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Thread: Dirty Pair Fanfiction

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    Here's Ch 144-Pt 1-K&K

    DISCLAIMER: OK Commander Donnelly , it's all yours! First, thank you to Mr. T. for the use of the Angels. Thanks to everyone else who is letting us use their creations. How was that, Yuri? Great! Oh yes it was, Kei! Well, we left you up in the air so let's get to Chapter 144 without further preamble:-

    Chapter 144

    'Trace Saves the Day' or 'New Comrades'

    "Jamie, onegai lend me your vidcell." said Trace Edwards. Jamie handed it to him and the 'Kaguran' tapped in a few keystrokes.

    "Who are you calling, Tracey?" asked Nat.

    "My boss over at the tower, Honey. He'll alert our patrols to look for them. Better have Gene start warming up the ship. That sled's only got enough lifesupport stuff to last until 1930 hours and that's about an hour and a half from now. We have got to get to them and soon. Nat, I sure as hell hope they're wearing hardsuits. Otherwise--" he shrugged his shoulders and broke off abruptly when Jamie's vidcell activated. "Dastun here. Oro can I do for ya?" The visage on an older dark-haired Kaguran officer with a superb handlebar mustache had materialized on the cellscreen.

    "Sorry Boss but it's me- Trace er Lt. Edwards, sir. I er need your help on an urgent matter- of life or death, sir." said Trace and he explained the situation in concise terms. Then he outlined his proposal. The older guy nodded several times.

    "Sounds like a good plan, Trace. I'll scramble the patrols to watch out for 'em while you and your pals get on their trail. They can't have gotten too far in a sled so they should show up on your scans soon. You're not on the 'Angel' or one of her shuttles, are you? Nai? Oro? The 'Gammeran Prince'? OK, I'll be sure to tell Johnny Raven that. Yeah, he's still on Mars. Good luck, Trace. I'm praying for them as hard as I can. Dastun out." said Dan Dastun who was both Commander of 'Saruman City Spaceport Tower' and commanding officer of 'KASP', the 'Kaguran Air and Space Patrol'.

    "Arigatou, sir. We really appreciate it. I owe you one, sir. Edwards out." replied Trace, blanking the vidcell and handing it back to Jamie. "Everyone else here? (Nat nodded) Then let's get going. Dan's gonna alert the 'KASP' patrols and he's getting hold of Johnny Raven too. He's still over on Mars it seems so he'll look for them too. As soon as we're up, start scanning for them. Let's move!" said Trace Edwards.

    They all raced onto the ship and Gene quickly lifted off without a countdown. He rocketed swiftly to the West and climbed rapidly into the ionosphere above 'Kagura'.

    "Saavie! Get up here and man the scanners stat! Cy! Robin! I need as much warp as you got- now! Keisie! Try to reach 'em on the relay comm and tell those bakas to get the Hell back here! Then just pray we get to those idiots in time!" yelled Gene Starwind.

    "Cag! Cag! I can't b-breathe and I'm f-f-freezing! Oro the Fxxx are we gonna do?" wailed Flay Allster and she began to cry and go into hysterics.

    WHACK! "Snap outta it, Allster! Buck up, girl! Get into those hardsuits and helmets! Hurry up, Rally! You too, Caggie! Don't fall asleep! OK, I've got Caggie into a suit. Rally, get Flaysie into a hardsuit and a helmet. You too. Now hit that red panel on the right side of your helmets. It'll give you some 'Koriaq-7' to breathe for awile. It's an alternative oxygen chemical. Hopefully the guys or someone will find us- before it's too shimatta late! I'm gonna head back to 'Kagura' now. Why did I ever let you three loonies into taking you on a joyride to Mars! I must've really been wasted, man!" yelled Faye Valentine, who had just smacked an hysterical Flaysie across the jaw- hard! Then she'd shaken her, Caggie and Rally violently to keep them awake and conscious until help came.

    Now with the four of them in their hardsuits and helmets and feeling a bit warmer and having minimal life support systems available to them, Faye had yawed and pitched until the 'Everest' (the name of Don Poporo's skysled which they had er borrowed for the trip) was rocketing back towards 'Kagura' and safety. Her wristchromo was reading 1800 hours and they had enough fuel to last them another hour- maybe! Life support would hold for another half hour beyond that- perhaps!

    Faye opened up the thrusters all the way and jettisoned their spare ammo clips to lighten the 'Everest' as much as possible. She tramped hard on the gas and her speed slowly inched up to subwarp nine (ten subwarps equals one full warp) but at least one more subwarp was still needed to give them a fighting chance of getting home in time!

    "Oro other junk does Mr. Popo have back there?" yelled Faye through her comlink.

    "More hardsuits and helmets, a replicator, food and water, some blankets and some blasters, ma'am." replied Cagalli Athna.

    "Jettison the lot of it and hurry it the Fxxx up! I'm losing bloody altitude fast!" trilled the feisty cowgirl.

    "Not the food and the reppy thingy too!" sobbed Flaysie.

    "Everything and now! Dump it all!" trilled Faye angrily.

    "Yes, ma'am. You got it." replied Caggie while she and Rally were busily tossing everything into the refuse chute. Then they hit the jettison bar and launched it all into space.

    The effect was instantaneous! Faye hit Warp 1.8 and the 'Everest' climbed to 150,000 meters!

    "Faye! I just got something on the scanner!" yelled an exuberant Rally Vincent. It was 1900 hours.

    At that exact instant Lance Ingram picked them up on the 'Angel's' scans too. Five minutes after that Dan Dastun received word from his patrol leader, Lt. Jim Moriarty (direct descendant of the infamous 19th Century Terran villain himself it seems!) that his scans had also located the 'Everest'. Dan wasted no time in calling the good news in to Trace Edwards.

    Jamie's vidcell chirped and he answered it. "Yeah? Oh, hiya Danny. Uh huh, he's here. Just a sec, man." said Jamie Wilson.

    "Yo, Trace! It's for you. It's Danny Boy! Catch!" yelled the Terran, lobbing the vidcell to Trace.

    "Yes, sir? They did? Great! Coordinates? OK, I got 'em. We're on our way. You can send the patrols home, sir and thank them for me. Arigatou, sir. Drinks are on me in the morning, sir. Edwards out." cried Trace.

    "Do itashimashite er you're very welcome, kid. Kami be praised! Dastun out." replied Dan.

    Trace dropped the vidcell and raced for the nav console to key in the new coordinates of the sightings. "They're down to only fifteen minutes of life support, Gene. Better kick it up a notch if we wanna get to them in time." advised Trace.

