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Thread: Dirty Pair Fanfiction

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    Here's another lengthy one- Ch 142-Pt 1-K&K

    DISCLAIMER: OK Lex, it's all yours! First, thank you to Mr. T. for the use of the Angels. Thanks to everyone else who is letting us use their creations. How was that, Yuri? Great! Oh yes it was, Kei! Well, we left you up in the air so let's get to Chapter 142 without further preamble:-

    Chapter 142

    'Dewey to the Rescue' or 'Substitute Angel'

    "Never mind oro the Hell it looks like, Cy! Will it work? How much warp thrust can you give us up here?" trilled Faye.

    "Thrusters are er serviceable and the impulse engines are functional, Miss Valentine but the darn warp core's busted! We need a new one, ma'am." trilled Robin the Titan.

    "Oh sure, we'll just send Goat and Jamie out to buy a new one at 'Pep Boys' or an 'Auto Zone' store, right?" said Gene sarcastically.

    "Well, we ain't got no damned warp thrust without one! Ask Her majestic Highness where the Hell we can get one!" trilled Cyborg.

    "Jett. Spike. This here's your turf, not mine. Where the Hell can we find a garage or a used starship parts store around here?" asked Keisie gruffly.

    "Well er there's Dewey. Dewey Doohan, the dude that always fixes my 'Swordfish II' whenever I wreck it." suggested Spike dubiously.

    "Spike, don't we still owe him and Miles twenty thousand woolongs?" asked Jett Black.

    "Yeah and we owe him another hundred for that part Reggie got for us that he paid for, Jett." replied Spike. "But Reds, can't 'UG' and the good ol' 3WA square those bills for us? After all, I got us a starship rental, didn't I?" wheedled the rangy cowboy. Keisie grinned at him.

    "I guess so, Spike. How much are we talking about for a new or a rebuilt warp core, installation, paying off your bills and stuff? In universal currency- credits not woolongs please?" she asked.

    Spike ticked off the items on his fingers and tapped them into his PDO which like all PDOs had a built in calculator and universal currency converter.

    "Let's see now. Twenty grand for my bill, say another two G's for the warp core, seven hundred fifty for labor, another G for a tune-up. All told- that's about twenty-five grand in woolongs or (Spike used his universal converter) say twenty-five hundred credits. That sound OK to you, Reds?" asked Spike and Keisie nodded her head.

    "Dirt cheap, man!" agreed Gene Starwind.

    "Hey Cy, we got any subwarp on the impulse drives?" asked Spike.

    "Maybe subwarp eight but not a Helluva lot more than that and no hyperthrust at all- not without that core." trilled Cyborg.

    "OK, warm up those impulse engines and we'll split. Which way, Cowboys?" asked Starwind.

    "Take her up and follow Volutes Highway two hundred fifty kilos due South and hang a left at the Koro River. Dewey's spread is just beyond the bridge there." said Spike.

    Robin had activated the impulse drives and Cy was doing a speedy diagnostic on the thrusters. Saavie was busily loading the fuel cylinders.

    Goat and Jamie had discovered the galley. "Hey guys! There ain't no replicator thingys! How the Hell we gonna cook?" yelled Jamie.

    "The old-fashioned way. On the stove." yelled Rally Vincent.

    "Ya wanna help?" yelled Goat Smith.

    "No way, man! I can't cook. Mae's the chef in the family, not me." chortled the Terran girl.

    "BB's our cook back home!" said Cyborg and Robin agreed.

    Saavie just shook her Vulcan head and continued loading fuel.

    The 'Earth Alliance' trio were likewise useless in the kitchen.

    "You don't wanna eat Jett's cooking, I can't cook and Faye can't really do anything right!" joked Spike Steigel.

    "Yuri's the 'Martha Stewart' homemaker, I ain't!" chuckled Keisie.

    Gene shook his head and pointed to Jimbo Hawking. "OK, I'm game. Trace, you ever been on KP duty?" he said.

    "I can boil water and fry up hamburgers. I used to be a short order fry cook on 'Dantooine' once upon a time." replied the Kaguran lieutenant.

    "OK then you two are the new cooks. Starwind, Jamie and Goat are your new co-pilots and I don't want no arguements either, man!" said Keisie.

    Nat returned from a tour of the 'Gammeran Prince' with a rueful look on her face.

    "This here piece of space crap does not have any weapons that I can see! I've got a small Mark II I brought from the other ship and I think Elda's got a phaser with her. Cy's got a built-in sonic cannon blaster thing and Robbie's got his gadgets. The rest of you- anybody carrying heat?" said Nat.

    Gene and Jimbo weren't armed. The Jersey juggernauts had disruptor pistols which they'd 'borrowed' from the 'Angel' arsenols. Spike and Jett had automatics and faye had three Glock sevens. Caggie and Flaysie had laser swords Yuri's given them. Rally had the Mark XIII ion cannon the Boss had loaned her. Trace Edwards had his service pistol, a commando knife and a comm box.

    Keisie turned out to be armed to the gills! Two Mark XII ion cannons, twin laser swords, spare power packs, extra ammo, a 'Starfleet' phaser, a photon launcher, a Mark XX long barrelled ion cannon and even an old AR-27J break-down plasma rifle!

    "You dummies be real sure to keep any weapons ya got hidden! On Mars only law enforcement guys, cowboys (bounty hunters) and syndicate delivery boys are authorized to carry heat! Better heed my warning, folks! You already found out oro a Hellhole the 'ISSP' can be here! They don't play games and we all found that out yesterday- the hard way!" warned Jett Black.

    You got just 75 impulse power, Gene but that should be enough for you to lift off although we can only get impulse engine thrust up to subwarp five. Dar, I sure as Hell wish Donnie (Donnatella) were still with us! He could make an engine sing, that he could, me boyos!" trilled Robin.

    "It'll just have to do guys. Everybody sit down and strap in. Here we go, kiddies." trilled Gene, easing back on the throttle as he was lifting clear of the hangar. He quickly reached an altitude of fifteen hundred kilos. The thrusters gave a dull meow-like roar of protest as Gene turned due South and began to build up speed.

    "Starwind! You're too high, dammit! Drop down until you can see the highway below us!" yelled Spike, almost screaming to be heard above the whining of the afterburners. Gene dove until his altimeter read fifty kilos.

    "Hey, er, Mr. Hawking? Oro the Hell are these here controls for?" yelled Flay also screaming to be heard over the afterburners.

    "Oro controls, kiddo?" demanded Hawking and the blonde pointed out a bank of switches and knobs on the console which had been hidden until she'd accidentally tripped a release lever and revealed them.

    "Hot damn! Gene, we got us a bank of quad guns, plasma blasters, incendiaries, ion cannons, photon torpedoes, phasers, a phase disruptor array and even a tractor beam! We got some firepower at least! Hey Allster! Get Baddie (Nat), Athna (Cagalli) and Reds (Keisie) up here stat! They're the weapons crew, ain't they?" trilled Jimbo.

    "Yo Lt. Nat! Get Caggie and Reds and get your asses up here on the double! We found guns!" crowed Flaysie.

    "Dibs on the photons!" trilled Cagalli.

    "Then I get the plasma blasters!" trilled Flay.

    "Those phase disruptors are mine!" trilled Keisie.

    "Gues that leaves me with the quads. Low girl again." trilled Nat.

    "Can I er have the incendiaries?" trilled Trace.

    "No way, man! You and Jimmy boy are the cooks- remember?" yelled Gene.

    Their pilot had been faithfully following the thin ribbon of grey road below them while Faye had been carefully keeping track of their progress.

    "Another three clicks (three kilometers) Starwind. That's the Koro River dead ahead. Yaw left and watch for a small bridge. Dewey's place is just beyond it. There! (Faye pointed) That's the place. Put us down on that starboard hillside, Gene." she trilled.

    "Roger that, girlie. Hang on to your shorts, folks! Here we go." trilled Gene. Meanwhile their approach had not gone totally unnoticed after all. Two figures were milling about below them.

    "Somebody's coming, Boss. New customers maybe? Darn! The 'Blue Sox' lost again! OK, OK! I'll go put the kettle on, Boss man!" said Miles who was the old starship mechanic's assistant and apprentice rolled into one.

