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Thread: Dirty Pair Fanfiction

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    Here's Ch 140-Part 5-K&K

    "Target has been set, Admiral. Good luck, Kei." said 'CC'.

    Kei nodded, crouched and came up underneath the heavy cannon allowing the Mark to rest on her shoulder. Then the tall tro-con stood up straight.

    "Mar! Make yourself useful. Get over here and remove these supports. Use the anti-grav trolleys. Put the horses against the wall." she called and obediently Mar trotted over and AG'd the two heavy supports to the side wall of the range. Then she dashed behind the shields to watch the firing.

    "Arigatou. Now, kid. Watch and learn. Too bad the hotheaded freak ain't here. Kome would just love this!" said Kei with a grin. Mar smiled and sat back in her seat. Kei calling Kome a hothead! Brother! Like the pot calling the kettle black, man! Mar placed a set of noise suppressors over her ears and waited.

    Kei took a deep breath, expelled it and dropped to one kneee. Her finger curled around the firing stud she very carefully sighted in on the target's bull and fired. The roar was deafening in the confined space and the gun's backblast shook the shields to the very foundations of the 'Angel'! Of course the target had atomized instantly.

    "Perfect shot, Kei. Actual travelling distance of projectile was 2,512.6274 metres. The elapsed time was 4.8796 solar seconds. Great shooting, Boss." reported an uncharacteristically enthusiastic 'CC'.

    Kei and Mar were both astounded! 'CC' had never ever referred to any crew member by nickname before now! He was as a rule as surly as Hell, griped all the time and always had to get in the last word- no matter what!

    "Are we done yet? C'mon Kei- I need a good stiff drink after that!" said Mar, striding around the shields to her commander.

    "Drag those supports over here first. Dammit, is my shoulder ever sore! Use an antigrav trolley, kid." replied Kei and mar maneuvered the two sawhorses until one was in front and the other one behind the redhead. Kei had stood up after firing but now she knelt back down until the cannon was resting on the twin supports. Then she released her grip and slid out from under it, rubbing her sore shoulder and wincing a bit. Her once white coveralls were almost black as was her face. Kei pulled off her coveralls and tossed them to Mar.

    "Throw these down the laundry chute for me, willya!" she said and Mar nodded. Then Mar ditched her own coveralls and dumped 'em both down the chute.

    "Yo! 'CC'! Aerate this room. I might have to use it ashita. In any case, I'll have to clean that Mark before I use it on the rift. Good night, tomo watashi." said Kei and for once someone else got in the last word! 'CC' was speechless- Nobody had called him 'my friend' before- ever!

    "Let's go, partner. First round's on me, man." said the redhead, throwing her arm across the blonde's shoulders and together they trudged over to the lift. Back upstairs at the bar, Mar appointed herself barkeep and poured out three fingers of 'Tullamore Dew' Irish whiskey for Kei. She was about to reach for a wine cooler for herself and then stopped.

    "Oro the jigoku! Why the Hell not?" she thought to herself and poured out an identical drink for herself.

    "Bottoms up, tomo watashi!" said Mar and gulped down a triple shot of one hundred and ffty proof pure Irish whiskey!

    "NO!!" howled Kei, vaulting over the bar and catching the hapless blonde just before she crashed to the floor.

    "You baka moronic idiotic imbecile! Didn't anyone ever warn you how potent that stuff is? You can't just belt it down like water if you ain't used to it!" admonished Kei. She laid Mar on one of the sofas and covered her with an afghan coverlet. Kei chugged down her three fingers of heavenly nectar, refilled her glass, drank that one down and er well- you guys should know the drill by now!

    A couple of hours later Kei blearily looked over at the two empty bottles beside her on the bartop and then at the half full one next to them. She reached for it and glanced at the wall chromo. It was now 2230 hours or ten thirty in the evening.

    "Christ! Time for bed, man!" she slurred aloud. Mar had fallen sound asleep on the sofa. Kei lit up a cheroot and blew a smoke ring. Then she picked up the bottle and her glass, glanced down at Mar's sleeping form and stumbled towards the lift. "G'Night, Princess. See ya ashita. G'Night, 'CC' and pleasant dreams." said the somewhat less than sober senior tro-con.

    "Nighty-night, tomo watashi and don't let the bedbugs bite." replied a jovial 'CC' while Kei boarded the lift.

    "Home James." she told lift control and rode up to the command deck on the ninth level where she was bunking for now. She had another drink and decided to hit the sack so she stood up, started to pull off her sweatshirt and crashed onto her bunk. Kei was in dreamland a few seconds later.

    Meanwhile down in the rec room/bar, Mar felt hot. It was stifling to her so the blonde flung off her seats- tops and bottoms, footgear and socks. Her tank top followed as did her sports bra and Eiderdown underbriefs. She crawled back onto the sofa and under the afghan- au natural!

    Around 0300 Kei was rudely awakened by someone roughly jostling her sore shoulder!

    "OW! Mugghi, leave me the Fxxx alone! It ain't time to get up yet and I'm bushed! Oro the Hell do ya want anyway, furball?" cursed the redhead angrily.

    "Mommy!! I wanna drink of water! I'm cold! Tell me a story, Mommy! Pleee-ase!" whined a hauntingly familiar voice.

    "MAR??" Kei shot bolt upright and stared in stupefaction. Standing beside her bunk just the way she came into the world was her usually calm, cool, collected and efficient blonde navigator as naked as a jaybird!

    "Mommy!" she sobbed.

    "Mar, snap outta it, willya! I ain't your mommy, dammit! Mar-lene! Mar! Junior Tro-Con Ensign Trainee Angel- Ten-hut!!" barked Kei and that finally did the trick!

    Cont in Ch 140-Part 6
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 140-Pt 6-K&K

    Mar blinked a few times, glanced down at herself and blushed a bright shade of crimson!

    "Holy shit! Gomen er excuse me, Boss! Onegai!" she cried, snatching up Kei's blanket and wrapping it around herself.

    "No more hard stuff for you, kiddo." said the redhead, suppressing a laugh.

    "G'Night Boss and gomen er I mean I'm sorry, man!" said mar, running into ther own bedroom across the hall. The red-faced ensign trainee quickly yanked on fresh underthings and pulled on a set of pajamas- ordinary ones she'd repped up to replace that damned bunny get-up set! Then she slid into her bunk and went to sleep.

    Next door Kei had trilled Mugghi and told her not to call them before ten hundred hours ashita. Then she too returned to slumberland. At 0515 hours Mugghi sighted their destination- at long last 'Workoh' was on the viewers! At ten hundred Kei and Mar were trilled awake by the white nekko.

    Kei was up, showered and dressed ten minutes later. Thirty-five minutes later Mar managed to drag herself into the breakroom where Kei was on her third cup of java (and no hard stuff yet) having already devoured a hearty breakfast.

    "Gozaimazou (Good morning) Mar. Sleep well?" greeted the bright-aizued and bushy-tailed redhead who was feeling quite refreshed following her long rest.

    "Will you shut the Fxxx up for Christ's sake!" replied the grumpy blonde. "Ooh! My head hurts like Hell! How the oni can you stomach that crap?" moaned Mar. Kei chuckled then broke into a guffaw of laughter.