    Gene nodded and hit Warp 9.7, the ship climbing to 150,000 meters. He yawed starboard until Trace yelled "Stop turning, Gene! We're right on their course track. Everybody watch for 'em." yelled Edwards.

    "I see them!" cried Goat.

    "Holy sweet mother of Christ! It's the damned 'Angel' right behind them, man!" yelled Jamie.

    " 'Angel' calling 'Gammeran Prince'. Gene, can you get a tractor beam on 'em? I don't think we'll be in range soon enough to grab 'em! Over." trilled the Boss Lady.

    "Saavie! Get a tractor on them now!" yelled Gene.

    "OK, Gene. I've got them but we can't possibly yank them back here in time to save them!" screeched the Vulcan. Gene stared straight ahead until-

    "Boss Lady! Open your airlock portals. I'm gonna try and throw the 'Everest' into your bays. Do you read me? Over." said Gene into his relay comlink.

    The portals opened. "Roger that, boyo. Good thinking, tomo Gene. Make it so. Over." replied the redhead.

    "Take over the comm, Jimbo. Saavik can't handle this one alone." said Gene and Jimbo took the throttle. He nodded to Gene who was already racing to Saavie's side.

    "Hold her steady, Saav. I'll try and maneuver them over to the airlocks." he said, pulling on the steeri bar for the tractor beams. And aboard the ill fated 'Everest'--

    "Hey! We're moving towards that big old ship, Faye! Faye? Wake up, Faye!" yelled Rally through her comlink. It was exactly 1927 hours and there was only three minues of life support left, their fuel having finally exhausted itself at 1905 hours! Faye had told them to take shallow breaths to stretch their supply of 'Koriaq 7' to the fullest.

    "We're in some kind of tractor beam and that's the shimatta 'Angel', kids! We're saved! Yay! Three cheers for the 3WA and Boss Kei!" yelled Faye just as the 'Everest' slammed into the 'Angel's' docking bay. Faye had to hold onto Flaysie until both the outer and inner airlock portals had sealed behind them.

    The Boss and lance came trotting over to see if the girls were OK.

    "We'll sort out your punishments later. Lance, open those outer and inner airlocks. Yo Gene! Land the 'Prince' in here next to the 'Hammerhead'. The kids and the cowgirl are fine. Kei out." she trilled.

    A few minutes later the 'Prince' was docked safely aboard the 'Angel' and they were all headed back to 'Kagura' to pick up their stuff from the hotel before finally heading for 'Shimougou' and home!

    A tricorder readout had confirmed that all four miscreants were A-OK. Of course they were all confined to quarters until further notice!

    "We've er still got another stop to make Boss. We er gotta give Dash back his ship." said Spike and Kei nodded. Saavie looked puzzled and perplexed.

    "Where's Blondie, Kei? We thought she was with you." demanded the Vulcan engineer.

    "Dunno Saavie but I sure as Hell hope that she's with Yuri's fleet. We're still outta their comm relay range. A few more weeks and we'll catch up to 'em. Don't worry. I'm sure she's doing just fine- wherever she is." said the redhead, clapping her on the shoulder. Saavie nodded and returned to the engine room. Meanwhile back in 'Furool City'--

    Cont in Ch 144-Part 2
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 144-Pt 2-K&K

    In the flat she shared with the Boss Marlene Angel had already become bored so she had showered, dressed in a smart jumpsuit and returned to 3WA HQ where she had immediately made the mistake of asking Ella Hathaway if she needed any help! Now Mar was catalogueing the infamous 'DP's' latest missions and typing out reports for their superior. As a rule the 'Lovely Angels' usually filed 'daily' reports every six months or so! Ella approved of the blonde's work and said so.

    "Good work, Miss Angel, however, from here on in you will show up here for work in a 3WA uniform. Is that clearly understood, Lieutenant?" barked Ella.

    "Yes, ma'am but er you made a mistake there, ma'am. You er meant to say 'Ensign', didn't you?" replied Marlene.

    "Nai, my dear. I meant Lieutenant (jg), Tro-Con First Class! Your promotion just came through from Uncle Vito Galadriel himself! Quite an honour, Mar." answered Ella.

    "Domo arigatou and er Kome made 'lieutenant' as well, ma'am?" asked the naviagator but Ella shook her head.

    "Nai. Not enough experience nor enough time in grade. Maybe next quarter. Congratulations and here are your new bars, Honey." said Ella, pinning them on Mar's shoulders and saluting her. The younger blonde returned her salute and smiled. Ella beamed at her.

    "Hell, let's take the rest of the day off! I gotta feed that Kami-forsaken nekko kitten (Naruda) of Yuri's anyway, kid." said Ella with a grin. Mar left with Ella and they jetted over to Ella's place to feed the kitty. They used Ella's aircar for the trip. Then they stopped off at Mar's place so she could change into her comfy sweats and sneakers. Afterwards Ella took her bar-hopping until 1700. When Ella and she had been booted out of six different taverns and clubs, Mar suggested that they call it a night and Ella reluctantly agreed. Mar took the controls and they jetted back to Mar's flat where Ella collapsed onto the sofa and passed out. Mar covered her with an Afghan and settled down to watch some holovids. Feeling hungry she used her vidcell and ordered pizzas for them. Then she went to the kitchenette in search of wine.

    All she could find was a strange bottle labelled 'El Presidente' in the back of the cupboard and it was covered with dust. The bottle contained some weird mixture deep violet in colour.

    "Some kind of cheapo wine that the Boss bought and then forgot about, I guess but it's better than nothing." thought the blonde and then tried some of it. "Hmmn, Not too bad really. Like 'Tokay' sorta." she said to herself.

    By this time Ella had come to, let in the pizza guy, paid the bill and started munching on a slice. Then Mar came in with the 'El Presidente' and two glasses. Between the two of them she and Mar had soon polished off the entire bottle of whatever the Hell it was! Soon Ella had again passed out- this time across the pizza box on the floor of the living room. Mar went to move her to the sofa and collapsed on the floor of the kitchenette. It was 1800 hours.

    An hour later the chromos read 1900 or seven o'clock PM when a knock came on the flat's door.

    "Hullo, anyone to home? Hullo there." Receiving no answer to her hails Jr. TC Trainee Edna Jordan who was Tomah's kid sister and a junior tro-con trainee newly assigned to Ella's division, found Mar's spare keypad door code under the mat, keyed the panel and opened the door. She called out "Hullo? Miss Angel? Miss Hathaway? Anyone here? I er have some documents for Miss Hathaway to sign for Cliffie er Mr. Delcroix in R and D (Research and Development). Hullo? Christ Almighty! Oro the Hell?" she yelled, tripping over Ella.