    Having landed the 'Gammeran Prince' and alighted from the ship Gene was skeptical.

    "You er sure we got the right place, Spike?" wondered Gene.

    "Yeah, it sure looks a Helluva lot more like a junkyard or the city dump! Yuck!! It stinks to high heaven! Oro a cesspool, guys!" yelled Flay Allster, gingerly stepping through the crud.

    "Yeah, this is the right place, gang. See? Here come Miles and Dewey out to meet us." replied Spike.

    He turned back to the 'Prince' and called inside. "Trace! If you're coming with us, ditch those 'KASP' togs! Dewey hates authority figures. Gene, lend him something cool of mine, willya? Let's go Cy, Robbie. You ladies coming or not?" said Spike.

    Ever practical Jamie spoke up. "We need supplies. There a supermarket or a mall around here?" he asked.

    "Yeah. About twelve kilos East of here." replied Faye and lit up a cheroot.

    "Nat, take Jamie, Goat, Flay and Caggie with you and get oro we need. Here, there's about 600,000 woolongs (6,000 credits or $1,200 dollars in Earth currency) on this vidchit card. Take an aircar or one of the skysleds." said Keisie and handed the 'EA' brunette a small grey/green vidcard.

    "Grocery shopping with the kids? Sure. Why the Hell not! You guys get into winter gear. It's really gonna get cold out and the vidnews just said snow's coming soon. Meet ya in the bays in ten minutes." said Nat, pulling on a snowsuit and parka and slipping into gloves and heavy boots for the flight. Gene sidled over to her.

    "Forget oro we said before. This is a hostile sector of Mars so don't forget your weapons." he whispered.

    Cont in Ch 142-part 2
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 142-Pt 2-K&K

    Nat left her two ensigns changing in the cabin the three were sharing with Saavie, Faye and Keisie. Flay had removed her flight suit and was standing in a mcck turtleneck sweater and underbriefs. Now she was trying to decide which snowsuit to wear for the trip.

    "Oro do ya thin, Caggie? Red or green?" she asked, holding two winter jumpsuits against her chest.

    "Either one, Flay. This ain't no fashion show and that goes on 'over' your flightsuit, stupid! Hurry up now or we'll have Lt. Nat mad at us again!" replied Cagalli, zipping her parka and yanking on gloves. "Don't forget your helmet, dummy!" she added and picked up her own on the way out the door.

    Flay quickly resumed her flight togs, pulled on her red jumpsuit, yanked on parka and gloves, shoved a Mark III (Nat's) into her pocket and pulled on her helmet. Then she raced to catch up with the others. Nat was waiting impatiently at the sled with Jamie and Goat when Cagalli trotted over and took her seat beside Nat. Jamie and Goat were in the rear sets behind them. Flay finally ran over, apologized and took a seat between the guys while Nat closed the roof of the sled.

    "We'd better be quick 'cause that storm's headed this way and fast. You guys all strapped in? Let's go." she said, firing the engines and lifting clear of the bays and into the ever darkening skies. She rocketed East at subwarp two and five minutes later she put down at 'Land 'n Shop' which was the Mars' version of a Terran 'Walmart' store. Nat cut the engines, opened the roof and climbed out followed by Cag and the two guys. Nat tossed helmet, gloves and parka on the seat and fished out her PDO vidpad which held their shopping list. The two guys and Cagalli also ditched their heavy outer gear. Then Flay unstrapped and pulled off her helmet. She started to climb out of the sled but Cag shoved her back into the vessel.

    "You gotta wait out here in the sled, Flaysie. We know about you and shopping malls! You'll get in there and we won't be able to get you outta there until you've bought out half the planet!" said Cagalli.

    "You can't order me around, Athna!" yelled Flay defiantly.

    "Well, I sure as Hell can, Ensign Allster! You 'will' stay outside with this sled and that's an order, young lady! Understood?" barked her lieutenant. Flay nodded her head.

    "Yes'm." she mumbled sulkily.

    "Aw! Don't cry, little Flaysie! If you're a good little girl we'll bring you back a nice dolly, OK?" teased Jamie.

    "Come on, man! I just saw a hot space chick and she was giving me the eye, Jamie boy!" said Goat.

    "And you two behave yourselves! Let's go, Caggie." said Nat.

    The quartet left a pouting Flaysie and rode up the mobile walkway to the huge supermarket/department store/everything shops.

    Back at the yard Cy and Robin had discovered that Miles was also a baseball fanatic like them albeit his 'Blue Sox' team was one they'd never even heard of before! While the trio of new tomos was yakking about baseball stats, games, players, etc. Dewey yelled over to Miles asking him if they still had that ALD411 core that Miles was supposed to have finished rebuilding last week.

    "Yeah, Boss man. It's up in the loft next to the--" began Miles.

    "Just get me the damned thing, kid! Better order that flow valve thrust unit from Reggie for that job we got with the 'Doom Patrol' shuttle service!" bellowed Dewey who was asking Spike how the 'Swordfish II', the 'Hammerhead' and the 'Redtail' (Spike's, Jett's and Faye's shuttles respectively) were holding up and wasn't the 'Redtail' overdue for a tune-up?

    Cy and Robin followed Miles up to the loft and were soon 'oohing' and 'ahhing' at the profusion of engine and core parts strewn around them.

    "Miles! Bring me a 127-DX nacelle fuel regulator too and that other spare hyperdrive array unit too." yelled Dewey. Miles grimaced but cheerfully complied.

    An hour later with all the new parts installed and the 'Prince' tested and pronounced 'should last you another month or so' by Dewey Doohan, the old mechanic was proudly showing off his latest acquisition- the newly rebuilt and just refurbished 'Atlantis', the ancient 'NASA' space shuttle which had been rusting in an old silo on old Terra since it had been scrapped in AD 2107!

    "Boy! I remember reading all about that thing on my history vids but I sure as Hell never thought that I'd ever actually see that old piece of space junk!" said Keisie incredulously.

    "Watch your mouth, girlie! If it hadn't of been for one of those 'old pieces of junk' there our Spike here would be long gone to meet his maker! Ain't that a fact, Steigel?" growled Dewey.

    "Yup. The 'Enterprise' sure as shooting saved my bacon that time and no mistake, man!" agreed Spike who was cleaning and loading his automatic. (See 'Wild Horse' episode of 'Cowboy Bebop' for details on this one).

    Jett glanced at his wristchromo and frowned. Then he glanced at the almost pitch black sky above.

    "They've been gone almost two whole hours! You don't suppose that anything's happened to 'em, do you?" asked a worried Jett.

    "If I know Flay she's probably buying out the mall." said Saavie, looking up from her perusal of a ship's schematic vid which Dewey had given to them.

    "Tht's just the reason why I told Nat to make damned sure that Flay stayed with the sled!" said Faye, popping open another 'Licorian Lana' beer for herself.

    "Go easy on that crap, babe! You're navigating, girl!" warned Jimbo.

    "Call 'em, Jett if you're that concerned." advised Keisie.

    "Jett calling Lt. Nat. You there, ma'am? Over." trilled the big cowboy.

    "Yes Mr. Black? Lt. Nat here. Over." trilled Nat who was just stuffing their last box of goodies into the sled's boot.

    "Just wondering if you guys were OK what with this storm heading towards us and all? Over." trilled Jett.

    "We're fine and just as soon as we find Flay we'll be on our way home. Over." trilled Nat.

    "Her parka, gloves, snowsuit and helmet are on the backseat, Nat. So's her backpack but her fanny pouch isn't here." said Goat Smith.

    "She's probably gone shopping, Nat. I'll have her paged in the mall." said Cagalli.

    "You just do that, Ensign. When I get my hands on that little pain--" yelled Nat. Then-

    "Oh, er, sorry, Jett. You were saying?" trilled the weapons crew chief.

    "Did I hear you say that Miss Allster is er missing, Lt. Nat?" trilled Jett.

