interest in my Angels' saga. Kami bless you all and toodles until next time. Wait- just had a thought here. That new video game 'Halo 3'? What is above an Angel's head? Right, a halo yet 'Halo' games are more akin to our kind of DP 'Lovely' Angels than to the ethereal kind, eh? See ya soon.-K&K

    Cont in Ch 139
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 139-Part 1-K&K

    DISCLAIMER: OK 'CC', it's all yours! First, thank you to Mr. T. for the use of the Angels. Thanks to everyone else who is letting us use their creations. How was that, Yuri? Great! Oh yes it was, Kei! Well, we left you up in the air so let's get to Chapter 139 without further preamble:-

    Chapter 139

    "They're Going Fast!' or 'Mars' Sojourn'

    Kei whirled around so fast she almost collided with Lord Rathelon's floating head!

    "Rathie! You just about scared the crap outta me, man! Oro the Fxxx are you doing back here? And don't call me Katie, dammit!" yelled the fiery-maned hothead.

    "Gomen but Cyborg er told me that you humans had a sense of humour and that I must learn to cultivate and exploit it." explained the Time Lords' founder.

    "However, I did return for a reason you know. I've come back to see how your task is progressing. I see that you have a mere thirty-six or so displaced persons to attend to. May I be permitted to suggest that once you reach 'home' that you allow one of the Doctors to take Slade, Warp, Sutek and the 'Master' back to Gallifrey while the other one ferries the scouts, your godson, Miss Hathaway, Miss Ishiyama, your 2140 counterparts, the Titans, Miss Badgiruel, Miss Allster, Miss Athna, Miss Vincent, Miss Hopkins, Miss er Major Kucinagi, Mr. Batou and their Tachikoma back to their appropriate locales and eras. Your people will of course be responsible for Miss Rodgers, Mr. Daniels, Miss Emma, Mr. Van Dekker, Mr. Arkton, Miss Kurtz, Mr. Bluesummers and Mr. Spike Miroku back home. Naturally Miss Zoe, Miss Nyssa, K-9, Mr. MacCrimmon and Miss Leila will be accompanying the Doctors they came here with. Mr. Solo has his own spacecraft the 'Millenium Falcon' awaiting him at 'Seto Kaiba' as does Mr. Black who has the 'Cowboy Bebop' there. Miss Edward, Miss Valentine, Ein and Mr. Steigel will go with Mr. Black. Mr. Starwind and his crew as well as his two er guests Mr. Wilson and Mr. Smith have their own craft the 'Outlaw Star' in Miss Donovan's fleet as is Miss Emma's 'Emerald Queen' starship. Miss Nerese and her crew have the 'Coriander' to use and could in a pinch act as a taxicab for some of your guests. That should take very good care of this er to coin one of Master Michaelangelo's expressions- 'humongous mess' quite nicely, my dear. Gomen but now I simply must dash. My kindest regards to everyone. Ja mata for now Miss O'Halloran, Miss Mugghi, my dear Nammo. Farewell and sayonara."

    So saying he vanished in a puff of greenish smoke.

    Kei quickly finished up her rough draft which Yuri would be submitting to the two commanders after she'd cleaned it up and kicked it up a notch for her. Kei was faithfully reporting all of her findings to the 'G Twins' including most of oro Lord Rathelon had had to say. However, Rathie's last statement to the green aizued beauty she most definitely did 'not' report!

    "You need have no fear of losing anyone else (meaning that nobody else was departing for home anytime soon) before you go home my dear and your 'Angel 2' crew again rendezvous with Miss Donovan and the others at 'Furool City'." had been Rathelon's final parting words whispered in her ear before he said his final goodbyes and left. Conveniently as per usual he had neglected to explain the meanings to her like why but Kei was quite sure she already knew why- There was yet one remaining rip or tear in the fabric of the time/space continuum left for her to repair with that bloody blasted 'God Gun'! Rathie's mention of Kei's 'going home' must have special significance as well. Added together all of these facts led the young admiral to just one inevitable conclusion.

    Kei couldn't help thinking about Mar's favorite quote from that great ancient Terran author who had created the single most famous detective character of all times- Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes! The quote? 'When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable it may seem, must be the truth.'

    That meant that the final opening in the continuum must be near or indeed even on Kei's original homeworld- the planet known as 'Workoh'!

    A slight trilling from Mugghi roused her from her reveries.

    "Hiya Mugghi. Oro? It's Charlie and Andy? OK, put 'em through to me in here." she said quietly, somewhat startling the huge white nekko.

    As soon as his face formed on the screen Kei knew it had to be bad news- and of course that's exactly oro it was!

    "Brace yourself for a shock, Katie. Er--" began Andre Francis Gooley.

    "Good evening, sir. (Now Gooley and Garner were worried- Kei was hardly ever polite to anyone let alone her superiors!) You're going to tell me that there's still one more rift remaining in space and that it's either on or near my old homeworld of 'Workoh', aren't you?" asked a very calm and cool senior tro-con.

    "How the in the name of Hellish damnation could you possibly know that? Do ye have the second sight like yer Gaelic Celt ancestors from Terra, Kierran Deirdre?" demanded an astounded Aquarian Galaxy commander.

    "As usual, you never do cease to amaze me, my dear." admitted Territorial Sector Chief Charles Augustus Garner.

    "There are more things 'twixt tentou (heaven) and koudo (earth) than are dreamt of in our philosophy, Horatio." she replied, quoting the Terran Bard of Stratford-on-Avon, Bill Shakespeare or Virgil's Aeneid- Kei was never really good at Terran literature in school. Yuri of course got straight 'A" s in it! "Er, it's a real long story, Chiefs and anyway- from your gaping mouths I must be right so do ya want me to fix the tear 'after' we get home to 'Furool', sirs?" she asked hopefully.