    Edna took a quick whiff of the glass beside Ella, made a face and went to the kitchenette to brew some strong coffee.

    "Holy shit! Another one?" she cried, falling on top of Marlene. She lifted the unconscious blonde and manhandled her into the right hand bedroom and threw Mar on the bunk. She covered her with a quilt and returned to the living room where she did the same with Ella. She put her onto the bunk in the left hand bedroom- the Boss's room.

    Then Edna vidded Tomoh and told him she was OK and not to worry. Next she cleared up the messes and vacuumed the rugs. She poured out two mugs of steaming java and placed one on each bedside table after forcing each of them to swallow some of it. Guess they were semi-conscious and not totally out of it eh? Edna fell asleep watching holovids on Mar's divan and soon it was morning.

    "Ooh! My poor aching head! That shimatta wine is really potent stuff, man!" complained a grumpy Marlene. She sat up and drank some of the cold coffee and grimaced.

    Next door Ella awakened and did almost the same thing as Mar. It occurred to both of them that the other of them must have made java last night. Stumbling into the living room they stared at Edna Jordan on the divan! Ella spoke first. After all she knew who Edna was even if Marlene didn't.

    "Edna? Oro the Hell are you doing here? Trainee!" she howled and Edna jumped a mile.

    "Huh? Whazzit? Oh hullo there Miss H. er Miss A. I brought some stuff for you to sign, ma'am. For Mr. Delcroix in R and D, ma'am." replied Edna Jordan.

    "Who in the nine Hells are you and oro the Fxxx are you doing in my flat, girl? How'd you get in here anyway?" yelled Marlene. Edna looked terrified and began bawling. Ella glared at the blonde beside her.

    "She's Edna Jordan, Tomoh's kid sister. She's a junior TC trainee in my division and er oh yeah, that's right! She joined us after you nuts had already left for 'Cybytron' last fall! She musta used your door code from under the mat to get in. Don't cry now Edna, Honey. You musta put us to bed and made the joy juice for us. You cleaned up this pigsty too? Arigatou- a lot. Gomen er sorry you had to spend the night here though, kid." said Ella soothingly and Mar melted.

    "Yeah, Hon. Sorry I yelled at you. Arigatou for all your help. Gad! I can still taste that rotgut crapola we drank last night, Ella!" said Marlene and she made a face.

    Edna picked up the 'El Preidente' bottle from the trash heap and held it up gingerly by two fingers.

    "Yuck! This Kami awful stuff! You baka moronic idiots actually 'drank' this shit? Even that red-headed freakazoid nutcase wouldn't touch this crap!" yelled Edna.

    "Why? Oro is it anyway?" asked Mar suspiciously.

    "Miss O'Halloran got it as a present from Lord Elrond for rescuing his daughter. That, my tomos, is a bottle of genuine 'El Presidente'- 'Xyglorian Schnapps'! It is 350 proof 'white lightning' like they used to make on ancient Terra! To most folks it's just rotgut booze but on 'Xygloria' they got a different kind of metabolism and they love the stuff! 'They must have cast iron guts then!' is oro Daddy said about the 'Xyglorians'." giggled Edna. ('Daddy' was Jim Jordan, the Supreme Galactic Chief of 'Andorian 5' way out in the 'Delta Quadrant').

    "Just wait until Uncle Anton hears about this one! Wowie!" she added.

    Ella looked her square in the aizu and frowned. "You 'will' keep this little matter to yourself, Missy! Is that understood?" demanded her superior.

    "OK. OK. Sheez! Always spoiling my fun!" replied a sulking Edna. Mar chuckled at that one.

    "Oro's so funny?" asked Ella.

    "Oh, I was just er remembering something one of the guys on the 'Angel' used to say." and she proceeded to tell them all about Inu Yasha's 'Osawaru Boy!' antics and his customary remarks to Kagome Higurashi. Then all three of them had a good laugh. Marlene glanced at her wristchromo and frowned.

    "Wow! It's after 0900 er nine o'clock already! I er I mean we are gonna be very late! Better call Fiona and explain." she said and Ella put her hand over the phone cradle.

    "Forget it! I just decided we are all taking today off. With the 'G Twins', Gustav and Mr. Popo away I'm the frigging Boss anyway! Let's do something fun!" replied Ella.

    "No more drinking! Onegai! Please!" chorused Ena and Marlene simultaneously.

    "OK. No boozing but oro should we do? Edna?" asked the older brunette."Let Miss A- er Marlene decide. After all she's been through all the trouble." answered Edna Jordan and turned to the navigator.

    "It's just Mar, Edna. Whenever we needed to relax on the ships we used our holodecks. We had a nice pool and some heavenly glorious hotsprings too. I'd love to visit some real honest to Kami hotsprings for a change. How's about we go to the ones at 'Renkotsu Retreat'? I've still got quite a few hundred credits left on my vidchit disk." she suggested and Ella beamed.

    "Yeah, I've got about a hundred or so left on mine too." agreed their boss. Slowly Edna shook her head back and forth.

    "Uh huh. A break sure as Hell would be nice but I'm er all tapped out until next week's payvid." she lamented ruefully. Mar smiled at the kid.

    "My treat, guys. I insist. Look, I haven't used a single woolong of my own since I was last home soI've got plenty- more than enough for us three. Besides which, this (she flashed her 3WA 'red card' holovid ID disk) opens a Helluva lotta doors for me, kiddies! Kei doesn't need one of these of course. Her shimatta name is all it takes! That alone strikes fear and terror into the heart of anyone who hears it! I sure hope the Boss is OK." brooded Mar and Edna yanked out her vidcell.

    "Here. Call her." she said and shoved it into Mar's hands who declined the offer.

    "Arigatou, Edna but I can't. She's way outta range of this thing and Yuri's still too far off- Wait! Kei said that Tomah was a frigging genius with electronics and she said he had a comm system that could even reach all the way to the 'Omega Quadrant'! Is er you brother home, Edna?" replied Mar.

    Cont in Ch 144-Part 3
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 144-Pt3-K&K

    "Sure. He's er working on some hush-hush operation for Uncle Charlie er Mr. garner I mean. I'll call him for you." said the junior tro-con. Ella pointed to her wristchromo.

    "If we're gonna go to 'Renkotsu' today we'll have to leave real soon but I guess we can stop by Edna's place long enough for him to contact the Boss and the fruitcake for you, Mar. Mind if I grab a quickie shower, Mar?" said Ella.

    "Nai. Go right ahead." replied Mar who was watching Edna.