    "Yeah but I just sent Athna to find her ass. She most likely just went shopping. When we return to the 'Angel', she's confined to quarters for a week and she's on KP for two! Oro? Jett! Caggie says all she can find in the mall were Flaysie's clothes in one of the changing rooms! What!! This is really weird, man! Cag says her fanny pouch is in there and the three outfits she was trying on and her flight suit! Wherever the Hell she is, she's in skivvies and boots and nothing else! Dammit all! I'm calling the cops! This looks like a kidnapping. Oro's that, Jett? Ok, OK, I won't call in the 'ISSP' guys just yet. Yeah, OK. We'll meet you back at Dewey's place. Bye." trilled Nat.

    "Look Nat, I know she's flighty but she sure as Hell wouldn't be running around the streets in her unmentionaables now- would she?" sobbed Cagalli who was worried sick over her compadre in arms.

    "Now let's all try and stay calm. We'll go back to the 'Prince' and regroup first. Then we'll go out and look for her." soothed Nat.

    "Why the Fxxx haven't you called in the cops yet, Lt.? She's been kidnapped for Kami's sake! Shit, are you really that much of an asshole, Nat?" screamed an enraged Cagalli.

    "Ensign! While I do realize that you're upset please remember that I am still your superior officer so watch your language, young lady! (Nat lowered her voice) We can't involve the 'ISSP' nor can we call the local police, Cag. We aren't even supposed to still be on this planet- remember?" said Nat.

    "Sorry about that, ma'am. I apologize. You're right of course. Let's just get back to the ship." said Caggie. Suddenly Jamie and Goat came racing over to them.

    "Find anything, guys?" inquired the lieutenant.

    Instead of answering her Jamie solemnly handed her a hologram message cylinder.

    "Delivery guy said he saw a kid matching our Flaysie's description leave here with a big dude on a skycycle! He says the guy just shoved her inside it and took off!" yelled Goatie.

    "Oro makes him so shimatta sure it's our Flay, Goatie?" asked Cagalli.

    Cont in Ch 142-Part 3
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 142-Pt 3-K&K

    "While it's true I didn't get a real good look at her 'cause she was wrapped in a blanket, I did see she was a short blonde and I did see her feet- clearly!" said Goat.

    "So?" demanded Nat impatiently.

    "They were dark green and had an 'FA' stamped on their sides- in gold." he replied.

    " 'FA' as in Flay Allster. Like the ones that Fayesie repped up for the kid." explained Jamie.

    "Oro's on the holo thingy?" asked Goat.

    Nat stuck the small cylinder into the skysled's power receptacle and activated it. Instantly a 3-D hologram of the frightened 'EA' ensign wrapped in a white blanket materialized in midair. She was trying hard not to cry and losing the battle miserably.

    "Help me, guys! I'm really s-s-scared this time! The big dumbbell says that if ya ever wanna see me alive again ya gotta meet him tonight at twenty hundred hours er eight o'clock at the coordinates on this holocylinder thingy! Oh yeah and ya gotta be sure and bring Auntie Kei with ya too! Then he'll do a trade- me for her! If ya don't then I'm a goner for sure! Please save me, gang! Please! Please! Please!" whimpered a sobbing Flaysie. Her image winked out and her voice was replaced by a stern male one instead.

    "May I suggest that you do as you've been told! It goes without saying that you must not go to the 'ISSP' nor the local police or the kawaii young lady will be killed. Just give me oro I want and I shall give you oro you want. A fair exchange, nai? Don't do anything stupid or else! Here are the coordinates. Until twenty hundred tonight- sayonara, children!"

    They waited but only silence answered them.

    "Captain Starwind? Come in, please. This is--" trilled Caggie Before Nat painfully yanked off her comlink earrings.

    "Shut the Hell up, you moron! Didn't you just hear him? He's more than likely monitoring these shimatta things!" said the lieutenant and pointed to her own comlink earrings.

    Goat was perplexed. "Wonder why he wants 'Reds'? She had to have died decades ago! Right?" wondered the Jersey junkman.

    "Not Keisie, dummy! The other one- the lush! O'Halloran! For the reward from Berringer! Christ! This baka idiot dunno that the little shit's been nabbed and there ain't no more bounty no more!" yelled Jamie.

    "Get in! We're wasting time- precious time! We've got to get back!" yelled Nat, yanking on parka, gloves and helmet. The two New Jerseyites piled in the back while Cagalli took the seat beside Nat who snapped the roof shut and hit the thrusters. "Hang onto your shorts! We're gonna see just how fast this thing can go!" she cried and tramped the speed pedal to the floor. A skysled's maximum speed is subwarp twelve or 270 kilometres per hour and Nat soon reached it!

    "Slow down, Nat honey! The last thing we want is the 'ISSP' or the locals stopping us for speeding!" yelled Jamie, punching her in the shoulder. The brunette nodded and decreased to subwarp four or 75 kph and then to subwarp two or 40 kph by which time Dewey's bridge was in sight.

    Nat landed, taxiied and then spun to a bone-jarring stop next to the 'Gammeran Prince'. Elda Saavik was the first of them to reach the skysled.

    "Where the Hell have you guys been? Oro took you so long? Where's Flaysie?" she cried and Cagalli began snivelling while Goat and Jamie looked away from her. Nat stared into the Vulcan's aizu and spoke quietly.

    "Get the others, Saavie." she ordered and Saavie scooted away. "Goatie, Cag, Jamie- start loading that stuff onto the 'Prince'. Fill the fuel cylinders on that sled and break out a couple of more. We're going back out!" commanded Nat. Gene and the rest of the away team came rushing over closely followed by Miles and Dewey.

    "Where is Flay, Lt.?" demanded Gene Starwind. For answer she tossed him the holo message cylinder.

    "Play that, Cap. She's gone. Disappeared." said Nat quietly. He obediently plugged it into the 'Prince's' power receptacle and punched it on. All of them crowded around to see and hear the message. Afterwards-

    "Who the Hell 'is' that? His voice is so damned bloody familiar!" wondered Rally.

    "It damned well should be, Vincent. That's Luthor. Lex Luthor, one of Johnny Berringer's goons. Guess he didn't get the word that Johnny boy won't be paying off on any more bounties where he's headed." said Keisie from the doorway. She'd just come up from supervising the final testing of their new warp core. Cy and Robbie were dogging her heels.

    "How are we ever gonna f-f-find her?" sobbed the usually calm and cool Cagalli.

    "Was she wearin' her earrings? Those ones that the Boss gave to her?" demanded Keisie coolly.

    "Yeah. At least she was when we left her with the sled anyway!" answered Jamie Wilson.

    The redhead grinned. "Vincent, hit that panel next to the scanner controls. The one marked 'CRT' for 'Comlink Relay Tracker'. I had Saavik install it yesterday- just in case Flaysie did a walkabout. Unfortunately its range is a mere five hundred kilos but since those coordinates he gave us are only 150 kilos from here he must have Allster stashed somewhere nearby. Well, Vincent? Got a fix on her signal yet?" yelled Keisie impatiently.

    "Yeah, gimme a minute and I'll put it onscreen for ya! There it it- see it? About seventy kilos West of the meeting spot. Some sort of old military complex. Anybody recognize it? Looks really ancient, man!" said Rally. All of the team looked blank and Miles shook his head. Dewey Doohan frowned.

    "That's gotta be the old abandoned 'Taurus' missile silo base. It's deserted and has been for over eighty years or so. I know a shortcut there that we can use without being seen by Luthor." said Dewey.

    "Can we trust these two, Spike?" whispered Keisie and the cowboy grinned.

    "Safe as houses, Reds. We going after the kid then?" whispered Spike.

    "Damned right we are, boyo!" seethed the redhead. "I'll teach Lexie boy he can't grab my tomos and get away with it, man!" she added vehemently.

    "How are we gonna get her outta there safely, gang?" asked Rally and all aizu turned towards Keisie.

    "Don't look at me, kiddies! Yuri er Yuyu's the brains on our team, man!" she said.

    "I er have a plan of sorts if you're interested?" offered Robin quietly.

    "We're desperate, kiddo. Let's hear it." chortled Gene.

    "OK. Here goes. Luthor wants Kei, right? So we give her to him--" he began and several members of the away team looked daggers at the poor Titan!