    Garner went ballistic! "Negative, O'Halloran! You gotta do it 'before' you come back here! If you er leave now--" began Chuck Garner hastily glancing at his wristchromo.

    "I can't leave now. All of my crew's on shore leave. They're scattered all over Mars. Maybe we can leave ashita--" offered Kei.

    Both superiors looked directly at the green aizued beauty and frowned. Kei knew there was trouble brewing!

    "There is absolutely no time to lose, Katie! Leave the crew on Mars for now and you can always collect 'em later. You, Mugghi and Nammo should be able to man the 'Angel' by yourselves so here are your orders. Get to 'Workoh' and fire the cannon into that singularity- at full power. Katie, that rift is expanding as we speak and soon it'll be the size of a small galaxy! We all feat that left unchecked it could, in all probability, absorb the entire universe! Therefore we are giving you a direct order, Admiral. You will leave immediately for 'Workoh', fire the gun and then pick up your crew back there on Mars. In other words I er we are commanding you to abndon your crew! These orders originate directly from Vittorio Galadriel himself! My dear child, there is a very real possibility, Kami forbid, that this time you will not be able to outrun the shockwave. I must, therefore, remind you of the 'Galactican Patrol' oath that you have taken- you swore to give anything to ensure the safety of the 'Aquarian galaxy' including your own life, my dear Katie. We all hoped that this day would never ever come but--" stammered out a tearful Gooley.

    "You needn't remind me of my oath, Chiefs! However, I don't really plan on dying anytime soon either! So the 'Big Bastard' (The 'Grim Reaper' or 'Death' itself like Hawkeye Pierce used to say in that ancient Terran sitcom 'MASH'!) won't win today because I've got me a universe to save! Sayonara for now! Kei out!" replied a grim-faced redhead.

    "We all wish you Kami(God)speed so come back safely home to us, my own 'kawaii enjeru' (lovely angel), my own beautiful colleen." sobbed the 'G Twins' but they were blubbering to an empty screen. Kei had already hung up the mike and now she was trilling to Mugghi.

    "Hey Furball! Lay in a course for our old homeworld- 'Workoh'. The coordinates are 'Omega Quadrant':- XX21/YW47. Gimme as much warp thrust speed as the core can handle! No shortcuts this time I'm afraid but we should be able to get there by January 12th, kiddo. Keep us on course and don't wreck my ship! I'll need my wits about me to fire that cannon so I'd best get some sleep. By the way for this run it'll be just you, me and Nammo. Wake me ashita at 0700- got it, Mugghi? (The white nekko purred an affirmative) OK then, nighty-night Furball." she trilled and headed for the rear bedroom just aft of her ready room. She might just as well use that room up here instead of traipsying all the way down six levels to her own digs on three. Kei yawned, stretched, kicked off her boots, shucked off her sweats and crashed onto her bunk.

    Meanwhile back on Mars, Ensign/Acting Lt. Saavik was eager to install the brand spanking new auxilliary drive system that she and Cyborg had just purchased (it cost 'em a replicator but hey the 'Angel' was lousy with 'em and anyway they could always just rep up another repper, right?) from an Andalusian freighter captain and he claimed it would add enough extra 'punch' to their hyperdrive so that Warp seventy was a distinct possibility! She had expected Cy to return with her but he and 'Birdboy' (Robin) had discovered a video arcade (the exact same one that Faye had wrecked during the 'Heaven's Door' incident in fact!) and were battling each other in an old Terran game called 'Halo 3' (Man that was from way back in AD 2007!).

    Cont in Ch 139-Part 2
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 139-Part 2-K&K

    Saavie reached up for where the 'Angel' ship's door was supposed to be and all she touched was empty air!

    "Shit! I'm sure this is the exact spot where we left the shimatta 'Angel' this morning! So where the Fxxx is it?" said the Vulcan aloud. "Oh well- Saavik to Kei. Come in, Boss. Over." she trilled. There was no reply "Saavik to Kei? Mugghi? Nammo? 'CC'? Anyone home? Come in, onegai! Over." trilled an impatient assistant engineer. "Mugghi? Are you asleep again? It's Saavie. Let me in. Over." she trilled but to no avail. She checked her wristchromo and frowned. No wonder there'd been no answers! It was past 2300 (11 PM), well past it! Well, she'd just try again in the morning.

    So saying Saavie fired up her skycycle and rocketed back to the 'Harconian', the hotel where all of them were staying. It was on Atraes Boulevard directly across the esplanade from the Moravian City Hall complex. They were right in the very heart of Moravian City, the largest city of Mars.

    At the suite she was sharing with Faye, Nat, Flay and Cagalli, she carefully stepped over Flay and Cag who had both passed out and were sound asleep on the floor. Saavie grinned. She had warned them about 'Moonglow' or 'Martian Mead' but did they listen? Hell no! Between the pair of 'em, they'd polished off two magnums of the heady stuff! They sure wouln't be in the mood for sightseeing ashita! (How wrong she was.)

    Mar and Rally's room was across the hall from theirs. Gene, Jimbo, Jamie and Goat were bunking next door. Cy and Robin were on the other side of them. Keisie was supposed to be in with Mar and Rally but the last Saavik had seen of her she'd been playing 'Blast Off' with some Romulans. Poor saps- Nobody can outdrink and 'Angel' except for another one of course! And the Romulans had been losing- badly! Jett and Spike had the room next to Mar, Rally and the lush (Keisie) but Kami knew where they were now! Since she knew 'Moravian City' like the back of her hand, Faye was going to give everyone who wanted to come a tour ashita.

    Well, a quick 'ShaVaa' nightcap (ShaVaa was a potent Vulcan liqueur that tasted like lemons.) and then bed. In the morning, she'd call the 'Angel' and find out where (and why) Kei had moved the shimatta ship!

    "Sweet dreams, kids." she said softly, changed into her pajamas and went to bed.