    "He's got an appointment at 1100 er eleven this morning with Mr. Delcroix but he did say he'd be glad to call Auntie Kei and Auntie Yuri for you, ma'am." said Edna.

    "You don't have to call me ma'am all the time, Edna. Use Kei's shower if you want to. Just help yourself to anything in the closets. (She raised her voice to be heard over the shower noise) That goes for you too, Ella. You can wear anything of mine yo'd like." called Marlene.

    Both Edna and Ella had chosen jumpsuits for the trip- Ella in a yellow one and Edna in a red one!

    Marlene giggled and chuckled aloud. "You two look just like Clover and Alex, man!" she explained. Edna was a blonde and Ella was a brunette. Then Mar explained about the three 'WOOHP' spies from ancient Los Angeles in California, USA on old Terra. Afterwards Mar showered and dressed- in a green jumpsuit!

    "Except for your hair you look like Sammy!" giggled Edna.

    "We'd best get a move on. Ed, did you bring your skyscooter last night?" asked Ella.

    Edna shook her head. "Nai, dang thing's in the shop again. Mr. Lee dropped me off." replied Edna.

    Ella glanced at Mar. "Don't look at me. My surface rover's still at the spaceport." she said.

    "Then we'll have to use mine." said Ella and she tapped her comlink earrings. " 'Little Ann', come to the front of 'Nakatone Towers' complex. It's showtime." trilled Ella. "I named it after my daughter. You er you've seen my Ann, I take it?" added Ella.

    "Yeah and she ain't so little anymore either." joked Marlene. She allowed Ella and Ed to precede her out of the flat before she sealed it behind them, reset the doorcodes and hid the new combo codes under her doormat. They all piled into 'Little Ann' and Ella jetted off to Edna's place across town.

    Tomah was simply delighted to see Mar back safe and sound. Soon he had a relay link through to Yuri Donovan aboard the 'Michaelangelo' and she was quite relieved to hear of the 'Workoh' mission's success. She was at a loss, however, to explain why they still had over three dozen 'visitors' left.

    Tomah asked her to relay the good news to the Boss that Mar was OK since she and the 'Angel' were still too far off even for Tomah's sophisticated system to reach. Yuri assured them that she would but since it was only 0200 where she was, she wanted to go back to sleep!

    "I'll call the dimwit ashita." thought Yuri then thought better of that bright idea. "Nai, she'll just wanna know why I didn't call her immediately so I'd better trill her now if I can!" she thought.

    Yuri tapped her earrings. "Yuri calling the Boss. You there, Kei?" she trilled.

    "Yeah, Yuri? Oro's up?" trilled the redhead.

    "Tomah just relayed me and--" trilled Yuri before Kei interrupted her rudely.

    "Tomah? Edna's brother? How the Fxxx does he know where the Hell we are? Yuri!?" trilled Kei.

    "Mar's on 'Shimougou'- in 'Furool City', you baka! She's with Ella Hathaway and Edna Jordan. You got that? Mar's safe and sound. Congratulations on the 'Workoh' mission, Kei, however er--" trilled Yuri.

    "However oro?" trilled the Boss.

    "However, we still have a full complement in our flotilla! Nobody's been zapped home yet! Any idea why?" trilled Yuri.

    "Nai. No idea at all, kid. Yuri, how far away from home are you guys?" trilled Kei.

    "A couple of weeks. Where are you?" trilled her exec officer.

    "Ten days away from you it seems. We're on our way back to 'Kagura' first and then we'll be heading for home as well. I suggest that you call 'Know-it-all Q' about transfer failures." trilled Kei.

    "Roger that. Have a good voyage. Yuri out." yawned a tired exec.

    "Yeah. OK. Kei out." trilled Kei.

    "There! Now I've done my duty and it's time for bed- again." yawned Yuri to herself. Tossing off her kimono, she crawled back into her bunk.

    The Boss went back to her calculations for a possible hyperjump to 'Kagura' tomorrow. Her head was spinning from oro Terrans used to call 'jet lag' way back when! She'd lost all sense of time so she decided to check something.

    "Oh, 'CC'? You there, tomo?" said the redhead into the air.

    "Always, love of my circuits. How might this most humble one assist you?" replied 'CC' and Kei made a mental note to have Doc 'Q' give 'CC' a thorough going over after this mission. He was just picking up way too many bad habits from their Terran shipmates!

    "Oro is the date and time?" she asked.

    "20 January 2251. 0600 hours." replied 'CC'.

    "And at 'Furool' on 'Shimougou'?" she demanded.

    "Same date but currently it is 1600 there at this moment, Kei." replied 'CC' somewhat testily.

    "And er aboard the 'Michaelangelo' it is er-" she asked cautiously.

    "The same date but of course four hours before our time making it 0200 there! Anything else or are you just getting absend-minded in your old age, O'Halloran, baby?" chortled 'CC'.

    "Remember who the ranking officer is aboard this vessel, my tomo!" said Kei quietly.

    "This one most humbly apologises for upsetting you, Your Magnificence!" replied the ship's obnoxious computer.

    "Where is Doc 'Q' at this moment, 'CC'?" she asked, ignoring his sarcasm.

    "Which one, Honeychile?" he intoned.

    "Oro the Fxxx do you mean- which one? How many little 'know-it-all' twerps do you think we got anyway?" yelled the incensed redhead.

    "Cool your jets, Cutey Honey! Don't get your knickers in a twist, Love! We got two- this one in 2251 and the one who's supposed to be fixing 'Kronos' for us- the one in 2140, man! So which one you need, Katie me darling?" asked 'CC' and Kei suddenly exploded!

    "That's it! That IS absolutely the last straw, tomo watashi! Unless you want your Kami shimatta circuitry rearranged, you will never EVER call me by that name again! Am I quite clear on that, 'CC'?" yelled an enraged redhead.

    "As crystal, love. So which one of 'em do you want?" replied 'CC'.

    "The one that we usually work with, the one from 2251. Where is he?" demanded Kei.

    " 'Alderaan' where it is now almost 0300 hours. So do you still want me to call him for you?" asked 'CC'.

    "Yeah. He keeps even weirder hours than us even! See if you can raise him and er 'CC', that's an order." she said in a very quiet voice.

    "OK, love. It's your funeral. He's on vidmonitor screen number two. See you later, alligator!"

    So saying, 'CC' mercifully shut down his vocal programming mode and Kei keyed her vidphone.

    "Gozaimaisu (Good morning) Admiral and congratulations to you, my dear child. How might I assist you? Oh by the way, has the Commodore used those 'stunners' yet and did they do the job for her?" asked the bearded older gent on Kei's vidscreen and he was smiling at her.