    "Wait! Hear me out first! Please! The only one of you er ladies tall enough to pass off as the real Boss Lady is the lieutenant here. (He pointed to Nat) We put her in a red wig and a commander's flightsuit and well- from a distance she'll look like Miss Kei, won't she? While Gene, Jimbo and Keisie are er negotiating with Luthor using Miss Nat as the Boss, Spike, Jett and Miss Faye will have already surrounded the complex on skycycles using those cannon things to provide cover fire when the other team makes a break for it with Miss Flaysie. Meanwhile Rally, Saavie, Dewey and Miles here will have been hovering in the 'Gammeran Prince' ready to teleport us all up after we accomplish our mission. While all of this is going on, Cyborg and myself will be making enough racket to make Luthor think that the entire 'ISSP' fleet is attacking him. During all of that confusion we will nab Mr. Luthor and teleport him up to the ship. Then we all beat it back here to Dewey's place and drop off him and Miles. Then we hightail it over to this 'Kagura' place stat." siad Robin proudly and waited for their reactions which were not slow in coming.

    "I like it! Let's do it, man!" yelled Cyborg.

    "Oro do we do if Luthor's got more guards there?" demanded the cowgirl.

    "Lex boy is a loner. He prides himself on not needing help from anybody. Besides that- Miss Vincent's scan showed only two heat trace/DNA signatures anywhere on that base. Once Lex is occupied with Gene's parlay group at the front gate, Miss Vincent will trill Miss Flaysie's location to Miss Cagalli, Jamie and Goat. They will go in and get her out." answered Robin.

    "Another problem, kid." said Dewey. "You're expecting to run Allster across the base airstrip in the open, right? (Robin nodded) Wellkids, 'Taurus' is protected from assault by automatic machine gun fire coverage. I have a better solution. Take her to this point here. (Dewey indicated a sewer opening inside of a building on the chart- the same building where Flaysie was supposedly being held) Get her below ground as soon as you can and hustle her ass down this sewer tunnel a couple of hundred meters. You'll come up here behind these silos. They'll provide ample cover for your final fifty meter sprint to safety. Tractor beams and teleports won't work inside the base's boundaries. Inside the fences I mean. Why? Because there's a jamming signal activated in there still. You've all gotta be outsie the fence perimeters to teleport or tractor out. Sorry." said Dewey.

    "No problemo. We just use our stunners (stun guns) on Lexie and then drag his fat ass outside the perimeter lines of the base before we beam him up." said Keisie.

    "We'll need to bring Flaysie a flightsuit and some cold weather gear or she'll freeze to death outside." warned Rally and Cagalli sped off for her rooms.

    Cont in Ch 142-Part 4
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 142-Pt 5-K&K

    "I'll get them right now." she called over her shouder brightly.

    "OK then we'll try it. We really have no other options." said Keisie.

    "Right! Titans-- Go!" said Robin. "Sorry guys. Force of habit I guess." he added sheepishly.

    They began their preparations for that evening stopping only once at 1600 or four o'clock for a hearty dinner provided by Miles who turned out to be a fairly decent cook. By 188 or six o'clock they were ready to go.

    Spike, Jett, Faye, Jamie, Goat, Caggie, Cyborg and Robin each had a skycycle. Goat's was equipped with a sidecar addition for Flaysie. Gene, Jimbo, Keisie and the pseudo-Boss (Nat) were to ride inside the skysled. Rally, Saavie, Miles and Dewey were to hover overhead staying just out of scan range in the 'Gammeran Prince' piloted by Dewey himself. Miles would be his quad gunner. Rally was to operate the tractoring beam and Saavie was controlling the teleport equipment.

    Over in the 'EA' rooms, Goat was watching as Cagalli packed up a backpack with clothing for Flaysie. She'd already crammed in jeans and a polo shirt, a parka, a snowsuit, a flightsuit, gloves and a helmet. She was about to zip up the pack when Goat tossed in a pair of heavy socks and a pair of flight boots.

    "Don't forgett these, Caggie. Just in case that creep-a-zoid freak took hers away from the poor kid." he said.

    "Thanks a lot, tomo." said cagalli with a smile.

    Robin was going over the plan details one last time before they shoved off.

    "You all know what to do now. Just do what you're supposed to do when you're supposed to do it and everything will be fine. Godd luck, guys. OK, Mr. Doohan. You may take us up." he said.

    About halfway between home base and the 'Taurus' complex Dewey stopped and put the ship into 'hover' mode.

    "This is as close as I dare to get and still stay outta scan range so off you go. Cycles go first. Ten minutes after that the sled goes. Good luck." said Dewey.

    "Miles, get on those quads. Rally, plasma cannons and the tractors. Saavie, standy by to beam 'em up on my mark." he added.

    The cycles blasted off and the 'Bebop' gang took up defensive positions covering the base.

    Cy and Robbie landed behind the base while Cag, Goat and Jamie landed on the base's western boundary.

    Jamie had the backpack slung over his shoulder as he led the way to the silos to await the beginning of Cy and Robin's diversion.

    The Titanic Duo were busily laying out their assortment of pyrotechnics, noisemakers and explosives. Both the Boss and the Blonde Bomber would've been envious of their little horde of goodies!

    "Good luck, Gene. Your turn. Good luck." said Dewey when the skysled lifted off ten minutes later.

    Keisie and Nat were in the back seat while Jimbo was riding shotgun with Gene at the controls. He landed the sled just outside of the main gate a few minutes before twenty hundred hours.

    At exactly 2000 hours a booming voice was heard over the base loudspeakers:-

    "Arigatou for being so prompt. Out of the sled and walk through the gates to the main building in front of you. The gates are unlocked and the power's been turned off for this gate. Leave your weapons behind or Ensign Allster dies. (The parlay group advanced after ditching their arms and dumping them in the sled) Inside quickly- I must see Miss O'Halloran's kawaii face. (They entered the building) Onegai remove her helmet. (Jimbo did so and Nat's wig's red tresses cascaded down her face) Fools! That is not Admiral O'Halloran! She always wears a green headband around her kawaii crimson locks!" roared the voice of Lex Luthor angrily.

    "Hold it, boyo! In all the shimatta confusion I forgot about the damned thing! It's in my pocket, man!" growled Nat in a gruff tone which was a fair imitation of Kei's own voice. (With Keisie's help she bound the headband around her forehead. "Happy now, stupid?" she barked.

    "We'll see! Lose the parka, gloves, shades and snowsuit. (Nat angrily yanked off her parka, pulled off her shades, peeled off her gloves and unzipped her snowsuit. Then she calmly stepped out of the snowjumper) You have a scar across the midriff of your stomach courtesy of Sandra Gooch! Show it to me and then we will trade. Now!" roared Lex.

    Gene, Jimbo and Keisie froze in their tracks! Not only did Nat not have any such scar but how the Hell Lex knew Kei did was beyond them! Around the galaxies it was more or less common knowledge that Boss Kei had absolutely no modesty whatsoever! If Nat hesitated- but she didn't!

    "Christ Almighty! OK, if nothing else is gonna satisfy yer ass- here!" (So saying Nat unzipped the flightsuit to reveal a deep white gash, a scar across the centre of her midriff!) Convinced?" she growled hotly.

    "Oro the Hell is keeping those two baka bozos? Any time now would be good, guys!" she thought worriedly. If Nat went any farther in this strip tease act, the jig was up! On Nat's right calf was the tattoo of a crouching ryuu- a golden dragon and Boss Kei definitely did not have a tattoo of any kind anywhere on her person! She'd lucked out bigtime on that tummy scar. A laser slash from one of the 'Naturals' four years ago had left that gaping scar across her abdomen!

    "OK. OK. C'mon and we'll go upstairs and--" began Lex's voice when suddenly--

    POOM! CRACK! BOOM! ZAP! All Hell broke loose!