    Unknown to Saavik Keisie had passed out down in the bar and been laid on a sofa to sleep it off. All the way across town Jett and Spike were asleep too- in the local 'ISSP' lockup! The charges? Disturbing the peace, public drunkenness, resisting arrest, putting four 'ISSP' cops in the hospital, etc.- the usual night out for the 'Bebops'! Faye and Rally were still in the casino downstairs playing blackjack. The 'Outlaw Star' boys were sleeping peacefully in their own room. Marlene had gone to bed with a holonovel.

    Nat had been playing miniature golf with 'ISSP'/"KASP' (Kaguran Air/Space Patrol) Lt. Trace Edwards. He was the guy they had to thank for leading John Berringer right to them on 'Gysymeo' albeit it wasn't intentional since Edwards had thought Berringer was a cop! Nat had promised him a tour of the 'Angel' in the morning so the Hell with joining those 'cowboy comedians' for a tour of Mars! Nat wanted to spend some quality time with this handsome prince instead! After the match (which Nat won) the Lt. had insisted on accompanying the kawaii 'Earth Alliance' officer back to her hotel. After a nightcap in the hotel's bar he had returned to his own digs so everyone on the away team was accounted for and settled in for the night.

    Half a million kilos away and travelling at more than fifty times the speed of light the 'Angel' raced on towards its destiny. Mugghi and Nammo were quietly and efficiently piloting the mighty starship while its redheaded commander slumbered on. At 0500 Nammo hooted to Mugghi to announce they had arrived in 'E' space, a virtually deserted sector between the Alpha and Delta Quadrants. The huge white nekko purred her acknowledgement and at 0600 they reached the Delta Quadrant. Mugghi increased their warp thrust to sixty. Three quarters of an hour later she punched the 'Angel' into hyperthrust where it would remain until 11th January AD 2251. By that time they should be near the mysterious Omega Quadrant. By the next day, the 12th (by Nammo's reckoning) the ship should finally make planetfall at their commandant's homeworld- the enigmatic 'Workoh'!

    Nobody really knew very much about Kei's early life there except that she'd shed no tears when sh'd been forced to leave it. Mugghi wondered oro bitter memories awaited the hotheaded firebrand there.

    According to the 'GI' ('Galactic Index' which was a compendium of all known worlds) 'Workoh' was closely akin to the 'Wookie' homeworld of 'Kashyyyk' in the Phi and Kappa Quadrants. That meant the place must be like a Terran jungle. The Wookies were tree dwellers according to Captain Solo and he should know! After all his partner Chewbacca or Chewie was a Wookie. Han had told them that the big furball was currently visiting Han's future brother-in-law Luke Skywalker at his Jedi Academy on the planet of 'Yog' where Luke was busy training new Jedi cadets.

    The tenth of January dawned frigid and very cold (Plus fifteen degrees Kelvin or Minus one hundred thirty degrees Fahrenheit but with Moravian City's weather controlling units in place under the city's dome it only felt like seventy-three degrees Fahrenheit) back on Mars when Saavik was rudely awakened by Cyborg who claimed he was starving!

    At the small diner where Spike Steigel had taken them yesterday (which the 'Outlaw Star' gang had immediately proclaimed to be their eating place while they were in town) Cy and Saavie met up with Spike, Jett (out of jail with heavy fines paid by the 3WA!). Gene, Jimbo, Jamie Wilson, Goat, Rally, Nat, Cagalli, Flay and Faye Valentine (who had called in the 3WA to spring her comrades last night!) for breakfast.

    Cyborg proceeded to order everything on the menu- and then some! Saavie had tea and toast with a Danish pastry while everyone else had their usual hearty morning meals. Elda Saavik decided to tell the others about last night's excursion back to the 'Angel' and her failure to find it!

    "Look Saavie, we're here for two days and this only the tenth. We'll be leaving on the twelfth so Reds has probably taken the 'Angel' to the 'UG' or 3WA base for a checkup before we head home with it. She's more'n likely got 'Fuzzy' (Mugghi) and 'Noisy' (Nammo) along with her so stop your worrying, babe." advised Goat Smith, helping himself to his sixth apple Danish.

    "Yeah, 'Coop's' always takin' off with 'MEGAS' (giant robot on Terra in AD 2004) and ditching Kiva (not Nerese- this one's a Terran pilot from AD's 26th Century), Goat and me! Kei can sure as Hell take care of herself so don't sweat it, Saavie." added Jamie Wilson. The rest of them grudgingly agreed that Saavie was worrying about nothing.

    Faye suggested a tour of the city and they all readily agreed except Nat who begged off with a headache. She was really gonna tour the city with Trace Edwards after she showed him 'round the 'Angel' well that had been the plan until the ship vanished! Nat sure as Hell was not going to tell Flay and Cag that she was going out with Trace because she was in no mood to be teased by those two hyenas as well as the two Lotharios- Goat and Jamie!

    Jimbo Hawking was whispering something to Gene Starwind.

    "Gene, I don't recall either 'UG' or the 3WA as having a base on Mars anymore. Do you?" queried the co-pilot and Gene shook his head.

    "Not since our pair of 'Kawaii Enjeru' ('Lovely Angel') shipmates and Lee Chan wrecked that floating casino on 'Karnac III' they ain't! The 'Martian High Command' kicked 'em out!" answered the pilot. For details see 'Original Dirty Pair' tales.

    "If that's truly the case then where the Hell's that hothead taken our ride?" asked a worried Jimbo.

    End of Chapter 139. Chapter 140 soon. Have a nice day. SFN. Toodles-K&K

    Cont in Ch 140
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 140-Part 1-K&K

    DISCLAIMER: OK Mr. Batou, it's all yours! First, thank you to Mr. T. for the use of the Angels. Thanks to everyone else who is letting us use their creations. How was that, Yuri? Great! Oh yes it was, Kei! Well, we left you up in the air so let's get to Chapter 140 without further preamble:-

    Chapter 140

    '2 Days Equals Half a Fortnight' or 'Abyssmal Homecoming'

    "She probably went to visit Dave Donnelly at 'ISSP' HQ or Danny Dastun on 'Kagura', Jimbo. She broke up with Lee Chan, didn't she?" asked Starwind and Jimbo nodded.