    "Hiya, Doc. Arigatou and yeah, Yuri has used those things a few times now and they seem to be working just great. Look here Doc, I got a question for you. I've er fired the 'God Gun' several times now so how come we still got almost forty souls from other times and places left aboard our vessels? Ain't 'Kronos' fixed yet? I thought it was." asked the Boss.

    "Of course 'Kronos' is er fixed as you call it. You did lose most of your passengers, didn't you? (Kei nodded) Wellif 'Kronos' was still down you'd still have them aboard too. The ones you have remaining must be on the exact same vessels on which they first arrived here. Otherwise those two time chappies of yours (the Doctors 2 and 4) will have to ferry them home. Find out where everyone was before you started moving them all over creation and get them back to that ship or place. I'm afraid that the 'leftovers' will just have to travel home with the 'Gallifreyans' so that's that. Nice to hear from you again, my dear Keirran. Give my best to everyone there. Goodnight, Boss."

    Before she could say anything more to him Doctor 'Q' blanked his vidscreen. "So much for that eh? Guess I'll turn in now. G'Night, Mugghi. Wake me at ten hundred, willya? See you ashita." trilled Kei. Then she turned in again. While she waited for sleep to come she mused. Why had Mar been suddenly transported back home to 'Furool'? She certainly was not a displaced time traveller! Well, maybe those two time travel loonies could explain why. Aw the Hell with it! I'm gonna get some shuteye. Kei finally drifted into blessed sleep. And back on good old 'Shimougou' somewhere North of 'Furool City' but still half a planet away from 'Elenore City' Mar was feeling totally relaxed--

    Cont in Ch 144-Part 4
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 144-Pt 4-K&K

    "Man, this water feels heavenly divine!" thought Marlene and she stretched out a little bit more in the hotsprings that she was sharing with both of her compadres- Ella Hathaway and Edna Jordan. Mar had never been to 'Renkotsu Retreat' before indeed she'd never been this far North of home before either and it felt really great! The flight up in 'Little Ann' (Ella's name for her aircar) had taken almost roku or six hours but dammit all- it had been well worth the trip!

    Edna was dozing while Ella was just plain dead er dead drunk that is as per usual it seems! "Looks like I'll be the one flying us home tonight. (Mar glanced at her wristchromo and grimaced) Just enough time left for a quick dinner and then we'll have to split. (Mar nudged Edna's leg with her foot) C'mon, kiddo. Time for din-din, Ed. Get up and get ready. We'll have to split the scene here right after we eat if we wanna make it home sometime tonight. Ella, get your ass up! It's time to eat, you lovable lush, you." chortled a good spirited Marlene but although Edna got up their boss continued sleeping.

    Between the pair, they finally managed to get Ella out of the springs and into the bath house. Getting fuku (clothing) onto her was another matter entirely! After they got undies and sandals on her, a kimono was all they could manage and then a jacket. Then Mar and Edna got into their own jumpsuits and outerwear. Edna scooped up all the rest of Ella's stuff and locked it in the aircar's cargo boot before they went to the 'Suikotsu Palace' for dinner.

    Since Ella was not properly attired all they would allow them was an outdoor table which was OK but it was still damned cold! They wasted no time in finishing their meal and then piling back aboard 'Little Ann' for the return trip. They stuck Ella across the backseats to sleep off her drinking binge while Edna took the seat beside Mar who was at the controls.

    Mar fired up the engine, pulled back on the joystick and they were soon rocketing along bound for home. Edna, her feet up on the dash's console, had soon dozed off. Mar smiled and thought back to her sojourns aboard the 'Angel' and the 'Leonardo'. It was just like having the Boss passed out and Kome Sawaguchi beside her snoring away like a grampus! Except- Edna Jordan did not snore.

    Mar had to stifle a giggle after that memory. Without a doubt, the absolute 'Queen of Snoring' was definitely Yuri Maureen Bridget Donovan!

    "Hey! A siren! Wonder who the Hell's got the old 'SPP' ('Shimougan Patrol Police' or the air highway patrol fleet which were sort of like the ancient Terrans' USA 'State Police' forces) after their ass?" wondered Mar while she continued to motor along at a decent clip.

    END of Chapter 144. Chapter 145 'Another Narrow Escape' or 'If She Won't Do It, Sir Then I Will!' coming soon to a website near you (always wanted to say that!). Have a great day and SFN. Arigatou a lot for all of your help and interest in my Angels' saga. Kami bless you all and toodles until next time. Wait- just had a thought here. That new video game 'Halo 3'? What is above an Angel's head? Right, a halo yet 'Halo' games are more akin to our kind of DP 'Lovely' Angels than to the ethereal kind, eh? See ya soon.-K&K

    Cont in Ch 145
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 145-Pt 1-K&K

    DISCLAIMER: OK Mr. John Raven, it's all yours! First, thank you to Mr. T. for the use of the Angels. Thanks to everyone else who is letting us use their creations. How was that, Yuri? Great! Oh yes it was, Kei! Well, we left you up in the air so let's get to Chapter 140 without further preamble:-

    Chapter 145

    'Another Narrow Escape' or 'If She Won't Do It, Sir Then I Will!'

    Marlene glanced down at her vidspeed indicator and frowned. "Shit! Subwarp nine! It's me they're after! Great! Just oro the Fxxx I need now- a speed viloation ticket! And no Mr. Popo, Anton, Andre or evn Chuckie Garner to call for help! Wait! Oro the Hell was the name of that dude at R and D that Edna mentioned yesterday- Delcross nai Delcroix-that was it! OK but I'll only use him if I can't weasel my own way outta this! After all, I am one of the 'Unholy Four', ain't I?" she thought as she slowed and began pulling towards the edge of the flyway zone before she landed the aircar.

    The cop was big! Almost as chunky as Junpei and even taller than Goku!

    "Vidlicense and vidregdocuments, onegai. You got any idea how fast you were cruising, sister? I vidclocked you at Subwarp 9.6, Honey! (Mar handed him her passcase ID and Ella's vidregdocs bundle) Marlene Suzanne Angel eh? Your craft? Nai? Oh, hers huh? (He glared at Ella sparawled across the rear seats and frowned. Then he froze.) Huh? Hullo, oro's this thing? A 'red card' vidpass ID? Christ! You're er that Angel? One of the 'Unholy Four' and the 'Insane Six'? Then that would mean that you work for them- the infamous 'Dirty Pair'? Right? (Mar nodded) Hell I sure as Hell don't want those two baka Gaelic nightmare lunatics after my ass! (He tossed Mar her vidpasscase and Ella's vidregdocs) Here. Just onegai take it easy on the speeder bar in future eh? Have a nice evening, Lieutenant Angel, er, ma'am. Good evening to you now." he said and saluted her. Then he beat a hasty retreat back to his skycycle and rocketed off the way Mar had just come!