    "Finally!" thought Nat, diving for cover and reaching inside her underbriefs' waistband for the small Mark III she'd concealed there. She fired high and left. Gene and Jimbo had likewise drawn hidden weapons and were returning fire. Keisie had somehow strapped a Mark XX long barrelled ion cannon across her back and had had to go almost totally 'au natural' to get to it! She unlimbered the gun and fired it into the electrical control box. Cy and Robin were still tossing firebombs and grenades all over the place. And across the compound at the silos--

    "There's our cue! Let's go!" yelled Jamie, sprinting to the warehouse in the rear of the complex. He leaped through the window feet first. The 'Bebop' gang had begun firing as well and it sounded as if a small war had broken out! Goat threw Cagalli through the now open window after Jamie and then vaulted through it himself.

    Flaysie Allster was seated in the middle of the huge room on a chair- barefoot and bound hand and foot! She was wearing her underthings and not a stitch more! A blanket covered her shoulders but the poor girl was still shivering and her teeth were chattering violently. Cag quickly pawed through the backpack and began hauling out clothing for Flaysie. Jamie slashed through her bonds and gags while Goat stood lookout.

    "Wow! Am I ever so g-g-glad to s-s-see you g-g-guys again! That creep locked me in here like this! I tried the doors and windows but they were locked. Then I tried climbing out through the skylight up there but he caught me at it and took away my boots and socks! I'm freezing my ass off in here, man! Can we go? Please? Hey Cag! You brought me some stuff! Cool! Arigatou a lot!" said Flaysie.

    She wasted no time in donning jeans, polo shirt, socks and flight suit. Then she zipped into her snowsuit and pulled on her parka. Caggie shoved her feet into flight boots and while Flay was pulling on her gloves Cagalli adjusted her helmet. Jamie shoved a Glock 7 automatic pistol into her gloved fist.

    "Compliments of Faye, kid. You ready? Let's motor!" said Jamie and he led the way to the sewer entryport in the floor of the warehouse. The four of them descended to the sewer's floor and ran a few hundred meters up the tunnel. They came up on the other side of the silos and sprinted the last fifty meters back to their skycycles. Cag and Jamie leaped astride theirs while Goat shoved Flaysie into his sidecar. Then he too leaped astride his cycle and off they all roared.

    Betwixt Nat and Keisie, Gene and Jimbo and Cy and Robin, the infamous Lex Luthor was soon pinioned and stunned several times before Gene took the stunner away from the redhead.

    "Take us all up, dammit! Saavik! Seven to beam up! Hurry up, Elda! Times a wasting, girl!" trilled Gene.

    "Rally! Tractor up that damned sled! Faye! You, Spike and Jett better pullout now! See you in five, guys!" trilled Jimbo.

    Soon all of them were once more safely aboard the 'Gammeran Prince' and on their way back to Dewey's garage. Flaysie was still shivering from her ordeal and consuming gallons of Miles' hot chocolate as was Cagalli. Keisie and Nat were quite red in the faces (from the cold or their forced disrobings nobody could say for sure!).

    "How much more does this add to our tab, Dewey?" asked Gene. Dewey fired up his pipe and grinned at him.

    "Just let Miles and me turn in Lex baby for the 'ISSP' reward, pay your garage bill and we'll call it all square, tomo watashi." replied Dewey.

    "Just you fools wait until John (Berringer) hears about this! You bastards, he'll be after your asses so fast that--" yelled Luthor.

    "Johnny boy's been in custody for weeks now, Lexie baby! Your little stunt was all for nothing, boyo." said Keisie while stunning the huge guy once more for good measure. "He's all yours, Dewey!" she added.

    "We'll er wait here and help to er explain things to the local cops and the er 'ISSP', Dewey." offered Gene but Dewey shook his head.

    Cont in Ch 142-Part 6
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 142-Pt 6-K&K

    "You guys had best get moving. The 'ISSP' doesn't play games, man! We'll be just fine. Arigatou and good luck, tomos." said Miles.

    They settled their tab with Doohan, finished loading their supplies and blasted off for 'Kagura'. With Gene and his two new co-pilots, Goat and Jamie at the controls, the 'Gammeran Prince' was soon rocketing its way across the galaxy. Nat had first hugged her errant ensign and then read the riot act to her. She was told of her punishments once they reached the 'Angel' but for now the lieutenant had both Flaysie and Caggie cleaning the weapons.

    Keisie and Rally were rewiring the comm systems while Robin and Cy were 'tweaking' the hyperthrusters 'up a notch' and Saavie was lubing their new warp core. The new cooks, Jimbo and Tracey were whipping up a late night snack as it was well past 2300 hours. At midnight, Jimbo would replace Gene as pilot, Tracey Edwards would spell both Jamie and Goat and then with the ship on 'George', everyone except for those two on the bridge would get some much needed rest.

    In the engine room, Saavie (since Vulcans are almost tireless it seems) would remain on duty to allow both Cy and Robbie to go to bed. By midnight their little band was well on its way to 'Kagura'.

    Back on Mars, Dewey and Miles had handed their prize over to the 'ISSP' patrol unit and had collected their reward of 250 million woolong or a hundred million credits or 125 thousand dollars in Terran currency!

    Word of the 'Gammeran Prince' departing for 'Kagura' was a cause for celebration all over Mars in general and at the Moravian City 'ISSP' HQ in particular. Everyone was ecstatic except for Dave Donnelly.

    "Oro's wrong with you, man?" demanded a Chief Commodore who was already three sheets to the wind.

    "The other one's gonna be back here on the seventeenth to pick them up! Which one of you baka moronic idiots was it that ordered them to leave Mars? And in my name too! Need I remind you all that when Kei O'Halloran ain't a happy camper all unholy Hell usually breaks loose! Well, oro is done is done. Keep round the clock tabs on the 'Gammeran Prince'. I want to know its exact location at all times! I sure as Hell don't want that baka hellcat on Mars any longer than is absolutely necessary!" said the 'ISSP' senior officer and as if on cue--

    "Sir? Outpost XR-218 reports sighting of the 'Lovely Angel 2'. She's er a day and a half out- maximum, sir." said Lt. Commodore (jg) Lance Ingram.

    " 'Lovely Angel 2' calling Mars control. Over." said Kei O'Halloran into her relay mike. "Yo! Anybody the Fxxx awake down there? Jesus Christ! O'Halloran calling 'Moravian City Tower'. Come in. Over." she relayed.

    "She is a little like that 'JC' fella, ain't she? Better answer her, Mr. Ingram." said a weary Donnelly.

    "Yes, sir." replied the young jg officer smartly.

    "Roger that, Captain, ma'am. We read you loud and clear, ma'am. This is 'Moravian City Tower'. Over." said Ingram into his mike.

    Kei chuckled. "It's Admiral now, kid. I'm a day and a half out from there but I'm gonna burn the midnight hyperdrives to get there by morning, kiddo. I'm gonna need a damned good sized docking bay 'cause my 'Angel' has got nine surface levels and five subsurface ones. Think you can handle that OK? Who the Hell is this anyway? Over." replied Kei in a nettled tone.

    "Roger, Admiral and that is an affirmative, ma'am. We've reserved a slot for you on Level 27. My name is Ingram. Lt. Commodore (jg) Lancelot er Lance Ingram. Will there be anything else, ma'am? Over." he answered.

    "First off you can stop calling me 'ma'am' every five minutes, kid! I'll have to pick up my away team. Onegai advise them that I'll be there ashita. Got that? Over." she replied a shade less sulkily.

    Lance covered the mike and glanced at Donnelly. "Sir?" he inquired.

    "Tell her they took a side trip. To- Where in Hell did they go? Sergeant Lassik! Where the devil did the 'Angel' away team say they were going? 'Kagura'? You're sure, Joel? OK, I owe you one for that, pal. Lance, tell her they're gonna meet her on 'Kagura' at the 'Silmarillion Hotel' on Godolphin Street. That's er in 'Saruman City'. With a little bit of Gaelic luck she'll skip us and go there instead." replied Donnelly.

    Ingram relayed his superior's instructions sans sidebar comments to the redhead. He then advised her to go directly to 'Kagura' to meet her away team.

    "Can't do that, boyo. I need bot fuel and supplies. See you soon. O'Halloran out." replied Kei.

    The young officer hung up his mike. "she'll be here tomorrow, sir. I could leave word at 'Saruman Tower' for her crew, Commander." he suggested.