    "Gomen, sorry I laughed at ya, Mar but you've got a hangover, that's all, kiddo! I did warn you not to drink Irish whiskey like itwas water ya know. After you have some breakfast and about six cups of strong black java I'll rep something up for that hangover of yours." replied a giggling redhead.

    Soon Mar started feeling a bit more like her old self. Kei had been concocting a strange looking brew and now she handed it to the blonde.

    "Drink this straight down and you'll be as right as rain before ya know it. I know this stuff tastes like crap but you gotta trust me on this one 'cause it 'will' work! I got this recipe from 'Cowboy' Spike. It's called a 'prairie oyster'." explained Kei.

    Mar did as she was told after taking a long look at the foul-smelling mess and sniffing it dubiously.

    "Yuck! That tastes like dirty sewer water strained through Kome's cruddy gym socks!" complained Mar.

    "But you do feel better- right?" said Kei.

    "Yeah, I er really do feel a little better. More like my old self, man! Oro's on the agenda for today, Boss?" asked the blonde, pouring a seventh cup of black coffee.

    "Well- I was gonna do one more test firing but since we're already here let's get this crap over with and get back to Mars. First thing though, er, don't you think you should get dressed?" chortled Kei.

    Mar was still wearing her pajamas. "Right-o, Boss. Won't be a minute." she said and disappeared down the hallway. Five minuutes later she returned in sweats and sneakers. Kei had already morphed into space gear.

    "My skycycle's already loaded with the Mark and its 'hot' shell. I'm on my way to the bays. Soon as I ditch the Glave and clear outta that rift you fire the 'Kami Gun' right at that damned thing, got it? Think ya can handle that OK, Mar?" demanded her commander and Mar smiled.

    "Sure. No sweat, kid. Good luck and come back safely, tomo watashi." replied Mar.

    Kei rode the lift down to the bays and boarded her skycycle. She shot out of the airlocks and rocketed into the vortex.

    "Hey 'CC'- tell me when I get in range of the core. I sure as hell don't like the looks of this place at all." trilled Kei.

    "Roger that, tomo. You are six thousands metres away, five now, four, three, OK, twenty-five hundred metres. OK, Kei. You are now in range. Fire at will. Good luck." trilled her newest tomo.

    "I think I liked the old you better!" growled Kei into her comlink. She shifted the Mark to her shoulder, winced a bit at the added weight of the shell, gripped the cycle tightly with both legs and sighted in on the exact centre of the core. "Ichi, ni, san. Firing!" she trilled. "Stand by on the transporter beams, Mar. As soon as I fire, get me the Hell outta here!" trilled Kei again. So saying, she fired.

    Cont in Ch 140-Part 7
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 140-Pt 7 at last-K&K

    The shell propelling the 'Glave of Krull' struck the core's centre and- all Hell broke loose! Steering with her feet and still holding onto the Mark Kei reversed the cycle at SubWarp ten and roared back the way she'd just come a few moments before.

    "Anytime now, bimbo! Oro's ya do- fall asleep, Mar? Would you onegai get me the Fxxx outta here! Please!!" yelled the redhead into her comlink. Suddenly she, the cycle and the Mark effervesced into nothingness! Kei shut both aizu tightly and for the first time in her short twenty year lifespan- she prayed! When she once again opened her green aizu, the very first thing she saw was a smiling blonde. The 'Angel' was still vibrating violently from the backblasts of both the Mark and the 'God Gun'!

    "Marlene! Get us the Fxxx outta here now! Go to Warp forty and punch up hyperthrust! Go! Go! Go!" yelled Kei, tearing off her helmet, jettisoning her jet packs and stripping off her space suit. Barefooted, in tank top and gym shorts she raced for the lift. Mar jogged after her carrying a flight suit and boots for the redhead.

    "Dammit, Kei! You get this stuff on before you freeze to death!" she yelled and shoved the suit and boots into Kei's arms. Kei yanked on the flight suit and zipped it up. Then she pulled on the boots- all without breaking stride! They tore onto the bridge and strapped in.

    "Mugghi! Nammo! Begin a pre-flight check--" began the navigator.

    "We ain't got time for all that crap! Brace your ass! Here we go!" yelled Kei, hitting the thrusters. The 'Angel' seemed to tear its way through the cosmos. Kei risked a hasty glance at the aft viewers and wished she hadn't! The shockwave was only a few thousand kilos behind them- and closing fast!

    "Mar! Punch in the coordinates for 'Orion'. Go to Warp forty. Hit the hyperthrusters!" cried Kei.

    Mar punched the 'hyperthrust' panel and the stars became brilliant lines of shimmering starlight. Both tro-cons were unceremoniously slammed backwards as a 'G' force of five thousand hit the 'Angel'!

    "Yo! 'CC'! Equalize that 'G' force with our internal cabin pressure and stat!" yelled Kei.

    "Complying, tomos mine!" replied a jocular 'CC'.

    "See? Now you're his friend too!" joked Kei but the jest was lost on Marlene Angel.

    "Big deal!" shr replied as the pressures equalized and she relaxed back into her seat. Kei eased back into her seat and soon both admiral and ensign were fast asleep. The voyage back to Mars to reclaim the away team would take five solar days and until then Mugghi and Nammo would be piloting the ship for them.

    As both blonde and redhead snooze on with the 'Angel' now headed back to Mars to pick up the 'shore leave' party and with the shockwave resulting from the latest rift closing now comfortably far behind them, shall we leave Kei and Mar for a bit?

    Let us, instead, check in on the refugees heading for 'Shimougou' in Yuri Donovan's flotilla.

    The two chiefs, Don Poporo and Anton Gustav, Kome, Yuri D., Solo, Yuyu, Legato, Emma, Robin the Titan, the Major and Captain Batou, 'Blonde Bomber' Mae Hopkins, Keitarou and Ann, Yumi, Molly, Alley, the Doctors, Zoe, Nyssa, Kiva Nerese, Big Spike Miroku, Ellen Rodgers and Alex Daniels were all at the moment on an intership relay call (like an old-fashioned ancient Terran conference call on the telephone) with each other.

    Donovan was the first one to speak. "Well, from all those glum faces I can see that it didn't work! Kome and I just got through giving Mar and kei those shimatta gun codes to unlock that monstrosity and by now (she glanced at her wristchromo) they have fired it into the singularity itself. By the way, Mar's safe and sound aboard the 'Angel' with Kei. How the Hell she got there, Kami alone knows!" said the violet-coiffed commodore.