    Mar breathed a sigh of relief. "Whew! That sure was a close one! Arigatou Ka-Mi for the Boss's reputation!" thought Mar who had never gotten a speeder ticket in her life.

    "Christ! It's freezing in here! Edna, how do you put the top up on this thing? It's cold in here, dammit!" whispered Mar and Edna Jordan stirred in her sleep.

    "You can't Marsie. Ella's speeder ain't got no top to put up." murmurred Edna and resumed her nap.

    "Great! Another four hours to go and no top! She got a heater in this tub at least, kid?" asked Mar a bit grumpily.

    " 'Little Ann', onegai activate weather barrier and heat controls. Set temp to 37 degrees Kelvin." mumbled Edna.

    The effects were immediate. Mar could no longer feel the icy wind in her face and the interior was now warm and toasty. She nudged Edna once again.

    "Sorry Marsie. No cruise control and no autopilot. Miss H. is a bit primitive when it comes to motors." intoned Edna groggily.

    "I got the next round here folks!" cried Ella in her sleep.

    "Shaddup and go back to sleep, you lovable old lush!" grumbled Edna in her slumbers.

    "If I'm gonna have to fly this antique for another four hours I need me some java." thought Mar, glancing at the chromo which read 2145 hours or a quarter before ten in the nighttime. Then she spotted the always open flyby pub and stopped.

    "A litre of java- black and hot, onegai. Hurry, please." she said to the counter guy while keeping a wary aizu on 'Little Ann' and her sleeping companions.

    "Gomen ma'am but there will be a bit of a wait. I have roku er six orders ahead of yours. Sorry." apologised the bored kid but Mar was in no mood for games so she flashed her 'red card' ID in his face and barked:

    "Lieutenant Angel, Senior 3WA Tro-Con, fella. We're late for a stakeout and time is pressing so move your ass- got it!" said Mar in her very best 'Dirty Harry Callahan' voice.

    "Yes, ma'am! Coming right up, Lieutenant, er, ma'am!" replied the scared kid.

    Five minutes later saw Mar bac on the flyway and rocketing towards home at Subwarp 6.8 but the limit here was 7.5 so she was quite safe from the 'SPP' thanks ever so much! "Almost 2200 and another three more hours at least." she thought. Despite the java (which was quite delicious) Mar was getting drowsy. "Christ! It's gonna be 0100 before we get home! Well, it wasn't like they were gonna have to go into work ashita so the Hell with it!" she mused.

    Mar turned on the disk player and got 'Life is Like A Boat' and 'Asterisk' from 'Bleach' on the satellite relay system. Mar hummed along with the music and tapped her fott on the pedal while she rapped her knuckles on the joystick's knob. She lit up one of Faye's cheroots and blew some lazy smokerings while she pressed on the speeder bar. Her speed climbed to 7.1 rapidly and Mar decreased it back down to 6.5. "No more 'SPP' nightmares for me thank you very much!" she thought and then realized she was hopelessly lost.

    The vidmap charts pointed out the correct route and as she steered in that direction Mar longed for the wormhole anomalies and all of the other shortcuts they'd been using for the past several months. Finally at 0140 Mar touched down at Ella's place. She and Edna manhandled Ella up the lift and into her flat where they put the brunette to bed. Then Mar ran Edna home and bid her and a sleepy Tomah goodnight before speeding back to Ella's complex where she docked 'Little Ann' in the building's parking bays. Finally Mar flagged down a holotaxi unit and gave it her address. When they arrived Mar shoved her payvid disk into the payoff slot and punched in her fare. She added a four credit tip to the total.

    "Take care now, ma'am. Arigatou for your business. Goodnight to you." said the vocal unit of the craft.

    Mar waved goodbye and the holotaxi roared off. She let herself into her flat and collapsed on her bunk- totally exhausted. She was asleep within thirty seconds. Meanwhile across town-

    Edna Jordan had suddenly recalled why the Hell she'd gone to Mar's flat yesterday in the first place. Those shimatta documents which Miss H had to sign for Mr. Delcroix! She routed her valise (which naturally she'd left in Mar's bathroom!) and its contents to Ella Hathaway. The case dissolved into nothingness and would be rematerializing in Ella's flat.

    "There, that's done. She'll find 'em in the morning and hopefully sign the things before she re-routes them over to Cliffy Delcroix." thought Edna before drifting off to Dreamland.

    Ella was dead to the world and would be needing a 'prairie oyster' or two tomorrow. While our three new 'amigas' were just getting to sleep after a really wild day and even crazier night back aboard the 'Angel' it was almost lunchtime or brunchtime for Kei since she'd only been up since ten hundred.

    Aboard the Yuri Donovan Flight Service fleet it was 0700 and most of her crews and guests were just waking up. Despite having gotten only five hours of recuperative restful sleep, Yuri had still awakened bright-aizued and bushy-tailed. Don't you just hate people who are cheerful in the morning all the time? Yuri's dress code was quite simple- Just wear oro the Hell you damned well pleased so pajamas, kimonos, sweats, teeshirts, poloshirts, sweatshirts, jeans, chinos, shorts, whatever were the order of the day aboard the 'Leo', 'Donnie', 'Raph' and 'Mikey' as well as aboard the 'Queen', 'Star', 'Falcon' and 'Hammerhead'. Indeed even Han Solo and the two Doctors had adopted this Bohemian lifestyle and usually lounged around in kimonos, dressing gowns or smoking jackets.

    The 'Angel' had touched down on 'Kagura' earlier that day, the away team had gone back to the 'Silmarillion', collected their belongings, settled the bill and then made arrangements to have the 'Gammeran Prince' delivered to Dash Rendar on Mars. The Boss Lady did not really want to visit Mars for quite awhile yet as it was best to give Dave Donnelly a chance to calm down and cool off. Lance Ingram, the 'ISSP' officer shanghaied by Boss Kei was going to pilot the 'Prince' back to 'Moravian City' on Mars where Mr. Rendar would have to collect it from Commander Donnelly at 'ISSP' HQ if he wanted it back! This plan suited Uncle Dave to a 'T' as he was anxious to ask Dash Rendar about a few heist jobs in his bailiwick!