    "Guy talk or can anyone join in?" asked Rally Vincent who had quietly drifted over to where the two guys were standing.

    "Nai, RV. Just boring shipmates' chatter is all." joked Gene Starwind with a warning glance at Jimbo.

    "Oro do you need, kiddo?" asked the co-pilot.

    "Faye's outside waiting on us, guys. Where are our two Lotharios?" Rally of course meant Jamie Wilson and Goat Smith. "Oh, here they come now with Cy and Saavie. Flaysie and Cag are outside along with Jett and Spike. Has anybody seen Keisie around anywhere?" asked Rally.

    "We, er, left her passed out on a sofa last night in the hotel lobby. She'd been playing 'blast off' with some of the locals and they'd been using 'Romulan Ale'- you know that strong aoishi stuff, man!" replied Jimbo.

    "Somebody been lokking for me?" yawned Keisie. She was carrying a Mark XII in her fist.

    "Yo Keisie! The Boss said no weapons out on the streets so take that cannon back to your room! You trying to get us into more hot water, man?" yelled Cyborg.

    "Yeah! Haven't you caused us enough problems! This whole danged time/spacey mess is your shimatta fault!" grumbled Goat and the redhead glared at him icily.

    "Don't you think I already know that, stupid! Christ Almighty! Do you have to keep reminding me about it? OK, I'll take 'Lil Kei' (her Mark XII ion cannon) back upstairs. Onegai wait for me, guys!" she said, double-timing it back to the hotel. Faye glanced at her wristchromo and frowned.

    "Two minutes, girl! Then we're leaving so hurry it the Fxxx up!" yelled the 'cowgirl' from the driving seat of her sled. Keisie was back in a minute and a half. She jumped into the skysled and had to sit on Gene's lap!

    "Everybody in? Then away we go!" said Faye, tramping the accellerator and lifting straight up into the vermillion sky.

    "That's 'ISSP' HQ, over there is the opera house (where Faye had once been kidnapped by Vicious and then rescued by Spike. See 'Cowboy Bebop'/Episode 5 'Ballad of Fallen Angels' for full details.), that's the cathedral (where Spike had tangled with Vicious in the same adventure.) and there's the Council Hall. On your left is the museum and on your right is 'Morocco Village'. That's the old video arcade, there's the 'Grand' casino and-- ain't you guys bored yet? Well, I sure as Hell am so let's go the track!" yelled Faye who had soon become quite bored listening to her own monologues! She peeled off down the airway at SubWarp six- headed for the horse races!

    Cyborg picked the ponies for them but unlike Ed, Cy couldn't pick the winners and they all lost! Then Jamie and Goat tried their luck at picking names and- Lo and Behold! They won! Rally made a few grand in woolongs, Saavik made four grand. Gene and Jimbo made a bundle while Faye and Keisie's choices just kept losing! Jett and Spike didn't want to gamble so after a few races they both went up to the bar and drank and drank and drank! Faye's party finally joined them upstairs and they all got plastered!

    At 1700 they were headed back to town with Cagalli Athna driving them since she was the only one of them still sober! After an extravagant dinner they all went bar-hopping together. After getting tossed out of six taverns, Keisie was sent back to the hotel with Flaysie. It seemed that most places on Mars still remembered the 'Angels' last visit to them and flagged the 2140 redheaded tro-con right and left!

    Meanwhile aboard the 'Angel'- Kei had arisen at 0700 quite refreshed and after a hearty breakfast she'd begun to study the star charts for the 'Workoh' regions in an attempt to locate the rift's vortex and at last she found it. It was in the planet's extreme Eastern sector which was unfortunate since Kei had been born and raised in the North so this was an area she was quite unfamiliar with. She keyed the coordinates into her PDO vidpad's memory banks. She glanced up and called Mugghi over.

    "Mugghi, c'mere. Oro's the time, Furball?" she asked and the big nekko meowed an answer.

    "Eleven hundred! Is taht all? I'm bored shitless already! After lunch, I'm gonna go down to the holodecks so trill me at 1700 for din-din, willya? OK, let's get some grub, ya big furball. It's lunchtime." said Kei, heading for the breakroom behind the bridge. Since Mugghi, she and Nammo were the only souls aboard, Kei had merely tossed a kimono on over her tank top and bikini briefs. She wore mules on her feet.

    "Ashita I guess I'll have to check out that Kami shimatta 'God Gun' before I gotta fire the damned thing again!" she said and after lunch, she put the 'Angel' on 'George' and left Mugghi in charge with orders not to play with the consoles- or else! Then she rode the lift down to her quarters on Level Three and changed into sneakers and sweats. She slipped her Mark XIII into her sweatshirt pocket and rode up to Level Eight and the holodecks. She had decided to run a simu;lation of the gun firing into the vortex to seal up the rift.

    "Run Simulation Program Kei fourteen/'Doomsday' onegai." she ordered and the drab grid room was abruptly transformed into a dark simulation of that part of the ionosphere above 'Workoh's' Eastern coast. Directly in front of her was the eleven thousand kilometer rift she'd soon have to deal with.

    " 'CC', run sub-simulation for Kei 14/Angel 2/Bridge." she commanded and suddenly the scene became the familiar double bridge of the 'Angel' with a frontal view of the rift in space. Kei unlocked the 'God Gun' controls- well the simulated one's anyway. Of course when she did the actual firing she would need to contact Kome, Mar and Yuri for their codes to unlock the firing controls. Next she sighted in on the huge opening and fired the gun. Afterwards she immediately hit the hyperthrusters and increased warp speed to forty. Gooley and Garner had both agreed that the admiral would have at most five solar minutes to clear three lightyears before the resulting shockwave's blast reached the ship.