    "Our old tomo, Rathelon, took her there to help the Boss. You see er marlene had to firee the sonic beam ion cannon at the same time Kei was getting the 'Glave of Krull' into the central vortex of the rift. I understand that they are now enroute back to Mars to reclaim the away team and then they'll rendezvous with us on 'Shimougou' in 'Furool City'. Er, they may or may not stopp off at 'Sontarra' along the way. Personally, I think that our Kei is burning the midnight hyperdrives to get back home stat. Next thing we gotta do is determine exactly who's left. I wanna rough head count from all of our ships vidfaxed to me by twenty hundred er eight tonight and er Kiva- that includes your 'Coriander'. (Anton Gustav cleared his throat before continuing) I er deliberately did not have Serena, Rei, Ami, Mina, Mako or Edward in on this little meeting of ours. I'm very much afraid that they won't be going back home for a good while yet. Ed will, of course, leave with the 'Bebop' crew whenever they all decide to go. The other kids, however, will be staying with us until the two Doctors return from their own missions. Slad and Warp and the 'Master' will be transported back to 'Gallifrey' to face judgment at the hands of the 'High Council of Time Lords'. Sutek is going to 'Engali Toroda', the secret HQ of 'Galactic Command' where he will face judgment by the 'Guardians of the Universe Council'. Both TARDISes will be used for these trips. Doctor 2's for Sutek and Doctor 4's for Slade, Warp and the 'Master'. Keisie and Yuyu, KR, Ann, Alley, Jamie MacCrimmon, Zoe, Nyssa, Leila, the Titans, Rally and Mae, the Major and Batou, Nat, Cagalli, Flay and Yumi must also be our guests until the Doctors return." siad Gustav.

    "Oro about the 'Master's' TARDIS?" asked Nyssa.

    "Oro about it, kid?" growled Don Poporo.

    "Couldn't we use it to get everyone home, sir?" she asked.

    "Sure we could, love but who's gonna fly the danged thing?" said Solo.

    "I am." chorused Nyssa and Zoe.

    "You two are really good navigators and quite serviceable pilots but as for time regulators- well, you still have got a lot to learn." said Doctore 4 solemnly.

    "Not only that but who knows what booby traps the 'Master' has on that TARDIS of his?" said a worried Doctor 2.

    "That TARDIS stays right where the Hell it is! Nobody goes anywhere near it and that's a Kami shimatta order, dammit!" ordered Anton.

    "I agree. It's better to be safe than sorry! If only my timeship or KR's or even Bulma's were here we could use one of them but they aren't so stop crying over spilt milk." said Ann Hathaway.

    "Er, couldn't we enroll Yumi, Serena, the Scouts, the 'Earth Alliance' kids, Keisie and Yuyu, Nyssa, Rally, Mae, the 'Titans', Ellen and Alex in those two schools on 'World's World' where both of my Aunties and Mr. Tomah were billetted during the 'JACE' incident (See DPF/Mission 2 for details on this one)?" asked Keitaroh Riff.

    Don shook his head ruefully. "No way in Hell!" he said morosely. "After Kei wrecked the place and Yuri nuked the bloody spaceport field 'UG' and the 3WA were both informed that although 'WW' appreciated our help, they never wanted to see another 3WA operative anywhere near their planet again- ever! So that idea's out, kid!" said Don forlornly.

    "Damned right it's out! I sure as Hell ain't going back to school, I know Rally won't and I doubt if any of the rest of us kids would agree to such a stupid idea!" complained the 'Blonde Bomber', Mae Hopkins.

    "Perhaps the kids could travel with Miss Emeraldas?" suggeted Molly Callahan.

    "Nein! No kinder (children) on der 'Queen' und das ist final!" said Fritz von Dekker, the 'Green Baron' sternly.

    "Why not use the 'Outlaw Star', Miss Callahan." asked Arkton the Tamaranian.

    "Gene would kill us for sure! No kids aboard the 'Star', man!" replied Molly.

    "The 'Flying Falcon's' way too small but how about the 'Coriander'? What do ya say, Kiva darlin'?" asked Han Solo with a devilish grin.

    "Sorry, Captain but that is against our 'Starfleet' regulations. Nice try, Han." replied Kiva Nerese.

    "I'm afraid that any of our leftovers will just have to wait on 'Shimougou' until the Doctor and I return from our trips before they can go back home. I agree that the 'Master's' TARDIS is far too dangerous to use. Anyway it'll be just like a long holiday for the nippers, eh?" said Doctor 2.

    "Has anyone heard from either Miss Angel or Miss O'Halloran?" asked Doctor 4 and everyone shook his head.

    "They're not within our hailing range as of yet, Doc. Another day or so and we should be hearing from them." explained Don Poporo.

    "We're still another fortnight away from home er 'Furool City' so let's just relax and enjoy the journey, hazu." said Emma.

    "Yes. Let us not become full of gloom and allow the 'recnars' to come, my dear friends! We must be sure to think only joyous and happy thoughtts!" said a bubbly voice. 'Recnars' means the drifting apart of friends slowly over time.

    Everyone looked to be in deep shock!

    END of Chapter 140. Chapter 141 soon I hope. Have a nice day and Kami bless you all. Onegai r/r/s away. SFN. Toodles-K&K

    Cont in Ch 141
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Another long one. Here's Ch 141-Pt 1-K&K

    DISCLAIMER: OK Flaysie, it's all yours! First, thank you to Mr. T. for the use of the Angels. Thanks to everyone else who is letting us use their creations. How was that, Yuri? Great! Oh yes it was, Kei! Well, we left you up in the air so let's get to Chapter 141 without further preamble:-

    Chapter 141

    'Get Off My Turf!' or 'From Angel to Prince'

    "Starfire? Oro the Hell are you doing on this frequency? This is a private conference! How did you get through, sis? This relay has been shielded!" demanded Arkton.

    Suddenly everyone's vidscreen was absolutely covered with yellow 'smiley' faces!

    "ED! I might have known! Are we to assume that the scouts are there with you?" asked Anton.

    "Yup, Uncle Anton. We got Ein, Luna and Arty Cat (Artemis) here with us too! 'Moonie', Ami, Reizie, Mako and Mina won't lemme turn on the video feed 'cause we're all in our undies, Uncle Anton! Ya wanna see?" said Ed and excited squeals and cries of 'No, Ed!' were heard in the background.

    "NO! That's quite alright, Edward. Just let me ask everyone there if they're er cool with our plans for them? How about it, Miss Tsukino er Serena?" he asked quietly.

    "We er know that you only want to do oro is best for us, sir and we are OK with whatever you decide to do but we would really rather not have to spend the next few weeks at school, Uncle Anton.. Uncle KR, did you hear that? Shame on you for suggesting such a thing!" said Serena.

    "It'll be OK, kids. No school." replied Anton.

    "Nice going, KR! You and your big mouth!" whispered Don Poporo.

    "How the Hell was I supposed to know that the little brats were eavesdropping on us?" whispered Keitarou.

    "You are all going to stay in a nice hotel with Auntie Leila and Uncle Jimmy (Jamie the Scot). How's that?" asked Gustav soothingly.

    "Faye-Faye, Auntie Zoe and Auntie Nyssa too?" asked Ed excitedly.

    "Sure. Why the Hell not? The more the merrier!" said Don.

    "Fine. Fine. And er Uncle Don and Uncle KR will be there as well." said Anton.

    "Thanks a lot, Donnie! I just 'love' to babysit brats!" grumbled the 'Avenging Angel' disgustedly.

    "Bring your two Angels, Annie and Alley along and we'll have a real blast!" chuckled Don.

    Anton covered the mike and glared at them both.

    "We're all gonna be in the same damned hotel, ain't we? Who cares who is with who, whom or whatever! Don, when we get done here check the scanners and find out exactly where the Hell we are, willya. I think I'll add Lt. Nat, Ensign Flay and Ensign Cagalli to the babysitting shifts. OK, let's get all this crap wrapped up so we can eat. I'm starving." said Gustav and he uncovered the mike.