    Since she, Mar, Mugghi and Nammo had been the sole occupants of the 'Angel' during the 'Workoh' trip Kei had fallen into the bad habit of wandering about the ship half dressed. Now that her away team was back aboard she had to remember to at least put on a kimono whenever she left her own quarters. Besides the team the 'Angel' had one other passenger- Trace Edwards had asked for a leave of absence so he could visit' Shimougou'- actually he just wanted to stay close to Nat Badgiruel and since the brunette and her two ensigns were were heading for 'Furool City' Tracey had decided to tag along with them and had hitched a ride aboard the ship- Dan Dastun had been glad to give him his leave of absence because secretly he too was planning a visit to 'Furool City' to look up the kawaii redhead Keirran O'Halloran but of course he neglected to mention this fact to Trace!

    Kei decided on an early lunch so she arose and started for the lift. Halfway to the hallway portal she remembered her male guests were back aboard and slipped on her green kimono emblazoned with the twin red ryuu (dragons) across its back. Sliding her feet into sandals took only seconds and she had soon reached Level Two and the rec room.

    Cont in Ch 145-Part 2
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 145-Pt 2-K&K

    With so few personnel remaining aboard the rec room's bar was being used for all of their meals rather than the huge dining hall.

    "The usual." she said to Jamie Wilson after she'd sat down on a barstool.

    "Coming right up, Boss Lady." said Goat Smith, pouring out four fingers of 'Jameson's' for her. Jamie opened the hatch behind him and called the order through to Trace.

    "Boss wants the usual, Tracey. On the double." said Jamie.

    "You got it, dude." replied Trace Edwards who used to be a short order cook once upon a time. He had graciously volunteered his services as chef until they got to 'Shimougou' and the crew was ecstatic! After all, repped meals were good but they sure as Hell didn't compare to real meals prepared by a chef who really knew how to cook!

    "Pick up your order, Jamie." called trace, shoving a warmed plate containing a rare T-bone steak, a potato 'roeste' (a sort of potato pancake), creamed peas, hot buttered rolls and a steaming mug of hot java into the Terran's waiting paws.

    "Your luncheon, ma-dam. Bon appetit." said Jamie, imitating a Terran French waiter.

    "Arigatou, kid. Man, am I ever glad that you guys stocked up on supplies while you had that rental ship!" said Kei, her mouth full of steak. Goat grinned at her.

    "Er yeah, that reminds me, Boss. Tracey said we gotta make another suppy run soon. We're er almost outta everything again. We only got enough stuff to tide us over for a few days when we were on Mars." he said and refilled her glass for the third time.

    "OK. Get oro you need but not from Mars." replied the redhead.

    "Then where do we go, Boss Lady?" asked Jamie, sliding her a pice of Boston cream pie for dessert.

    Kei mused for a minute or so before replying to him.

    " 'Sontarra', get our crap from there. Tell Gene we're gonna put in there for supplies and we may as well stay a day or so. Better have Robin and Cy activate our 'chameleon circuit' though. The 'Sontarran' government will not allow 'UG' personnel on their world and that includes us- the 3WA. That means civilian attire only and it also means no weapons down there either. My mug's been plastered all across the galaxies on 'Big Shot' when Berringer put that hit out on me so I'd better stay aboard but the rest of ya can have a two day shore leave. I do not want any trouble so behave yourselves. You're still 3WA personnel you know so anyone who gets into trouble down there answers to me- personally! Better tell Captain Gene to change course before we reach 'Minerva'. Otherwise we'll have to go through 'Bison' again. 'Sontarra' is on course bearing either 667 or 668- I think. Off you go, kid." said the redhead.

    "Yo Goat! Have Tracey send a pot of java up to my ready room and arigatou. Ja mata." she added, padding back to the lift. Later-

    A tap came on the ready room's portal and Kei replied "Enter." The door swished aside to admit Cagalli.

    "Your coffee, ma'am." she said, placing a tray holding an urn of java and freshly baked pastries on the table. Kei noticed the young ensign was wearing a 'mizugi' (swim suit) then recalled Nat mentioning that she and her two ensigns were going for a holodeck swim today.

    "Arigatou, Caggie. Onegai ask Captain Starwind to come in here, willya?" asked the Boss and Cagalli nodded on her way out.

    "Sure, Boss Lady." she replied.

    A bit later her door portal again buzzed and swished aside.

    "You wanted me, Reds? Oro's up?" asked genial Gene Starwind.

    "Wanna play cruise ship captain for me when we get to 'Sontarra'? (He nodded) OK. Have Faye rep you up a nice fancy official looking cap's uniform. Your name will be K. T. Donovan, got it? Kiva (Nerese) gave our captain's name as Katherine er Katie Donovan but we can always claim that was a comm glitch or something. Christ! Have Cy and Robbie rename the ship the 'Galaxy Express 999' while you're at it. Be sure to have the 'Titanic Duo' use the 'chameleon' to alter the 'Angel's' exterior appearance too. 'Sontarrans' hate us- the 'UG', the 3WA, the 'ISSP', the 'Galactic Command', you name it. Everyone but 'Starfleet' that is. Anyway make damned sure that everyone on shore leave is in 'civvies' and ain't packing any heat either. You change course yet? (He nodded again) Great. Well, I won't keep you er how far away from 'Sontarra' are we, do ya think?" asked the redhead.

    "A few hours, Reds. I sure hope Blondie's (Marlene Angel) OK, man. I'll get onto that other jive crap right after lunch." replied Starwind.

    "Yuri called. Mar is just fine. She's er back home in 'Furool City', Gene." the redhead reassured him.

    "Home?" asked Gene incredulously.

    "Yeah. She lives with me a few kilos away from our 3WA HQ there. Kome rooms with Yuri in a flat across the quad from us. Lemme know when we get to 'Sontarra', Cap." replied Kei.

    "Sure thing, Reds. Ja mata." he called on his way out the door.

    "Robbie and Cy soon had the 'Angel' cleverly disguised (on the outside anyway!) as the space cruiser pleasure vessel 'Galaxy Express 999' while Faye had outdone herself in repping Gene up a cool captain's uniform.

    "Yo there, Boss! Cy here. Wanna christen yer new ship? C'mon down to the rec room. We're celebrating, man!" trilled the huge Titan.

    "On my way now. Casual dress OK?" she joked and Robbie coughed discreetly.

    "Er, it's a bit chilly downstairs, Boss, if you er catch my drift?" he trilled and Kei chuckled.

    "OK. I do know that it ain't just us gals aboard anymore. See you soon, boyo." she trilled, yanking on sweats and slipping her feet into trainers.

    Kei strolled into the rec room and up to the table in the centre of the room where a full scale model of the 'Angel' had been repped, however, the name had been changed to 'Galaxy Express 999' and beside it was a fifth of 'Tullamore Dew' Irish whiskey for the sendoff.