    After running ten more possible scenarios Kei decided she was ready- come oro may! At 1700 Mugghi trilled her and Kei went topside to prepare dinner for herself and the white nekko. (AN- I know the Mugghi in the Angel original and flash series is darkish brown but I like white since the big kitty always reminded me of Kirara (Kee-la-la), Sango's pet nekko youkai from Inu Yasha!).

    Meanwhile back on Mars, Cagalli Yuna Athna was jetting along over Arkham Boulevard at a pretty good clip (SubWarp ten!) with a fully loaded (in more ways than one) skysled. Suddenly she heard a most unfamiliar sound- a police siren! This was soon followed by a bullhorn klaxon's announcement order for her to 'pull over in the name of the 'ISSP' immediately!' so Cagalli slowed down and yawed to starboard before making a perfect landing in front of a small grocery store. Tje 'ISSP' patrolman landed his skycycle in front of her sled and hopped off his bike. He walked back to the sled, one fist on his weapon.

    "Vidlicense and vidregistration onegai, ma'am. You got any idea how fast you were flying there, Honey?" drawled the big cop.

    "Around sub ten, sir. Er, sorry officer. I don't have a vidlicense for Mars yet but here's our vidregistration, sir." she said, proffering the document case from the glove box.

    The cop scowled and frowned at her. "In that case would you all mind stepping outta the sled, ma'am?" he ordered, unsnapping his holster. Cagalli took one look at that disruptor pistol and froze. She was terrified and scared half out of her skin! A flustered ensign began to exit the sled when-

    "Jacobsen? Not Freddie Jacobsen? How's old Dave Donnelly doing, kid?" asked Jett Black from the back seat.

    "Lt. Black? Sir? Sorry sir but er I er didn't know the lady was with you, sir! Please forgive me, ma'am." said Patrol Officer Jacobsen, returning the vid doc pouch to her.

    "Please continue your journey, Lt. Black, sir." he added and saluted the big 'cowboy' who returned the salute.

    "Say 'konnichi wa' (hello) to Donnelly for me, kid." said Jett with a wave of dismissal at the kid who fled the scene quickly.

    "Who the Hell was that, Jett?" whispered Spike Steigel.

    "Freddie Jacobsen. When I was on the force, I saved the kid once so he feels he still owes me, Spike." whispered Jett.

    "Then he must think you're still 'ISSP', man." said Gene.

    "When I quit the 'ISSP', I told the kid I was just going undercover for a case. Hey! It's good to have an 'in' with the 'ISSP' so don't knock it." said the big 'cowboy' with the metal arm. (See 'Bebop's' 'Black Dog Serenade' for details on Jett's arm.) Cagalli had resumed their flight.

    Cont in Ch 140-Part 2
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 140-Pt 2-K&K

    "Maybe you'd better slow down to four, honey- just in case." advised Jimbo and Cagalli nodded and hastily complied. Then at 1900 she finally slid the skysled into the 'Harconian's' spacedock.

    A few hundred million kilos away aboard the 'Michaelangelo', Yuri had finally raised someone on Mars.

    "Excuse me for just a minute, Tracey. I have to er powder my nose. (Nat left Trace Edwards at their table in the quaint bistro they were eating in and went to the Ladies' room.) Yeah? Lt. Badgiruel er Nat here. Whaddya want? You sure got lousy timing! What is it, god dammit? It sure as Hell better be important!" trilled Nat angrily.

    "Gomen er sorry about that, Nat. It's Yuri Donovan. I've been trying and trying to reach Kei aboard the 'Angel' and I couldn't raise anyone. Any trouble there? Over." trilled the young commodore.

    "Is that all? I don't really see what all the fuss is about myself. We figured the Boss took the ship to one of your 3WA or 'UG' bases on Mars for a checkup since it's gonna be a long trek to home base. So don't worry, kiddo." trilled Nat.

    "That er would explain it, Lt., except for one tiny little detail. Thre aren't any 3WA or 'UG' bases anywhere near Mars so you guys had better go and find her! Over." trilled an agitated violet-maned vixen.

    "What! Wait a ding donged minute, Commodore! How the Hell do you suggest that we go about looking for an invisible starship? Huh?" trilled Nat.

    "Doesn't anyone over there have a tracker er you know- a tricorder? Over." trilled Yuri.

    "Of course not! We left most of our stuff on the 'Angel' since we were only staying a couple of days on Mars. Look Yuri, can't we ask the 'ISSP' for help? Kei's got a good comrade in--" trilled Nat.

    "Oh hai, that's right- Dave Donnelly. I'd forgotten about him. Well he isn't exactly Kei's compadre but-- well anyway wait until tomorrow before you contact him because Kei might just be off somewhere boozing it up like she usually does! Over." trilled the purple-coiffed fox.

    "That's gonna be pretty damned hard for her to do. The rest of the gang went bar-hopping and just got back. You guys are flagged from just about every booze joint on the whole shimatta planet! They did find some godforsaken hole to get soused in and Cagalli had to fly 'em home. Anyway we'll go and see Donnelly tomorrow morning if the Boss hasn't turned up by then. G'Night Yuri." trilled Nat.

    "OK, Nat. Arigatou. G'Night. Yuri out." trilled the sleepy tro-con.

    Nat made her excuses to Tracey and ever the gentleman he escorted the lieutenant back to her hotel.

    Meanwhile Yuri was trilling Anton Gustav who was aboard the 'Raphael'.

    "Chief? Yuri. Do you read me? Over." she trilled. Anton picked up a few seconds later.

    "Hai Donovan. Gustav here. Oro?" he trilled. Yuri explained their dilemna.

    "Yuri, are you alone?" he asked and she replied that she was quite alone.