    "OK gang, if there is nothing else then I move we all go get some lunch." said Anton. Then-

    Zoe, Nyssa and Leila all began yakking into mikes at the same time!

    "Ed, Serena, Rei, Ami, Mina, Mako! Listen carefully to this. The very next time you idiots pull a stunt like this there will be no privileges for a whole week! You are to be dressed and down in the galley by the time we get there or else! Is that clearly understood, girls?" demanded the angry trio and the six kiddies chorused 'Yes Aunties!"

    "Ed! Activate that video feed! I wanna see that room you're all in and it had damned well better be cleaned up!" said Leila sternly.

    "No! Not yet, Ed! We aren't decent! Mako, pull up those jeans. Rei, zip up that jumpsuit. Mona! At least put a kimono on! OK, Ed. Now we're ready! Go ahead." said Ami.

    The screen cleared and fthen focused to show six girls- five fully dressed and Mina still wearing a kimono.

    "That room looks like a solar storm hit it! After lunch, we're all gonna have a long talk! Now get down to the galleys and start repping up lunch! Not you, Mina! Get dressed and start setting tables. Mako will help you. Let's go, girls! Hustle!" ordered Leila and Serena along with four of her scouts and Ed departed for the galleys.

    Mina opened her closet and started to slip off her kimono when she noticed that the red light atop the console was still winking meaning the video feed was still on! She blanked the vidscreen and hurriedly finished dressing. Then she hastened downstairs and began setting tables with Mako. Nyssa was pointing at her wristchromo, frowning and shaking a finger at the tardy scout.

    "Gomen er sorry I'm a little late, Auntie Nyssa." said Minako.

    "When you've finished with the tables you and Makoto start taking down people's orders and don't forget to wear your repulsor jetlifts." said Zoe.

    With luncheon now underway and the 'Angel' headed back to Mars shall we go there now and check on how the 'shore leave' party is faring?

    The entire away team of Gene Starwind, Jimbo Hawking, Rally Vincent, Keisie, Cyborg, Elda Saavik, Robin the Titan, Naturle Badgiruel, Flay Allster, Cagalli Athna, Goat Smith and Jamie Wilson had breakfasted and gone over to the casino. After Saavie had steadfastly refused point blank to 'mid meld' with any of the other players so Cy, Gene and Jimbo could tell oro cards they were holding in poker and blackjack, Cyborg had used his inbuilt robotic logic computer to make all the slot machines pay off for them. Rally and Keisie were ignoring them and playing vidgames. Robin and Flay, Goat and Jamie were playing roulette. Actually only Goat and jamie were playing. Robin and Flaysie were just watching the game. Nat and Cag were shooting craps- and winning!

    All was going well until the casino's 'goon squad' showed up to arrest Gene, Jimbo and Cyborg. It seemed that not only do casinos have closed circuit tv- they can also monitor electronic transmissions so it hadn't taken long for the casino to trace the magnetic 'jump' impulses of the one-armed bandits back to the half human/half robot of the Titans! Of course the trio protested and swore their innocence to the high heavens!

    Now all the 'goon squad' was going to do was kick 'em out but Cy decided he'd rather fight! Gene and Jimbo joined in to help out and a free for all ensued! Rally and Keisie came racing over and the free for all became a genuine donnybrook! Soon the entire team was involved in the fracas except for Flaysie and Saavie.

    When the 'ISSP' showed up the Vulcan grabbed Flaysie and beat a hasty retreat out the back door of the place. Then she used a skysled to jet them back to the hotel. Once they'd arrived at their suite the assistant engineer wasted no time in contacting the 'Vulcan High Command' which astonished Flaysie.

    "This is a secure frequency, Miss. How dare you violate the Vulcan airwaves, young woman." said a wooden-faced Vulcan male.

    "Aw, can it, Shaltok! Princess Eldrad Saavik of Ortong calling. Get my Uncle stat! Hurry up!" demanded Saavik in a haughty tone of authority.

    "Yes, Highness. At once, great one." replied the Vulcan who may or may not have been frightened. Vulcans or at least most of 'em anyway, do not show emotion ever!

    A tall dark male Vulcan's visage took his place.

    "Oro is the meaning of this intrusion, Ensign Saavik? State your business immediately." he said flatly.

    "Er, I sorta need your help, Uncle Spock. You see- I have been temporarily assigned to a 3WA starship as an engineer tech and er--" she began.

    "Ensign, it is most illogical to tell me something which is already known to me. Why have you contacted me?" demanded Spock. Elda quickly explained her predicament to him and waited. Finally Spock gazed into her aizu and spoke.

    "Although we cannot interfere with the 'ISSP' or the 'Martian High Command', perhaps I can, as Doctor McCoy would say 'call in a few favors' for you. I will contact you shortly. Spock out." said the Vulcan. "Wowie! He looked really important! Who the Hell is he, Saavie?" asked Flaysie. She was clearly impressed by this dude!

    "My Uncle Spock. He's an envoy to 'Starfleet' and my grandfather is the Vulcan ambassador for both Mars and Terra. My father's the governor of Ortong, a province of the Vulcan's homeworld roughly the size of your Terran continent of Australia." replied Saavik quietly.

    Cont in Ch 141-Part 2
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 141-Pt 2-K&K

    "Boy! I didn't know I've been living with royalty, man! Cool!" yelled Flaysie, letting out an excited squeal.

    "Let's have our lunch sent up since you aren't dressed for company, kiddo. I'll call room service." said the Vulcan girl. Flay glanced at her reflection in the mirror- tee shirt, underbriefs, socks.

    "Go ahead and order for us, Saavie. I want lobster thermidor. I'll be right out." she said, slamming her bedroom door behind her.

    A few minutes later she emerged wearing a daring red bikini mizugi (swimsuit) with matching beach kimono. She was carrying a huge beach hat, shades and sandals. Saavik stared at the girl but said nothing.

    "I'm gonna go swimming this afternoon. Why don't you come along with me?" said Flaysie coaxingly but Elda shook her head.

    "I cannot. It is not logical." she replied.

    "Hell no it ain't logical but it's sure as Hell fun!" said a giggling Flaysie.

    "Never will I understand you Terrans. I will accompany you but must I really wear that?" asked Saavik.

    "No, of course not, Elda. I've got all kinds of stuff in there. Just help yourself to anything you like!" replied Flaysie.

    While Saavie was changing, room service arrived with lunch. Flaysie signed the vidchit and added a huge gratuity to the bill. After all- the 3WA was paying for it! Saavie returned wearing a gorgeous black and white onepiece swimsuit, sandals, shades, gigantic sunhat and a beach kimono of deep Kelly green emblazoned with red ryuu (dragons).

    "Is this too gaudy? Of course, my dear father would not approve of such frivolity as it is most illogical, however, I am determined to have some of this 'fun' as you call it, Flaysie!" said Saavik defiantly and with a twinkle in her aizu.

    "No way, Elda. Man, you look real kawaii (lovely) er very nice in that outfit. Do I still have that thing? The kimono is oro I mean, Elda. I borrowed it off the Boss awhile back. Well, sit down and have some lunch. I've already signed for it along with a big tip but hey- who cares? The 3WA's picking up our tabs, right?" said Flaysie, mouth full of lobster.