    "Yo, Boss. Ya ready to do the honours?" asked Cyborg and she scowled.

    "Not with our very last bottle of 'Dew' I ain't! Goatie, gimme a bottle of 'Korbel's' (champagne), willya? (He handed it to her and retrieved the 'Dew' which he stowed away) Arigatou. Now you make shimatta sure that nothing happens to that bottle, Smitty." warned Kei.

    She raised the champagne and said "OK, I'll make this short and sweet, gang. I hereby christen thee 'Galaxy Express 999' er for the next few days or so anyway." she said and smashed the bottle across her bows. Everyone cheered and drank toasts to the new ship, is new captain, his first officer, the purser, the cruise director and whoever the Hell else they could think of toasting- any excuse to tie one on it seems!

    Robbie and Cy, Flaysie, Saavie and Caggie drank pink ginger ale. After three rousing rounds of 'Countdown' or 'Blast Off' as some called it, their new captain returned to his bridge and the redhead followed a few minutes later.

    Dozing on her cabin's sofa, Kei was awakened by a hard tattoo on her door. "Come." she replied and the door swished aside to adnit Jett Black. He sat on the coffeee table and faced her.

    "Sorry, Boss but I just got to thinking that we had er almost maxed out your vidchit credit disk and er--" began the big cowboy with the metal arm.

    "How much is left on it, jett? A few hundred credits or so?" she asked and lit up a cheroot.

    "Yeah. About that- Ya see the 'Prince' needed some really extensive repairs and Donnelly did kick our asses off Mars and er-" said Jett.

    "Forget it. No sweat, man. I'll just get Uncle Chuckie (Garner) to advance us another ten nai better make that fifteen grand. Drink?" said Kei and reached for the 'Jameson's'.

    "Thanks, Boss. Allow me, onegai." he replied, pouring out two glasses for them.

    Cont in Ch 145- Part 3
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 145- Pt 3-K&K

    "Rally? Put through a relay call for me to Charlie Garner. He's on 'Alderaan', I think. Route it to my cabin on three. Trill me when you get him on the horn. Arigatou, kiddo." trilled Kei, draining her glass and refilling both it and Jett's.

    "I want you to take your 'Hammerhead' to 'Sontarra' and pick up some supplies once we get there. Be certain that nobody mentions either me, the 3WA, the 'ISSP', the 'GC' or the 'UG' while you're down there. If anyone asks, you're from the 'Galaxy Express 999' and your captain's name is K. T. Donovan and you'd better see oro Gene's decided that 'K' is gonna stand for so you don't accidentally blow our cover. Gooley's been hinting that Kiva, Reg and the 'Coriander' will soon be recalled since the 'Andorians' are raising holy Hell again in the 'Sigma' quad and 'Starfleet' is gonna need more starships to contain the problem." explained the redhead and Jett turned to go.

    "One thing more, tomo. When we rendzvous with Yuri's fleet, we'll be passing close to 'Seto Kaiba'. That's where the 'Bebop' is being held for you and the 'Millenium Falcon' is being held for Han Solo. You, Spike, Faye and Ed are hereby released from active 3WA duty. If you wish, you can reclaim the 'Bebop' and go back home. You can get to 'Seto K' in a solar day with the 'Hammerhead' or the 'Angel' could ferry you there in a few hours- the choice is yours, tomo watashi." she said in a quiet almost sombre voice.

    Without turning around Jett spoke from the doorway. "We are all of us with you for the long haul, Boss Lady Kei. Don't you forget that some of Johnny's thugs are still out there somewhere. Besides I've always wanted to visit 'Furool City' on 'Shimougou' anyway you know. I'll get Robbie to make up a list of oro we need. See you at dinner, Reds. Ja mata." said Jett, hitting the door release and exiting her suite.

    "Boss, Garner's on five for ya." trilled Rally Vincent.

    "Arigatou, kiddo." Kei keyed up her relay and the face of Charles Augustus Garner materialized.

    "Konnichi wa, Kei. Congratulations on your successful 'Workoh' mission. Oro can I do for you?" he asked.

    "Can you put another fifteen grand on my vidchit disk? We need supplies and the away team almost maxed us out on Mars and er sir, why haven't the rest of my passengers gone back home?" she asked, fishing out another cheroot.

    "Consider it done. Sure fifteen's enough? I'll make it twenty just to be on the safe side eh?" replied Garner, swiping his master vidchit disk through the expense docket controls and keying her code into it.

    "There we go, all set. Your new balance is- let me see- 20,757 credits. Anything else?" he said and Kei glared icily at her superior.

    "You have not answered my question yet, sir." she replied and the geniality vanished from both the TSC's face and tone while his visage took on a worried look of deep concern.

    "Sorry, Deirdre. (Now Kei was worried!) It was unfair of us to keep this from you. You'd better have a good belt of that rotgut crap you Gaels seem to live on first 'cause you'll damned well need it! (Kei poured another three fingers of the 'golden elixir of Heaven' as the ancient Terran Gaelic author James Joyce once described good Irish whiskey. Then she drained it.) You've er gotta fire the 'God Gun' once more, Deirdre, me darlin'." he said sombrely. Her face went dark as a storm cloud.

    "No Kami shimatta way in the nine Hells am I gonna do that ever agin, Chuck! The last time I almost nuked 'Workoh' with it! Nai, I won't do it this time or ever agin, tomo watashi!" yelled the redheaded firebrand defiantly.

    "You must, Kei. Just once more. Onegai." pleaded Garner.

    "I said nai, Chuck and I Kami shimatta well meant it!" exploded the youngest fleet admiral in the 'UG'. There was a long silence. Then-

    "If she won't fire it, sir, then I will, Mr. Garner! I swear it!" said a quiet voice from the open doorway and Kei spun around to face the speaker!

    END of Chapter 145 'Another narrow escape' or 'If she won't do it sir then I will'. Chapter 146 'Sontarran Stopover' or 'The 'EA' wants to stay' soon. The usual spiel and r/r/s away. Have a great weekend. SFN. Kami bless. Toodles-K&K

    Cont in Ch 146
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Re: Dirty Pair Fanfiction

    Oh my gosh! Man you have alot here! I am only on like chapter 30 or something! And this thing is really long! wow you should make a shorter version! Well good luck with it all of my stories put together dont even make this much! and i have like 4 or 5 stories! Wow! Well keep it up man and maybe i will have this finished by the time I get turned 30! LOL just kidding!
    I tryed to see things from your point of view but i cant seem to get my head that far up my ass!
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