    "This information is 'top secret' and for your ears only and I mean it, Donovan. Kei's been ordered to fire that cannon again. Gooley commanded her to leave Mars at once without telling anyone. Her crew was on Mars and there was no time to recall them so she had to abandon them there. She only has Mugghi and nammo aboard with her. Kei's on her way to 'Workoh' and she'll be there in two more days. Afterwards she'll return to Mars, reclaim her crew and head for home. The 'ISSP' is not er 'in the loop' on this so don't let any of the Mars away team contact them about this. Don't tell anyone where Kei really is either. Just say she was recalled to 'Seto Kaiba' to clear up a paperwork discrepancy about Johnny Berringer and all transmissions to 'Seo' are jammed up. That Angel screws up her reports so much that you shouldn't have any trouble getting them to believe anything about her and paperwork, kid. Now you got all that, Yuri?" trilled Anton.

    "Hai Chief. Roger and willco. Yuri out." she trilled.

    "Hai? Nat here. Oro? Yuri? Again? Now oro the Hell do ya want with me? I was out with that cute hunk Trace Edwards and you had to go and spoil it! You know who I mean- that handsome 'ISSP' and 'Kaguran Air/Space Patrol' officer from Saruman Tower. Yeah. Him. Now if you could onegai tell me oro the Hell you want with me? I'm getting ready for bed. I'm tired. Oro? Don't contact Donnelly tomorrow? Sure. Why? She's where? Seto K? Oh we can't eh? OK. OK. I'll tell 'em something. When's she coming back here? Around the seventeenth? January I hope? Fine. I'll stall 'em and keep everyone on Mars, Yuri but you owe me, girl. Oro? Oh- nothing earth-shattering or anything. Just a date with Arkie when we get back to your world- OK? How? That's your problem, baby- not mine! Good night. Nat out." trilled Lt. Naturle Badgiruel of the 'Earth Alliance' group.

    Nat pulled a kimono on over her pajamas and padded to the bathroom. On the way back to her bunk she ran into Cagalli.

    Cont in Ch 140-Part 3
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 140-Pt 3-K&K

    "Anything new on our missing redhead?" asked Ensign Athna.

    Nat shook her head at first but then she grabbed the young ensign by her shoulders.

    "Can you keep a secret, Cag? A really big one?" demanded Nat.

    "Sure, Lieutenant. Oro is it?" she replied sleepily.

    "The Boss is at Seto K but we can't contact her. Something about communications interference or some jazz like that. She won't be back until the seventeenth or so Yuri said. I just got a trill from her. The question is though- how do we explain her disappearance to the others? I'm er open for suggestions, Caggie. Got any?" asked the svelte officer.

    "Oro's wrong with telling 'em she took the 'Angel' in for a tune up or something?" suggested Cag.

    "Gene, Jimbo, Faye, Spike and Jett all know that there aren't any 3WA or 'UG' bases on Mars. That's why."explained Nat.

    "Calm down, Nat. So the Boss took the ship to a 'civilian' spacecraft garage for a check up- right? Well?" asked Cagalli with a grin and her superior chuckled.

    "Yeah, that should work. Mars is bound to be loaded with spaceship fix-it shops. Thanks Caggie and good night." replied Nat.

    "Don't mention it. G'Night, ma'am." said Cagalli with a yawn.

    The next morning Nat's little white fib fooled the rest of the away team and the week passed pleasantly enough with sight-seeing and exploring the wonders of the red planet.

    Meanwhile Yuri Donovan's flotilla of refugees cruised another week to Furool City and home blissfully unaware of Kei O'Halloran's dangerous assignment.

    Aboard the 'Angel' Kei spent the eleventh day of January playing a series of games of 'Shogi' or Japanese chess with 'CC' and of course 'CC' won them all. Still 'CC' had never before played the redhead and beaten her as easily as he did today. He hinted to the young admiral that her mind was elsewhere today. She put on a bold face at first but then admitted that she was really worried about their chances of surviving this latest ordeal. 'CC' tried to comfort and reassure her but to no avail.

    Kei had her dinner that evening, drafted her report to be relayed to the 'G Twins' and at 2230 retired for the night. Lying in her bunk in the bedroom aft of her ready room Kei stared up at the ceiling in frustration. Sure she'd run every scenario for the 'God Gun' firing sh could think of, taking into consideration every situation that could possibly crop up and then dealt with it effectively.

    Hai, 'CC' had calculated their risk factor at fifty thousand to one but then again he had also calculated their chances of survival at seven to five which were damned good odds! Still-

    "Will we survive this time? Will our luck hold one more time?" she thought.

    "Of course it will, Miss O'Halloran so stop worrying about it, my dear." said a strange yet somehow familiar voice from the shadows above her head seemingly answering her very thoughts! Then she saw- it! The bearded visage of the floating disembodied head of the oldest of the time lords of 'Gallifrey'- its founder himself.

    "Lord Rathelon? Oro are you doing here? I thought sure you'd gone back to 'roshii' er you know- being like dead!" stammered Kei. Then she suddenly and painfully realized that she was laying there almost completely 'in the raw' as it were! Kei normally didn't give a good Kami shimatta about her appearance sans clothing but with this old fellow and the two Doctors and the 'Master' somehow it was different! To confront rathelon in just a kimono even seemed wrong so the redhead yanked an outfit and shoes out of her closet and dashed into her bathroom to change. She emerged moments later in 3WA sweats. Sitting on the bunk she slid her feet into sneakers.

    "Onegai gomen my earlier appearance, Rathie." she apologized, reaching for the half empty glass of Jameson's on her bedside table. "Oro do you want now?" she asked quietly. (Storm warnings?)