    "That may be true, Flay but we should not abuse their hospitality. It is wrong to do so." remonstrated Saavik.

    "Look Honey, I dunno about you but I sure as Hell didn't 'ask' for this joyride! I practically showed up on the 'Angel' in the altogether and so did Caggie! I think they owe us a damned Helluva lot more than just room and board, don't you?" complained Flay Allster.

    Lunch over they went down to the hotel pool where the weather under the dome was warm and toasty. Outside the dome it was frigid! Flay and Elda swam for a bit and then sunned themselves on the sandy faux (artificial) beach.

    At 1500 or three in the afternoon, Flaysie's comlink trilled and she answered it.

    "Christ! Now oro?" she said aloud to Elda in a frustrated voice. "Yeah? Ensign Allster here. Whaddya want?" she trilled.

    "Flaysie? It's Cagalli. Saavie's really got some tomos in high up places, man! We just got word that the 'ISSP' is gonna release us at 1600 hours er four o'clock. The bastards confiscated all of our transports and sent 'em ahead to Furool City's 3WA HQ! Can you and Saavie pick us up? Please. Er, you two have a speeder, don't you?" asked Cagalli Athna.

    "Nai, I left mine at the casino so it's probably on its way to 'Shimougou' with yours. Saavie's got a skysled though. It's gonna be a little cramped and we may have to have some of you girls sitting on guys' laps. The sled's pretty damned small but I think we can squeeze you all in." trilled Flaysie.

    "Great! It's 1500 er three now so I'll see you guys in an hour, kid. Cag out." trilled Cagalli. Flaysie nudged a dozing Vulcan girl.

    "Party's over now, Elly. Uncle Spock just sprung the gang. The 'ISSP' is letting 'em go at four but they took their riding toys so we gotta pick 'em up. C'mon girl- it's almost 1530 and we gotta change dammit! Wake up!" yelled Flay, whacking Elda in the shoulder.

    Then Flaysie began to bundle up all of their stuff in a beach blanket and started to drag it back to the hotel. A shadow fell across their paths.

    "May I help you kawaii ladies with that?" asked a tall bronzed god in a black 'ISSP' uniform. He scooped up their bundle and tied the ends of the blanket together before heaving it easily onto his shoulder and leading the way back to the hotel.

    "Arigatou- a lot!" bubbled Flaysie.

    "Most considerate of you, kind sir." said Elda Saavik.

    "My pleasure, ma'am. Name's Raven- John Raven that is. You must be Ensigns Allster and Saavik?" said the mysterious stranger.

    "Just how the Hell do you know who we are, pal?" demanded a suspicious Flaysie Allster.

    "Relx kiddo and call off your dogs.I'm the guy that saved your asses back on 'Gysymeo'. I'm surprised that Captain O'Halloran didn't tell you about me. he said and grinned.

    "You're Commander Johnny Raven of the Ganymede 'ISSP', right?" asked Flaysie.

    "Admiral O'Halloran did mention your name a few times." she added.

    "Admiral? She's only nineteen years old!" barked Raven.

    "She's twenty now. She had a birthday on New Year's, sir." said Saavik.

    "Please kids! It's just John- OK? Now- where are your rooms?" asked their new tomo.

    "We're up on the 117th floor, si- er John. Suite 1180. Follow me." said Flaysie.

    "Command- er I mean John, if you don't mind my asking, oro the Hell are you doing here on Mars? After Johnny Berringer was caught, we assumed you had returned to 'Ganymede'." asked Saavie.

    "Your Uncle Spock didn't tell you, Saavie? John Berringer has escaped from Seto Kaiba. Three days ago he stole a shuttle and took off. That was on the ninth of January. We of course assumed he would head for 'Koralian' space which recognizes no laws except their own but now we fear he's still gunning for our Keirran and Maureen (Kei O'Halloran and Yuri Donovan). So that would mean he's heading for--" began John.

    " 'Furool City' on 'Shimougou'." finished Saavik quietly.

    "I'm afraid so, my young tomos." agreed Raven. "I came here to intercept him but apparently he's cutting through the deadly 'Gasaraki Belt' so as to approach his targets from the East. It is a dangerous gamble but he knows that even Keirran wouldn't be baka enough to follow him through that nebulae!" said a grim-faced Raven.

    Flay giggled. "Why not? It's just another old asteroid field, ain't it?" she asked, her fingers on the lift's call panel.

    John Raven was not smiling. "An ordinary asteroid field filled with deadly gas. 'Zoron X-25'. If so much as one cubic centimetre of that stuff penetrates a vessel, it'll kill everyone aboard. And there's no vaccine or antidote available for it." said John.

    Flay Allster had blanched white with fear! "John! We just gotta warn the others! They're enroute to 'Shimougou' where we're supposed to rendezvous with them." she cried and began to sob.

    "Just where the Hell 'is' your damned 'fearless leader' anyway?" demanded Raven.

    "She took the 'Angel' for an engine check up before we head home." answered Flay who had stopped crying after Elda had kicked her in the shin. Flay tapped in their rooom code then their sector and suite numbers. John waited until the lift began to ascend before he replied. The smile was gone now.

    "OK you two! Cut the Fxxxing crap! You and I both know that neither 'UG' nor the 3WA has a base on Mars or anywhere close by! So where the flaming Hell did Keirran Dierdre O'Shaughnessy O'Halloran go with the 'Lovely Angel 2'? You have my word that I won't tell 'Starfleet' or the 'ISSP' so onegai tell me where the jigoku she went and why." pleaded John Raven.

    "We honestly don't know where she went or why, Johnny!" yelled Flaysie.

    Saavie mused for a few moments. "That is not exactly tru, Flay. A couple of us do know the ansers to those questions. Commander, I'm sort of tempted to take you at your word but if I'm wrong about you it's Kei and Mar's lives. We Vulcans are pretty damned good at judging a person's character using a technique known as the 'mid meld' so before I tell you anything you have to agree to allow me to 'mind meld' with you. Is that acceptable to you, sir?" asked the Vulcan princess, her aizu blazing. John nodded.

    "Do you want to do it right here? Now?" he asked.

    "Nai, we'll wait until we get to our place." replied Saavie. The lift doors shot open and Flay led the way to Suite 1180 which she and Elda were sharing with Nat and Cagalli. She punched in their room codes and the portal swooshed aside. The trio went in and the door shut behind them. John dumped his parcel on the table.

    Saavik pulled the 'ISSP' officer down onto the divan beside her. She faced him and positioned her right hand just above his left jaw so she was barely touching him. Then she closed her aizu and concentrated. The Vulcan was in a trance-like state not unlike a Terran medium.

    "My mind to your mind. My life to yours. Onegai. Relax, tomo watashi. Relax and allow your mind to drift. That's right. Just drift. Let me see your thoughts as you see mine. Ley my mind be your mind. Le me be your mind just as you are my mind. Show me your true self." she intoned softly and as she said these words John slowly relaxed and drifted into a similar trance-like state.

    Flay was out of her depth so she quietly gathered up some clothing and disappeared into the bathroom to change. Ten minutes later she returned wearing a top, a heavy sweater, thick biker jeans, hwavy socks, riding boots, parka and gloves. She adjusted the blast shield on her flying helmet and cleared her throat not wanting to nudge Saavik for fear of damaging the meld thingy.