    "Do so at once, Ingram. Reserve a floor of the hotel for them and we'll pick up the tab. Anything to keep them off Mars! Arrange for the kawaii colleen's docking, fuel and supplies too and send a case of 'Tullamore Dew' (Irish whiskey) to her with my compliments. Lance, I want you to greet her in the morning and do not let her outta your sight until she is off this planet! You got all of that, me boyo?" replied Donnelly. Lance nodded.

    "You can count on me, sir!" he answered enthusiastically because you see Ingram really 'liked' Keirran O'Halloran and he thought that the tales about her temper and wanton destruction were blown out of all proportion and totally unjustified! Poor sap! He'll learn the hard way about her!

    Meanwhile back aboard the 'Gammeran Prince' Rally Vincent had finally managed to contact the 'Silmarillion', one of the poshest hotels in the galaxy and handed the relay mike to Gene.

    "Hello there, ma'am. We'd like to reserve some rooms in your fine establishment, onegai. Name of Starwind. Captain Gene Starwind and company. Party of sixteen all told. Away team of the 3WA/'UG' starship the 'Lovely Angel 2'. Keirran O'Halloran, Admiral, Commanding. Coming from Moravian City, Mars. Eh? Oro? Our present vessel is the 'Gammeran Prince', Mars Registry No. X21863-ZTR. Oro? An entire floor has already been reserved for us? By whom may I ask? The 'ISSP'? Commander Captain Dave Donnelly himself eh? Nai, that will suit us just fine, ma'am. We'll be there ashita. ETA will be 0600 hours er six o'clock AM I mean. Ranking 'UG' officer? Does it really matter if she's like from a century ago or so? It does huh? OK, just a second, ma'am. (Gene covered the mike) Besides Keisie- who amonst us is genuinely 'UG'/3WA , gang? They need a ranking 3WA/'UG' officer from this century!" said Gene.

    "The Boss made all of us 'UG' and 3WA officers and Garner authorised it. Remember? So that makes you our top dog, Gene." replied Keisie with a grin. Gene again spoke into his mike.

    "That would apparently be me, ma'am. Gene Starwind, Captain and Master of the 'Outlaw Star', Terran er Earth registry No. T4763-X12, now commanding the 'Gammeran Prince', as Acting Commodore for 'UG' and the 3WA, ma'am. Anything else, ma'am? Do I have any questions? Yeah, oro's your temperature down there? 37 degrees Kelvin er seventy degrees Fahrenheit eh? Great. One more thing. Oro's my docking number in your parking dock bays? Oro? K-119? Arigatou, ma'am. See you ashita at six. Starwind out." he said and hung up his mike.

    "Well kiddies- we have the entire 137th floor to ourselves. Sign for whatever the Hell you want. The 'ISSP' is kindly footing the bill! Hey Nat! Is Tracey gonna hang out with us for a bit longer? He is? Good 'cause he's a great cook! Well the ship's on 'George' and Jimbo's got the comm. By the way ashita is January 16th and we make planetfall at 0600. We'll be staying at the 'Silmarrillion Hotel' on Godolphin Street in 'Saruman City', 'Kagura'. It's late so I'm off to bed G'Night all." said Gene with a yawn.

    Unknown to any of them or to any of Yuri's gang, Boss Kei had already landed on Mars at 'Moravian City Airfield' and was amazed that Donnelly was personally supervising the loading of her supplies and the fueling of her ship! Ingram had told her that the away team had leased a ship and took off for 'Kagura' already. All had been smooth sailing-- so far! Then Lance Ingram blew it- but good and royally!

    "Forgive me, Admiral but I have neglected to give you their ship's name and data on their new billetting location. Their ship is the 'Gammeran Prince' and they will be staying at the 'Silmarillion Hotel' on Godolphin Street, 'Saruman City' on 'Kagura' at 'ISSP' expense, Miss." he said.

    "I wonder why the Hell they left here at all?" asked a puzzled redhead.

    "Oh, we er sorta kicked them out. Commander Donnelly ordered them all to leave Mars by the fourteenth and er--" explained Lancelot Ingram and Kei exploded with fury!

    "He did oro? Wait until I get my mitts on that Kami shimatta bastard! I'll blast his ass all the way to 'Ganymede' and back again!" yelled the youngest admiral ever of 'UG' while unzipping her flightsuit and stepping out of it! Ingram turned to leave.

    "If there is er nothing else, Miss, I will leave you now. You er must be quite tired after your voyage, ma'am. So-" began the young jg officer.

    "Freeze right there, kid! Turn your back if ya wanna but you stay put, me boyo! We're gonna pay a call on good old Davey Donnelly, that we are! Then you are coming along with me to 'Kagura' whether Donnelly likes it or not!" fumed the kawaii redhead. All Lance could do was stare at her open-mouthed!

    END of Chapter 142. Chapter 143 coming soon to a website near you (always wanted to say that!). Have a great day and SFN. Arigatou a lot for all of your help and interest in my Angels' saga. Kami bless you all and toodles until next time. Wait- just had a thought here. That new video game 'Halo 3'? What is above an Angel's head? Right, a halo yet 'Halo' games are more akin to our kind of DP 'Lovely' Angels than to the ethereal kind, eh? See ya soon.-K&K

    Cont in Ch 143
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 143-Pt 1-K&K

    DISCLAIMER: OK Dash, it's all yours! First, thank you to Mr. T. for the use of the Angels. Thanks to everyone else who is letting us use their creations. How was that, Yuri? Great! Oh yes it was, Kei! Well, we left you up in the air so let's get to Chapter 143 without further preamble:-

    Chapter 143

    'Hellfire Angel' or 'Missing Navigators'

    "Mugghi's beat, Nammo's recharging and I ain't got a crew, boyo so you're it!" yelled Kei, yanking on ski pants and wriggling into a heavy turtleneck Lance Ingram had been unable (although he was a gentleman!) to takes his aizu off the stunning red-headed beauty! She was gorgeous! And she could have cared less that he was watching her change too! Her feet slid into short red 'Chukka' or 'Moon' boots while she slid into a black motorcycle jacket. She pulled on gloves and strapped a Mark XIII to her right hip. Then she tossed a helmet to Lance and picked up her own.

    "Come along, tomo watashi. My skycycle's belowdecks. (Down to the bays in the lift they went. Kei leaped astride a waiting skycycle and fired up the engine.) "Get behind me and hold on real tight, Ingram! I promise that I'll be on my best behavior. Er, oro's your first name again, kiddo?" said the Boss with a grin.

    "It's Lancelot er I mean call me Lance, Miss O'Halloran, Admiral, er ma'am." stammered the 'ISSP' jg officer.

    "Just call me Kei, Lance. Hang on tight now!" replied Kei, blasting off and lifting into the Martian sky.

    "I'm like five years her senior and yet she calls me 'kid'! She's only twenty years old for Kami's sake! And yet- the whole of the 'ISSP' lives in fear and outright terror of this kawaii red-headed vixen!" thought Lance Ingram amusedly to himself.

    Kei's cycle landed on the roof of the 'ISSP' HQ building and she dragged poor Lance down through the most secure areas of the huge structure. A flash of her 'UG'/3WA credentials (a red card no less!) and closed doors magically opened to them! Lance had heard rumours (or so he always thought) that the 'Lovely Angels' (never call them the 'D' name if you know oro's good for ya!) had so high a security clearance that they were almost a law unto themselves! He had never believed that- until now! After giving poor Raphael David Donnelly, IV. a good piece of her mind and being assured by him that she could of course as usual have 'anything' she wanted (he'd handed Lance over unconditionally!) Boss Lady Kei and her new tomo Lancelot Ingram (Hell, this babe outranked Donnelly himself!) headed back to the 'Angel'.

    "I er thought you had Ms. Angel aboard as well, Kei?" asked Lance.

    "She ain't with my away team?" she demanded, rounding on the startled Lance who shook his head.

    Kei touched a fingertip to one of her earring comlinks.

    "O'Halloran calling Donovan. Come in Yuri. Dammit! Yuri! Shimatta ni jigoku! She's out of range! Let's hope that Mar made it back to the 'Mikey' OK." said the Boss grimly.