    "You look very nice, my child but your efforts were really most unnecessary and I do think that you've had quite enough of that foul stuff for one day, don't you? I want to speak with you while you're sober, not intoxicated if you don't mind. As to the purpose of my visit now- First I'd like to reassure you that you will 'pull this thing off without a hitch' as young 'Michaelangelo' would have said. Incidentally, All of your tomos who have previously left you have all made it back safely to their own homes and eras. Second- I come bearing two gifts for you, Admiral. Miss Saavik has somehow managed to acquire a piece of technologically superior machinery which will significantly increase your core's output and allow you to increase your warp thrust speed dramatically. I'm er very much afraid that I rather frightened the poor Vulcan child earlier this evening when I materialized in front of her while she er still in the bath. (Kei grinned and lit up a cheroot. Rathie had a knack of showing up unbidden at the most inopportune times and during the most awkward situations!) Anyway she explained to me about acquiring the part- it er cost you a replicating machine I'm afraid- and I assured her I would deliver it to you. I told the poor girl not to worry about you and the 'Angel', however, I did not divulge your exact whereabouts to her. As we speak Mugghi and Nammo under 'CC's' supervision are installing the new part." explained Rathelon. Kei blew a few smoke rings.

    "You mentioned two gifts, didn't you? Oro's the other one?" she asked.

    "Hopefully the other gift I bring you will finally finish your mission's tasks once and for all. For the last time I give to you the infamous 'Glave of Krull'." he said and suddenly the mysterious glowing star-shaped weapon from ancient Terra materialized on Kei's bureau. Kei fingered it gingerly.

    "Oro the Hell do I do with it, Rathie?" she breathed almost reverently.

    "Just before you fire er 'it' into the anomaly you must physically hurl the Glave into the very vortex of the rift. You may use a beam weapon to project it but you may not, I repeat, 'not' use the 'God Gun' for this purpose. (Rathelon looked at Kei solemnly like the way a general looks at his troops just before he sends them on a suicide mission!) My dear child- I am very much afraid that you will have to be at the exact central core of the rift to toss or hurl the Glave. At that exact same instant that the Glave reaches the centre of the vortex the 'God Gun' must be fired into it at ninety per cent strength." said the oldest of the time lords. Kei stared incredulously at him.

    "Mugghi can't fire the gun and neither can Nammo! I cannot possibly return to the ship in time to fire it when the Glave hits the core of that shimatta thing so who's gonna fire the Fxxxing thing?" demanded Kei hotly.

    "I am." said Marlene Angel very softly. Kei spun around sharply.

    "Mar? How the oni did you get here? I thought you were still with the away team on Mars!" cried Kei.

    "I er brought Miss Angel along with me, my dear. She will fire the gun the exact nano-second that you are in the clear, Admiral." said Rathelon.

    "As a rule, Kei, do you think I usually travel through space in my pajamas?" sulked Mar and for the first time Kei got a really good look at her blonde navigator's attire! The latest in kiddie nighttime sleepwear- bunny pajamas complete with long ears, fuzzy tail, floppy feet and pink paw mittens in shocking pink!

    Kei howled with laughter and even Rathie could not suppress a smirk. The blonde blushed crimson.

    "I forgot to pack my pajamas for the away team trip to Mars but apparently Kome packed her old ones for me! He whisked me off before I could change into more dignified travelling attire- and if you two hyenas don't shut the Hell up, I'll clobber you!" yelled a very angry junior tro-con.

    "Anyway Kei- isn't that get-up a little too formal for beddie-bye? Oro were you wearing when Rathie showed up? Knowing you, next to nothing I'll bet!" giggled Marlene.

    "You two are er sure you both know oro to do now, don't you? (Kei and Mar nodded.) Then I will once more bid you adieu, my children. Good luck ashita to you both. Sayonara." said Rathelon just before vanishing.

    "Since you're already in your jammies and have had your snack and bedtime story, you might as well hit the sack, kiddo! Take a bedroom up here somewhere. Good night, Mar." chuckled Kei.

    "We er still do have a replicator aboard this thing, don't we? I don't really fancy having to return home looking like Peter Cottontail, Boss!" replied Marlene Angel.

    "Relax, kid. You know as well as I do that we've got loads of 'em aboard. Now you just get a good night's sleep and I'll see you ashita- bright and early." said the still grinning redhead.

    "Good night, Boss." answered Mar and she took the bedroom across the hall from Kei.

    Kei had already kicked off her sneakers and ditched her 3WA sweats. Then she crashed onto her bunk and slept fitfully for the remainder of that night until Mugghi trilled her and Mar at 0700. After a hearty breakfast, the two officers ran through the basics of 'God Gun Firing 101' since Mar would be firing it this time instead of the hothead. Then they did a few more scenarios on the holodecks.

    Mugghi and Nammo reported smooth sailing and late that afternoon at 1640 Mugghi's scans homed in on 'Workoh' giving Kei the first look at her home planet in at least ten years. Of course Mar was seeing the place for the first time ever and clearly she was not overly impressed with it.

    "Oro a dump! You really sure you were born and raised here, Boss?" trilled an astonished Mar.

    Cont in Ch 140-Part 4
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 140-Pt 4-K&K

    "Yeah, I sure was, kid. It ain't much to look at but it's quaint in its own little ways. Sorta like 'Kashyyyk'- you know- where Han's 'Wookie' hails from. Jungle, desert, ice, snow- yeah that's 'Workoh' for you, Mar. Any sign of that hole we gotta plug up yet?" trilled Kei.

    The redhead was downstairs in one of the armouries looking for a Mark XXI recoilless ion cannon. A Mark XXI closely resembles an ancient Terran WWII bazooka in overall size but the Mark weighs a whole Helluva lot more! However, the Mark is about a thousand times more powerful- firepower wise! Kei figured the sooner she could get that Glave to the rift's central core the more time she'd have to get clear of it before Mar had to fire into it. She had just attached the lanyard and carrying strap to a Mark XXI cannon when Mar trilled her for dinner.