    Elda shifted her gaze to the girl and raised an aizu brow.

    Cont in Ch 141-Part 3
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 141-Pt 3-K&K

    "You gonna be much longer? We gotta go downtown and pick up you know who." whispered Flay.

    "Er, could you onegai get them yourself, Hon? John's still under my meld and if I release him now it could cause irreparable and permanent damage to his brain. You do know where the 'ISSP' building is, I hope?" said Saavik softly. Flay shook her head.

    "Nai. Where the Hell is it, Saavie?" she whispered.

    "Three blocks North then two West and three East. The place looks like your Terran 'Flat Iron' building in Chicago. Just pick them up and bring them back here. And no speeding. You don't have a license. Remember? You'll be OK, kiddo. Just take your time." replied the Vulcan girl.

    Flay stepped into the 'express tube' which would whoosh her downstairs to the docking bays on the fifth sublevel of the hotel. She quickly located Saavik's skysled and was soon roaring across the sky in it. Flay was really glad she had chosen parka, gloves, boots and heavy biker jeans instead of her usual miniskirt and high heels! The weather was terrible- at least minus twenty Kelvin or minus seventy-five Fahrenheit and it was snowing heavily! Recalling Cag's earlier escapade Flay dropped her speed down to Subwarp two and cruised quietly towards her destination.

    At just about the same time Elda Saavik finished her 'mind meld' and released John Raven from his trance. While he was recovering, she showered, changed into sweater, chinos, vest and sneakers and repped up some java.

    "Aw! I really liked that swimsuit you just had on, Sweetie but you look just as alluring in pants. Arigatou." said John, accepting the cup of coffee she'd handed to him.

    "OK, Johnny. You seem honest enough and you can't mask your thoughts in a meld, pal. So I guess I can trust you even though you seem to have as Mikey would say the 'hots' for the Boss. A few days back we landed here on Mars for a short holiday layover. The Boss, Mugghi and Nammo stayed aboard the 'Angel' to check the 'God Gun' or something but everyone else came ashore for some much needed R&R. That evening Cy and I found and bought a new part for the ship's propulsion systems. I wanted to install it then and there but I just could not find the 'Angel' even with my hand scanner. Kei didn't answer my hails so I assumed they'd taken the ship to a garage or something. The next night Lord Rathelon appeared before me and confided to me that the Boss had to fire that confounded 'God Gun' and she'd gone to where the rift was- 'Workoh'. That's the planet where Kei was born, John. Then he told me that since Kei had to get the 'Glave of Krull' to the rift's central core someone else had to fire the cannon. So he'd transported Marlene Angel to Kei's ship to fire it. Then he said that Commodore Donovan and Lt. Badgiruel knew of Kei's secret mission but no one else did. Today Kei was to 'fire' the 'glave' into that vortex and Mar would fire the gun. Then they'd hotfoot it outta there, return here to retrieve us and head for home. She's due back here by the seventeenth. That is absolutely all we know for sure, John and I am trusting to your discretion not to reveal any of this to anyone. Flaysie knows nothing about any of this crap so onegai do not tell her anything about it. Flay, er not to put too fine a point on it, cannot keep a secret." said Saavik finally.

    "It will go no futher, kid. I assure you of that, Saavie." replied John. He glanced at the wall chromo which now read 1710 hours or ten past five o'clock in the afternoon. "How's about dinner, kiddo? I'm starving." he said, assisting the Vulcan to her feet.

    "Why not? I sure hope Flaysie doesn't get caught speeding agin. She went to pick up the rest of the away team. They got arrested this morning. Flay doesn't have a flying license for Mars either." explained Saavik. She slipped into her blazer and changed from sneakers to loafers.

    John grinned. "Yeah, I know all about that mess they got into. I took your Uncle's vidcall and arranged for their release. Then I cut through the red tape to get Flay's flying license approved and issued. Donnelly'll give it to her when she gets there." he said.

    "Thanks ever so much, Johnny. Flay does have a heavy foot." replied Saavie. Raven escorted the kawaii young Vulcan tot the hotel restaurant while Flay was busy rocketing to the rescue.

    She landed her sled on the roof of the 'ISSP' building and climbed out of it. She yanked the entry door open and strolled down the maze of corridors aimlessly until an older officer kindly asked her oro the Hell she was doing there! The mere 'mention' of the words 'UG', '3WA' and 'Kei O'Halloran' caused the poor soul to blanch as white as a ghost. However, he did relax when she assured him that the 'Lovely Angels' were not anywhere near Mars.

    "You er must be here to pick up that band of rowdies who wrecked a casino on Garibaldi Street earlier today. I don't know as how Captain Donnelly is going to be willing to release them today, Miss. I'm so sorry that you had to make the trip for nothing." he said apologetically.

    "But er it was Commander Raven who sent me here to-" stammered Flay.

    "John Raven sent you here? Then I'll escort you to Captain Donnelly at once. My name is Bates- Inspector Simon Bates." he said, offering his hand which Flay shook.

    "Flaysie er Ensign Flay Allster, sir and thank you." she replied. Bates led the girl down to the main complex on the 52nd floor of the building. He tapped on an oaken door and threw it open to allow Flay to precede him after receiving a gruff order to come in. He saluted the grizzled old veteran seated at his desk.

    "Ensign Flay Allster, 3WA, 'UG', assigned to the 'Lovely Angel 2', sir. Miss er Ensign, this is Captain Dave Donnelly, 'ISSP', Mars Sector, commanding." announced Bates.

    "Thanks, Simon. I'll take it from here. Dismissed." said Donnelly and Bates left. Donnelly offered Flay a chair. Flay lifted the blast shield on her helmet and sat down. Donnelly began to pace the office.

    "I apologize that you had to come all this way for nothing, Miss but as Simon should have already told you we've decided to hold onto your comrades for a few more days. I'm very sorry, Ensign." he explained.

    "But er sir- Commander Raven--" she began.

    "Johnny Raven does 'not' run the 'ISSP' on Mars! I do! I wish he'd stay on his own little patch ('Ganymede') and stop interfering with me! Now Miss- unless you wish to join your friends I suggest that you leave, Allster! Good afternoon!" he said very menacingly.

    Flay had one card left to play and she played it. She extended her gloved hand to Donnelly.

    "Well thank you so much for your assistance anyway, sir. I will, of course, have to inform 'my' commanding officer and she will probably come here to see you personally, sir." said Flay coolly.

    The gray-haired veteran went quite white! "Your commanding officer? Oh my Christ! NO! Not her! Onegai er please tell me that your commander is not named-" stammered Donnelly.

    "Admiral O'Halloran, sir. One of the 'Lovely Angels' er you may have heard of them?" replied Flay.

    "One half of the infamous 'Dirty Pair' coming here! The last time we had 'em here they nuked the place! (Dave Donnelly hastily scrawled some words on a piece of paper and shoved it at Flay) Here! Give this to the 'ISSP' officer on duty four floors down on forty-eight and he'll release your friends, Allster! And er here. This is for you." said a very agitated captain of police, handing Flay a Martian operator's license good for any vehicle or vessel- flying or otherwise.

    "Domo arigatou, captain. Thanks ever so much. How can I ever repay you?" bubbled Flay, doing a superb job of acting like a star-struck teenaged schoolgirl.