    Meanwhile Mar had beaten everyone else home! She was on 'Shimougou' in 'Furool (Foo-Lon) City'. In Chief Anton Gustav's office to be precise.

    "Och! Where did ye spring from, lass?" asked Fiona MacCrimmon, Garner's secretary nai we call them personal assistants now. She was Jamie MacCrimmon's direct descendant and she was a dour old Scotswoman but kindly too like somebody's granny would be. She reminded most folks of that 19th Century English Terran detective Sherlock Holmes' long suffering landlady at 221-B Baker Street in London- Mrs. Mary Hudson! "Which one are ye?" she added.

    "Where in the Sam Hell am I?" demanded the blonde quite unceremoniously.

    "Yer at 3WA headquarters in 'Furool City' of course, Lambie Pie. I be Mr. Garner's personal assistant, dearie. My name is Fiona MacCrimmon. Be ye hailing from that red-headed harlot's ship?" she demanded while pouring a cup of tea for Mar and handing it to her along with a plate brimming with freshly baked scone and a loaf of sweet barley bannock bread and homemade butter and jam.

    "Arigatou, ma'am. Gomen er sorry but where are my manners today? My name is Angel. Ensign Marlene Angel. Assigned to the 'Lovely Angel 2' as navigator and well- ya might just as well say that I'm the darn pilot too!" said Marlene while extending a hand to Fiona who pressed it warmly.

    "Where's Mr. Garner, Fiona? Anyone else shown up yet?" asked the blonde abstractedly.

    "Och! Mr. Charles be at 'Coruscant' with Mr. Andre (Gooley) on 'Alderaan'. His lassie, Miss Allison (Kurtz) turned herself up at yer place I understand. And nae lassie, yer the first one back. The others be still er 'enroute' as it were but we've er lost track of the Ad-miral er Miss Kei. Have ye no seen them?" questioned a worried Fiona.

    "Yeah. Alley's with Yuri Donovan's fleet and Kei's on her way to Mars to pick up her away team. Then she'll head for home." replied Marlene.

    "Her away team is now on 'Kagura', Ms. Angel. I just got a relay call from the 'ISSP' on Mars. 'Her Highness' just missed them so now she's off to 'Kagura' to look for them. Is this any way to run a galactic patrol organization?" chuckled Ella Hathaway who had just returned from a sojourn with Gooley as Alley's temporary replacement. The 'Big Cheese' (Gooley who else?) had sent Ella back to 'Furool City' to pick up her replacement- Lily Kawaye!

    After the 'SIREN' incident, Lily had decided to rejoin the 3WA (she quit the force three years ago) and she had only just re-graduated from the Academy- again! Lily was to be Gooley's newest temporary aide. Ella was on leave (of sorts) to spend some time with her daughter, Ann. Hai, the same one that is to be KR's 'Avenging Angel' partner in AD 2268! That Ann (the grown up one) was streaking towards home with Yuri's flotilla.

    "Well, see ya around, Marlene. I gotta find our Ms. Kawaye and get her ass on the way back to 'Alderaan' so if you'll gomen er excuse me- Lily!! Where the Hell'd ya get to, kid? Lily!" yelled Ella, racing down the hallway.

    A door crashed open halfway along the corridor and a short violet/blonde teenager stuck her head out. "Christ Almighty! You can't even go to the God damned can around this place without somebody yelling for ya!" cried the girl, slamming the restroom door behind her.

    "Here I am, Chief! Onegai wait up, Ms. Hathaway! Please!" yelled Lily, running after her still yanking up her sweatpants as she trotted in Ella's wake.

    Marlene took a whiff of her own sweats and grimaced. "Phew! Rancid, man! Guess I'll go home and change after I've contacted the Boss. Got anything else to eat, Miss Fiona?" asked Mar, her mouth full of the last scone and the loaf of bread almost gone.

    "I'll make ye some dinner, Lambie. It's almost six of the clock er I mean 1800 hours. After calling the harlot (Kei) both she and the dimwit (Yuri) are nae in range of the comm tower as of yet. Why dinna ye let me rep ye up some fresh clothes, lassie? Or would ye be preferring maybe one of our new uniforms instead?" asked Fiona.

    "A fresh set of sweats, clean socks and new sneakers would be great, Miss Fiona. Then some food if you don't mind. I am famished!" replied the blonde navigator.

    "Wonder how Gene and the gang are making out?" wondered the blonde to herself.

    Meanwhile back on 'Kagura'-- "Wow! Did you see the size of our digs, Robin?" yelled Cyborg.

    "Yeah, Cy. This place is huge! My room's like the size of our TV room in 'Titan Tower'. A shame we're only gonna be here a for a few days though." replied Robin. "Gene and Jimbo are next door, aren't they?" he added.

    "Yo! Starwind, Hawk! You guys over there, man?" roared the robotic halfling.

    "Just use your comlinks, kids. Please." trilled Gene.

    "Looks like all the guys are on this side of the hallway and all the girls are on the other." put in Jimbo Hawking.

    "Listen up, guys. That Donnelly fella just called. The Boss is on her way over here with another 'ISSP' guy." trilled Elda Saavik.

    "Which one, love?" trilled Trace Edwards.

    "A Lt. Commodore (jg) Lance Ingram, I think." trilled Saavie.

    "That infernal pest! Kami help us all! He never shuts up! All Lance ever does is blow his own horn! I don't really wanna meet him anytime soon so I think I'll borrow a skysled and play some golf at that course you guys were at before. Hey Nat, wanna play some golf with me?" trilled Tracey.

    Cont in Ch 143-Part 2
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 143-Pt 2-K&K

    "Sure thing, Tracey. Soon as I change that is. How about some lunch before we go?" trilled Lt. Naturle Badgiruel.

    "Why not? Anyone else wanna join us on the course or just watch even?" trilled the 'Kaguran'.

    In the end all of them went with Tracey and Nat but only those two, Keisie and Jett were playing. The rest just came along to watch. The match itself would be Nat and Trace vs. Keisie and Jett. They were to use 'Best Ball/Alternate Shot' rules for the match and since I explained match play in a much earlier chapter I will not go into it here again.

    "Why don't we take the 'Gammeran Prince' to the course like we did with the shttle last time we were here?" trilled Faye.

    "I don't see why we can't. I know 'Kagura' so you must mean the 'North Star and Southeern Cross' club. Am I right?" trilled Gene.

    "Right on, Starwind." trilled Keisie.

    "Better get Cy, Robbie and Saavie to top off our fuel. This ship ain't got the speed of the 'Angel' or any of her shuttles either. Shall we have our lunch first and then meet up later in the bays at 1330 hours?" trilled Jamie Wilson.

    "Oro about a tee time?" trilled Rally.

    "Harvey Birdman will be glad to squeeze us in, I'm sure." trilled Spike.

    "The last time we were there we set the football field on fire, wrecked the golf course and almost got Sango totalled (Actually she just broke her leg but hey- you know how cowgirls exaggerate things)! He'll be thrilled to death!" trilled Faye Valentine.

    "Don't forget that the 'ISSP' is picking up our tabs so he'll be paid well for his troubles!" trilled Goat Smith.

    "Your teetime is 1500 hours er three o'clock in the afternoon. You will use the gold course and the red tees and Harvey says hello to all of you. Keisie and Jett already have clubs but we'll have to rep some up for Tracey and Nat. Let's get moving, gang." trilled Cagalli Athna.

    "Oro do you wear to watch a golf match?" trilled Flaysie Allster and Faye made a face.

    "Can't we leave her behind?" trilled the cowgirl ruefully.

    At 1430 er 2:30 PM the ship touched down on a wooded copse beside the 14th fairway. Of course the 'Prince' had no cloaking capability. They piled into skysleds and shot towards the clubhouse. After checking in there they all headed over to the first tee.

    The order of play was to be Keisie, Nat, Trace and Jett. The first hole was a 400 meter par 4 straightaway with a creek 210 meters out. The fairway trap (a trap is a bunker, a hole filled with sand) was 190 meters out. The approach shot to the green was fairly simple as there was only one bunker guarding the green on the starboard side. An easy hole designed to lull the unwary player into a false sense of security since the holes got tougher especially on the back nine.