    "Dinner, Boss. Meet you in the break room up here- OK?" she trilled and Kei growled that she'd be right up. Then she hefted the 155 kilograms piece of ordnance onto her shoulder and picked up her pack containing three long shells for the energy weapon. Two of them she'd use for practice tonight and tomorrow. The third one she'd fire inside the rift. Kei wanted some idea of how far into that thing she'd have to venture to be in range of the core so the redhead got the bright idea to do some practice shots belowdecks on one of the sublevels after dinner. Mar of course hadn't a clue oro her plans were!

    Kei rode the lift up to the ninth level and strode into the break room. She was just about to dump the Mark and the shells on the floor when-

    "Christ Almighty, Boss! Don't you have any 'little' toys? Don't dump that crap in here! I just cleaned this pigsty of yours. Park it in the hall. After dinner you can leave it down by the transporters- no, don't do that either. Take all that junk down to the bays after you eat. Ka-Mi! Wash your face and hands. They're covered with grease!" scolded Mar.

    "Yes, Mommy! I'll wash up for din-din!" teased Kei.

    The redhead laid the longish weapon and its shells on the hallway floor. Then she went to the bathroom, removed her filty coveralls and tossed them down the laundry chute. Kei washed and scrubbed her hands and face until she once more looked reasonably presentable. She kept her sweats but changed back into sneakers.

    "Oro are you gonna do with that thing?" demanded Marlene when Kei returned and sat down to eat.

    "All you gotta do is fire the big gun from here. I gotta get that shimatta Glave into that thing's core. The less distance I gotta go into that thing to get into core range the better I'll like it! That way I'll get back here faster, hopefully before you fire that 'Kami Gun'!" said Kei, her mouth full of food.

    "Be sure to get it outta the hallway. Why three shells? You're only firing it once." added the blonde.

    "Practice. I gotta know how close to the core I gotta be to hit it. I sure as Hell don't wanna go in too far. I'm gonna practice down on SubLevel Two after chow tonight. Wanna come and watch?" invited Kei.

    "Oro? You're firing that thing aboard this ship? I thought you'd wait until we'd made planetfall. You'll nuke the 'Angel' for sure, you baka moron!" yelled Marlene who was clearly terrified.

    "Relax, Stupid! I removed the explosive charges and the energy cores from the two shells I'm using for pactice so I ain't gonna 'nuke' anything. So- you wanna come?" asked Kei.

    "Yeah. I might as well. Now shut up and eat your 'suki yaki' (Japanese beef stew) before it gets cold." replied Mar.

    "We can replicate anything to eat at all and you rep up plain old stew. How come?" asked Kei curiously.

    "It's good for you and I also happen to like it- OK? Back on 'Earth 2' (the space station where Marlene Angel had been assigned when she was still hunting 'Blues' before she and Kome joined the 'UG' and the 3WA) I used to cook all the time when I was a young sprout, Boss." she answered.

    "Cook? You can really cook?" asked an astounded redhead.

    "Sure. Can't you and Donovan cook?" asked a puzzled ensign.

    "Hell no! Yuri almost demolished the kitchen when she tried and me?- who needs to know how to cook when you can just rep?" replied Kei.

    "Yuri didn't do such a bad job on your birthday cake now, did she?" said Mar quietly.

    Kei looked subdued. "Nai, she didn't. (Kei glanced at her wristchromo and frowned) Hmmn, almost roku (six). You just about ready to go? It's pretty greasy down on the sublevels so I'll lend you some coveralls. You ready now? OK, let's go. I wanna get a good night's sleep and you're getting one too. I want your ass bright aizued and bushy tailed when you fire that Kami shimatta gun ashita." said Kei.

    So saying the redhead hefted the Mark onto her shoulder and easily picked up her satchel of shells. Marlene was amazed and in deep shock! Mar considered herself to be pretty damned strong for a female but she couldn't lift that danged satchel more than a few centimetres off the floorwith both hands even! And she definitely couldn't even budge that Mark- not even with a double handed grip and both feet braced against the damned thing!

    "Wowie! Where the Fxxx does all your strength come from, Boss? It can't be the same way Star's does 'cause you never think happy thoughts, man! You sure you're really human?" demanded the blonde.

    "Huh? Oro? Of course I'm sure I'm really human! Er, somehow I was er genetically enhanced before I got born and technically I didn't er have oro you Terrans would call parents. Aw, it's way too shimatta complicated to try to explain being as I forgot half of it myself so ask Doc Q about it if you really wanna know the whole story. Come on, let's go, girl! Time's a-wasting!" replied Kei leading the way to the lift where they both rode down to the third level. Then they both put coveralls on over their own fuku (clothing) and Kei changed from sneakers to boots again. Mar opted for jogging shoes instead. After that they continued down to the lower target ranges on Sublevel Two where Kei dumped her cannon and the shells on the floor. She quickly set up two sawhorses made out of high impact Kelvinite to support the Mark. Placing the energy weapon across them Kei quickly loaded the gun.

    "Now, you're sure, you are absolutely positive that shell is one of the dummies, aren't you, Boss? Onegai be damned sure of it! Onegai!" yelled Mar from her seat behind the huge blast shields.

    Kei glared at her. "Yeah, I'm sure! I'm positive, dammit! Now shut the Hell up, worrywart!" growled Kei. "Hey! 'CC'! Oro is the maximum range of the Mark XXI?" demanded the redhead.

    "The maximum effective firing range of the Mark XXI ion cannon energy beam weapon is 2,508.6 metres with a backblast of 175.8 metres so Kei? Onegai be careful! That type of weapon was not intended nor designed for indoor discharging!" replied 'CC' in a nettled tone.

    "Christ! Oro a nag! The pair of ya! Set target at 2,500 metres and monitor this shot and that is a Kami shimatta order, 'CC'!" commanded Kei.

    Cont in Ch 140-Part 5
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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