    "Just collect your friends and belongings and get the Hell off Mars as soon as possible! Good afternoon to you, Ensign and sayonara!" barked Donnelly, shoving her ass out the door. The last thing he wanted was to have Keirran O'Halloran running around loose in 'Moravian City'- his town!

    Flay took the lift down to the 48th floor and tossed Donnelly's note to the officer at the desk. He made a quick call as soon as he'd read his superior's note and within thirty seconds Jett, Spike, Faye, Nat, Cagalli, Keisie, Cyborg, Robin, Jamie, Goat, Gene, Jimbo and Rally had been escorted to where Flay was awaiting them. Her benefactor turned to go.

    "Suba (short for Subaltern) excuse me please. Nothing for me to sign, sir?" asked a puzzled ensign.

    "Already taken care of, Miss. Just go. Please. Be off Mars by morning if you guys know oro's good for you! Good afternoon, ma'am." siad the youngish subaltern, beating a hasty retreat back to his desk.

    "Who the Hell are you and where the Fxxx do you think you're taking us, pal?" demanded a belligerent Spike Steigel.

    Flay lifted up her blast shield. "It's me, Cowboy! Did I ever have one Hell of a time getting that bastard Donnelly to let you go! Now, c'mon!" she said, leading the way to the roof.

    Faye fired up a cheroot. "All you needed to do was mention that red-headed bimbo's name and Uncle Davey would've arranged a police escort for us." said the cowgirl.

    "How'd ya think I got that old geezer to release ya! They want us gone from Mars- like yesterday, man! The Boss has the ship and we dunno where the oni she is either!" cried Flay, hopping into the skysled's driver's seat and firing up the engines.

    "You be real careful-like now, Ensign! We sure don't wanna get stuffed by the damned fuzz again and you ain't got no license, girl!" said Goat Smith.

    "I do now, Goatie!" she replied and flashed her shiny new holovid card. "Courtesy of Commander Johnny Raven." she added with satisfaction.

    "Raven's here? On Mars?" yelled Rally Vincent.

    "Yeah. He's back at the hotel with Saavie.Everybody ready?" asked Flay.

    Cont in Ch 141-Part 4
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 141-Pt 4-K&K

    Rally, Nat, Caggie and Keisie were seated on the laps of Gene, Jimbo, Goatie and Robin respectively.

    "We're in heaven back here, man! Er I mean we're all set to go!" answered Goat Smith.

    Flay fired her thrusters and blasted off the roof at Subwarp seven. "Seriously folks- oro are we gonna do? If we stay on Mars past ashita er tomorrow Donnelly will just all of us arrested again!" trilled Flay through her comlink.

    "I er know a guy that should be able to help us but ain't cheap." offered Spike.

    "Hey! No sweat, man! The 3WA's picking up the tabs for us!" trilled their driver.

    Gene looked concerned and turned to Jimbo. "Not him! He can't possibly mean him, can he, Jimbo?" he breathed in a whisper.

    "Rendar? Dash Rendar? That ain't hardly likely, Gene. He was on 'Persei VIII' last time I heard." replied Hawking.

    "Not any more, my tomos. He's got a crib here on Mars- in 'Shalimar' on the dark side of the planet. I'll call him from the hotel. He'll get us a ship- for a price!" said Spike, lighting a smoke.

    At 1730 or five thirty PM Flay docked Saavie's sled at the hotel and except for her they all headed for the hotel's main dining room.

    "Man oh man! It's hot! You guys go ahead and I'll catch up later. I gotta ditch this winter jazz first." she called from the garage. Flay rode up in the lift for oro seemed like forever to her rooms on the 117th floor.

    "Elda? I'm back. Saavie? Johnny? Anybody home?" she called after letting herself into the suite. A winking light atop their room's vidphone indicated someone had left them a message. She tapped her code phrase 'Gundams are great' into the retrieval panel and Saavik's face appeared on the screen.

    "Hi Flay. When you get back onegai meet me downstairs in the hotel restaurant. Raven had to split at 1715 so I decided to wait and have dinner with you. Trill me when you get this note. Bye." Flay blanked the screen and trilled Elda.

    "Hey there kiddo! I just got back with the kids. I'm gonna take a quick shower and change. See ya in fifteen minutes? Saavie, you there?" trilled Flaysie.

    "Hai, I'm here, Flay. Come to Table A-6 by the big fountain or just have me paged. Hurry up. See ya soon. I'm famished. Saavik out." trilled the Vulcan.

    Flay had wasted no time in ditching her cycle togs. After showering and changing her undies she opened the closet door. "Hmnn- No uniforms so both the '3WA' and 'Earth Alliance' stuff's out. So's those really comfy 3WA sweats. Well then- ordinary jogging sweats eh? Shimatta! Restaurants usually have dress codes!" she thought and used her vidcell to call down to the hotel's restaurant.

    "Restaurant. Do you wish to reserve a table?" asked a cultured gent's voice.

    "You guys have a dress code?" she asked.

    "Of sorts, madam. No swimming attire or jogging sweatsuits, however, pantsuits are permitted, madam." he replied frostily.

    "Arigatou." she said an closed her vidcell. "Great! Just great! Pantsuits are A-OK only I didn't bring any with me!" she fumed. Her wristchromo read 1755 or five minutes before six in the evening. Poor Saav must be starving down there! In the end she settled for a white polo shirt, a black miniskirt and blazer. For shoes she chose black calfskin spiked heel pumps. A black evening bag completed her ensemble.

    She arrived at the restaurant five minutes later out of breath. She had Saavie paged and was shown to her table immediately. "Hi, kid. I called the rest of the gang earlier and they wanted to know if we'd mind meeting up later on for a few drinks and decide oro we're going to do. Spike thinks he can get us a loaner ship from his pal Dash Rendar." said Saavik, handing Flay a menu.

    "Yeah, I know that but I don't think that Gene and Jimmy trust this guy all that much." replied Flaysie. She spoke her order into the table's mike and asked for an iced tea before dinner. Saavie ordered a small 'Rykolian' beer then ordered dinner as well.

    "You know, Saav that whether this dude's on the level or not we gotta take a chance on him! Donnelly wants us off Mars by tomorrow or else! We can't use or sleds and cycles offworld unless we use hardsuits which we ain't got! I dunno about Rendar but I do trust Spikey's judgment so I say we try it." said Flay and she shivered a little as a gust of cooled air blew across her untrousered legs.

    "Dammit all! Why didn't I wear a pair of Caggie's chinos instead of this old skirt?" she complained to herself. She glanced over at Saavie who looked to be really warm and toasty in that thick turtleneck, blazer and pants! Then she smiled at the Vulcan.

    "Yeah. Me too. I don't see as how we've really got much choice in the matter unless the Boss gets back sooner than we expect her to." agreed Saavie.

    "Where we gonna meet up later on for these drinks to discuss our options?" asked Flaysie.

    "Our place of course since we got the most room." replied Saavie.

    After dinner the whole away team met up in Suite 1180. Cagalli arrived and accepted a ginger ale from Flay. "Where's Nat?" asked the blonde.

    "She's got a date with Trace so she'll join us later on. However, her vote is to try for the deal with Mr. Rendar." said Cagalli Athna.