    Keisie had the honours and she swung her driver hard and fast much like her 23rd Century counterpart Boss Kei did with a devil-may-care attitude. Her shot sailed high, her ball riding the wind and easily clearing both hazards (trap and creek) before dropping onto the port side of the fairway a mere 100 meters from the green.

    "Nice shot, pardner." congratulated Jett and she replied "Another lucky one."

    Next up was nat. She had no problems with distance, however, she tended to 'hook' the ball by moving it too far to the port (left) side of the fairway when she drove so the lieutenant decided to use a long iron, a '2' instead. She'd sacrifice some length but should achieve better accuracy in the trade off. The brunette's swing was slow and easy (the exact opposite of the 'K Twins') sending her ball low but quick down the centre of the fairway and she barely cleared the trap at 190 meters! She was lying dead centre and 200 meters out with 200 more to the green for Tracey to contend with should the duo have to use her tee shot.

    Since Keisie was the only 'veteran' player of this course, Tracey decided to gamble with his '3' wood. A short backswing before he launched his entire torso into a full hip turn, his legs twisting into the drive for more power. He struck the ball forcefully, shattering his tee and finishing his follow through high on the tip of his right toe not unlike a ballet dancer. The ball flew both straight and true, clearing the trap with ease before hitting the turf and bouncing high into the air and sailing across the creek, striking the ground again, rolling and bouncing for an eternity before it finally stopped 310 meters out on the fairway's port side and a good 10 meters beyond Keisie's teeshot!

    Nat breathed a sigh of relief. Yay! They'd use Tracey's ball and she'd only have a 'wedge' shot of 90 meters left to the target.

    Jett was much more methodical. He scanned the horizon, checked the wind and teed up on the starboard side of the teebox. His choice was driver. His backswing was full and his swing quick and hard with almost no follow through. His ball arced to port but quickly caught the wind and pulled starboard to finish high above the fairway's centre. He cleared both hazards and struck hard turf 290 meters out where it continued to roll a good 50 meters past his partner's ball to leave her a gentle uphill shot of only 50 meters and Keisie grimaced.

    "Great! He outdrove me and now I gotta play the next shot with his ball. It's gonna be a 'half wedge' or I could 'chip' or 'punch' it. Maybe a 'parachute drop' would work. No matter oro I decide on I'll have to impart 'spin' to the ball and leave Jett a decent chance at a 'birdie'." thought the redhead.

    They were 'walking and carrying' rather than using aircarts so they strolled towards their balls. Nat and Keisie pocketed their balls because for the duration of this hole only Trace and Jett's balls would be used.

    Nat played first and debated between a 'lob' or a 'sand' wedge. She chose the latter and hit the ball a mite too high. It slammed the green and scooted a good 20 meters past the pin leaving a very long uphill putt which 'broke' sharply to port for Tracey. "Hope Tracey can get that close enough for us to salvage a par at least." thought Nat.

    Although only slightly more than half the distance of Nat's approach shot, Keisie's would be much much tougher! With a 'wedge' shot you need to leave yourself a decent amount of distance for a cushion and Jett's teeshot had not done that.

    "That ball is way too close to the green but as it's an uphiller it may help Reds out a bit." whispered Tracey to Nat. Nat nodded and watched as Keisie chose her weapon- a '3' wood? "Good choice but a wood chip needs a good bit of finesse to pull it off." he whispered to his partner.

    Keisie was gripping her club almost at the flex (That's where the grip meets the shaft) and she was 'soling' the wood just behind the ball and only a few centimeters above it. A short putting stroke and a sharp tap sent the ball 'bump and running' up onto the green and skidding across it to stop barely a meter past the pin!

    "My turn now." said Trace debating on whether to 'charge' to the hole but realized a 'charge' could easily skid across the green and into the bunker. Instead he 'lagged' his putt to within two meters of the pin and sighed. "Sorry, Honey but any closer than that and we'd be past the cup a good 10 meters." he whispered. Of course it was still their turn so Nat putted and then watched anxiously as the ball disappeared into the hole for a par 4. Jett's putt dropped as well but for a 'birdie' 3! Jett and Keisie were 1-up over Nat and Tracey.

    Play continued in much the same fashion with Nat and Tracey holding their own all the way to the 16th hole, Jett and Keisie clinging to a 2-up lead with 2 holes to go. "If we can take 17 the match is ours, Reds. We'll go 3-up with one to play and win the match." whispered Jett on the 17th tee.

    The 17th was deceptive. Only a short 125 meter par 3 but the teebox was high above the green on a cliffside. The green wa sprotected by a ring of six bunkers reminiscent of the 'white faces of Merion', a golf course on old Terra in the American state of Pennsylvania. Merion was the site of Bobby Jones' famous 'grand slam' victory in the early part of the 20th Century there. The 17th was also guarded in front by a creek.

    Keisie's '9' iron shot went high, port and out of bounds! After taking her one stroke penalty, her third shot found the portside trap 40 meters from the green.

    Nat's wedge pitched up just short of the creek between two traps 20 meters from the green.

    Trace's lob wedge caught a central bunker's face but then it bounced onto the green and rolled to bw within 8 meters of the flagstick! "Yay! I'll be putting his ball not mine!" thought Nat with delight.

    Jett's high lob 'parachute drop' stopped dead when it hit the green's surface 'pin high' and only a few centimeters from an 'ace' (a hole in one eagle) which meant a tap in 'birdie' and victory is sweet!

    Unless Nat could make some magic with her wand this game was up! Tracey and Nat read and re-read the putt. Finally she struck the ball and off it went- straight and true- and slid past the cup by mere centimeters! The 'par' was of course conceded and Nat pocketed her ball.

    Cont in Ch 143- Part 3
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 143-Pt 3-K&K

    Keisie tapped in for 'birdie' and she and Jett high-fived each other in celebration. The match was theirs! Trace and Nat shook hands with the victors and the rest of the group followed suit. After a quick trip to the '19th hole' (the clubhouse bar) for the celebratory 'boozing it up' round Gene noticed that it was almost 1800 hours and already the temperature had plunged twenty degrees Kelvin!

    "This place gets damned cold real fast when you're this high up in the mountains, kids. Time to leave so grab your stuff and let's be off." announced their pilot.

    "Anybody seen Flaysie, Caggie, Rally and Faye around?" asked Jett, stowing away the booze he'd just purchased.

    "If I know our Faye, she's at the track." replied Spike dryly.

    "Just one skysled's missing, gang." said Saavie.

    "Flaysie did mention that she and Rally wanted to do some shopping so Caggie probably went along to keep 'em outta mischief." chuckled Goat.

    "Where's Jamie gotten to?" asked Jimbo.

    "He's trying to call home (New Jersey USA on Terra). He bought himself a vidcell comlink cellphone thingy at the pro shop. He's trying to call Coop in Jersey." replied Goat.

    "Ex-cuse me, guys but I just saw a hot blonde space chick and she's giving me the 'eye' if you catch my drift, man!" added Goat with a grin and a wink.

    "Whoa there, Lover-Boy! We've got four missing crewmen and you're not gonna make it five, pal!" said Keisie, collaring the Terran wolf/lecher in a grip of kelvinite!

    "Aw, nuts! I can't get hold of Coop, man! He must be out with Kiva (not the 'Starfleet' one. This Kiva was on Terra with Jamie and Goat's crowd in New Jersey.) and MEGAS (their giant robot from the future!). Where are the girls?" said Jamie, pocketing his vidcell.

    "We figured they went shopping and Faye went to the track." supplied Saavie.

    "So- they did go after all, eh? Thought they'd be back by now though! After all, Mars ain't all that far away from here, is it?" replied Jamie perplexedly.

    "Mars! It took the 'Prince' two solar days to get here from Mars and that was on warp drive, kid! A sled's absolute highest speed is Sub-Warp nine! It'll take them a week at least just to get there!" yelled Starwind.

    "Christ! A skysled's only got enough fuel for a few hours at most! We gotta get after those jackasses- but quick!" replied a very upset and fuming Keisie.

    End of Chapter 143. Chapter 144 soon. Have a nice day. SFN. Toodles-K&K

    Cont in Ch 144
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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