    Spike grinned and lit a cigarette. "I figured that my idea was gonna be our only option so I've already vidded Dash. He said he can get us a small space cruiser big enough for all of us and all of our other luggage and junk. The cost will be a mere fifty thousand credits. No problem since 'UG' and the 3WA's picking up our tabs but where we gonna go? We can't wander too far afield or Reds won't know where to find us. I sure as Hell don't want to go back to 'Endor' or 'Gysymeo'." said Spike Steigel.

    "Earth?" suggested Robin hopefully. Jett shook his head.

    "Nai, kid. Earth's out. We aren't authorized to travel there without a senior tro-con officer aboard us." said Jett.

    "How about 'Kagura' then?" suggested Faye. "After all, Nat is going out with one of the 'Saruman Tower' officers." she added.

    "That's the ticket! We've already been there before and we'd be in the admiral's sensor range too." agreed Rally.

    "Great. OK, I'll just have Dash drop it off tomorrow morning." said the rangy cowboy.

    They all voiced approval and then Cy suggested playing some vidgames. Flay, Cag, Robin, Rally, Keisie, Jamie from Jersey, Goat, Jimbo and Gene agreed readily. Jett and Faye decided to play a game of 'shogi' or Japanese chess. Saavie and Spike wanted to watch some holovids instead. At 2300 Nat and Tracey wnadered in after failing to find any of the gang at the bar.

    "Hey! I remember that old chestnut!" said Trace Edwards eagerly.

    The ancient Terran vid in question was the AD 1961 Steve Reeves' remake of 'Thief of Bagdad' and Trace plopped himself down on the sofa to watch it. Nat went to the kitchenette to prepare some snacks and when she returned Robin, Cy, Cag, Flay, Rally, Keisie, Jamie, Jimbo, Goat, Gene, Spike, Faye, Jett and even Saavie were all entranced with the old and rare adventure film set in Arabia on old 12th Century Terra.

    "Dash said he'd deliver the 'Gammeran Prince' (their 'loaner' ship) to us ashita at 0900 er nine o'clock. We can leave it at 'Saruman Air Field' when we're done with it and he'll pick it up there in a week or so. I managed to get him to drop the price to thirty thousand credits too." whispered the ex-enforcer of the 'Red Dragon' syndicate.

    "Ssh! He's reached the third door! This is a real cool flick, man!" whispered Flay, her mouth full of popcorn.

    This film was soon followed by the 'Golden Voyage of Sinbad', 'The Last Samurai', 'Metropolis', 'Transformers' and a few more. By 0400 all of them had fallen asleep. Keisie and Faye (natch!) had both passed out. Oro'd you expect? They'd polished off three fifths of 'Kalufraxian Rum' after the hotel had run out of Skotch! The suite looked like one of 'Gysymeo's' solar storms had hit the place!

    The next morning Nat awakened at 0800 and called room service for breakfast and several gallons of java- black and hot!

    With no time to lose, Nat, Saavie, Rally, Cag and Flay managed to get Faye and Keisie into the showers. Nat turned the cold water on full blast and the duo's screeches had soon woke up the rest of the away team party animals. Right on cue room service arrived and after a hasty breakfast and a river of hot coffee Spike and Nat made up 'prairie oysters' for everyone who needed one which was most of the gang. Then they all split up and returned to their own digs to pack up.

    Saavie called down to the 'Harconian's' front desk to inform them that they were all checking out at 0900 and the Vulcan princess could have almost sworn that she'd heard the words 'Thank Christ!' in the background but she couldn't really be sure.

    Keisie who was now sober and was the solitary member of their party who truly was 3WA and 'UG' signed the bill and at Gene's suggestion she added a huge tip to it.

    Dash delivered the 'Gammeran Prince' to them a few minutes later and helped them to load up their junk. He'd brought along his own aircar for the return trip to 'Shalimar' and after Gene had used the credit vidchit that the Boss had given to him (to use for various sundry expenses like bribes, accidents, hospital bills, damages from fights, fines, bail bonds and so forth) to pay the rogue starship dealer and after Dash had also deducted his two thousand credits' tip, it still held over fifty thousand credits!

    Cont in Ch 141-Part 5
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 141-Part 5 at last-K&K

    Gene Starwind now wasted no time in vacating the premises. Since they were heading for 'Kagura' Tracey had bummed a ride home. Gene had balked at first (he hated coppers!) but Jett had convinced him that the Kaguran lieutenant would be useful in getting them through any Kaguran red tape.

    Trace was more than willing to help them out since it was he who had inadvertently set John Berringer on their heels back on 'Gysymeo'! He was grateful both for the lift home and the fact that the kawaii young lieutenant Naturle Badgiruel would be along too!

    The trip to 'Kagura' would take two solar days meaning that they should make planetfall sometime January sixteenth. Gene was a skillfull pilot and wanted to cut through the 'J'onnz J'onnz' asteroid belt to shave even more time off their journey but Keisie soon put the kibosh on that bright idea! After all, being the sole 'UG'/3WA officer aboard she was really the commander of the ship as she pointed out to Starwind.

    "That belt's too shimatta dangerous to use, Gene! Even though our bosses are quite willing to pay for us to 'rent' this vessel, they sure as Hell will not pay for its purchase so don't forget that the 'Gammeran Prince' is only a loaner! Now who wants to play navigator?" said the 2140 Angel.

    "Don't look at me! I'm just an engineer, not a navigator!" said Saavik. Likewise Robin and Cy knew engines, not how to plot course and stuff like that. Jimbo was a co-pilot. Keisie was a weapons ace as was Nat. Jett and Spike were bounty hunters. Cagalli and Flay were gunners' mate trainees. Trace was only a security officer. Rally was a scanning officer and knew how to call for help. The Jersey wolves were cooks and Gene was the pilot. Zoe, Nyssa, Molly and Ellen were with Yuri Donovan's group as was the 2140 Angel 'Yuri' counterpart. Marlene was with the Boss enroute from 'Workoh' so that just left Faye Valentine.

    "Christ Almighty! Oro the Hell are you looking at me for? Can't you guys do anything besides wreck stuff, dammit! OK, OK! I'll play navigator for us!" growled the petite cowgirl, firing up a cheroot and pointing a finger at Rally Vincent.

    "Get on those scanners and stay on 'em, got it?" she ordered and the Terran bounty hunter lass nodded and did as she'd been told. Faye sat in the nav seat and keyed up the star vidcharts for the grey expanse of space between Mars and 'Kagura'.

    "Gene. Come about and yaw to starboard. Set our course bearings to 274.9 NNE. Cy, Robin, Saavie- Go and find out oro the warp core's like on this tub. Gene, I would recommend a warp thrust speed of no more than three. Nat, better put Caggie and Flaysie on the plasma cannons in case we need to use 'em and meanwhile I'll start laying in our course." said Faye.

    Cyborg's roar shook the starship from stem to stern. "Yo! Hey, Valentine! We got took! Man oh man! You oughta see oro the Hell this engine room looks like! It's a piece of frigging junk!" trilled the huge Titan.

    End of Chapter 141. Chapter 142 'Dewey to the Rescue' or 'Substitute Angel' soon. Have a nice day. SFN. Toodles-K&K

    Cont in Ch 142
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    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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